Tooth Abscess Effective Home Remedies

January 12th, 2007 by | Category: Dental Care

If you are here because you or someone you know is suffering from mouth or tooth abscess then let me tell you that this was a perfectly avoidable situation had you taken better oral care. We actually put ourselves into this situation (including myself!) and then regret and repair. Tooth abscess can happen to people at any age as long as their teeth are intact. People with dentures can rest in peace!

Doctor may not be able to give you an immediate appointment. Until then, here are some home remedies if the toothache is unbearable. Mix 1/4-teaspoon of potassium carbonate in 1/2 glass of water and use this solution as a mouthwash. Using it three to four times should reduce the pain in a few hours. This alkaline solution usually destroys the bacteria. Many people who suffered toothache due to mouth abscess in the past have unanimously Okayed this remedy to get rid of pain until the doctor’s help arrives. For some people clove power stuffed in the cavity has also helped.

Tooth abscess has another home remedy. If you have tooth ache or swelling in the gums immediately take to drinking two- three glasses of water and continue drinking a glass or two of water every 20-30 minutes, the pain will start to reduce after a while (The process works because your body absorbs the water through the colon) and will perhaps completely subside.

The main cause of tooth abscess is inappropriate dental hygiene. People who don’t take proper dental care or don’t visit the dentist for check ups regularly suffer mouth abscess. Bad oral hygiene leads to cavities and cavities if left unattended to give rise to a further complication called mouth abscess. The infection begins at tooth level cavity and if not attended within proper time, can spread to mouth, face, throat or jaw. As an exception you can also get mouth infection or abscess after injuring a tooth by accident. Another home remedy is that you mix oil of cloves and peroxide to cure your tooth abscess.

The best home remedy for tooth abscess is prevention. Understand the importance of oral hygiene. Don’t be in a hurry to brush and floss. Don’t postpone your visit to the doctor. And for an unforeseen situation dental insurance proves to be God sent.

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Comment by Jason Butkovich
2007-01-19 01:24:21

Listen, I found the best. Ignore all the other stuff, I promise this will work everytime instantly. And even for a couple weeks minimum. But remember, before i tell you the quick fix, start looking for anti biotics. HinT: the pet stores use them for Fish aquariums. Anyways, take something and find the exact area of pain. Dry area with cotton, toliet paper whatever, and apply super glue to the entire area. Use the ‘Gel’ kind. It wont hurt you, i use it always. If you dont feel the pain almost instantly stop throbing, then the area is still exposed and needs to be covered. Sometimes though you may think that its one tooth when actully its the one next to it. make sure that you get between then if that is where the cavity is. And see a dentist if you can afford it. Hope this helps i know it will better than any other remeidy.

Comment by kristi
2009-12-01 11:55:29

Well, I felt this coming for the last three days, but I am broke, no insurance and have a swollen cheek. So now what? I begin madly surfing the net for home remedies and I can only prey to the Divine that something, anything works. So, I have been taking 200mg motrin tablets like candy for the last 2 days. I finally found an number that helped with them. 800mg. Thats the prescription strength last time I looked. Warm water with lots of sea salt (that I got out from the Instant Ocean box under the fish tank), and finally a tea bag, hot and wet or dry from my experience. My abscess has not come to a head yet, but it will, it always does. So I know it is only going to get worse. But when it evens looks like its going to form that little bubble on my gum…. pin prick here I come. Easy though, and make sure it is sterile. That liquid that seeps out is disgusting, but it sure makes it feel better to spit it out than hold inside your face for that long.

This usually holds me over for about a year until it happens again.

And BTW, it does not come back any worse than it had any previous times. It is always the same pain and the same place, and the same procedure to relieve it. I have had doctors all my life tell me to finish all the antibiotics or the infection will come back twice as bad. I think they just want you to have to come back for more so they can make money.

Comment by Kathleen
2009-12-27 15:47:37

I have a abscess tooth on the upper right side of my mouth. I started using the Tea Bag and My Right Cheek has become extremely swollen and the inside of my mouth has huge white pus area’s and I am wondering if this is something I should of expected. I have had the abscessed tooth for months with a boil on the gum. It appears that the boil has burst and the infection has moved throughout my cheek. I will continue to use the teabags because it seems to be drawing out the infection.

I have been so pissed off with the Dentist office I had went to. They made me feel worse. They wouldn’t do anything without me giving them several hundred dollars. The root canal with a crown was over $1600.00 and I told them that my Dental Insurance will go into affect on January 1, 2010 and that I would have to wait. The girls that work at the dentist office were trying to tell me that I need the more expensive crown and I said I want to go the cheapiest route due to finances.. They just weren’t going to have it!! So now I am seeking out a new Dentist and I won’t put up with anyone Bull S**t…It seems that if you have a medical emergency a doctor is required to give you the medical attention you need. If you have a dental emergency and Dentist does nothing unless you can open your wallet and give them the money right then and there.. I hate Dentist!!!


Comment by Dean
2010-01-14 22:42:25

Try a dental school for cheaper care

Comment by Sarah
2010-02-22 20:18:35

Comfort Dental is amazing…they really understand insurance or lack there of and work with you. I had an absess under my left bottom back tooth that developed overnight and I went to the ER…they gave me antibiotics and I took them…by the next morning when I woke up my whole jav was swelled and full of absess and it had also spread into my neck….my fiance wanted me go to the dentist but no insurance and finances are tight…my aunt suggested COMFORT DENTAL and I called…they got me in that day on a Saturday and took care of me……pulled the tooth and drained the infection…even helped me out financially with payments and discounts….the dentist was awesome he called me on sunday to make sure I was alright and gave me his cell if I had any problems!!! I definately suggest COMFORT DENTAL to anyone for all dental needs!

Comment by dental guy
2010-02-24 19:06:16

If you want substandard care visit comfort dental! bunch of newbies right out of dental school with lack of experience. Your tooth may have been able to be saved.

Comment by Yours Truely
2010-03-22 06:20:59

The fact that a dental office got someone in on such short notice, ON A WEEKEND, is incredible to me. Comfort Dental took care of the problem and she was no longer in pain nor was she being harassed by a dentist/dental asst. to get an expenisve crown instead.

Comment by dentist hater
2011-01-24 12:53:36

fuck you man seriously your just saying that cuz you want people to pay out the ass who cares if the tooth couldve been saved she obviously couldnt afford assholes like you. So she went to a place where people actually care and try to help. So keep your shitty ass comments to yourself Dental Guy fuckin faggot.

Comment by fuck yeah
2011-02-26 06:34:17

damn right fuckin tell the bastards

Comment by inpain
2011-03-04 10:20:09

Yeah! I agree!

Comment by Wes
2011-05-15 20:42:55

Hate to be a bitch but do you HAVE to use the f*word. I am one ok. And I still have a have a fucking toothache. It isn’t helped at all by reading that word. I know what you meant but please!! I’m in pain, don’t make me feel worse!!!!

Comment by ROBERT
2011-05-15 21:46:06

hey im brave i tooked OXYCOTTONS and my tooth decayed to the root and i used forcips and pulled my root out theres 4 roots in my back 2nd moller and i put a cotton into peroxide and i put it there where my root used to be i worked it out slowly every week i think dentist are expensive

Comment by Charlie
2011-06-09 00:48:22

All Dentists Rip U Off..
If U Got The Cahones..
Go For It.

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Comment by Mr. Dumas
2011-07-08 09:46:39

neKsT prajekT, Du iT y0rsEloF brAne sErGirEE. aI tRyEd it eNd iT wErkd gRaiT!!@$%

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Comment by Bpayne
2011-08-01 08:04:21

Ya’ll are such idiots… lol….

and yeah if someones tooth could be saved that’s very nice to know BUT the last time I had my abcess my tooth coulda been saved to at the price of about 3,000 once you count in the root canal.caps, crowns, labor, etc… or I coulda had it pulled for 150 bucks.. Sure I would’ve preferred to keep my tooth who wouldn’t but I don’t have the money for that shit… pissed me the fuck off, rich people get nice medical care and poor people stay sick as shit.. makes me want to go out and rob the shit out of rich people, word up Shun…

Comment by alicia
2011-10-15 12:24:33

Daaaaamn robert i have to say you got ballzzzz guy.

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Comment by non yo biuss
2011-10-23 19:06:18

yea maybe he does but really yall need to stop fighting and everything on here it is to try to help ppl not to fight thank you

Comment by HatinTheMorons
2011-09-06 21:40:09

Dude, reading the word FUCK makes you feel worse? Then you need to get off the internet. You obviously are a bit too prudish for online anything, except maybe x-tian chat sites. ANYONE who condemnes someone for being poor or having tooth problems without knowing their circumstance is also obviously a moron, and knows nothing about life. I have health issues that create tooth problems and medication that does the same. Brushing every day and flossing multiple times a day has made no difference. I am narcoleptic and cannot work and my health insurance does not cover dental. I went to Dr. Zive in Westfield, Ma, and he swore I had to have a root canal to save my second to back tooth. He said he would take $1000 and get the last $300 from me later, this is after I told him that I had cancer and wasn’t working. He still insisted I could come up with the money. I went to another dentist, one that helped people like me, and he said the guy was full of it. He would have done the root canal and my tooth would have shattered in less than 6 mos. I am finally getting it pulled, as it has an infected abcess, but I have rarely found a dentist that wasn’t a crook. That understood life and the bad luck some people have. It could happen to anyone, and I hope it happens to all the dentists that enjoy their high life because they are screwing the rich and stupid. They deserve a taste of real life, how difficult it is no matter how hard you work, or try, or love god (bullshit) life doesn’t provide for EVERYONE.. the people who think if you just work harder, believe in god, try to be creative, are just fucking stupid. Yes I said fucking and Im educated, OMG educated people say fuck? Yeah, every day. Live my life, you would too, rich, self serving assholes. Seriously, grow up.

Comment by James
2011-09-10 10:19:18

Your clearly not THAT educated, she was talking about the word faggot. NOT fuck.

And as for the rich bashing. By No means am I rich, but I find usually if people whine that they are poor and have no money and ‘want to rob the fuck out of rich people’ is usually because you don’t have the ambition or the courage to pave your own path. The world does not owe you a living, you have to earn it and work hard, not moan constantly that wo poor me.
It’sTHAT attitude that means you will always be in the situation you in. Grow up

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Comment by galwonder
2011-10-11 20:26:53

You could not have said that any better.Im one of those people that have too work for everthing an stii need 3000 worth of work

Comment by Wendy
2011-10-23 23:03:52

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on.
I just came on here to find help. Right now one side of my face is so swollen I feel like the kid in “Mask.” It is huge, and throbbing from under my left eye down into my neck. I have worked since I was 16. I worked part-time going to school. I worked as an engineer and hated it. Finished my psychology degree, and though I don’t make much, love helping people.I’ve worked for non-profit org’s. I took care of my mom through her losing battle with cancer and most recently my dad for 5 years until he succumbed to Alzheimer’s. Until my COBRA ran out, I have always paid for insurance. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, and have been fighting to get disability after I reported the last company I worked for for committing fraud. I needed a signature for short-term disability and got terminated instead. I’ve been trying to get my SSDI for 4 years. All the ambition in the world has not helped me, and I am not an isolated case. Our country is broken. Corruption and greed is killing us. Prior to being fired, I had never even been written up before, and have been in the work force over 25 years. It was devastating in every way possible. My home of 16 years was lost to a mortgage company under investigation, represented by a law firm already found guilty of illegal practices, and indicted in 31 other states. I’ve got more ambition and courage than most people, and I have all the effect of banging my head against a wall in this mess of an economy. I try not to judge people. Everyone has their own unique story. When you start generalizing entire groups of people based on what you’ve heard from the media or “Joe Blow” next door, you are often very wrong. Maybe set out to do exactly what this website does: find where we have a common problem, and try to help one another. Crime will only take us further down the drain. We’ve lost our very American “Can do” attitude. It’s a time to look back on what our forefathers were trying to do and put some faith back into the spirit of America. We have essentially built the type of govt our ancestors fled. I know the 18 ancestors I had that fought in the Revolutionary War would be shaking their heads in disgust at the gluttonous, greedy, corrupt political mes we are now. Only the people can change it. So do we sit back and whine, or say enough. That is where we need to have some courage and ambition. The status quo is not working by any stretch of the imagination. How bad is it going to have top get before you write a letter to Congress or sign a petition? Don’t wait until you are the victim of a home invasion robbery, and lose a loved one to violence or worse. What kind of country do you want your children to inherit. I’m off the box now. Sorry, but I’m hurting. I look deformed. And I wish we could look at our commonalities instead of the one thing we may not have in common. It could make a world of difference. Off to the sea salt. Be nice to each other.

Comment by Tooth Ache
2011-08-27 07:30:34

How many teeth do you still have in your mouth, you redneck beer swilling, Alabama hick? I’m guessing 4………

Comment by Tooth Dune
2012-07-28 15:10:23

i gots 7 thank you very much

Comment by Missy
2011-10-13 00:07:41

I totally agree!!! We already know already why our teeth r bad! For some of us, multiple reasons r to blame! TOP#1 Reason: dentists are way to muthafuckin expensive!! But when needed dental care IS affordable,, well saved up for, or say this is what u spend the entirety of your income tax return on, etc. It can be well worth it, combined with the luck of finding the most perfect dentist ever, other than his cost! Our tax return, 3 yrs ago, was spent on my complete process of getting my full, upper dental plate. (I actually got 2 plates. Healing plate & then permanent plate) This dental care pkg. cost us a whopping $3,000. Am i pleased with the outcome? Absolutely, totally worth every single penny! Id do it all over again! In fact, im saving now another $3,000 to get my bottom full plate. And using the same wonderful dentist as the first! 4 people here in this town of approx. 600 people, have gotton an upper plate since mine and none of them has completly high praising about their experience! (I rate my overall experience a 15, on a scale of 1 to 10. I breezed completely thru the actual procedure and yr long healing process so wonerfully unexpected (i had already prepared myself 4 the worst) that it was Almost enjoyable. For lack of better explanation! I had paid twice as much as these other fools but got Soooo much better for more!! And Im gonna brag 2 say that i have the most BEAutiful smile, at least of us 5!! And no more dealing thru pain & suffering! (At least on top anyways) If ur interested in in knowing which dentist I used/ using, u can e mail me at

Comment by Anthony I
2011-02-02 07:27:09

I heard my tooth could be saved from my veteran dentist. That was 7 years ago… They saved my tooth by performing a root canal, blah blah all that… Root canal failed for whatever reason didn’t even know that was possible. Still feel some great pain, infection is still there (yes 7 years straight) and now I’m at the end of the line in suvere agony because that tooth that they shaved paper thin shattered! Just to make things better, apparetly I had a tooth that barely poked it’s way out and formed a cavity? Now thats infected too! Both sides done with no more insurrance!

Comment by Sister Luke
2011-07-11 15:51:32

Every single root canal I ever got (and I had seven) failed, they became brittle and the caps broke off, didn’t save a single tooth, all that money was down the drain. Yeah, I had two insurances, they were sure they could save those teeth! If you don’t have the money they are more realistic. The fellow who is so sure that teeth can be saved probably has insurance!! Now for the folks who need it: Carbamide paroxide (from the drugstore) will really knock back an infection, use it as directed, don’t over do. Two Advil, warm salt water to wash your mouth out. DON’T use hot compresses on your face, like hot water bottles or heating pads, it will make the swelling MUCH worse (Droopy Dog anyone?) and be VERY careful with the anbesol and similar pain ointments, if you are not careful you will excite the nerve and get a rebound pain that will make your initial pain feel like nothing in comparison. I would never give medical advice, but I am told that Feed stores and Pet Supplies sell penicillin 250mg and that the usual two four times a day dosage will work just fine. I did a little research and found that many believe that the regulation process for these animal drugs is actually tougher than the one for the human varieties. I don’t know about that, but I know that it works.

Comment by yerbusiness
2011-04-18 03:54:51

Now now…no need for cussing the man.
The thing Mr. Dental Guy doesn’t understand is that for most of us, life hasn’t been quite so rosey as his has. He’s in the business to make money. One would think however that a little understanding would be in order.
I don’t hate dentists. I think it’s a little redicilous that many of them want to charge through the nose to ease someones pain. Greed, I’m sure, but where is the compassion??
What’s really sad is that most of them call themselves “christians” and will leave someone in dire pain due to finances. Others that have been in the business for a number of years seem to be a little more understanding….not charging so much to those who can’t afford it…taking someone in immediately to ease their pain, no matter how busy they are. Another sad thing is that when a compassionate dentist takes care of someone who can’t afford to pay up front, after doing the work at lower rates and setting up a payment schedule get stiffed by people who talk just like some of you….foul language…insults…etc. Perhaps a engageing the brain a little might help.. That may be difficult for some of you, I know, but at least try to fire up one operation brain cell before you start shooting off your mouth.
As for the expensive dentists, you must understand that many people can’t afford your high prices, but that doesn’t mean their pain isn’t real. Perhaps if some of you could experience this kind of pain once…for days, like I have, and am now, you’d be a little more understanding of what an answered prayer it is just to not be in pain, even if one loses a tooth that under other circumstances could have been saved.
So consider these things, both sides, as you are in pain or find someone in pain.

Comment by Mr. Dumas
2011-07-08 09:53:08

Keep in mind- and abcessed tooth can lead to an abcessed brain. Some folks here have an abcessed tooth that is long overdue for removal. So don’t be too mad at them.
Because like the Pink Floyd lyrics go for “Hey You”…..

and the worms ate into his brain

Comment by sarah
2011-07-23 01:41:28

loving your comment.

Comment by MyM0uthHurts
2011-08-18 07:17:54

Was that comment necessary? You’re so rude!

Comment by syrfergirl
2012-09-29 04:37:47

Totally agree…that was not only rude but unnecessary…

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by HatinTheMorons
2011-09-06 21:41:48

And “yerbusiness”.. stop the cussing? Stop the idiocy and judgement, asshole. I will cuss at my life and the crooks that fuck it up if I’d like. Fuck off.

Comment by throbbingpain
2011-10-16 17:13:07

I agree, anyone on here who is putting down those who are cussing or “poor” etc clearly doesnt have a clue what it feels like. I am so angry reading some of the stupid comments on here. Im in agony with a recurrent abscess which was caused years ago by a knock to my mouth NOT poor dental hygeine. I have a good government job but due to the recession my pay has decreased so much i cannot afford root canal to get this sorted once and for all and there is FUCK all i can do about it. Iv worked hard all my life, both at university and throughout my career and I STILL cannot afford dental treatment. My heart goes out to those who are worse off than me.
Anyway more to the point, I personally find pain killers are useless…iv tried all types of OTC pain relief and nothing works. Gargling a cup of water (as hot as you can stand it) with about 2 tablespoons of salt every hour seems to work best. It draws the infection and once the head comes on the abscess and it bursts is the only time you will feel relief. However this can take hours, even days depending. Also after reading a few of the comments about cannibis above, i found a box of cannibis lollipops a friend had brought home from amsterdam and started sucking and it has slightly eased the pain but not much. At this point in time I would drink petrol if i thought it would relieve this throbbing pain :(

Comment by Wendy
2011-10-23 23:15:54

You were doing so well, and then you had to start insulting people. Was that really necessary to make your point? What is worse, not using brain cells, or using the ones you have for no good. Actually, brain cells don’t have much to do with it at all. If you want to get all high & mighty in how you talk about the cerebral functioning of others you choose to judge, you should speak in terms of neurotransmitters, calcium channels, synapses, axons, and perhaps even the blood-brain barrier. There are a lot of “brain cells” that do nothing but create a barrier. Perhaps that is exactly what you are doing. You had the right idea and blew it with your ego. Compassion, remember?

Comment by Voice of reason
2011-05-12 06:33:25

You were a newbie right out of dental school once weren’t you? I highly doubt you were born a dentist with 20 years experience.

Comment by Justin
2011-06-11 14:22:59

why would you badmouth a dentist that actually works with people for payments. and who cares if they are noobs. i think i speak for everyone with an abcess or that has had an abcess when i say once you feel the pain it could be a wolf dressed in drag that pulled it as long as it was taken out. dont come on a home remedy site just to badmouth your obvious competition. try to help people.

Comment by cori
2012-01-24 17:21:26

Where is this place located if you don’t mind me asking?

Comment by Sue
2011-03-16 11:14:59

Hi, I just read your article for the problem you had a while back, now, I too have had this problem in the past, but now it is a different tooth, and there is some pus in there, i am too afraqid of this stuff draingin down my throat, so no, I caan dro it myself, but I was just wondering the detist you are rerring to, do they have a practices within the va, area?

Comment by baltimore bob
2011-10-18 05:26:40

im going through the same thing i was on opiates for ten years before it started effecting my teeth .ive ben in and out of dentist offices an they act like their scared to touch you if you dont have insurance or 1000$ to dump on your visit.ive ben to UMBC in baltimore but they didnt tell u u had to be their by 530 in the morning and that they only saw ten people a day so ..their went a whole days pay and sleep.but the prob is my teeth became brittel and broke at the gum line so i have lil shards of tooth floating around inside my gums i need a full set of dentures..and further more the whole front of my face is swollen from the bridge of my nose to the begining of my upper lip.but my mom found a Dr in my area that will see me so my fingers are crossed and hopefuly he dosent get intimidated by the extent of my problem/procedure…come on wend 11:30.

Comment by Knowledge
2010-05-12 21:36:18

The only problem with dental schools is not all of them can offer the same services. One that trains dental hygienists is more limited than one that trains full dentists.

Comment by Mr. Dumas
2011-07-08 11:14:28

I found a good school you could go to – here it is:

w w w -d.o.t- youtube -d.o.t- c o m –slash– watch? v = dcELyKkOAak

Comment by Denise
2010-02-14 14:39:38

Listen, it’s not the Dentist’s fault you do not have insurance. Do you actually think that the dentist should treat you for free. That’s the problem with people like you. You think because you have a problem everyone should pay for it and fix it. Shame on you!!!!!

Comment by ohplaease
2010-02-15 03:39:09

Dentists profit at …ummm 98% and we are supposed to be able to afford it. gimme a break.

Comment by Rozmere
2010-02-21 06:10:39

Kathleen is absolutely 100% correct and congratulations to Denise you have won the “Most Uncaring and Useless Response Award”, that rocks for you for you, you must be very proud, way to go!

The fact is that people that have money usually think it’s somehow the fault of less fortunate people that they do not have money and can not afford to pay a dentist the hundreds or thousands of dollars they require up front if you can not afford to have insurance.

I make less then $7 an hour, there are no better jobs in my area. I’ve worked this job for 13 years now and my boss would like to pay me much more but the business can not afford it. I help take care of my mother and have to make sure she is comfortable and fed as well as try to feed myself at least once every other day, plus pay tons of medical bills. Luxury is not something I can even afford to imagine. Now Denise, tell me out of about $250 that I earn every 2 weeks what do I sacrifice to pay dental insurance? And please do not reply with an intellectual gem like “move to a better economy” because if you didn’t understand my previous statement I will try to say it slower for you, I-DO-NOT-HAVE-THE-MONEY!

Meanwhile I heard that one of the dentists in town just bought a new sail boat because his old one was out of date, I feel so bad for him, how would he have survived?

Furthermore don’t give me crap about, “Well the dentist worked hard in college and deserves to make that much.” Yeah I tried to go to college too, I had to drop out because the man in my household was dying and I needed to get back to work and help support the family. I’ve worked much much much harder since then then the dentist did in college trust me!

So because of these unfortunate circumstances people like Kathleen and I deserve to suffer? It’s our fault? We should feel ashamed to inconvenience the wealthy dentists? Thank you for enlightening us!

Comment by dental guy
2010-02-24 19:09:11

Wow typical liberal with the entitlement attitude! Dentists actually have huge overhead. And when you are nice to them they are usually understanding and can put you on payments.

Comment by E
2010-03-09 12:23:39

the only dentist i have found that did payments encouraged me to get the root canal and temp filling done then and there, instead of giving me antibiotics to reduce infection first, then only gave me a note for work that day, even though he acknowledged it clearly had been a problem for at least a week. i worked in a call center so i could not work that much pain in my mouth, but since i didn’t have a dr.’s note they fired me and i couldn’t get the crown financed. really understanding. i just started a new job, so no insurance.

Comment by eddie voltaire
2010-03-25 17:41:33

dental guy, you are a true d-bag, I know there is overhead but not the amount you charge. SOme day karma will rear its ugly head and I hope you see a better light. By the way I am a gop supporter, this has nothing to do with politics.

Comment by jaksiemasz
2010-07-04 13:57:10

AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! First, I am a died-in-the-wool conservative. I am also 67 yrs old and because of circumstances beyond my control (way too many to elaborate on at this time), I have lived on the fringes of poverty my whole life, yet I have never applied for any type of government aid! But right now I am trying to keep my diabetes under control without the aid of teeth in my mouth (all broken off at the gum line because of one of my many health problems). And the reason I am in that boat is because dentists are the most greedy profession on the planet. People in the same category as “dental guy” show their true lack of brain power by making the comments they make. We need to just forgive them — being an organ donor is commendable, but someone should have told him that the brain is an essential organ until after death!!! Even the law recognizes that a person who acts in ignorance of the facts cannot be held criminally responsible. So just pity these people who think they know everything when in fact they are simply ignorant despite possible formal education.

Comment by JAck
2010-08-19 12:20:40

Sorry, things would be better if poverty stricken people like yourself would vote FOR WORKERS, go read a politics book and then understand how you have forwarded this dire situation you are in to many others.

Comment by Me
2010-09-07 18:38:04

Because everyone doesn’t vote that means we should all suffer all we’re all trying to say it really sucks dental work cost so much,you probaly have really good insurance and don’t have to worry about much,even most insurance companies don’t have good dental…It’s really not fair to beat up on the hard working people who have to put other things like kids,bills and grocerys first before we can care for ourselves!!!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Tooth Ache
2011-08-27 07:38:25

JAck. Is that short for Jack-off?

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Lori
2010-09-25 16:47:53

Awesome! Your post makes more sense than any others. Getting old ain’t for sissies. All the expensive dental work I had in my twenties and thirties is now breaking apart now that I am pushing fifty and of course the ex walked out with the dental insurance three years ago so what am i supposed to do? I have an abcess now and seems I have a new dental problem every month. Guess they’ll just have to fall out because I won’t be able to afford to get them fixed properly until I’m done with nursing school in 2.5 years. If I have any teeth left by then.

Comment by Barry
2010-08-27 14:13:36

Truly an uninformed comment. Perhaps you should go back to school and learn a few things. Dental work is very expensive, time consuming and a skilled profession. Many years of post-secondary education with a large debt load involved. Years dedicated to patient care, education, new scientific advances beyond the dentistry of bygone years. I think people have to take responsibility for their actions at some point and perhaps pick up a toothbrush once in awhile.

Comment by Alicat
2010-09-18 05:50:32

I know people who brush their teeth and go to the dentist faithfully who still have problems!

Comment by Justin
2011-01-17 20:46:23

And until then,what?

Comment by Sister Luke
2011-07-11 15:59:03

My dental problems are caused by Sjogrens, many health conditions cause dental problems!!! When I was still able to work, I had several root canals and caps, all of which failed. When I was able, I worked my butt off. Any suggestions for how one is supposed to pay for dental care when Social Security is your only income?

Comment by canadian
2011-09-27 03:55:13

Doesn’t social security pay? In Canada if you r poor u can get social assistance and with that u get a drug card which gives u all your prescriptions for 2 dollars and u also get a dental plan card giving u free dental care. Also anyone collecting disability gets the same.

I’m sorry u are suffering. I hope u feel better..

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Comment by Sharon
2011-09-18 03:29:40

What part of not everyone is at fault for their dental problems don’t you understand? Over the years I have spent 18k (that was after what the insurance company covered) on dental work that continually failed! I brushed after every meal and flossed, used mouthwash and all to no avail… my teeth would just crumble! Root canals and crowns… nothing worked the teeth shattered and finally had to be removed after first spending thousands on the tooth! But still the dentist insisted that he could save each one! Finally after all those years I was diagnosed with coeliacs… untreated for years so my body wasn’t absorbing calcium and my teeth (and my bones incidentally) were like chalk! Then the company I was working for closed during the GFC and because I am not young I haven’t been able to get another job. I couldn’t get social security because I had savings. I couldn’t afford to pay for more dental work because those savings had to pay for food and bills! Now my savings are gone and I will be eligible for some help but the first available appointment is not for another month and in the mean time I can’t even eat or drink the pain is so severe! Don’t lump everyone into the same boat of bad oral hygiene – that is just plain ignorance on your part especially as you are supposedly a trained professional who should know that health plays a big part in the condition of your teeth – or weren’t you paying attention during those lessons? Yes hard work counts for a lot, but if you don’t have good luck then you won’t be among the privileged high earners. I had some luck and wasn’t bad off, but the GFC left a lot of people hurting through no fault of their own, people who now have to start all over again!

Comment by Shadow
2010-09-24 19:01:41

Ok. I gotta put my 2 cents in here. Dont condemn all dentists just because the majority of them are out for money and dont care. There ARE caring dentists out there that dont charge out the ass and actually try to help with a persons situation. Just like everything else, it comes down to a persons morality. Some people are cruel and uncaring and others would give their left arm to help someone in need.

Further more, I feel like this Is a completely pointless discussion to be having. I came here looking for help for my brother and a helpful conversation turns political. I dont care if someones a liberal, conservative, marxist, socialist, or just plane dumb and dont know. A person is a person. Thats the end of it.

Comment by jen
2010-10-08 11:55:22

your ignorant to not care!!!!

Comment by Voice of reason
2011-05-12 06:52:32

I think you mean you’re, which just shows us who the ignorant person really is doesn’t it?

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Comment by g
2010-10-16 14:59:53

well said.

Comment by Megan
2011-08-12 03:18:11

“I dont care if someones a liberal, conservative, marxist, socialist, or just plane dumb and dont know.”

so tell me sir, does your stupidity fly delta?

Comment by patient
2010-05-31 14:31:29

Ok yeah thats crap, I know a dentist through my family and my boyfriends mokm worked for a dental office for years and they make lots off of others dental work, pretty much ot was broken down for me that a meer 25% gove or take is for overhead exspenses and then the rest is the dentist, you see thats how they get to have really nice cars and ,more than one house and im not saying there is anything wrong with that but to say something as ignorant as of how liberal than that just makes you biased and full of shit. So get off you high horse

Comment by Becky Fitz
2010-07-03 10:45:01

Wow, spoken like a typical closed-minded “conservative”! Self-centered, self-righteous, self-serving and arrogant. Keep in mind, while you are spewing that BS about overhead, there are quite a few dentists on this site. I, myself, am a dentist and c an attest to the fact that the “overhead” you speak of hardly accounts for the inflated cost of dental work. It simply is not true because if that were the case then every dentist would charge pretty much the same. The truth of the matter is the cost of dental work is simply a matter of ethical practices.

Lastly, to all of you “Armchair Financial Advisers” who were so quick to spew out your “wisdom” to those less fortunate than you, let me help you pull your heads out of your asses. You should be nothing but GRATEFUL and HUMBLE because there is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING but pure luck that separates you from being in the type of situation that many people are facing right now. Shame on you for being so blinded by the blessing of good fortune.
Remember this…. “But for the grace of GOD go I…”

Comment by jen
2010-10-08 12:00:26

nope sorry miss Becky. I don’t agree with the part of your statement about having inflated dental costs, big overhead etc. Dentists make more than enough and then some even after over head, inflated dental costs etc. so unless they work for a lower class dental agency such as willamette dental then they are making mass $$$$$$$$. don’t try and insult us okay sweetie

Comment by Jim
2011-04-03 09:17:10

Thats not what she said. She said that the dentist claiming large over head are full of bs.

Comment by JP
2010-10-27 10:45:27

I currently have an abscessed tooth and the entire right side of my face was swollen. The dentist got me in right away and put me an an antibiotic and said that if it spread any more I should go to the ER and get an IV antibiotic which I had to do the swelling in my face has gone down almost over night after the IV. At the dentist office they told me that I had 2 options once the infection was gone they could pull the tooth which would cost me $72 or they could do a root canal that would cost me $457 but that they could do the first part of the root canal for $80 and when I came up with the rest they could finish it. They basically gave me an $8 difference between saving my tooth now or loosing it. I have to say I will pay the $8 more to keep my tooth yeah it means I have to save so that I can pay for the rest of the work done later. I don’t have insurance but they gave me an option that was not to hard to attain. If nothing else I can call 80 people I know and ask them to send me a $1 to help get my tooth fixed. For all of you that have made this a political conversation I am vary conservative and a republican but I have found that no matter what your political stance that If you are willing to work hard God will always take care of you sometimes you may have to look outside the box for ways to make money(nothing illegal) but if you are willing to cut grass, pick up aluminum cans, there is always someone that is willing to pay to have something done. It may take a few days or weeks to come up with the extra and the work may not be something that you like to do or pay as much as you would like it to pay but the is money to be made every where if your just willing to look for it and do it when you find it.

Comment by Nystateofmind
2011-05-05 08:07:17

My husband has an abscess tooth as well and they are charging him $200 to pull the tooth. You are lucky to have such low prices where you are!

Comment by sharon rushworth
2011-05-27 23:42:17

thank the Lord I live in the UK after reading your horror stories!! I paid £48 yesterday for previoud abcess treatment and tooth pulling out.

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Comment by throbbingpain
2011-10-16 17:17:55

i live in ireland but planning to relocate to the UK after this comment!!! We are being robbed blind over here!!! Id be looking at the bones of 1000euro to get mine sorted its a joke!

Comment by Gabriel
2011-01-24 15:29:01

Dear Becky, If you were a Godly person you would not say the things that you do. First you blame everyone but yourself….. and you say their self…centered. Know that God is a go a a loving God! he has not appointed you to be a judge.

Comment by Min
2011-02-04 17:51:42

Are you serious people (namely Gabriel and Jen)? Read the entire posting that Becky has written! She is agreeing with you morons!!! She said overhead DOES NOT substantiate the inflated costs of dental care. She is also chastising those who are saying the less fortunate are in that situtation of their own doing.

I cannot fathom what would make you go off on a decent person person like this. Oh wait, I can, stupidity.

Regardless, well said Becky. Thank you for you input and caring demeanor.

Comment by A Dan
2011-04-03 13:36:53

I’ve got a massive abscess in my (broken off) front teeth. Do yourself a favor. The best thing to do in your situation is to head to the ER ASAP. I went and they put me on 2 kinds of antibiotics (with instructions to return if the swelling gets any worse) and massive amounts of vicoden. Note that I have no medical insurance (its not affordable on my salary) Its going to be damned expensive, but its worth it to take care of the pain and avoid a brain infection.

As to the dental aspect of it, talk to your local dentist. Mine is going to do my extractions in exchange for light work around their office and a bunch of old magazines. If I’d been more careful with my dental hygiene they could have saved my teeth before they got this bad (and it would have cost a fraction of what it is) still, treatment can’t come soon enough. Partial dentures here I come!

