Can Cancer Be Cured? Is cancer Curable?

April 15th, 2007 by | Category: Cancer

We ask and discuss this issue whether cancer is curable or not many times. A simple answer to this question is YES. Yes, cancer is curable for some. Unfortunately for some it has cost them life. More than 80% of cancers today are completely curable if treated early. People who have been successfully treated for cancer and it doesn’t recur for a period of next the next five years the chances of it appearing are very rare. A patient should get himself examined half-yearly under all conditions.

For a cancer to be curable there are three factors. Type of cancer that a patient has, the stage of cancer and how well does the patient finally respond to the kind of treatment that is decided for him/her. A belief that vaccine can cure cancer is a myth. Vaccine can hel against a disease caused by a germ and since cancer is not caused by a germ, vaccine is not helpful.

If the disease in question is diagnosed early, there are more chances of a person’s survival. If it’s a tumor in breast or bowel there are more chances of a person’s survival by way to operating and removing that part of the body. But if it’s not a tumor restricted to one place and has spread to other parts also then by way of chemotherapy the cancer cells are destroyed. There are some types of cancers, which are curable even after they have spread like, Childhood Acute lymphoid leukemia, (All types), Hodgkin’s disease, Large cell lymphoma, APL Testicular cancer, Choriocarcinoma Cancer by itself is not one single disease. There are many, say more than a hundred different types of cancer and all of them have a different type of cure.

Relation of food and cancer can be summed up as “In some individuals, deficiency of Vitamin B can result in changes in certain tissues, particularly related to mouth and lips, which may towards the end become cancerous. However, as far as it is known, no food or combination of foods has can cause or cure of cancer. Heavily fried food or abandoned red meat is the suspected culprits as per some latest research. Green veggies and cabbage may help in preventing certain cancers, especially some types of cancer related to women.” But there is nothing that can absolutely give you cancer or cure one of it.

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Comment by Laura
2008-09-10 03:55:04

This is a very helpful post for me because My niece is still suffering from Bone Cancer she had after suffering from Stomach cancer.Thanks for such a useful post about brain cancer.

Comment by Kat
2009-02-02 23:25:11

This was very good information, because I’m a student and writing a paper and it helps to have a straight answer that actually answers the question! Thanks.

Comment by Glenda
2010-11-09 08:21:11

You might want to do more research about PREVENTING cancer.
Why wait until you have cancer?
I wish more folks in college would research why we all get cancer and what we can do to prevent it.
Take the time to look at a few reasons we get cancer:
1. Toxins
2. Stress
3. Poor immune system
4. Additives and preservatives (fast food and processed foods)
5. Pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones in our food.
With a cure for cancer where would the oncologists and medical community who take care of cancer patients go?
Seriously, do you think the Cancer Institute really wants cure when they make billions off cancer patients.
Use your head.

Comment by DUH
2011-04-16 11:29:57

“With a cure for cancer where would the oncologists and medical community who take care of cancer patients go? Seriously, do you think the Cancer Institute really wants cure when they make billions off cancer patients.”

That’s a pretty serious accusation to make… especially without any hard fact behind it.
Yea, I think the Cancer Institute really wants to cure cancer.
Even if not for humanitarian reasons, they can make so much money if they find a cure to cancer… do you realize that? Not only will their patients buy the cure, but so will cancer patients and hospitals all around the WORLD.
Besides all the moolah, they would also get fame, publicity, and probably the Nobel Peace Prize.
Fame and money. Hmm… yea, I think they’re going for a cure.
And I’m pretty sure that ethical reasons have something to do with it… not everyone’s mind is as twisted as yours.

Comment by Taomeister
2011-04-17 13:41:11

Unfortunately, people in this mindset are simply not worth arguing with. They have no facts or proof to back up their statements and their beliefs come from a bizarre dream world that they live in.

Comment by Whatever
2011-09-17 11:33:55

I agree, they don’t want to find a cure for cancer. Even if the get a Noble Peace Prize or so much moolah as you put it. That money still won’t be as much as the money being made pretending to find a cure. Billions of dollars are being made just off of the disease alone and the hope of living through it so why would they focus on the cure. BESIDES I BELIEVE THE CURE IS ALREADY HERE AND IS VERY SIMPLE FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO LISTEN!

Comment by ptamasy
2011-10-07 19:31:08

I agree there was a cure for cancer back in 1947 but the putrid F.D.A would not allow it…in fact I know a cure for
cancer I do buy it and have tremendous results…. even cancer in the late stages such as a person with two weeks to live & was cured in less then a month in fact it’s my brother in law he had kidney cancer the Dr’s are very
stunned & confused.

Comment by sudharson
2012-01-04 04:46:04

can u tell what kindof cure is that
my phone no ia 8970201289

I wish discus more on this matter

Comment by daness patel
2012-02-16 04:30:28

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Comment by atul
2012-02-27 01:56:06

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Comment by LH
2012-02-26 12:12:24

Did you had any luck in finding some information of finding some cure for cancer?


Comment by Charmaine Ong
2012-09-10 01:18:26

Hi, I have not hear anything about a cure for cancer. But definitely you can prevent it before you even get it. Personally thinks that health is the priority. Ever since i lost my mum at the age of 10 due to cancer, i found myself what i could relay on. And also for the rest of the people around me who i am concern. You can connect with me on facebook if you would like to. Please add me on

Comment by Alison
2012-01-22 14:24:10


Just read your post re: your brother -in law. My partner was diagnosed last September (2011) and told maybe 5 yrs (colorectal with extensive liver mets). Saw oncologist last week and was told that it had probably spread to his ribs (he’s got back pain). Said he’s doesn’t want to give him chemo as he thinks he’s too weak. Said he’s only got weeks left now. I’m scared. What is the product you recommend? We are in England. Any info appreciated.

