Carbohydrates And Diabetes

20 years back who knew most of us would be addicted to meals comprising hamburger, French fries and a coke. It is much beyond the fat in the foods we eat. It is actually the excess carbohydrates in the diet that is already full of starch- and sugar and this is what is making people fat and unfit, and are becoming for diseases such as diabetes.You will find some symptoms listed down. If you are experiencing some of them, there are good chances that the excess carbohydrates in your body are partially or wholly to be blamed for it. Symptoms such as excess weight, fatigue and feeling sleepy all the time, feeling depressed, fogginess in the brain, low and high BP etc.

Carbohydrate forms a major part of requirement of our body for all of us but through our addiction to grains, potatoes, sweets and other starchy and sugary foods, we are consuming far too beyond our basic requirement. The body’s storage capacity for carbohydrates is limited. And here’s what happens to all the excess carbohydrate – it gets converted into fat with the help of insulin and gets stored in the adipose.

A snack or meal that is high in carbohydrates results in a rapid rise in blood glucose. To adjust to this, the pancreas secretes the hormone insulin into the bloodstream, which brings down the glucose. Insulin is, basically a storage hormone. It evolved over millions of years of humans before even the agricultural age, to store the excess calories from carbohydrates in the form of fat in case of famine like situation.

So all the insulin, stimulated by the excess carbohydrates because of our over consumption of starchy food, full of grains and sweets, is quite easily responsible for the bulging stomachs and fat rolls around thighs and chins.

What is even worse is that the high insulin levels suppress two important hormones, i.e. glucagons and growth hormones. These are responsible for burning fat `n’ sugar & encouraging muscle development in that order.

Our doctors remind us all that over weight and obesity leads to heart disease and many other diseases. But the ill effect of grains and sugars goes beyond it. It suppresses the immune system, and is responsible for many digestive disorders. They lead to depression, and the excess consumption is associated with many of the chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes.

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