Caffeine Overdose – How to Deal With Caffeine Overdose

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Caffeine occurs naturally in several plants. Caffeine can also be chemically synthesized. It is found in high doses in coffee, soft drinks like cola, some medicines, in tea and chocolate. In some things it is found in higher proportion that the others. Like tea and chocolates are not as high on caffeine as the other things mentioned above.

Since it is found in such everyday routines that we follow year after year, like drinking coffee, that many a times the cases of caffeine overdose are reported where the patient has overdosed without being aware of it.

Symptoms of Caffeine Overdose: Several symptoms can be noticed in a patient which are a result of caffeine overdose, like spasms, insomnia, confusion, experiencing unconsciousness, hallucinations, convulsions, frequent urination, increased thirst, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, experiencing difficulty breathing, irregular heartbeat, and death.

Caffeine overdose can also affect children if not treated in time. Children get overdosed on caffeine via the medicines they are being given. Their symptoms include, shock, irregular and deep rapid breathing and heartbeat, Low BP, fever, nausea, vomiting, and numbness in fingers. Again in children also caffeine overdose can be fatal.

Trying to give up caffeine may result in withdawl symptoms and cause headache, nausea, and depression. Other symptoms may include Irritability, restlessness, difficulty in concentrating, muscle stiffness, and hot flashes or chills. It’s a better strategy to cut back on caffeine consumption slowly and space it out in several days instead of trying to give it up at once.

If you or someone you know has o be treated with for caffeine overdose. Self-help is not a good idea. Visiting the doctor and letting him find out the sources that resulted in over consumption of caffeine overdose will help the treatment to start faster and on the right track.

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Comment by Marilyn
2008-08-15 16:00:00

Hi, Just reading up on the net about caffeine over-doses.

Well, yesterday, i went through hell.
I was at work and just tired, so i whent to the chemist and bought caffeine pills.
so as i got back to work, tired as i was feeling, knowing i still got afew hours of work ahead, i decided to take some of them pills,
1 pill is .200mg
i took 5 in one go and drank them down with 2x Redbull.
at first nothing happend, then after 10 mins, i felt a sudden rush of energy.
but this was not for long. after about 30 – 35 mins, i was feeling abit dizzy, but carried on working.
about 40 mins, i started to feel sick, but did not vomit!

so about 1 hour had passed and i noticed i was feeling strange, but still able to work.
by the time i was off home, i already felt diss-orientated, and had a strange tingling sensation in my hands and legs.

as i got home, i head to the bathroom to vomit.
then i came out and had to go vomit again.
i tried to drink water to keep my hydrated, but as soon as it went down, it came back up.
for about 2 hours i was in and out between the bathroom and living room,
then i just thought bed is the answer.
but even then, i had intense stomach cramps, dizzyness, the room felt like it is spinnig, and my heart was just pounding.
the cold sweat all over the body did not make things easy either.
i was just in a complete world of fear.
i was thinking i should call an ambulance, but i never. I drank water constantly and vomited it back out again.
then trying to sleep was a complete no go.
i was finding it hard to breath by this point, and the feeling of what i would call a body shut down was kicking in.
i noticed i was not able to move fast and at times not at all.
i had a bag next to the bed, were i kept vomiting in. I knew this was going to be a long and painfull night up coming, and yes, calling an ambulance did cross my mind every few seconds.

minutes seemed like hours.

and just laying in bed feeling my heart thumping in strange paterns. time fast, times slower but always with allot of force.

as the night when on, i just decided to stop trying to take in water, and go to the extreme.
i just shut my eyes, and hoped for it all to end, then what happend from 12am – 1:50am i do not recall much.
but as i woke up, my body was all numb. not just on the out side, but also inside.
it was really strange. I went to the toilet for a pee. then i started getting cramps in my stomach again, so i tried to drink a little water,
this time it stayed down.
but my stomach felt hungry,
by this time feeling around my body was coming back.
i got 1 piece of toast and slowly ate it.
amazingly it stayed down.

but i still had that strange diss-orientaion for a few seconds.
Then i decided to go to bed and rest.

i was then awake till about 3:40am and then must fallen asleep.

when i woke up in the morning,
i had a massive head ache and stomach pains, wich i was already expecting to have du to vomiting so much.

In some ways, i can see my self lucky that i managed to survive that.
but, all i can say to anyone who reads it.
never try to be clever, and think about what u do,
i see my self as lucky, it could have gone extremly bad and who knows what could of happend.

Have a nice day


Comment by jenna
2010-05-01 16:26:45

how long did the numbness last because the same thing happened to me but the numbness wont go away please reply back

Comment by lynsay
2010-11-07 12:07:58

hey i know exactly what you are going through i had the exact same thing just yesterday.
I lost all feeling in my hands and my legs , i felt detached from my body like i wasn’t there , i had heart palpatations ,i struggled to breathe.
i had to go to go to hospital and have my heart monitored and have lots of blood tests and x-rays of my lungs.
thankfully everything came back clear and i was told to go home but i still didn’t feel right. i felt detached from my body that i only had a head and no body. i still feel this way. hopefully it will pass in a few days. until then all i can do is ride it out. i hope i never feel like this again this has been the most scariest experience in my life !


Comment by Tiffany
2011-02-06 10:05:42

did your heart stop going fast when you was doing things the day after.

Comment by tim
2011-03-23 08:17:25

I took 10 200mg caffeine pills. It didn’t start to take affect til about 30 minutes later. Had felt extremely hyper for the next 3 1/2 hours. After the affect went away I started getting a headache. And constant feelings of nausea every 15 minutes. Went to bed at 7 at night cus I crashed. Woke up 3 hours later cus I felt hot. Couldn’t go back to sleep. It’s been almost 24 hours since I took those pills and I’m still feeling nautious. Didn’t throw up at all…. yet..

Comment by frank
2011-08-22 20:22:47

WOW!!! 10 200 mg??thats insane Tim.. how long did the side effects last??? Im currently going on 10 days since i consume 600mg I did it for 4 days straight.

Comment by casey
2012-09-27 16:39:14

Ive not slept for 4 days and i must have had 8 2l bottles of full fat coke 5 cups of coffee and 1 energy drink and i also aint eaten for that time
i feel so sick and ive got a banging headache and im coming up with bruises over my legs
but i need more coke
every time i lay down i just want to puke but i want more
my blood pressure is 97/65 pulse 54
one minute its lower and sometimes its higher but seems to be below 100

Comment by kilo
2011-09-14 23:53:53

I eat 20 at once

Comment by me
2012-02-25 17:12:07

I have close to this amount of caffeine daily. I work two jobs, and I am forced to stay up for five straight days every week since one is at night and the other is during the day. I do not shake or jitter from it. I’ve never experienced any of those symptoms of overdose, but maybe I’d better try to give it up now and stop pushing my luck before I do….

Comment by Savocado
2008-09-17 06:59:57

Be careful with too much caffeine, it can really mess you up.

Comment by Darius
2008-10-09 03:05:32

Hi there,

While I’m writing this my ands are shaking. Heart is beating like hell, i drank 2 cups of strong coffee and 1 litre of strong energy drink, i haven’t slept for 16 hours, so I thought that would do some help. It didn’t. I can’t sleep now, I feel screwed like hell. Tried vomitting – got nothing to vomit. Drinking water constantly. Helped a bit. StillI’m shaking… Need to survive,

Luck to me


Comment by Tristan
2012-07-21 23:21:39

what im feeling is very similar to you. i drank two monster imports (roughly 500 mg of caffine) and two 22 fl/oz of Dr. Pepper. bringing me up to about 650 mg i think. im freaking out, thought i had food poisoning. thank god my moms a nurse. im drinking lots of water really trying to ride this out.

Comment by Blerim
2009-01-12 08:48:03


My daughter had on January 2,2009 convulsion attack due to consumption of Coca Cola. My daughter is 6 year and half old. She drank about 2 liter of coca cola for a night. We were terrified and scarred to death for her health condition. Second attack repeated on January 07,2009.

Is this really effect of overdose of caffeine? Please somebody else comment experience.

Comment by Tiff
2011-05-05 01:42:31

Why would you let your 6 y/o daughter drink THAT MUCH soda in one night?!?!?! or even soda at all, as the caffeine could stunt her growth and development.

Yes, caffeine can cause heart disorders because it causes your heart to work faster, and harder.

Give your daughter MILK, JUICE, and WATER to drink, NO SODA, NO COFFEE. Those aren’t things for children!!!!

Trust me, i’m 21 years old, I started drinking coffee at 10. [back then it 90% milk with 10% coffee] but as i got older i had to drink more of it per day to feel “awake” with anxiety issues [yes its proven caffeine causes anxiety]

Your daughter could end up the same way, and judging by the fact that your daughter has actually had convulsion attacks, Stop giving her caffeine!

Comment by jack
2009-02-11 04:27:06

today i had 2 iced coffees and 2/3rds of a bottle of straig redbull(its a small bottle 10x the strenght of one redbull) i felt sick at first and a little bit hyper but thats as far as it went i still feel sick 3 hours later but no vommiting am i ok?

Comment by Alex
2009-02-24 14:52:33

Hi, i’m 14 years old. I had the same problame, when i brought 9 cans of red bull one morning, and decieded to drink them throughout the night so i could stay awake. on the last can i took a huge swallow of the drink.

Then all of a suden i started to get strange side effects, i.e frequent stomach cramps, dissieness, thirstyness, restless and most certainly nervousnessand shakeing.

I thought i was going to pass out, as my heart was pounding extreamaly fast, eventualy i got into bed, still feeling these side effect.

I remember falling asleep at about 4:00 am then wakeing up at 8:00pm.

The next day i didn’t feel too bad, (shakeing and nervousness had gone) but still had slight stomach cramps, as i spent the day in town with my friends.

I now feel so glad and lucky im okay, as this is a week before the event.

The only reason why im writing this, is to tell people what to expect.

Now i have disscontinued drinking any energy drinks, and have learnt a lesson


Comment by kATH bARTON
2009-02-27 04:56:32

Hope all of you above are okay,

Comment by walter
2009-05-07 01:08:37

After a fishing competition and very little sleep I had to drive a 1000km on my own. I drank a bottle of filter coffee, 2 cans of Coke, 3 cans of Red Bull and 3 cans of Burn during the 13 hour journey.

With my arrival at home i drank alot of water and went to bed. Diarrhea and vomiting started followed by intense stomach cramps. Early hours of the morning went to hospital to obtain help for suspected food poisoning. After two nights in hospital and some reading it is clear that caffeine overdose was a contributing cause.

The sellers of all caffeine containing products should have warnings on maximum caffeine consumption to protect idiots like me.

Comment by Staci
2009-05-30 05:50:18

I experienced the same thing as the first poster. I took five 200mg pills in the span of about 5 minutes, came home and vomited up more than I thought could exist in my stomach.

It’s been almost 16 hours now and I’m still fairly shaky and nauseous. Does anyone know how long this stuff stays in your system?

Comment by victor
2009-07-02 04:15:47

as i am writing this… i am feeling extremely sick… i had 15 tablet of caffeine pills… and they are 100mg each…. i am now experiencing heavy heart pounding and constant vomiitting even thought i have nothing left to vomit….. i have no idea what to do but to hope that i wil survive this event… and here is my advice o everyone out there… dun take energy drink or caffeine tablet too often…. god bless and pls pray for me that i may survive this event

Comment by jenna
2010-05-01 16:30:41

i pray for you but did you feel numbness

Comment by Smith
2010-10-25 12:28:43

Good god man read up before you do stuff like that. 1.5 grams can be fatal. Which is exactly how much you had. Don’t go above 800mg, and only go that high if it’s for some kind of job-pending project. Otherwise, try to stay off the caffeine entirely.

Comment by Tiff
2011-05-05 01:45:08

Nobody should EVER take that many caffeine pills..

thats like popping 10 vicodens at once because you “Cant wait for them to kick in”

Taking MORE at one time doesn’t make the drug kick in faster, it just means when it hits you, it will hit you much harder.

Comment by Heather
2009-07-06 15:06:59

I’m writing this as a warning to people who may not realize that caffeine is found in many medications such as midol, excedrine migraine, and other similar drugs. I made the mistake of taking midol and excedrine migraine about 4 hours apart from each other. It was not the best idea, but I was dealing with cramps and an intense migraine. Unfortunately, I had a rather bad reaction to this combination. I didn’t realize why I felt so bad until several hours later. I felt very dizzy and disoriented and my hands were tingly. I was also very thirsty. I tried to eat some dinner a couple of hours later and within minutes I was in the bathroom throwing up. I ended up calling poison control who told me that it was enough to make me sick, but that I probably didn’t need to go to the hospital. After a few hours the vomiting stopped, but I continued to experience diarrhea for several more hours. I woke up today feeling significantly better, but still not normal. I have been unable to eat much and remain very very thirsty. It was the scariest thing because I didn’t realize that caffeine could do that to you and I definitely didn’t think that midol or excedrine migraine would. Make sure to pay attention to the caffeine in drugs like this and avoid taking them with pop, energy drinks, or other products containing caffeine.

Comment by jay
2009-08-23 12:19:12

man i am so happy to hear all you are alive and well and just survived this scary episode….

my case is the same i had to stay awake for 24 hours to take a test… i live in ft. lauderdale and had to drive to jacksonville to take a test at 8.30 am. it is a 350 mile drive and abo 5 hours to get there without getting lost or stopping. so i left at 12.45 at night hoping to make it on time…

mind you i have been awake since 11 pm and now it’s 1 am in the mourn. so i began with a 5 hour energy drink at midnight, followed by a big can of redbull 30 minutes later while driving.. i stopped at gas station and got another can of rebull around 2.30 in the mourn… kept driving then stopped at another gas station around 4 am and got drank another 5 hour energy followed at the same time with big cup of coffie.. now its 7 am in the mourn i am close to jacksonville to take the test but i am lost,

now at this point i have been awake for 20 hours straight, and the test i am taking is 6 hours long. so i stop at a gas staion for directions and pop another 5 hour energy, i finally find the school at 7.45.. im all right, then around a hour later while taking the test…

i begin to get thirsty, light headed, and then my legs begin to shake then my body, then my hands and i begin to feel numb all over even my face is numb, i am scared out my mind i thought i was dieing. for half a hour i just shook non stop while seated taking this test. i was so scared so far from home, ii got some relief when my face stopped being numb.. but my body kept shakeing after a hour later close to 10 am i begin to get back to normal but i have been awake 23 hours.. when the test finished i had to drive back home test ended at 1.30… now i have to go the jorney back home.

i stopped at rest area drank some water tried to go to sleep but couldnt, not hungry cuz the caffine killed my appitite… drove all the way home.. arrived at home at ten at this point i have been awayke for almost 36 hours.. tried to sleep but was parinoid wanted to eat but no hunger. did not know how to sleep so i drank 5th vodka threw up an passed out at 1.30.. and now i tell you my story a day later, still in disbelief..

we really have to think before we do stuff, i never heard of caffine overdose, but i never had a seziure ethier… that is some scary scary stuff.. i hope it never happens to anyone else.