Thank you


Comment by lissa
2012-07-16 01:03:27

Alison, I believe any dis-ease is curable. No dis-ease can survive in an alkaline environment. Your brother in law needs to have a ph of 7.5 on a regular base & the cancer is telling you his body is deprived of oxygen in his cells & I’m guessing his digestion isn’t so good so he needs to remove toxins from his body. Also you can look up Dr young he has a book on what kind of foods his body needs. I also believe the root to all our dis-ease is from rooted emotions that need to be released. I hope this helps. Take care

Comment by Goutam
2013-05-21 05:12:32

Hi Alison,
Im goutam from india.Here in our country we follow a system of natural medicine called ayurveda and it dates back to several thousand years.Naturally occuring herbs,seeds,leaves etc are mixed with purified cow’s urine at a specific composition and given to cancer patients.please give it a try and your partner may survive.Im recommending you this because i myself had seen firsthand the power of this treatment. My uncle who was almost aboutnto die and been rejected at hospitals got nearly 90% CURED and is now leading a normal life.If you dont trust me then ur putting ur partner’s life at risk.Just give it a try…………….hope he recovers soon….@

Comment by Anns
2012-03-07 12:15:40

Please, can you help me?! E-mail me. please. I appreciate your help!

Comment by Amit
2012-04-29 22:50:39

Please do let me know the cure. I am suffering from oral cancer. I am just 30 years of age.
Plz do help me. Number is +919837461722

Comment by K
2012-09-07 12:25:51

please try some Aryuvedic ( herbal ) medicines too. There is a doctor visiting US every 3 months. His Name is Dr Pankaj Naram. Please try to contact him.

Comment by sagbotgamot
2012-05-21 06:25:09

please share your gift. my brother is suffering from galbladder cancer and has already spread to his lungs. he is given weeks to live.

please contact: 09292681460


Comment by jasvindra
2012-08-17 04:37:23

Can you please provide me the solution.My Mother is having Rectal and Ovarian Cancer fourth stage

Comment by rebecca
2013-04-24 18:33:19

can I have the name of the product which cured your patient. tq

Comment by Sharen
2012-07-19 11:08:23

Cancer can be cured but not by western medicine but by eastern medicine. I have endometrial cancer and all they want to do is cut out my GYN body parts and even the ovaries to get more $. A nursing rule is not to do a body more harm. I just saw my Oncologist and he didn’t mention the future problems with removing my ovaries on my body. Your ovaries are needed cuz they regulate your hormones for your body’s future health for the rest of your life.

Healings from Spiritualist Churches and Reiki Masters can help you to stay healthy and eliminate illnesses. A newly developed healing method by Tom Tam a chinese man. Tom works with chi energy, acupuncture points and meridean points by banging on a human looking rubber doll with other volunteers.

Tom Tam Healing Center in Quincy, MA has been readily adding more centers in other states and countries near you.
I will be attending the group sessions which cost a small donation so if you aren’t working you can still afford to be healed. Or, you can get private healings.
Just google Tom Tam Tong Ren Therapy Healing the World
and read more about it.

Comment by ME
2011-06-16 18:08:11

I don’t like you. That is rude and wrong.

Comment by K
2012-09-07 12:22:18

I don’t think any doctor or institue would want any patient to die.

Comment by Dell
2013-04-08 07:53:59

hey my name is dell :) this is so so true why would they wanna cure cancer when the make billons off them?! anyway you seem like you know what you talking about……. i would like to ask you what precautions can we take to cure cancer?? please help me out i have a paper due on this topic

Comment by persin
2012-09-24 09:35:22

good point if it is cured than why not walk for preventing it? so what 80 % is cured the 20% is not as bad as to raise millions of dollars people can use that money to help things that are not cured or feed contries.

Comment by Deependra
2009-03-09 00:22:34

Hi ,
AIDS, Cancer , haemophilia and all other diseases are completely curable by doing only meditation for somedays as suggested by Gurudev Sh. Ramlal Ji Siyag. Thousands of patients have been cured of all kind of diseases including cancer , aids etc.

You may not believe it but this is true and you can also feel this meditation’s power online !! Just go to the link below and do a pracatical of meditation and feel the power that can cure all kind of diseases also.

Comment by Ravi Kota
2010-05-23 11:57:24

Its great to hear that a meditation could help in curing diseases like AIDS, Cancer and other lethal medical conditions. But I think that it is very far from truth. Meditation can help in bringing equilibrium between body, mind and soul. Having trust in meditation is good, but not consulting doctors and not taking proper medication is not advisable at all for these kind of diseases. If meditation and yoga could cure these diseases, then there is no point in spending millions of currency in research programs to find the cure. I have seen some xyz mentioning about curing Cancer through Yoga in some of the TV telecasts and also claiming that many of his visitors who were once suffered from cancers got cured with meditation. If that is the case he could have wiped out cancer from this globe completely.

Cancers, AIDs kind of diseases can be cured completely through scientifically and practically proven medication under medicare professionals, if diagnosed early. Meditation can be used as a compliment to medication but not as a supplement.

Comment by Thom
2011-08-26 18:50:49

I think when your sick you need to research about what disease you have and look at options on treating say Cancer. I personally know of a woman who decided against any chemo and radiation instead treat it with lets say Healthy living to this day after five years she is Cancer free. She has helped others accomplish this so i know it can be done. She even sparked the interest of the oncologist that originaly found the Cancer. There is alot involved with treating Cancer with other methods but my point is please research and look into other methods out there. Your Doctor is not trained in Nutrition to be honest and most do not believe that say Cancer could be cured with something that doesn’t involve chemo and radition. by no means am i saying don’t do what your doctor says im just saying there are other methods that might work for you. Research and be knowlegeable on what the Doctor is going to do to your body.

