The Best Medicine Is to Avoid Foods which Harm

It all starts with the stomach. You keep your diet in order and everything is in control. Of late the food habits of people in general have deteriorated. people eat en route and call it grub. So we can imagine the state, food is actually in. As children we were told to eat our food slowly, take time to chew, eat in a quiet environment putting all the worries aside. Concentrating on food while we eat has become doctor or Yoga guru’s prescription in today’s age.

We read, discuss all and any sort of topic on the dining table while having a meal, talk on the phone or cell.. everything that distracts us from food. We eat wrong food, and even if we may be eating some right food during the day but the way we eat may not be right. Let’s come to food that can harm or heal. I have listed them down.

Foods, which harm or Kill include Food items that contain Hydrogenated Fats Like margarine, Table (Refined) salt, chlorinated water, Antibiotics, Mono Sodium Glutamate, Carcinogens, Pesticides, Food Additives, Concentrated sweeteners like sugar syrup, sugar, cane sugar etc, Refined oil, Baking power, Junk Food, Fried and Smoked food, Hard and dried bovine products like cheese, Soft drinks and Alcohol.

List of Foods, which heal, are; Barley malt, Carob, Rice malt, Fruits, Carrots in your routine diet. If you include in your diet algae, seafoods and unrefined sea salt that contain trace minerals Chromium and Vanadium, your craving for Sugar will reduce. The most obvious symptom of Chromium and Vanadium deficiency is sugar craving. Fruits and vegetable Juices, unrefined sea salt, Calcium magnesium, Vitamin D etc. constitute a healthy diet.

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