Comment by Tina
2009-12-23 22:14:26

im 16 and i drank one bottle of red bull last night
adn it gave me very bad side affects….like my heart was beating irregulary
like fast and really slow and then i couldnt breath
i went to bed and my legs were shaking..and heart was still beating fast and
slow and sleep just wouldnt come, like my eyes wont reamin open
i would close them and they will snap themself back open
in the morning i had really bad cramps, and stomach ache

BUT i was just wondering that i know people they drink 6-10 bottles of red bull and the
they get all these side affects but why does even ONE give me such bad side affects???
some one answer

Comment by David
2010-05-30 15:41:48

Hey, be careful, some people are more sensitive to caffeine than others.

I as an adult had to give it up completely because the smallest amount, even what is in a can of soda, gives me similar side affects to what you’ve heard of people who have taken caffiene pills.

If you are having poor side affects even from a single can of Red Bull, you may want to consider giving up caffeine completely. The problem for me at least with caffeine has become worse as I age and not better.

Comment by Erica
2010-09-20 20:53:50

I am the same way. Tonight I went to a coffee shop to get some reading done for school. I had one medium sized cup of coffee. When I came home (about 2 hours later) I could not focus on my homework. I felt so dizzy and extremely naseous. It felt like the blood was moving through my body really fast and my thoughts were racing. It felt like I had been out drinking liquor mixed with red bull all night. Luckily I didn’t throw up and after about an hour of agony I feel better, although my stomache is still a little queasy. I couldn’t believe this happened to me after one cup of coffee. The coffee from this place must have been really strong! I didn’t realize how sensitive to caffeine I am.

Comment by jerray
2011-08-09 15:10:31

hell, im 17, ive never had coffee before in my life but saturday(todays tuesday) i decided to try some of my dads coffee. so i pulled me a full cup and put sugar(more than i should i think) and like 30 mins after my stomach felt like it had butterflies in it, my chest felt like i was anxious, had a fluttery feeling in my chest, i was real concioues of my heart it felt like it was beating fast… i feel real nervous in my chest..its tuesday now and i still fill bad….whats wrong with me??? how lond goes this stuff last????? help!!!

Comment by Sean
2010-01-03 01:06:41

I’m 14 years old. I went to a party tonight and I was really tired so I took 4 caffeine pills with 2 monsters. My hands are shaking like crazy and I feel like throwing up but I can’t. I tried to eat alot if food so the caffeine would motabolize and it helped a little. I have a terrible head ache and my arms are numb. My stomach hurts alot but I think I’ll survive it. I don’t know the exact amount of caffeine I took in but I weigh 170 pounds so I think I can handle it.

Comment by Apple
2011-07-11 03:29:00

Ur 14 and weigh that much. U got to be a tall boy then huh or really fat? I’m 16 a girl and weigh 95 pounds!!

Comment by nicole
2012-02-11 17:01:09

if your a 16 year old girl and only weigh 95 thats unhealthy! dont give her crap for being unhealthy when u are aswell!

Comment by michelle
2010-01-06 21:44:39

Trying to stay awake while driving home in the dark for hours I drank half a can of monster energy drink. After about 45minutes, I didn’t have any more energy than before so decided to drink a iced coffee. Still not much energy. After about 1 hour, it all hit me at once. First a pounding headache then extreme shaking, nasea, heart palpitaions, anxiousness, numbness in the face and hands and was wide awake for hours!!! While trying to fall asleep I became confused and lightheaded. Next day had a massive headache and still naseous and dizzy. This was the most Awfull, Horrible and Scarey thing that’s ever happened to me! Had no idea there was a such thing as caffeine overdose! Please tell everyone you know about the hazards of caffeine!

Comment by Kim
2010-01-08 01:16:52

My mother and I once went to a little coffee shop on a military base that she loves. We both ordered a large frappuccino with an extra shot of espresso. Usually I get a medium size drink from starbucks, but it was early morning and I had to be up all day, so I was like “why not?” I was so wrong. After I had the drink, a few hours later, my breathing began irregular, but I thought nothing of it. Then my heart started beating a little faster than usual, again thought nothing of it. By 5 pm, it was hard to breathe and my heart beat was speeding. I told my mom, and she immediately know I had caffeine overdose. She told me to drink water and eat slices of bread. This way, I could pee it all out. After doing that for about an hour and a half, I felt a lot better. Since then, I’ve only drank a cup of coffee every other month. I’m too scared it will happen again

Comment by Steph
2010-01-10 02:48:38

Whew. Friday night I had a caffiene pill and two cups of coffee with dinner.

Saturday around noon I started feeling sick.
Had diarrea for forever. I was running to the bathroom every five minutes.

Finally I threw up. I felt much better.

I slept from around 10 til 3, got up and got a drink of water.
It came right back up, with mostly bile.

I feel like I got run over by a truck, but I think I’m past the worst of it.

That was absolute hell.

Comment by al
2010-01-16 15:00:11

16 espressos in 4 hours. Thank god its caffeine overdose i felt like it was the onset of e. coli poisoning. Still not good tho – cold turkey tomorrow.

Comment by Tristan
2012-07-21 23:28:37

i thought i had botulism at first earlier….i was scared to death… but its just caffine overdose. this is still the worst feeling EVER

Comment by Jennifer
2010-01-19 03:23:46

Aside from the shaking and mild attacks (panic) and nausea, I’m relatively okay. I think. It’s 2:01 AM and I am wide awake drinking de-caf tea and water; watching an oldie with my poodle on the couch. :) I’m 13 and I had 2 pre-packaged iced mochas from Starbucks today. I woke up around 1 AM to a random heat flash. I got up to use to the crapper, feeling somewhat bloated, and then I had the sudden urge to vomit. I didn’t.

My throat went dry and I went to my mom for help. Y’know, paternal comfort.

She cussed me out. :/

Anyway. I’m having serious gas problems and burping. A lot of empty “air” and major stomach acid secretion. God, I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to sleep. I have fucking school tomorrow, too. FML.


Comment by Sarah
2010-01-22 01:37:30

Right now my hands are shaking like crazy, and I can’t sleep even though it is 3:26am. At around 9pm-

ish I had an energy drink called Nos. I’ve never had it before but I had a project to finish so I figured I’d

try it. I feel like I am going to throw up but I haven’t yet, my heart/chest feel weird and I am kinda

freaking out. I never knew caffeine could make me feel so bad! I also have school tomorrow (today?) and

I doubt I’ll be sleeping. Dear God, let this be over, please!!!

Comment by Thom
2010-02-08 20:59:17

I am on 25mg Adderall XR (taken orally when I wake up) to help with my concentration and level my mood swings (I’m diagnosed bipolar with generalized anxiety). (I’m also on Klonopin…forget the dosage…used as-needed for anxiety and/or to help my insomnia at night. I take it at night, hoping it will help me fall asleep.)

Yesterday I took my AM dose of Adderall, worked my full-time day administrative job and my part-time simpler job on 4 hrs of restless sleep, and took the Klonpin and smoked a bowl to help me fall asleep. Midnight, 1am, 2am, 3am (this morning)rolled around and I still couldn’t sleep, so I fiddled around my apartment before deciding to drive to my full-time job around 5:30am. I stopped for food so I could take my Adderall (6am), went to the office and did some work, and started the coffee pot since I was there hours earlier than anyone else.

Between 8:30am and 2pm I had two pots of coffee by myself and took some home in my travel mug for the half-hour drive around 2:45pm. By this time I was convinced several times over that I was going to die, then snapped out of it. My heard was beating so fast, often irregularly, that it felt like it was trying to push its way out of my chest. My breathing was/is varied: slow and stressed, rapid and painful, slightly normal. My whole body feels funny and my limbs feel tingly. My insurance co-pay in the ER is ridiculous for my income, so I’m not going there. I now notice at 10:50pm that my symptoms are lightening, but far from over. Its 11pm and my shift is over, so I’m driving to my boyfriend’s house so I’m not alone…I don’t want to fall asleep and aspirate, as I feel nauseous but have not thrown up yet.

Comment by Bret
2011-07-13 03:33:38

So your on Adderall (Amphetamine), Klonopin (Clonazepam), THC, and caffeine. Thats your problem…

Amphetamine plus caffiene is not a good mix. Stimulants cause vasoconstriction, rapid heart rate, elevated BP, agitation/anxiety, insomnia, etc. Clonazepam is a central nervous system depressant that pretty much counteracts the effects of the stimulants. My question is why are you really on all of these substances. If you quit the Adderall, you probably won’t have anxiety and insomnia, which will make you feel better overtime, eliminating the need for Adderall and Klonopin.

And please don’t give me the ADHD story. People who have ADHD doesn’t generally suffer ill-effects from psycho-stimulants.

Comment by i_have_add
2012-09-19 18:50:57

Really? I had taken adderall from the time i was 13 till about 20, and still suffer insomnia (I’m 24 now.) I Went from being a strait A student to failing everything in a few months due to the onset of ADD, don’t spout nonsense about not having negative reactions to psyc stims when you haven’t been on them your self.

Comment by LumenDeLumine
2010-02-17 19:35:18

My boyfriend got sick with food poisoning from work, so I took him to the ER at around 11PM on Monday. We didn’t leave until 7AM Tuesday. Because of the whole ordeal and other things that I had to do, I wasn’t able to finish my college homework (one paper, studying for an exam, and two drawings for art class). I was tired because I hadn’t slept since I woke up at around 1PM Monday afternoon. So, I thought it would be a great idea to pull an all-nighter with the help of two NOS Powershots, Odwalla SuperFood drink (the green one), a Focus Vitamin Water, and a crapload of beef jerky.

Big mistake. Jeez, I’m an idiot…

Got most of my paper done, but at around 3AM Wednesday, my brain simply wasn’t functional. Thought it was just the side-effects of a caffeine crash. So, I tried unsuccessfully to go to sleep. But my body was wide awake, and the cramps had begun. I was having incredible diarrhea and severe nausea to the point that I didn’t know which end to point at the toilet. 5AM rolled around, and I found myself in the bathroom puking my guts out (it was GREEN…). I was too hot and too cold at the same time, incredibly dizzy, and exhausted, but too buzzed/in too much pain to fall asleep. So, I just laid on the bathroom floor feeling miserable until 10Am rolled around, and I had to get my sorry ass up to take the aforementioned exam. Feeling like crap the whole time (and glad I happened to be seated right next to a garbage can), I had to keep rereading questions to understand what they were asking. It was Wednesday and I hadn’t slept since Monday. My brain was totally fried.

The exam was over, and I was thoroughly prepared to skip Japanese history (my second-favorite class…) in favor of getting some sleep. I dizzily made it back to my dorm and collapsed on my bed, but still couldn’t fall asleep. Still too hot and too cold at the same time. And for a long time, I wished I didn’t need to breathe. Was swimming in and out of consciousness until 3PM, when I forced myself to get up and finish my paper (which is due on Thursday, tomorrow). Managed to get it done. But I was feeling too sick to have eaten or drink anything. My stomach felt like it was burning on the inside, and the burning is STILL working it’s way through my intestinal tract…

Now it’s 9PM Wednesday, and I still gotta finish my drawings… They’re also due tomorrow. I’ve only recently felt good enough to eat two slices of bread and sip some water. I’m still dizzy and slightly confused/irritable, my head hurts, I’m too hot and too cold at the same time, and now my muscles feel really weak. Even the water bottle I’m using feels heavy, and I hurt a little all over. But I no longer feel like my guts are trying to tie themselves in knots, and while I’m still having diarrhea, I think the worst of it has passed, and now I just gotta finish the drawings quickly so I can make up for the sleep I’ve lost… I’m also hoping to finish this water bottle to make up for the insane amounts of fluid (and thus potassium, causing the muscle weakness) that my body has been using to flush this toxin out of my system. I don’t think I’ve ever urinated more in my life… And now I’m hoping that when I finally go to bed, I’ll be able to stay asleep for more than 5 minutes at a time…

For the love of the Planet and the Heavens, please let this be over by tomorrow…

Comment by Carl
2010-03-22 13:56:50

I had just experienced one a couple hours ago.

I’m a 23 year old male

After a night of drinking to celebrate a birthday, woke up this morning well dehydrated and bought an drank both an energy drink and a cup of coffee that morning. Around 3pm i was in the middle of a lab full of like 30 people. I felt like I couldn’t think straight and I felt lagging behind trying to take down information. I had a little upset stomach, but i thought that was just from me being hung over. say maybe 20 min later seemed like hours. I was basically kneeling down on one knee against a table trying to breath cause my heart was racing and i was shaking. i have no idea how no one noticed what i was wrong. Luckily there was a loud generator running and that is possibly why. I felt my heart rate keep increasing and i was thinking all crazy. my heart rate hit its peak and than resided which was much relief. Trying to keep conversations with people and doing various harmless experiments was extremely difficult during the experience. I can still feel the crashing effects right now. During the attack i knew why it happened since I have experienced overdosing on accident before. If it would of been my first time I’d prob be in a hospital right now. It was the Scariest experience of my life.