Comment by johnny
2010-09-16 11:08:36

ur dumb if meditation cured cancer there wouldnt be stuff like radiation, ur honestly a moron

Comment by Abhishek
2011-05-27 20:17:30

Probably, but you are not fully aware of meditation. there are so many people which always takes it for granted. No one actually having thorough knowledge of the system. If you actually understand the system of meditation it generates amount of heat & self controlled temp. manipulation process in your body, which easily resultant as chemotherapy n even … It will be good to get right direction, cancer is curable, if it is your someone suffering from such problem then please follow [charak samhita] it will be a god gift.

Comment by Dalip kumar
2009-04-18 06:48:21

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Comment by mdawg
2011-05-12 20:40:17

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Comment by Swapnil
2009-04-22 01:16:52

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Comment by jatnaveenleo
2009-08-25 01:00:54

of course, tried and tested. search online “johanna budwig cancer diet”. my mother recovered from cancer(stage 3 carcinome) with this treatment. after three months of starting, her tumour marker tests are better than healthy person. but before taking this therapy ask me at there are some precautions to be taken in the therapy which are difficult to find online.

Comment by jatnaveenleo
2009-08-25 01:06:33

chemotherapy kills. i know a patient who fully revovered from breast cancer with budwig diet. got married, gave birth to a child. then her doctors insisted her to take chemotherapy, just because of her cancer history, they convinced her husband, but after chemo her kidneys failed. she died ultimately.

2009-09-03 03:33:17



Comment by Azhar
2009-12-08 23:02:42

My relative is suffering frm rectum cancer and it has spreads to liver doctor say he could live upto 6 months without operation and 2 year if he has been operated is live cancer not cureable plz help me his age is 42 year having 2 small kids.

Comment by denise
2011-03-15 07:33:48

go 2 you tube type world with out cancer vitamin b17 kills cancer in most stages i also read the book any one with cancer or worried about cancer should reed this book it may just save your life its execellent what is b17 its the seeds of apricots and other fruits . hope this is help full good luck

Comment by Thom
2011-08-26 19:00:27

google barley! a company called aim sells it. also google barley and cancer. good luck and my Heart gos out to you.

Comment by Mohammed
2012-03-09 18:48:09

You can let him listen to sura Ar rahman recited by Qari abdul basit Abdul samaadHis recitions from 50′s. You can find on youtube. He should listen three times a day.

Comment by kashif ali
2009-12-10 10:25:04



Comment by sunil
2012-02-26 05:23:57

can lung cancer is completely curable if plz ad vice

Comment by Byrdie
2009-12-12 14:29:01

rick simpson run from the cure watch it. And then you will see all cancers are curable. and you wouldnt belive it if i told you what is the cure

Comment by Byrdie
2009-12-12 14:38:10

make sure the news is heard by telling your friends about the cure! chemotherapy causes the body to die cancer also this medicine is cancer specific

Comment by Brittany
2010-01-05 15:37:02

how can you help? how can you tell someone with cancer they are going to be alright, when you don’t know the truth?how can you let go of someone you’ve been trying so hard to save?i am a cancer patient’s family member, and even though i don’t have the diesese, it is killing me to witness. Even though there are survivors, there are still some who lose their life. it’s funny how much more you treasure life when it’s ccut short.

Comment by Regine
2010-01-10 18:37:05

i just want to know the list of cancers that can be cured and those who are incurable….
but i think that even the information is incomplete, this help much for my report…..

Comment by Melanie
2010-02-18 18:48:14

Doesn’t sound to professional, more of common sense. I probably wouldn’t use it as a resource.

Comment by Parvinder Singh
2010-04-01 07:35:38

Dear Sir,

Why Cancer is spreading at mass scale, why Govt. is not imposing any restriction on methods which is causing cancer cell. Why Heads of organisation is not taking steps to control the green environments.

I request you to look into the matter.

Thanks & Rgds

Parvinder Singh

Comment by Sadhu Dileep
2010-04-01 11:16:14

Dear Friends,

Thanks for great information, Before read these i don,t know cancer is 100% Curable.


Comment by sneha
2010-09-19 18:12:59

no it is nt 100% curable. ppl r stil wrkin on it………

Comment by balan
2010-05-02 09:05:24

cancer is curable by ayurvedic medicine. i have practical experience of 10 patients even lung cancer

Comment by RM
2010-05-10 13:02:34

I have a question. What is the one factor right now, that we can say for sure, is stopping us from curing cancer? Is it the massive amount of data that must be studied and not enough doctors to handle it?

Comment by Alison
2010-08-13 15:04:14

This really helped me.. Today my Nana found out she has cancer.. :’(

Comment by sneha
2010-09-19 18:10:53

wat happend dat she found out dat she has cancer?

Comment by Prashanth
2010-08-24 05:02:49

My brother is suffering from Intenstine Cancer, doctors have stated that it is in his last stage , can any one please help me and confirm if there is any medication that can help him cure

Comment by Prashanth
2010-08-24 05:03:09

Dont worry

Comment by sneha
2010-09-19 18:09:38

no im nt suferin wid it re. hiiiiiiii i wnt 2 knw mre abt dis disease…………

Comment by Prashanth
2010-08-30 03:45:21


Comment by sneha
2010-09-19 18:15:58


Comment by sneha
2010-09-19 18:17:50


Comment by sneha
2010-09-19 18:11:57

dat is d reason i askd wats d pblm dat is nt generating a cure to it? an ny device b generatd?