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Nystateofmind
2011-05-05 08:18:42

In my case the ER is way more expensive. I called a local dentist office and they gave my husband a free 1st day consultation (I talked the dentist into this =] ). The swelling was too big for him to do anything so he gave him antibiotics (it cost $70 for generic brand) and when the swelling goes down he will get his tooth pulled for a little less than $200 and since money is tight right now he will make a payment plan for us. Much less than a visit to the ER.

Comment by Andy
2011-06-13 17:15:31

I retired from the USPS and they offer Dental Insurance for their retirees but the union’s insurance was much better. I been seeing Midwestern Dental Now for over 10 years and at first they were flaky but now the dentists they have improved by 500%. Two years ago I had two cracked teeth and one of the dentists tried to sell me two implants, I said forget it so the alternative was two gold crowns (still expensive with insurance) to hold the teeth to together since there was no sign of serious decay but trauma can cause infection also. I have periodontal problems so I get my teeth deep cleaned every 4 months… my insurance pays for everything but 20 bucks. As the story goes, I got my teeth deep cleaned in May and then worked out with weights like a mad man the next day and was so hungry ate 5 hamburgers ( no I am not overweight). I think something form those hamburglars got in my root through my gums from the cleaning the day before and one of those gold crowned molars. Two days pain city, city of pain, I knew I had an abscess. When into the dentist today and got the penicillin and Vicodin, go scheduled for a root canal. My root canal will cost $125 and they are giving me the new crown for free because the head dentist guy said that they should have giving me the root canal at first because of my cracked tooth. No pain killers helps when you have an abscess on your upper molar. BUT TODAY I FOUND THE CURE… do the antibiotics, I did two right away, did one more 5 hours later and two hours after the pain was so bad. The pain killers were not helping. This is what I did next. Using my water-pik, I placed warm water inside the basin with the purple Listerine, put that bad boy on high and blasted between my gums to to the root , did this three times and pain going. Still sensitive but no pain. It was a miracle.

Comment by Nyte
2011-07-12 13:06:35

Ummm….Gabriel…you just judged. Are you God? No? Read the post, Becky was not judging….she was telling it like it is. I know for a FACT that dentist do not have to charge as much as they do, they do it by choice.

We have several dental offices in my city….not one of them charges the same rate. I can go to one office and get charged several hundred dollars MORE or drive a few blocks more and save…get better care, and get treated as an actual person.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather visit a dentist that cares more about his patients than his wallet…he does the job right the first time and doesn’t create more dental issues just to gain repeat service.

My niece was traumatized by a dentist that thought that she was too young to speak up about what they did to her (attempting to pull a tooth without a numbing agent which they later billed me for.) She was 6 at the time (she was small as a child and looked like she was about 4 years old) and she is now 13 and still refuses to be seen by a dentist unless she has someone in the room with her. To this day she insists that when she turns 18 that she will NEVER visit a dentist again. To be honest, I understand her point of view….I don’t agree with it, but I understand it.

Comment by Charlie
2011-06-09 00:59:03

Spoken Like A Real Human

Comment by Nat
2012-03-06 21:39:10

Seriously I don’t want 2 b readin all this when all I want is some advice 2 help my boyfriend as his face is swollen and a mess and its the middle of the night and we live in the middle of nowhere! stop being bitchy 2 each other because people do not want 2 b reading this crap!!

Comment by Rose
2010-09-21 08:08:15

Yes, most every Dentist or Doctor will accept payments. This issue is not about liberal or conservative, it’s about those who work but no employer insurance. There is another solution for those who are not insured. Every community has non-profit Community Health Center. As a health care professional, we had on site a dental office always full of people in pain needing care. There fees are low and payment plans are available.
The dentists who work there have a large part of their school loans paid for in exchange for working there under contract. They are right out of school and good at what they do. Also, the patient is charged on a sliding scale. So, weather you are liberal or conservative, no one there is interested. It is not on the question-ere.
I think the insured, not all, have no idea how the uninsured feel. Perhaps you could take your so called conservative values and find the part about compassion.

Comment by jen
2010-10-08 12:04:49

You must live in a nice place because here in the real world, payment is due at the time of service!!! Once and a while you can find a nice dentist or doctor that will take payments. but most will not. I am dealing with that right now so I said what the hell just pull the tooth. I already had a root canal in it that needs a re-treatment and I’m in tremendous pain and they want $1,700 to re-treat basically go up there and clean it out with no garauntee that it will work. I may lose the tooth anyway. It’s a molar so just pull the thing!!!!! But I love my dentist and he takes payments and he is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by shimone
2011-01-18 13:49:56

i have an absis on my tooth that is killing me my dentist is going to remove it next thursday i was told it was the size of a golf ball im on 4 diferent prescribed pain killers for it i had to ue someone i know medcal card to pay for going causr i would not have the money. i dont like some peoples smart ass comments about poor oral hygine i brush my teeth every day ant sleeand floos them in this day and age the last thing people arew worried about is there teeth i cant sleeep with the pain im in :(

Comment by hair
2010-10-22 04:52:59

I have NEVER been to ANY dentist that would accept payment! Even If I had been a patient for years. Called 1 800 dentist and they said good luck finding one that will take payments. It is crazzy! If it is an emergency that cost $600.00 why would they not let a peron at least break it up in to a couple of payments.

Comment by Mary
2011-09-03 01:34:06

“Every community has non-profit Community Health Center.” I don’t know where you got that info, but it’s certainly not true of the state where I live. No doubt there are some in the large cities, but I know for a fact there are none in the county where I live or the surrounding counties.

Comment by acudoc
2010-10-22 18:40:26

The nature of the medical profession has changed in the past fifty years. I ascribe it to the excesses engendered by a debt-based monetary system managed by fractional-reserve bankers, although I won’t go into depth on that topic in this forum.

Suffice it to say, lots of people nowadays—liberal or conservative!— can’t afford quality medical care. What are they to do? Crawl into a corner and quietly die? Circumstances change on a dime. You could be next, despite all your well-planned financial security…..

Comment by Goodhealthgenerallyshrinking abscess
2011-05-17 03:13:10

Acudoc makes a very pertinent point. Fractional reserve banking may have a place in economies developing out of feudalism and accumulation of large centres of capital (which are needed to fund eg research and development of IT) but in the treatment of common health issues it does not work at all well. a “National” Health system (compulsory contributions into a state funded universal care system) such as we have in the UK works relatively well, though we are told that only a limited range of treatments can be afforded, these are sufficient to cover the basic problems in this string.

Comment by dentist hater
2011-01-24 13:01:27

your a fag

Comment by WB (in the UK)
2011-02-01 08:02:40

Dental Guy – Your a Twat!

Comment by throbbingpain
2011-10-16 17:30:36


Comment by Lori
2011-02-10 12:43:38

Dentists make most of their money off insurance companies for those who are lucky to have insurance. They have two sets of prices, one for people with dental plans, one for people without them. I was a dental assistant and have seen the luxury they live in and sure, they deserve it, but they should be more generous to people without dental plans. My dentist moved away and it was hard to find another one that would accept payments….even the partner of my dentist that moved would not take payments..and I was faithful in making them! I finally did find one, thank goodness, and I sure appreciate him.

Comment by Mike
2011-02-16 18:07:36

Dentist have very LITTLE overhead, HUGE profits, and very very limitied medical experiance. They do have great hours, no on call or weekends…….for that matter no Fridays usually. Very little responsibility except remembering their tee times. Hmmmmm, its a wonder the real doctors dont look back and say I should have taken the easy way out and became a dentist.

Comment by ihateleechers
2011-03-09 16:57:42

They all say they can’t afford it and blame the dentist, but they sure can afford being on the internet, the computer they’re using, all the pills they are swallowing to get rid of the pain, and home-remedies, etc.

Add all that up and the thousands of dollars they spent to amuse themselves could have went to their health they expect everyone else to pay for after they didn’t take care of their hygiene or insurance.

Comment by David Baker
2011-03-29 00:03:51

Are you ignorant or just stupid? My internet mo. cost is $15, my 6 yr old computer was a gift, “all” the pills I’m swallowing to get rid of the pain is a $2.50 bottle of generic Ibuprofen, as for home remedies I’ve had the tea bags, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and salt on hand around the house for ages… No “thousands” of dollars spent to ‘amuse’ myself. I do not expect anyone to assist or pay anything for me. I have good oral hygiene as well as all other. I can’t afford $350 a mo. insurance, nor can I afford to hand over $1150 for a root canal. Untill I can save for the required amount, I, as others, look for alternatives to hold us over.

Comment by throbbingpain
2011-10-16 17:35:49

Well said……ihateleechers is the biggest moron to ever walk the planet and clearly math was not his/her forte!!! Bottom line Dentists are overpaid and they dont care how much they charge their patients once their wallets and egos are full!!! Now thats not to say that ALL dentists are that way but iv done so much research to show that the majority are. I live in Ireland and the cost of dental work here is astronomical!!! For the work I need to get done its going to cost me over 3000euro……thats for 3 fillings, root canal on my front tooth and a veneer to cover the discolouring because of the recurrent abscess. However if I could manage to get time of work I could fly to Hungary, stay in a hotel, have my dental treatment done and most likely fit in a bit of shopping for around 1500euro!!!! Think about that!!!

Comment by done with dentist
2011-04-13 09:01:26

I have only one thing to say about Dentist, they
are bunch of crooks. Easy on education not like
a real MD, no need to spend 4 yrs in residency
But the charge for a toth pull on a 10 miute job is
average $200, for Root Canal is $1500 and maybe
spend a hour on it. So if they are crooks then
maybe we the middle class are…..
I would say maybe 1 out of 10,000 dentist is a
kind and caring dentist, not in it just for money.
God bless us all!

Comment by screw dentist
2011-03-09 20:10:31

screw all dentist i have a abscess tooth because of a dentist who went to school and all he did
was screw up my tooth then had the nerve to tell me i needed a root canal.. ha i was in prison
and he was going to charge me 1500.00 funny. how can they expect you to pay in jail
greedy bastards….

Comment by in pain
2011-04-17 06:14:26


Comment by Tasha
2010-02-26 16:58:00

Unfortunately,many people in this country will say that both you and Katherine DO deserve to suffer. You know, when I asked a guy that I know who happens to be very rich, why some many people fight any changes that should be made to the health care system, when so many Americans simply don’t make enough to take proper care of their health- he said “They just don’t work hard enough. They need to work harder and not to expect me to pay for them”. This is not just about politics. People lost their ability to care for those in need. So many politicians preach about the US being Christian- really? That’s not how faithful Christians should ever be.
I am lucky to have dental insurance, but I feel sorry for those who can’t afford it. It’s sad..

Comment by dalila
2010-02-27 23:04:08

i completely agree here it is i hace been faithfully going to the dentist forever until o got pregnant. I had my baby december 18 but now that i am 21 my iinsurance won’t pay for it. I have had good dental care before the pregnancy, the dentist wouldnt see me while i was pregnant..note you are pregnant for 9-10 months….i had thee baby..cant go to thte dentist..and now have an ecruciating pain and cant be treated…isnt that just about a b@#$%

Comment by Robert
2010-06-18 16:54:52

Hey crap happens. You think that because you don’t make a lot of money you are entitled to free things? Come on. That’s what has gone so wrong with our country. Sense of entitlement. Boo hoo, poor little me. There is free insurance for people that don’t make enough money. And trust me at $7 hour you qualify. You are upset because the dentist in your town bought a new boat? Oh afterall how dare he. Where is my boat? What a bunch of crap. Come on. I can’t stand that attitude. Crap happens to people all the time, not just you. You go through different seasons and times in your life. Go down to the state offices and apply for state healthcare, that is why it is there. Oh and by the way guess who pays that for you? Ya, the dentist.

People are funny, they complain about not having insurance, but they have cable, cell phones, video games, etc. Decide what your priorities are.

Comment by Garry
2010-07-01 14:04:40

Your attitude is so….primitive. Humans survived long enough to become the dominant species on earth. It wasn’t because of our claws, strength or teeth. It was our intellect and social structure (where we cared for those in our society). There are ancient fossils showing broken bones in human ancestors that have healed. If ANY other animal breaks a bone in the wild, they are dead. It is much like the republican saying “sink or swim”; well can’t very well swim with a broken leg can we? Don’t try and say the state will offer dental care. Dental care is considered a privilege in the eyes of the government. (Again, what a primitive attitude). Everyone should have the right to be healthy. To have access to PROPER medical care. Do you know what the problem is? This country is ran and operated on GREED. (Yet another, primitive attitude). Doctors and dentists are way over payed. If Hippocrates could only see the dominating power’s glorious extension of what he began. Do no harm? Complete and utter negligence seems pretty harmful to me. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be paid well, but instead of 500 thousand dollars maybe they could settle with 200 thousand. They should also help the poor when need be. Oh my god, does that mean the richer people may have to open their pockets a little? How dare the people scavenging for food amongst the back alleys of Detroit, they don’t DESERVE medical care let alone dental. Don’t tell me it’s the homeless fault either. Most of them have mental disorders THAT COULD HAVE BEEN EASILY TREATED. But this isn’t about the forgotten stains in the fabric of America. This is about the people who work hard every day, been dealt a bad hand, and still try to make the best of it with nothing but survival in mind. The working poor (aka, America’s slave labour force); many of whom are employed by some of the biggest, wealthiest corporations in the world. Look at wal-mart for example. The workers of walmart donated hundreds of thousands of dollars of their own money to some cause (i can’t remember which one). The family of Sam Walton donated five thousand COMBINED. Just another example of that all American greed. And sympathizers like you are what is perpetuating such a dribbling concept. See we need to move past all this greed, power and consumption. It is entirely unsustainable. One day, it will all just collapse under its own weight. We have to take care of one another. We are human, sentient. We’re supposed to be enlightened creatures capable of high level thought, art and literature. Yet we drown ourselves in our most basic animal instincts “ME FIRST”. Our entire economy is based on that principle. Those two little words cause all the problems in our society and even the world for that matter. Imagine if everyone had a right to food, clothes, shelter and full medical care, education. If everyone had a right to live. But I am just dreaming right? Then again, so was Martin Luther King, Jr.

I really hope one day you take those blinders off and take a look around you at the damage you have done. Get the super glue and get to work.

Comment by Becky Fitz
2010-07-03 10:54:20

Ahh, Robert…. when I read your hilariously simple-minded thoughts, I am reminded of a great quote by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens). “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt. …” It seems so fitting for you. Please try it.

Comment by kevinb
2010-09-07 12:20:03

wow. entitlement. you and others do realize that it goes both ways fool. you think that it’s only the people on one end that feel they are ‘entitled’ to something. what about many of americans who skated their way through high school and college on their parents dime, then whine their way into management positions…knowing damn well they’re they were the shittiest choice for the position. but why did they feel they should’ve been hired as a manager…because they felt they were entitled to a high-status position.

many americans are the shittiest custodians of money. don’t fool yourself. an american is the last example of great money management skills. you MAY be an example, but i’ll tell you what counts most americans OUT of the category of financially savvy-high revolving credit debt. forget a great credit score…lol…you own over $20,000 to someone else. for you or anyone to look down on someone’s financial acumen makes you appear to be a pompous idiot.

american’s love to FLIPFLOP on government policy and practically any issue that makes life for themselves-uncomfortable. all you damn conservatives that talk about no government meddling in american’s lives. LOL! you stupid got damn fools…yeah until you meet pre-foreclosure, then you’re rallying to find out why the government isn’t helping your dumb asses fast enough.

it’s really nothing complicated. when you deal with people…many of the stances on issues are constructed around one or more strong emotional responses to the world around them. many American’s love to ride high without any aide from the government (for instance). however, not many numbers from the same group care to experience failure and everything that comes along with it.

i have dental insurance. I do believe in American’s doing for self and avoiding dependence on any government or political party. At the same time many of us are intelligent and conscience enough to know that having empathy for someone’s shitty situation doesn’t take away from your pocket or principles.

don’t talk to me about ‘over-head’ either. i know business and there are basically two tracks of thinking-retail and wholesale. retail thinking causes the business owner to OVERPRICE service or product to make profit. wholesale thinking causes the business owner to pull profit from volume. $1,000 for a root canal that will require ongoing care, while an extraction is sometimes less than $200. which do you think the dentist will recommend? lol. overhead my ass dude…if the dentist or anyone is concerned about overhead maybe they can do without the $800,000 home, $300,000 summer home near the sound, the pontoon, shopping every weekend, etc.

EVERYONE looks for a handout when they feel like they don’t have the grit or aptitude to make decisions that will change their lifestyle. this includes EVERYONE on the socioeconomic ladder-EVERYONE!

Comment by Graham Edensounds
2010-09-17 17:39:57

“EVERYONE looks for a handout when they feel like they don’t have the grit or aptitude to make decisions that will change their lifestyle. this includes EVERYONE on the socioeconomic ladder-EVERYONE!”

Yessiree, right down to the bankers who have screwed up their profit then took their handouts from us, via their friends in Government. The ‘handouts’ the rich take from the poor involve working the arses off the poor and then paying them at a rate that they can’t afford to visit a dentist, let alone set aside money for emergencies. I live in the Uk and remember when our NHS gave FREE dentistry, not just because it improved the quality of life for the patient, but also because there are obvious social health gains for ALL when a society that communicates by mouth harbours fewer germs in them. Now we have a society where the poor are in excruciating agony, and where a visit to a hospital can now result in you catching a hitherto unknown anddeadly virus- MRSA.

Congratulations to all those geniuses who think that having money means you’re safe from harm, because unless you treat the poor to healtcare, their rotting flesh will end up meaning you won’t even be able to safely breathe the air around you…

Comment by Sunshine
2010-10-10 15:26:06

FYI Robert, state funded health care does NOT cover dental….know what you’re talking about before you give advice…..

Comment by Goodhealthgenerallyshrinking abscess
2011-05-17 03:23:18

Look, You don’t want to be lectured on how to run your country by a Brit, but get lets get this business about State healthcare straight, OK?

The State CAN (and does in most civilised countries) provide basic dental care for everyone through making contributions compulsory.

I really pity people trapped in a country where basic treatment is not accessible, but you really must look carefully at who is running your economy and how they do it – here’s a clue – it’s not your government…….

Comment by missme
2010-11-03 14:54:27

I have no problem with a dentist having his own business and doing well, after spending the required time and money it takes to become one. What I take issue with, is the exhorbitant charges for dental care, when a dentist’s malpractice insurance premiums are nowhere near what a doctor’s is. I work in a law office and we have several clients who are dentists. Their salaries (not what their business makes, but their personal salaries) are staggering. I think it’s possible to make a very comfortable life for yourself and enjoy the fruits of your labor without screwing the public while you do it.

Comment by Justin
2011-01-17 20:55:27

You are a sociopath.

Comment by dentist hater
2011-01-24 13:16:13

Robert your what’s wrong with this fucking country. Fifty years ago before the hippies before acid and all of the other drugs that also fucked up this country, everybody wanted to help eachother. Everyone understood that this country will fall apart if we all start worrying about ourselves. Now there are assholes out there like you who decide to worry about only themselves and say fuck you to everybody else. This government, this country, and the born into money cocksuckers like you are what this country is about now. I say FUCK YOU TO AMERICA and God bless the middle class which by the way is the new term for lower class, because to call us lower class would just make it harder to forget about us and leave us to fend for ourselves while pricks like you get richer.

Comment by Kristi
2011-03-04 11:40:42

“You think that because you don’t make a lot of money you are entitled to free things? Come on. That’s what has gone so wrong with our country. Sense of entitlement. ”

No one has said anything about getting anything free. So you are wrong there. All people are asking is that the dentists out there at least make an attempt to secure business by offering payment plans or making the service affordable to people. Yes, that’s right… a SERVICE. Patients are CUSTOMERS, not beggars. Not everyone has 2 thousand sitting around in a bank account somewhere. That doesn’t mean anyone is at fault. My situation for example.. I just left an abusive alcoholic… 2 weeks ago. We had no insurance, I just used a tax return to move me and my kids back to the state where my family is. All my money went to moving, turning on utilities, groceries etc. Sure I applied for public assistance, but the local health clinic here wont even issue me a card until I am approved or not from Medicaid and I have an abscess coming on, I can feel the lump starting in my right cheek. Mind you this is an abscess from a root canal and crown I had paid 1,800. for (WITH insurance) about 3 years ago.

So what am I to do now other than sit and wait? I JUST found a job this week (yes, in this economy I got lucky) and don’t even start working until next… so I wont be getting paid for two more weeks AT LEAST. No insurance is available until 90 days of employment.

So now, I will sit in pain and hope this abscess goes away on it’s own. No dentist out there will accept any kind of payment plan for me because I haven’t been employed long enough…. never mind my credit is perfect and shows a stellar payment history. The ER thinks I am only there for pain pills when I told them I don’t want any, I’m not in pain ~~~ yet. But I know it’s coming. All I wanted was some antibiotics so I DON’T wind up in pain.

So now what?

Comment by Goodhealthgenerallyshrinking abscess
2011-05-17 03:35:41

Good luck with the new job –

What now?

A really good diet free of refined sugar and plenty of fresh air and exercise will help bring your general level of health up – if you take antibiotics they can hit the good bugs in your gut as well as hte bad ones in your teeth, so go for live goats milk yoghourt at the same time!

Dont smoke or drink at any costs, they really whack out your immune system.

I’ve had an abcess at the root of a molar for the last month, but it has gradually subsided ( hopefully my general health level is good). I avoided antibiotics this time, and it looks like I’m getting away with it – it may work differently for you so be careful …..

Comment by Wes
2011-05-15 20:59:45

Well said!!!

Comment by mr dental
2011-07-01 10:53:35

Got the internet ain’t ya

Comment by Wendy
2011-10-23 23:25:12

Love your response. So true, and my heart goes out to you. There are so many hard-working Americans that are not only going through Hell like you and I. But then you take another beating by a media that portrays those of us losing everything as a bunch of lazy bums with a sense of “entitlement,” and idiots, like “dental guy” that parrot everything they here on TV, and lack the intellectual capacity to look deeper into the story, or consider alternative explanations. Our situations are unfortunate and tough. But we will get through it. But, someone as judgmental and quick to jump to such snide, negative remarks must be one miserable soul. Otherwise he’d have to be a plain old rotten asshole of a human being, wasting space. Oops.

Comment by E
2010-03-09 12:26:15

an abscess can kill you

Comment by lem
2010-03-13 23:55:07

Naw it aint the dentist fault but u have no right in saying that to a middle class
class person, just because u have money dont mean u have to rub it in
someone esles face…and i have a abscess tooth my self and i dont have insurance and a d*** dentist wouldnt c me cause of that, so yet its not their fault they should still be nice to broken people

Comment by RJR
2010-09-08 05:00:31

I have dental insurance my problem is that I can’t get an appointment to get in to see the dentist. I am not saying that cleaning of the teeth, and pulling of the teeth aren’t important, but those two things do not cause you to be in any pain. I have an abcess that has been that way for almost 3 weeks, yes I have took the antibotics faithfully, but the infection doesn’t seem to go away, and the dentist still want see me for at least another week, say’s his appointments are all taken until then. With all the education they have, can they not see that it’s a very painful condition and at least try to get people into the office sooner instead of making them wait almost a full month to be see

2010-03-20 11:31:37

Denise, the problem with this world is people like you. Not everyone can afford to just go out and pay for everything. You’ll be in for a big shock when karma comes around and bites you in the ass for the horrible way you treat people. EVERYONE WAS CREATED EQUAL YOU DUMB BITCH!

Comment by thatsmesothere
2010-03-21 20:35:43

i dont think the problem is with the dentists or people not being able to afford it, not even denise is the problem, the problem is badly run governments, did you know that no matter who you are you can go to the dentist in new zealand for free (as long as you live there) doctor too. canada has a free health system too (not sure if it includes dentists). so the problem i see is that governments should provide free health care to everyone, maybe spend less time trying to take over the world and more time actually helping the people that live there. cos if they cant provide for the people that live in their country now, they sure arent going to be able to when they have more people to worry about.

Comment by Gilda Gilmour
2010-04-05 19:21:27

Hello the Dr and Dentist are NOT FREE in New Zealand.. no such thing. very expensive

Comment by JAck
2010-08-19 12:24:19

They are free in Australia on medicare, NZ is very right wing, it’s how they keep the status quo against the Maoris.

Comment by yada
2010-08-27 02:09:00

Free for extractions/check ups on medicare. . . If you can wait 2-3years for an extraction/check-up. . . also have to earn near no income.

Comment by Melissa
2011-03-25 23:20:06

Yes, and Jack dental and medical is also free in switzerland. There are a few other places, but I can’t say right off hand. If it wasn’t so doggone cold over there I would move there in a second, especially if I had kids, because school, even college is free. Which explains why their kids are so very successful!

Comment by yobbi
2011-05-17 03:59:09

they are not free…most doc’s here now in oz won’t use medicare/bulkbill and if do like here only for old people and welfare bludgers..and no denist here does medicare.

Comment by Lara
2010-04-11 19:17:41

where did u get the idea that New Zealand has free dnetal or doctor visits? The dentist in the town I live in wanted to charge $187- for a ‘simple’ extraction, no free dental for us at all, and as for doctors, they charge anything from $20- to $69- per pe15 minutes appointment

Comment by loops
2010-04-27 16:50:57

hi there my name is loops i live in New Zealand i have just finished night shift and come on google to try to find a natural cure for an abscess as i am in pain i have lived in NZ for nearly 30 years and I have not ever found a dentist yet that is free, the only option i have available that is affordable to me is to have the tooth pulled and it is my front tooth so i do not with to do that at this time, i am hoping to get rid of the abscess for the time being whilst i save over 1 grand to get my tooth fixed, free dentist not sure who told you that but man that would be truly wonderful and a dream come true, they charge like a wounded bull, I may get lucky and find one that will let me pay it off, but it will be at a rate that is to high for me to afford being on minimum wage, not likely to happen any time soon

Comment by emma c
2010-06-21 21:25:13

hi im from the Uk and here we have something called the NHS this is a free service for doctors dentists and prescriptions i believe every goverment shud ave a scheme like this this i completely understand where everyone is comin from those who cant afford it i ave a low income and so therefore am entitled to NHS this is what is wrong with the way things are in america its all bout the money and the goverment than it is bout the ppl who pay taxes to support thier goverment and then get absolutely f**k all in return i think it is absoluetly shocking !!!!!!

Comment by canadian
2010-08-22 14:07:25

Canada has Universal medical not free medical. A family of 2 pays a min of $125 a month for medical in BC. Perscriptions are not covered and dental is not covered.. also the so called free medical means you often wait 18+ months just to get in to see a specialist.

Learn your facts beflore you start spouting sillyness

Comment by Tooth Ache
2011-08-27 08:01:24

To canadian: Boo-fuckin-hoo, Canuck. The U.S. goes without ALL insurance unless we have group plans through our employer or pay for it through a private insurance company. Please don’t cry about your Universal medical.

Comment by Swannie
2010-09-02 02:55:58

I live in the UK, we have access to medical assistance anytime we need it. I dont understand the whole needing insurance if you are unwell? Surely if you are sick or in need of medical assistance it should be provided for you…..I mean we pay our taxes so its not free as such but I do not need to pay any extra?
Cant America do the same thing?
There are two types of dentist here, the greedy (who charge through the roof for dental care) and the ones for the needy (NHS- National Health Service) which is cheaper for people who dont have much money say £30 ($50ish) for a tooth to be removed opposed to £50 – £100. You pay on the day of treatment but they generally will allow you to pay it bit by bit if you cannot afford it at once.
Although trying to get an NHS dentist nowadays is quite hard as more and more dentists are going private….. greed through and through but to be fair if I was offered more money to do the same job I would take it too….who wouldnt?
I wish you all the best and hope you guys get the care and support that ALL human beings are entitled to no matter what your individual circumstances are!
If all else fails……. move to the UK ha ha you can all live with me ;-D.

Comment by Min
2011-02-04 17:55:33

I already know I was born on the wrong continent!

Comment by Tooth Ache
2011-08-27 08:05:02

Min—why don’t you move. I’m going to Europe. I will be leaving this U.S. of A. within 10 years. I’m still living here only because of my 98 year old grandmother.

Comment by Jarvis
2010-03-26 21:02:06

Calling her a dumb bitch is not called for though

Comment by Mr. Dumas
2011-07-08 10:26:35

Yeah! I mean, how dumb can the bitch be with a smart mouth like that?

Comment by RCF
2010-06-24 06:35:03

How rude are you .. everyone is entitled to an opinion!

Comment by Mr. Dumas
2011-07-08 10:27:10

Here’s mine: Floobertyfubberdinkle!

Comment by swansong
2011-01-28 11:09:39


Comment by Wes
2011-05-15 21:01:53

HELLERR!!!! Well said!!!

Comment by wtf
2011-06-23 15:49:19

i have a headache now from reading all this bickering, good news is it made me forget about my abscess for awhile.
If you people want to deviate from the subject, please do it elsewhere.
of the 8 million lines of text here, about 5 percent relate to the topic at hand.
Please keep your opinions to yourselves about anything except temporary releif from pain.
and to save you all the trouble and more useless babble that people will have to weed through to find help with their pain… here goes
im an aethiest
i dont beleive in politics
im poor
im middle class
im rich
im straight
im gay
im a dentist
im not a dentist

what else did i leave out
ps: if your reading this from your iphone, blackberry fancy phone or whatever- theres the money you needed for that visit and antibiotics
im going tomorrow- no insurance- about 97 bucks for office visit and prescription, luckily i have the money

god i really wanna speak my mind, this restaint stuff for the better is killing me right now

Comment by Mr. Dumas
2011-07-08 10:25:33

He’s gay.

Comment by Tooth Ache
2011-08-27 08:10:54

Christ. I REALLY hope you were kidding about the “Nam” comment. Enough about Vietnam already–that was 40 years ago and what, exactly, was accomplished? HOWEVER, the rest of your comments had valid points. Just stay away from Nam–you probably weren’t even born yet!

Comment by eddie voltaire
2010-03-25 16:54:27

Denise, you are abviously one of those dentist that everyone on here are talking about. Charge WAY to much for work.
I dont understand how one dentist can charge you over $1700 for the same root canal and crown, then another in the same city can charge $900… hmmmm
I live in central Az and if you go to mexico about a hour and a half away, they will do it for a fraction of the price. They are also american dentists. The reason is, they dont have to pay malpractice insurance. All because people get sue happy, and try to sue for $100 grand and more because a dentist makes a small mistake, and they feel like they deserve it for pain and suffering. I have been through alot of different pains, I mean a shit ton, and nothing even scratches the suface of a bad tooth infection. YOu are a selfish twit Denise and I hope you get a terrible tooth infection and cant afford to go to the dentist. But like I said before you are probably one of those rip off dentist that we are all talking about..

Comment by THAT BITCH
2010-04-05 20:28:15


Comment by kazthecook
2010-05-19 03:47:37


Comment by LOLA
2010-09-08 13:25:19

u jus jealous dont be.they make ur teeth healthy and well ,but we mess it up lik always . they do their best to help.thhats why they practiced this for yrs so u should be grateful.


Comment by Knowledge
2010-05-12 21:54:58

Even if your state has some form of low cost dental insurance (New Mexico does) the deductibles and caps can make it just above useless if you need major work done. I have a college degree (masters in fact) but the job market is such a shambles that I consider myself lucky to have the full time minimum wage job I do and much of that income goes to pay bills with nothing left over.

Comment by Dee
2010-05-19 06:46:24

First off no one said its the dentist’s fault for me not having insurance..I CAN’T GET IT! I HAVE TRIED FOR years now…IF i could get it i would have it..Second I am not expecting free treatment by any means i just am looking for a solution..I don’t have a couple thousand to spend on my teeth right now..but i have a serious infection on the whole left side of my face. I have tried salt water, whiskey, aspirin, cold packs, ambesol. You are cruel and really just a horrible person to not think that as a fellow peer that i deserve care. ITS EVERY HUMANS GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO RECEIVE MEDICAL AND DENTAL CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by GINA BRIGGS
2010-09-05 08:37:43


Comment by Wes
2011-05-15 21:03:28


Comment by donna
2010-05-20 17:30:44

you are soo rude you will be sorry one day for that comment..

Comment by patient
2010-05-31 14:17:27

Okay so denise, You think that yes people should be respondsible for themselves and take care of their teeth and in a perfect world everyone would be financially independent and able to pay a doctor enough to support them with there two house and six cars but unfortionately we all dont have that kind of life style. you see since apparently you are a conservative who thinks that your way of life is the only way and you selfish apparently, maby if you had to live paycheck to paycheck and support yourself on nothing and came from nothing you would have a better understanding of why all of these people would get so deeply offended by you comment. I agree that you are entitled to your own opinion. But dont shit on those less than you. Because of the way that our economy is set up we cant have privlages of a healthcare system where people can live healthy happy lives we are all on this planet and should help each other or we will be alone and left with less. have a heart doctors like dentists are over paid and you know it.

Comment by sillyhead
2010-06-29 20:42:02

You are so ignorant! Not everyone is born with silver spoons in our mouths.

Comment by James
2010-07-19 03:36:33

Denise, you are the one who should be ashamed. Id like to see what you would do with no insurance, and in excruciating pain. Some people, like me, have actually been through college and work 40 hour weeks and still have crap insurance that does not afford for a sudden dental emergency… some of us are paying 40k in school loans on top of everything else… some of us arent privileged, silver spoon fed conservatives who come from money or who ‘made their own keep’… this world isnt an ALL FOR HIM/HERSELF world… go to europe and ask ANYONE working there in ANY kind of job if they walk into a dentist and get turned away for any reason… it simply doesnt happen… they are taken care of and WELL…. its people like you in this nation who should be shamed… people like you who should have their insurance taken away and should be forced to scrounge for money to relieve excruciating pain… they say the only way people like you learn from anything is to experience it… I bet you also bitch about servers who handle your food? Perhaps you should try serving while you are at it… and if not… while I’m on my well-educated yet poverty line funded rant…you should at least read the fine print… these people HANDLE YOUR FOOD… remember that next time you bitch…karma… all karma… maybe one day it will be someone like you whose life is turned upside down, and you will have to finally fork over the dough to get fixed… but until then, enjoy your premium insurance and that new mercades you have in your mouth… everything in life decays eventually… even 10,000 dollar veneers.

Comment by Gin
2011-04-04 15:45:48

I have tooth that is abcessed ive called around no one will accept payments the sad part is my husband is in military and the military doesnt offer full covereage dental the dental we have want even pay enough of the surgery for root canal that we can afford. Now my husband fights for this country yet he cant get anyone to set up payment plan to help his wife me with my dental emergency. So Now we got to find away to apply for loan just to get my tooth fixed. Im not sure if we will even be able to get this. Pretty pathetic that my husband fights for the country but when he needs help for us he cant seem to get it.

Comment by Mr. Dumas
2011-07-08 10:19:59

Wow. That really stinks. You gotta wonder what he’s fighting for. I would just quit. I mean…one hand washes the other. If they say the hell with my family’s problem, then I’d say the hell with them. I give him credit and respect for having the guts to do that job. But to risk my life for politicians in armani suits I can’t afford who say the hell with my family? Let them come to Iraq and Afganistan and wherever else and fight their own battle themselves. Maybe I’m not aware of what contract he’s under and being bound by that obligation, but the way I feel about these elitist politicians is…Fuckem. They don’t help me? I don’t help them. My problems are my problems, and their rich elite asses can deal with the shitstorm themselves. Can’t help but feel that. These pompous arrogant suits should realise that you have to give a little to get a little.