First experience was when i was like 16. After downing 3 energy drinks during snowboarding over the period of 6 hours all. got home that night and tried to go to bed. couldn’t sleep, and it hit me. It felt like half my brain was all numb and I couldn’t think straight. I started freaking out and ended up waking up my parents. I was hyperventilating as they were asking me questions cause they thought I have been drugged or something. After telling them more info about the events of the day. My mother being a nurse determined it was a caffeine overdose. and than I just laid in bed for hours shaking. woke up the next morning fine.

Comment by Jaz
2010-04-14 04:45:47

Just want to say be careful with medications like midol, etc. Took four in one 24-hr block for pms cramps, drank several cups of tea and a cup of coffee and had some adverse effects. The next day I thought I was ok so I drank a cup of coffee. I’ve been suffering ever since. So-o just a warning to anyone that reads this, careful with medications w/ caffeine, they could cause an overdose.

Comment by Jess
2010-04-18 02:51:00

I’m going through one right now. I’m 16 and yesterday I had drank two bottles of tea. It was a hot day and I really wanted something to drink and that tea was my favorite. I realized they had free refills and I thought that was amazing because no other place had free refills so I finished my cup and immediately got another cup. I drank it all down. I didn’t feel anything until I got home that night. I felt exhausted and I really wanted to sleep but somehow I knew if I tried, I would fail. At 12am I went to bed anyway. I tossed and turned for a little more then an hour and then decided to go downstairs to surf the web since I couldn’t sleep anyway. By this time, my fingers and about halfway down my palms were all tingly. When I lay down my heart starts beating irregularly and I feel like I can’t breath. I seriously thought I was going to get a heart attack and die because of how hard it felt for me to just take a breath of air. I also felt like puking but I didn’t. It is 2:47am now and my hands are still tingly. I tried drinking water and after I went to the bathroom, I started to feel a bit better. My hands are still tingly, and my whole body especially my feet feel all anxious and trembly like the way I get when I’m about to talk in front of everybody in my class. I’m so tired but I’m thankful that I’m getting better. Hopefully this will all be over by tomorrow.

Comment by Shauna
2010-04-27 09:17:09

I had my first and last caffeine overdose 3 days ago.. I took about 5 or 6 200 mg caffeine pills and before I knew it I was going through all the crazy side effects you all went through, I did vomit one time and still didn’t feel too much better. Finally after laying in bed for a good 2 hours, making noises because of the discomfort I was in. My boyfriend convinced me to go to the hospital and thank god I got my ass in the car to go cause they got me fixed up pretty quick, IV with Pepcid and Zulfram (i think that’s how yah spell it) and IV fluids for a while, so if you aren’t gonna go to the hospital, go get yourself Pepcid AC, one tablet every 12 hours, immodium AD for the diarrhea and get a lot of fluids down. Overall, scary experience feeling like you’re gonna die. Go to the hospital! I’m on my 3rd day of recovery, immodium is keepin the diarrhea under control and still taking the Pepcid and occasional Pepto. Feeling much better today than yesterday.

Comment by Samantha
2010-06-04 02:25:42

Okay so I am writing 4 essays tonight that will determan whether or not I graduate high school, well I have drak about 10 cups of coffee in about a 4 hour period…NEVER DO THAT! I just vomited 4 times, everytime I swollow anything, I am only drinking water now, i get this feeling in my throat and want to vomit again. My body is freezing, I can’t stop shaking and I am so dizzy I can hardly think to write my essays. Even brushing my teeth at this point makes me vomit. Ugh and I only found out about caffeine posioning tonight because of this. I am so kicking myself in the rear its not even funny!

Comment by Lisa
2010-06-13 06:39:41

I’ve always been a heavy coffee/soda drinker and I get godawful headaches if I don’t have caffeine at some point during the day, but when I was 16 I made the mistake of taking like 4 caffeine pills and drinking a couple of energy drinks.

My heart started pounding like crazy and then getting irregular, I felt like I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t stay still, I kept trembling and shaking, and I found all dizzy and disoriented. At one point I actually did faint but I was alone, so nobody called the ambulance. Thank god I didn’t aspirate or anything.. Anyway, I woke up and my stomach felt like the worst cramps ever so I went to the toilet and stayed there.. I ended up vomiting over and over again. All I can remember thinking was “please don’t let me die!!” A few hours (and a lot of water) later I started to feel better but that shit is scary!

Watch how much caffeine you take and be very careful with it. It *is* a drug and it *can* kill you if you’re not careful. And if you think you’ve overdosed, go to the hospital. It’s better to be safe than sorry, even if it does end up costing a bit of money.

Comment by Chris
2011-07-19 21:20:44


That is awful that you went through that experience. I was just wondering, do you still take caffeine? Also, how long did it take you to recover from the caffeine overdose? Thanks

Comment by Christopher
2010-08-22 22:29:49

Well I wanted to go out with my friends for a night of drinking and after only getting 3 hours sleep the night before I decided I would take some caffeine pills, I generally have a high tolerance for caffeine. I took about 3 grams/15 200mg pills in the span of 1 hour. I was also quite drunk at this point in time. Consumed about 4 litres of beer.

So the combining to factors made for a restless night filled with Vomiting every 20minutes and Disorientation along with fast heartbeat and severe shaking and cramping throughout my body. I was unable to consume any water without vomiting it back up right away, So in the morning I was extremely dehydrated so I headed to the ER to get a IV so that I could get some fluids into my system.

Its the day after and I still cannot consume any liquids or fluids so Im probably gonna have to head to the ER again to get another IV done or else I will have severe dehydration.

Probably the stupidest thing Ive ever done in my life and Most definately the worst night of my life.

So hard to keep water down right now, takeing like 5ml sips every 10 minutes and feel like absolute Shit.

Comment by Nodose diit
2010-08-24 00:34:07

lmao… yup been there before. Took 10 Nodoze tablets one night in one handfull and wow i was so sick i wanted to die. Couldent even get up. Puked like crazy. My face and hands and arms and legs went numb. I felt incredably sick and my body felt horrid. One of the worst nights ever. I called poisan controle (note to others if you overdose on anything and think your going to die call poisan controle ASAP.) The lady on the phone told me this. I needed to take about 6 times what i took to overdose on nodoze tablets. (pure caffein) And i would be feeling extreamly uncomftorble for about the next 6-8 hours. Yea that was extreamly true. Just ride it out thats all you can do unless u took a life threatning dose. Your night will suck but you wont die. My Fiance srank 5 extra streangth energy shots one night and the same thing happened too her. I talked her threw it though and she was fine the next morning. Exact same thing happened to her so i knew exactly what she was going threw.

Comment by Alicia
2010-08-31 14:40:54

Never, Ever, I mean…Ever going to drink coffee or any sort of caffeine contain drinks. This was one of the most horrible experience, I have ever felt. I mean, it just pop out so ironically and unexpectedly. I was terrified. In my head, and the way my body felt; this was my last day. In a matter of seconds, my crazy irregular heartbeat pace is going to stop; and I was going to die. August 31,2010. JUST BECAUSE OF DAMN COFFEE. Cause of death: Coffee. Noooo, I don’t want to die because of coffee.

Personally, I am hardcore coffee drinking. Like it black as always. But, dang, that changes today! Silly, dumb, mistake, of drinking 3 cups of tea, and 3 pots of coffee. I didn’t know this caffeine overdose actually exist. Went into a frenzy of trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. I swear, just to think you are going to die… is so terrifying. And, not knowing what to do is just as horrible. Numerous time, I thought I should call the ambulance. Thou, I am SOOOO HAPPY, I found this website. Give me a sense I am not going to die. Just keep my body in a cleansing cycle of detoxify, and stick it through. All you people went through it, and it inspire me to! Still battling some symptoms but it’s not as bad. Want to live this day and share my experience and let people know, about this EVIL caffeine consumption.

Thou, I am sticking with decaf, if I ever need a glass x.x

Comment by rizzness
2010-09-04 07:22:33

i downed two pots of coffee within 15 min i was fine at first then it hit me with diareeah, vomiting, shaking, jitters, i was slightly halusinating and seeing things while at work. i still have numbness of left fingers and left arm as well as pain and numbness in my neck and left breast… my heart still feels likes its gonna pound out my chest, i was sure that i was having a heart attack or stroke or something. kinda feel like i wanna die right now. pretty lame. anyway imma try to do the bread and water thing. problem is i am dead tierd but too afraid to fall asleep. what else to do i dunno :(

Comment by nomorecoffee
2010-09-10 05:27:12

Here in Vietnam there are no rules regarding health and safety issues. It seems.

Being fully aware of the potency of the “Highlands Coffee – cafe sua da” canned take-away drink I foolishly downed just one (!) within about 20 minutes. Some 15-20 minutes later I was riding my motorbike as I started to feel the onset of the caffeine. The situation rapidly deteriorated. It became increasingly difficult to drive as my muscles, in particularly my arms and fingers, became unresponsive. I stopped beside the road and tried to empty my stomach by putting a finger down my throat, but I couldn’t. I felt really strange and had trouble breathing. The situation became worse. I decided to drive home nevertheless to get some help. All my muscles had a very strong tingling sensation, the same as when you sit on your hand for a while. As I arrived home I was barely able to drive. I got some help and went to the hospital. But by the time I arrived the effect was wearing off. They measured my blood pressure, heart rate and took an electrocardiogram, all of which was fine.

Doctor’s advice: don’t do that again.
I agree.

Comment by stacy strack
2010-10-03 22:47:44

lets get right to the point~do not drink cocaine energy drinks!!!! There was a get together recently at are local bar, a local radio station was there sponsering cocaine energy drinks. They had some women modeling there shirts and selling shots with cocaine in it, 2 bucks a shot. you couldnt go wrong it was a good deal, plus they were giving away tickets for prizes. So time went by and we were all doing shots!! after a good night of dancing and feeling good, it suddenly took a turn for the worst!!! i felt ringing in my ears and the feeling of needing to vomit. After getting home i vomited to the point of a bad burnt feeling and no voice. i was sick, diareah, shaking, trembling, anxiety,hot, cold, paceing back and forth. I felt as if i were going to die!!! i called poison control instantly, i told her what i was feeling, she said Caffine overdose. lets just say it was a long night and week. The sad part of it all was that i had no idea there was that much caffeine in it, here is this party going on and there serving drinks like this??? no warnings. Turns out alot of people from that night didnt know about the facts of how much caffine is in this COCAINE ENERGY DRINK, there were many sick and i even herd of some being in the ER!!! sad they should really post the warnings before serving!!!!!!!!

Comment by Alissa
2010-10-23 19:44:43

why would any of you take more then the required dose of a caffeine pill?Its common sense, especially not to take them with a red bull. You feel sick because the stuff is dehydrating you, also your brain since it is made up of water too. Best bet is to keep drinking water even if you feel sick because you can still retain some water if you are throwing up.

Comment by Ezra
2010-10-30 02:24:07

I’m 13 and I weigh about 140 pounds I just took in 355 mgs of caffine from drinking amps I feel naushia and I have a treble headach my hands are num And I’ve been fliping out all night while watching NBA I worried and don’t know what to do I can’t sleep if u have any advice I would love to hear it thank you

Comment by nathan
2012-03-22 18:07:44

i drank 3 monsters and a mountain dew and im fine…i think…im 15 and 180 pounds

Comment by Chris
2010-10-31 04:14:39

I had a caffeine over dose friday, it is now sunday morning, I am alive and I got some good sleep since it happend, but I am having weird feelings, I feel relativly normal, haven’t had anymore caffeine and wont for a looooooong time, I have a slight head ache from the withdrawls but other than that every once ina while I’ll have a strange sensation on my left arm or my chest, my hearts beating a little faster than usual but nothing to be scared about, I’ve been to the ER and the Doc said I’m a yong helathy man and I’d be fine but if symptoms continue to come back Monday, obviously they are not as bad as when I OD’d but I’m still a little worried maybe I did some damage that wont go away or might cause serious problems. If anyone can tell me how long it took them to get back to normal, how long did your symptoms last and do you have health problems from the ordeal, I’ve read some of the stories on here and my OD seems more mild than most but still.

I had been drinking tea, and I took a 300 ml yellow stacker…not as much as some on here but everyone is different I guess.

Comment by lynsay
2010-11-07 12:25:46

i have the exact symptoms as yourself chris i feel like i have no body just a head i feel weird sensations like no arms or legs and i am sooo tired ! but i had blood x-rays and blood tests which came back clear only thing they told me to do was stop smoking. my caffeine overdose was caused by the alcoholic drink buckfast dont know where you guys are from but its a tonic wine which as 37.5 mg of caffeine in it and the doctor told me there was at least 3 weeks of units worth of alcohol in it the thing is i have drank the stuff for years but i suppose it catches up with us all in the end. i suppose u just have to wait until the caffeine is fully out your system. dont panic u will be fine :) x

Comment by Chris
2010-10-31 04:25:28

I really hope the people commenting here aren’t dying :(

Comment by lynsay
2010-11-07 12:17:28

chris of course we arent dying its not the best experience in the world but im sure everyone will be fine. :D

Comment by DEAD
2011-08-31 23:42:14

im dying, if you read this im probably dead. drank a rockstar purple can and some coffe and sodas, yesterday drank some beer, and been drinkin a lot of beer lately, and today after drinkin the rockstar, my left hands been numb for hours. me scared!

2011-01-18 16:47:57

Last night i went out with my brother to a club of which we left at 6 AM and although we were not precisely drunk we did drink a lot, i did manage to sleep a couple of hours but were not good enough since i woke up tired and hung over. I lift weights and the day before i bought some pure caffeine powder for bodybuilding purposes. Without checking the recommended those i took 4 measures equating to about 2-3 grams. within 10 minutes i felt full of energy in fact too much energy yet it must have lasted for about 20 minutes maybe 30 because i was sick as soon as i got to uni. After trying to stay in one of my lectures i asked a friend to take me to a walk in medical centre near my uni where they checked my pulse and heartbeat and found it to be a little high but nothing alarming and advised me to just ride it out. I was also sick about 2 times at this centre. At this point i felt restless, shaking and with a very unpleasant feel in the tongue and face as for every other muscle in my body, with a tingly sensation fluctuating all around my body. Not happy with my previous diagnosis, i left for my local surgery where i was attended by another doctor, after explaining my situation he too recommended that i just ride it out. I learned from my mistakes and i am now paying for them, if you are thinking of using caffeine for bodybuilding purposes i strongly urge you to think otherwise, its not worth it and the side effects are incredibly strong and uncomfortable, by now i must have been sick about 10 times and i feel like shit.

