Health Problems Caused By Use Of Computers

One more occupational hazard! I may be late but I want to say it nevertheless. That this is computer age. From writing a letter in the office to choosing the color to paint living room its computer in use all the way. And it doesn’t look like there is any escape from computers or a more suitable replacement for them at least in the near future.

With countless conveniences, the computer also brings some health issues. Let us discuss health problems caused by computers with corrective measures.

We sit in front of the computer looking into the screen without taking a break and blinking eyelid. This hurts many parts of our body. Before the problems go out of hand and we may have to say goodbye to using this machine, let us deal with it.

Problem Area: Lower back Pain
Causes: Wrong type of chair or desk, Right chair an desk but wrong posture, Sitting on the edge of the chair, sitting with all the weight on one buttock by sitting cross legged.
Corrective Measures: Always go for a chair that has a mechanism for lowering and raising the height of the backrest. Never buy a computer chair that has arms rest.

Problem Area: Neck Pain
Causes: While typing when one is moving the neck up and down, left and right too much it causes neck pain. Use of wrong type of glasses (like bifocals), Height of screen. It may sound strange to some of you but some people sit on the computer with mouthpiece of phone hanging around their neck. This casual attitude is not cool at all!
Corrective Measures:
A document holder is a must to restrict neck movement. Take opticians advice and go for special glasses that you can use while in front of the computer. Screen’s height should be adjusted parallel to eyesight – not too high and not too low.

Problem Area: Pain In Wrists & Fingers
Causes: Height of the chair not adjusted properly. If you have bought the right chair you might a well make use of it! Striking the keys too hard.  Mouse is not close to the body.
Corrective Measures: Height of the chair should make a perfect L between the shoulder, elbow and wrist. This ensures fingers and keys or mouse are at a perfect horizontal. Clicking finger is also horizontal for that perfect wrist support. Mouse should be placed right in front of the shoulder, close to our body.

Problem Area: Strain In the Eyes
Glare from monitor, sun glare directly coming in straight on to the monitor from windows, lighting arrangement of the room are some causes that put strain on the eyes.
Corrective Measures: The correct thing to do is to place the computer table between lights and not directly under them. The best alternative is to switch off the overhead light and switch on the angle poise lamp. Ask your optician to put slight tint coat on your glasses. Adjust monitor’s contrast and brightness. Make sure the distance is right. Opt for a 17inch SVGA or XGA screen.

Some Important Tips & Reminders: Wrong chair or a chair not adjusted properly can result into knee, buttocks and shoulder pain also. Get to know about posture breaks and wrist exercise. Room temperature also plays an important part. Pain in the muscles may result into spasm if temperature of the room you are working in is very low. To avoid dehydration work in a room with fewer computers and people and avoid endless rounds of tea and coffee. Take to water. It won’t turn you into fish! Keep everything you need like stationery, CDs etc at a distance that you can reach without overstretching yourself each time. Drawers also should be easily reachable and smooth to open.

Keep the above facts in mind and have a long and fruitful working relationship with computer.

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