After all, it’s like Rambo said in the movie: “I just want our country to love us- the way we love IT”

Comment by Valerie Stewart
2011-10-01 22:42:32

Awww…..I so hope you are able to get this fixed. Of course, I noticed you did this comment in April, and it is now October, so maybe by now, you already have. I myself have been dealing with a tooth that I am a week or 2 away from having a temporary one put in, and then a week later, a permanant. Of course, it couldn’t have waited a week or 2, so it has been giving me problems for 4 days now. I even got back home 2 hours ago from the ER after finding out that I had an abcess in my gum over my front right tooth. And, yesterday, I had a root canal done at a Dentist school, since I could not afford both at my dentist, the seton center in Kansas City. They do go by your income, fortunately for me. And, the truman hospital, however, did give me some more meds for pain and a different antibiotic. So, so far, it seems to be helping. Well, I wish you the best of luck with your teeth. Ttyl.

Comment by Annoyed
2010-07-29 03:25:07

Well, people don’t necessarily want the procedure to be for free, but good God, $1600?? What kind of person has that kind of money on hand to just spend on their self.

Oh yeah, in the article it said that you wouldn’t be in this situation if you took better care of your mouth…..wrong! Some people are just prone to these types of things. And, with me, I had an abscess a while back because my dentist didn’t take out all of my cavity from the prior visit. So, sometimes you just can’t help it.

Comment by CW
2010-08-03 00:12:06

Obviously YOU have never had a seriously bad toothache and no money. Dentists need to be paid just like the rest of us for the work they do. But it is universally understood that dental care is a major rip off. Dont tell me that a dentist is really going to go in the hole financially if they work out a plan with you, or even pull a tooth for say, 50 bucks instead of 250. They have a whole 15 minutes in there yanking that thing out, and what, maybe a couple bucks worth of novacaine. Get real, or get a toothache, and see if you change your opinion.

Comment by getrealyou
2010-08-09 19:51:58

you’re ridiculous. he just wanted pain relief and they’re seeing green. they might as well quit dental and sell bmw’s.

Comment by Michael Rickman
2010-08-22 10:46:50

Maybe if some day you are in the same situation, you want think like that toward that person,the only thing that’s constant is change,you might find yourself in a similar situation ,and then i want to see if you like people judging you the way you judged that person,think about it.

Comment by Jennifer
2010-09-01 20:31:49

that is bs. there are a lot of people that do not have insurance. it is people like you that stereotype everyone else and vote against certain issues like health care and dental care when it needs to be exposed and helped!

Comment by jen
2010-10-08 11:42:18

no shame on you. just because someone doesn’t have insurance as myself doesn’t mean that we think people should treat us for free. how dare you be so ignorant. You must be a stupid democrat!!!! I am sick and tired of the fact that pretty much every other European country takes care of their own!!!! You don’t have these damn high insurance premiums and deductibles and then the insurance doesn’t cover crap anyway!!!! If we didn’t have all these damn illegals here milking up our resources! i.e. housing, welfare, INSURANCE, food etc. for free then we might actually have the money as a country to run more smoothly and take care of our own like the smarter richer European countries!!!! Our money isn’t even worth as much. Why are all of them doing so much better than us!!!! Because they don’t have so many people with your stupid mental views, shit the idiots in this country are the democrats. I think the last election proves that!!! ha ha. Well America you like this change???? didn’t think so. We are all just ignorant.

Comment by Bill Abbott
2010-10-14 15:28:52

Denise leftt one hell of a welt on my cock last nigh when she sucked me off dammit!

Comment by Mr. Dumas
2011-07-08 10:04:59

No welt on mine. She took out her dentures. I love gum jobs.

Comment by spencer
2010-10-18 14:27:29

you are a bitch. most people can not access insurance. I do not have it because i can only afford my kids care.

Comment by GetaGrip
2010-11-01 21:07:22

Hey Asshat, some people DO have dental insurance but still demand cash upfront. N Some people work extremely hard and STILL can’t afford the outrageous cost of dental work. The problem with people like YOU is that you will never understand kindness and compassion. Did Mommy and Daddy not love you enough when you were little? Is that why you are so hateful and cruel? One day YOU will need something and won’t be able to get the help you need. It’s called Karma and I hope it kicks your ass.

Comment by Wes
2011-05-15 21:05:50


Comment by mike
2011-01-20 07:00:32

dental ins. scam crown 385 plus lab add 185 it takes 5-10 mins to cut a prep 85-100 total for crown from lab. yea these guys are still making serious money

Comment by dentist hater
2011-01-24 12:58:26

denise you can go fuck yourself too you act like its sooo fucking easy to get dental insurance. Not everyone has a high paying job that has a dental plan. On top of that some people are born with weak enamel and have problems with their teeth their whole lives. I really think you should just shut your mouth before you go blabbering out ignorant comments that we all could do without.

Comment by Kae
2011-02-10 20:31:15

Ok I have dental insurance but still cant afford to get my teeth fixed because even after the insurance pays what it does the dentist still wants $4400 up front and wont take payments. So for all you people who say that they will work with you and dental insurance helps you are wrong i mean the insurance helps a little but doesnt cover everything unless you have really good insurance.

Comment by Danielle
2011-02-27 12:54:48

U know at least there is places out there that can help people who need it and arent just money hungry. Not everyone expects free treatment you dont have to be such an ass

Comment by nycole
2011-03-03 05:50:29

denise is a dumb ass!!!…people r in pain here not because they have bad dental hygene…that can b the case but not for everyone!!! some people juz cnt afford insurance,u must b the type to live off of mommy nd daddy or sumdn cuz health insurance is not cheap sweaty..until u kno the situation all these poor folks are in dont say shit cuz one day ur guna b one of these people n pain for watevr reason,nd not have a person to give 2 shits about u!!!!…take that nd brush ur teeth with it u careless,thoughtless,cold hearted DENISE!!

Comment by Melissa
2011-03-25 23:14:42

Did you know that the U.S. is like the only nation where the medical field charges out of the ass? Other nations help their people, no fees for medical, dental, etc. Whatever happened to people going into the medical field for the passion of helping people. That person shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for help. In fact, there should be programs for people that do not have health insurance and what not. Not everybody is as lucky as you. You don’t know anything about anybodies life here and you shouldn’t down people for it, you might have had a mommy and daddy pay everything for you until you graduated from college and lived an awesome life. Some of us don’t have that luxury, some of us didn’t know how to get there due to the lack of better parents or parents who didn’t know how to teach there kids and expect them to just learn on there own. And that person might work in a restaurant and restaurants don’t have good insurance. He isn’t trying to get anything for free, I think it’s okay to help people and if I were a dentist I would help people and take care of paying patients. I would charge someone like you and give charity to someone who needed it. Just so you know I am a personal trainer and I give my services for FREE, do you know why, because I have a passion to help people, to keep people healthy. I do construction for my regular job. People ask me all of the time how I can just give my services for free and I tell them that I got into this to help people, to heal people, what kindof person would I be if I charged someone to help them.

Comment by D-compassion
2011-04-18 20:46:25

Shame on you…when people are in need, yes others should help. It’s called compassion and giving to others…selflessness…
I have had no insurance and then there are times I have had good insurance, I have been lucky. Now I don’t have insurance that covers dental. I think the bottom line is can someone lance an abscess at home? Can a dentist do it and not charge someone over $50? Is there a cheap option, like pulling a tooth instead of root canals? I have had 4 luckily with insurance, still 600 a pop and then one had to be redone because I had an extra root they forgot!!!

sure they can lance it for cheap… for the time it takes to do it, come on…I just hope that people who do not want to help others don’t ever find themselves in the same situation.

Comment by OUchy
2011-04-27 15:24:25

You can die from abcesses. So your saying because someone is broke you would let them die?

Comment by Jenn74
2011-04-30 22:15:11

All I know is every few months I get severe tooth pain and an abscess. I have no insurance (I have 5 kids-blended family- that we pay for dental insurance) I would love a dentist somewhere to have a heart and do some pro bono work for me. Not everyone out there asking for something for free is a dead beat loser. My hubby and I both work full time, but as in most families the kids come first. If there was any extra money at all I would have “something” done to deal with my teeth problems. However I have no extra money, and am forced to suffer in silence. Some help would be lovely

Comment by Wes
2011-05-15 20:50:05

That’s right Denise. Poor people deserve their problems. Why don’t they just move? Into rich neighborhoods. It’s their fault really. For expecting decent medical care after paying payroll and sales taxes all their lives. How stupid of them not to have been born into rich families with trust funds and off shore accounts. We should eat them.

Comment by ROBERT
2011-05-19 22:52:23


Comment by G C
2011-06-28 08:36:37

it’s not paying for it it the way you have to pay right then and their. i need dentures and had to pay the 400.00 dollar exam up front at least in medical insurance you get billed and have time to get the monet together. Even if you have dental insurance and you are new no major things can be done for a year and the insurance never covers even half of it . Ibrush my teeth every morning and night but the seizour medication i am on decays them from the inside and you can not tell untill it is too late so does any one have 10,000 to give me for dentures? The bad part is their are no dental training schools in my area and the one wat i can go has a 2 year waiting list but when we signed up I was told a year at the most and that has come and gone.

Comment by Mr. Dumas
2011-07-08 10:01:04

Oh! And I suppose only good people like you who are loaded with enough money to buy dental insurance should have the privilege of living pain free while us poor assholes should suffer with our faces in the gutter. You’re so high and mighty. You must be proud to live in your fuckin ivory tower. Try not to step on us poor loosers when stepping over our suffering bodies. Maybe if don’t hold your nose up so high, you’ll actually see us and won’t trip over us. Hey, it’s ok. Don’t bother yourself with our problems. You have more important things to worry about…like which Porsche you’ll drive on the way to getting fucked by the tennis instructor while your husband works for your money.

Comment by Bpayne
2011-08-01 08:08:55

biiiitch go kill yourself and when your done use yo estate to my bills Ho

Comment by WilBury
2012-03-07 18:39:24

.Do you think it’s Our damn fault we don’t have insurance? Maybe if were a different Color we could have insurance.Maybe we Work everday of our lives but have to squeeze every last dollar to pay for necessities,i hate people like you who just assume Americas Health care system is SO CHEAP! you make me Sick.Fall of a short pier.

Comment by jonah Kikrland
2010-07-19 06:02:54

You are so right! I had insurance, and paid my dentist 1500.00, I refered a friend to him, and he made 1600.00, on my friend!

I went in for my crown impression, and the assistant had to re-take the impression twice. The force she put on my molar was tremendrous, and as soon as I went home, the tooth strated to abcess. I went back to my dentist two days later and it had formed an abscess. He would not even lance it! The SOB! I was in dentistry 11 years, and when I got home, I had to lance it myself! Hurt like hell, but boy did I get some relief! After I lanced it, I washed out with peroxide.

The thing is, I was laid off from my job, and my crown is paid for $700.00!, and the office keeps calling for me to have my crown put on. Hell no, I said. I need a root canal. and it is your fault. They will not even discuss the situation with me. So until I get a root canal, my $700.00 crown is sitting at my dentist office! I am broke, and do not have 800.00 for a root canal! Don’t know what to do…sad, and angry at the same time…

Comment by Tooth Ache
2011-08-27 08:28:07

Jonah—while I appreciate all of your comments, how do you Lance an abcessed tooth? I have a lower-left side molar that is broken in half with pain and swelling in my outer cheek. I brush with baking soda and rinse with hydrogen peroxide several times a week. So far, it looks like there is no actual abcess because I don’t have a boil or anything I can “pop” to let puss out. I really need some advice—can you help?

Comment by SW
2011-10-06 01:33:16

Tooth Ache. Years ago I had a molar break right down the middle. The pain was excruciating and of course it was on the weekend. It was not abcessed though. The pain was from the cracked tooth pinching on the nerve. I actually pulled out the one half of the tooth with pliers because I was in so much pain. I still to this day don’t believe I did that. You might be having the same problem if the crack goes down thru the tooth near the root where the nerve is. I know it has been a little while since you posted so I hope you have found some relief.

Comment by Debra
2010-10-01 10:25:54

I agree, I have no insurance, and no money as well. call one dentist office it is $125.00 just to take x-rays and tell you what is wrong. I know what it is. then they told me it could cost an additional 125 to 250 just to pull the tooth.


Comment by Sandra
2010-10-05 13:50:53

I have been laid off and have a badly infected tooth, mostly due to a bad dentist, who caused a problem in the first place. Not every body WANTS their tooth pulled out. You can not go around without teeth! It’s worse now, when to make payments you need a job and perfect credit. Dentist schools charge almost as much as bad dentists, but put you through LONGER hours of agony, just so they can use you as guinea pigs. As time goes on, only the rich will have the right to live. The rest of us might as well lay down and… expire quietly. Yes, there are some wonderful, generous dentists out there. They all go to NEEDY countries, to fix natives’ teeth for nothing. They don’t seem to see the needy people HERE.

Comment by Ellen
2010-10-27 17:41:54

Your local hospital should have a list of dentists who charge on a sliding scale.

Comment by Tooth Ache
2011-08-27 08:39:49

Thanks for your comment Ellen. I called my friend who works at the local hospital/clinic conglomerate and she referred me to her Dentist. She has had root canals and an abcessed tooth, and I trust her.

Also—-people should know that going to student Dentists or Hygienists is actually a good thing. They have to learn somehow and why not learn on you; cheaply or even FREE. Just let them know that you prefer the homeopathic methods over antibiotics, root canals, narcotics for the pain, etc. Do your research before you go.

Comment by brian
2011-02-08 06:01:26

Take warm white vinegar put it in your mouth and hold it on the abscess this well pop the abscess then washer mouth 6 times a day with non flavored listerine

Comment by Melissa
2011-03-30 09:49:33

ikr i have spent thousands of dollars on dentist and i still have a mouth full of trouble, i have been suffering from an absecc for three days now and yea it hurts all the way up my left side of my head and i have no insurance and no money, and as far as the way they have to see you for medical and not dental is sorry because if you have bad teeth and can lead to other seriouse health problems..

Comment by Melissa
2011-03-30 09:56:12

o and i fount a medicine over the counter that works. it is called EXCEDRIN
Extra Strength you have to take two but man they work even says on the
lable Tooth ach.

Comment by Josh
2011-07-02 05:41:52

When doctors tell you to finish the antibiotic there is reason, and it is not to take your money. The abscess is filled with bacteria which is a living thing, they grow by multiplying, and basically making copies of them selves. By finishing the medication you have better chances of killing every last cell of bacteria so that the can not make any more copies. If you don’t finish the meds not only will it come back but often times the bacteria will have enough time to develop an immunity to the anti-biotics and then your really screwed. This is why there are penicillin resistant strains of bacteria. Every wonder what the dreaded MRSA stands for?……Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus because this bacteria has become resistant to Methicillin which was used to treat some infections. Finish the meds or you may create a super bacteria that can not be treated by medicine that exists today.

Comment by Tooth Ache
2011-08-27 08:59:19

You’re right Josh. But the Super Bacteria is here and that is why pharmaceutical companies are making new, more powerful antibiotics. Last time I was given antibiotics (for a bronchial infection) I took one capsule, per day for about 3-4 days. Used to be 10 days for the average antibiotic. There are antibiotics found in nature, such as garlic, olive leaf, wild indigo and others that PREVENT infections like echinacea, honey and cinnamon.

Anyway, there is such a thing as “antibiotic abuse” and it is mostly found in countries that sell them over-the-counter without prescription or proof of a Doc visit. People from overseas are showing up with TB—yes, TB—that is resistant to Penicillin and where hospitalized to keep them from spreading the once rare disease. The Super Bacteria stemmed from the OTC abuse (and other things I’m sure).

That’s my Microbiological two-cents.

Comment by SW
2011-10-06 01:42:47

Josh.. I know too well about MRSA. My father went to the hospital for a knee replacement and 30 days later he was dead. He died a horrible death too. When sepsis took over his body it was awful. That bacteria spread so fast and they couldn’t pump him with antibiotics fast enough. So you are not even safe in a hospital anymore. My sister ended up with MRSA on her arm because she had a scratch on her arm when we were trying to help with my father. I don’t think a lot of people truly understand how deadly these viruses are.

Comment by Randy Wayne Fricke
2011-08-13 21:56:40

Are dentists required to take the Hippocratic Oath? If so, to have the power and knowledge to ease another’s suffering and to make monetary compensation your overriding motivation for doing so is nothing short of a crime against humanity. It can be nothing else.

Comment by Rozmere
2010-02-21 06:29:43

I’ve only found three things that help me, but they do not really reduce the abscess they just help with the pain. There is a product (if you can find it) that the Red Cross puts out that is simply called “Toothache Medication” it is really expensive, I think it cost me about $12, but it is strong. Be very careful not to swallow any or you won’t be using your throat muscles for a while which includes swallowing. About 4 Ibuprofen (don’t do this often or your body will get use to it and it won’t work anymore), and a ice pack on your cheek. Do not use warm compresses, I found out from a dental remedy site that the warmth might feel good but it is actually making the abscess worse. Also people say to put crushed aspirin on the tooth but again I read that this actually makes things worse and really doesn’t help with the pain, I don’t know if any of that is good or bad advice though, just trying to tell you what seems to help me a little. I hope it helps you.

Comment by just me
2010-06-14 16:52:48

I have tried everything for my abscessed tooth… and honestly, the best thing that helps me is mouthwash. Rinse your mouth good for at least 30 seconds… and its gone! I mean.. its more of a instant reliever than anything else. But hey… thats what i am looking for until i can afford to go to the dentist.

Comment by Jim
2010-03-09 08:50:49

For the past few days I have been suffering from dual problems, an infected wisdom tooth on my upper right, as well as an abscess on the lower left. I have always been blessed with horrible teeth so pain has always been part of the game. I recently took out three dental insurance policies (it’s not nearly as expensive as you think) and am sitting out the waiting periods. I went to my complimentary cleaning and diagnostic at the dentist and she wants me to have oral surgery to remove all four wisdom teeth, plus two more that are unable to be saved. But I can’t afford the $2000 to get that done until my insurance starts paying up in a year (approximately next February). However this was something I’d never experienced before to the point that I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, couldn’t do anything but watch tv and whimper and occasionally cry, yes a grown man crying like a little girl.

Finally I got sick of it and started pouring over the internet to find some relief and this is what worked for me. First I swished some hot really salty water around my mouth paying attention to both the bad areas. This immediately turned the volume way down on the pain so at least I could think straight, but the pain came back after about a half hour, back to the drawing board.

I then read about swishing vegetable oil (they said sesame oil, but all I had was corn oil it worked) then some really strong and hot baking soda water, about two tablespoons per cup or so of water. I swished the oil around in my mouth for about ten minutes (really nauseating but necessary) and spit out this strange butter like substance (Yeah gross). I then immediately started rinsing with the baking soda water a mouthful at a time until it was all gone and low and behold the pain wasn’t gone but it was very tolerable and a few tylenol got rid of that.

I still had a swollen cheek from the abscess but no pain, and after not sleeping for a few days I nearly just called it good and went to sleep, but I decided to try one more thing. I took a DRY teabag and tucked it into my cheek between the cheek and the abscess like it was chewing tobacco then went to bed. The abscess was on the left side so I slept on my right to let it do whatever it was going to do unhindered. This morning I woke up with a very bad tasting teabag in my mouth, and when I pulled it out the swelling was almost all gone. It was easy to see where it went, very disgusting but the teabag was full of bloody puss that is somehow sucked out of my jaw overnight. It’s still a bit swollen but I think another night of this treatment should do the trick.

This worked for me, no guarantee that it will work for you but if you’re experiencing pain like I was you’re probably willing to try about anything.

Comment by ben
2010-05-08 17:49:18

hi im from england and we get free dental care if we dont work but you have to be on benifits and well im not(dont wanna bum of the goverment)im 20 years old and my teeth are bad i have had the same absess for about a year it keeps swelling up to a tennis ball size im going to try the teabag thing tonight and hope for the best and just wanted to say your advice is good thanks man!

p.s i know americans think the britsh have bad teeth but if you added up the number of brittish with bad teeth to americans there are more americans with bad teeth i know its a bigger country but still dont diss british. we dont diss you :)

Comment by CW
2010-08-03 00:25:52


Bad teeth are bad teeth. Some are blessed with good ones, some arent. I am one of those that werent blessed. Anyway, who cares where your from, if you got a toothache, it all sucks. I would chew on a camel turd if i thought it would help my toothache right now. And yes, im american, so add me to your list.. lol
Good luck.

Comment by Jeanette
2010-03-28 08:07:04

What you are doing is absolutely dangerous. The bacteria that you are draining yourself in most likely an unsterile environment can get into your bloodstream and into your heart. Also, to just burst an abscess and let it go for another year is really incredibly stupid. Why? First of all, you’re not ridding yourself of the infection – it keeps coming back. There is something wrong inside your gums and at the base of the root if it does keep coming back. Further, it can and most likely will travel to other nearby teeth and ruin those roots, as well. Don’t you know that when people have heart attacks, the first thing being checked now is the level of bacteria in their mouths? It is being found that mouth bacteria causes heart attacks! You really should NOT be giving anyone the advice you gave them in December. Besides being ignorant, your standards for oral health are abominable and shouldn’t be shared with ANYone.

Comment by ben
2010-05-08 17:52:32

kristi this blog is here to help ppl straped for cash and yes every 1 here had bad oral hygeine thats why were here his advice is good i dont care if i have a heartattck at least i wont have this pain any more :)

Comment by Debra
2010-10-01 10:34:02

I do not have bad oral hygiene habits just bad teeth caused from an autoimmune disorder. I lost a filling and no medical or dental benefits and limited to the income my husband brings home to pay the bills with and the small amount I make we just get by.
so I understand having the pain of an abscessed tooth had to visit the ER still can not find a dentist that will work with me.

Comment by dean
2011-01-20 16:17:20

when your in so much pain you will try anything i guess that you have perfect teeth and have never had a tooth ache or an abcess believe me jeanette its the worst pain ever fair enough its all down to poor dental hygene but like me im british so im fucked we all have bad teeth and belive me when i say if you had an abcess and someone told you to rub dog shit on the offending area you will do it just wish i had the balls to pull the fucker out myself xxx

Comment by Tooth Ache
2011-08-27 09:20:07

What about “popping” the abscess with a dry tea bag like so many others have done? This method is also listed on, which specializes in Naturopathic and Homeopathic methods for helping what ails you whether you want to see an MD or not. Good comment, though.

Comment by Laura
2010-05-26 20:49:13

I need a root canal and and I have a hole in my tooth. Food was always getting impacted so I would floss or use a tooth pick. I accidentally stabbed my gum with the tooth pick and my tooth become infected. It was a seldom throbbing and 3 days later I could not handle the pain anymore. I could sit still, I cried, I wondered what am I going to do? My appointment to the dentist is 2 weeks away and I cannot be seen any sooner… I took ibuprofin and nothing seemed to help. I then started swishing with peroxide and making sure it was really swished good in the infected tooth area and it actually got better. At first it was not helpful but I had to do it every 2 hours. After swishing 30 seconds I would spit it out. Swish with water. Then with Listerine. This was just yesterday when the pain was tremendously unbearable. Today it doesn’t hurt at all. I am sick passing the infection out of my body but I feel so much better that my tooth is not throbbing out my head. :)

Comment by badmama
2010-08-25 16:13:54

I would go to an ER because you can also be seen as a Charity Case. Please do not wait around for the tooth to get worse.
Just go and explain to the hospital, but get some help ASAP!

Comment by dean
2011-01-20 16:22:55

in england we dont have that pleasure all you get is 2 ibruprofen and 2 paracetomo not much good when thats all you been taken 4 2 weeks what i found helped for me is to swish a capfull of whisky(or any alchole with a 40% content around the dodgy toof and some cocaine rub it on affected area works a treat well it gets you thru the day oh and the teabag works too xx

Comment by Marci
2010-09-07 18:39:57

Doctor’s want you to finish all your prescription because you can still have an infection even after the pain is gone. It won’t come back twice as bad, but that is how infections like MRSA are made. The bacteria builds a tolerance due to improper and overuse of antibiotics.

Comment by Rimz
2011-07-20 23:56:05

Just use Sensodyne or colgate sensitive pro relief toothpaste for relief from pain caused by sensitive teeth!!

Comment by barbara
2011-08-02 08:46:02

it is also hurting my throat to the point that i cant swallow. i am pregnant ant cant eat help me please

Comment by Kevin
2012-03-25 13:40:18

yes the pin prick works great followed my a rinse with listerine or baking soda and warm boiled water…. also fresh garlic mash directly on the abscess area will help draw it to a head

Comment by B
2010-04-07 19:35:28

brush after anything u eat. then put medium firm pressure on the area surrounding the tooth on both sides of the gum. find the area of maximum tenderness. then press it firmly ( sort of firm tapping) it helps. sometimes it can drain pus n then relieves pain. ultimately u have to see a doc.

Comment by fallon
2010-09-12 09:13:27

I would never put super glue of any sorts in my mouth. It may have stopped your pain but it also exposed you, inside and out, to toxins in the glue. Garlic is a natural anti-microbial, meaning it does the same thing as antibiotics. Heat helps to diminish this element so eating garlic cloves raw is the best way to get the anti-microbial effect. I upped my oral hygiene, brushed and used Listerine and a tea-tree oil natural mouthwash every at least every time I ate or put something in my mouth. Also rinsing with hot water and sea salt will help to kill germs.

Comment by Jason
2010-10-15 01:14:57

Super glue is Not toxic in such amounts and works THE BEST.

Comment by dean
2011-01-20 16:26:28

superglue IS NOT TOXIC it was first developed during the first world war by a british scientist to stick the troops back together in the trenches after the hadbeen blown to bits its still used today in ER rooms all around the world ( A BRITISH INVENTION) come on america give us some glory lol

Comment by Stephanie
2012-01-01 17:59:54

yep – this person is right. My husband suffers from SEVERE dental issues….(almost all of his teeth are crowns with the exception of a few). He has them fall out all the time or worse, (real tooth crumles leaving a root exposed). He has a million dollar mouth that we cannot afford to keep up with anymore because of all the problems/work he had done when he was a teenager. Use the GEL ONLY super glue – and yep – Feed Stores have antibiotics. They are cheap and some sell them per pill vs. by the bottle, (usually a bottles runs for $20-$25 for (100) 250 mg. capsules). My husband is living proof that this works. Yes, it sounds horrible BUT IT WORKS!!!

Comment by zina Kumetat
2007-03-21 22:21:29

My son’s face is swollen from an abscess tooth, what really sucks is that when you work and can’t afford any health insurance. For middle class people like us who work hard its terrible that we can’t even afford health or dental insurance,but we just have to deal with the pain. If you have any suggestions for the swelling and pain I’m waiting to hear from you.

Comment by ashton
2009-12-01 22:52:38

I have plenty of tooth pain and have found a few different remedies.
For pain there is always Orajel – but i have found that CLOVE POWDER IS BEST FOR PAIN- you can buy it powdered- but i prefer the whole cloves, and grinding them myself- after grinding i usually cut up lil coffee filter squares and make little clove powder pouches, they easily sit inside your cheek for hours, i can even eat and drink while i use them. Your son might feel as if it makes it worse the first time…. but that’s how you know it’s working- as long as he leaves it in for at least 15 min, he can take it out…. after that it shouldn’t really hurt. I leave mine in at nite and spit them out in the morning.
It WORKS I Promise! I also use peroxide for infections, baking soda, and rinsing with salt water. I hear that pressing a green tea bag against it will also help. You could also try super glue (gel)- be sure the area is dried before applying, be sure to cover the whole area. This wont hurt you…. in fact- surgeons often use a sterilized version of super glue on their patients! (yes, the secret is out)
Try the cloves for sure, i recommend it to anyone- you can always use clove oil also. goodluck… mouth pain is the worse!

Comment by ashton
2009-12-01 22:54:39


Comment by Laura
2010-05-26 20:52:06

I need a root canal and and I have a hole in my tooth. Food was always getting impacted so I would floss or use a tooth pick. I accidentally stabbed my gum with the tooth pick and my tooth become infected. It was a seldom throbbing and 3 days later I could not handle the pain anymore. I couldnt sit still, I cried, I wondered what am I going to do? My appointment to the dentist is 2 weeks away and I cannot be seen any sooner… I took ibuprofin and nothing seemed to help. I then started swishing with peroxide and making sure it was really swished good in the infected tooth area and it actually got better. At first it was not helpful but I had to do it every 2 hours. After swishing 30 seconds I would spit it out. Swish with water. Then with Listerine. This was just yesterday when the pain was tremendously unbearable. Today it doesn’t hurt at all. I am sick passing the infection out of my body but I feel so much better that my tooth is not throbbing out my head.

Comment by Jane Howard
2007-11-14 18:44:37

Zina, I have a solution; perhaps if you quit posting libelous and anonymous messages on and start looking for a better job, you’d have the health and dental benefits you desire. Even more so, had you been able to handle the transition to the new agency and been able to keep your job, you’d still have the health benefits you had before. Maybe you have better benefits now. Good riddance to you.

Comment by Holistic Nurse
2009-11-21 12:10:35

You are awful. Regardless of what occurred to leave Zina with no insurance, she is asking for help because her child is suffering.
She did not mention her former job, nor did she speak ill of them (on THIS site) or blame them for her current state.
How did you find her post here? Stalking is a crime, Jane dear….bettter hope Zina doesn’t consult a public defender as you are OBVIOUSLY trolling the internet looking for her.
If she had to work with people like you, no wonder she wasn’t able to “transition”. It should be she who is bidding good riddance….to ugly tempered, narrow minded people like yourself!

Comment by lea
2010-01-03 12:08:43

“OMG” Jane what is your F*****g problem, if you have nothing nice to say then leave idiot.

Comment by Dawn
2010-01-03 20:29:27

what does any of this have to do with an absess tooth

Comment by JACKLYN2879
2010-05-07 18:42:37


Comment by dean
2011-01-20 16:47:15

mee too it seems all we need is cheap booze and distraction

Comment by dean
2011-01-20 16:34:11

i agree knowing what pain an abcess tooth caused i hope the person in question has one the they will surly know what it feels like i wouldnt wish it on my worst enamyxxx

Comment by Lisa
2009-11-22 21:46:58

Since we’re so candidly handing out advice Jane, perhaps I could be of some assistance you: Seek professional counseling and a dating service, because you so blatantly come across as a bitter, miserable old bitch.

Zina: I hope you were able to get the situation handled in a better manner. Some people need to be re-educated and re-socialized on what is appropriate behavior, and what is not. :o )

Comment by Human Socialist
2010-01-11 17:49:30

Wow Jane, Stalker, bech, hmm yes You’re bech and a jealous bech, maybe if you weren’t caught sleeping with the boss you wouldn’t be so jealous of Zina, yes the W*H9re get’s caught with her boss, then get’s mad at a former employee, typical of an office monkey lol

Comment by randle
2010-03-11 22:31:41

lmao!!! is this toothache home remedies or jerry

Comment by jerry
2010-04-15 12:47:36

funny lol

Comment by Barry
2010-01-29 17:50:51

Jane Coward,

You are an idiot. Crawl back under your rock, you lowlife. This person is reaching out for help. You are obviously too young to know about REAL tooth pain.

Your type gives the Human Race a bad name. I know you and you are not only crazy,,, you put the UG in ugly. If you would lose some weight, you could do things besides sit 24/7 and post on all these Forums. You need to get off that Xtra large rear end and try some exercise. We both know some of the same people in real life. I am going to tell everybody what you do for fun,, lowlife.

Comment by Barry
2010-01-29 18:05:32

BTW Jane, Why would you tell someone to get a job when you collect SSD. you never would have gotten it without that shydter lawyer. If you can post on all these Forums, you can work and we shouldn’t be paying your way thriugh life.

Besisdes, Medicare don’t give you Dental Coverage, so what are you talking about? You dirty lowlife scammer cheating us out of our hard earned money so you can have a computer and sit and eat treats ALL day. With all that fat your going to have a heart attack. Then you’ll have to use one of your other names to ge advise. I’m giving you some now,,, LOSE SOME WEIGHT AND QUIT CHEATING THE SYSTEM. You’ll feel better about yourself after you drop about 160 pounds and start paying your own way.

Comment by dean
2011-01-20 16:37:45

what is SSD im from england

Comment by nycole
2011-03-03 06:10:24

dean frm england..ssd is social security disability…americans can apply nd hopelfully get accepted if they r disabled in some way or another..they get a monthly allowance that is only possible by us tax payers..many people like to lie and say they r disabled nd cnt work to cheat the government by getting free money from tax payers…its wat u geet wen u r disabled nd cnt work…

Comment by gemuine
2011-08-20 22:11:32

Barry, I just died a little after reading your comments. It literally took me about ten minutes to finish reading your post because I had to keep stopping to wipe the tears from my eyes from laughing so hard. Your line, “if you just lose some weight, you could do things besides sit 24/7 and post on all these Forums” literally made me cry. So kudo’s to you Barry, for making me forget my pain and giving me a much needed laugh! Ahh the power of randomness

Comment by gorangs
2010-04-17 17:53:50

I really feel petty on u Americans’ what a screwed health care system.. he he This is amazing that the so called number one developed country in the world does not even think about their citizens.. lol.. this is a fake pride and when i visited US then I came to know how fake this country is. I had a bad toothace and no doubt since I was on a visitor visa the dentist charged a huge amount ..

looks outside US guys.. if UK can manager with fantastic NHS system. Sweden can manage without blood sucking insurance co. and vampire doctors here.. why not US.. or may be it’s too late u guys are going to suffer this long..

Welcome to the land of opportunities lol.


Comment by Will S.(nipe) Yourass
2010-05-15 09:35:10

My comment was written in 2010, Jane Howard’s comment was in 2007. Jane, someone needs to shit in your mouth, good day!

Comment by Shocked
2010-05-17 18:59:55

It really horrifies me to read some of the responses to this post. I woke up in pain with what I suspect is an abscess, I won’t know for another 7 or so hours until the dental office opens. Anyhow, I found my way to this page looking for a temporary pain relief method (warm salt water and OTC painkillers seem to be holding it off for now..)