Comment by K
2012-09-07 12:29:47

Please try aryuvedic medicine. Please contact Dr Pankaj Naram. He has cured many patients.

Comment by Prashanth
2010-08-24 05:03:48

This will be cured

Comment by sneha
2010-09-19 18:08:40

how can u xplain???????

Comment by sneha
2010-09-19 18:16:42

can i expect a reply soon plz???

Comment by sneha
2010-09-19 18:07:05

can something new be found out as a cure to cancer? can we prevent cancer? is their any device found out which is capable of measuring the disease effectively?

Comment by sneha
2010-09-19 18:08:14

i need an immediate reply to this because im planning to do some research work on this……..

Comment by Robert
2011-06-24 10:17:19

I lost both parents to cancer 3 years ago and then my wife got cancer Nov 2010. This prompted me to do a great deal of research into cancer. What I have found out may be dificult for some people to take in, but I believe people should be open minded to all avenues of information and too weigh this up for themselves.

I try to be a logical person weigh up information from all sides, both from conventional Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and alternative treatments.

There are around 18 different cultures around the world that simply do not have cancer, period! These cultures do not have Diabetes, ME, Cardio Vascular desease, etc. etc. Now if this is correct, then clearly these people are doing something fundamentally right, that westernised cultures are not. Every individual needs to satisfy themselves that this information is correct because it seems that this is fundamental in how we should approach cancer and other westernised deseases. Through my own studies I believe these cultures exist and they have been researched to see how they maintain their almost perfect health. Some of these cultures are as follows: the Abkaisions of Russia, the Hunza tribe of the Himalayas, the Eskimos. These poeple are living extremely healthy lives in excess of 100 years of age.

What is clear to me is that there is not a scientist or a Phd scholar amonst them, but they are living long and desease free lives that westernised society would do well to follow their concepts.

What also seems clear to me is that Cancer is totally preventable given the appropriate nutrition, Minerals, Lifestyle and environment. Some of the factors maybe beyond our control, such as where we live and the toxic onslaught of industrialised nations. However, we are able to stack the odds in our favour by what we choose to be our nourishment.

If we are eating cakes , pies, pasties, reconstituted meats, preserved products, tinned produce/meat, high red meat intake, high sugar content food and drinks, Hydrogenated fats, chips, fatty fast foods diets, then we are sooner or later going to sucumb to problems with our health.

It is really not rocket science, eat things as close to nature as possible. Salads, raw vegetables, herbs, spices, garlic, ginger, onions, fresh fuits. Source your products from local suppliers who you know to responsibly grow their produce, or organic if you are able to afford this. Try to get some of the super foods into your diet like Lentils, Pulses, Spirilina, Coucou beans (coco beans). Consider topping up on mineral and vitamin suppliments.

Get some good reading material by authors like Charlotte and Max Gerson of the Gerson Therapy, Philip Day or Steve Ranson of Credence publications.

The power is in our hands to make a difference to our own lives and our families lives, we just have to think logically and make wise decisions.

God bless you

Robert Olifent

Comment by pru
2011-07-07 14:13:22

Hello Robert – of all the comments yours has the most wisdom. I run my life according to these principles using natural medicine i.e. plant based foods eg. antioxidants, supplements like ‘miracle nutrient’ which is a safe and harmless anti inflammatory and anti oxidant which works on multiple pathways in the body finding the inflammation and pain in the body whether silent or otherwise, acting as a scavenger to minimize and ultimately can heal the condition. Unlike prescription drugs which can cause harmful side effects. This miracle nutrient keeps the immune system at peak along with many other benefits for the whole body – benefits for arthritis, sore joints, carpal tunnel, for energy, stamina and endurance and excellent for skins i.e. wrinkles, age spots, sun spots etc.

Spirulina, omega, a good multi vitamin, miracle nutrient and a good healthy diet would build your immune system together with a stressfree lifestyle with the right tools which can be learnt (no doubt about it) go into nature, laugh a lot which changes the chemistry in the body and enhances the immune system, benevolence by helping your fellowman, music and being in positive surroundings. Learn to meditate and take back your power which is in your hands. Stay away from negative influences and cynicism. Be happy. Remember prevention is better than cure and knowledge is the key and of course your belief system is your greatest medicine.

Cancers are cured through natural medicine and I can cite many cures. Dr Day for one – from a Doctor who developed breast cancer, opted out of her profession, against great opposition from her colleagues saying she would die – her answer was, no I will die if I have chemo and radiation because she knew the inside story, and decided to try the alternate route. Thirty years later she tells her story and has written many books, one of which is “Cancer does not scare me anymore” Find her on the web. There are thousands more like her.

For the people who make comments without backup I would request that they research their facts before passing any form of criticism – The alternate practitioners were around long before the allopaths people like homeopaths and naturopaths who had total success and none of the harmful toxic side effects which are experienced today.

I have nothing against the allopaths as long as their integrity is intact when administering medication and they administer drugs discriminately if and when needed. I have always been of the opinion that the allopaths and complimentary medicine could complement one another. I personally have never had an anti biotic in my life out of choice. I am 71 and going on 35. There is so much more. Very pleased I could give an unbiased viewpoint and I certainly hope that this information is useful to many. I am quite happy to answer any questions as this is my field and has been for 40 years.

Comment by sneha
2010-09-19 18:14:18

wat hapend im nt getin ny sght of reply…….. can der b ny device generatd 4 dis purpose?

Comment by sneha
2010-09-19 18:20:26

what is that one cause which is not generating a 100% cure to cancer? is it lack of proper medication?

