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Carbohydrates And Diabetes

20 years back who knew most of us would be addicted to meals comprising hamburger, French fries and a coke. It is much beyond the fat in the foods we eat. It is actually the excess carbohydrates in the diet that is already full of starch- and sugar and this is what is making people fat and unfit, and are becoming for diseases such as diabetes.You will find some symptoms listed down. If you are experiencing some of them, there are good chances that the excess carbohydrates in your body are partially or wholly to be blamed for it. Symptoms such as excess weight, fatigue and feeling sleepy all the time, feeling depressed, fogginess in the brain, low and high BP etc. Continue reading

Guide To Healthy Food For Kids


We all know wrong eating habits lead to obesity in children. And time to control is when they are still young. Well-balanced and healthy food is as much a must for children as adults and old. I am listing down good and bad food habits for children.

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Why Drink Aloe Vera Juice?

Growing an Aloe Vera plant is highly recommended. It can be grown in all dry regions across the world from Africa, Asia, and Europe to America. It contains vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and mono-and-poly-saccharides. The combined action of all these gives Aloe Vera it’s various healing properties.

A distinct property of Aloe Vera lies in its modulation effect. The component glycoproteins help to inhibit systems as well as have an anti-inflammatory effect. It’s mucopolysaccharides help to stimulate systems, promoting wound healing. Using it after being cut or burnt is most common and gives fantastic results. An interesting fact is that you should consider drinking Aloe Vera juice for its health benefits. Continue reading

Foods that Boost Your Health

If we had a choice to add healthy foods like peanut butter, apples, watermelons, tea, oats and green veggies to our daily diet to lead a much longer healthier life how many of us would go for it?

The smart secret way to do it as some researchers advice is to outsmart your body! What you and I have to understand is that as we age instead creating healthy new cells resistant to cancer, rapid aging, and other ills as before when we were younger and fitter, our body is busy half-forming or damaging the cells. When free radicals (a very reactive and unstable atom or groups of atoms with an odd, unpaired number of electrons) bang into DNA in your cells, they can damage it, leading to bad cell behavior such as cancer. Continue reading

Wheat Bread For Better Health

I’m sure there are many of you who remember making sandwiches with IronKids white bread when you were young. So delicious, with all the benefits of wheat! But now white bread is under the microscope, criticized for being highly processed and not containing many nutrients. Apparently, it is not so healthy after all. Wheat bread is a viable substitute.

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How Can You Manage Food Intolerance?

The food habits of people have changed over generations and, nowadays, intolerances to different kinds of food are more common. It can be caused by unhealthy dietary habits, stress, an immune function that is supersensitive, and weak digestion. A food intolerance is different from an allergy in that it won’t be dangerous to life and the immune system is also not involved. But with a food intolerance people can feel ill and their health will be affected over the long term if it is not diagnosed soon.

A person can develop intolerance for any kind of food as the body does not produce a sufficient quantity of the necessary chemical or enzyme that is needed to digest that particular food—lactose intolerance, for example, or alcohol, or food additives such as caffeine and monosodium glutamate. Continue reading

Drink Water as Part of Your Health Routine

This cannot be said enough, but strangely though the concept of water as part of a healthy diet is often overlooked. It should be considered a nutritious drink for all the benefits it offers us. Can you imagine going without water for a few days? Why, then, is it not made a mandatory part of a nutritious healthy program?It’s a well-known fact that our body is about 70% water—our blood, lungs, brain, and muscles all contain water. Our body temperature is regulated by water and nutrients travel in water to all parts of the body. In addition, oxygen is transferred to cells in water; also, water removes wastes and protects our joints and organs. Continue reading

Are you a Five Fruits Person?


Fruits are being much publicized at the moment. Eat five fruits daily is almost a slogan. Due to the publicity I thought you might like to know exactly what nutrients and goodness are in each fruit so you can decide which fruit would be most beneficial to your own health.

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The Dairy Controversy – Who To Trust?

Many of you may remember the study by Michael Zemel, director of the Nutrition Institute at the University of Tennessee, which showed that consuming at least three servings of low-fat dairy such as milk or yogurt helped participants burn more fat and lose more weight than those who had a low intake of calcium. Following this, the dairy industry introduced the “24 ounces in 24 hours” campaign.

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The “Lean” Label to be Used for More Food Products

How many of us really read and understand food labels? Food labelling has always been tricky. Often the terminology can be misleading. For example, a zero calorie food might have up to five calories. That might not be enough calories to make any noticeable difference however it is a surprise to unsuspecting buyers. Shouldn’t zero mean none?

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