I’m lucky enough to live in the UK where we have a fair socialised health care system. I’m also fortunate enough to be able to afford private medical and dental. As I travel to the US regularly (monthly) I spend a fair amount of time in hotel rooms, and particularly towards the tail end of last year I recall being hauled up in an airport hotel in Portland, OR watching C-SPAN waiting for my flight that evening. I distinctly remember seeing some of the arguments against health care reform being demonstrated, and I remember watching Fox News and seeing people being interviewed who were opposed to universal health care access. I remember thinking to myself: gee, imagine being that uneducated and mis-informed that I could believe that the optimum system for health care is where people go without health care based purely on their ability (or lack there of) to pay. I believed that Fox News had just scraped together the bottom of the barrel in some backwater towns hidden miles into some very red states, where the interviewees had little to no understanding of the issue being debated. Sadly, I was wrong. It seems that highly educated people really believe that someone should suffer serious illness just because their job doesn’t afford the appropriate level of cover. I employ a number of people, mostly in “minimum wage” roles, and as such my company pays Employer’s National Insurance contributions, with staff contributing an amount from their wages equivalent to a little more than I have paid. This entitles them to free medical and dental under the National Health Service. I say free because there are a few point of use ‘admin’ charges that are made. Mainly for dental. I believe the fees work out to be around $30, $60 and $300 approx depending on the level of service provided by the dentist, and $10 for any prescription. I’ve never really formalised my thoughts on health care reform in the US, even though last year it seemed that every meeting I attended in North America would result in me regaling tales of state funded health care, but right now I’m bleary eyed, but awake, and while I have 100 better things to do, I am going to hash out my thoughts on health care, and try to in some way get an understanding of how someone can genuinely believe that they have more of a right to life than someone who doesn’t have as good a job as them.

Let’s make some assumptions:

Every society needs to be broken down into various socio-economic groups. We can’t have 100% from A, that is, we can’t have a nation of Doctors and Dentists, Lawyers and Accountants. It wouldn’t work, the society would fail. As long as we’re all agreed, we can safely move on in our discussion assuming that we need a large number of citizens from the ‘D’ demographic, that is, those people who pump your gas, bag your groceries etc. Now, I’ve noticed that the main argument of the pro private healthcare lobby is that if these people worked harder, they could afford medical/dental (forgive me, I may not fully understand this argument?) – so, let’s assume that everyone does work harder, and go to college and moves to the ‘A’ demo. Then where are we? We have an unworkable society. Who’s lugging boxes? Who’s driving trucks? Who’s teaching in public school? No one. Oh, this hasn’t worked out has it. OK, so back to the drawing board… OK, ok, I know, we’ll have some people working in lower jobs with lower education. But they’ll have to work more hours to get benefits. That’s another argument I heard a lot from the … how would you guys best describe yourselves… Republicans? I’m gonna go with assholes. Right, so these guys are working 80 hours a week, just to bring home enough money to support their families and pay for medical care. I work 80 hours a week. I sure as hell couldn’t do it lugging boxes in Wal-mart, not just to get by. Now, what happens if they lose their job. They lose their medical. What now?

OK, now lets focus on one of the most unjust bits of this ludicrous health care system that people like you are trying to defend. What about the kids? I just wrote out about 3 different scenarios, but I deleted them. There’s no point. There are uninsured kids in America. We all know it, even the Republican party admit it. I believe there are 9 million uninsured kids in America, and 6 million of them are eligible for SCHIP. That’s 3 million uninsured kids… most developed nation on earth… really? So because their *parents* didn’t work hard and go to college, they deserve to suffer. Right. OK, I think I’m beginning to understand. Maybe the kids should work harder. It’s a great idea, maybe some of the big sneaker manufacturers (not mentioning any names, right?) could on-shore some of their sweatshops, and give the kids health and dental in exchange? It’d be kind of like an after school club. Might be a little hard to swallow, eh?

Right next point. I take it you studied Econ 101? Remember the bit about full employment being impossible -all that nasty stuff about bottle neck inflation? What about the unemployed ones – the ones who we can’t employ? The ones who are unemployed to prevent bottle neck inflation?

Gah, I’m getting angry. Your views are just so wrong to me in every single way, I don’t even know which angle to attack from.

Another thing… why is ‘liberal’ a swearword in most states? And why is it that US Citizens seem (I know there are huge exceptions, but just to make a generalisation, I apologise to those I offend) to want to be part of some political gang? “I’m a liberal” – “I’m a conservative” – WHAT? Are you meaning to tell me that you agree with every single policy of your chosen party? You have absolutely ZERO ideas of your own? You just blindly follow your party line? Get a grip and think for yourself. If you actually sat down and thought about – and here it comes, i’m not going to just go in with some small time health care reform – I think if you sat down and thought about it, without listening to politicians or those creatures (I’m sure they’re bordering on mental retardation) that make up the Fox News lineup, you would actually realise that socialised health care is a wonderful wonderful thing.

Let’s compare and contrast:

USA: $200,000 to go to MedSchool, so you have to reclaim that sum by charging huge fees in professional life, or at least that’s the goal, cept you can only do that in Private Practice, so some make lots, others don’t. Insurance companies take fat profits because insurance can’t be sold over state lines so competition is limited, and I mean really limited. Employers almost go broke paying these high fees, the drug companies make loads… and patient care is marginally higher than the UK.

UK: £20,000 to go to Med School, the rest of the check is paid by the Gov’t, after all, they’re the ones who are going to be employing all the doctors, so why not let them off lightly with tuition fees, and then keep their wages lower in the long run. Make sense? Sure does. I know 3 American doctors, all of them entered medicine for the money. Can’t say the same about British doctors. They’re there to help people. Nothing more and nothing less. It attracts the right folk for the job. The drug companies don’t make very much, why? Well let’s get back to Econ 101, monopsony is our health care system. The NHS buys at the price it wants to pay, you don’t sell at that price, it doesn’t get sold. So the drug companies sell at that price, or normally a little higher, and the NHS budge.

Yeah the NHS has its problems. It’s badly run, but it wasn’t always that way. And it won’t be that way forever either.

Someone above touched on one of the little ‘treats’ from America that always make me chuckle as I drift off in my mile-high bed above the Atlantic heading back to the civilisation (calm down, i’m only joking – I love you guys, truly!) is that everything in politics in the states is based on religion and these ‘christian values’ of yours.

Surely Christians have compassion for their fellow man? Nah… no chance, I remember reading a story one time about the new priest moving into his congregation on his first Sunday, he dressed as a homeless man asleep in the church doorway, and was walked over and ignored by his congregation despite his pleas for water. My thoughts on organised religion are best left for another day, but one thing Jane, is if you have the mental abilities required for self-reflection, take a long hard look at yourself and your beliefs, and think how would you feel if you lost your job, and due to a ‘pre-existing condition’ which was uninsured you were unable to work again. Would you feel the same way?

It did interest me how people I’ve discussed this topic with in the US fell into two types (my scope for debating partners wasn’t wider, sadly due to the circles I mix with for work):

* The Highly Educated
* The Highly Intelligent & Highly Educated

Those who I had always held in high regard for their high intelligence were almost invariably convinced throughout last year that Obama’s reforms were not enough, and the USA should adopt the NHS style of healthcare. However those who I had always considered to be shaven monkeys with a degree from an Ivy League school stapled to their chest seemed to stand by Jane’s type of views… some kind of social Darwinism, ironic considering Jane is almost a parody of the type of character who truly believes that Darwin’s work is against God and ridiculous.

Jane, learn to think for yourself, I’m sure that you’ll come out of this silly little phase of thinking that people can just find a better job. Heck, if your boss ever twigs what a buffoon you are, you’ll be without Medical too. And one last thing Jane, stop watching Fox, their ideas are half baked and when someone like yourself tries to put them across, you just sound moronic.

Comment by PersoninPain
2010-06-07 15:26:28

This is an extremely well written article. Bravo!

Comment by emma c
2010-06-21 21:46:41

luv it !!! im from the UK too and i absoluetly agree with everything shocked has jus said the ones sayin its their own fault cos they are on lowcome income or do not work get off ur high horses cos most of u small minded rich ppl believe without money u are on the lower end of the scale well i hope that ur money keeps u warm and comfortable because none of ur barbie doll friends will (by that i mean the ones who ave more plastic than flesh) be there if u suddenly came into the lower end of the scale !!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by mike
2011-01-20 07:19:36

great rpogram until it can”t be funnded any more, which is where the u.k. any many others are now.when the people wanting freebees exceed the contibutors, unless you know how to s–t money, ti”s good bye scocialized med.

Comment by dean
2011-01-20 16:42:57

well said although the NHS has had a lot of critisism latley its is the best healthcare in the worldxxx

Comment by mbilwev
2011-03-31 01:43:43

I think I love you!!!

Comment by Josh
2007-11-27 01:56:34


Comment by mike adams
2007-12-13 02:10:32

how do u get the dental help u need when it’s so expencive and can’t afford insurence or out of pocket? i’m desporate 2 get all my teeth pulled and get dentures. teeth over crouded, busted and abscessed due to wisdom teeth. miserable! help?

Comment by sam
2010-02-06 00:34:37

What I did initially was go to and find somewhere close. You can let them know you don’t have insurance. Sadly the office closed today due to bad weather so I had to go to immediadent.

Comment by Katybone
2010-10-28 11:41:37

I’ve read all of these posts (including the mud-slinging, which I will ignore) and can completely relate. I’m going out of town tonight for the weekend on a much-needed and long-ago-planned mini-vacation, so of course I developed an abscess four days ago in a broken molar. The abscess started on my inner gum and actually grew so big it exploded, but not until it drove me to the brink of insanity with absolutely exquisite pain. Then the abscess moved to the OUTSIDE gum, and nothing would touch the pain — not Ambesol, Red Cross tincture, salt water, peroxide, Naproxen, aspirin powders Vicodin, or even the Tylenol 3 with Codeine and heavy antibiotic that my dentist prescribed to get me through the weekend until I can get back home for a root canal.

What did work? The tea bag remedy. A dry teabag between my gumline and cheek for about 30 minutes completely took the abscess away. Instant relief. Gross, but wonderful! I threw the first one away, gently squeezed as much goo out of the area as possible, and have put another fresh one in to finish drawing it all out.

This skeptic is convinced! Funny, but neither my dentist, nor my dear friend who is a dental hygienist recommended the teabag remedy. Can’t wait to tell them!

If you are in pain, at least try it. I really didn’t think it would work either, but it did!

Comment by cricket
2010-02-26 06:51:34

affordable dentures that is the name look for them they have offices all over they will pull your teeth all in one visit and you leave and come back in the afternoon and they put in your dentures. all for about $300-400 dollars.

Comment by Sandra
2010-10-05 14:10:07

That’s VERY FUNNY! Right! Pull all your teeth out and you solve the problem. And if your hand hurts, chop it off too. Heart problems? Pull it out! Toe nail infected? Who needs 10 toes? But seriously: dentures cause pain, too. And why wear dentures? We, the little people who can’t afford teeth, don’t need dentures. Just go around without them. We can’t find jobs anyway, teeth or no teeth.

Comment by konkon
2011-02-21 13:15:01

i hear all this moaning about not being able to afford insurance. from many people in the us and from the uk, heres a simple idea for all you fucking stupid arses,
regardless wheiter you in englan america, mexico or where the hell ever,

create a home persons self insurance package it not hard heres all you need.

1 pen
a pad
a calculator
and a sense of time, now listen listen carfully.

every week when u get your wages income support of state fund or whater ur earning,
simply put 3 £$ or whatever counrty ur in aside every week it all mounts up in the end.

i hear alot of people use temporary method to avoid the pain of abcess’s and leaving it for a year or 7 years

well it all good theres 365 days in the year, work it out, 1 dollar 1 pound, thats 365 dollars or pounds in self made insurance fund no middleman

1 year 1,2,3,4,5 dollars, pounds a year

1 dollar, $365, 2dollar $730, 3dollar $1095, 4dollar $1460, 5dollar $1825,

does this make sence or am i the only person thats doin this.

it a simple budget organiser,
come on less of the arguing and more common sense!!!!

Comment by TD Ouch
2008-01-02 09:57:31

Are you a dentist making these comments?????

WOW! It really is true about the medical/dental profession promoting co-dependence with their patients.

Dear dentist- you forgot that every abscess is not caused simply by poor hygiene-ever heard of bone loss around a weak tooth???
Second, a good home remedy (which obviosly you do not wish to share) is to cleanse the infected area with baking soda and salt.

This will provide instant relief for a temporary solution until you can begin antibiotics. The professionals don’t want you to know this for some reason??? They would rather prescribe pain killers which half the time do not work but pads their pocket with gold. sir, it is obvious why you got into dentistry. (1) money
(2) people second Good luck with that!

Comment by Dentist
2010-01-29 19:25:16


All peroxide does is kill everything, good and bad bacteria as well as cells in tissues. Baking Soda may be soothing but won’t heal anything. I have found that it is true about using a 50/50 mix of 3% peroxide to kill bacteria. You then need to reintroduce bacteria. If you don’t, peroxide may give you thrush, or Black Tongue if you use it too often. It can also burn your mouth if you use it straight. If a person with no Gum Disease uses the 50/50 mix once a week, you probably will never develop gum disease. It is useless for healing a puss filled, infected socket causing pain and bone loss. This is caused by bad Oral hygiene or a cavity left unattended.

You also have that backwards. It’s Gum Disease that causes loose teeth, not the other way around. You should educate yourself on a topic before you express useless opinions.

Most Dentists tell you to rinse with warm salt water. It has healing properties and sooths.

Comment by Big Mouth
2010-02-25 16:35:38


Maybe you should also educate yourself before you start claiming that an abscess is “is caused by bad Oral hygiene or a cavity left unattended”. I am currently suffering from an abscess due to having a wisdom tooth removed. The tooth needed to come out as it was partially impacted and there was just no room for it to grow up properly. I asked that it be removed as I knew that if it was left, it would start causing pain, as opposed to the discomfort it had already been causing. My dentist refused, for a year, to remove the tooth. When he finally agreed, there was already an abscess (I could taste it after the tooth came out). He sent me home with no care instructions and no antibiotics and told me to take ibuprofen.

I know have a cheek that looks like a grapefruit and the abscess has spread into my jaw. I’m hooked up to an IV trying to fight the infection. The abscess is draining, but keeps filling again and after 5 days on an IV, it just isn’t going away. The next step is to surgically remove it, which does not sound to pleasant to me.

I can guarantee you that I do not have poor oral hygiene and I have not have a cavity in years (since I was a child!). I actually came here hoping to find something that could help me get rid of the abscess (along with the antibiotics), instead I find this site, which tries to shame someone with a real problem.

My mother also has a problem with abscesses, and again she does not have poor hygiene. Her’s actually stems from having another medical condition that weakens her teeth and causes infection/ cavities.

In fact, there are a number of medical conditions, and the subsequent treatments, that can cause problems with your teeth and can lead to abscesses, other then poor oral hygiene.

If you truly are a dentist, as your name would indicate, then I would hope that you try to treat your patients with understanding and patience instead of passing judgment on them, after all, if we all had perfect hygiene and that was the only cause of dental problems, you would be out of a job!

Comment by TD Ouch
2008-01-02 10:01:38

Ouch is right Janey. get a life preferably with christ at the center

Comment by amanda
2008-01-22 20:09:58

it is regretable that you bring our Lord into a jab like that, there is nothing worse than being mean in the name of Christ.

Comment by Holistic Nurse
2009-11-21 12:06:18

Amanda…please READ. There was no jab by TD Ouch, the jab was by Jane to a woman trying to get help for her child. TD is right….Jane neds to get a life and if Christ were at the center, maybe she wouldn’t be so ugly to others.

Comment by Gav
2010-01-26 08:01:17

Ok, from all this it looks like i need to go out and sh@g some whres, stalk some people. Be a miserable, sad loner and definately avoid Americans and my Abscess will be gone. Wheres the whres at?

Comment by Batty
2010-01-29 19:32:49

Gay, At your mothers house in Juarez.

Comment by mbilwev
2011-03-31 01:46:05

V V V V funny!!

Comment by Michael
2008-03-14 04:04:46

This will reduce the swelling and stop the pain. Mix 1 tea spoon of pepper, 1 tea spoon of salt and 1/2 teaspoon of vinigar in a cup of water. Bathe on the tooth for 1/2 – 1 hour.

Comment by tiffany
2008-03-22 16:41:53

u people are suppose to be helping people but all u r doing is being mean u need to get a life

Comment by adam smith
2008-04-06 10:18:54

Go to the store and get any liquor and an eye dropper and periodically drop alcohol on the tooth. It will numb it. You could try rinsing with warm salt water. Cloves or mint oil will help. Toothpaste directly on the affected area as a topical solution (not brushing) will help. I’m in this boat right now. I think the only real solution is a dentist’s visit and either a filling, root-canal, or extraction. Guess which one is the cheapest.

I haven’t tried this yet, but look for dentists that use water-lase technology. Supposedly it makes fillings painless.

Comment by Seduction M.
2008-04-21 02:26:25

Thank you to all that actually posted something worthwhile on this site, for the other jackasses that paste insults here just do the world a favour and go to hell! This website is meant to assist people with their difficulties and if you cannot help you are not welcome here!

Comment by Human Socialist
2010-01-11 17:52:04

lol sorry Seduction of looserness u go to hell. to bad there isn’t one, maybe there isn’t a you either

Comment by AMBER
2008-04-23 08:29:27


Comment by Laura
2010-05-26 20:58:47

I need a root canal and and I have a hole in my tooth. Food was always getting impacted so I would floss or use a tooth pick. I accidentally stabbed my gum with the tooth pick and my tooth become infected. It was a seldom throbbing and 3 days later I could not handle the pain anymore. I could sit still, I cried, I wondered what am I going to do? My appointment to the dentist is 2 weeks away and I cannot be seen any sooner… I took ibuprofin and nothing seemed to help. I then started swishing with peroxide and making sure it was really swished good in the infected tooth area and it actually got better. At first it was not helpful but I had to do it every 2 hours. After swishing 30 seconds I would spit it out. Swish with water. Then with Listerine. This was just yesterday when the pain was tremendously unbearable. Today it doesn’t hurt at all. I am sick passing the infection out of my body but I feel so much better that my tooth is not throbbing out my head.

Comment by Carla
2008-05-13 05:18:31

I’ve had an abscessed tooth since Friday when I woke up. No pain, but the left side of my face looked like I had a fight with a botox needle. It was swollen up into my jaw. I immediately started anitbiotics. (I, fortunately, have the pleasure that my boyfriend’s father is a foot doctor and has Amoxicillin on hand.) It seemed like it was going down and almost gone yesterday, but when I woke up this morning, it was bigger than ever and a new swelling had appeared right above my tooth on the gum. I tried to pop it to drain it, but even though it didn’t hurt normally, it was very tender to the touch and I couldn’t pop it without really hurting myself. So I tried the tea bag method. I took a dry Lipton tea bag and held it in my mouth directly ON the pus filled abscess. It hurt like h-e- double hockey sticks for about 20 minutes. I mean, it REALLY hurt. But then the pain completely went away and even touching my cheek was ok while I had the tea bag in. So I left it there for two hours and then got up and went to the bathroom. Sure enough, at the base of the bubble was a white dot surrounded by a black bigger dot. I took my sterilized needle and just barely touched it. IT POPPED!! All the nasty, horrible smelling pus came oozing out. I gently pushed on the top of the abscess (up in my check) and guided it to the whole. I completely drained it within 30 minutes with lots of spitting. After that, I rinsed and swished my mouth with hydrogen peroxide to sanitize after all that poison was in there. Then rinsed with cool water to get rid of the hydrogen peroxide. Now I know the abscess can fill up again, especially overnight, so I’m keeping a tea bag on my gums for a couple of more hours while I make sure it’s all extracted. With the combo of antibiotics and drainage, I’ll be able to go to the dentist on Wednesday and have the dang thing pulled so it won’t cause me anymore problems.

I hope this helps someone!!

Comment by Daisy
2009-11-19 19:18:36

OMG!!! I am 16, and i went to the dentist like a year ago, and they gave me a unnecessary filling. it fell out this summer, and an abscess formed like 2 years ago. i am sooo going to try this. i really hope that it helps. my family is really strapped for cash. and we have no insurance. so i have had to dael with this for so long. it really hurts, and it really sucks. thank you everyone.

Comment by Jack Norris
2010-10-01 19:33:40

I’m 22 and I don’t have insurance either lol. They say “you should never pop it it can spread”, but its already spread anyways. Yeah you shouldn’t do this WHEN proper medical attention is available, because its risky.

BUT, its even MORE risky to just let it keep growing. Too many people have a “zero tolerance” attitude about anything that puts your health or life in danger, but they end up causing more harm than good because these people don’t understand extreme circumstances where some times, you have to do something risky to avoid something else that has a higher probability of causing the same harm.

Anyways, I responded to your post because I went to three different dentists to ask what was cuasing the abscesses and I got three completely different opinions. So I can’t decide what to do and might have to just get my teeth pulled, I can’t just keep going through these abscesses over and over again that can’t be healthy.

Comment by Tiffany
2010-01-07 14:26:08

This really worked. I put the tea bag on my gum for about an hour and then popped the abcessed. The whole thing drained in about 30 to 45 minutes and I was feeling MUCH better! Thanks

Comment by Kyle
2010-01-22 19:57:48

I got a razor blade and cut off my absess.. it hurt like a bitch but afterwords a lot more of my tooth is exposed and it is gone. i rubbed powdered amoxicillin on the wound and swish hydrogen peroxide daily. i don’t know if this helps but its all i could do and it seems better than letting it build up at all.

Comment by renee
2008-05-16 13:58:49

people when other people are asking questions why do people have to be so mean??people are only looking for help when they are in pain!!i have suffered many of toothaches and a dentist can be very expensive for people who don’t have insurance

Comment by jt
2008-05-17 19:36:21

okay…nothing really works only temporary most of the time, but viegar works but it burns like hell, my ace is swollen right now.

if u cant afford to see a dentist…..

rob somebody because im in the position to kill somebody right now lol…im in so much pain but only warm n salt water, alot of antibiotics, vitamin c…should knock it.

Comment by Dip
2008-06-13 14:39:19

I have had many abcesses… I have always found that if you catch it soon enough, a hot cup of heavily salted water (to the point that no more salt will dissolve) take a good swig, swirl n scoosh, gargle if you can for about 1min. Spit. Take a decent gob full and swirl it gently in your mouth for as long as pos.. a good half hour if you can.. take ibuprofen and water to rehydrate your now puckered mouth and go to bed. Hey presto.. you wake up and it’s gone. If its bigger than a fat pea then your bingoed. Nothing but anti-b n extraction will cure it. yeah… you can go down the road of root canal.. it’s not worth the extra few years with the tooth.. it only prolongs the pain as it eventually will need harvested.

I’m with who-ever was talking about falsers being the final goal here.. surely evolution will eventually do away with teeth.. Our genetic make-up allowing for our ability to insert suitable chewing equipment into our gaping maws just like it has allowed for our ability to provide warmth with clothes n fire.

Which would make me the missing link.. I have an extra wisdom tooth


One more to lose before I can get the tooth fairy off my back!

Comment by Heath
2008-06-30 21:14:56

I currently work in a dentist office. For further healthier teeth it is important to see your doctor every 6 months.Unless you have periodontal disease you need to see the doc. every 3 months. A few of these home remidies such as salt water, amoxacilian works as well. You can also try to take warm to hot water and swoosh it around in your mouth. This will help numb the spot till you can get an appointment with yor doctor. Go to the doctor evry six months. For the amount of money that you spend fixing your teeth, its worth to go to prevent these painful things from taking place.

Comment by Holistic Nurse
2009-11-21 12:16:30

Wonderful! Your office offers FREE care? I would gladly go to the dentist every 6 months if they would even allow a payment plan, rather than requiring payment befor treatment….100′s of dollars at a time.
So! Since you have let us all know the OBVIOUS…where is your office? You surely wouldn’t tell a site full of people who can’t afford care to go unless it was free or low cost, right?

Comment by Emi
2009-12-21 20:43:42

Ahhh..yes amen to that comment….ty

Comment by JACKLYN2879
2010-05-07 18:54:34


Comment by Knowledge
2010-05-12 21:23:01

Clearly, JACKLYN2879 you don’t know how cheep internet is or how expensive dental work is. You can get v92 (dial up) for under US$ 10 but just a simple SINGLE filling can cost US$ 50. As they say do the math.

Comment by JACKLYN2879
2010-05-20 22:50:17


Comment by just me
2010-06-14 17:13:18

may i add… we are here for abscessed tooth.
internet = $10 a month
medicine = $50
X-ray = 150
Major oral extraction = PRICELESS!!!

Comment by Sandra
2010-10-05 14:20:09

Yes, the dentists take your money, but do NOT cure the problem. A tooth can be removed by a bad dentist, but he can’t make it better. And who knows who is the good dentist and which dentist is absolutely clueless? No one! They hide them well.

Comment by April
2008-07-01 07:35:50

Hi I have an abscess under my bridge in the front of my mouth I got it first about a year ago and went to see the doc he gave me antibiotics and told me i needed a root canal or the tooth removed which means a new bridge that i cant afford even with my insurance i am taking antibiotics again and it has been 3 days and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better I am going to try a tea bag but i cant get anything under the bridge it is to swollen and ideas would greatly help!

Comment by Beth
2008-08-04 16:58:42

To the person who insulted the other one and mentioned her not messing up on her job:

i was shocked to see such a comment posted in this type of board. If you have been hurt by this other person so much that you want to make them PAY by covertly sending “digs” your way, I want you to know that I’ve been in your shoes.

To the person who was “dug” I want you to know that if you messed up, there is a God who forgives, but you also, IF you messed up, need to ask forgiveness and turn the opposite way with opposite behaviors and God will step in and make things well again.

I’m suffering a miserable toothache, yet again. i’m living on ibuprofen and very concerned about what it might be doing to my inner organs. Dentists are not very available around me.

Life is so short but there is always hope till you breathe your last. God wants a relationship with you.


Comment by John
2008-08-08 22:13:52

I have found that many of the postings here to be helpful. Another solution is to muscle rub on the outside of your jaw(around the bad tooth) , this will increase the circulation and ease some of the pain and swelling.
Garlic also increases the circulation of the blood to spread it from one area to all over allowing your body to heal at a natural pace.
Rinse lots and lots with an bacterial mouth wash to ensure that your keeping any food particles from touching the infected area.

Comment by Lee
2008-08-10 04:08:20

I have this right now. I had half a tooth break that had a previous cavity in it, and it’s been hurting for 3 days. I woke up this morning with this big puffy cheek. Ice doesn’t make the swelling go down fyi. I have used mouthwash, but that doesn’t do a whole lot either. Perhaps killed some of the bacteria?
Even if i kill off the bacteria, the puffiness has to go down, which means it needs to pop. The “sack” if filled with bacteria filled pus, so you can’t let that get back into the tooth. I was using a shot of vodka earlier when the tooth was hurting more, which may have been killing the bacteria on site for the most part. Don’t swallow though… you’ll drink a small shot every half hour…
The worst part about the whole situation is that my dentist has been on vacation for a week now, and is not going to be back until another three days. So even if you have insurance, sometimes this situation is really just unavoidable. I plan on taking off of work Monday and going door to door with every dentist i find in google until one is open and can treat me.

This can only be permanently fixed with a root canal or tooth removal. Removal for me is about $100. Root canal, more like $600. If i didn’t have insurance, I know what I’d do.

Comment by Nalani
2008-08-18 01:14:26

Hydrogen Peroxide killed the pain right away on an abscess tooth but one day I had to use it over and over again and realized it started to “eat away” at my taste buds on my tongue. Then I discovered Peppermint oil for use on my abscess, broken tooth, and another tooth where the filling came out, exposing complete nerves. The peppermint worked instantly for pain relief but now I have a huge swollen jaw on one side of my face. Not sure what to do to get the swelling down but I guess I’ll keep at the Peppermint oil for now. Any suggestions?

Comment by Laura
2010-05-26 21:04:40

My appointment to the dentist is 2 weeks away and I cannot be seen any sooner… I took ibuprofin and nothing seemed to help. I then started swishing with peroxide and making sure it was really swished good in the infected tooth area and it actually got better. At first it was not helpful but I had to do it every 2 hours. After swishing 30 seconds I would spit it out. Swish with water. Then with Listerine. This was just yesterday when the pain was tremendously unbearable. Today it doesn’t hurt at all. I am sick passing the infection out of my body but I feel so much better that my tooth is not throbbing out my head. Swish only once every 2 hours!!!

Comment by Melissa
2008-08-21 07:07:36

UM- If you don’t have insurance and you NEED to go to the doctor or dentist than GO!!! Okay so you will have a bill for 7 years that will be on your credit report OH WELL- the state of our economy is in the toilet and alot of people are saying it has everything to do with the fact that we don’t have universal healthcare (while others agree it is because of the sub-prime mortgages but anyway) Don’t worry the “POOR” doctor or dentist will of course be helped by the goverment when he has write-offs- its another way big business gets priority over the little people. And FYI many states will go back 3 months and cover you with state insurance if you have big enough doctor bills. BUT you can DIE from an abcess tooth! so if you think your credit is more important than your life than you have been programmed by THE MAN. another easy solution go to Mexico dental work is wayy cheap there

Comment by Holistic Nurse
2009-11-21 12:18:28

Melissa…in NJ, dentists will not treat you unless you pay in advance….so “bills for 7 yrs” are not an option.

Comment by Peggy
2009-12-08 11:06:04

That is the same way iin every state out there, i can’t get medical from state unless i pop out another kid to get mediaciad card, and i am not about to do that for a tooth. i work at night as a cart pusher for a walmatr and can’t get insurance. all the dentist know that you can’t pay so that is why the charge in full first. and oh, i love their credit plan with wells fargo, you have to have great credit for them to work wih you so you still are screwed. i went to opsital to get pain meds and antibiotics and the stupid doctor looked down on me and talked to me like i was a horrible person who doesn’t have the good sense to have good hygiene. i have have a medical problem that very few know about where plague in our bodies build up in a rapid about, i can brush my teeth and ten minutes later have the same amount of plague, why,,, be cause i iwas born taht way, my teeth, no matter what i do, will get bad and have to eventually all come out and i am so sick of being looked doan at for having no insurance. i am a greta mom , and i work hard and dnetist should be required to take payments . Thank god for Remote Area Medical programs. I may have to wait till february to see soeone, but at least it will b free.

Comment by Jack Norris
2010-10-01 19:58:12


Stuff like THAT is why a lot of people say that doctors aren’t that smart, even though some are.

Comment by belinda warren
2008-08-27 15:26:37

hi there. i woke up this morning and my face was twice as big as normal! the swelling was huge! anyway. abscess. huge. pressure was awful. couldnt cope so i stuck an earring in it. the pressure went instantly. pain was gone and now im washing my mouth out with anti bacterial mouth wash. fyi the puss was vile. as was the blood!

Comment by brandy
2010-03-24 23:14:55

hi I just wanted to say that I was told by my dentist that it wasnt good to pop a infection in your mouth that it will reduce the pain which most people with abcesses look forward to that relief but it could also cause further infection…I just had a molar pulled and it was abcessed and my dentist put me on antibiotics but for days the swelling or pain wouldnt go away and I found that rinsing my mouth out with 1/2 water 1/2 peroxide helps a great deal…heat does make it feel better at the moment but makes the swelling worse afterwards so try to avoid hot drinks and most hot foods unless you can keep in on the opposite side. As far as dental insurance or cost its about to become manditory that everyone carries it..Luckily I have a good dental plan and believe me I dont make enough money to barely servive but its worth it in the long run…Most dental offices offer payment plans with credit approval maybe you should look into that because something simple being avoided by a dental visit or cost could lead to worst problems in the long run that could lead to more spent and worse pain when you could have found some help that met your financial situations.

Comment by rebekah
2008-09-27 22:53:58

i have a wisdom tooth that hurts like hell the top of the tooth is broken off so it is a gapping black hole with a huge cavity in it my pain has kept me from eating and sleeping this is day 3 no sleep but my way to take the pain away orajel and a cocktail of hydrocodone and valium to sleep but if ya dont have either one go to the er get hooked up then get to the county hospital and register im a single mom and cannot afford a lot when u hurt do something about it

Comment by phil mgroin
2008-10-06 08:27:32

hi there i have a tooth absis its really painful. ive had for a week now and ive been trying some home remidies, the best one yet is suprisingly onions, theyre really good, so are cheesy poofs.

Comment by Natasha
2008-10-10 03:28:53

Hello To All you Fellow toothache and absess Suffer’s!!..i would just like to make one quick point before i begin on my Rant And Quick Fix..Posting a Vulgar comment like the one posted above by one “Jane” was TOTALLY rude and not needed.especially on a board like this one..i couldnt believe what she commented on that other woman..i know how that woman feels about not being able to afford it..but anyways.

I have had a absess on my tooth for about 3 years that normal?..i went to my dentist about 2 years before it happened and it was only a little Caveity then so she Filled it with Silver filling and about 2 years after i started to noctice that it was continueing rotting underneath the filling..i am a person who brushes and gurggles 3 times a day and its the only problem i have ever had with my teeth so one day the absess burst and it felt incrediabley goood..but about 2 weeks later the pain came back both on that tooth and all of my bottem i made a appointment with my dentist and for some reason she kept calling to “RESCHEDULE” the appointment??…but anyway here is what i used to make the pain go away..these are the things i would advise..


Gurgle with core Salt or Regular and make sure it is warm water..cold water makes it hurt much worse

Drinking a shot of rum (shishing it around first) does help alot too.

Comment by randy
2008-11-03 18:58:54

What an incredibly ignorant and biased original post, Purva.

Like everyone else here, we came to learn about something that is no doubt causing an excess of pain and discomfort… and to be told that it was preventable? An individuals fault? Really? Wow

What about the dentist that suggested that ‘all was well’ after botching a root canal? The care giver that you entrusted with your health to repair something that didnt repair it? I mean, it is not like anyone suggested that complications might arise as a result of a screw up on their part, hmm? I suspect that perhaps my opinion is not that poorly considered, nor unique.

That said…What a pile of bollocks. Whats next, a diatribe on race or perhaps on the merits of anal bleaching?

To the rest here, thank you for your well considered and experienced recommendations.

To Purva (if that is your real name) … I think that they blanch your teeth with the same stuff as they use on your bunghole. Have fun with that. (and smile).

Comment by ~Sarah~
2008-11-25 00:16:04

What is upsetting to me is hearing some people say that low cost/no cost dental is available for people and that theres no excuse for not going to the dentist! I beg to differ with you, because I have no job, and do not qualify for ANY dental coverage whatsoever! I was told I needed to be a full time student, in order to qualify for free dental. So basically if you have any kind of job, they consider your income too high for free dental, and if you dont have a job at all, they could care less because to them you still arent desperate enough. Um if I could afford to be a full time student, I think id also have the money to fix my dental problems. But here I sit with progressing periodontal disease, and no money for the expensive deep cleanings and antibiotic!

Comment by dereka heath
2008-12-02 17:25:12

I have an absessed wisdom tooth. My face is swelling and my jaw and ear hurt. I have tried vanilla extract for it’s alcohol content for my tooth ache. Oregano. Massaging. putting wheate bread so that the yeast could soak the posion out. Oh God I am in agony! I have tried all kinds of remedies. Just nothing seems to work. I can’t take it! I’m bout ready to hit the Emergency room! I need some drugs QUIK!

Comment by Ryan
2010-01-06 07:37:34

Just tried the method mentioned above involving the warm salt water. I used table salt. I swished it in my mouth for a good minute or so and I think that alone popped the abscess. I had a lot of swelling under my top lip so I wanted to be sure I could drain everything. I cleaned a sewing needle with alcohol and popped the abscess again. The skin around the lesion was tender enough from the salt water that it pierced the bubble with little pain. I then guided the vile puss and blood out of the hole I made and it seemed to have escaped from around the base of the tooth as well.

