Can Cancer Be Cured? Is cancer Curable?

We ask and discuss this issue whether cancer is curable or not many times.

A simple answer to this question is YES.

Yes, cancer is curable in some cases.

Unfortunately for some it has cost them their life.

More than 80% of cancers today are completely curable if they get early diagnostic.

People who have been successfully treated for cancer then it doesn’t recur for a period of the next five years, and the chances of it appearing are very rare.

A patient should be monitor and all the tests necessarily tests should be done every six months.

For a Cancer to Be Curable There Are Three Factors

1- Type of cancer that a patient has

2- The stage of cancer

3- How well does the patient finally respond to the kind of treatment that is decided for him/her.

A belief that vaccine can cure cancer is a myth.

Vaccine can heal against a disease caused by a germ and since cancer is not caused by a germ, vaccine is not helpful.

If the disease in question is diagnosed early, there are more chances of a person’s survival.

Tumor in breast or bowel have more chances of a person’s survival by the way of operating and removing that part of the body.

But if it’s not a tumor restricted to one place and has spread to other parts also then by way of chemotherapy the cancer cells are destroyed.

There are some types of cancers, which are curable even after they have spread like;
  • Childhood Acute lymphoid leukemia (All types)
  • Hodgkin’s disease
  • Large cell lymphoma
  • APL Testicular cancer
  • Choriocarcinoma Cancer by itself is not one single disease.

There are many, say more than a hundred different types of cancer and all of them have a different type of cure.

Relation of food and cancer can be sum up as In some individuals, deficiency of Vitamin B can result in changes in certain tissues.”

Particularly related to mouth and lips, which may towards the end become cancerous.

However, as far as it is known, no food or combination of foods can cause or cure of cancer.

Heavily fried food or abandoned red meat is the suspected culprits as per some latest research.

Green veggies and cabbage may help in preventing certain cancers, especially some types of cancer related to women.

But there is nothing that can absolutely give you the proof that answer if cancer is curable.

However, the scientists are trying their best to prove that one day cancer is curable totally.

Should You Participate in Cancer Prevention Clinical Trial?

Cancer research institutes are all the time looking for people who are willing to take part in Cancer prevention clinical trial.

And people agree to be a part of this team for various reasons.

Some feel that this is the way they are contributing their bit to medical research and development and to the society indirectly.

Other people have a family history of cancer and they feel that by participating in this research they can be under the observation of qualified doctors, they can be diagnose with the dreaded disease at an early stage if at all they are at a risk.

Pros and Cons about Cancer Prevention

There are many pros and cons, say point of views for and against participating in Cancer Prevention Clinical Trial.

Some of those discussions are in brief in this article.

1- The advantages are that if the trial is successful you will really be contributing to the society in a big way.

It’s really a good thing and you owe it to the society you live in.

2- Secondly if the research and trial turns out well you will actually be among the first lot to be benefit from it.

3- Point no. three is under the trial you will be monitored very carefully as its part of the research.

You will be under able observation round the clock not by one doctor but several specialists who are working on it.

The possible disadvantages are;

since the clinical trial is happening for the first time there may be possibilities of side effects.

Short as well as long term that the doctors may not have consider and do not notice which can harm the patient in the long run or immediately.

Another drawback could be that your body may not respond to the treatment because of other factors like history or diseases or other complications or simply your blood group or metabolism may not accept it.

Which hardly goes to prove that the trial was based on wrong assumptions.

So there are chances that things may get more complication in the further tests.

The last disadvantage may be that you may have to incur costs that you have not consider against tests or insurance.

However, you must make sure that you find out in detail about the cost involves which will help you decide whether or not to participate in cancer prevention clinical trial or not.

Before Participation in Cancer Prevention Clinic

There are some concerns before you finally join the group or team of cancer prevention clinical trial.

First thing is that you must have an honest and open discussion with the doctors and counselors.

  • How much ever competent and qualification your doctor may have
  • If you are not comfortable with certain aspects and need to clear your doubts
  • Do not hesitate and do remember it is also for the doctor to resolve and put your doubts to rest.
  • He should give you time and a patient ears to listen to you.
  • Don’t be conscious or hesitate to ask questions
  • Before you participate or withdraw you should be convince

Symptoms of Cancer that You Need To Look Out For

Cancer develops because of unpredictable changes in the DNA of a cell. Some cancers grow very fast and instigate death in a few months while sometimes they may just linger as long as a person is alive and dies of some other cause.

In the early stages of cancer there are no telltale symptoms but there are certain bodily changes that may indicate the presence of a cancer. These are things you need to bring to your doctor’s attention.

If you have a rash that does not seem to go away it may be a sign of skin cancer. If there is any kind of unexplained bleeding or discharge from any part of your body you should be careful. If there is a constant lump or growth in any area of your body such as armpits or breast or groin or abdomen, it needs to be checked.

Cancer of the bowel is indicated by a change in bowel movements such as persistent constipation with intermittent diarrhea. Continuous stomach pain that doesn’t go away and is not a sign of hunger or fullness or indigestion should be reported immediately.

Persistent low-grade fever, a hacking cough, and unexplained weight loss may be the underlying cause of other infections but are best checked in terms of a cancer diagnosis as well. If you have a wart or a mole that shows a sudden change then do get it checked.

These are all general symptoms. There are also specific symptoms for each type of cancer that should be closely looked at and evaluated.

The symptoms for brain cancer include fits and drowsiness; changes in memory, talking and personality; headache along with nausea; and difficulty in movements. Pain in the bone accompanied by swelling, fractures, and extraordinary fatigue, numb feeling in the legs can indicate bone cancer.

A look of paleness, a feeling of weakness, bruising and protracted bleeding, and frequent infections indicate leukemia.

The above symptoms may only be causing you slight discomfort but they should be reported to a doctor at once so that he can make a thorough evaluation and decide on a course of medication. The symptoms may indicate any kind of infection but if you suspect that it could be cancer you should tell your doctor of your suspicions.

Only then can they test and look for a hidden malignancy. Try and recall all your symptoms and be careful about telling your doctor each one. Don’t leave anything out as something may strike you as not important but could indicate some aspect to the doctor for his ultimate diagnosis.

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