Comment by sweety
2010-10-21 02:14:11


My mum had breast cancer since 12 years ago which as cured by chemotherapy, but recently she discovered that that she has tumor in her ovary, she operated on it and she is now getting worse since after the operation water/fliud started accumulating in her belly and chest. No the doctor said that there is malignancy cell in both of her lungs.Can she be cured??? is there any hope .pleaaseeeeeeee help.

Comment by Laxman Nadkarni
2010-10-28 00:28:25

My Dad has a Chronic LYphatic lukemia stage III doctor says no need to worry since is chronic disease and you dad will survive at least for 10 years he had recevied chemotherpy 2 years ago but cancer is been relasped now doctor has suggested again chemotherpy i dont no what to do we are totally help less

Comment by nassib
2013-04-04 06:09:47

the only hope after oll those efforts done to ur dad… that…..just make some supplication to ur surviour… sure he ca do it…..ryt.

Comment by myura
2011-01-13 06:23:03

hi, i was just soo interested today about cancer and why they say its not curable wwhen it is…
i was talking to my mum today and she said the best way to cure cancer is to drink fresh tumeric juice and to meditate. they r simple to do atleast for yourself. meditation doesnt mean just sitting there and doin what they say u need to do. trust deeply in it and jus focus until your like in another world. i know some people think tht people just write silly stuff anywhere but please if you are a sufferer or know anyone suffering please try this. in india there are many tht heal and meditate so it would be best if u do. and tumeric that is pure has the power to kill cells of any disease.

Comment by SRINIVAS
2011-01-31 00:19:30

What is the reason for occurrence of cancer? Is it genetic? I lost some of my friends and relatives due to it. Ar you having reply for me?

Comment by jatnaveenleo
2011-03-08 10:06:18

what r u people?? i mentioned about the cure, and guaranteed cure.. and you are keeping on posting and posting.. useless.. you want method?? easy.. cost?? negligible.. therapy?? globally known.. cant u people google the terms “budwig diet”??

Comment by ottomaniya
2011-04-14 23:14:48

There’s a free book “Cancer is curable!” plus lots of other valuable books and videos on how to cure cancer, please check and share:

Comment by SexyBeast
2011-04-18 23:04:15

I am sorry but this post wasn’t very professional, and had little scientifically proven information. First of all, there ARE vaccines to protect against certain types of VIRAL induced cancers. Yes there are pathogens that can lead to the development of cancer. Such an example is HBV (hepatitis B virus) or HPV (human papillomavirus). HPV leads to carcinogenesis in the epithelial layers of the cervix. Since cervical cancer other other HPV induced diseases (such as genital warts, common warts, oral papillomas) are very common, in industralized countries PEP screaning test for women is par of the yearly physical checkup for this reason. Blood test is not sufficient to show the presence of the virus in the body if symptoms are not present. HPV is sexually transmitted and can be symptomless for years, if not for a lifetime in many cases. Gardasil and Cervarix are the two common caccines that are clinically used to prevent cancerous HPV infections in young females mainly.

Comment by SexyBeast
2011-04-18 23:22:12

Cancer is caused by many different factors. Individuals with certain genetic makeup can be more susceptible for developing cancer, but this is not the only and main reason. Cancer development requires mutations at the molecular level. Our cellular mechanisms are designed to eliminate such mutations during the cell cycle, and lead to the death of abnormal cells. Accumulation of mutations are necessary to the development of cancer, and most cases these are eliminated before they could pile up by DNA repair mechanisms. In all of us, there are mutations occuring when cells divide, but repaired before leading to problems. Once improperly copied DNA is passed on to the next generation of cells, these become more susceptible for second and third mutations, which will lead to uncontrolled cell division, cell growth and immortality of these cells = tumour cells. Now, back to factors that can lead to such events to happen…. are a lot to list, but includes chemicals we are all exposed on a daily basis. Cigaret smoke is just one of the carcinogen/mutogen, also the chemicals in polluted air, exhaus gases from cars and fatories. Chemicals such as chlorine in out tap water, alcohol, coffein in coffee or tea. Supressed immune system can be also a factor, and as I already mentioned, there are certain type of viral infections that can also lead to cancer. what common in all types of cancers is certain things going wrong at the molecular level, allowing the accumulation of mutations in cells.