I went to the ER yesterday to get Penicillin and Vicodin and would suggest using these drugs to ensure the disease is fought from within your body. The Vicodin (hydrocodone/tylenol) always helps with the pain, and I have found Aleve or Advil (naproxen) helps reduce swelling. Vicodin and Naproxen can be taken together but may upset your stomach.

So far the abscess seems to be filling up again, but when I squeeze it out I get what appears to be healthy blood rather than the puss I had previously. I imagine the penicillin will fight off further infection. My only hope now is that the tooth will be saved since it is a front tooth. Your wisdom teeth may be harder to treat yourself. Good Luck.

Also, Thanks to everyone who has posted their experiences here. I have a lot of issues with the US health/dental situation and I’m glad there is real information out there to help people help themselves. Thank you all.

Comment by dereka heath
2008-12-02 17:31:04

By the way “Jane” that was an ugly f*ck*ng commet you made there to that woman. If you cannot bring a solution to the table to help and benefit to the “cause”. Then might I suggest, YOU SHUT YOUR DAMN PIE WHOLE!

Comment by Tasse
2009-11-27 13:19:27

How about a rotten PIE!

Comment by dereka heath
2008-12-02 17:40:48

By the way it’s the pain talking!

Comment by ouch
2008-12-04 16:56:57

I do not want to hear about you telling me how i could prevent it. I am in agony. I brush my teeth regularly my last denta appointment was less than a week ago. I want a simple way to stop the pain so i can get to sleep and then call the dentist (IN AGONY) in the morning.
So as to your unhelpful advice…

Bite me.

Comment by Tasse
2009-11-27 13:24:32

If you’re not chewing on the side of your mouth, where the aching tooth is, then chances are you need to take 600mg of Ibuprofen. If that doesn’t work, like it didn’t in me after 1 yr of having the pain, then the ER can give you an antiinflamitory (for infection) and codiene pill (for the pain – only $10. cash w/ out insurance). It’s a temporary relief!

Comment by Tameka
2009-12-11 20:55:40

How long does it take the antiflamitory to work?

Comment by alan
2008-12-14 20:09:50

hi i seem to suffer from absess when i use cotton buds in my left ear and then by the next morning my mouth is swollen i have got a bad tooth on the left side which im waiting for the dentist 2 pull out but they wont pull it out while my mouth is swollen ive tryed paracetomol ibuofen they dont seem to work so now ive tryed warm salt water has anybody Any suggestions?

Comment by stephanie
2008-12-20 09:47:40

All of you people are saying oooo it hurts, i’m sitting her with one that and it’s pressure is so bad that the bubble is bigger than my tooth. My tooth’s crown is completly gone. I have tried treating mine with antibiotics and they just don’t work! Before i start taking them i have no puss bubble and after i take them i do. I have been living with my tooth like this for about 2 years. It comes and goes; i didn’t have a puss bubble for 6 months and for some reason it’s back again. it’s not as painful as you make it seem, even though i may just be used to tooth aches because i have bad teeth. If you don’t have a good job than you can get welfare insurance.

Comment by Holistic Nurse
2009-11-21 12:21:13

pop the damn puss bubble when you see it, or else your gum will just keep re-absorbing it in a vicious cycle. If the abcess is in a tooth vault, the antibiotics will do NOTHING until it’s drained.

Comment by Tonya
2008-12-22 19:22:48

for those who don’t have insurance, try to find a dentist near you at I think this is the right site or it is something close to this you might have to google it. Anyway, they tell you of a dentist in your area that charges based on your income usually not more than $25-50 dollars per tooth. I had a troublesome tooth pulled for $25 and that was it. Some are free. Good Luck They are so cheap because the get a federal subsidy and take lower fees.

Comment by Wow
2009-01-13 14:07:07

Melissa – do you know how much it costs to go to dental or medical school? Around 200k, give or take. And these doctors and dentists have to pay overhead on their clinics, staff, utilities, apparatus, and so on, and what a primary care doctor or dentist actually takes home is not as much as you would think it was. So enough with the sarcasm that reeks of income jealousy. You have no idea what you are talking about regarding that.

As far as an abscess goes – clove/peppermint oil is good for temporary anesthesia. Use a cotton swab, not your finger. You can go to a local health department for antibiotics and more heavy-duty pain relief, or try Aleve/Motrin over the counter. Swishing with salt water is also temporarily effective for swollen areas – it draws the water out of the swollen area (remember, water follows salt). Be careful not to swallow too much of it or you’ll induce diarrhea.

FYI, dental insurance is not as expensive as you might think. I know several plans that cost around $100 a year for basic insurance and $150 a year for families. These plans don’t cover all costs but they do save you 50-75% of what it would cost without insurance, and if you get your 2 check-ups and cleanings a year, it’s worth it. Aetna has one such plan, but you can do a simple Google search for “dental plans” to see what works for you.

I would not recommend going to Mexico for a dental treatment, unless perhaps you happen to live right on the border. Mexican dental care is not held to the same rigors as the US, and if something were to go wrong, then what would you do? Sue? Go to the hospital? Not worth the risk, IMO.

Comment by Dr.J
2009-01-28 12:54:07

Cheap relief for abscess is a glass of warm water with 3-4 tblspoons of salt, swill around for the infected gum/tooth for 5-15 mins every 3-4 hours. This will offer some relief and take down the infection a little bit, but it won’t cure you of it. the abscess in the later stages will show itself by inflaming the gun and having it swollen but the infection will be much deeper usually in the area at the bottom of the nerve, and if left untreated, it’ll eat away and possibly invade your face, jaw bone and even other parts of your body leading to death.

As for pain relief, I would suggest you take ibuprofen as it’s an anti-inflammatory and reduces swelling, of course those with peptic ulcers and problems with their digestive system should avoid such things. Try some Cuiprofen that’s cocodomol combined with ibuprofen, you can buy them over the counter at your local pharmacy

I have often taken 2 paracetomol(500mg) and one Cuiprofen tablet every 4-6 hours 3-4 times a day until visiting a local DDS

Comment by Dr.J
2009-01-28 13:03:39

Just to comment on Abscesses – anybody can get them, whether you have great dental hygiene or the worst, it doesn’t really matter. Of course poor hygiene usually results in far worser cases, but still don’t be mislead by others telling you that cavities are the result of neglect. The problem today is so many foods are packed with sugars that feed these harmful bacteria, and due to the de and remineralization of the enamel it affects everybody.

My suggestion for preserving your teeth is a regular visit to your DDS, brushing/flossing 3-4 times a day seeing as people eat a lot more snacks. Also a good tip is to chew cheese of a night, before bed.

Comment by Romega
2009-02-19 18:21:32

This makes me want to headbutt a hatchet.

Comment by Ryan
2009-04-03 04:41:24

Shit my face is sooo huge i look like elephant man,i tried the tea bag thng n it dont work for sht.Antibiotics for 3 days and its not going down. the person who said its not as bad as it seems you chat shit and need to fix up. have had lots of abscesses and they never hurt me but this time.WOW I FKIN HURT LIKE HELLLLLLLLLLLLL HELP

Comment by Ryan
2009-04-03 04:42:15


Comment by Ryan
2009-04-03 04:43:59

One easy solution for the person who uses an earbud in there left ear then gets an abscess,would’nt not using an earbud help? l lol?

Comment by Queen
2009-04-12 12:03:34

I had a painful toothache yesterday and I tried rinsing many times with mouthwash followed by warm salt water. It seemed to help a bit, but I was living off ibuprofen for the day and counting the minutes til my next dose. Then today I woke up and everything on the left side of my mouth was quite swollen. I rinsed with salt water and went back to bed for a couple of hours. When I woke up I was in agony, so I popped an ibuprofen and started rinsing with mouthwash and then salt water over and over. After the second time it was feeling better, I rinsed about 5 times and the swelling and pain was almost gone (though i’m sure the drugs helped). But it also hasn’t returned, I am very relieved because it’s a long weekend and I know I won’t be able to see the dentist for a while. I hope this helps!!

Comment by Mr Anon
2009-04-14 05:52:31

I have had to return to this site after the helpful hints and tips.

I was in agony, couldnt sleep, talk, eat, i wanted to cut my head off (and that is NOT being melodramatic)

I followed many tips i found on here from different posts and put them together…

* Drank a glass of water every 30 Minitues

*Used a Saline mouthwash (salt water) every Hour, (for a good 3-4 minitues)

* Herbal/Perpermint Tea bags pushed against the abscess and gum, (my absis wasnt visable when the pain first hit, but when i woke up the next day my face was 3 times the size and a huge abscess was there)

*I took IBUPROFEN for “pain relief”

(im unsure if many people end up looking how i did for 3 days, only today has my face gone back to ‘semi normlal’ and thats 5 days.)

Luckily my abscess split itself and started to leak the smelly poision ………. (AT LAST!!!!) i then helped push and drain the rest out. Followed by more salt water swished around in my mouth for 3 minitues.

I hope some of this can help someone else, as i know exactly how you feel if you are reading this forum!!

Comment by Tasse
2009-11-27 13:52:56

A tooth in an abscessing mode will feel exactly as you described:

“I was in agony, couldnt sleep, talk, eat, i wanted to cut my head off (and that is NOT being melodramatic)”

I’ve been there and the best thing I can tell you is get to the ER, right away, for pain meds and an antibiotic. Dentist usually like to have some of the swelling decrease, via antibiotics, b/f they’re able to clearly see the entire problem w/ an x-ray.

Comment by JOSH
2009-04-21 23:46:17


Comment by Tasse
2009-11-27 13:53:38


Comment by JOSH
2009-04-21 23:47:40


Comment by Chrissy
2009-04-23 10:00:41

Hi, I have an abcess right now, but thankfully it doesn’t hurt anymore. I know how painful it can be when it is acts up and seriously if you are having really bad pain you should consider smoking marijuana, or if you are in CA go to a dr. And get another form prescribed. Most toothaches are stubborn to even the most potent painkillers including hydrocorone, and even Morphine. This is due to the fact that the nerve is most likely infected, and opiod pain killers do not work very well on nerve pain. So, if you’re taking ibuprofen and it’s not working (it may help with inflammation, however) it’s likely that you need nerve or root extraction done. Either way, there are actually receptors for cannabis in your body, and marijuana will definitely relieve the pain. Sorry for those who are against it, or don’t have any onhand during the onset of the pain.

Comment by ZieSquared
2009-12-09 21:18:40

I have been killed with pain over the last few days with this abcess and as a result ive been eatting all kinds of pain killers like they were sweeties but to no effect what so ever. However i strongly agree with you that cannabis is an excellent pain reliver an a few smokes will work TEN TIMES better than any percription drugs.

Comment by dean
2011-01-20 17:04:31

fuck that cannabis totaly intenses the pain for me i just get too stoned to care about it cocaine although against the law works wonders just dab it on ya finger and rub on gum happy days xx

Comment by Chrissy
2009-04-23 10:13:13

Btw sorry for the typos, typing on my iPhone and was too lazy to proofread, but just realized it compromises my credibility so…Replace act with acting… Hydrocorone…hope you all feel better, and one last thing, i agree with whoever made the post about the author of this article being a little strange… What a misleading article for ppl actually looking for a solution, and btw there are many reasons ppl get cavities, tooth problems and sometimes it CAN’T be prevented! I can think of a million reasons…weak immune, bone structure decay, adolescent neglect, lack of hygiene education to name a few.

Comment by Chrissy
2009-04-23 10:13:13

Btw sorry for the typos, typing on my iPhone and was too lazy to proofread, but just realized it compromises my credibility so…Replace act with acting… Hydrocorone…hope you all feel better, and one last thing, i agree with whoever made the post about the author of this article being a little strange… What a misleading article for ppl actually looking for a solution, and btw there are many reasons ppl get cavities, tooth problems and sometimes it CAN’T be prevented! I can think of a million reasons…weak immune, bone structure decay, adolescent neglect, lack of hygiene education to name a few.

Comment by mayaru
2009-05-08 16:09:21

Holy Cow. So. Im pretty sure Im sh*t out of luck. Im knocked up, and really the only thing I can take is Vikodin. Do you think it will be okay to go to the hospital? I have no isurance, I was going to go yesterday, but started to feel bad cause its not a real emergency…. but yet, Im broke the economy is shitty and I dont think anyone cares anymore. Do you think that I should swish with clove oil… as bad as it tastes???

Comment by Tasse
2009-11-27 14:19:29

If you are prego and 2x over the poverty limit, you can go get yourself FREE county/state health insurance.

Comment by jennifer
2010-03-14 13:43:07

i was pregnant and had bad problems with my teeth… I was in and out of the dentist for most of my pregnancy trying to get it all taken care of… see about getting medicaid they will assist you quite a bit… it’s best for pregnant women to make sure their teeth are in good shape as bad teeth can cause complications with pregnancy… do all you can to protect your unborn child

Comment by Josh ;)
2009-05-15 19:59:00

Hello everyone, I feel all of you when you say you’re in pain, I’ve had a re-accuring abscess in my right back molar, now it’s gotten to the point where vodka won’t even work! I tried popping it several times but it’s gotten to the soft stage and only blood will come out, not to mention it’s extremely tender to the touch now.
So in conclusion, Fck me sideways and call me sally, this shit hurts like a mother efferrrrr

Comment by ME
2009-05-20 10:00:57

i first started having problems after my dentist insisted that i needed a filling behind my front left tooth. ever since then i have experienced problems, that particular tooth became very sensitive and i had to start drinking through a straw. i first got a tooth ache just after christmas and over new year. i was in agony but it eventially went away after about a week, but a few days ago (saturday) i bit into my flake on my icecream(yum) and it froze my tooth. i didnt really think any thing of it because i was used to its sensitivity but then my tooth started aching and by sunday it had got as bad as it was at christmas however, when i woke up on monday morning my upper lip had swollen a bit and my gums had gone numb i did not experience this last time and i started getting worried, i took paracetamol, this helped the pain but didnt cure it, by tuesday both cheeks had swollen and i was in serious pain. i took a day off and went to the doctors, my doctor then prescribed me with some antibiotics told me to go to the dentist, so i went to the dentist that same day after asking for an emergency appointment. the dentist took an xray and he told me to take double of what the doctor prescribed me and that i had to go back in a few weeks for him to do some ‘treatment’ on my tooth. then this morning(wednessday) i started feeling a lump at the top of my mouth under the bridge. it wasnt painful but very tender. and my lips and cheeks were still swollen. so i took another day off (missing two GCSE exams:/) the swelling has started to go down on my cheeks but the gums are still numb. and im embarrassed to go out while my face is swollen because i look wierd. i hope it goes down soon:/ btw im 16 so i get my dental care free on the NHS.

Comment by Matt
2009-05-22 07:55:57

A while ago I had a root canal and my dentist filled it with a temporary filling. I was 17. My parents didn’t have the money to take me back in and have it finished. Now I am 19 and over time the filling ran down until my tooth had a crater and was pretty much just a shell. The root canal took out the majority of the nerves so I don’t fell much pain. For a while I’ve had a hollow tooth so there’s no suprise that the enfection would grow into an abcess. At first my nerves in my jaw where swollen. The abcess was small but now has filled my hollow tooth to the top and bleeds sometimes. My nerves in my jaw are no longer swollen and have seemed to give up. When I take my finger and put it under my jaw I can feel the bottom part of the abcess against my jaw. The jaw bone its self feels a bit thinner than other side. My parents are losing the house. I am 19 and uninsured. I now have to get a lone so I can go in and have the tooth removed and get some heavy duty antibiotics. I just gargled some salt water and will continue to do so just so to hold me over for the weekend. Tuesday I’ll try to find a dentist. Hopefully the infection hasn’t spread. If I have work done in the future, I will make sure to have it finished in the same day. My only suggestion I can give to others is to gargle salt water throughout the day every day until you can see a dentist. It is important that you don’t pick at it and keep your hands out of your mouth. If you don’t an abcessed tooth, take care of teeth BEFORE they turn bad. I can tell you this from expierence!

Comment by xX
2009-05-24 07:57:40

Those here who complain of horrid pain from the abscess are not making it sound worse than it is, to whoever mentioned that. I, like you, have had problems with one of my teeth abscessing a few times for a few years. Our type of abscess is chronic, whereas the many here who complain of hellish pain are most likely suffering from acute abscesses. A chronic abscess hurts, yes, but it’s more of a dull, constant pain, which is what I have now.

I done the tea bag thing for a while, and amazingly, once I removed it, nearly all the swelling had gone down in my gums, and it no longer hurt to move my nose….ugh front tooth! No way in hell am I going to allow any dentist to pull that front tooth, especially when I cannot afford a bridge. The tooth itself appears to be fine, but since I have a chronic abscess and have had one for a few years now, the tooth has begun to loosen.

Whoever said to go to the dentist, insurance or not, is EXACTLY right! Look….I am temporarily disabled and unable to work. I get Medicare, but have no dental insurance. I can’t afford to pay attention. I can barely get the food I need, BUT I plan to have this taken care of. They can set it up on payments or whatever….payments I probably cannot pay, but I don’t care. I will have it done and worry about it later, IF I worry at all. My only problem at the moment is that I need to somehow make due until I can scrape up the cash to buy the Clindamycin I will undoubtedly need as no other antibiotic will clear up the infection. After that, and after the infection is gone, I am root canal bound!

Comment by patrick
2009-05-28 14:15:02

is this site not monitored from people who have nothing better to do than rant at each other
go fuck yourselves

Comment by Paul
2009-06-09 04:30:32

Have an abscess right now. Can’t get in to see my dentist for another couple of days. While not nearly as bad as my last bout, this one hurts pretty bad. Someone told me once that putting bread on it would help the pain immediately. The guy was a complete idiot, so I didn’t listen to him. The last abscess I had was horrible. I was in really bad pain and nothing would help. I even took enough prescription pain medication to kill someone. No joke. I think I took 9 pills with codeine. I knew it was dangerous, but the pain was so bad that I literally didn’t care if it killed me. It was a weekend and I couldn’t see the dentist until Monday. I had to have someone drive me to my dentists office on Monday morning and we had to pull over so I could throw up (way to much pain med in my system.) Finally, out of sheer desperation, I tried my idiot friends “bread” remedy (I felt like an idiot). To my amazement, it worked instantly. Of course, it only works as long as the bread stays on the tooth. It would be good to use until something else kicked in…pain meds, antibiotics, whatever.

Comment by katie
2009-06-10 14:41:39

Well infections and bad teeth don’t ALWAYS have to do with “bad brushing” etc. That’s a very ignorant comment! I have always taken care of my teeth with brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist and all I ever had was a tiny cavity. That tiny cavity the dentist screw up on and drilled too deep which made me get a root canal. WELL this dentist didn’t get ALL the root out apparently and now 2 yrs later I’m suffering with a huge infection and am going to have to pull the tooth!!! I NOW THANK GOD I have dental insurance and I’m going to have to pull it because even WITH INSURANCE its going to cost minimum 1600-2000 to fix that ONE TOOTH! That’s outrageous!! So instead because of a dentists mistakes I’m going to have to lose a tooth!!! :(

Comment by melissa
2009-06-19 17:19:46

I had a root canal 2-3 years ago. A week ago the same tooth started to hurt. And just yesterday my cheek was getting swollen. My left cheek is swollen and its tender to the touch. Im almost certian its an abcess, but i cant see it. Could something have gotten stuck between my gums and tooth and got infected? I just started taking penecillin today and maybe 2-3 ibproufen for swelling. I dont have insurance anymore so i cant afford to see a dentist. Should i still try to see one? Or will the anitbiotics and pain killers help?

Comment by Tasse
2009-11-27 14:25:02

I’d think you should still go to a dentist; I knew someone who had a root canal, then a few years later had to have the tooth extracted, anyway.

Comment by melissa
2009-06-19 17:21:02

antibiotics* sorry.

Comment by Carkly
2009-06-21 00:44:00


Comment by Superpain
2009-07-13 11:45:09


Journey to a natural foods or health foods shop (Whole Foods and the like) and pick up some All Natural Sea Salt. It possesses more antiseptic properties than your regular Iodized table salt.

It is very true that the majority of dental issues stem from lack of preventative measures. That doesn’t make us bad or ignorant, just busy and broke >.

Comment by Heather
2009-07-20 11:36:01

I’ve done everything right including checkups and good oral hygiene. It’s a crock that any of this pain is my fault.

Comment by niki
2009-07-25 05:15:47


Comment by Paul
2009-07-27 11:10:45

My tooth has been sore for over 3-4 years now, Im probably the biggest wimp ever and completly dispise this dentist with a passion, Im going to try and force myself to go if this pain doesnt go away in a week, these are some things that have helped me
- Parcadeamol (Great for 1-2 hour pain relief)
- Ibuprofen (Helps lower the swelling and gives you 2-3 hours pain relief)
- Bonjela (This is a teething gel in the UK that cures mouth ulcers, it’ll help bring the swelling down)
- Warm Salt War (Swish for 30 minutes to 1 hour and you wont feel a thing, it’ll give you 1 hour pain relief and do this 3-4 times a day and the infection will slowly decrease)
- Teabag (Put a warm teabag on the tooth or area thats hurting, it’ll be hot for a bit, leave it on for 1-2 hours and the pain will go away for a while, leave it overnight and it’ll slowly drain the puss from the absess, spit it out in the morning)
- Baking Soda & Salt – Same method as above only with a cotton ball
- Massage the area gently with your hand, it’ll take some of the pain away
- Swish cold water around the area for pain relief
- Suck on an ice cube for pain relief
- Apply something cold to the area (Ice Pack, Frozen Foods etc)
- Clove Oil
- Tea Tree Oil
- Peppermint Extract
- Garlic
- Alcohol (Place on cotton ball and leave in absessed area overnight)
Thats all the tips I have, Im 16 years of age and all my dental work is free as I live in the UK. I hope to see the dentist soon even though Im shit scared of him.

Comment by Tea Tree Mania
2010-09-03 14:50:12

Do NOT put Tea Tree Oil in your mouth if you are a male. Do some research and discover that it WILL cause your breasts to grow.

Comment by mbilwev
2011-03-31 02:10:18

Having breasts might help take your mind off things!

Comment by Hope
2009-07-30 20:37:06

Try it’s a hollistic website that actually has remedies for almost every ailment. Using everyday ingredients from your kitchen or local store. Hope it helps for anyone who is looking for an alternative to harsh pills or antibiotics… There is a natural way to go about it all. Just check out the website. Who knows it just might help.

Comment by rich
2009-08-05 16:34:07

i must be missing something.Everyone keeps talking bout warm water helping OMG

Comment by Tasse
2009-11-27 14:29:47

Warm, hot, or cold water will all feel terrible if your tooth is abscessing! Trust me, I’ve been there and know your pain.

Comment by JACKLYN2879
2010-05-07 19:07:59


Comment by rich
2009-08-05 16:39:59

i must be missing something.Everyone keeps talking bout warm water helping OMG if i dont keep ice directly on the tooth the pain gets so bad i cant take it.I take good care of my teeth and have insurance .I went to my dentist today and he never even took a xray he just put me on antib and gave me pain pill witch i might add HAVE DONE NOT A THING .I have heard my dentist doesnt like my insurance so thats why he does a half ass job! why even accept my insurance if you dont like it i would rather pay cash for a good dentist

Comment by andy
2009-08-07 04:25:35

well, and i thought i was kinda alone on this one. sad to say, obviously i’m not. at the moment, i am trying the teabag method (for the first time ever, directly on the abscess, drooling a mix of spit and tea into a trashcan. ORAJEL SEVERE PAIN FORMULA can knock out the pain for a while, sometimes an hour or more, but can be kinda pricey. the hot saltwater method helps, but seemed to reduce my pain, not the swelling or the throbbing. fact of the mater is, the tooth has to come out, and that goes for us all. i had 10 teeth pulled from my left side (5 upper 5 lower) about 9 months ago. i can eat chips, cookies, chew steak, all that good stuff on that side of my mouth with JUST the gums, and the best part is, haven’t had an abscess on that side at all!. my advice, EVEN IF YOUR TEETH ARE PERFECT, YANK THEM PUPPIES OUT AND GET DENTURES! no rot, no decay, no drilling, no deep cleanings, normally no pain. . . sounds like no worries either. i gaurantee that everyone here knows someone with dentures, but doesn’t know that person has dentures. in conclusion, i can say that the teabag method does work, and quite quickly for me, minimal pain, no pressure, still have the bag on, so i dunno ’bout swelling, but i DO feel better. and also, cheers to “chrissy” for the promotion of marajuana for its medicinal purposes. i don’t car what ANYONE says, at the very least smoking a little pot while dealing with this painful problem can help to subside the pain (to a degree) and help you to fall asleep.

Comment by yow
2009-08-09 13:15:27

There is nothing quite as mind bending as the pain from abscesses. Even passing kidney stones and migraines don’t compare (childbirth probably does, but I’m a guy) – so I know how you all feel. I have two abscesses right now, both of which were moderate but accessible to pain meds until I had to fly cross country, now they are excruciating and beyond the reach of anything. 48 hours into antibiotics and I can at least type again (I was literally blind with pain for a couple of days – couldn’t drive, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, couldn’t think)

To reiterate:

first off: Get antibiotics. Even if you have to go to an urgent care and pay $100 for the on-call dr to see you for 30 seconds. Nothing will make the pain go away like a few days of abx (a few days says you! I can’t last another minute…..hang in there). I never take abx for any infections, but still take them for abscesses.

secondly: don’t freak out. it’s not going to go up to your brain and kill you or destroy your jaw bone overnight. As long as you are not planning on living with the infection for decades you’ll be fine.

third: poster above is right about narcotics not working so well once you pass the point of no return. Go ahead and take em if you got em, but don’t expect magic opiate relief like you might get for a strained back or broken bone. Ibuprofin plus either benzos or benadryl to drop you into a couple hours of sleep honestly works better than even hard core percocets. marijuana may be nice for a variety of reasons, but it also isn’t going to touch hardcore toothache pain.

fourth: activated charcoal also works to draw some of the toxins out. make a paste with it and wrap it around your tooth and gums. works better than bread for sure/

fifth: clove oil works better than orajel, but both only work when your primary pain is the cavity/toothache, not when it is the abscess.

mostly, you are fucked. There is little that can take the excruciating abscess pain away other than antibiotics and/or lancing it and draining it. Do your salt water and peroxide swishes, take whatever pain killers you can get your hands on (careful of your liver), use local numbing agents like clove oil or ambesol but mostly know that it’s gonna be a bit excruciating for a little while – but rest assured that weaker people than you (trust me, I’m a weenie) have made it through and survived.

And there’s nothing wrong with curling up into a ball and crying now and then.

As to finances, I have a masters degree and have been unemployed for over 4 months. Dental work is expensive, but you only get one set of teeth so definitely get it checked. There are a couple of different companies (carecredit) is one, that offer no interest credit cards for 12-24 months for qualifying medical expenses. I got approved for $1000 even though my credit is shot and I am unemployed,so check them out.

Comment by Missy
2010-01-31 08:07:25

One voice of reason

Comment by Sandra
2010-10-05 14:45:51

Unemployed for 4 months? You might still be able to get credit. Not if you’ve been unemployed for almost the 99 weeks and have no money left.

Comment by wormi
2009-08-15 13:38:10

I have to respectfully disagree with the above article. Not all abscesses are caused by poor hygiene. Trauma as minor as a headbutt from a small child or biting hard on a hidden bone in food can cause injury and subsequently an abscess.

Sometimes draining of the abscess is necessary, but should never be done at home due to possibly causing more problems.

Most emergency rooms will treat regardless of a patients ability to pay. Hospitals also have financial plans available for low/no income patients significantly reducing the cost and sometimes even writing it off for the most hard up patients.

Antibiotics will temporarily “fix” the problem, but it will come back most of the time. Pulling the tooth is cheaper than a root canal, but unless the offending tooth is a rear molar, it is only cheaper for the short term. Bridges can become expensive in the long run.

Comment by mary
2009-08-17 00:07:00

My husband and I are in our 60s. The company he worked for went under. We had no income for 9 months and no insurance. He finally found a job making half as much as his old one. I have an abscess and no money. I’ve never had one before. Oragel and ibuprofen have relieved the pain. I put a small piece of cotton covered with oragel on the abscess for about 15 minutes, took two ibuprofen and am much better.

Comment by Haventgottimeforthepain
2009-08-24 14:31:52




IF you do not, you will be feverish, devilish, hate everyone in your path as the infection spreads to your brain, even in little doses, you will wake in the night feeling terrorized like an anxiety attack and not know shy (infection) you will feel sluggish, under the weather, look dragged out and drawn out and look old from managing the pain, the house will fall apart and you will be so pissed off at dentists who do not help because you did not listent o your grandmother and save money for a rainy day.

No INSURANCE, then get billed and pay it with a koolaide stand if you fricken have to.

After you get home from the hospital, get comet and clean your entire bathroom, use hot water on all laundry for towels and sheets and pillow cases and throw out your toothbrush and pillow.
Then use lysol in the entire house to kill any germs.

Once a day use hydrogen peroxide for a short gargle and swish after you brush your teeth.
Floss at least three times a week.
Try to rinse your mouth after eating anything such as coffee and gum or treats.

Now take a good long look in the mirror and scream, DEVIL BE GONE!!!!!!!!

Comment by Haventgottimeforthepain
2009-08-24 14:34:36

and one more thing, you deserve to be healthy and happy and “take good care of yourself you belong to me!”
you belong to yourself and love yourself enough to take care of yourself.

Comment by AMY
2009-08-30 07:30:20

Here are just a few things i’ve heard. Hope they help you in any way. I’m currently trying them all! Damn my shitty teeth and no job to afford a dentist! Dry tea bags on the gums, swish with warm salt water. Drink LOTS of water! Take motrin or antibotics if you can, swish with salt and baking soda, swish with peroxide and water, use a peeled potato slice like the tea bag to help draw the posion out. I’m in so much pain! I hope they help me and you!

Comment by sal
2009-08-31 21:32:39

i am in so much pain,its throbbing like my mouth is gona explode!i have always looked after my teeth,brushed flossed,visit the dentist every 6mths for scale and clean.anyhow,i hav taken a course of antibiotics,which didnt help and now im another course.i dont know what to do,my tooth was extracted 3days ago because the root of the tooth was cracked and ive had this pain for over a week now,its stiil throbbing!
I do salt water rinses 4to5 times a day.please someone help me!i also hav a temperature,nausea and my cheek really hurts.ive been to the dentist 3times.the third visit,he irrigated the socket with antiseptic and placed antibacterial material in there.that hasnt helped.i dont hav a lump in my mouth,so i cant locate exactly where the abscess is!

Comment by Miss D
2009-09-05 19:07:32

Hey, I started getting the suspicious toothache last night whilst out with friends. I barely got any sleep last night from it as it was getting worse. I went straight to the emergency dental this am and got antibiotics.

I live in London, UK. I’m not sure how the U.S insurance system works. I paid £78 ($127) for exam, xray and antibiotics this was not an NHS dentist. Im just about to take my third antibiotic before bed. I’m taking Amoxycillin 500mg every 8 hours for 5 days. The pain is still there and I have taken my codeine quota for the day. Nightmare.

The dentist said the only sure way to clear the infection after antibiotics is root canal. The antibiotics can only treat the soft tissue and cannot penetrate the tooth pulp as there is no blood supply.

Seriously though an untreated abscess can lead to blood poisoning and can affect the heart. I think that its terrible that some of you cant get the medical help you need because of finances.

What would happen seriously if you got the treatment and then were unable to pay the bill? Could you pay back in installments? Is it an offence?

Hope you all feel better soon

Comment by bonnie
2009-09-10 19:59:32

I woke up with a huge abscess on my gum. In the next 24 hours it doubled in size with a lot of swelling and pain. I am lucky enuf to have insurance so went to the dentist today. They wouldnt do anything for me with the current infection except to give me a script for an antibiotic.
Heres what I wanted to tell everyone. Giant eagle ( a local grocery store chain) filled the aantibiotic script for FREE. If you dont have insurance go to your local ER. The doctor can write a prescription for the medicine and several big chain pharmacie will fill it for free. As for the pain, I wanted to pop the abscess but the dentist had told me NOT too. Well on my way home it broke open anyway. The pain was almost immediately relieved. I then cam home and swished with salt water and then applied a tea bag to help draw out the rest of the infection. It feels and looks a million times better. Good luck everyone!

Comment by rakevien
2009-09-11 22:32:46

4 days and 4 nights no sleep no food just the worst pain ever cant take it anymore mate comming over in a hour to take it out drinking loads of vodka so hopefully wont feel it wish me luck

Comment by Liz
2009-09-13 02:17:54

I agree not all abscesses are “our fault” I had a dentist up here in Canada be a gold digger, instead of filling a cavity on my front tooth right he only drilled part of it out (which he and my OB/GYN said was caused by my severe all-day sickness while pregnant, the stomach acids ate the enamel and made the cavity very easy to get even with brushing/flossing properly). After a few weeks I went back and had another cavity, the tooth beside it, while he did the same thing, after the 4th cavity all adjoining teeth, my teeth started to fall apart. They were literally chipping apart, I went to the dentist (same and only one in our town) and he told me “Oh those aren’t anything to worry about, that is calcium deposits breaking off, that is you “real” healthy teeth underneath”. When they started to change color I decided to go to another dentist for a second opinion. Instead of helping he accused me of being bulimic, said it was the only was to get the erosion, told me that he didn’t buy it that my pregnancy caused me to vomit 15-20 times a day, that it was “unheard of” and said the only way he would fix my teeth is if I seeked “psychiatric help” for my eating disorder. Finally I found a third dentist (4hrs away) and after looking at the shooty job the other dentist did filling my teeth (he left “holes” in the filling in between the teeth) he took x-rays and showed me how the dentist drilled and “patched” over cavity. He patched them so well that two of them the cavities moved above the gum line and ate the teeth beside them downwards and kept moving over, from the outside the teeth looked prefect but on the x-ray it clearly showed the teeth under the gums were rotted (just from the bottom to midway to the gum line). The other two the cavity moved in between the teeth but stopped at the ones next to them because those other two he filled he didn’t leave “holes” in between them. (BTW he even left uneven patches on my teeth, they are rough not smooth, and got DIRT trapped in two of the fillings he did, told me it was normal discoloration and would “go away” in time on it’s own, took the other dentist to burst my bubble and tell me he trapped dirt on them and it wouldn’t go away.)

27yrs old and the dentist told me because of the “crap work” done in my mouth I had to lose 80% of my upper plate, he told me it was pointless to keep the other 20% and I should go for a full dental plate on top.

