Can Cancer Be Cured? Is cancer Curable?

We ask and discuss this issue whether cancer is curable or not many times. A simple answer to this question is YES. Yes, cancer is curable for some. Unfortunately for some it has cost them life. More than 80% of cancers today are completely curable if treated early. People who have been successfully treated for cancer and it doesn’t recur for a period of next the next five years the chances of it appearing are very rare. A patient should get himself examined half-yearly under all conditions.

For a cancer to be curable there are three factors. Type of cancer that a patient has, the stage of cancer and how well does the patient finally respond to the kind of treatment that is decided for him/her. A belief that vaccine can cure cancer is a myth. Vaccine can hel against a disease caused by a germ and since cancer is not caused by a germ, vaccine is not helpful.

If the disease in question is diagnosed early, there are more chances of a person’s survival. If it’s a tumor in breast or bowel there are more chances of a person’s survival by way to operating and removing that part of the body. But if it’s not a tumor restricted to one place and has spread to other parts also then by way of chemotherapy the cancer cells are destroyed. There are some types of cancers, which are curable even after they have spread like, Childhood Acute lymphoid leukemia, (All types), Hodgkin’s disease, Large cell lymphoma, APL Testicular cancer, Choriocarcinoma Cancer by itself is not one single disease. There are many, say more than a hundred different types of cancer and all of them have a different type of cure.

Relation of food and cancer can be summed up as “In some individuals, deficiency of Vitamin B can result in changes in certain tissues, particularly related to mouth and lips, which may towards the end become cancerous. However, as far as it is known, no food or combination of foods has can cause or cure of cancer. Heavily fried food or abandoned red meat is the suspected culprits as per some latest research. Green veggies and cabbage may help in preventing certain cancers, especially some types of cancer related to women.” But there is nothing that can absolutely give you cancer or cure one of it.

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