Comment by SexyBeast
2011-04-19 04:28:39

HPV and Cervical Cancer

Worldwide, the second most common cancer- related cause of death in women is cervical cancer. This type of malignancy is very frequent and mainly effecting countries with poor developmental status. Up to 80% of incidents are occurring in these countries including Africa, Melanesia, Latin America, and India, due to lack of regular and sufficient screening procedure of women’s health. In industrialized countries on the other hand, Papanicolaou test or most well known as Pap screening test has reduced cervical cancer rates by nearly 80% during the past 50 years.
Cervical cancer can be categorized as squamous cell carcinomas (or SCCs) or adenocarcinomas. The majority of diagnosed cervical cancer cases fall into the first category, the second one being much less common. As a fact, almost all cervical cancers are caused by the persistent infection of carcinogenic Human Papillomavirus types or HPV. However HPV infection is very common, up to 80% of infected individuals will not show any signs or symptoms which is the only way of diagnosing the disease. Unfortunately, screening procedures such as blood testing are not sufficient to detect HPV virus in the body, this is the reason why regular Pap testing is very important for females. In fact, most women will experience some kind of HPV related infection during their lifetimes, but only minority of cervical lesions do eventually progress to cervical carcinomas. In this case if changes of the cervix are detected at early stages, the patient can be treated accordingly and the disease rarely ever leads to a lethal outcome.
Human Papilloma Virus or HPV is the member of Papillomavirus family, and there are nearly 200 identified types up to date. HPV is a double stranded DNA virus which is sexually transmitted among humans. Upon genital contact with infected individual, the virus enters the body and targets the stratified epithelium, skin, and mucous membranes of the new host. Depending on the type of HPV infection, this will lead to changes of the targeted tissue, such as common warts, genital warts, oral papillomas, and certain types of genital cancers such as vulvar, vaginal, penile, or cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is being the far most common genital cancer type induced by the HPV virus.
According to how sever the HPV infection is, HPV types are generally categorized into two subcategories called High-Risk HPV (HP-HPV) and Low-Risk HPV (LR-HPV). Sexually transmitted HR-HPV types include 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59, 68, 69, and are so called because they have a high tendency to lead to the development of cervical cancer. HPV-16 and HPV-18 are considered the most dangerous types since they are responsible for up to 70% of all cervical cancer cases. Therefore, these two types of HPV are the ones that HPV vaccines are mainly developed to protect against. LR-HPV types can cause conditions such as genital warts, but many times infected individuals will not experience any symptoms. Genital warts can form within weeks or even years after sexual contact with a person who has genital warts, but these conditions can be easily treated by so called freezing of the infected area. Unlike HR-HPV, LR-HPV types will not lead to the development of cervical cancer and HPV-6 and HPV-11 are responsible for up to 90% of all genital warts cases.
The structure of the HPV virus consists of a long double stranded circular DNA with approximately 8000 base pairs, and a viral capsid formed by L1 and L2 protein. The DNA based genome has nine distinct regions which are L1, L2, E5, E4, E2, E1, E7, E6, URR each serving a distinct purpose in the viral life cycle. The so called early gene region (E1, E2, E4-7) codes for proteins E6, E7, E1, E2, E4, and E5 which are responsible for transcription and gene regulation during replication of viral genome. The late gene region including L1 and L2 encodes for the corresponding proteins L1 and L2. These two proteins, as earlier mentioned, form the viral caspid that surrounds the viral DNA. URR or upstream regulatory region separated the early and late gene regions and consists of approximately 1000 base pairs. This region also contains cis-elements that play role in regulation of gene expression, genome replication, and the assembly of the viral particle.
Upon entry, HPV targets and infects the basal cells of stratified epithelium of the cervix. Viral DNA is maintained and replicated using the molecular machinery of the host cells when these are differentiating. HPV infection can be productive in which case viral particles are produced, or proliferative which results in the integration of viral DNA into the host’s genome. The concrete mechanism of viral entry into basal cells is not completely known, but it is suspected that alpha6-integrin plays an important role. As the viral particle reaches the cytoplasm of the host cell, it is disassembled by lysosomes and viral DNA gets transported to the nucleus by L2 protein. Unlike normal suprabasal cells of the mucosa, HPV infected cells lose terminal differentiation to produce the protective barrier of the cervix. Viral genes E6 and E7 are oncogenes and by inactivating pRb and p53, they stimulate cell cycle progression and increased proliferation. E7 associates with pRb and therefore blocks its binding ability to transcription factor E2F. As a result, E2F trans-activates Cyclin A and E that are responsible for viral DNA replication. E7 also associates with other factors such as histone-acethylases, AP1 transcription complex, p21 and p27, and thus drives the cell through mitosis in differentiating epithelium. The role of E6 is similar to E7 and they are expressed together in HR-HPV types. E6 binds to p53 and mediates ubiquitination and degradation of p53. With the activity of both E7 and E6, this leads to an escape from growth arrest and apoptosis of cells entering the cell cycle in upper epithelial layers. The process allows the accumulation of secondary mutations over time, since low levels of p53 alters the cells’ response to DNA damage, thus the genetic instability of cells increases. This eventually leads to the loss of cell growth control, survival of cells with DNA damage, and the development of cervical cancer. At the last step, replicated viral DNA is packaged into viral particles by self assembling L1 and L2 proteins, and the natural turnover of the superficial layers of cervical epithelium leads to the release of HPV particles.
The Human immune system is capable to cope with viral infections and most times it is able fight them off. However in the case of HRV induced infections, immune responses are limited due to difficulty of presenting viral antigens in the upper epithelial layers. There are two immunological pathways that play important role in response to HPV infections, which are humoral immunity and cell-mediated immunity. During humoral immune response, immune cells recognize L1 and L2 capsid proteins and produce antibodies against these foreign molecules. The level of anti-L1 and anti-L2 antibody production in serum is dependent on the amount of viral particles present in the body and the persistence of infection. Upon natural infection, these levels are usually low. Cell-mediated immunity is responsible for the clearance of HPV infected cells. In this process, dendritic cell recognize infected cells and stimulate T helper (Th 1) cells which are in turn stimulate the production of cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL). CTL cells attack and destroy infected cells by phagocytosis.
The development of vaccines against HPV started when it was discovered that viral L1 proteins can be expressed in eukaryotic cells. The ability of L1 proteins to self-assemble gave rise to the production of non-pathogenic virus-like particles (VLP) which upon intramuscular injection can trigger antibody production against HPV in serum. Antibodies and L1 proteins are HPV type specific and highly immunogenic, thus vaccines come with different combinations of L1 proteins. The two most widely used vaccines are Cervarix™ and Gardasil(R) which are differing in this combination. Cervarix™ was developed by GlaxoSmithKline and it consists of purified L1 VLPs of HPV 16/18 at 20/20 μg, 500 μg of aluminum hydroxide, and 50 μg of 3-deacylatedmonophosphoryl lipid A per dose. This vaccine is also called a bivalent vaccine because it is containing L1 for two HPV types. L1 protein of each HPV type is expressed via a recombinant baculovirus vector separately and then combined. It is delivered by intramuscular injection at 0, 1, and 6 months as a 0.5 mL dose. Gardasil(R) is a quadrivalent vaccine and it was developed by Merck and Co. Inc. The vaccine consists of purified L1 VLPs of HPV types 6/11/16/18 at 20/40/40/20 μg per dose. Each L1 protein is expressed via a recombinant Saccharomyces pombe vector separately and then combined. The vaccine is delivered by intramuscular injection at 0, 2, and 6 months as a 0.5 mL dose. Both vaccines show protection against persistent cervical HPV infections, however the mechanism is not fully understood at this stage. Although these vaccines introduce VLPs that are highly immunogenic and immunized individuals obtain significantly higher antibody levels in serum, vaccines can only be used to prevent infection and cannot be used as a treatment when cervical infections already existing .