Here in Canada we don’t have dental covered under our universal health care, we were quoted $150 per tooth to pull and $500 for dentures. We have no dental coverage and even if we did we can’t afford the up front cost (Military accidentally remove myself and our kids off my husbands plan when he signed his new contract, been waiting 6months now and still aren’t back on. Even if we were where we are posted no dentists will do electronic billing so everything is up front). Sad part is with our income we SHOULD be able to afford it, but we have a severely disabled child, our above cost…over and above what our universal health care covers ran us $21K last year. Without medical coverage (for prescriptions) at the moment our out of pocket has ballooned this year, we’ve taken out a 20K line of credit just to cover his costs on top of our usual expenses. There is NO WAY even with our “wonderful coverage” that we can afford any of it. So now I sit and suffer, I have two abscesses currently and the dentist wants $350 up front just to do x-rays, do his appointment and book another one for removal. $350 that we do not have, and that doesn’t even cover removal! Even better, besides being able to report the dentist for his shooty work we were told we can not sue, why? because we can not prove that he intentionally screwed up the work on my teeth. WONDERFUL! You know what he got when we reported him? A $5000 fine, but doesn’t have to pay to fix the damage he did.

I am completely humiliated over my teeth, I use to smile with pride and was going in for a speech/lang pathologist until I got working with my son’s SLP…a lot of the exercises your teeth show, and I refuse to show mine, I’m embarrassed to go to yet another dentist because I don’t want to have to explain why it looks like I don’t take care of my teeth. I don’t go out with my husband to big events (Regimental Ball, Church Parade, etc which is HUGE in the military world), when I talk, laugh, or smile I cover my mouth and I hardly ever kiss my husband anymore because of the embarrassment.

I rather hide until we have the money to go else where for treatment, I am too embarrassed of the possibility of the dentist that works on my mouth seeing me in public. I am too embarrassed that I will be that “disgusting patient” some dentist will talk about, I am too embarrassed to have anyone find out how bad my teeth are. How horrible is it to lose your teeth at 27 because of someone trying to CAUSE cavities to gain more money? I know there are VERY VERY FEW dentist like the one I seen…just sad that I had to find him. =( Wasted all that money thinking he was helping me and look where I’m at now? SCREWED!

Comment by Liz
2009-09-13 02:48:46

I do say the tea bags work, you can also go to the pharmacy and buy antibiotic liquid that you put directly on the gums. It works wonderfully at getting rid of the pain (almost instantly, it does “sting” for a minute or two but then there is no pain!) and does remove infection though if the abscess is severe you need to see your dentist as it can lead to jaw infections, Endocarditis (inflammation of heart muscle) and septicemia of the brain. It’s called Dequadin, you apply it to the infected area every 2-3hrs until the infection is gone. When I told my dentist about the abscesses he told me to go on it, as they weren’t severe at the time, and said it should take care of it but if there isn’t significant reduction in swelling, pain, and “pus pocket”, (or it gets worse) oral antibiotics need to be started ASAP. Though I’m “suffering” still within 2hrs of the first application the swelling was down 50%, after 6hrs 90% of the swelling was gone and the pus pocket has shrunk a lot! I was surprised by the size difference. This med is an antibiotic, antifungal, and oral pain reliever. He did tell me to continue on it for 7days AFTER the infection seems to be gone because even though it looks to be gone small amounts of infection can still be there which will cause it to flare back up later on. Just like any other med if you stop it before the infection is wiped out the next infection may not respond to it as well, or might not even touch it at all. Oh he also said it was ok to sleep through some treatments but to not go longer then 6hrs….so if you wake up to go pee during the night make sure you slap some on.

I hope this helps someone =) and I hope you all feel better fast!

Comment by TiffanyJ
2009-09-20 02:40:25

I am appalled at this article, and surprised I read it and all the comments when there are tons of better advice out there. Stating an abcess is 100% preventable is just a huge crock of sh*t! Happens to good people who do take care of themselves.
As far as expensive – I so agree! Dentists seem to be one of the most expensive docs outh there (aside from plastic surgery or the like…) But dental issues are the rare exception that we pretty much let it go til it’s unbearable, and have no choices. And dentists 99% of the time do not allow payment plans! I was shocked to read that on some posts. At least none of the dentists in our area of the country (southwestern USA) or where I grew up (eastern USA). 100% up front or no treatment. Um, for somene who has no credit cards left and no money, it’s impossible to get care. Medicaid will only cover emergencies, but not the treatment. And to get on Medicaid takes months, by then you could be dead from the infection or pain.
Let me say 1st, I work in a doctor’s office, billing dept even. No, doctors do not get anywhere near what people think they get paid. Takes forever and a ton of work to get paid by most insurance companies. (but, hey, that’s why I have a job…) But even the specialists that I work for accept payment plans. So, why I can not find a dentist to do the same? And we do not kill and overcharge our selfpay patients to the extreme either! Dentists, I’d rather get pregnant and have a baby – it’s cheaper! LOL!
But as far as what I’ve read on here – I am so so alarmed! Please, do not intentionally “pop” any pus or swollen pockets of ous or abcess!!! My God, you have no idea how dangerous that is! Infections in the mouth can lead DIRECTLY to the heart! Not exaggerating here. Serious problem can arise from an abcessed tooth. And yes, even DEATH! I’m sure it would alleviate the pain by the pressure “popping” and all, but if done wrong or the infection spreads…. Make sure to take antibiotics if available. (A primary care doctor is usually cheaper than a dentist to get started). And if you don’t have any heart /high blood pressure issues, then salt and warm water rinse is so advised. Sea salt is better. But any salt in warm water and used as a rinse is good. Natural antiseptic. Mouthwash, like Lysterine is good too. Hurts like crazy tho. And saltwater used to make me sick to my stomach as a kid, but I swallowed too much. Not the best tasting stuff, but pain has a way of making you not care so much.
I had the 3 remaining Wisdom teeth pulled last Wed. Hurts like hell. Better than Wed night, but htis is Sat night and I still ache. I googled and found remedies for dry socket (which I don’t think is my issue, thank God) and will buy some oil of clove tomorrow. The stitches hurt the most for me. Luckily seems to be no infection. But was swollen til yesterday and hurts like crazy. Vicoden helps me not to care, but doesn’t really take it away and certainly isn’t going to work on Monday when I need to drive and function…
But I had to comment on the practice of popping and draining the abcess. Please, please be careful! Warm saltwater every 30 min if it does pop! And get yourself to a dentist ASAP! And for expense purposes, any good ER doc or Urgent care doc and or primary care doc should be able to help in the short term if abcessed! Infection can KILL – be careful!

Comment by Tasse
2009-11-27 14:31:12

ER is the only place I’ve found that HAS to take you, regardless if you have insurance or not!

Comment by nina yeager
2009-09-20 20:18:42

I have a tooth abscess…but It is because I got my wisdom tooth removed a couple of months ago. The dentist didn’t tell me it broke when it came out. I now have a serious absess from one of the splinters they missed, and need to get oral surgery to get it removed. I brush twice a day, and floss just as much. I put a wet cotton ball in a mixture of 1/2 salt and 1/2 baking soda, and put it between my gum and the cheek. This pulled the infection out of my cheek for long enough for me to make it BACK into the dentist. The point is, getting an abscess doesnt’ always mean you are neglecting you hygien!!!

Comment by giani
2009-10-02 17:25:47

thank u guys for ur kind suggestions. the comments n suggestions r of more help than the article itself. thats why i love internet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by sarena
2009-10-09 16:49:11

Hi, while back in high school I had a root canal done on a tooth in my mouth. Since that time, the tooth have steadily decayed and broken. This morning I woke up to my face swollen and I’m in so much pain. I don’t know whether it is an absese but can someone please give me some advice on how to heal the pain. I swished warm salt water and that did not help it actually made it feel worse. I’ve taken pain relivers over and over and it helped the pain but the swelling and redness is still there please help

Comment by Painfree for now
2009-10-18 20:31:37

I’ve had a pounding headache off and on since yesterday and it stems from one of my lower left molars. It got so bad tonight (Sunday) I was ready to go to the ER to get any kind of relief. Before i left I wanted to try a home remedy as a last resort, so I found one that said to use one half teaspoon baking soda and one half teaspoon of salt in 8 oz. warm water. I rinsed for two to three minutes followed by another glass of plain water and amazingly the pain was gone within minutes and I’ve been pain free for about an hour as if nothing had happened. I plan on seeing my dentist as soon as possible, but am relieved that this method has bought me some time. Thank you for whoever posted it.

Comment by angry
2009-10-19 14:09:36

Your comment about avoidable with better oral care is offensive. There are many variables, you should not be so assanine. You have turned me off this website.

Comment by stevie
2009-10-19 16:30:52

My own personal remedy for a tooth abscess:

After having read many blogs, I gave up. Swilling cool tap water, thus cooling your mouth temperature will work for a while. The cooling down of the tissue will make the capillaries (small veins) contract, thus causing the nerves that cause the pain to stop functioning properly. The water must not be extremely cold as this can cause pain to the teeth.

If the pain still persists, try my kiwifruit remedy.
Do as follows:

ONE teaspoon of kiwifruit lodged against the painful area will immediately cause the pain to disappear. Keep it there for at least a couple of minutes! Just remember that this fruit contains around 100mg of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and will eventually burn into the tissue! As soon as you feel it burning, swallow it! Over the last weekend I consumed more than 20 kiwifruit and without any diarrhea. This fruit can boost your immune system and give you extra natural energy. The basic idea is to periodically have a piece of kiwi against the painful area for a few minutes, swallow it, rinse with cool water, and then after a few minutes repeat the process.

I find that the gold kiwi is slightly better than the green one, not so sharp, but both will stop the pain.
Don’t wait too long before seeing a dentist with a tooth abscess as it can kill you! The bacteria is very nasty stuff! It will eventually, if not treated, eat it’s way through the soft bones in your face & spread to other parts of the body. Your brain and your heart are extremely vulnerable!

After trying ibuprofen, vinegar, paracetamol, codeine, marijuana and many other useless remedies, I finally found a very common fruit with pain relieving properties.

As far as I know, there is no mention on the WWW about kiwifruit helping relieve pain from a tooth abscess. Not all the properties of this fruit have been established (yet.)

I would be grateful to hear from anyone who tries this with some success, good luck to all of you!

Comment by stevie
2009-10-19 17:01:12

After having read many blogs, I gave up. Swilling cool tap water, thus cooling your mouth temperature will work for a while. The cooling down of the tissue will make the capillaries (small veins) contract, thus causing the nerves that cause the pain to stop functioning properly. The water must not be extremely cold as this can cause pain to the teeth.

If the pain still persists, try my kiwifruit remedy.
Do as follows:

ONE teaspoon of kiwifruit lodged against the painful area will immediately cause the pain to disappear. Keep it there for at least a couple of minutes! Just remember that this fruit contains around 100mg of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and will eventually burn into the tissue! As soon as you feel it burning, swallow it! Over the last weekend I consumed more than 20 kiwifruit and without any diarrhea. This fruit can boost your immune system and give you extra natural energy. The basic idea is to periodically have a piece of kiwi against the painful area for a few minutes, swallow it, rinse with cool water, and then after a few minutes repeat the process.

I find that the gold kiwi is slightly better than the green one, not so sharp, but both will stop the pain.
Don’t wait too long before seeing a dentist with a tooth abscess as it can kill you! The bacteria is very nasty stuff! It will eventually, if not treated, eat it’s way through the soft bones in your face & spread to other parts of the body. Your brain and your heart are extremely vulnerable!

After trying ibuprofen, vinegar, paracetamol, codeine, marijuana and many other useless remedies, I finally found a very common fruit with pain relieving properties.

As far as I know, there is no mention on the WWW about kiwifruit helping relieve pain from a tooth abscess. Not all the properties of this fruit have been established (yet.)

I would be grateful to hear from anyone who tries this with some success, good luck to all of you!

Comment by Tami
2009-10-26 18:01:00

If there is a hole keep it clean… Keep a toothpick handy and remove food after u eat…take4-6 motrin and stand under a hot shower til the pain subsides. Injectin liquid anbesol in it with a dropper helps too.

Comment by Tasse
2009-11-27 14:34:49

Agree, a toothpick or even those plastic ones that can be bought in the store’s dental isle are great to keep in your car or purse for 24/7 use. After a piece of tooth falls out you have about 2 years, before the root will start becoming infected and seriously hurting. This is how mine went anyway and by year 3 I was in agonizing pain, where I wanted to just die!

Comment by Cody
2009-10-31 00:45:52

I had one accute abcess tooth. It was the worst pain of my entire life so far. Wors by far than the time I snapped my leg in two right above the ankle. My regards and condolences to ANYONE suffering pain like I did with my tooth being abcessed.

Comment by leeloo
2009-11-01 07:36:33

WOW! Someone is quite cocky. Thanks for the non-advice and yet the great “what you should have done” speech.

My husband (the one with the abscess) has a GREAT job, GREAT medical insurance, and mediocre dental insurance (because it is a rarity to find GREAT dental insurance since dental insurance is behind the times). He also takes care of his teeth; his whole family have sever dental issues. His mom and dad both were in dentures by a young age and he and his brother have terrible teeth issues. It doesn’t always have to do with whether you take care of them or not. Sometimes they are bad to begin with and you are fighting a battle you can’t win. The truth is, my husband will be in dentures at a young age as well.

Now, back to the insurance. My husband and I make great money, but with three children who have to go to the doctor, dentist, school tuition, and all the other things a child needs we, as parents, tend to be put on the back-burner. So, get off of your high horse. If you have something useful to say, say it. Otherwise…..

Comment by Tasse
2009-11-27 14:37:06

Never have been able to find anyplace with great dental insurance benefits. Maybe state workers are the only ones with it??

Comment by Ravengious
2009-11-02 03:17:26

I saw quite a few good remedies here, and one ( -cough- ) biatch post, man… either someone had to have pissed in her cereal that day, or she was refused her mothers tit for food as an infant. Jeez I hope she’s not married, I’ll take the abcess over her.

Anyway thanks to all those who posted remedies ans such, im still waiting for a dental visit for antibiotics and hopefully and extraction. And yes it might not completly dulled the pain but at least its more managable per se…

Comment by Shoggoth80
2009-12-03 13:12:08

I’m kind of in the same situation as many people here. Though I can honestly say that I am not looking for a home remedy to what has definitely become a more advanced medical problem. I understand that people have been using “home” remedies for ages, but for curing an infection, I still think that nothing beats a solid dose of antibiotics. Of course, most the advice given so far is merely to reduce pain and swelling UNTIL you can get the dental attention you require. I am currently dealing with a broken and infected tooth. Either the filling came out, or I cracked it chomping down on seeds accidentally. It’s been this way for a few months, but only recently started to hurt and weep. It took a pretty frantic search to find an office that will take someone who is uninsured. My initial visit is tomorrow. How have I handled the discomfort? Swishing with whiskey. Just a little bit at a time. It helps a little, but it is best done when you have nowhere you need to be. Swishing with a really strong mouthwash would do it too for a short while.

Comment by Dana
2009-12-09 20:13:41

well here i am reading everyones post’s the good home remidies and the drama lol… I’ve had an abcess for about three days now and I have the clove oil, i do the salt water trick and normally just pop it and I’m fine, but this time my abcess seems to be in my jaw. It hurts alot I use a heating pad on my face and also a tylonal 3. I understand most of us have no dental and the thing that works best for me is popping it and the clove oil, the cloves work for any kind of tooth ache.
Anyways as for the people writing stupid rude comments this is a site to help people in pain not to bitch about others grow up!!!! I came on here because I am in pain and wanted help with my tooth ache not to get bitchier over your drama.Anyways thank you for the remidies and advice I wrote it all down and am going to try it all.

Comment by Adam
2009-12-19 09:53:13

I have an abscess, the right side of my face, lower jaw has been swollen for 7 days now, ive been to the dentist twice this week, and the local E.R. once b4 my 2 dentist Appointments. i have another app. monday, i’ve been on Amoxicillin for 4 days now, but the swelling doesnt seem to be going away, and it is still hard as a rock… i dont know what to do.. the doc tells me to keep take’n the amoxicillin he gave me, that it will go away without needing to be drained, or he will drain it when it comes to a head. but neither seems to be happening.. im just wondering.. how long does it take to come to a head.. cause it started hurting last night, i havent had much pain really until yesterday, i cant sleep at night, and its really start’n to get to my head.. help please.. what should i do?!?!?

Comment by Adam
2009-12-20 09:26:58

P.S. i dont have dental insurance…. i’m paying out of pocket.. im a broke musician and i cant afford the payments.. but as for an update my abscess got really soft over night, i think its coming to a head, and ready to be drained.. i go to the dentist tomorrow for that!, wish me luck, im pretty excited!!, but help, i cant sleep good, i toss and turn all night, anyone have any pointers on how to sleep when ur face is swollen?

Comment by CECE
2010-01-03 19:11:57

wow i guess i am not the only one to have dental issues it wasnt really important to me to i realized that it is really bad to get an abcess and not get it treated .i didnt realize you can die from it .the got better after a few days of antibioctics so life went back to i have been in pain for a few days now and i am afraid of overdosing on tylenol or advil i need it every two hours and i am up most of the night .this time the abcess is so bad it is actually scaring me .i need to have all my teeth pulled out .when i was younger i was bulimic and that has rotted my teeth beyond repair or beyond what i can is much cheaper to pull out my teeth and get dentures .i was one of those people who use to judge people who were young and had false teeth.i use to call them scumbage now i am one of those scumbags .i would rather spend my money going on vacation and using it for things that i am going to have fun doing .the abgcess is so bad i dont know what to do .i would like to try the superglue thing but i am afraid i will do it wrong and glue my mouth shut .i am finally takinhg the antibioctics i was prescribed a while ago .so i still had them left over from last time .the dentist i am going to only wants to pullout one tooth at a time because my teeth arent that bad and he can justify the need to medicare .but i am not going to suffer like this anymore.i rince with salt water and perioxide .i wish everyone good luck taking care of theree teeth issues and dont liet it go it can kill you if the infection gets into your blood stream it can cause a stroke or heart attack or even death .so please listen to your body and seek whatever medical attention you can get .hopefully my will be done tommorrow .

Comment by KP
2009-12-29 16:55:35

I have an abcess in my left cheek, near a broken tooth and a wisdom tooth trying to come in. I have had nothing but painful problems, but this is the first abcess for me. I have tried popping it, but it only seems to get bigger. I rinse and brush three times a day, tried olive oil, cloves, and nothing seems to be working. I have not tried the tea bag, but will here in a bit. When I eat, it swells up as well. I am puzzled by this and like many, wish it would just go away.
For those rinsing with hydro for severe tooth pain, I used it like it was going out of style and it does work. Try and avoid eating cold food and risning with cold water. Salt water helps as well. I wish there was the perfect needle to pop and abcess. I will post again about the tea bag and hopes it helps.

Comment by KP
2009-12-29 17:06:15

PS, my abcess is hard as a rock and white and red in color? I have popped it and blood drains out, but then swells right back up? I cannot open my mouth normal, more like less then halfway, chew hard foods or chips and my jaw hurts?

Comment by Tired of
2010-01-03 02:29:04

To all those posting here complaing about not having money to pay a dentist every 6 months…

First, it is NOT “hundreds” for a basic dentist visit. If so, find another dentist.

Next, have you considered canceling your internet and cable/satellite TV, and cell phone for 6 months (or other optional items such as iPods, Movie Tickets, tobacco, alcohold). That should give you hundreds of dollars. That is more than enough money for several dentist visits..for an entire family. Oh, you don’t like that option. Well, you do have the choice….and you get to live with the consequences. You can choose luxuries over health care….but you can’t whine about wanting someone else to foot your health care when you do.

Anyone that is spending their money on anything other than basic shelter, food, and clothing has no grounds to complain not having money for healthcare. They only need to look in the mirror to find the reason they don’t have the money to take care of themselves.

Comment by Human Socialist
2010-01-11 17:59:16

ur so full of shitake mushrooms bud, dentist minimal cost 500 for xray and surgical extraction moron, wow did you even grad high school or jr. high, im thinking jr high you cut out cuause you go someone preggy bummer, trailer trash life sucks don’t it ?

Comment by Interesting
2010-01-08 11:56:27

So i came on here looking for temporary relief for a friend who is in painand looking for temporaryreleif from the abscess in her mouth untl her dentist appointment next week. A few different things caught my attention as well that i would like to comment on:

firstly to the orignall poster who stated that abscess’s are a result of poor oral hygiene ONLY…what a bunch of shit! My husband hasnt been to the dentist in 7 years..not sure why although he doesnt go but thats his decision..he hasnt had a single problem with his teeth his entire life. No cavities, root canals and no abscess’s. I on the other hand visit my dentist every 8-12 months, brush my teeth 2x a day, floss once a day and have had 7 cavities..but still not a single abscess. My friend who currently has the abscess has had a prefect track record all her life when it comes to her teeth…no cavities, fillings, root canals etc until 7 months ago were she passed out, smacked her face on the tile floor and chipped her 4 front teeth..for this she needed root canals and a crown put in to fix…no she has an abscess..huh wondered how that happened considering its only cause by bad oral hygiene.

To the commenter above me (Tired of)..thank you..finally someone said EXACTLY what i was thinking..all you bitch about not being able to afford health insurance and what not..that would be fine and my heart would go out to you if you wearnt sitting on a computer or iphone(which last time i checked didnt come cheap), on the internet (which again…is a luxury) complaining about being broke…jeez i wonder why you have no money.

I can honestly say that after reading all the insults being slung back and forth especially to those just looking for help or providing information, It makes me very proud to NOT be American!!

Comment by Human Socialist
2010-01-11 17:56:40

lol you wish you could be an american lol it’s ok my government will brain wash you with our sorry ass mind controlling drugs too, good luck with that osama bin bomb head

Comment by Human Socialist
2010-01-11 17:55:36

there is NO relief you’re all gonna die, it’s inevitable, one day somehow.

now, as for the pain, i have been awake over a week, 2 hospital visits, dentists won’t touch it.

im in so much pain i could die, i want to die, slitting my wrists would be less painfull then this fu… sh….
i hvae thrown up every hour on the hour because of the pain, im in tears all ***ing day, *** this Sh**8

i hope a truck hits me, there is NO cure foR THE PAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Anna Mouse
2011-03-17 22:26:27

OH my goodness – - LMA0 You made me laugh so hard I think it was good thearpy because for 3 minutes I was not thinking about the freaking pain!

1) Read the forum and the salt rinses totally help!

2) Contue doing cold and hot if your swollen it at least lessens it a bit

Comment by victor
2010-01-14 21:15:01

I had an abscess and this worked for me. 1. find a teeth whitening tray (clean all the gel out first) 2. fill it with salt in position where your abscess is located 3. pop the pus 4. place the tray over the popped pus (it will be painfull for 10 seconds) 5. leave it for at least 30 minutes — you will feel better. then rinse with warm water –
repeat process every 4 hours.

Comment by paul
2010-01-15 21:02:26

I had this pain come on 2 days ago, i woke up the day prior with a cold then hit the right side of my face on some material at work, wasnt a big deal lil sore, then i woke up in bad pain and my lower jaw was swollen not much thought though as i had hit it. THat night i had alot of issues sleeping between the sinus wreaking havoc in my head and the jaw i was in bad shape. When i finally did doze off i woke up to pretty nasty breath and lots of pain, was hitting the aleve hard and found out tonight my symptoms are just this….I’ve had the tea bag in my mouth for around an hour or so now, pain is there but not as severe and now the bag is starting to get a nasty taste to it so i’m thinking maybe itsdraining, not as swollen up anymore…

First time i went to the dentist was when i was 17, didnt have a single issue not a cavity or nothing, went again last year on a dare from my fiance(i hate doctors and dentists) and again checked out great. I brush before bed, rinse in the morning and have chewed tobacco since i was 13….And yet no problems till i walk into a steel plate

Comment by Gina
2010-01-17 19:00:05

8 year old son with abscess. He has a cavity near the gum. We went to family dentist, but he would not cooperate, so referral to pediatric dentist. Not one dentist on our insurance would schedule an appointment knowing he is not cooperative. Switched insurances and now on a waiting list for a doctor who will sedate if needed.
Called ped yesterday morning who gave him Amoxicillin, but 3am this morn he was fevered and his face was twice the size it was the day before. She sent him to the ER. Doc said he was borderline admission. Gave him IM antibiotic shot (screamed for 30 mins) and added Cleocin to the Amox. His face is still swollen really bad and now red and he is running low grade fevers. How long before we see a change with antibiotics?
He also had his tonsils out about 1 month ago. Any one know of a relation with tonsilectomy? All I could think is that before tonsils, he was on antibiotics pretty consistently and the two weeks after his tonsilectomy it was very difficult to get him to brush good.
ER doc commented he commonly sees this with adults, but children typically have mom’s who make them brush, so not so much with children. I was livid! Informed him that Mom and Dad at home who MAKE him brush morning and night. We even buy our boys power toothbrushes that seems to work better. There are issues with the formation of all my boys teeth, one who has cleft palate. Docs should watch what they say, especially not knowing the situation.
Very concerned…

Comment by John Phoenix
2010-01-21 15:45:05

I am reading through this to find relief for my wife. She has an abcess.. or at least its a swolen sack of pus on her gum. She is in a lo of pain and her face is starting to swell. She is going to the dentist tomorrow.. but would like more help for now. We go to the LSU School of Dentistry in New Orleans and they are TONS cheaper than a regular dentist.

The oral hygiene bit is a bold face lie btw.. there are documented cases throughout history of cultures who never brushed their teeth once in their lives and have perfectly healthy teeth and gums.

This is due to proper nutrition and avoiding all the chemicals and sugars that are in our American overproduced foods.

Like doctors, dentist equipment in dentistry school are paid for by pharmaceutical companies and people who make oral hygiene products. The oral hygiene thing is mostly made up to sell products.. the only reason why it seems to work is because we do not eat properly in this country.

If we could eat properly with perfect nutritional needs our bodies would heal all tooth problems and prevent them.. as a healthy body is designed to do. There would never be a need for any oral hygieny..

These sound far fetched, but they are facts.. study proper nutrition and you will see.

Comment by John Phoenix
2010-01-21 15:56:33

I forgot to say.. I had a pus sac like hers that appeared after a tooth removal.. it was the worst pain I had ever had. When I could not stand it any longer, I got a needle cleaned with fire and alcohol and popped it.

It was instant relief. It healed up nicely and did not return.. all that pus just needed to be let out.

When I told my dentist, he seemed surprised that I would do this myself, but did not say anything about this being bad or wrong to do.

It’s your body. Do what you feel is right for you. Weigh the pros and cons carefully, and if you pop a pus sack, be very careful and try not to swallow anything nasty. Follow this up with a good cleaning to the area and some gauze until it stops draining/bleeding.

Sometimes you know best, better than the doctor.

Comment by John Phoenix
2010-01-23 05:24:38

For those of you still unsure if you can pop that abscess or not:

In a post above a person who worked in a doctors office (not herself a doctor) said never to pop one. She was wrong.

Well if you are in tons of pain and you cannot get to the dentist and you must have relief you can go ahead and pop that sucker.

THIS Dentist tells you it’s o.k. to do so and even shows you how! – So, Dr. Approved.. Go ahead and Pop it!

Go to You Tube and search and find a video called: ” Dental Health : Can You Pop an Abscessed Tooth? ”

( I can’t seem to get this to post if I type the URL, so please search for the video manually.)

Watch the video first, get some strong antibacterial mouthwash to clean the area with before and after and Pop Away!

Comment by Karl
2010-01-27 05:26:48

I have tried all the different remedies and nothing seems to work… the best option I had was rinsing my mouth with a bit of whiskey and spitting it out. Of course my mouth went numb but after 20 minutes the pain came back stronger than ever.

I can honestly say this is the worst pain I’ve felt in my life 2 days of this crap… I passed out on purpose last night to try get some relief and woke up an hour later wishing I was dead….

my dad wont let me go to a dentist and all he says is its my fault… what a bunch of bullshit

Comment by Trisha
2010-01-27 20:44:52

“If you are here because you or someone you know is suffering from mouth abscess then let me tell you that this was a perfectly avoidable situation had you taken better oral care. We actually put ourselves into this situation (including myself!) and then regret and repair.”

Um, let me correct you on this. I’m currently in a situation of having a severe abscess tooth. I take good care of my teeth and there are NO cavities in this tooth. Let me repeat that…The tooth that is infected has NO sign of cavities or decay, and TWO different dentists confirmed that. There has also been any known trauma to the tooth. I know this is a rare situation but apparently it does happen! You CAN get an abscess tooth even if you take care of your teeth…it is not “entirely avoidable.” Do your damn research before popping off and acting like people who suffer from this created the problem themselves and it’s their own damn fault!

Comment by jordan
2011-09-01 20:36:43

I went to Juarez to get it checked out, and the dentist who attended me told me that sometimes when we brush our teeth those little brizzles (tooth brush hairs) might go in between our tooth and gums which then gives the infection, cavities are not needed. in my personal experience flossing, brushing, and mouth wash really helps to ease the pain and of course to prevent this infection in the 1st place. ive had it for some time now, and hopefully ill got to Juarez within this week to get my tooth janked out, screw trying to save it after all that pain! plus the moller was already filled years ago but failed, so the removal of it will be my solution.

Comment by Missy
2010-01-31 08:23:11

U people are mostly insane! I just wanted a remedy for my mouth

Comment by Nikki
2010-01-31 12:28:05

Hi everyone. I love this site, I am going to try some of the tips – especially the teabag overnight thing. I will call the dentist tomorrow (monday) to get some antibiotics – they usually work for me. I am using a gel called Anbesol at the moment which really helps. I’m overdosing on iburoprofen too as it takes a LOT to ease (not kill just ease) the pain.

I am awaiting a root canal on a “hot” tooth – the pain is too severe they can’t even drill anywehre near the nerve before I am squirming in agony, so its a waiting game until the root dies. Whilst waiting the abscess formed… I just want the tooth out! The money I save on treatments can go towards a food processor to mash up all my meals so I can gum them down!!!

I hope everyone gets sorted out – insurance or not, NHS or private – no one should have to suffer this kind of pain without an end in sight. It makes you wonder how many abscess related suicides are going on out there every day!!!

Good luck everyone, my thoughts are with you… x

Comment by MO
2010-02-06 14:23:50

I Had My Tooth Fracture A Few Years Ago And They Filled It With A Fake Tooth
Now My Tooth Really Hurts I Can’t Eat Or Chew On It, My Face Is A Bit Swollen
It’s Saturday And There Are No Dentists Open
What Could Be The Problem?
I Can’t Even Sleep Properly, It Just Keeps On Throbbing, And It’s My Top Left Back Tooth
I Have Tried Salt Water And Tea Bag
I Can’t Even Get To Sleep
Hurts So Much Its Saturday And Can’t Go To The Dentist

Comment by shark
2010-02-07 00:08:26

My illiterate parents made my perfectly aligned and healty teeth/jaws through a cheap intern orthodontic treatment without my consent. After that along 10 years I am suffering from absolute temperomandibular joint disorder and bruxism symptoms let resulting detoriative abscess alone which are ruining my previously robust life and career. I am a victim of illiteracy. I am afraid of that agony will hold the eternity doomed forever let alone my nullified fate.

Comment by Imagin
2010-02-16 06:26:39

Hello everyone i heard all your comments and complaints and the great remedies for abscess and tooth aches. I did my 6 months visits to the DDS with no problems never had a cavity or a filling all was done was cleaning never needed it. Yet 8 months ago i had a stroke which left my left side with limited movement. which is strange why this would affect my teeth. I had to have heart surgery left me with a mechanical valve which means i have to be on blood thinners for the rest of my life and have to pre medicaid before seeing a dentist. Now i need 2 root canals and have 3 cavities aswell as having periodontal disease. Im in so much pain and having heart surgery i would have to wait till im healed to get any work done. Im scared that if i wait to see a dentist my heart will stop but getting work done and being too soon will cause me to have an abscess. Any suggestions PLEASE HELP!

Comment by jack of all trades
2010-02-22 16:40:00

Back in the early 1900′s, Dr. Price, from the same American Dental Association group that seem to have completely overlooked his research of many cultures throughout the world who didn’t have cavities at all, found it’s not brushing your teeth that prevents cavities, but the foods you eat, that either cause cavities from the inside of your body, or stop cavities from getting worse altogether, from proper nutrition (natural foods).
I’ve had 3 cavities for many years, and finally tried this last year. For the whole year, no pain at all. Of course the other day, I bit down hard on a piece of pizza which I’ve been eating regularly against his suggestion (no white bread or flour), and within hours, got a fever and abscessed tooth. Now my face is blown up on that side. My fault for straying from the doctor’s suggestion.
I did find something that I will look into more: Cure Tooth Decay: I’m not pitching this resource as I haven’t read the book yet, but the author suggests we’ve been misled all these years about proper tooth care and preventing cavities. He also sources Dr. Price on his site, and has a few suggestions too. Do a search “Cure Tooth Decay” and you’ll find it.

Now how to reduce this swelling of my cheek? Look like I have a jawbreaker candy in my mouth.

Comment by Micky
2010-02-26 12:05:10

For about 6 years I fought infections in my wisdom teeth until I finally had them all removed. Here is how I did it.

1) Ibuprofen was the best for pain, it reduces swelling which is why the dentist will often suggest it. Several different doctors have told me (after dental and surgical procedures) that 800 mg every 4 hours is the max to use (for adults). It rarely took that much for me, 400 mg used to do the trick most of the time. If you have a prescribed pain medication that you are using, alternate it with the Ibuprofen for the best result. When I finally did go in, I was prescribed Tylenol 3 with Codeine and told to rotate the two every 4 hours. This really is helpful if you have to stay functional for work or kids, etc.

A topical treatment to use that doesn’t cost much is Red Cross Toothache Complete Medication Kit. It comes with a small bottle of eugenol (clove oil), tiny cotton balls, and tweezers. You simply soak the cotton ball and apply. Be careful, it burns and numbs well. Try a small bit to test it out. It will numb anything it touches so don’t let it drip into your mouth anymore than you have to. This works great for simple tooth aches too.

2) Don’t touch sugar of any kind or allow food anywhere near the abscessed tooth, drink only water. Rinse your mouth after you put anything in your mouth besides water. Anything left in there will agrivate the area and make pain worse. Do not suck on straws or chew anything hard because this too aggrivates the situation.

3) Salt water rinses are a great help. The salt will draw the infection to the surface. Get the water as warm as you can handle it and dissolve a tsp of salt at a time into the water until the salt added won’t dissolve any longer. Take your Ibuprofen or pain medicine about 20-30 minutes before you rinse. This will minimize the pain you feel once the salt reaches under the tooth. Rinse with the salt water focusing on the infected area. I would also tilt my head and the allow the salty water to submerge the area for as long as I could take it. Don’t swallow any more than you have to or you will get sick. If you get nauseated doing this, alternate rinsing with salt water and plain warm water to clear the tungue a bit in between. Don’t rinse your mouth for more than a few minutes at a time because you’ll have to rinse quite a bit and over time it will make your mouth very raw and sore. You’ll probably have terrible pain and feel the area drawing up after you rinse, but this will pass after about 20 minutes. No matter how bad it hurts, don’t press the area or you’ll push the infection back and deeper and defeat the purpose of the salt water rinse.