Comment by Perika
2011-03-03 06:52:02

Hi i can relate to this, i overdid the consumption of 5hour energy drinks 2 years ago during the summertime (3 months) when i was doing a vetystressful job which required heavy interaction with people. I like the effects of that stimulant on my mood, but soon i became tolerant and needed more and more- i ended up having 3 bottles (even though ot precisely warn you not to take more than 2) of extra strenght 5 hr energy, some monster and little bit of cocacola mixed into that, which eventually resulted in severe irritability, headaches, mood swings and eventually led to depression (which i was prone to). So be careful with this stuff. I ended up taking antidepressant for that condition and now i have issues with withdrawing from that.. Sorry for misspellings, i am writing from the phone.

Comment by confused
2011-04-26 12:56:04

in december i started taking these supplements for working out with a bunch of caffeine in it. about 10 days into it after a work i couldnt get my heart rate to slow down for almost 5 hours. i felt like i was just “off” after that. my memory was fading, i felt helpless, i had no appetite, couldnt sleep, i had anxiety attacks, and i couldnt concentrate in school. also my blood pressure was slighty elevated at 130/80. i am 20 years old and athletic so its usually around 110/70. they took a blood test and everything was fine but i still didnt feel fine. the doctor had me on zoloft for about a month and it helped with my appetite, sleep problem, and anxiety but that was about it. no i am taking effexor and i feel like i am getting better but no quite back to normal still. I was just wondering did you have any of these symptoms and how long did they take to go away when you were taking antidepressants?

Comment by ty
2012-03-15 02:44:13

Dude i felt the same things from my supplements tonight.. it’s now 5am and i can’t sleep. My heart isn’t racing anymore but my brain still feels like some1 hit the off switch on it and i feel confused and just like.. not right, it’s hard to describe. I had like 3 anxiety attacks in a row and thought for for sure i needed to go to the hospital or i was gonna die. I drank a half of a bottle of wine to self medicate.. i’m chilled out now. I refuse to use prescription drugs though. No more caffiene based supplements. I’ll feel fine once i get some sleep

Comment by Mary
2011-03-19 19:28:32


This all happened in 1986, so long ago, but I still think about this as the worst experience I ever had!

I took 7 nodoze when I was 16 on an empty stomach, because I wanted to stay awake at school and had not been sleeping due to homework, being in a play etc..

What happened next was horrible.. About an hour later I was in my choir class when my heart starting beating very, very fast. It got so uncomfortable that I had to leave the classroom. I went to the nurse and told her I did not feel well. I did not want to tell ANYONE what I did, because I was soo embarrased. I started feeling worse and worse in the nurse office, I felt so restless and my heart was getting worse. I went to the bathroom and tried to vomit, but couldn’t. When I tried to make myself vomit, the shakiness I was also feeling got worse and my hands were shaking violently. I tried to calm myself, but couldn’t.. I went home after school and went to bed. I just told my mom I wasn’t feeling well. I had my boyfriend next to me, and he held my hand and comforted me. Talking to me, to try and keep me calm. I didn’t tell him what I did either. (what a dummy I was!)

I did end up feeling better by the time I went to bed, after missing an important rehearsal. Then I woke up in the middle of the night and had the same symptoms again! I called my boyfriend and he wanted me to go to the hospital, but I didn’t want to. Even though I was scared I might die – I felt so ashamed! I wish so much now, I would have gone..

Well, I did feel better by morning, but everytime I would drink a coke my heart would beat rapidly again. This lasted about 3-4 months.

Now, I still get heart palpitations – but I think it’s due to anxiety. I get chest pains too. but I’m still alive and I’m now 41 and have had children and been fine.

I do drink coffee in the morning. I am ok. but I feel like I was soo stupid in that incident, I had no idea if it was a lethal dose or not. Thank goodness it wasn’t!

Good luck to those who are experiencing this horrible thing – it is the worst ever! Please don’t be afraid to call 9-1-1 or poison control if you are feeling horrible. This event really traumatized me!

Comment by Kendra
2011-05-12 00:40:10

You experience was very similar to mine. I took 5 200mg of caffeine pills in about 10mins, while having drank a ton of coke all day. I honestly can’t describe how truly horrible of an experience it was. I think the worst thing was when I wanted to go to sleep after the endless vomiting, but was afraid that my body would forget how to breathe. I found myself having to remind my own body just to breathe. I forgot where I was, the people I was with (I was at a party) and at some points who I was. It was…truly traumatizing. I even called poison control twice the next day, because I still felt all the symptoms, they told me that the caffeine was out of my body and that I shouldn’t be feeling anything relating to it. (As if I would call poison control just to pretend to have these symptoms.)

I used to be suicidal, but at that moment, feeling like I was so close to death, all I wanted to do was live. I was a hardcore coke drinker, someone who’d never quit. I drank about 8-15 cans a day. After this experience, I quit the next day cold turkey and haven’t had caffeine since, even checking pills I take. I can’t have caffeine because every time I do, the powerful feelings come back. I miss coke some days, but really, it’s for the best.

I have heart plapitations, anxiety, panic attacks, and weird on and off tingling daily, which is currently why I am on here. It’s been months (from October to now May) since I’ve had caffeine, but I still get small ripples of what I once went through. I was wondering, will this ever stop? Will my body ever correct itself? But I know now, that it may never be right again. When I am alone at night, that’s when the ripples come. I’m 22 years old and and I have a whole life time of this left. I often think I won’t be able to make it through the next ripple, but I try. I now know, I don’t want to die.

Honestly, that day, in all my 22 years, is my biggest regret. I regret what I have done to my only body. I may never be able to fix it.

Comment by bee
2012-02-15 22:31:58

I had a similar experience and yes it is indescribebly horrible. I had those symptoms for a few months after too and I think they may be minor panic attacks reulting from the experience. Do you smoke? The nicotine may cause this too. Also check everything you eat and drink for caffeine-including meds- it sounds like there might be some caffeine there somewhere. I’m caffeine free going on 4 years now and dont miss it at all, have energy first thing in the morning and no crashes. You’ll be fine, its just such a traumatic experience.

Comment by whimmers
2011-03-21 03:36:23

I think the people that are having servere reactions to small doses of caffeine are allergic. I too once had a caffeine overdose a while back from drinking one can of redbull and one can of coke. I was vommiting, had diarrhea, my left arm was numb, heart palpitations, racing heart, paranoia, anxiety, could not sleep at all and I was only going on like 3 hours of sleep from the previous day…Headache..I was a mess. I went to the hospital and they thought I was on meth. Finally figured I had caffeine overdose.

Few years before that, I had took like 3 eccedrin and was up for like 2 days with the same symptoms. I never put two and two together because these things happened so far apart. I never drink pop, rarely tea, hate coffee and dont drink engery drinks.. So I just thought it was a low tolerance for caffeine because of the fact that I never take any in. I mean I could have a shot glass full of redbull (jager bomb lol) easily be up for 48 hours? Not normal. Still never thought anything of it, and just drank straight shots of jag when all my friends want jag bombs.

But then I took two midol recently, and thought I was gonna die. Same deal as listed above. I looked up the ingrediants in the midol and low and behold, it had caffeine it it. So I thought back on all the times I had problems when intaking caffeine and a light came on.

Turns out I am alergic to caffeine. This is a very serious thing, you could die from this. People need be made more aware of caffeine allergies and the fact that it can kill you. I didnt even realize a person could be allergic to caffeine. Now I have been into reserching it, and it is not as uncommon as one would think. The people intaking massive ammounts off caffeine, well that just seems unwise and seems like a given that you would suffer so much from doing so- no offense intended at all. But to those of us that suffer such major symptoms from small doses are allergic and should be very careful of what we consume.

Comment by vake
2011-04-25 03:27:36

hi guys….yesterday i was reading this post because i was myself overdosed……anyway i took about 1 gram of caffeine…..i used to do the sam thing before but as i was quitting smoking i stopped drinking coffe….my guess is that my tolerance on caffeine drasticly dropped….so anyway i felt awful-i vomited about 15 times yesterday,everything i drank went out(i couldnt eat)…..and so it was but than i began to be affraid of dehydration……so i ate a little cheese….alltrough i threw up i gave me a pause….and i forced myself to eat a little bit….at the end of the day i eat some soup and felt like vomiting again,but was persistant in not doing it….and than my appetite slowly opened and it was allright…..

Comment by Myles
2011-05-04 22:00:30

With that stomach cramps and fluish feeling. I found that a fifer candy works nicely to counteract them

Comment by Persephone
2011-05-29 02:11:31

My friend has been drinking nothing but coke zero for the past few days. He’s experiencing severe chest pain, headaches, nausea, sweating, disorientation, and panic. Is this a caffeine overdose? And what should he do? He feels like he can’t stand up or else he’ll faint. We live in different countries so I can’t go over and help him and his whole family is asleep. Should he call an ambulance? Is he going to die?

Comment by Lou Smidt
2011-06-03 21:15:51

Wow I thought I had it bad all you guys went through hell! I don’t normally drink too much coffee. Today at work, and I work at a metal fabrication facility, lol not a good place for something like caffeine overdose to be happening. I decided to fill my water cup up with coffee it holds about 2 cups, and the other guys like the coffee very black, so it was strong! I had two of my water cups or 4 cups of bitter strong coffee. about an hour later it started getting hot outside. I was throwing metal sheets around for a while, and all of the sudden started just going numb. My heart pounding like hell! I walked down to the bathroom slow and just every step felt weaker and weaker started getting tunnel vision. I got a sip of water at the fountain and stepped outside in the wind for a second to get some air. I found myself getting more numb. I was starting to feel like a loss of sound in my ears like…. in the movies when a soldier gets hit with a grenade that muffled water sound. I could hear my heart pounding hard and loud, slower and slower as things started going black I just kind of jumped a little realizing that this wasn’t something to just shrug off. I found myself slouched against the brick wall outside struggling to shake this thing off. Just in and out of reality. Finally I stood up and counted slowly to 10 breathing slowly and realized that paranoid thoughts will make this worse like a panic attack and you don’t want that. I finally figured the coffee was the problem. I just told myself to calm down just relax, breath easy, don’t think about your heart beat just breath in and breath out. Five minutes later I felt feeling come back. My hands and face felt a bit prickly and clammy but no biggy at least I could feel it. Another five minutes later I just felt a little hyper and sweaty and got back to work and ignored it. If it got too bad I would sit, close my eyes and count slow and calm down. It went away after a while, I would say about an hour. I had a bit of a headache but was feeling a lot better. I think its the quick rush of adrenaline from paranoia and anxiety with thinking you could be dieing that makes you feel numb and makes the heart rate worse. So just relax breath don’t think about ambulances or dieing just relax. Don’t get me wrong if its too much for you by all means call for help! You never know it could be something serious, but if your young and in average shape and realize that you have had too much caffeine just tell yourself its a side effect and calm down. The more you feed your fear the more you stress and cause it all to intensify. AFTER you come out of it NEVER do it again lol. I know i learned my lesson! It scared the hell outta me. hope this helped a little. Like I said I’m no doctor but, try to relax and figure out the problem. It will help in a long run. You can’t tell the EMT’s the problem when your freaking out and disoriented anyway so its best to just TRY to relax and notice I said TRY. Its a little hard to relax when you feel like your going into cardiac arrest lol. but ya hope it helps and good luck guys. I hope you all learned as well. I know I did :) I’m sticking with good old H20!

Comment by Cory Pickerign
2011-06-03 21:35:31

Earlier today I had 1 mountain dew throwback, about 30min. Later I took a 5 hour energy shot, 10min. Later I took another shot.. Then about 15min later I was walking around and it felt like I was going to pass out so I sat down and called my dad to come pick me up (I’m 17 so stfu) when I got home my hands were shaking, and still are 4 hours later, so I went to find something to eat., sence I didn’t eat yet, about 2 hours later I started over heating big time.., so I took a wet papper towel and frozen beans and put it on my chest, I could not feel the cold at all, so I took an ice cold shower.. I couldn’t feel the cold water hit my chest, stomach, back, upper legs, feet, arms, hands, neck, and the back of my head.. I just got out of the shower.. Still feeling hot starting to cool down.. Starting to get hungry, and just chugged a bottle of water., which helped alot. Now it’s 11:30pm it all started at 6:47

Comment by caffeine_fail
2011-06-09 08:49:08

yea, i was really stupid and overdosed on caffeine too, and now as i feel like im gonna die (even though I know I wont) i stumbled on this site and wanted to share my experience. i meant to take caffeine so I could stay up and study for my 7 hour final, and then take it. I took 5 nodoze caplets, which are each 200mg caffeine, an extra strength 5 hour energy, and a full throtle energy drink all in one good hour. at first there was no affect and i was still having trouble staying awake, until it started to hit me. i didnt gain energy or something, just started feeling really queasy and nauseous. i fell asleep about 4 hours after this for about 2hrs on and off, and i kept trying to not throw up, and tossing and turning so i wouldnt feel the churning in my stomache. after that, stayed up talking for a few more hours which for some reason helps me feel way better….
have thrown up water a couple times since waking up, just because im downing water like crazy to not have the whole dehydration issue.
unfortunately, i need to get over this because this seven hour final is due in 8 hours…. ewww…..

but yea, wouldnt recommend caffeine overdose…. lol….

now im essentially clutching my stomache like, let’s NOT die, even though I know that im not going to… and i sorta feel like a dumbass,… which i def am for letting this happen… i probly should have been more patient with the caffeine pills, huh….

Comment by Don
2011-06-29 19:59:39

I have a question. Though I did have alot of tea which is probably 2 bottles a day, I cut down tea immediately not drinking it anymore. After 3 weeks is it common to feel a bit light headed, drowsy, foggy headed? My heart beat is normal and I can sleep well, but I can’t stop thinking and that makes me unable to concentrate as much as I could before. A suggestion of treatment would be nice to thanks.