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Comment by Kashinath
2011-05-04 00:32:17

My niece is age of 4 years. She has got a light fever and went to hospital. Doctor has informed after checking bood results, he found that white cells count has reduced and later undergone the bone marrow test. We came to know from this test, cancer exists, but it is in initial stage of 6-8 weeks. Entire my family is in Panic for last two days. Please any body advice us is it really curable.

Comment by sanjay
2011-05-19 04:35:23

believe in urself dat’s th only way of gettin confidence.make evry step u take is right.
God is always der with you.

Comment by Zero
2011-08-06 20:38:49

Do as much research as you can about alternative treatments and, for good measure, research conventional treatments as well. Knowledge is key in these situations. Don’t take anything that ANYONE says at face value! Observe and think, you’ll begin to realize some strange things if you do that enough.

Comment by SexyBeast
2011-05-06 20:29:41

First of all to give any kinds of advise, the information provided is not sufficient. There are many different types of blood related cancer types and leukemias. I don’t know all the types and differences from the top of my head, but early detection is a major bonus and patients with certain type of leukemia can be treated and live a normal and healthy life. If you know the exact type your child developed, I suggest you to do a good research online and educate yourself, so you know what are you best options for her. Be careful with the sources you read, many of them are invalid or outdated and you may come to wrong conclusions. And of course your doctor is always one of the best person to ask questions about the disease. I wish your child and your family the best.

Comment by Ameen
2011-05-19 04:24:50

thank u very much this has helped me to get some knowledge and precautions…

Comment by mythri
2011-05-29 00:03:33

thank you very for above information

Comment by Eloise
2011-06-11 05:24:23

I have a question, because i am writing a book and i need too know what types of cancer are curable, so if you know any types that are curable, get back to me soon asap , :)
Eloise .

Comment by Anonymous
2011-07-21 04:14:24

You can try black seed oil as a cure and or listen to Surah Rehman (Quran)

Comment by Jane
2011-08-11 14:05:03

Have just been watching” Run from the Cure”" It seems Hemp Oil cures everything, including serious cancer. Look it up.

Comment by himanshu
2011-10-16 14:49:22

thnx..for this post because i’m suffering from cancer and recently i known that i am having cancer even i don’t believe and just leave the hope that i can or even what i can do…..but now..a ray of hope i see….thanks to you really …but don’t know my cancer can be cured or not because doctors are just giving their best all time but they are not god…and i’m having lung cancer..:(…don’t know what to do even till now i didn’t told that to this my parents i don’t know how they react when i told them…….

Comment by Kirtan
2011-11-21 18:55:16

Wow, really? U sure?

2011-11-24 05:43:33

sir, can u please help me out that where i can get that medication,i will b highly thankful to u

2011-11-24 05:56:03

same problem is with me pls help me out

2011-11-24 05:58:42

pls help me out,i have patient age 72 years having cancer in left half base of tongue encraching attendent lateral pharyngeal space

my contact no 9336298308,9695888400

Comment by Tomas
2011-11-26 21:03:08

Big pharma wants you to live as long as possible and be as sick as possible. Hell, if you die, they stop making money. How much money…do some research…it’s astounding. ex: a three course treatment of prostate vaccine sipuleucel-T, $93,000. It buys you 4 months, just long enough for the nearly 100k cash dump.

Comment by snehil
2011-12-16 07:51:33

hey plz help me
my mom is of 50 yrs nd she a doctor
shzz suffring from mouth cancer…. shz between 2nd nd 3rd stage…… cn it b cured?????

Comment by anon
2011-12-27 21:25:02

Unfortunately, None is the answer to your question. You are considered cured if you survive 5 years from initial Diagnoses. I know of many people who have died as a result of their cancer just after five years. All of them are considered cured by the statasticians.

Comment by Alex
2012-01-23 23:35:07

Pretty well informed. Important to note that some cancers are caused by ‘germs’ or microprganisms – For example cervical cancer – caused by human papilloma virus and also Burkitt lymphoma – caused by ebstein- barr virus

Comment by sonam sherpa
2012-01-25 00:27:56


Comment by Sanjay kr deb
2012-03-16 06:31:01

Hi, i had been digonised with cancer of ceruminous gland in my left EAC , i got the tumor excised but IHC couldnOT confirm about the clearity of margin. I believe even if the cancer cell had invaded nearby areas, i will servive for long, i with veg diet and plenty of water had brouight down my ESR, BLOOD SUGAR, all my pains had gone, i need to put more concentration on meditation and yoga, no stress, believe in god. U CAN CURE YOURSELF, NO JUNK FOOD, NO NON VEG, NO SWEET, NO DIARY FOOD, NO PROCESSED FOOD, NO WHITE FLOUR. Follow budwing flax oil diet and carrot juice, pineapple juice, raw veg as far as possible, exercise for 15 mins daily.