4) HEAT is your friend. In between rinses, put a heating pad on high and lay the heating pad on the area. Try and keep it on top of the infected area only. You want to draw it out as close to the infected area as possible. The infection will come to the heat, so be sure to not have the heat close to your ear or eyes. Also, don’t lay on the pad…lay the pad on the area (pad facing up). If you can prop yourself up on a couch or lounge chair, this is best. Lying down always caused serious throbbing, where sitting up eased the pain. Usually after a few rinses, a good dose of Ibuprofen, and propping myself up on the couch, I could get about 4 hours sleep at a time (waking only to take more Ibuprofen) and by the next morning would find it had drained.

5) If these things are working your infected area will go from wide, swollen, and deep red to almost a perfect ball over the tooth. It will be red, but the area around will appear less red than before. You may see a dark purple area on the ball and then a white head, this is good. Keep the heat going and soon it will give and drain. If you notice when the drainage starts, do plain warm water rinses. Try to spit as much of it out as possible because the drainage will make you sick to the stomach. If it drains while you’re sleeping, eat a non greasy absorbant food like toast to help calm your stomach.

6) For the next few days after the drainage starts, keep the mouth clean with plain water rinses and mouthwash if you can take it. If the drainage is bad, you may want to gauze the area to catch it, but change them often. You can still use salt rinses, but it hurts and really isn’t needed. After a few days, it should heal over and then just keep the mouth clean as usual.

7) If these things don’t help after 24-48 hrs…get to a dentist. You should at least see the infection bunched up in a somewhat uniformed knot. Once I finally went it I had to go through 2 rounds of antibiotics because the infection just didn’t want to come out of there. The dentist I found was Christian so a portion of his work was charitable. He only x-rayed the tooth in question to keep costs down. He often did free work, payment plans, and was cheaper hands down than anyone I had ever talked to. Don’t be scared to call and ask if they do any dental work for free or know of those who do. They can often point you in the right direction if their office doesn’t do that kind of work. Keep in mind that a dentist who donates his time to the poor usually opens his practice in poorer areas to be closer to the people who need his free services. Just because a practice may be located in a poorer part of town does not mean the quality of the dentist is poorer. Mine is in an area that has yet to be incorporated and his patients either don’t have jobs or make less than $25,000 a yr….but he is gentle, kind, has built a brand new office, and makes a good living because he bypasses insurance and simply charges a reasonable fee and allows flexibility in payments so even the lower income families in that area can afford to pay for his services.

Comment by Dee
2010-03-21 04:30:14

Hello I wanted to say that your advice was the best I have seen,
Thank you so much

Comment by Jim
2011-07-24 14:09:10

You are amazing. Thank you.

Comment by Gawjuz_eyes
2010-02-27 01:31:07

Ahhh i have an abses right now for the first 3 days it pained n pained i went to my local gp. whom game me antibiodics. i then ended up in ER later that night seen as tho i cudnt handle the pain, so they gave me panaden forte and believe it or not even that didnt work. i then went back to my doctor the next day whom gave me stronger pain killers and another antibiodic so i wud be takin 2 diff types to knock it on the head faster. by the next moring whne i woke up my hole left side of my face was extra large, so i decided to go back to the doctor he then sent me to the dentist. whom i thought wud have drained it but he look n told me to leave it n it wud pop on its own. n it still hasnt i want it gone i try the tea bag thing n it didnt work it have bleed 3 times but not a yucky taste n no puss is this thing guna pop
???? :( ((

Comment by tracy
2010-03-03 03:23:05

I have an abcess but the pus isnt beside the tooth, its under my jaw bone and moving to my cheek. Ive been on antibs going on the third day but it just seems to be getting worse. Im trying the tea bag again and it does take the pain to a low but its not pulling the infection up. My tooth feels like its gonna explode. There is so much preassure on it. IS there anything else that might help pull the infection out?

Comment by fed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2010-03-06 18:40:09

hello…… im new to this, but not the pain in my mouth. i have a job and have always had one. right now i have basic insurance and no dental. i work 50 hours a week, and with this blinding pain. i am mortified to find that i can go to the pet store and buy 250 mg of tetracycline tablets. 24 of them for 11.99. i have read that this is common knowledge to branches of the military. i worked in the records dept of a hospital for 6 years. i had full medical coverage and dental and had both of my children at this hospital. i also worked for private physicians and had to deal with the drug reps. coming and wanting time with the doctor to push their new meds and give free samples. in all these years. with all the suffering i have seen first hand. people scraping up the money to come through the e.r. or come to the doctors office only to find that the script they were given will cost 100.00 or more. i was trying to find an online doctor to prescribe me something for my absess but instead i found articles about the fish antibiotics. i started my script 24 hours ago. 250 mg. 3 times a day. the burning in my jaw has receeded to where i can speak to my children. the pain is no longer running up the side of my head. the swelling is starting to go down on the side of the roof of my mouth. i was stricken with terror at the thought of going to the hospital and the size of the bill. i am feeling better but disgusted with out system that allows such suffering. where is the compassion in this great country of ours.

Comment by Kaida
2010-03-07 08:23:10

Thank you for the advice, will try it asap but as a side note I’d like to point out that not all abscesses are our own fault. I’m frantically searching right now on behalf of my girlfriend who had perfect teeth until she developed leukemia and had to go on chemotherapy. Her teeth are rotting away and abscessing through no fault of her own which is confirmed by her dentist and all that can be done is to pull them all, which we cannot afford. I also get abscesses from time to time despite my brushing after each meal and mouthwashes ect. Mine are due to wisdom teeth that have been coming through since I was in my late teens. My girlfriend feels wretched enough, if she had read that admonishment she’d have been very upset, though her doctors and dentist have both told her she takes great care of her teeth and it is the fault of chemotherapy. She thinks she looks ugly and that anyone looking at her will think that she doesn’t take care of herself and it’s very distressing for her.

Comment by lem
2010-03-14 00:06:43

I dont know what kind of people u are but to me some of you aint nice…I came here lookin for help and all i got was a bunch of immature adults fighting over something stupid… next time u wanta fight plz dont do it where everyone can read it..


Comment by Tea Tree Mania
2010-09-03 15:41:50

Your Reply


Comment by Dee
2010-03-21 04:24:05

The other day, out of the blue with no symptoms, I had a small bump pop up on my gum. I searched the net and found that this was an abscess. Went to the dentist and was told that this was a result of a failed crown. I was put on antibiotics and pain meds. I wanted to get well fast so looked up “home remedies” one not to try is salt and baking soda put on a cotton ball and placed in between the abscess and gum. After 10 minutes I could not stand the pain anymore and the solution I used burned my mouth.
If I was to ever try a “home remedy” again it might be a tea bag, not something that made me worse Rinsing with warm salt water also helps.
Most of the sites I have tried says this is a result of poor dental hygiene and that is simply not true. Not every abscess is the result of poor dental hygiene, it wrong to blame the victim. For people who don’t have insurance I do not know how you do it. The cost is so excessive if you do not have insurance. i.e. if you have insurance (any kind) the dentist charges you a lower fee as it has been agreed upon between the insurance and the dentist. If you have no insurance they charge 3 times as much. Does that make sense? I have insurance and can barely afford the costs so for people who have none I can feel your pain.

Comment by bobby
2010-03-27 04:17:49

LISTERINE!!! believe me!!!swish with Listerine several times a day in the affected area. I had an absess 4 months ago, after seeing a dentist, and given antibotics, I was told I would need another root canal on this tooth, then told the tooth needed to be pulled, I have been using Listerine twice a day and still have the tooth and no second root canal !!! Started hurting a bit last night though and I got worried, so I swished with Cool Mint Listerine several times before bed, and its pain free this morning!!!

Comment by hannah
2010-03-27 16:39:36

i got an abcess at the moment, before usually sage mixed in boilt water reduces the pain and cleans your teeth, or teabags, they do the same but turn your teeth yellow. other than that, constantly brush your teeth first time i had an abcess i had it for 2 months, 2nd time a few days cause i knew what to do

Comment by Dan
2010-04-06 20:19:29

taking better care? some parents never bother to teach their children to do this properly cuz it wasnt taught to them….

Comment by steve
2010-04-10 13:07:10

My abscess stopped hurting while I was reading the trivial and childish bickering in this thread!

Comment by lolly
2010-04-11 13:06:04

I have suffered with a recurring abscess that drains through my face when it flares up. Fortunate to live in UK some Dentist, Doctors and antibiotics are free or subsidised. I have finally had the tooth removed (cost £30) and apart from a slowly repairing indentation in my face where the drain site was am at last pain free. |When it did flare up I found the best relief was clove oil and hot salt water rinses. Tried the Tea bag method but it made me gag, also got some relief with chlorohex in dental mouthwash or find a throat lozenge like strepsil that contains it and let that melt on the tooth over an hour or so. Most of all get help and proper antibiotics as soon as possible. Hopefully you will all soon have a basic health service entitlement like us – we pay for choice, for frills, for non vitals but it’s a real relief to be able to get the basics when you need it for you and your family when you need it.
My sympathies for all of you in pain – I hope some of my methods help.

Comment by Bev
2010-04-19 03:08:43

To the arrogant ignorant people that are saying you should have taken care of your teeth. To those uneducated people I say this = For your information there are diseases out there that require certain medications that can hurt teeth no matter how hard you take care of them. There are also people on fixed incomes that simply can not afford dental insurance requiring them to pay the overblown prices that dentists are charging. YES OVERBLOWN. Dentist went into the business for one reason and that is to get rich quick, not to help people who need it. Do I think something should be done about this YES. People are out there suffering because of these situations and there is no one there to help them. There is something wrong with the whole medical field and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Comment by Sandra
2010-10-05 15:09:50

Dentists become dentists because they’re not smart enough to go though MEDICAL school and become doctors. And do not tell me dentists are doctors. They are not. They have less training and less experience. They’re also frustrated about not BEING doctors.

Comment by heres some help
2010-04-20 21:23:26

people stop worrying about dental insurance and look for dental plans! Go for the ones that you pay an annual fee and get discounted services. Find one that offers cheap or free xrays / oral exam and use that. Then go for a full mouth debridement if you have too, (maybe you can skip that) then go for the deep cleaning per quandrant. By the time you are done you will have paid about $100 for the dental plan (which u can use immediately) $0-20 for the xrays/exam, $70 for the debridement and $100 per deep cleaning quadrant. (About $570) BUT all u need is the dental plan payment upfront, when u go get the quadrants try to get one done at a time, the side that hurts the worse. I know u dont have the money, me neither but make a plan and put the money aside, dont watch cable for a month or turn off ur cell, ur teeth will thank u for it. hope u all feel better

Comment by Sandra
2010-10-05 15:11:57

That’s nonsense! When I had a dental plan they allowed $145.00 for a root canal. The cheap dentist I went to charged $600.00. Ha!

Comment by Danielle Jones
2010-04-23 10:32:34

First and most important, a few months ago, my son’s buddy, age 25, died because he didn’t want to go to the dentist to have an abscess taken care of. This is no joke, the “poison” produced by the abscess killed him.

If you have an abscessed tooth, get medical treatment whether you hate dentists or not.

Lastly, my daddy taught me as I was growing up that life isn’t fair, and when I complained, he told me to get over it. He said that anybody who thinks that because they work hard, they should get the same benefits that everybody else has is just asking for misery as they will never ever be satisfied with anything. It doesn’t matter whether we like it or not, this is the way life works. I’m not one of the advantaged, and I have had some really tough knocks in my life. I got laid off after working 60 hrs a week at my job (got paid for 40), then 8 months later, found out I had a brain tumor. Know what I say about that? Life isn’t fair, so what. I’m doing the best I can and I’m going to keep a good attitude.

Comment by rich
2010-04-24 09:00:27

Two years ago I had a horrible abscessed tooth. I put an herbal tea bag on the affected area for several hours and it was completely gone. (Avoided a root canal and crown, which they said had to be done immediately). Another one cropped up a couple of days ago. I used the herbal tea bag and got the same results. This really works.

Comment by Howard
2010-04-29 19:26:04

I am a dentist in the Philadelphia area. I work by myself in a small office in my house. My overhead is low so I can charge lower fees. I see one patient at a time and I do it all. Also I don’t own a boat. In fact, I drive a 10-year-old Hyundai Elantra. The reason is that I treat people that the “big boys” don’t want in their practices. Naturally I prefer to provide the best treatment possible, but I will figure out less than ideal treatments to solve people’s problems for less–I think outside the box. I’m not saying all this to brag–just to let you know that if you look you can find other dentists like me.

Also, and I know you won’t want to hear this, dental disease (decay, periodontitis, etc) is the result of eating carbs. Whether you brush and floss or not, the bacteria in your mouth will use the carbs for food and the resulting acid waste will cause damage. Consuming carbs depresses your immune system, making you more susceptible to infection and disease. If you think vegetarianism or veganism is the answer to good health, I can tell you I have several as patients–they eat only organic whole grains, vegetables, legumes and fruits–no junk–and their teeth rot faster than I can fix them. I, myself, ate Macrobiotic many years ago and it was during that time that I suffered a dental abscess.

Comment by Sandra
2010-10-05 15:14:20

That is wonderful. Too bad they can’t clone you and there’s only ONE of you and so far away!! Thank you for the post anyway. That gives us some hope.

Comment by Mack
2011-05-23 14:48:55

I just wanted to thank you for your service to the people.


Comment by Garry
2010-05-09 10:08:25

im gonna die :( i think i have an abscess on the left side of my lower jaw, after reading the top i wanna pop it, but im scared it will spread. gonna call the dentist tomoro and see what the douchebag says!

Comment by darren
2010-05-16 12:36:13

I currently have an abcess in the lower left of my mouth, had it for about a week now.Its bloody sore and beginning to piss me off. A friendly bit of advice to all who have one, Get your ass to a dentist (dont moan about money, theres always a way of finding it when it feels like you`ve been smacked in the mouth with a cricket ball). Get the antbiotics, rince your mouth out with salt water after every time u eat and take pain killers. Then back to the dentist and have the bastard tooth pulled out. Failing that you could end up like Danielles friend ( see above). It happened to a friend of mine but luckly he survived, it popped while he was sleeping, his mother found him unconsous, rushed to hospital. Another half hour and docs said he would have been dead.

No matter how much u hate then the dentist could be saving your life !!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Riabeer
2010-05-20 05:12:09

Is anybody else miffed that the info on absesses says that its always down to bad dental hygeine!? Well I certainly am! I look after my teeth really well. I have a stupidly small mouth and a Wisdom tooth coming through despite having no room! Its not got to the point where I have a big flap of cheek hanging over it, keep biting it because its in the way! Have tried desperately to keep the wisdom tooth clean but my mouth is so small my toothbrush doesnt fit back there!

Now its all infected and horrible :(

I feel sad for the people on here who are struggling to get dental care. I live in England and although we have to pay some towards our dental treatments its never more than a couple of hundred pounds even if you are having lots of work done. Most of the time its under £50. And for people on low incomes its free.

Its a real sad thing that in America (is that where you are?) care proffessionals look for your wallet before you heartbeat :(

Comment by sweibel
2010-05-22 23:13:23

I went to the dentist for the first time in 16 years on friday. I have a chipped molar that I have been ignoring for a couple months because it didn’t hurt and I didn’t have insurance. Got insurance the first of the year but didn’t want to rush right off because I heard sometimes you have to wait a couple months for them to cover expensive things. The dentist told me my molar was absessed (that explains the ear ache I’ve had the past couple weeks) and I would eithor need to get it extracted or have a root canal. He also told me two of my wisdom teeth need pulled (makes sence, they’ve bothered me for years) and I do have some cavities but he said he wasn’t to worried about them at this point because the other stuff was in need of some quicker action. I was happy with everything until I got to the lady that helps set up payments and appointments to have all this work done. She was very pushy and a bit rude. My insurance only covers $1000 a year and the second I sat down she wanted me to do this this and this. She of course suggested I get the root canal because I wouldn’t want to be missing a tooth. Which leads me to my first question. Is anyone on here missing a back molar and does it really cause a problem? It is the second to last one. I don’t think it really would but I like to ask for other peoples advise. She also wanted to put me down for fillings but I’m not sure why. I know the dentist said he wasn’t worried about the cavities and to my knowledge that is the only thing you need fillings for. She told me I have to come in for two cleanings before I can have any work done but I’ve never heard of that. Has anyone else? I am also confused about the absess. From reading the coments on here it sounds I should have a puss bubble of some type and I feel none. Is that possible? I know my tooth has been hurting and like I said I’ve had an ear ache that the dentist said could very well be because of it. I went to the doctor two weeks ago after having the ear ache for two weeks already and he said my ear wasn’t infected. So, when the dentist said this I thought it was logical. Anyhow, I left the dentists almost in tears because I was so confused and just not sure what to do so I would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks

Comment by Kathy
2010-06-18 23:14:13

To Sweibel – years ago I had the next to the last top molar pulled because of abcess and severe pain. I could not afford a root canal, and they said that pulling the tooth would cause your teeth to “float” and start drifting apart to fill the gap left by the pulled molar. It’s been about 15 years since, and I’ve only experienced minor movements in my teeth. I know this post is probably too late for you now, but maybe it will help someone else.

Also, the “lady’ that they have you talk to regarding payment and appointments is a salesman and that’s what they’re paid to do. Don’t let them strong arm you into anything you are uncomfortable with or cannot afford. It’s your teeth and your money, tell them what you are comfortable with all the way around and stick to it. If they are not accomodating, go somewhere else if you can. My only other comment on this subject is to call around and price services if you can. You are not obligated to have any work done by the dentist that you’ve just seen.

Thanks to everyone else who have posted help and remedies for those of us who cannot afford to go to the dentist, or are just seeking help now.

Comment by asmo
2010-05-23 03:08:36

From uk, i am jobless atm, and i get free care for my ab phew!!!

Comment by Mr dentist
2011-08-11 02:34:29


Comment by jade
2010-05-29 14:20:19

toothache is the worst pain ever, had an abscess a year ago under a filling and ended up scrapin the filling out with scissors to relieve the pain and get rid of the pressure :( .. a couple of weeks ago the exact same pain returned in another tooth which had a filling because my little cousin smacked a french bowl off my tooth .. (not through lack of care) ibuprofen & painkillers never helped at all, have been sitting with ice over the sore bit, it helped but got annoying so came in search of remedies .. have swirled salty water and now sitting with a teabag over it .. pain is just a tingle now! dentist on monday ..

Comment by sidco
2010-05-30 17:19:39

try keeping a clove of garlic in the mouth all the time … even at night if possible :)

Comment by deebaddest
2010-06-06 16:27:56

I think denise is the most Unconsiderate selfish bitch ever!!! She doesn’t understand others! But karma will get you when you need someone to understand your situations, guess what no one will. And keep thinking you’re so up high in the sky bitch bcuz it won’t last long!! After being up high the only thing to happen next is your ass hitting rock bottom keep it in mind before opening your mouth to talk shit! And never spit up bcuz it will land back right on your bitch ass face!!

Comment by tyhessia
2010-06-22 17:55:20

U can take some warm water mix it with table salt and put it ur mouth and shake it around n ur mouth and spit it out do that a few days or a few hours off and on and it will pop

Comment by Pete
2010-06-22 22:22:45

Like a few people on here, I was searching the internet for help to relieve pain due to an abcessin my lower jaw…. I started reading some comments, and it started to make me thankful for the UK’s national health service, and we even complain about that, but atleast in this country, if you are in pain, either dental or other, you get treatment straight away, and the money is always sorted later…. and when I say money, the cost is no where near as much as some people talk about on here (unless you go private), but through the NHS here, the cost is always reduced, if your unemployed or on financial benifits, your dental costs and treatments are free….
So although over here in England we complain about our NHS services, they do a dam good job, and provide an excellent service to so many sick and needy people.
P.S. my abcess… phoned my doctor and was seen within 2hrs prescribed antibiotics… phoned dentist was seen same day, advised to take antibiotics for 2 more days, then return to have abcess drained and tooth sorted…. all this will cost me nothing, as I am currently unemployed, but there again, I’m not going to complain about paying national insurance @ about £2 per week again when I get my new job.

Comment by cindy
2010-06-29 21:11:24

the problem that i have is because i had a root canal done 34 years ago and the root canal has split open and there is an infection in there. if i lose that tooth then i will have no teeth left on the topside of my mouth as i do brush my teeth 4 times a day, i was blessed to get my dad’s bad teeth!

Comment by Leon 85
2010-07-06 10:37:46

First of all what I find is that most dentists are a money grabbing shower of inconsiderate loafers.

Augementim Duo Anti-biotic tablets and wash with salty water is the only cure that i find works in the short term but it is only putting off the inevitable trip to the dentist for the dreaded root canal or extraction.
I know your pain people and its worse than most people think.

Comment by purplejj78
2010-07-10 09:55:54

i have just used an old remedy, and it has worked for me, for an abcess on my tooth and the roof ( inside ) of my mouth, take 1/4 teaspoon of olive oil ( i used sesame as i didnt have any olive ) 3 or 4 drops of clove oil, put on a cotton ball, and put in your mouth over the abcess, keep there as long as possible – DO NOT GO TO SLEEP!!!!!!!!!, i did this and had the ball in place for 4 hours and the swelling has gone down to 1/4 the size it was – i hope it works for you too.

i am going to do the same again tonight and see if it goes completly :O)

Comment by Shannon
2010-07-12 17:52:37

I do not think there is anything wrong with a person making money no matter what the amount however I also undderstand that in this economy jobs are hard to come by and a-lot of jobs do not pay much. I think it was very wrong of some of you to down the people who cannot afford dental care. There are some things in life; that are just beyond people’s control. I am going to use myself as an example. One person said: “Work harder”. Well in response to that… I am on disability. Not by choice but because I was working and then health problems I had, got so bad that I could no longer work. My Doctors are the ones that kept telling me that I could not work anymore. I fought it non stop until I had to face the fact that they were right. So I cannot “Work Harder”. Now someone mentioned getting state healthcare or whatever it is called. Well being on disability I have medicare and medicaid however… they do not cover dental. I did not ask to be on disability, I had no choice but to be put on it With that in mind… it is not my fault that the medicare and medicaid they gave me do not cover medical or that disability pays me so little. I will not go into details about what health problem has me on disability or how much money disability gives me to live on each month but I will say that it is less than 800 dollars a month. Sometimes circumstances arise for people that are not within their control. It does not mean that those people are bad people, or that they are less than a person, or that they are users or anything else negative like that. With that in mind.. where does it give the rest of you the right to look down on us or to talk to us or about us in a negative manner? Most people I know do not expect anything for free, but what is wrong with people helping other people no matter how much money they make? If someone makes enough money to own multiple houses, buy new things such as a boat just because their old one is not the latest model or is not in style anymore… what would it hurt them to help someone less fortunate? That is the problem these days. Too many people do not care about others anymore and too many people are selfish and self centered. If you want judge us for being less fortunate than you, then why don’t you keep your mouth shut while we judge you for being so uncaring and so self centered. I would much rather be judged for things that I cannot control such as my health keeping me from working, then to be judged for things I can control such as being uncaring and self centered; but hey, that’s just me. High five to those of you who are doing all you can to survive in this world, but even more power to those who are doing all they can to survive in this world while still caring about other people other than theirselves.

Comment by Disgusted
2010-07-18 23:51:47

So incredibly tragic that children die in this country from a lack of funds to fix abcessed teeth while dentists and politicians sail around the world in their oceanliners.

Comment by frankie
2010-07-21 19:48:10

i’m a dental assistant, i have 5 yrs experience. I have seen and delt with MANY abscess. they can be caused by many things; but basically bacteria has entered the tooth wether it is through a cavity,fracture or from the gums due to periodontal dissease. I agree cloves are a good way to sooth they have many benefits and alot of dental products contain cloves to soothe the nerve. This however will NOT CURE the absess it is a temp relief. Anti-biotics should be prescribed even if just by a doctor.
just remember even if you feel better there still might be an infection eating away at the bone around your tooth/teeth. The only way to tell if it has completely healed is an xray. Serious infections sometimes require a second round of anti biotics

also i’m from canada – if you contact your public works/ regional health dept, they have services via a health bus for the needy also sometimes they will give vouchers for the ammount of an extraction.
Another idea is going to a dental school where they teach dentists, there fee guide is ALOT lower than at regular practices .
alot of dentists will work with you if you can not afford tx. (there is a fee guide that they must follow though, so don;t just think that they get to choose the prices, also if you guys knew how much the dental products cost the dentist then you might understand why the fee guide is set like this)
also every area is different but i can tell you where i am some dds only make 70,-100,000.oo per yr, which is nothing to complain about but they arn’t making as much as some of you think

also please you don’t need to insult people if they have said something you don’t like just ignore it! :)

good day

Comment by Sandra
2010-10-05 15:20:30

If you are who you say you are – WHY are you HERE, reading these posts? We are all in some kind of pain, or stress because of an infection and are seeking a cheap remedy that does NOT involve going to the expensive -or not- dentist. Why are YOU here?

Comment by frankie
2010-07-21 19:53:33

ok i just saw this post about super glue and must comment – TERRIBLE IDEA
although you are fixing the cavity yes you are trapping the infection so if you have an absess your face will blow up like a balloon!!!!!!!!!! if you leave it open it can drain and heal.

Comment by natalya
2010-07-23 00:22:42


Comment by Sandra
2010-10-05 15:22:55

It would be nice if you could learn to use spell-check.

Comment by mbilwev
2011-03-31 02:39:03

and maybe Caps Lock too!!

Comment by Kate
2010-08-20 06:51:08

look I have an abscess I broke a tooth 6 month a go now tooth wants to come out so I will let it on its own I pay over 2000 dollars for my kids to have health care so I get left out but as I was about to say it will come to a head like a pimple you must pop it or it can get bad then take table salt and rub it on it over and over salt will draw out anything left in it and keep eye on it and yes mouth wash can help but it is vary painfull and the ask local pharmacy what is best to help fight an infected and take it you may need to ask more then one place not all like to tell you base on it is not best thing doing it your self but for people like me that work my ass off and still have no money left to care for my needs it works and it’s farely safe if you feel like it’s getting worse emergency is there they can not tern you way but they can half ass you but helps and for pain well painkillers you know the basics

Comment by amelia mae
2010-08-23 22:16:01

Wow, I am appalled, although not shocked, by the lack of compassion that people will so willing display for the world to see. I have been everywhere from great coverage to no coverage at all. I must say that all of you “experts” out there have neglected to consider the current economic state that the USA has been through. I have worked very, very hard in my life-time and through a stroke of misfortune I was the last employee to be laid off before my company went under. So of us found ourselves in quite an unfortunate position; I was unemployed for over six months (not long at all considering the the length that most were unemployed), but not for a lack of motivation or desire to work. The job market is entirely flooded and the chances of your resume even being glanced at is at best slim. Having a degree helped in my search, but not to the extent that you would think as other highly qualified proffessionals with more experience than you could imagine too found themselves in the same boat. Pleople are barely hanging on and with the high costs of COBRA and private insurance it is most likely that people either can’t afford health insurance at all or only afford coverage for their children.

I live in NJ where the malpratice insurance is ridiculously inflated, but not to the point your HC providers would like you to think. Providers across the spectrum have the highest profit margin for those that are un or under insured. While uninsured I paid a visit to my dentist for an impacted/abscessed wisdom tooth (which was unavoidable and no reflection on my oral routine as some have suggested we in pain are at fault), and had a lovely discussion with the assistant who after receiving my estimate asked me to speak with her on her lunch break. Upon my meeting with her, she informed me that she has worked in several practices and is currently paying her way through dental school. Basically the moral standards in the industry leave something to be desired. She told me it was best to get a second opinion and that there was a Dr within the same practice that would most likely have a MUCH different opinion after she reviewed my xrays and explained to me what she thought would be the best way. She told me that it is all too common for dentists to prescribe much more costly, unnecessary procedures that yeild a higher profit margin just to satisfy their own person gain. She explained that this was the reason she has been through so many practices, because she had trouble sleeping at night for what she described as the dental poor tax given to those who don’t have insurance. She said that it is so commonly practiced that other Drs will verify the original estimates during 2nd opinions as sort of a “pay it forward” program and what goes around comes around in the dental world. Since she was more than kind as to provide this information and she had nothing to gain and everything to lose I heeded her advice. It turns out that that she was right. She saved me $2500, very important in my time of need. I had the alternate procedure done and have never had any residule effects. I will now follow her to any practice she goes to.

The point of this story is that I am sure this is not isolated to just my community nor is it in the world of dentistry. To those of you that have been more fortunate in your financial positions, I didn’t recall reading any comments where people were looking for anything for free. Please get off of your high-horse and recognize that we want fair, consistant care that is reasonable, effective, and necessary. All medical practices are also businesses and as I am sure your financial advisors have told you to be responsible consumer with your other exploits, you should be just as much as of an informed responsible consumers with your health. Jusst because your Dr says it’s so, he too is a businessman looking to make money and does not mean that his word is the Word. You have no idea when your finances may hit an unfortunate stroke of luck, don’t put those down who are less fortunate…we are no less human than you.

I hope that will help at least one person out there that is looking for answers. There are medical that still have a heart and will work with your budget or lack there of; it pays to shop around.

Comment by Sandra
2010-10-05 15:34:21

By the time you go from dentist to dentist and pay their first visit fee – which is NOT free , like they want you to believe (I even paid for X-rays at UCLA!) you have a bunch of people knock on your already sick teeth and suffer a lot of agony. Then you give up and choose the dentist that seems to be the most compassionate – but you don’t know that HE is also the least good/professional. And that is what happened to me. Now I can’t afford a good OR bad dentist – but the problem was started by a bad dentist – not by my poor brushing habits. YOU were lucky!

Comment by john barnes
2010-08-27 08:22:16

JANE HOWARD should take her head from out of her behind!! i dont know if you are aware but not everyone is born with a silver spoon in the mouth. just because you are fortunate to have a decent paid job or whatever it doesnt mean everyone else can be that lucky!

its pretty obvious your a lady who doesnt need to worry about money so why go on the internet just to rub it in peoples faces you invalid! so a few words of advice, get fucked! if your willing to pay £200 for canall root therapy for everyone then go ahed but until then keep your fucking mouth shut u idiot! goodbye!

Comment by Samm :)
2010-11-13 12:23:48

I Like This :)

Comment by jovanna
2010-08-28 09:36:13

it is hard to control my emotions

but at this point i realized that when you have good teeth – you do not touch them

i had a bridge done and now the 3 teeth no longer are

it did not work..and what is underneath has become a quiet volcano with who knows what is really going

on but i had a swelling and was lucky that i had a dentist appt who prescribed anti biotics…

i know today that i was saved from death because i have met other whose family members have died..

and i had called my dentist but he did not do anything….while the receptionist was almost fighting with me on how come i had pain

sad state of health care system when we have to pay for all those misconducts and legal-money focused intentions…

so….i tried everything i could during that week with inflammation…but at the end my glands were largened and i was sleeping almost all day
and could not work

i had tried cloves, garlic, ginger, clay….but western medicine had saved me that week.


what i wish to comment on is this..

the dentists do not know how the body works…..and holistically how it all works together..

i have now 4 different doctors with 4 different solutions…and still do not know what to do to prevent another catastrophe with thie new bridge
that has to be build again within 2 years only!!!!


i do not trust that they the dentist or most of them have indepth knowedge to know how it all works togeher..the last bridge done prevented me from chewing!


what i reach out to you is

i would like to change my mind on this and create something positive

- i will try to heal my teeth miraculously at least try…cancers and other diseases have been healed why not teeth?
-i will try to get my dental work done outside of Canada…at maybe 15% of the price

because i do not trust 90% of the dentists and doctors who work for the insurance-drug companies.

i have no teeth detoriated since the bad dental work and i got into mild depression

and i am thinking of making good with my experience…

i know that it sounds like i am venting and but i do not need your sympathies i just need

that people come together and take positive actions to take care of their own welfare!

i would like your comments and positive inspiration






Comment by Sandra
2010-10-05 15:39:56

God helps us stay sane but does not go into the details -teeth can’t be made whole if they’re hole’y. I keep praying too, but I pray for a miracle. It’s easier to have a miracle happen to you than to find a good AND compassionate dentist.

Comment by jim
2010-08-31 00:10:51

Well the writer of this article cites ‘poor dental hygeine’ as THE cause (“let me tell you that this was a perfectly avoidable situation had you taken better oral care…”), but that is wrong, I developed an abscess due to a filling falling out and I have an excellent dental regime. So get off your high horse.

To Natalya, try some Christian (or Hindu or Muslim or whatever your faith) charity. The benefit of the poor is that they offer us the opportunity to give rather than receive, it is a cure for selfishness. Not everyone on welfare is scum, you know. You too should get off your high horse. Hatred helps no-one, especially not the hater. Same to Denise. Helping people is a very good thing. You may one day need help in your own way too, or maybe the ones you love. One day a welfare recipient might help you out of a burning car. Or you could lose everything and have to go on welfare, like many people. Grow up. Stop passing judgements as though you know. You don’t.

Comment by Astra
2010-09-07 08:59:32

The best home remedy I have found for abscessed teeth is PURE vanilla extract.

Make sure your mouth is clean and free of any food by vigorously swishing warm (not hot) salt water over the affected area.
Take a cotton ball or a wad of toilet paper and douse it with PURE vanilla extract (imitation will NOT work).
Dab this directly onto the affected area.

Vanilla has the ability to draw out infection while the alcohol in the pure extract will numb the pain. It also leaves a very pleasant taste in your mouth compared to using over-the-counter gels and liquids that will more than likely only temporarily reduce the pain and will not do anything for the infection whatsoever.

Tylenol Arthritis pain (or a generic version) will also reduce the pain in the jaw as it is formulated to help bones unlike some other over-the-counter pills.

Comment by ieuan
2010-09-07 23:45:29

i have been suffering with it for 2 days and it is very painfull i found to boil the kettle and put lost of salt in it do this e3very 20-30 minuits to clear the infectede area do this for about 4 days and wave the absus bye bye

Comment by matt
2010-09-09 13:17:52

Keep the masses, dumb and poor, it’s the easiest way to control them. I have brushed and flossed twice a day, every day for my entire adult life. I make too much to qualify for government asst. but don’t make enough to provide myself with adequate medical or dental insurance. Some medical professionals are humanitarians, some are crooks. Those that bitch about “overhead” while driving their $80K BMW to their $750K house should be kicked repeatedly and publicly in the nuts. I work hard, provide for my family, contribute my “fair” share to the tax pool and yet am forced to fend for myself or accept horrendous debt when medical issues beyond my control take front and center in my humble life. F-you dentists and doctors. You are skilled professionals with the ability to amazing things for the less fortunate. I don’t want pain pills, or X-rays or exams. Write me a prescription for necessary antibiotics without the line of bs and a $300 bill. Now go ahead and explain how I am some hippie that needs to stop whining because I don’t want to pay my own way. Karma is a bitch and you will find that out.