Comment by Kim
2011-07-07 21:47:20

Hey guys I’m happy to hear about your experiences and that you are all alive and well. I thought I had it bad but hearing all your stories makes mine sound lame. LOL. I had my first caffeine overdose today and thats why I’m on this and reading all about these crazu experiences. Basically, I drank probably more than 10 glasses of green tea today because I was drinking it the whole day. Green tea contains less caffeine than coffee, but im not used to drinkin coffee so yea. At first, everything was normal and my heart rate rose to 120 bpm at rest and when i sprinted for 1min, it went up to 190bpm. My heart rate was never so high before. Well i’ve experienced slight diarrhea, some dizziness, i feel kinda high or foggy, my heart rate is faster, was shaking a bit and im super alert. I cant sleep at all and I was contemplating if this caffeine overdose would kill me and gladly i dont think it will since i dont feel soo terrible nor am I vomiting. I think im going to be up whole night though… sigh. happily, I learnt my lesson and i will now drink tea up to 4 glasses a day and no more, and i will never drink coffee and stick to water.

Comment by Nat
2011-07-13 23:33:07

Oh my lord! So, I had a big exam coming up and wanted to stay awake all night to study! I drank two cans of red bull ( one large the other small) I was fine from 12am- 6am. At 6 I felt a little dizzy so I decided to go to sleep on an empty stomach! I woke up and 11:50am and felt like I was gone! It is soooo hard to explain the feeling! My entire body felt numb, my heart was pounding, I felt disoriented ( like confused and like I was there but I wasn’t there, weird feeling!), I was jittery and just awful!!!! It is now 2:28am, approx 26 hours after I had the cans of Red bull and I feel slightly better. I still feel numb and confused! I went to the ER and they said I was having an anxiety attack. I was informed that 1 can of red bull equals 14 cans of coke and 9 cups of coffee! I feel like I am gone!!!! I thought I was dying!!! The numbness scared me because I am aware that it is a sign of a stroke! The drs sent me home and now I’m just drinking lots of fluids and eating! I just want to feel normal again!

Comment by Matt
2011-07-15 18:51:10

Hi, I’m a male 40 years young. I love coffee, but I get the shakes and my heart starts beating hard along with anxiety attacks if I have about 3 small cups of coffee. I felt so bad today I had to leave work 4 hrs early. Any suggestions how to drink 3 cups of normal coffee without getting these shakes and attacks? I love my coffee so……… LOL.

Comment by Kate
2011-07-23 11:13:16

Im a 20 year old female, I feel horrible right now, a few hours ago I took around 900 ml of red bull, after having a hectic week doing an urgent business plan for a client, thought it will help me, since my work is due tomorrow, I had so much energy but its all gone, I feel drained, well, guess what happens, I am still not done with my work, I feel horrible, what is worse is that I didnt even have anything to eat since last night, I will never do this to myself again. only if I knew before that, I dont even know how I am typing all this, wish me good luck, I hope I wont get worse. :(

Comment by Nate
2011-08-28 23:08:37

Hey I accidentally took to many caffeine pills as my friend read the instructions wrong, but how long did the tingling, stomach aches and many other problems last for you guys? I’m on day 2 and I have random serges of energy and random crashes

Comment by karla
2011-09-02 07:31:39

hi im 13 and i took four caffinne pills one night so i could stay up all night at the time i felt no stmptoms of being hyper but my heart was pounding and i felt very nauseous and shake i felt like i should poison control but decided not to and just tough it out i did not sleep that night but felt extremly tired in the morning so i took a shower then took another two tablets i did not eat for two days straight and have missed two periods since then and i keep on haveing bad migranes and horrible shakyness

Comment by stacie
2011-09-13 08:00:17


i was at work today and i took 2 of the effidrine pills and a redbull and my heart wont stop racing and i’m shivering as if i am freezing but i am sweating at the same time… my eyes are really sensitive and i dont know how to make it stop… i cant catch my breath and i cant get my heart to slow down…i have takin energy pills before and i have drank redbull and no problems but today is different…help please any suggestions thanks

Comment by kilo
2011-09-14 23:56:33

I Eat 20 at once.(200mg)

Comment by J
2011-10-05 22:03:27

Haha I actually did that today…worst experience of my life. At first it was just alot of energy…then it turned into a nightmare…fishbowl vision, cold sweat, ton of vomiting, shaking, really scary, I actually thought I was gonna die.I’m pretty sure the only thing that kept me from dying was brute strength against caffeine, and a side of pure luck…. What was that? Like 4 grams our something?

Comment by Helen Bapty
2011-09-18 05:59:54

I’ll add my experience to this too, not that long ago i decided that i had had enough with my life and was looking for a way to attempt suicide. After going through all the normal ideas of using paracetomol and alcohol i figured i would use something that wouldnt ruin my body if perchance i did survive. That brings me to caffeine, in order to get a dose that was fatal i doubled the normal LD 50 and ended up taking 96 nodoze (200mg) tablets crushed in 2 cans of coke. What happened after that was what i would call the WORST experience of my entire life. About 30mins after taking all that i began to get extremely nauseas with a racing heart and shaking all over. By this point i was terrified and decided to press the nurse button (i was in a private psychiatric clinic at the time), after finding out what i had taken the nurses immediately called an ambulance. In the time that it took for an ambulance to come my heart stopped and i lost consciousness, i was then defibrilated and after i dont know how long regained consciousness. In the ambulance on the way to hospital i was later told that i went into seizures and was constantly throwing up ( i also later found out that they didnt give me an antiemetic as they were hoping to not have to pump my stomach). On arrival at the hospital i faded into and out of consciousness and vaguely remember regaining consciousness once as they pumped my stomach. During this time my blood pressure had plummeted and my pulse was up over 200bpm. i was then given beta-blockers intravenously to try and stop some of the adrenalin being released from affecting my blood pressure any further. after the acute stage of the over dose was over i was taken to the emergency observation ward where i was put on a potassium drip in order to try and replace some of the fluids and potassium that i had lost due to vomiting so much. I spent 3 days in hospital throwing up and with bright yellow bowel movements before being being discharged. After discharge i had to see a cardiologist due to the amount of damage the caffeine had done to my heart, and i am now left with a permanent arythmia. I also cannot even touch caffeine because my body is extremely sensitive to it now, and even one cup of coffee leads to me spewing my guts up. I just hope my experience stops anybody else from having to go through the pain of a near lethal overdose. love and light, Helen

Comment by luke francis
2011-09-26 13:47:22

Hay I’ve just had all the symptoms of caffeine overdose but I only had 1 relentless and I had a cig but after 5 mins I started to feel dizzy and then puked it out but the dizziness and the stomach ache is still there does anyone know how to get rid of them symptoms ??? Please reply quick cos I’m going through them now and I need to get ris of them fast :(

Comment by Blue
2011-10-02 23:04:15

Hey I hope someone reads this. I fucked up big time at work and suffered for it haha. I was really tired and about to passout and still had 4 more hours to work, so I bought some no-doz alert pills. They were 200mg a pill…Me being a fucking idiot I took all of them which equalled to about 3200mg of caffeine downed with some tea. I felt hyper in about 30 minutes and really alert but then began to feel weird and sick. After work I was feeling like I was going to puke and when I got home I just sat in front of the toilet.

It took about an hour of sitting still before I ended up vomiting and my life became hell, I constantly puked every 30-45 minutes no matter what. From 10pm to about 1pm next day is when I finally stopped puking. I lost my voice and my throat is completely fucked up from all the acid, also drinking or eating anything hurts all the way down I can actually FEEL it moving down my body thats how sensitive the lining is to my stomach at the moment. Anyways I have finally been able to eat again but my body is extremely sore..I was tingley in my fingers and feet for quite sometime like others had mentioned but most of my symptoms stopped 2 days after the vomiting. Lungs and throat kill but that’s about it. I’m only 19 and stupid, i’m guessing i’m lucky or my body being young was able to process that caffeine either way I am NEVER taking alert tablets again.

Do yourself a favor, splash some cold water on your face and move ON. Worse feeling ever to be trying to fall asleep but the slightest movement causes you to puke or when your about to pass-out you get dizzy and puke again. No sleep for 48 hours along with constant puking = NO FUN.


Comment by max
2011-10-13 00:39:22

Expieriencing these symptoms as well…dont drink too much caffeine

Comment by deb
2011-10-15 20:29:56

my 12 year old got a hold of some caffine pills and took 4@ 200 mg.She has been sick as a dog all day.any idea how long the vomiting and nausea will last.she is 5’3″ and 130 lbs. She seems to be a bit better.just miserable.

Comment by Haley
2011-10-22 01:02:59

So it’s 3:48 on a Friday an I was at a party earlier one of my first highschool parties an I had been very tired this morning an on top of that I had taken a laxative the night before ( hadn’t been able to use the potty in 3 days ) drastic times desperate measures so I had been up all night with stomach cramps an diarrhea so come 7:30 It was time to go to this party with one of my good friends an I had brought some caffiene pills I had bought for groggy morning something I hadnt try yet so I brought 4 ,2 for me an 2 for her (only 100 mg tablets) so we get there an the music is loud an everyones dancing an were so tired , so we decide to try these tablets an they made me very dizzy or Maybe it was because we were jumping up in down but I had to go outside serval times it felt like it was 300 degrees in that place an it was only 39 outside so hours pass an it’s starts to feel strange my stomach an legs tingled an i felt light headed like I was going to barf by the time I’d gotten in the car I had seemed to calm down my mom had dropped my friend off at her house it’s about 12:30 an nothing real drastic had happened so I assumed it wasn’t bother her as much as it was me so I get home an throw up BLACK STUFF!!!! okay I automatically freak out an take a shower I’m so cold i felt like I was still outside I cut the hot water all the way up but I felt numb an then i got a call from a friend that didn’t go but wanted to know how it went an i started repeating words an seeing colors my heart was beating like crazy an I felt like my heart was going to randomly stop 4 hours on the phone with my friend an I had started to feel less peroniod an so full of alertness I can’t eat an I’m can’t get warm an sleep is no option I can’t stand still long enough to sleep now as the time presses on I can feel detox happening I’m peeing alot I feel like after 8 hours these awful side affects have subsided

Comment by jon
2011-10-24 13:14:07

not proud of it, but I’m joining the ranks of the rest of the posters to this page.

was a little tired this morning but started it like any other.
after a long meeting at the office I saw a lot of deadlines stacking up, so I loaded up on 4 cups of coffee and an extra strength 5hr energy on top of 2 pop tarts and a large piece of very sweet cake.

the sugar and caffeine hybrid with the b vitamin load felt great for about an hour. worked hard, very efficient, got lots done.

then hit the bathroom. then again. and more.
head REALLY started spinning. couldn’t focus on ANYTHING

tried eating a cliff bar to boost some protein but i think the carb load actually compounded the problem. turning my head blurred my vision, pounding headache, started hydrating, seemed to help..

then all at once i am totally crashing. every part of me wants to sleep, and I’m afraid to let it happen. no one should get this tired THIS fast. really fighting to stay awake, read a few articles on caffeine OD and people not waking up. don’t want that to be me, so not going to sleep til things feel right and this monster headache subsides.

the irony?

i could really go for some caffeine to keep my eyes open. not sure how to make that happen w/o it.


Comment by jen
2011-10-24 18:04:01

It was a really long night and I had to go to work the next morning. I decided on drinking some tea for the caffiene. It didnt help much so I went ti the gas station next door and got some energy shots. (tweakers) tweakers are 2 in one doses. Meanung evert bottle has two doses and shouldnt be taken at once. But I over looked it and drank both bottles. I forgot to mention im on a diet pill that increases my heart rate and is made of pure speed to keeo me moving.
I felt fine for about an hour and I was laughing and feeling fine and then out of no where I started to get really dizzy, my arms and legs got numb and my body got very weak. i couldnt focus on anything. Everything started spinning and I felt my heart beating through my chest. I got very light headed and could barely talk. My hands were shaking and I felt like I was going to collapse, but I was afraid that I wouldnt wake up. I litterally felt like I was fighting for my life at that point and got rushed to the emergency room. I think wat kept me from passing out was the fact that I tried to control my heart rate by staying calm and sitting down. But I litterally felt like I was about die. This happened yesterday and I still feel numb, and tired. But my doctor told me ill be ok. So im remaining calm and just laying down.
If you ever go through this, go to the hospital! They can help you monitor your heart to make sure you’re ok. Remain calm and do not walk around. Get a wheel chair if possible. Drink water and eat a piece of bread.

Just dont panic!

Comment by princess leia
2011-10-25 10:45:06

I intake caffine everyday either enegy drink shot or coffee or caffine pills and usually a combination of them i guess im addicted. I ve never vommited because of it or felt sick to my stomach but recently i have had tingling and numbness in my feet legs and my hands and arms. the worst of it though is my face and head aslo gets numb and tingles too this doesnt hurt but is irritating can somebody help me could caffine be causing this and if so could it be a problem cuz honestly id rather keep the irritation then give up caffine. please respond soon thanks

Comment by A breathe to raise you from the dead..
2011-10-27 09:39:42

Date: October 27th, 2011

Caffeine Intake over this year alone: Minimal-Moderate
Cups of Coffee drank 2 days ago: 2 cups at 6 p.m., and 2 more cups around 12 a.m.

