Uterine Fibroids Symptoms

Although not s serious problem in more cases, uterine fibroids symptoms should never be ignored. This problem mainly happens during the years that women are able to get pregnant and mostly in women who already had one or a few pregnancies. It is not a cancerous illness and the formed tumors in the uterus are completely benign. Continue reading “Uterine Fibroids Symptoms”

Placenta Previa Disorder – Tips and Warnings

Placenta previa can have different signs and symptoms. Women need to be careful because besides the regular signs like no symptoms, painless bleeding, contractions or cramping, the other signs of this problem may include low haemoglobin count, i.e. anaemia, woman may experience weak pulse, skin begins to turn paler, and she experiences difficulty in breathing, and complains of low blood pressure. Continue reading “Placenta Previa Disorder – Tips and Warnings”

Adenomyosis Symptoms and Treatment

You have heard about some women who have long, unusual and painful periods. Maybe you are one of these women. The problem can be related to adenomyosis. You have to check it with your doctor. Either you are involved with adenomyosis or not, now that you are on this page you want to know about it and you ask what adenomyosis is and what does it do. Why it causes so much problems sometimes? What is adenomyosis? Continue reading “Adenomyosis Symptoms and Treatment”

Placenta Accreta – How to Deal with Placenta Accreta

Placenta accreta occurs when placenta attaches to the uterus wall too deeply and strongly. In order to receive nutrients and oxygen from the mother’s blood, placenta has to attach into the uterus wall, however, when this attachment is too deep, it is called placenta accreta. Continue reading “Placenta Accreta – How to Deal with Placenta Accreta”