Cancer and Coffee

There are many research been done for the relation between cancer and coffee.

Coffee seems to be a curb for many types of cancer.

Link between coffee consumption and cancer risk are being reviewed very regularly.

So the next time you make or order your latte you are doing yourself a favor in more ways than one.

Initially just the opposite was considered true – that may be cancer and even moderate consumption of coffee may prove to be cancerous.

But there is no scientific reason for believing that moderate consumption of coffee can increase the risk of developing cancer in any part of body.

According to the studies reviewed by researchers like Francesca Bravi, ScD of the Institution du Recherche Pharmacological;

“Mario Negri” in Milan, Italy, coffee drinkers as compared to those who do not drink coffee are 41% less likely to have been diagnosed with liver cancer.

For a daily cup of coffee people drink, the odds of their being diagnosed with liver cancer are dropped by 23%, compared with those who do not ever drink coffee. Continue reading “Cancer and Coffee”

The Outdoor Athlete’s Nemesis – Skin Cancer


Marathon runners, cross country skiers, mountain and rock climbers, swimmers- these are some of the most physically fit people in the world, but all continually and sometimes unknowingly put themselves at risk of contracting a potentially deadly disease – skin cancer.

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If They Become Less Greedy, We Will Have a Healthier Society


There is no doubt that prostate cancer incidence is increasing in America and many other countries. On the other hand, this cancer that was used to show up after 55 now can be seen in younger men. What is the reason?

Although there is no clue about the real reason but you can easily find out by yourself. Just take a look at the internet and make some searches for the sex enhancement products like Viagra in men and … . It seems human likes to increase the size and the amount of everything. They are trying to increase the size of the fruits and create huge ones but they don’t care if they have any taste or not. It is the same with other things.

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About Bladder Cancer


The bladder is a balloon-shaped hollow organ located in the lower abdomen, which collects urine and disposes it off via the urethra. The bladder can develop cancer like any other part of the body. Researchers estimate that bladder cancer is more common in the developed countries such as the United States and France.

There are certain risk factors that lead to bladder cancer though physicians and researchers are not wholly sure about what causes it. Race and gender are listed as two risk factors as Caucasians and men are more likely to develop this type of cancer. And of course if there is a family history of this type of cancer then you are more than likely to develop it. The other factors have to do with inhaling second hand smoke or smoking yourself; a diet that is high in saturated fat; and recurring urinary tract infections or urinary stones. Exposure to chemicals if you are working in a leather or chemical or rubber factory can be a possible risk factor. Continue reading “About Bladder Cancer”

What Are The Symptoms of Brain Cancer

The only way to know one is suffering from brain cancer is through a proper test done by a doctor. Brain cancer is a really complicated and tough issue when it comes to being able to read the symptoms. Sometimes until one is dead it cannot be known that the person was suffering from brain cancer, like tumors of the pituitary gland.

The symptoms of brain tumors are very many and not they may not be specific to brain tumors. In the sense that the symptoms may be caused by some other illnesses. Like I told you in the beginning the only way to know for sure what is causing the symptoms is to undergo diagnostic testing. Continue reading “What Are The Symptoms of Brain Cancer”

Coping with Physical Changes After Cancer Treatment

After being diagnosed with cancer, undergoing treatment is the vicitm’s main area of concern and worry. Once he settles for the type of treatment he wants to opt for, the treatment begins. And after the patient undergoes the treatment successfully, the immeidate next worry is again right at the door step. That of dealing with the physical changes or appearance after the treatment. Which ever type of treatment may the patient opt for, side effects will always be there. Because the treatment is very harsh in case of cancer and therefore it is bound to leave scars. Continue reading “Coping with Physical Changes After Cancer Treatment”

Is Prevention of Prostate Cancer Possible?

Many men are now aware of the risk of prostate cancer but they should also know that even though some factors increase their chances of getting this disease they may not necessarily cause it. It can happen that some men with these risk factors never even develop the condition while those with the disease don’t have the risk factors. So while the causes of prostate cancer have not yet been clearly established, studies have found quite a few factors that are time and again linked with an increasing risk of developing this condition. Continue reading “Is Prevention of Prostate Cancer Possible?”

Mesothelioma Cancer: How Do We Come In Contact With Asbestos


At some point of time all of us have come in contact of asbestos. Asbestos in the air we inhale and the water we consider drinkable. There is a possibility that we come in contact with asbestos in the form of natural deposits in the earth, and from the deterioration of products made of asbestos in the environment around us. This was considered normal and unthreatening. Substantial exposure for a length of time mostly results in one becoming a victim of mesothelioma cancer due to asbestos exposure.

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Doping and Cancer Kill Athletes Cruelly

A few days ago, while I was working at the computer, I remembered one of the Karate champions, Andy Hug. I have been doing Karate for many years in the past. It is more than ten years that I have abandoned it because I didn’t have time. I loved some of the Karate champions and Andy Hug was the top ranked one. While I was checking the web pages and enjoying the Andy’s videos, a sentence attracted my attention: Andy passed away on August 2000.

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Radical Prostatectomy – Curing Your Cancer through Surgery

A radical prostatectomy is the surgical treatment option for patients suffering for prostate cancer. This form of treatment is usually used in younger patients where there is good potential for curing the disease. When the cancer is contained entirely within the prostate, or has yet to spread far into the surrounding tissues or lymph nodes an otherwise healthy patient’s best option may be the radical prostatectomy. This form of treatment has yielded more positive results than normal radiation treatments.

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