Health and Happiness Formula

One thing for everyone to understand is that foundation of happiness is robust health. It’s an open secret most people do not give too much consideration too. Let us imagine a situation where we are professionally or academically successful, our spouse [or spice ;-)] are doing all right, children seem to be on track and are focusing their energy where they should, parents are taken are of – everything sounds in place and in control.

No tiff with the boss, no malice brewing behind our backs, nothing… but we have this persistent headache for lack of sleep over past few days that wouldn’t go away even with a painkillers. It’s nothing. Just a headache but is enough to take our minds off everything and the pain frustrates us. We lose temper, the feeling reflects in our work and nothing sounds good. We don’t want to eat, talk, nothing. Just want to be left alone.

And I am talking about a simple headache not some potentially dangerous symptom! Now, imagine a situation where almost nothing is going right but health-wise nothing is wrong. At such a time we always feel we can manage the situation. We are in a better position to think logically and patiently – however the situation demands. In a healthy body resides a healthy mind and that’s the secret!

And to keep your body healthy you need to follow a certain routine. And most of us know what constitutes the right routine without having to look up the book. Then what is it taking us so long to follow it? Is it not about eating right, exercising, keeping away from smoking and alcohol? Making time for a long drive with friends, some rain on the roof, some music in the air, a bit of sunshine. It’s all part of the Health and Happiness package deal. Really.

I am not wavering from the topic. All I am trying to say is be happy. Eat healthy. Do what it takes to be at peace. And success will follow. If you spread positive energy, positive energy will come back to you. And this energy will lead to success and happiness. And good health is the key. If you are feeling physically fit, you will be mentally fit. And we all know mental fitness can do miracles. You have to understand and be convinced about how one thing affects the other.  Only then you will be able to apply it in reality and will see the difference it can make.

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