Analysis: Acute Caffeine overdose

After drinking my last 2 cups at 12 a.m. I stayed up until 5 a.m. and fell asleep at that time. Nearly 2 hours later at 7 a.m. I woke up and Experienced the following: Very severe muscle spasms and stiffness in my right leg alone, what felt like an exceptionally high increase in heart rate with a deep strong thud, which led to a feeling of strong anxiety and panic like my chest was going to pop. I immediately showered in case I needed a trip to the ER and drank some water and tried to throw up but all that came out was the water I just drank, then I had sudden Diarrhea and emptied out a large amount of what was in me (this was the only time I had to go # 2 throughout the experience). I fell asleep around 9 a.m. while still having a high heart rate, anxiety, difficulty breathing, and the spasms in my right leg. I awoke 2 hours later at 11 a.m. feeling much better so I ate 2 pieces of toast and drank minimal amounts of water. Around 1 p.m. the spasms in my leg, anxiety, panic, and difficulty breathing came back and I fell asleep around 2 p.m. I woke up 2 hours later at 4 p.m. and felt better and drank very little water, the feelings came back yet again and I fell asleep around 6 p.m. I woke up 2 hours later at 8 p.m. and although having the same symptoms it felt like they all cut down on their intensities. I fell asleep at 10 p.m. and woke up around 2 a.m. this morning and felt about the same decrease in the symptoms intensities. I fell back asleep at 3 a.m. and woke up at 7 a.m. It’s now 10 a.m. and my leg is starting to feel much better, I have no feeling of anxiety or panic and thoughts of dying, my heart doesn’t feel like it’s thumping hard anymore, I can breathe easier, I’m very hungry and thirsty I’m sure I am dehydrated after minimal intake of water and food throughout the experience. I am aching a bit in my joints but over all feel alright. Note: I had to urinate constantly throughout the experience and also I have a bad knee with a partially tore ligament from an accident 4 years ago. I hope it’s not even more damaged now due to the severe spasms and stiffness I experienced.. it feels much more weak than it was.. It’s now my main concern.

My thoughts now: Break our coffee maker into a million pieces, pour the ground coffee all over it AND!!…………… Let it sit there.

Even though I felt like I was going to stop breathing at any time I did not take any trip to the ER. Good luck to anyone out there that will experience this, You will feel like you’re going to die.. No joke.


Comment by Laura
2011-11-03 04:43:06

I took 2 500 mg pain pills. I took an adderrall substitute. I took 4 caffine pills and I’m pretty sure I’m dying.

Comment by A breathe to raise you from the dead..
2011-11-03 12:34:05

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Go to the emergency room if you can.. I had the same feeling that I was dying no joke and I just drank 4 cups of coffee.. It’s pathetic..
I’m only now feeling pretty good since the incident, it’s been about 8 days. The longest 8 days of my life.

I hope you’re not panicing..

Comment by Ryan
2011-11-04 20:56:17

I’m 13 years old and I weigh about 107 pounds, if anyone wanted to reasearch anything. I had a bitterish hazelnut mocha about the size of those red dixie plastic cups filled completely up to the top. It’s not like some creamy, milky Starbucks either, it was the type of coffee that you have to filter out, and I believe that is the kind of coffee they used. Anyways, I ended up finishing it in like an hour. Then I started feeling like throwing up so I tried to hold it back, and so far, I haven’t puked but seriously feel like it. I took a crap before I drank and another one after I drank, and I also feel like pissed a lot but still feels like I need to piss out my whole body. My arm kind of aches and I feel like I have a headache coming on but never does. I want to drink water like the others have suggested but I feel like if I drink anything while I feel like vomiting, I will vomit, and I just hate vomiting. I’ve tried lying down, sitting up, walking around, but everything just makes me want to puke even more. I just hope I don’t puke, really.

Comment by D
2011-11-15 09:03:27

I have been a long time drinker of coffee, especially espresso. Since I invest too much money into starbucks, I bought a Bialleti mukka espresso stove top machine. Tried it for the first time this morning to make a cappuchino it tasted really strange so I only had about 3 large sips before dumping the rest. There were some grinds floating in the milk but otherwise didn’t seem much stronger than the coffee I usually drink. Boy was I wrong! About 30 minutes later my heart was racing, I felt nervous, faint and very dizzy. Also my arms and fingers were numb and cold, legs felt like pins and needles. Basically a caffeine overdose feels like you’re going to die from a heart explosion. Soon you will piss and or vomit quite a bit as your body gets rid of the toxins.
In most cases it will pass, but it is possible to die from it but only extremely large amounts like the crazy person above who said they took 20 caffeine pills. That is a reckless.

Comment by jacobe
2011-11-19 09:43:49

imgetting dizzy speelss nausua you name it, you think it ain’t gonna happen to you, but it does, all it took for me was 450mg

Comment by The Hammer
2011-11-22 18:06:47

I can’t believe all of the idiotic people out there, and then posting your idiotic self medicated state of being here. How dumb are you folks, really. You ever read the ingredients on a can of energy drink? It’s not just soda water and sugar!

Comment by Casey
2011-11-24 12:09:51

You’re right, we should just never tell anyone when we do stupid things so that when they do stupid things, they’ll think they’re the only ones and then panic.

I was concerned I could be suffering from a minor onset of angina until I read these. Numbness in the hands, racing heartbeat, minor breathing issues.

If we called everyone who did something unwise an idiot, we’d never get anything done. You think anyone here or anyone who’s read this thread are ever going to do it again? No? Then these stories serve a purpose.

Comment by Lucy
2011-11-30 01:34:57

My situation is not as severe I’m just looking to see if anyone has experienced what I have. I’m pretty sure I’m caffeine sensitive. A while back I drank a red bull and got really sick, couldn’t eat, dizzy headache and nausea. Today I had two diet pills which contain allot of caffeine and a cup of coffee and I’ve felt sick ever since. Dizzy headache that’s causing nausea and my heart is beating heavier. Anyone else know what this is about?

Comment by Mike
2011-12-04 20:41:49

I had a caffeine overdose a fe years i was at work and did not get much sleep so i mad a pot of coffee and ended up drinking the hole thing about 12 cups and started having a hard time breathing. lost feeling in my hands and really light headed for two days i felt like this.

Comment by Kristin
2011-12-04 23:03:28

I wanted to post something for people who are not used to caffeine…even the smallest amount. Today(and it has happend before) I drank a small coke at a fast food place. I guess I didn’t really pay attention to the fact that the most caffeine I ever get is from lip tons diet green tea. I take a beta blocker(a very small dose) and caffeine isn’t a good mix with such a medicine. started with excitement, and then extreme fatigue, and then the thumping heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, confusion, and shaking. I know that this is very scary…but being a natural panicky person, I’ve had these episodes plenty of times before, and Ive been to the emergency room only to be fine by the end of the five hour wait for the doctor to see me because they didnt think it was urgent. HERE ARE SOME THINGS I DO to try and ease the symptoms

If I feel like I am about to pass out I lay down and prop my feet this will keep me from passing out. And then I breath as slowly and as deeply and slowly as I can. It even really helps me to close my eyes and sing.

If this doesn’t work …I surprisingly to the opposite…engage in some physical activity. I usually go out side and jog..even if I’m really fatigued I can usually do this for as long as I feel necessary. This gets out that excess energy the caffeine is giving me that’s making my heart bet like I’m doing cardio while sitting down… I usually feel better when I sit down after a twenty minute slow jog…the kind of jog that doesn’t make breathing to much harder.

Drive and sing aloud….loudly..because getting my mind off of it stops me from worrying and having an anxiety attack along with my caffeine attack….

Calls someone and talking on the phone is also a good calmer…

Make sure I’m with someone because being alone and feeling like I’m dying makes my heart only race faster……

Oh and of course drink plenty of water and get all that caffeine out.

Comment by Kristin
2011-12-04 23:05:32

Love my typos that I’m to lazy to fix…anyway good luck to everyone!

Comment by Jenny
2011-12-05 15:44:41

Today i was feeling really tired so i decide to drink some caffiene. Haha i dont know the meaning of the word moderation i had 1 energy drink, and 5 cups of strong coffee. My heart is pounding in my chest though ive drank some water and its starting to calm down thanks god. I think im gunna cut back on my caffiene intake starting tommrow.

Comment by timecase
2011-12-05 18:18:35

eat banannas and drink lots of water….. I read it on a site once, I have been addicted for almost 20 years (caffeine pills) I only stopped when I was pregant. (very stuiped I know)

Comment by Mark
2011-12-09 19:06:38

So basically, this “article” of a few short paragraphs and uncorrected spelling of the word “to” says nothing except a list of symptoms and what people might already know as common sense. Is it really worth publishing information like this? Frankly it seems like a type of information pollution.

Comment by ducky
2011-12-10 18:18:43

Actually normally I’m fairly resistant to caffeine (can normally take 2-3g of it from coffee plus about 1/2 litre diet coke and feel okay) but somehow after only 1.4g I’m feeling a little odd. Hmmm, hope you guys are all okay, you all seem to have way worse symptoms than me and a lot of you have less than 1g!

Comment by jesssica
2011-12-25 13:39:44

Im 13 years old and i got the soda streem today. My brothers made the energy drink one and had me take three gulps of it toget hipper. Because when they took one and got a rush. But i didnt get a rush so they made me take 3,i got a somach ach and my left arm got numb. Does this meen i got cafeen poisoning and should i go to the doctor?

Comment by jesssica
2011-12-25 13:50:15

Ok and u forgot i never had an energy drink before

Comment by jesssica
2011-12-25 13:56:57

Juat saying you must be short or anerexic cause a normal weight for 16 is like 120-140 so leave the kid alone.

Comment by veronica
2011-12-29 19:55:37

I’m 25 I drank a “generic” version of the 5 hour energy drink. I bought it bcus I have anemia and I have extreme fatigue at times (yes I do take iron supplements but they don’t seem to help as much). Anyways, this is my first time trying it, when I drank it I had lots of energy for about 30 minutes, then after that I noticed I started to crash. And crash hard. As Im typing right now I feel like crap and its been like 6 hrs since I last had the drink. My heart is pounding, am having anxiety attacks and a little bit of panic at times for NO reason. I have extremely nausea where I feel like Im going to throw up any minute. I’m having stomach pain. I feel like ive ran 1000 miles and even though my body feels drained I feel so bad I can’t even think about sleep. I feel horrible. All this from a little drink?!?!? Never again!!! And just like the first comment I too felt like calling an ambulance or rushing myself to the hospital bcus that’s just how bad I feel. I guess I have a low tolerance for caffeine, as I just found out the hard way…

Comment by Thommy
2012-01-09 15:30:58

I also suffer from caffeine sensitivity/allergy, ive had it for many years now. I cannot even drink half a bottle of Coca Cola and i get scary symptoms. And caffeine is a nerv poison and it messes with the brain and causes addiction. Even decaf coffee has caffein in it. Better stay off it. There is herbal Tea wich contains no caffeine, wich i drink.

Comment by wink wink
2012-01-14 16:18:20

Whoooooo wooooo … just had a 710ml Monster. OK ok ………

Now what I actually wanted to say is the following… I started drinking coffee from a very young age ….. and I am a EXTREME COFFEE LOVER…….. ……..

This was a memorable night for me 2 nights ago ………. start time 7am :1 x coffee 2pm:1xcoffee 4pm:1xMonster ( 710ml ) 8pm:1xcoffee 10pm: 1x RED BULL(445ml ) 11pm: 1x PLAY(400ml) 1am:1xPLAY(400ml) 1:30am- 1x BIOPLUS( 225ML)…….

Please advise if this was an overdose ….. as I felt sleepy at the end of the morning after having all of this ……

I felt no other side effects …. is this normal …..?

or have I addapted to large amounts of caffieine ….????????

I have atleast 3 to 4 cups daily.

Thanks smile smile ………

Comment by Johny
2012-01-15 01:44:40

I’m drunk. I hate everything. I just got 120 x 200mg coffeine pills.

3min after intake I’m feeling nothing.

Comment by Aidan
2012-01-20 00:12:27

One night i really needed to stay awake so i took 16 50 mg caffine pills a 2 litre bottle of cola and two cups of strong coffee. After all of that it just made me fell sleepy and i asked somebody about it and they said my body has a resistance to caffine.

Comment by Chelsea
2012-01-21 22:48:41

I take stacker 3 xplc (they sell at walnart)they’re pink and purple pills I’ve been taking them for about 5 years I’m 20 now so I started when I was was around 15, lemme tell yah you don’t want to start these cuz you’ll need them everyday to function, it takes only 1 pill to feel all those side effects everyone’s talking about , and if you miss one you won’t wake up you’ll be a complete zombie , I regret starting them because now I’m on all these major sleep meds to even sleep at night , and have permanent tremors, I mean I like them because you loose a ton of weight on them but I’m just letting people know to not start even one. When you first take one , in 15 minutes you’ll feel it , you shake all day , you can’t walk fast or you’ll throw up and can’t eat, and you’ll have so much energy , too much! Don’t start them .

Comment by hexaier10
2012-02-01 02:04:33

About 30-40 minutes ago I drank one cup of a mildly strong coffee. And now I am unable to concentrate, keep fidgeting, short of breath, restless, feel an urge to move and my hands are slightly shaky. This have happened before a couple of times and sometimes my heart hurts slightly. I am confused and I’d like to hear your opinion. Should I keep using coffee? Or is it better for me not to use it?

Comment by Johnny
2012-02-01 22:03:23

I also had the same symptoms. I have a quick questions its been 4 days since I took these pills yet I’m still experiencing horrific and very painful headaches that I would actually consider a migrane. What do I do? I sleep with a headache and sometimes done wake for another 12 hours.

Comment by Ian
2012-02-05 23:09:15

At roughly 11:00pm yesterday I took 16, 200mg caffine pills, I am only 115lbs. I was with my friends who had given them to me and told me there was only 25mg in each. I then drank a cup of espresso. About 20mins later I wa feeling very energetic. I did tons of pull ups then my heart was feeling flippy. I stopped moving a lot and I started to feel better. At 1am my friends all took sleeping pills and they passed out leaving me vomiting in the bathroom. After a few mins I thought u was feeling a little better so I had a cookie and some water. Around 2 I trew up again but this time I vomited everything I could to keep all of it from absorbing into my bloodstream. Everything was pretty wonky, I felt short and weird. I decided to lay down and try to sleep. From 3-7am I don’t really know what happened. I think I was in a strange sleepless sleep state but at 7 I woke up feeling sick so I went to the bathroom and vomited a few times. Later I tried to eat some breakfast casserole but vomited it up within a minute. Finally I had a couple slices of apple which I could hold down and I took a shower. Everything is still feeling weird and I’m short of breath and sometimes I lose contact with my body and I can’t move. I get back home and make some chicken broth with celery leaves and small pasta and garlic slices and u start feeling a lot better but my stomach is still hurting and things are strange. If I do too much my heart pounds very hard and my hands are constantly sweating. I’m currently doing well. Be careful with caffine.

