Stress can be a Killer You can Beat it

At some time or other most people suffer from stress, work related, money problems, family problems, worry about health, travelling, in fact anything unusual to your lifestyle can cause stress.

You feel under pressure at work, the work load is too heavy or you feel that work mates are against you, quarrelling and bickering at who is getting the best jobs or who is being promoted above you.

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Understanding The Formula of Happiness

Through this article I am going to prove that money and happiness are two different things. First and foremost being happy is really a choice you and I make. Happiness is free. We can feel happiness, right now, if we choose to.

Money CANNOT buy happiness. It’s been said before. We’ve heard it before. Now scientists from all over the world have proved that money cannot buy happiness. The misconception that the more money you have, the happier you can be is simply not true.

It is possible and true that depending on how we choose to use money, it can create powerful and positive changes in our family. By having money we are able to function more easily in this world. It can buy us food, clothes, and comfort. But please do keep in mind that because attachment to money is based on fear, money creates insecurity. Continue reading “Understanding The Formula of Happiness”

Simple Facts of Happy and Healthy Life

With the warmer weather heading our way and hopefully the sunshine, everyone wants to develop that tanned and healthy look, especially the younger person.

At the first hint of sunshine the sun beds and deckchairs come for an airing and many people spends hours bathing in the heat and the suns rays.

You look bronzed and healthy and feel wonderful, but do you realize that the suns UV rays are the cause of many skin cancers.

It is ironic really that the things we most enjoy can do us the most harm. The sun can cause skin cancer. Smoking can lead to lung cancer and breathing difficulties. Chocolate causes us to put on weight along with all the goodies we enjoy and so can cause health problems. Drinking alcohol to excess can lead to alcoholism.

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ADHD Is Treatable

Have you ever found it difficult to concentrate on what you are doing or got easily distracted by your surroundings? Or impulsively interrupted people when they were talking? Or gone off into daydreams and dawdled with your work? What effect would it have on your life? Imagine if this were a permanent condition… But this is a common behavioral disorder and starts in childhood. It is known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD.

Researchers say about 10% of school-going children are affected by ADHD. Boys are more likely to suffer from it than girls though no one has yet been able to figure out why.

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For Robust Emotional Health Read This!

The more you have or possess in terms of materialistic possessions and luxuries, the more happy will you be, is not how it actually works. In fact the opposite works better in the long run. You will be happier by limiting your choices. Freedom of choice, increased expectations, indecision and unhappiness at some point get entwined and make a bad picture, leading to a stressed life. Continue reading “For Robust Emotional Health Read This!”

Don’t Be a Worry Wart! How To Stop Worrying

You’ll recognize the signs when I tell you that you’re the one who can’t let go of yesterday’s mistake, today’s work, and tomorrow’s undone tasks. You worry about everything—from the moment you wake up till you sleep at night. And this worry is eating into your life and senses.

You may read all the books and magazines you like on the topic but until you recognize yourself as a chronic worrier and decide to put into action some of the tips I give you here, you won’t get out of the vicious web you’ve spun around yourself.

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Huff and Puff the Anxiety Away

You’ve been diagnosed with a panic/anxiety disorder and you are well into a course of treatment. Do you have the feeling then that there’s more you could be doing to help yourself get better? Apart from following the doctor’s prescription and the therapist’s suggestions perhaps you could be.

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SAD Winter Blues Depression

Winter depression can hit anyone. It can be a sudden allergic reaction to the miserable cold and dull weather that can throw a wet blanket over our lives. Others can experience it from the start of winter with just a general feeling of the blues associated with the weather. For people that suffer from this depression brought on by lack of sunlight there may now be an answer.

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Anxiety—What Else Can I Do?

You’ve reached out to a therapist and are undergoing treatment for your panic attacks. The medication and the behavioral therapy help. And perhaps you’re following an exercise regimen to tone up and yet relax your body. You could also take up yoga and learn some meditation techniques and deep breathing exercises.

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Anxiety Disorder—Choosing the Right Treatment


You’ve been diagnosed with a panic disorder and now you want to choose the right course of treatment for you. You can ask your family doctor or local GP for a referral or find out about treatment courses available at the community health center. Your goal should be to find a trained and experienced health professional to treat you.

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