What’s Worse – Smoking Cigarette or Chewing Tobacco?

We have discussed enough about smoking and how it harms our body. Today we will discuss about the addition of tobacco chewing. Chew tobacco is a common habit amongst women and men alike in some countries. They consider it much safer than smoking and there’s no risk of lung cancer. Continue reading “What’s Worse – Smoking Cigarette or Chewing Tobacco?”

Facts About Dental Cavities – Kids’ Cavities Included

The Problem of dental cavities affects over 90% of the population. Smaller cavities or holes in the two outer layers of a tooth may not be painful, and may also go unnoticed by the patient until some time. Continue reading “Facts About Dental Cavities – Kids’ Cavities Included”

Oral Hygiene Before, During and After Chemotherapy

While discussing the after effects or side effects of chemotherapy during cancer, hair loss and nausea are what comes to our minds most often. But there is more to it and therefore it is worth knowing that other than the above two there are many other side effects to chemotherapy. Continue reading “Oral Hygiene Before, During and After Chemotherapy”

Can Gum Disease Be Related to Pancreatic Cancer?

Inflamed gums, cavities, tooth loss and other dental problems in adults may be indicative of serious health problems. Problems as severe as cancer, vitamin deficiencies, diabetes, heart disease to the extent that the risk of having a Continue reading “Can Gum Disease Be Related to Pancreatic Cancer?”

Tooth Abscess Effective Home Remedies

If you are here because you or someone you know is suffering from mouth or tooth abscess then let me tell you that this was a perfectly avoidable situation had you taken better oral care. We actually put ourselves into this situation (including myself!) and then regret and repair. Tooth abscess can happen to people at any age as long as their teeth are intact. People with dentures can rest in peace! Continue reading “Tooth Abscess Effective Home Remedies”