In What Ways Does Proper Exercising Help?

Most people reading this essay can conveniently skip the next paragraph because most of us already know that in what ways can proper exercise benefit us. And how most of us cannot stick to an exercise routine. People who do not understand the importance of exercise is simply because they are not aware of benefits of proper exercising.

Proper exercising is about exercising at the right time, in the right manner, accompanied by a proper diet. Proper exercising helps you to sleep better, lose or gain and maintain weight, improve your resistance to fight infections, lower risk associated with diseases like cancer, heart complications and diabetes. Proper exercise also helps your brain function better, making you more alert. Continue reading “In What Ways Does Proper Exercising Help?”

The Smaller Belly, The Healthier Heart

In the article I posted on Dec 27th, Obesity and Prostate Cancer Are Good Friends, I explained about the relation of the obesity, prostate and also the breast cancer. In fact, I was wrong. I should say that obesity and all kinds of cancer are good friends. And now I want to say obesity, cancers and heart diseases are good friends.

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How Safe is Swimming

I personally have an issue with swimming. And lot of my friends and colleagues would give me a “she is going berserk” look. But it hasn’t stop me from having an issue with it. Swimming came for me quite late in life. I was late in learning swimming by several years. But I had to learn it. I was so fascinated with the idea of swimming – Health, glamour, fascinating costumes, toned body.. everything about this form of exercise was great. Continue reading “How Safe is Swimming”

Get the Most Out Your Daily Walk

Walking by far is the easiest, safest, and cheapest form of exercises. It’s also one of the most popular ways of staying fit! There is nothing that can stop you from your regular walk. If it is raining outside you can walk on the treadmill indoors. If you are a brisk walker and walk a mile you burn approx equal number of calories as you do running a mile at a moderate pace, other benefits remaining the same. A study at Harvard of around 40,000 female health professionals found that walking at any pace for as little as an hour a week, brings down coronary artery disease risk.Let’s see how we can optimize the health benefits of walking. As we walk day after day week after week, let us make sure how to get the most of out it. Continue reading “Get the Most Out Your Daily Walk”

Gaining Weight Around the Middle and Stress Linked

Do you know stress can make you fat? Around the waist, above it, below it, everywhere. This article is for those of us who are between 35 and forty and have noticed fat building up around waist. This is not something we can take casually. Do you have an idea how dangerous the fat around our middle really is? It increases our risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and certain type of cancers. It can also cause insulin resistance.Rearranging our lifestyle plan in certain ways will not only help us do away with the fat around the middle, we will also be able to successfully prevent health problems in the future. In will make us look better and long term we will live longer and healthier. Continue reading “Gaining Weight Around the Middle and Stress Linked”

How Safe is Swimming?

I personally have an issue with swimming. And lto my friends and colleageus give me a “she is going berserk” look. But it doesn’t stop me from having an issue with it. Swimming came for me pretty late in life. I was late by several years. But I had to learn it. I was so fascinated with the idea of swimming. Health, glamour, toned body.. everything about the exercise was great.

After swimming for a few years I developed a certain unhealthy sickly feeling. The chemicals, so many people, young and old, all coming from different hygienical backgrounds and up-bringing… all in the same pool. I was witness to so many actions and incidents I wish I had not come across, filled me with a feeling that I did not want to swim enxt season. Continue reading “How Safe is Swimming?”

How Cycling Aggravates Back Pain

Actually it’s an incomplete headline. Not only does cycling aggravate back pain, it also sometimes is the sole cause for it! For people who think cycling is the best form of exercise, it helps all body parts to get their share of exercise and movement, helps breathing etc are thinking right but partly so. Cycling does all the above but when its done correctly. In correct rhythm, in correct posture and for a short time. Honestly, how many of us really know the difference between the right ways of cycling from the wrong?

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Dance to Lose That Festive Flab

The Christmas festivities are over now its time to count the cost. No not the monetary costs I mean the extra pounds you have piled on. If you have overstuffed on turkey and Christmas pud, and over dosed on the spirits and wine those extra inches or pounds you have piled on are screaming out for attention. Losing those extra pounds you have accumulated shouldn’t be too hard, just going back to a normal diet is a start.

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The Best Ways To Boost Your Energy Levels


Exercise is the best way to boost and sustain energy levels. Exercise increases and improves your metabolism rate. Its is recommended that one exercise minimum for 20 minutes on a daily basis. Stress and meditation are energy busters. This has been proved time and again by various leading medical research institutes across the world.

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