News You Can Use About Stress and Burn Out

The same Creator who thought of covering the orange with a thick sour peel to protect it from being eaten away and damaged by insects has also equipped human brain with in-built mechanism to deal with ups and downs in our everyday life. The researchers and scientists over a period of time have discovered that this is possible because of chemical circuit breakers technique that shut off the stress hormones to entire networks of nerves and it’s only function or job is to calm the human brain down.

There are certain things that work in a certain way in our brains. And our internal systems react to them in a particular way. There are certain techniques we will discuss and adopt in our daily life to protect ourselves from being various ailments, which are a result of nothing but stress.

When we are stressed out, we should practice deep breathing. Inhaling and exhaling slowly. This rhythm takes care of health of the heart.

Let’s look at ways to deal with burn out. Burn out is nothing but loss or absence of interest and enthusiasm in work. This quite often is a result of stress. Stress should be avoided at all costs. It’s also been confirmed by researchers that stress ages you before time. Stress damages the immune system.

People who are low on self-esteem are more prone to stress than people who are comfortable with and confident of themselves.

Handling stress and burnout differs from person to person. People who suffer from stress have to identify their own ways to relieve stress. What may work for one may not work for another because each one us is built differently in terms to various responses and ability to judge. Some people get frustrated and stressed when too many rules around them change and then the stress syndrome takes over. While some people may burn out of boredom. Nothing around them ever changes! So find out where do you belong and once you’ve done that you’ know how to tackle it.

Very recently I heard some prominent person on television who was speaking about inner peace. Which is nothing but a situation where one can feel stress free. And it was very sensible. I will try to explain it briefly over here and I hope the hidden message goes down well with the readers. This gentleman was trying to explain that peace is the easiest to achieve. Peace means no disturbance. Then he put his hands together and clapped and asked people what was it? Audience replied, “sound”. Then he did nothing for a long time and made people go through an experience that that since there was no sound there was peace! So let’s do just that. Let’s give our mind and body a break from everything. Good and bad reading, movies, music, gossip. Just disengage. That’s de-stressing.

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