Comment by crystal
2012-03-26 06:54:11

You took 16 pills? Are you trying to kill yourself? not a good idea!

Comment by Charlotte
2012-02-08 16:07:20

To anyone that is reading this NEVER EVER have anything to do with Caffine and I MEAN IT!!!! I took I think 6 200mg caffine pills becasue I wanted to stay up and get things done. I took them around 12:30 at night now I weigh 250 and am 16 most stupid thing I ever done. About after half a hour I took them I felt really werid I felt nausea, had trouble breathing, was dizzy, felt like my heart was going to come out of my chest, my hands were shaking I am a mess. What I did was lie down felt like I was going to throw up every 10 seconds. I have not throwed up yet and it has been almost 16 hours from where I took them and the side effects have become worse. My hands are going a mile a second and I can’t breath. I have overdosed on caffine pills and I hope it goes away soon as I have missed a day of school and have to go tomorrow. I really hope I get over this!!!

Comment by crystal
2012-03-26 06:49:36

Why would you wanna take 6 freaking pills are you trying to kill yourself? Not a good idea!

Comment by Jean
2012-02-12 15:03:22

Hi All…
I hope everyone who wrote above has survived and very well by now.
Still, I am not sure if it was the coffee which caused me almost die one evening.
It was a Saturday morning. I had a breakfast meeting and so went there with very tired body.
The cafe served nice coffee and so with my poor condition, I sipped the coffee before anything else to my stomach. I straightly drank more than half of the cup. It wasn’t that big cup though. Then I almost didn’t eat further because I was so scattered. Then we moved to another place. There, I took filter brewed coffee. It was quite bold I thought. I again drank it not too much straight but some. Then after a while, I came home. It was already going 3pm. I was hungry. I ate salmon sashimi quite much and quickly. Or not really…I really don’t know. After right the meal, I felt very hard in my stomach. Thinking the food I ate was stuck and so drank a three in one sachet coffee. It was just a little. Then suddenly I felt becoming numb starting from my legs going up to my head. I couldn’t breathe. Heart beat became so fast. I felt like I had to burp or fart (sorry please). The difficulty in breathing continued. I saw death. I told myself I was dying. I was looking at my kids and indeed cried in the heart. Over 3 hours, this symptom repeated about 3 times. Then I was getting calm. But then it started again after about an hour. Started feeling numb and felt the blood was going up to my head. Has anyone felt like me???
So emergency crew came but they found nothing wrong was in the heart.
I thought, then, it was kind of indigestion, extreme and severe because I suffered with the numb feeling coming back after eating over two weeks.
My doctor can’t really say anything yet. Nothing wrong in the blood test shown.
Please give me any comments if you think helpful.
I am still quite nervous to eat.
Take care all of you.

Comment by naufalism
2012-02-15 02:19:25

hi all..i’ve just drink 2 cup of coffee this morning and now my hands are shaking n fell want to vomit..why is that?

Comment by Allen
2012-02-26 17:01:17

Hello. two days ago I had stayed over at a friends house and thought it would be cool to stay up all night, playing video games, and drink 4 monsters in a course of 7-8 hours. While I was there I started feeling really uneasy, hard to explain. I felt lightheaded and just really odd. as the morning came I lost all my appetite. And didn’t eat anything except a slice of pizza the following day. I continued to have that uneasy feeling and my insides began to hurt particular around my ribs. Not until about 9 o’clock yesterday did I go to sleep and woke up with the worst diarrhea I’ve had in my life. and that has been ongoing up until now, with really bad nausea but I haven’t vomited yet. I had a protein shake and tried eating some soup but I couldn’t finish it I wasn’t hungry. Ive been having the same diarrhea. I’ve just been feeling horrible I tried sleeping but I kept on being woken up with the urge to go to the bathroom. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get any sleep tonight. By the way I’m 18 and weigh about 160. I’ve been scourging the internet for cures or ways to ease the problems I’ve been having but I found none, everything said I just have to wait it out, and it could last from 1-3 days. It’s not as severe as some cases of caffeine overdose, but it’s still very painful. T

Comment by Rose
2012-03-07 19:06:13

I am female, 22, about 5’5″ and 120 lb. I’m extremely sensitive to caffeine and 1 can of coke is enough to set me over the edge if I drink it too quickly. I can’t drink coffee at all but when I have done it’s like a drug trip and it’s the most awful feeling ever. I can drink really weak milky coffee providing it’s a small cup, but anything else is too much so I don’t touch it at all. The 4 (out of 6) times I’ve drank coffee:

I was 12 and rode my bike to a friends house. She offered me a large (pint sized) mug of coffee with chocolate and marshmallows. I’d never drank it coffee before so I said yes. I drank it and we watched a movie, then rode home. I had so much energy it was unbelievable! At home it was tea time and mum gave me some spag bol, but feelings of tiredness and sickness just washed over me. I presumed it was the bike ride (about 15 kms) but I’d ridden further before. I felt worse and worse and couldn’t eat and just went to bed and slept for a few hours (it was 6pm) then woke up ok.

I was 15 and bought some premix coffee in the supermarket on the way home. Drank about half over about an hour then felt violently sick and very nervous. I thought maybe it was the coffee and stopped drinking it, then it went away.

One day at uni 2008 it was cold and the middle of winter so I thought ‘heck I’m grown up now I’ll get a latte’ so i did. I drank it slowly with lots of milk, then went to a lecture and walked home. When I got home I felt like I was coming down with the flu, and the next few days had an awful cold. I felt fine before I drank it.

In 2010 I met some friends at a coffee shop and it was really hot and in the middle of summer. I ordered a large iced coffee thinking the icecream and milk will make it ok, but I drank it very fast because I was thirsty. I felt fine then drove to my gran’s for tea, where I had a shower. In the shower I felt dizzy and had extreme nausea but couldn’t vomit. I got out and gran gave me tea but I felt too sick to eat. I was sweating, my heart was pounding, and I had this overwhelming need to ‘get away’ because I thought something really bad was coming. I started panicking and got up and said I was going home and gran rang my mum who came and got me. At home everything felt wrong and out of place and I couldn’t calm down. I kept shaking and the ‘impending doom’ feeling wouldn’t go. It felt like mentally my whole life was falling apart and I was having a breakdown. I cried repetitively and went to sleep. The doom feeling lasted for days and it was so awful and weird. That day on I’ve never touched coffee. BTW I don’t take any other drugs (medications or otherwise) and hardly drink at all.

Coke makes me feel on edge and revved up but in a bad way. It makes me shake uncontrollably and to me tastes metallic and syrupy (I do mind a bit in the occasional rum though!) so I never drink it just by itself. I only drink water cause it’s free (where I live) and I’m a poor uni student. I’ve never drank energy drinks or taken no doz because it would screw me over something crazy…if iced coffee gives me that reaction I’d hate to see red bull…

Moral of the story is don’t drink too much caffeine. It’s ok in moderation (if you can handle it, unlike me) but it /is/ a plant toxin and has neurological effects.

Comment by Roy
2012-03-30 01:34:55

It got to the point i feel so bad same thing happend to my hands and my uper back on the left was numb.Had trouble brething started to get parrnod the only why i got thoure it was drinking alout of water and trying to come my self down. I had no clue what was going on tell i just read some of these comments.

My legs was shaking it just crazy how caffeine can my you feel if you had to much.
Thing has happend to me like 3 time and i did not know what was makeing me feel this way i did not like it at all my heart was beating fast.
I just had about 3-4 cups of tea and i started feeling bad agen.

I started look up reson’s why cold feel like this i am happy i found the effects it helped me out it just makes you feel like crap.

Comment by harry
2012-03-30 08:52:55

im 14 and just drank 6 strong cups of coffee in 4 hours i cant stop shaking even as write this and i cant sleep

Comment by Erin
2012-04-12 20:12:42

This may be bad to say but reading this has made me feel a little less scared about my own caffeine situation. I’ve been taking a fat burner that contained a high dose of caffeine twice a day for the past couple weeks to help with my lifting. But then after traveling home for the long weekend I was off the stuff for about 6 days. I guess the time off lowered my tolerance because when I went back to taking my regular dose in the morning I felt kind of odd. But then after I took my afternoon dose my body started to freak out. I couldn’t sit still, I was pacing all over the office, it was difficult to catch my breath, my limbs felt disconnected, my core temp shot up and my limbs were freezing. I went to the pharmacy to take my bp which was of course in the high category with my resting pulse well over 100. I asked the pharmacist what to do because I couldn’t stop moving or I would stop breathing. By then my vision was starting to go and I was super dizzy. He told me to just wait it out and if I started to experience arrhythmia to go to emerge. So I spent the next 11 hours in constant motion before I could sit still. By ten that night I was in tears because I was scared, exhausted and couldn’t stop. My roommate came home, told me I was making too big of a deal and I should calm down then he went out for buck a beer night and left me alone and terrified. When I was finally able to lie down I slept for an hour before waking up gasping with chest and stomach pain. After that I couldn’t sleep for more than ten mins at a time. Now it’s the following evening, I’m still scared to sleep because I occasionally end up gasping and my body still feels disconnected but I think I’m through the worst of it. I wasn’t allowed to work out today either my trainer sent me home and said no more caffeine. I was just trying to google how long until I feel normal again and I came across this site. I thank you all so much for sharing your stories and making me feel slightly less panicked right now. I have definitely learned my lesson.

Comment by Brandon
2012-04-15 00:19:33

The same exact thing happened to me the other day I was at work and I took a monster with me to energize me well I have never had a monster before I drank the whole can in like 20 mins and felt wide awake it was no big deal everything was normal I got home and went to bed then all of a sudden I woke up at 2 in the morning my body was very hot and my heart was racing I couldn’t breathe and I blacked out once I went and got in the shower to calm me down because that is supposed to relax you I could barely walk I got to the shower and put the water on as cold as the temperature could go it was about 10 degrees but my body was so hot the water still felt warm even though it was freezing cold I gpt out and tried to lay down but the symptoms came back so I got back on the shower I mist have taken 4-5 showers that night then after that I went back to bed with some ice water drank it and I couldn’t feel my arms or my feet they had a strange hot tingle in them and then I guess I fell asleep and the next morning I woke up fine

Today I drank another half a monster and I am feeling the exact same symptoms I did before right now as I type this it’s 1:11 in the morning and I’m afraid to go to sleep because I fear my heart will stop poor heart conditions run in my family that’s why I get nervous

But I just wrote this to let you all know I guess it’s normal for you to feel this way but I am never drinking another energy drink again for the rest of my life after tonight I pray that I am ok good night everyone

Comment by Mike
2012-06-03 15:38:41

drank 3 redbull in 9 hours..a bad headache..heart beating slow..cant sleep..drinking water for rehyderation..just took a long walk outside..feeling better.

Comment by luis lozano
2012-06-22 15:27:11

I was just wondering if I should check with my doctor about this, because just recently I have been drinking a lot of caffeine( coffee, pills, and energy shots) and have noticed diarrhea, and that I urinate a lot lately. And these past few days I started eating foods that I thought I was allergic to, and have had no allergic reactions, which are supposed to be a closed or clogged throat. Today I had a lot of trouble talking and breathing and swallowing with my mouth open. I thought it was an allergic reaction to the foods i ate, but when i vomited coffee and felt coffee up my nose I thought about a caffeine overdose. So which one could it be?

Comment by Mandy
2012-06-22 22:36:24

Thank god for this forum.
I take diet tablets occasionally and I took more than I usually do ( I only have a half of one, this time I took a full dosage).
I felt fine then all of a sudden I felt very euphoric. This feeling wasn’t completely bad and I was staying home all day so I thought I’d just try and sleep it off.
20 minutes later I jump out of bed and I don’t even have time to think, I felt so numb, my ears were ringing and I was feeling so disconnected from myself I started to panic. I threw myself in a freezing cold shower and sat there for about 30 minutes.
The feeling didn’t pass, I didn’t leave my bathtub because I physically couldn’t get up and by this point.
I’ve finally crawled back to my bed, I have drank around 1L of pear juice and I feel a lot better. Pear juice completely cleans you out and it’s made the world of difference.

Comment by Your name
2012-07-13 12:31:39

You really make it appear really easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be actually one thing that I feel I might by no means understand. It kind of feels too complicated and very large for me. I am looking ahead in your subsequent publish, I’ll attempt to get the cling of it!

Comment by Thomas A
2012-07-16 11:06:17

Like one of the posters who commented here back in 2010, I too am in Vietnam a country known for its coffee production and coffee culture. I am currently working here (ironically also in the coffee industry, but actually in coffee processing equipment, not coffee processing itself!), but my contract ends in less than 2 weeks so I’ll be leaving the country by the end of the month.

The worst thing happened to me last Tuesday, just weeks before I finish up my contract. Just after my lunch break, I bought a 600mL bottle of Trung Nguyen concentrated coffee (that’s about 20 fl. oz. for you Americans) and took a small gulp, then about 20-30 mins later back at work I downed the whole thing in about 5-10sec (even though it tasted horrible) and that’s when the problems started. I later found out that this particular coffee contains roughly between 2000-2500mg of caffeine, so 10-15 times the amount of caffeine compared to a normal cup of coffee. After 30 mins-1 hour, I decided I should stop the machinery I was operating at work and by 4pm I was feeling strange enough that I decided to go home, 1 hour early. I too was riding my motorcycle, which at that time of day would take me 25-30 min to reach my apartment. I started feeling delirious, nervous, with a very fast heart beat and I was worried I wouldn’t make it back home in time and just drop dead on the road or something. I decided to continue home as fast as possible, possibly stopping off at the nearest hospital if I could make it (ambulances exist in Vietnam, but I wouldn’t rely on them in an emergency). I felt slightly better about 10 minutes later, thus knowing I would at least make it back to somewhere where I could get some help.