Comment by ajay rajbhar
2012-04-12 23:17:00

Dear sir,
as my mom was once was having cancer in her right lower 2nd molar of the gum and the tumor was remove and she was fine for 7 years but now on the right inner cheek the cancer has been diagnosed and the doctor say it is regenerated and the have starting a chemotherapy for that before radiation was given in the first time so my question is that after chemo is the cheek will be heal or they will do the surgery to remove the effected part from her cheek inner line [please do help me

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2013-01-09 14:05:00

This is a great information for because im a student doing research about cancer and this information give me many answers to my questions….Thank you

Comment by Diana
2013-02-10 19:09:13

A very dear family member was diagnose back in December with Stage 3 Stomach Cancer and the doctors stop her chemo. The doctors are saying that she does not have much longer and the saddest part is that leaves 3 small children behind. Can any body reccoment something, the family is praying for a miracle.

Comment by Robert
2013-03-28 15:49:36

Our Experience

Prepared by Robert Olifent
Last revised 18 March 2013

Our Experience

Dietary changes in the prevention and treatment of cancer
and auto immune diseases

Prepared by Robert Olifent

The following information is in remembrance of my father John David Olifent and mother Sheila June Olifent Garvey, both of whom died in May and June 2008 with cancer. During my parent’s illnesses and that of my uncle too, who later died of cancer, I witnessed some highly disturbing and seriously contradictory practices within conventional orthodox cancer treatments. These experiences prompted me to research the reasons why one person in two and a half people will get cancer in their lifetime which I understand are the current statistics.

My studies became fairly extensive and I amassed a large body of knowledge in medical healthcare, alternative therapies, nutritional books, literature and various CD/DVD lectures and teaching. The more knowledge I gained, the clearer the picture became as to what we in western society are doing to ourselves nutritionally and through our lifstyles. It is self evident that we have become a sick nation of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, psychological disorders, MS, arthritis and other auto immune diseases etc. but this does not have to be so. Clearly it would be unwise to suggest that there is one single reason for these problems, or for that matter to suggest any single type of snake oil cure, but there are definite ‘reasons’ for our nation’s ills which we have come to more or less accept that this is the way life is as we age. However, having the ability to accept that there may be something fundamentally out of sync in westernised society is the beginning to ‘understanding’ and making better choices to prevent or even turn things around for total recovery.
As I cannot claim to be a professional, it is advised that anyone who is thinking about going down the route of nutritional therapy or alternative therapies should consult a competent healthcare or nutritional practitioner in order to ensure that there is no conflict with any medications or treatments that you may currently be on. I have drawn the following information together from a wide but wonderful body of research that is freely available and is largely ignored by orthodox cancer society’s and medical establishments.

The following information is the basis of what we did when my wife faced cancer and she is now cancer free. The information contained herein is what my wife and i believe to be simple common sense, not rocket science. It is up to each individual to gain as much knowledge as they can in order to make informed decisions about their own treatment options. All too often people are railroaded down a one way system that cannot or will not look at any other way but chemotherapy radiotherapy or surgery to treat cancer. Our belief and experience is that there are other options to consider which are safe non toxic and highly effective in building up the body’s immune system and creating a hostile environment to cancer. However this requires knowledge, self discipline and personal responsibility. Remember, the information contained herein is not medical guidance to anyone; it is simply ‘Our Experience’!

The Bombshell
Having researched and amassed a substantial amount of information in the years following my parents passing away, we were devastated to find out in January 2011 that my wife Sue had been diagnosed with a two and a half inch tumour on her liver. These were extremely scary times and particularly traumatic for my wife, as we contemplated making our first steps implementing alternative approaches to fighting cancer with nutritional therapy.
My wife sat with the doctor and was shown the scan of the two and a half inch tumour on his computer monitor screen. The doctor specifically and confidently pointed the tumour out to Sue with no mistaking it. He told Sue that he was so very sorry; whether the tumour was benign or malignant the situation was not good due to the critical location of the tumour. He explained the tumours dire location in the liver, where it was attached and compressing the tubes which are going in and out of the liver “like charring Cross Station” to quote his words. He also explained that Sue should prepare for the worse because it would be inoperable in such a sensitive area. The Doctor then recommended that Sue should take ‘Temazepam’ sleeping tablets which he prescribed to her, “Because she was going to need them” were his very words. The Doctors leaving words were: “I am so very sorry”.
Sue was so distraught and in a daze by this news that she went out and bought £25 worth of goodbye cards to send to her family and friends. Further information from an oncologist confirmed privately to me that tumours in this location were usually of the most aggressive type, and statistically the prognosis was unlikely survivability. This would usually happen quite quickly too, due to the tumour compressing the vital tubes of the liver which in turn would prevent the liver from functioning and detoxifying the body.
However, after being given very little hope by the doctor, my wife and I discussed the research I had been doing with alternative cancer therapies following my parent’s illnesses. We decided to take charge of the situation throwing everything into what I had researched and believed to be perfect sense. Subsequent scans and visits to the hospital which commenced six weeks into our nutritional therapy confirmed that the once two and a half inch tumour as seen on the x-ray scan was now gone, leaving only ‘scar tissue’. No toxic chemotherapy, conventional surgery, or burning radiotherapy which add nothing healthy or beneficial to the body’s already depleted immune system.
To labour the point, because I cannot get enough of saying it, the tumour is now totally gone and as the final oncologist we saw told us “only scar tissue of the tumour is left remaining”,

Comment by nassib
2013-04-04 05:59:26

thax…..much…..buddyz.i would like also to get started on dis healthy education……bt there some funny writings which i ought to accomplish…..and they are so comlex to me…..plz tell me how to perform them.

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