Some Health Related Factors You Have To Consider

There are a few health related things you have to consider:

1. Consider the cancer signs:

There are some signs that can be related to cancer. If you have stomach-ache for more than two weeks, you have to take it serious. It can be related to stomach, colon or pancreatic cancer. If this pain is accompanied by weight loss, then take it more serious. If you bleed easily, or you see blood in urine or semen, then you have to be worried about cancer and refer to your doctor. Continued pain or lamp in any part of your body is important. You have to refer to your physician and check it.

2. Allergy Season:

If you have allergies you have to know that during the allergy season there are some special occasions that more pollen will be released in the air. During the peak time you have to stay indoor otherwise your allergy will get harder.

3. Prostate Cancer:

Prostate cancer has some risk factors that can not be changed. However, it seems circumcision lowers the risk. Studies show that circumcision has reasonably decrease the risk of prostate cancer.

4. Top Antioxidant-Rich Fruits:

Even if you have many of the cancer risk factors, still it can be prevented. One of the most important ways is the antioxidant-rich fruit that you have to have regularly. There are some fruits that are richer than all the others: prune, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, blueberries and blackberries.

5. Don’t Be Too Emotional:

If you are too emotional and you get hurt so easily, then your health is at risk. Studies show that people who are too emotional are at the risk high blood pressure and other illnesses like cancer.

6. Exercise Regularly:

To protect your heart against different problems you have to exercise frequently. This is highly recommended for over-weight women.

Tylenol Overdose – What Can Tylenol Overdose Do To You?

Drug overdose is an accidental or intentional use of medicine or drug in an amount higher than what should normally be used or is prescribed by the doctor.

Accidental drug overdose may happen due to misuse of prescription or commonly used medications like pain relievers, cold remedies etc. Continue reading “Tylenol Overdose – What Can Tylenol Overdose Do To You?”

About Bladder Cancer


The bladder is a balloon-shaped hollow organ located in the lower abdomen, which collects urine and disposes it off via the urethra. The bladder can develop cancer like any other part of the body. Researchers estimate that bladder cancer is more common in the developed countries such as the United States and France.

There are certain risk factors that lead to bladder cancer though physicians and researchers are not wholly sure about what causes it. Race and gender are listed as two risk factors as Caucasians and men are more likely to develop this type of cancer. And of course if there is a family history of this type of cancer then you are more than likely to develop it. The other factors have to do with inhaling second hand smoke or smoking yourself; a diet that is high in saturated fat; and recurring urinary tract infections or urinary stones. Exposure to chemicals if you are working in a leather or chemical or rubber factory can be a possible risk factor. Continue reading “About Bladder Cancer”

Barring Bad Breath

It’s called halitosis and it could be the bane of your life. It cramps your style socially and in business-like situations. Bad breath occurs because of the state of your oral hygiene and also your gastrointestinal health. Bacteria in your mouth and in your digestive tract cause those foul odors. So it’s not enough that you brush and floss regularly—you also have to eat right.

When you can smell your own breath then it means you have halitosis. You can check this by blowing on your palm or using a handkerchief. Gums that are infected or diseased with abscesses are the most common cause of bad breath. Chronic gastritis and sinusitis can affect the breath as well so the nose, throat, and stomach need to be checked if they have some chronic infection. Plaque build-up inside your mouth can cause bad odors. Continue reading “Barring Bad Breath”

Tea without Milk! Is our Daily Cuppa Under Threat?


Now the Brits daily cuppa is under fire. Tea without milk “OUTRAGEOUS” It’s like telling the people in the US to eat their pancakes without maple syrup. Have we reached a stage where we have to dissect everything we eat and drink just to stay in the land of the living! Oh dear what are we coming to.

Continue reading “Tea without Milk! Is our Daily Cuppa Under Threat?”

Lasik Eye Surgery Risks

Lasik Eye Surgery helps people with glasses reduce their dependency on glasses or contact lenses. Lasik eye surgery in majority of cases enjoys a high level of success and failure rates are about 1% per eye. Though the success rate is high but chances of other complications may affect your vision, which are not ‘considered’ as failures. Like, the patient’s vision may be reset after the surgery as 20/20, but she could experience visual disturbances like ‘ghost images’ or ‘haloing’.

Sometimes it has also been seen that the patient and surgeon have different ideas of what ‘success’ means. Unreasonable expectations from Lasik eye surgery also cause disappointment. Lasik is relatively a new surgical procedure, and is undergoing research constantly to ensure better results. Continue reading “Lasik Eye Surgery Risks”

Should `Cancer in the Family’ Keep You on High Alert?

Not always. Not as a rule. Approximately 50,000 studies have been conducted on cancer in the year 2005 and some of the `relevant to the topic’ researches found that 90 percent of cancer cases are not about cancer in the family but an outcome of triggers caused by environment – be it smoking, too much exposure to harsh sunrays, and viruses like hepatitis B. So even though it may look like cancer “runs in the family,” it may not really hold much ground.

Sometimes when cancer is being discussed at length it scares us. Because it seems like everything under the sun can give you cancer. The pollution in the air, the preservatives in food, asbestos in environment and contamination and chemicals in water- all these can seemingly be the cause of that dreadful disease we do not even want to think about. Continue reading “Should `Cancer in the Family’ Keep You on High Alert?”

Tea Tree Oil the Housewives Jewel


Although many people have heard of tea tree oil they may not realize that the properties it contains can cure many ailments. It also has many uses and it is a very useful addition to the household.

On the medical side it can be used to heal blisters, reduce the swelling from insect bites and stings and it is excellent for cleaning and healing any cuts or abrasions. It will cure a sore throat and those nasty cold sores that appear on your lips etc.

Continue reading “Tea Tree Oil the Housewives Jewel”

New Slimming Aid Reductil

With a huge proportion of the nations now being overweight, slimming has become a national past time.

Every one is searching for miracle drug that will really do what it says it will and reduce there weight drastically.

Fortunes are spent every year on this and that diet and slimming drugs, and the majority of them rarely work, or if they do a few months later you are back where you started.

A new drug has hit the headlines and it is guaranteed to take the nation by storm, its weight reduction properties are real and already some obese patients are taking this drug and losing weight.

Reductil works by suppressing the appetite. It increases the speed at which the body feels full and this encourages weight loss.

Reductil comes in the form of a tablet and it can be prescribed by your GP for overweight people.
Your health should be your first priority and losing weight means a longer and healthier life so ask your GP to put you on a course of Reductil and become a new healthier you.