Once I got back to my apartment, I took a shower and decided it was for the best that I get myself to a hospital ASAP. By that stage my nervousness was slightly less and I didn’t think I was going to die anymore, but my heart was starting to race even faster than before. After some tests including an ECG, I was instructed to take a pill and try to go home to get some sleep. I refused this advice and stayed at the hospital for 2 more hours. I started feeling a bit better after going to the toilet, trying to induce vomiting (which didn’t help) and then a walk around the local area, where I bought some water to drink. Around midnight, I called my neighbors who took me back to the same hospital who again monitored my heart rate (it was about 105bpm at 5pm and around the same at midnight) but despite the insistence of the 2 nurses on duty that I should stay overnight for monitoring I declined their offer since I knew that hospital wasn’t equipped for my condition especially at that time of night. I was too hyper to stay calm and try to rest on a bed…I knew going for a walk, drinking water and talking to friends would be a much better idea.

Once back at my apartment (around 1.30am) I stayed up all night and talked to some friends and my girlfriend (all of them in other countries) and started to feel better, at least psychologically. Around 7am and still no sleep I started experiencing diahrrea. The whole time since the onset of my first symptoms I didn’t vomit though I tried to induce it but it didn’t work, nor did the hospital attempt to empty my stomach, which in hindsight seems a bit strange, but let’s not forget that this is Vietnam! Not only that, but I’m in a provincial city (though a touristy beach city) and not in Saigon or Hanoi, which would have doctors and hospitals better equipped to handle my condition. Around 8 or 9am I started to feel sleepy, but I still couldn’t sleep, so I just lay on my bed, watching TV.

Around midday I went to see another heart doctor with my neighbor who took me there. My heart beat had declined slightly to 94bpm (this was about 22 hours after first drinking all that coffee) and the doctor prescribed some pills. 6 days later and I’m feeling pretty good again with no more symptoms except one: today I noticed some minor pain around my heart that I didn’t feel much until today (even during the first 24 hours). Although it’s minor and intermittent, it does have me worried again.

Could it just be due to the many days of elevated heart rate, the medication I’ve been taking (which I’ve nearly used up by now) or something else? Everything was getting better but now I’m starting to worry again. I have never reacted to caffeine this way before but on the other hand, I’ve never ingested this much caffeine in such a short time either, nor was I able to expel any caffeine until about 18 hours afterwards, when I finally got diahrrea (and my stool smelt strongly of coffee). I have stopped consuming caffeine for the time being and will surely never ever consume this much again in one go (and certainly never that company’s product that caused this, who will be hearing from me, but that’s another story). Similarly, I will only start consuming very limited quantities of caffeine again on a doctor’s advice but none until then. I have also started eating better, with more fruits and vegetables and salads in my diet, plus water and fruit juice. I am generally in good health and only ever so slightly overweight (I could lose about 5kg or 10lbs but that’s all); once my doctor gives me the all-clear I will also try to resume jogging and other physical activity again.

In short: I’ve learned my lesson that caffeine can be extremely dangerous. Take care people.

Comment by mike the crazy
2012-07-20 18:37:33

I think it really comes down to what’s inside us at the moment. I’m normally a one to two cup a day person.
Just taking one large mug of coffee in the morning, on an empty stomach, gives me major peeing and heart pumping issues.
Where as on a full stomach, with a couple of beers, I can easily drink a 6 shot espresso without any symptoms.
Today I just asked for the first time in my life for a 10 shot espresso from Starbucks. A bit of a test.
Server was hesitant at first, then gave it to me.
Well one hour later, I seem to feel somewhat normal, with no issues. Heartrate 99 beats per minute.
It is higher than 60 beats per minute at waking. Don’t know about pressure though. Mentally, no increase in memory function, or speed, smartness, etc. Just slightly more awake. No hand shaking.
So, depending on what else is in the stomach, and intenstines, before hand,
coffee amount, can have a dramatic effect on getting overdosed or not!
I have a feeling the coffee is being slowly absorbed into my body, rather than all at once.
Well thats my 10 shots worth. Lets see if I can stay up all night to play video games!

Comment by mike the crazy
2012-07-20 21:34:43

Caffeine od test, continued.
Well A few hours later, and pulse is 73 beats per minute.
Lots of saliva in mouth, feeling like clenching my teeth.
Odd feeling in body, but getting kind of tired now.
Time to hit the sack.

Comment by mike the crazy
2012-07-22 12:05:05

Me, one more time. Just want to say a couple things in closing.
Never did get enough energy, to play the video games all night. Got tired and went to bed, regular time.
Bit of a bummer. Probably won’t try that much coffee again.
I want to add, that I believe the drug caffeine, reacts with other brain chemical messengers.
Where as, one cup in morning can make me very irritable and vocal, having one or ten at night, has the opposite effect!
Lots of brain chemistry, we don’t know about. Overdose is never cut and dry. Maybe, the Saint John’s wort, that I take daily, nullifies the caffeine and adrenal hormones?

Comment by Keemy Bizzle
2012-07-23 05:18:46

That happened to me last night i popped 4 of them hoes and it done me all bad. first i broke out in cold sweats. then i got dizzzy, then my stomach started messin up like i wanted to throw up couldnt move at a normal pace juss slow . i was shaking didnt go numb but i could sleep to save my life…..horrible night the ish lasted forever….stilll feeli a little bit and its the next day

Comment by Leroy Skalstad
2012-08-14 17:56:29

never ever take in caffeine at any level if you are taking the antibiotic Levoquin or Cipro, These medications inhibit a liver enzyme that is responsible for breaking down caffeine so that the liver can extract it from the bloodstream, It will increase the half-life of caffeine by a factor of three and increase the effects by five, NASTY WILD RIDE

Comment by Tyler
2013-01-01 19:43:32

As I write this short paragraph I am sitting in the bathroom after my 8th severe bout of vomiting. After New Years Eve splurging on coffee (8 cups) and two this morning, I have proceeded to have one of the worst days of my life. I can’t leave the bathroom and I couldn’t sleep if I tried. I am luck I have my phone so I can look stuff like this up! Never again will I touch coffee!

Comment by Sophie
2013-02-01 14:15:34

Iv had 2 pro plus at 8am n 2 more at half 12.. During the day I had one red bull and took to anadin extra which also contain caffiene! I feel really sick n not myself.. Have I overdosed? :(

Comment by Wil
2013-03-22 07:35:51

Ive been suffering fron severe dizziness for the last 7 days!! It simply will not go away. Ive been to doctors, got my blood tested, my heart tested, yet nothing seems out of the ordinary. (apart from palpitations every so often). I take a pre-work out creatine which contains dextrose (pure sugar). I work during hte nights so i take this creatine to help me stay awake. It all started when i had to do a 16 hr shift. I normally have an energy drink (once) per 8 hr shift, but for some crazy reason on this night i managed to drink 2 energy drinks (710 ml) and 4 cokes (1.5 L) as well as the creatine. I ended up with breathing difficulties, severe dizziness, major heart palpitations, shaking arms and legs. This went with a junk food diet almost entirely i might add. Now 7 days later im still feeling dizzy, naucious, and still getting tired arms/legs. I’m getting really nervous bout how long this will continue, seeing another doctor tomorrow. Has anyone else out there suffered such prolonged side affects??? please let me know

Comment by Cody .A.C.
2013-04-08 22:30:22

So theres a product where i live called Stacker Blackjax, been drink’n coffee for years, and the same caffeine pills mentioned always gave me pep, but never too much.
Today went differently though, this time, it hit me like a brick wall while causualy playing xbox in the early afternoon, immediatly felt weird and what i would describe as “out of place”, sat in front of fans, tried cooling my body in room temp water in a bath tub, drinking water, nothing helped. I induced vomiting, tried beathing slowly, but kept feeling a horrible rush, out of years of taking and drinking caffeine products i didn’t know what to think. Eventually i started pleading to not die, scaring myself even worse.
Everytime i tried to get up and walk around i felt bad vertigo and wanted to collapse, would get frustrated. Earlier it faded around 9ish, i felt normal again, a few hours ago it tried coming back, got the vertigo, odd consciousness, anxiety, and took a good hour to stop again. The pills were 250 mg of caffeine per pill, i took on in the AM and mid afternoon, had 2 half cups of coffee all day so couldnt figure out why i felt impending doom.
Oddest part is, ive had more caffeine in my system at one time than todays amount, now its quarter after one, and things are normal at the moment. Some stomach pain here and there, sides hurting occasionally, headache comeing and going, im a bit of a reckless person so it seemed significant i finally did something for fun and ending with me pleading for my life for hours, I won’t see a doctor or a hospital, i dont have health insurance and already have a 700 dollar bill i cant even pay. I’d rather die than aquire more debt. But i would like to be informed of home remedies if any exist to slow my heart down (safely without cardiac arrest, which also worried me), also if i sat or laid certain ways, its like it would hit me harder, my limbs wernt responding as fast as idve liked, sometimes auditory hallucinations (i think, hard to validate noises without a 2nd party to obseve), feeling drained for the second time, heart rate slowed and not thumping and cant feel it all over my body now. Also would like to know how badly i overdosed, if i technically did i mean.

Comment by christina cormier
2013-04-13 10:57:25

I had I think about 325 mg of caffine still going through withdrawels like sadness mood swings and im kinda worried this will last forever am I being crazy

Comment by Andrew Altenburg
2013-07-10 16:15:25

I think my symptoms will last forever too.

Comment by mia
2013-05-01 15:30:51

i overdosed on caffene im 13 years old im very suisidal as i cut my wrists and stuff like that,
but when i overdosed on the 7 of january i have been getting these pains in my chest stumache and kidneys. my kidaneys keep getting infected and the scans didnt show anything wrong with them i have not told the doctors or my family when i overdosed i went to sleep and woke up and was sick bloody water i went to the doctors and they said it was a bug now i have these pains everywhere along my body with spazzums what should i do? im scared and in alot of pain.
please please help x

Comment by Tod
2013-05-30 15:24:37

I had one caffeine pill because I had been working late and I needed the energy. ONE. I am already naturally hyper but I got an energy like I never had before. It was lovely. Instead of walking, I ran and jumped around. I even mowed the whole lawn running. It was all going well until I suddenly began to feel dizzy. I sweated more than I ever had in my life. My face turned pale and my heart began to pound so much it almost hurt. I felt sick to my stomach. I decided to sleep to slow my heart down to “normal awake mode”, but I couldn’t go to sleep. I sat around fidgeting because I didn’t want to increase my heart rate by excersizing. I also drank several cups of water to wash out the caffeine. I guess I am caffeine sensitive…I had forgotten that even one cup of coffee makes me pretty hyper. Never, EVER am I going to eat or drink ANY form of caffeine again. Don’t want my life shortened by that stuff.

Comment by Sarah
2013-07-05 09:21:49


I’m so glad I found all these stories, I seriously thought I was going to die. I’m 18, by the way.

A couple days ago, I drank a Diet Mt. Dew after breakfast to help me wake up, which is something I have done before without problems. But hours later when my family and I were driving home from Chicago, I drank a really huge thing of Root Beer, and ate A TON of M&M’s because eating keeps me from getting car sick. I forgot Root Beer and M&M’s contained amounts of caffeine.

Not too much later, all of a sudden my heart started beating faster and I started getting really nervous. It got to the point where I told my mom to pull over. She pretty much knew what was happening and told me to go inside a gas station and buy the biggest bottle of water I could find. I immediately threw the Root Beer away and drank as much of that water as I could on the way home. Mom told me to sleep it off, but I was afraid to fall asleep because I thought I would die. By the time we got home, I still had a rapid heartbeat and was now nauseous. I skipped dinner to go for a run to try and work the caffeine off.

That night was the worst. I had a panic attack because I thought I would die and forget to breathe if I fell asleep. I was also really restless and anxious. I thought I was going insane. I woke my mom up and she was really understanding and sat with me and then had me do a meditating exercise that did help me fall asleep. I only got 3 hours, because Dad woke me up at 6 to run a 5K. After finishing it I felt lightheaded and dizzy and disassociated.

That whole day, I drank a lot of water to start flushing it out of my system. I was so nauseous I could hardly eat- luckily I never vomited. Around lunchtime I started dry heaving and gagging, but that’s it. My mom and dad stepped out of the house for a bit, and being a bit of a hypochondriac, I started googling what might be wrong with me. I searched pulmonary embolism (I recently had an 18 yr old friend who died from it, and I was freaking out that I would too), I also searched atrial fibrillation and such. I started panicking and texted my mom and told her to take me to the ER. When she got home she brought out a blood pressure/heart rate monitor and had me use it. My blood pressure was fairly normal, and my heart rate was hovering at about 90-92. I did yard work and laundry all day to keep me distracted.

Around dinnertime the nausea subsided enough that I could eat. I knew I needed something to help absorb the caffeine. Later that night I also ate a plain bagel, because I read on here that eating bread helps. I drank some non-caffeinated tea to help me relax before bed, and then I tried an herb that helps make you sleepy. I was still afraid to fall asleep because my brain kept telling my body that I couldn’t breathe, even though I could take in really deep breaths. Eventually the herb kicked in and I slept from 12 AM to 10:30 AM, which is today, Day 3 of this crap.

My heart rate feels normal, and my breathing is fine (a bit of a stuffy nose from allergies, but I still keep panicking about it). I ate a peach and a plain bagel for breakfast and am starting my first water bottle of the day. I’ll probably go exercise in a bit here because I believe it helps. I’m still experiencing the disassociation and anxiety/paranoia, as well as dizziness though. I’m hoping it will go away very soon. I’m still afraid I’ll die, and I hate the feeling.

How long does some of this last for you guys? I guess I’m more sensitive to caffeine than I thought. I’ve learned a VERY important lesson…I never want caffeine, soda, or candy ever again. It doesn’t even look mildly appealing anymore.

Comment by Andrew Altenburg
2013-07-10 16:13:47

Ok, so I drank 3 monsters in 2 hours about two days ago. I almost had a heart attack but didn’t go to the hospital. I still don’t feel like myself. I have a hard time sleeping. Every now and then I get dizzy and feel like I’m going to pass out. Especially when I eat, however its worse then. My head feels heavy but light at the same time. I’m only 14 so its scary as hell and I just want to survive. I still haven’t been to the hospital. My mom tells me it was a caffiene overdose and I’m just dehydrated but I’m not sure. My heart still hurts a little bit. And when it hurts, that’s when I get dizzy and feeling like passig out. I just want to know if these are just short term effects that will eventually pass or if I need to see a doctor. I need answers fast as its scary as hell. Please help. Thanks.

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