Comment by nikki
2010-09-09 13:29:28

do you guys even realize what you are arguing about? you are on a site to get DENTAL advice, not to debate whether or not someone has enough money for insurance. the posts were to be for getting help with TEETH, GUMS, ETC & not to blast someone because they had a better life than you. it sucks that you didn’t/don’t have money but who the hell cares? i don’t mean to sound heartless but i’ve been through it & have needed a number of procedures done to my mouth so i know what you’re talking about. you guys need get the information you came to this site for or go somewhere else.

with that said…
i noticed an abscess on my gum that kinda looks like a circular hole that keeps scabbing over with white stuff. i brush it when the white stuff comes back just to have it return a couple hours later. the abscess is on my top left side near where my cheek meets my gum. the top of my cheek & my gum are really sore but my teeth do not hurt at all. there are no signs of a cavity either so i’m beginning to question if it’s even an abscess. i can’t really go out & buy any special chemicals so i need an ‘at home’ remedy to pull the infection out before i can get in to the dentist. thank you in advance for any advice that you can offer!

Comment by Sandra
2010-10-05 15:48:20

Maybe mouthwash will do for you. Does not sound typical of an infection.

Comment by Clint
2010-09-12 01:54:21

I broke one tooth in half and chipped another in a car wreck last year, since then they are getting worse and the chip is now about 1/4th of the tooth. They are in the front very embarrassing. Once a month the broken tooth starts it’s thing, swelling and massive pain. I have worked my entire life paycheck to paycheck, Got laid off in March had to take a job that pays 4 dollars an hour less. I look all over the internet for solutions, but all I ever see is sites like this where everytime a arrogant dentist comes on and posts his wisdom of “GO SEE A DENTIST”, “OH, FEEL SORRY FOR THE RICH ASS DENTIST”, these sites aren’t for your input unless you can actually help, this is the last resort of people that are at there wit’s end, tired of the pain, and need legitimate help or direction in finding a solution to our problem because the common solution of “GO SEE A DENTIST”, is not an option to us for whatever reason! I don’t care about opinions on how someone got to this point, just that they are at this point and need help and direction and not arrogant, holier than thou people making them feel worse about being a poor bastard like me!

Comment by Dental Healthcare provider
2010-10-31 20:03:57

Well Clint, ultimately seeing a dentist is probably the only way to “solve” the problem. This isn’t about being arrogant, but dental infections can become life threatening if left untreated (not all of them, but I’d hate to be the one that was). No dental professional would ever recommend that “just leaving it, or using this home remedies” will cure your tooth. There are things you can do in the mean time to help with the pain until you can be seen by someone. (Warm salt water rinses, oil of cloves on the tooth, antibiotics from the ER). Unlike other infections in our body, infected teeth don’t get “fixed” unless they are a) removed or b) treated from the inside with endodontic therapy. Once the tooth is no longer alive, bacteria hang out and feast on the remains on the inside leading to… well, your problem. I hope that you were able to see someone (Oral surgeon on call with ER?) to relieve your pain. Dental pain in one of the worse kinds and I do feel for you. Removable partial dentures (flippers?) can be made if you end up losing the front teeth. I know many people that are very happy with them and you can hardly tell.

Comment by Michele
2010-09-20 07:02:39

Why don’t we start over? I’ll go first:

I have an abscess and I was wondering if anyone had any home remedies I could try for the pain and/or for the swelling.

Thank you in advance for answering my question.

Comment by Sam
2010-09-28 04:30:25

This isnt a home remedy, but a cheaper way that going to the dentist, i dont if if you get this anywhere else but when i get toothache or abscess i use MYPRODOL or GENPAIN (thats the cheaper generic to myprodol) and they work in minutes, and it also has an anti-inflammatory in to help with any swelling.
I can definitely guarantee that it works, cause i really hate dentist and avoid them as much as i possible can (I have a fear of dentists)

Comment by Sandra
2010-10-05 15:51:36

We don’t have that in the US. What does it contain?

Comment by Samuel
2010-10-19 09:28:15

Ive just got through an episode of tooth infection that effected my upper left wisdom and reading the situations of you people in the US is beyond belief. I could’nt imagine having to suffer something like a tooth infection or abscess with only home remedies to help. In britain if you do not have the means to pay for your treatment due to unemployment or old age or anything else for that matter the NHS must foot the bill rather than let anyone suffer. Its wishful thinking to hope things like tooth abscess will just go away, The fact is you need to have it delt with sooner or later and infections and abcesses can be dangerous if left to do their own thing. My personal experience lasted alittle over a week. The day i realised my face had swollen was the same day i got in the dentist and started my course of amoxicillin antibiotics with the view of removing the subject tooth the following week. Sure enough the anti’s did the job and by the time the extraction appointment came round the swelling and infection subsided and it all went quite well. For me it was a case of putting an end to it before it got started and altogether the treatment cost me little more than 80 pounds ( antibiotics and extraction).
My thoughts and sympathy are with those who arnt able to get proper treament and have to be made to suffer because of simply not having the money to pay. Its inhumane. I have no advice except that which you really need and thats proper treatment, either that or go to a country that pays tax for the healthcare and well being of everyone regardless of circumstance. i hope and wish relief for you all.

Comment by Kristy
2010-10-20 23:31:28

I’ve read some of the comments on this post and it makes my heart sick! Firstly, it was supposed to be about a home remedy for an abscess, but then it got ugly and political! There are many people who have dental insurance, who can’t afford the charges associated with a dental visit! I’ve had three spinal fusions and the amount of money my insurance company paid to my surgeons and the hospital, was astronomical!! But not one dime came out of my pocket!!! But when I recently had to go to the dentist for two crowns, I needed to fork out $1600! I’m not putting dentists down because I know they went through extensive training, but my surgeon opened me up, drilled holes in my vertebrae, put in cages, plates and brackets, all while working around spinal nerves that could potentially paralyze me and I was charged NOTHING!! The money that I have to put out is what makes me angry about going to the dentist! And contrary to popular ( or idiot) belief, you can have dental problems happen, even if you beat yourself up taking care of your teeth! And to you serious asses out there, lay off people who can’t afford insurance. If you were in that situation, you wouldn’t want people direspecting you like that!! Very shameful and heartless!

Comment by Dental Healthcare provider
2010-10-31 19:53:35

Dental insurance often covers cleanings/exams every 6 mo covered at 100%. But dental insurance is not always offered (less than medical) and can be costly for people to buy out of pocket. Medicaid does cover emergency type treatments, but many dentists don’t take new medicaid patients b/c the amt the govt pays for medicaid patients barely covers the cost of the materials. Part of the issue with the high cost of crowns, is that lab fees for the dentists are hundreds of dollars. Materials alone are very expensive in the dental field. I’m not saying that it is fair to anyone, but unfortunately, to even break even for time and lab fees/materials, it is hundreds of dollars. Crowns may be necessary for patients that take excellent care of their teeth. They may clench or grind their teeth at night – which can cause fractures. I can imagine this is frustrating for patients as I know I would be frustrated if it seemed I took care of my mouth, but yet still needed lots of dental work.

I agree that many of these remedies – warm salt water rinses, warm compresses, oil of cloves etc, are beneficial until you can be seen by a dentist. Superglue can be beneficial, but can also cause an increase in pressure and lead to more pain. Not appropriate for all “abcesses”. Abscesses can be caused by a variety of things. The blood supply in a tooth can be cut off from trauma (tooth bumped w/ glass or baseball bat) and lead to it “dying” and allowing it to be infected by bacteria. Deep cavities can lead to infection in the tooth. Periodontal disease (gum disease) can lead to abscesses. Post-extraction can lead to abscesses or it can also be “dry sockets”. Oil of cloves is the best thing for “dry sockets” — swish with some warm salt water and then place cloves in area. Its what the dentist would place in the empty hole. Will feel better instantly. It is important with any abscess that you be seen by a dental professional, as infections in the tooth can and do spread to other parts of the body. There have been untreated abscesses that lead to death in a young boy not too many years ago.

As a dental care provider, I hope that the care you receive is the best possible care and I personally try to work with patients to assure they are able to afford their dental treatment (payment plan etc). All healthcare providers are not out to make money and many of us sincerely want to help people. It is important for you to also help yourselves (keep teeth clean – brush and floss daily – limit sodas/snacking – get a mouthguard for night time if you clench/grind teeth etc). Meth and constant soda drinking do horrible things to people’s teeth. There are people that are more susceptible to cavities and/or periodontal disease, but there are preventative measures we can use to help in those cases as well.

I hope that even those that have fear of dentists will be willing to find a dentist in their location to help treat their problems.

Comment by Lara
2010-11-06 04:16:49

Hi fellow sufferers!

Following on from a dull jaw ache last weekend, I woke up a few days ago in serious pain with my left cheek so swollen it touched my shoulder!!

The dentist was far too busy to see me so he very kindly gave the receptionist a prescription for antibiotics for me, and allowed me to make an appointment for 6 weeks time. Do you detect a hint of sarcasm? ;-)

Luckily for me, google is my friend. I discovered this site yesterday afternoon – have been rinsing with warm salt water and using the teabags ever since… today my face is far less swollen and the pain is a minor ache.

I just had to find my way back here to say THANK YOU for helping me! Isn’t it fantastic that total strangers can make such a difference to one individual’s deepest darkest dental pain!

Comment by Samm :)
2010-11-13 12:16:55

I have an abcess on the bottom right side of my mouth and its kills!! Ive been takin paracetamol for two days and they are 500 ml each and its just takin the pain away for about 2 hours then comin back. Its starting to irratate me and im going to end up stickin a pin in it!! Anyone got any ideas before i flip my lid?


Comment by Viv
2011-01-15 18:10:21

I’ve used ambesol (it’s topical benzocain, comes in a little vial from the pharmacy) and after applying it I swish a little olive oil in my mouth (and spit it out) to keep the ambesol from washing away too fast, it tends to help the pain.

Comment by Pookiebear
2011-01-20 17:15:26

Tooth Abscess isn’t always caused by poor oral hygiene or a bad dentist. My parents had both lost their teeth by the time they were 35, and I have a sister who didn’t take care of her teeth at all, so I was obsessed with keeping my teeth well cared for. Unfortunately in my case, there are 2 things at work causing my front lower teeth to abscess every few years. I clench and pull back on my bottom front teeth with my top teeth when I’m tense. I’m experiencing bone loss in my jaw, both top and bottom, which the dentist believes might be genetic as both my parents had problem starting at a young age as do my sister and brother. The only issue I’m having with my dentist is he is refusing to pull my bottom front teeth and give me a partial. He says I’ll uncomfortable and I won’t like it, I’m too young for false teeth. I say, No one would ever know, except me, who is no longer suffering this pain. If a partial gets to bothering me, I can take it out(provided I am not in public). Keeping these teeth, I can’t take them out. And I’m tired of the abscesses and pain. We’ve been going back and forth about this for a few years, but in the end I will win when I tell him I’m just going to go to someone else. Mine don’t ever drain. They never come to a head. They just ache like crazy. Then a few weeks later, it all goes away. But, if it’s a back tooth that can be pulled no problem, he pulls it and it drains. The pain is always relieved right away.

Comment by Scott
2011-01-21 10:08:11

This is absolutely ridiculous, I searched this blog for “Home Remedies” for my wife’s abscess to ease her suffering until it can be dealt with. Yet I have to go through comment after comment of ignorant personal opinions. Shame on you all for wasting the time of individuals merely looking for help

Comment by Josette
2011-01-21 17:37:41

I read somewhere that sometimes a person can get an abcess under a crown, and thats what happened to me. I have a phobic fear of dentists, so I put it off until the pain was so bad that death was a viable option. Unfortunately, once I reached that point, it was Sunday morning, so the soonest I could call a dentist was the next day. I looked online for any advice to help the pain. I read about gargling with a salt water/baking soda mixture. I also read about leaving a tea bag on the abcess for a few hours. I decided to combine them (perhaps not the smartest idea I’ve ever had). I took the tea bag, moistened it & rolled it in the salt/baking soda mixture, then put it in my mouth. Honestly, the abcess/swelling was so big at this point that it barely fit & boy, oh boy, did it hurt! I thought the pain was unbearable before….hah! I would recommend the tea bag, but put it in dry. DO NOT roll it in the salt/baking soda mixture (NOT SMART!!)! I only kept it in my mouth for about 5 minutes. That was the most I could handle. I laid down for a nap & when I woke up, the pain had gone from a 10+ (more like a 20), down to about a 4; plus I had a horrid taste in my mouth. The abcess was draining! The relief was almost unbelievable. I used mouthwash to get rid of the bacteria & the bad taste in my mouth. The tea bag remedy works! I would recommend it to anyone! Now, to briefly discuss dental costs. My root canal cost $1000. I was able to finance for 1 year (interest free). My crown will also cost $1000. Unfortunately, that will have to wait until my root canal is paid off. What I didn’t do, but heard that it was recommended, is to discuss finances with the dentist, not the office staff. I can’t promise it’ll work, but its worth a try. You might be able to get a cheaper cost. Also, if you’re phobic, like I am…look for someone who does “sedation dentistry”. You will be given a prescription for Halcyon (or something similar) to take before the appointment. You won’t be completely out, but out enough. You will forget most of what happened as well. It works well for me. I won’t do it any other way anymore. While its true that drugs are not always a good solution…its betterr then avoiding the dentist completely out of fear.

Comment by Lucy
2011-02-01 02:58:27

Some people are just prone to dental abscesses DESPITE there oral hygiene! I am one of them, I have meticulous oral hygeiene and yet I have had 3 abscesses! I am a dental assistant and take care of my teeth but seems in spite of that this still happens to me! Granted abscesses do happen due to poor oral hygiene and decay etc but not in all cases!

Comment by Grukk
2011-02-09 07:17:16

I’m 30, hardly brush my teeth, maybe rinse once in a while, and i’ve only had one abscess…no cavities, a few are broken wisdom teeth that can be bothersome…my advice is to stop using toothpast with fluoride, and there is plenty of research to prove this, most toothpaste, especially with fluoride, cause more damage to your teeth than not brushing them. I’m not saying to stop brushing, just that getting rid of the paste with fluoride would be a wise choice. As for pain, i would recommend constantly keeping the area cooled and using ADVIL(reduces swelling). Also something to distract you from the pain makes it a bit more tolerable until the meds kick in.
For those that are real desperate, look for pressure points…some points in the face(or body) affect how signals are sent to the brain stopping pain for a little while until the area pressed starts getting sore. luckily there are about several to rotate between.
Using a straw to suck in air to the affected area also provides a bit of relief. as does cold water.
Hope this helps.

Comment by nicole
2011-02-11 08:40:41

I have a decayed wisdom tooth. As my husband are always relocating everywhere in China, it is so hard for me to get to a trusted dentist and we only go home for 1 to 2 weeks once a year, i have tried 3 years, but each time the dentist are not able to slot me in. With the delay, the infection have infected to the other tooth beside it.

My problem now is the other tooth are shaking and painful. I have been suffering from toothache for almost 3 years and it is getting worst. The peak ( i bite on ice continuously) last 3 hours and than followed by numbness and slight pain for a few hours.

Can this wisdom tooth fall out on it’s own? Do i need to find a good dentist? Because my dentist told me it is impacted, need a small surgery to get it out. Please help!

Comment by Jo
2011-02-14 04:45:32

Crikey I didn’t realise dental care was so expensive where all you guys live.
I have an abscess and a swollen face at present and it is absolute agony. However as i’m in the UK I have no worries regarding how much it will cost as we have the benefit of the National Health Service. I can’t imagine what I would do as a single mother with 3 children with those crippling costs. Also taking time off work for illness means losing money also.
I’m glad the dentists over here do the job for genuine reasons and not as the dentist guy implies on here, money. Everyones health is important regardless of whatever your status in life is, surely.
Also it is an insult to suggest abscesses wouldn’t occur with better hygiene, mine is a result of a capped tooth that had worked itself loose unknown to me.
“Don’t judge somebody until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes” springs to mind.

Comment by nycole
2011-03-03 05:43:45

jo frm the UK,u have a great point!!…watever the status of ur health..if ur ill nd in pain,then ur ill nd n pain!!!…uno one should b refused..why the hell do our american dentists becum dentists if they truely do not care about our teeth??!!i thought they got certified to help us!!!! i guess all they give a damn about is money….i wish i culd find a good dentist that gave a damn about anyones dental health…

Comment by natasha
2011-02-20 17:59:44

My little sister has a mouth ulcer on her gum,she has tried everything painkillers,teabags,bonjela,salty water ect and hes still in severe pain.The dentist isnt open for another 9hours and i feel so helpless as shes crying.Does enyone know of enything else that can help her?

Comment by ame
2011-02-21 00:01:33

im 18,wit a terrible abcess tooth,its i have to fucking wait til april for a root canal,no sleep in 3 nights

Comment by Nizzo
2011-02-22 21:44:55

Only in America! Do what us British do! Man up and deal with it. If your poor home remedies will do. If not pay for it like you do doughnuts. Or you could come uk, we gave NHS (it’s free… Haha)

Comment by web design
2011-03-01 04:55:19

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Comment by nycole
2011-03-03 05:35:20

wow…i was n so much pain recently due to an abcess tooth…idk how my teeth ever got so bad,im thinking it must be hereditary cuz im one to clean my teeth everyday!…i think its really sad how people dont have dental/health insurance nd cnt find a dentist that will accept payments…i thought all dentists accepted payments!!!…where have i been for the past years i guess.but any who,i am very thankful that i have dental covered,not full coverage but it helps a lil i guess.Gladly to say my dentist accepts payments nd with the price of dental work now daays im trying to keep up with payments because u never kno when u have anothr nasty toothache that needs to b tended to…what the hell r people with no coverage suppose to do about there teeth??? its basically like your injurd nd need to see a doc,what do they do??…do they refuse u if ur dying??? same scenario with a bad toothache….what the hell its our credit thats guna b bad anyway!!!!….the dentist r probably making up half the problems we have anyways juz charging us up the ying yang!!!! to hell with it i say!!!!to everyone out there struggling juz to b able to have a desent smile,keep searchin for dentists cuz i kno exactly how u feel tooth aches are very killer crucial pain!!!!

Comment by denise
2011-03-16 20:14:01

I know this article is old but it is wrong, I am 33 years old and never have had a cavity. Never in my life have I had any problems with the exception of my wisdom teeth. I was left with a deep pocket and currently have to have my back tooth pulled because of an infection which for two years doctors told me was nothing but sensitive gums. Rinsing with salt water and placing warm tea bags help until you can get to a doctor.

Comment by Rick
2011-03-23 16:04:48

Dentist in America suck! They are way too expensive! I just got back from a dentist office that gave me an estimate of $32,000.00.
This is for 8 root canals, two upper bridges, and a few crowns. Yes I know it’s a lot of dental work but come on $32,000.00?

That’s a new car. I could also buy 20 acres of land in northern Arizona. It would take me over a year of hard labor to earn that much cash! I say FUCK dentist! Guess they think they are god.

Comment by BREE
2011-03-27 15:31:14

I dont know when this country became full of socialists…but capitalism is one of the rights we have in this beloved nation. I understand that an individuals socioeconomic status may not be fully in ones control however, it is still the right of individuals to pursue wealth. I have needed a root canal for about six months now and can not afford to get one (my abcess is due to a crack in my tooth). I think it would be nice if more dentists would do something like a sliding scale or even community days where they help the less fortunate. But trust me when I tell you…no one would go to school to be a dentist if they were going to make $10/hr. There are incentives to go to school and get educated and they are called dollar bills.(which arent worth much these days after our economy has been pumped full of unbacked dollars) Another thing I would like to add is that prior to the government stepping in to help people with so called entitlements, people used to help one another. Families took care of grandma, and people shared and loved more. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness means that you can pursue your dreams. Some may reach their dreams despite real hardships and some may not, others may have their wealth handed to them. The question is…do you really want what you think you do…a socialist economy where everyone is given the same and no possibility of ever gaining more? The pursuit of happiness is a great movie and tells the true story of a man who overcame against all odds! This happens all the time in America…its a beautiful thing! Socialism is so close to communism and it never works…it always ends in the slaughter of millions and government ruling the people with fear. We should take time to really study history so it doesnt repeat itself. And dont forget what Karl Marxx himself said…”Democracy is the road to socialism” Thank you all for taking the time to read this. And I hope that everyone pushes others to help people voluntarily. Lead by example and make a difference in your community. There is always someone worse off than yourself and if you dont have money to give, then give of your time or skills! If everyone lived this way we would not face many of the problems we do. Love to all

Comment by inkedone
2011-03-27 17:45:08

wow …..bunch of angry people with rotting teeth…..thought this was a site to find out rememdies for toothache….I found myself here looking for a quick remedy for my daughter who is suffering with a horrid toothache over the weekend….the kind hearted dentist in our town who was ‘oncall” this weekend asked why she was calling him and that he wouldn’t see her……wow ….so she ended in the ER and was given a script for tylenol3 which has not been effective……still in a massive amount of pain…..which has brought me here…..she is a single mother of one…works hard and gets no child support…..she has no benefits…..enough said ….I did find some of your comments entertaining!

Comment by Rich
2011-03-29 02:30:14

Isn’t it shocking that in the most developed country on the planet there are people in this list who are saying that they are in great pain because they can’t afford a relatively simple procedure to fix it??

Simple solution: Move to a country which looks after it’s residents. My dentist is doing some very complex work on my teeth to relieve extreme pain. I am not a rich man, but I will pay exactly the same (small) amount as everyone else in my country for this work. If I had no job I would pay nothing and yet still receive any treatment I needed to relieve pain and restore basic oral health.

Everyone has an equal right to education in the US, but apparently not to a healthy and pain-free life.

Comment by 2thguy
2011-04-07 16:22:47

I came here looking for an in depth answer to a toothache on a crown that has had a root canal. And, all i can say is wow to some of the hateful and spiteful remarks that were made to some of the folks. I did get my answer by going to an endodontist. I have an infection under that tooth. How it came to be is beyond me and the Dr. But, after 90 bucks and Rx’s for Vicodin and Clindamycin I’m home again and have brough my pain level back to a 1 of 10 instead of a 9 of 10. I have medical insurance but not dental insurance. Going to the dentist is expensive. The work the Dr. I saw today wants to do a procedure on me that will cost me $1290. I’ve already dropped 2k on this tooth and don’t see that it’s going to be worth it. It’s tooth number 18 (lower left second molar). Now with that said. I can’t understand how the hateful people who posted can make the remarks they made about people and being educated and making harsh judgements on what people may or may not be spending their money on. You don’t know what these people have been through or are going through. I’m sure the majority of them are not looking for a handout for “free” dental work. They are just trying to get what they need done without being gouged. I am going to have to agree that dentists are expensive. Monday I spent $245 on a filling that had come out. A filling. He spent no more than 15 min fixing it. He localized the numbing to just that tooth and used a composite resin with light cure. I know how much a tube of composite costs. I know the price of the light cure machine. I work in a dental laboratory and make crowns and bridges for dentists. I know how much we charge the doctor for a crown and in turn i know how much each doctor charges their patients for our crowns. The price we charge a doctor for a standard pfm (porcelain fused to metal) non-precious crown is $139. The lowest price one of our doctors charges their patients for a crown is $900. You can do the math on the markup percentage. Prices vary per crown and what the patient wants. And, the price for a gold crown is base price of $139 plus the weight of the metal divided by what the stock prices are for the gold. These prices are just our lab and there are plenty of labs that outsource their crowns to china that make the crown for $39. Yeah, that’s right, thirty-nine dollars. I know the doctor has overhead and all that blah blah that was thrown around by the hateful people but maybe the doctor has too much of an overhead. Does he really need to have the fancy ipad to show you an x-ray? Does the dr. have to have t.v.’s in each room so you can watch a movie while you wait for him to get to you? I think not. For the people that need dental work done and don’t have dental insurance, just shop around. The less amneties the doctor has to impress you or his colleagues the lower the price in most cases. Look past the ignorant remarks from the people that posted the hateful remarks. They may be just mad because you called them out on something true, or maybe it makes them feel better to put others down. Or, it could be they just couldn’t get laid in a house of ill repute with a handful of money.

Comment by j.gabrielle
2011-04-11 16:06:34

did anyone mention that potassium carbonate is poison?

Comment by lil miss
2011-04-15 01:07:20

I have had a tooth bothering me for some time…sends sharp pulsating pain through the tooth and pretty much stops me in my tracks for about 5 minutes.i have used anbesol,sesame oil for toothaces etc.and nothing is helping.there is no cavity i can see and the tooth that seems to be hurting is a tooth i had filled 8 years i don”t know exactly what the problem is i just know it is there..i was hoping to get some ideas on how to treat the pain since where i live there are no dentisits open on fridays,but instead i came into all of this hateful words and disagreements on dentists..i thought this was a place to seek friendly advise for toothaches…so if anybody has any i would appreciate it…

Comment by orajel_shmorajel
2011-04-24 10:12:01

I have epilepsy and the medicine I take makes my teeth and gums sensitive to everything.Sometimes you have one condition and it creates another,not that you took poor care of your teeth. This is a great remedy for the financial pain of the dentistry racket: Start putting money away when you are born. Have fun being in severe pain,dumping bottles of Tylenol and Advil down your throat for weeks waiting for an appointment. The long wait in knife stabbing swollen agony and a new ulcer will somehow justify the charges and you gladly pay it,avoiding the landlord as you are painfree but face eviction because that was your rent money.(or the ramen noodles for a month route)All work is part time with no benefits in my neck of the woods and I currently work three of them. I wouldn’t complain so much if they would not refer you to Care Credit and please let you make payments…its that all up front thing that kills me.

Comment by TC
2011-04-30 04:36:05

Just so you all know an abscess does not necessarily come from bad hygeine. I had a really bad one and went to the dentist and we found out I have an autoimmune disease. I got an abscess in my gums but have no cavities whatsoever. My dentist says that it is normal and lots of people have very good teeth and still get them.

Comment by Julie
2011-04-30 15:33:49

Wow, I’m happy to have found this post! :)

I am in need of some preventative advise, regarding the same topic…

The skinny- about a year and a half ago, I developed an abscess from my wisdom teeth having not been pulled. I went to the ER after it reached it peak of pain. My mouth swelled shut, my body was violently allergic to the pain killers I was prescribed, so I was vomiting, whilst being unable to open my mouth. Needless to say, it was a miserable few days.

Despite all the advise telling me to do so, I haven’t removed any of my wisdom teeth yet. I simply cannot afford it. I ended up having coverage at the hospital I received the emergency care for, and didn’t have to pay a penny which was wonderful. But the problem still remains.

Flash forward today – I woke up this morning feeling this familiar pain, above the same problem tooth as before, and called an emergency dentist- since most are closed Saturday – to get the antibiotics needed. The dentist told me I have an infection. I got my antibiotics, and am now laying in bed waiting for the worst to come.

Since the pain only started this morning, is there a chance that with the antibiotics, this will not develop into an abscess…and I will not wake up tomorrow morning with my mouth swollen shut?

I need to know mainly what I can do to prevent this from getting worse, as I know antibiotics often start working once the symptoms grow worse.

Comment by OuchThatHurts
2011-05-04 03:06:43

Not strictly true – The NHS is not all a FREE service.

I pay for my prescriptions and have done since I finished my full-time education at 17. I pay £7.60 per each item on a prescription given to me by my doctor/dentist

I pay for all of my dental treatment – even though I’m under an NHS dentist, and yes it is bloody expensive.

In December 2010, I had to visit the dentist due to an infection in my left lower wisdom tooth. It cost me £26.00 consultation/check-up fee, then £7.60 for antibiotics prescribed to me by the dentist and a further £5.00 for a bottle of cordosyl mouthwash to keep the infected area clean. I was told to return the following week for a further check up, free of charge, due to it being a check up on an existing problem/treatment plan.

I returned to the Dentists 3 days before Christmas, they cleaned my tooth, scaled and polished the rest of my teeth, cleaned out the infection site again, and did a filling in a cavity that had ‘appeared’ on my tooth (this wasn’t there previously, as my dentist I’d seen the week previously had advised my teeth were in excellent condition except for the infection. I finished in the surgery, went to reception to hand in my notes. Hello, that will be £45 please. Erm you what?? I was told this was free due to ongoing complaint with infection in mouth. Oh, the £45 is for the filling. Erm, I didn’t ask for the filling, nor was I told of this cost. Neither was I informed that they would be carrying out the filling until after it had been done. Therefore, this dentist/hygenist had attempted to rip me off by £45. Luckily I didn’t have to pay it as I had words with the receptionist, who got her manager to all me back, they wrote the £45 off as the filling had been carried out without permission and without me being informed of the cost and the work being carried out.

I’ve worked full time since I was 15 years old (10 years), I started working part time after returning to work in June 2010 after I’d had my son. The only NHS treatment I get for free is Doctors appointments, free contraception, hospital care and maternity care. I pay for all my dental care. I pay for all my prescriptions with the exception to contraception. The NHS is only FREE completely if you are a) disabled b) pregnant c) pensioner or d) on benefits. A lot of people rip the NHS off by claiming benefits that they aren’t entitled to, hence the state of the UK as a country. If you’re a benefit scrounger you can get everything for free, if you work and pay taxes into the NHS system, you have to pay for it on top of that. Its a joke.

Now, my right lower wisdom tooth is attempting a reappearance. Except the whole right side of my mouth is swollen, my tongue in numb, and my jaw is aching. There doesn’t appear to be any infection, just a hard lump where the tooth is forcing its way through the skin. I’ve cleaned the area with a small, soft baby toothbrush, flushed the area with antiseptic mouthwash and a syringe provided by my dentist, I’ve even cleaned under the operlum (sp?) (flap of skin over the tooth) as advised by my dentist. I’m drugged up on 2 paracetamol and 2 codeine and hot drinks are easing the pain. What next? A trip to the dentist will cost me £26.00 + £7.60 for antibiotics should it be infected. It will cost in excess of £90 per tooth should they need pulled out.

I don’t have bad oral hygiene at all, and am a stickler for making my 21 month old son clean his teeth properly twice a day. I clean mine as soon as I get up, and just before bed. I use floss and a decent antibacterial mouthwash. I also clean my tongue and make sure the back of my teeth are clean properly. You can buy a proper dental kit complete with dental mirror, floss, interdental brushes, tongue cleaning brushes etc from your nearest £1 shop. There is no excuse for good oral hygiene. I follow a good routine and make sure my mouth is clean as can be, so can someone please explain why I’m in so much pain with so much swelling in my mouth?

Comment by chloe
2011-05-08 15:02:05

i have an abscess that has been causing me a problem for 5 year, it only occoured after having my braces taken out. ive always brushed 3 times a day and i cant understand why it keeps coming back and all the dentist keeps giving me is antibiotics. if i asked for the tooth taken out and a cap putting in would they do that for me ? thanks chloe

Comment by Venus
2011-05-13 10:01:58

I paid 500 for my root canal and 600 for my crown. It took me 2 years to save up that kind of money; I only had a $5,000 yearly income. One year later, I noticed I had bad breathe, my tooth beneath the crown was infected; which I found out after the crown fell out when I was chewing gum. Now I get a yearly abscess and I can’t afford, and kind of don’t want to, waste time or money on what could be a “temporary” job by a bad dentist. Detroit has the lowest standards for doctors, dentists, nurses, caregivers, etc. Thank you to the 5% of you who didn’t post, “See a dentist.” I will try these remedies A.S.A.P. My jaw is swollen as well as the area directly above my gums;I look like Mrs. Puff from Spongebob Squarepants. As a waitress, this effects my tips!

Comment by unlucky bastard
2011-05-14 08:12:58

the company i have worked for for 15 years does not offer insurance, dental or medical, no 401k or retirement plan either, but i make good money $25 per hour, but i also pay out a lot of money monthly for bills credit cards etc. i have no savings account, only manage to keep 50-60 bucks in checking account after all bills are paid, wife in school, 3 kids in school, i had a small cavity a month ago, went to dentist to get it fixed, cost like 180 bucks, then couple weeks later became abcessed, hurts like hell, went back to dentist, was told it needed to be pulled, but he couldnt pull it because roots were going up into sinus cavity, sent me to oral surgeon, $35 office visit, oral surgeon said they needed $950 up front to cut out tooth and close hole left behind between mouth and sinus cavity, no payment plan nothing, cash up front or no pull tooth, i guess i will have to suffer with it, dentist did give me antibiotics but they dont seem to be working. wife and kids cant even get medical card or any kind of healthcare either because they say i make too much money, yet i continue to pay my taxes, if you do have health or dental insurance, you should thank God for it cause it sucks if you dont.

Comment by aaron
2011-05-17 10:22:22

i do not have poor dental hygiene the problem is that i have my wisdom teeth coming in and it has been breaking through my gums for a year i dint have any insurance and my dr. said that i half to have 300 dollars before he will even see my and he wont call in a prescription

Comment by me
2011-05-18 10:39:51

Tooth that have a small leak from the side will let food in and become trapped no amount of brushing will remove all of it the build up resulting in abscess later the long-time cure is to have bad teeth will poor fillings removed if you’re an older adult, kids should have filling replaced as they unlikely to refill adult teeth as they become weak and thin due to past dental work.

Comment by sphinct
2011-05-20 03:47:07

well you guyscan bitch about dentist coasts but maybe if you brushed your teeth and took care of yourself you wouldnt be in the position where u have to fork out money to get your tooth fixed, i mean im in terrible pain with a n abcess but im not crying about costs cause in reality, im the one that did this to myself

Comment by KAREN
2011-07-24 18:34:30


Comment by Mack
2011-05-23 15:10:13

this is off topic a lil bit.
What comes around goes around.
I remember when I was in my 20′s. I worked high steel made really good money. I would see a guy going to the Dr. for back aches and I would lol and call him a lazy scaming bum. I couldn’t see anything wrong with him ergo he musta been lying.

Welp, here I am crippled, broke my back twice. Now I understand what those guys were going through.

My point is. You may be in a good spot right now. Got insurance, money, respect. But you are just one accident away from being uninsured, broke, loathed. The truth is in the US you can do everything right and still end up broke all it takes is one disease or accident.

God Bless America!

Comment by ajb
2011-06-11 02:05:18

reading all these comments makes me so glad to be australian..

come from a low socio-economic background

government gives me a loan to go to unit to be a teacher

government gives me free dental

the government is meant to be for the people…free basic healthcare is a must for any civilised society

Comment by ajb
2011-06-11 02:14:44

uni* haha

Comment by Amy
2011-06-21 23:35:34

Ok it all started at first when hot or cold hit my back molar tooth it hurt so i went to dentist and he did Xray and said well “you do have large fillings but X ray is ok “so he said i did not need root canal.. Then 5 days later i had a terrible pain at same tooth at my gum line radiating up to my jaw so Dentist ordered me on antibiotics called Clindamycin … So now all of a sudden even though my X ray of this tooth is ok …. now this Oral surgeon he sent me to wants to do a root canal when the X ray is Ok..and even the SECOND X ray is ok that he did… SO NOW I am like confused.. my jaw and gums are still hurting but i know not enough time, only 2 days have passed for the antibiotics to kick in… so what do I do?… Have a root canal….? or just take all my antibiotics and wait and see if the pain goes away… then if it does … i guess it was just a gum infection ONLY… how do I know if it is more than just a gum infection.? from trapped food or something?. i do not see an abcess that needs to be popped anywhere in my mouth and my gums really are not that red.. buy i have never had tooth pain like this.. its very weird, however ..I really take good care of my teeth too… except for my bubble gum chewing.. . my friend s are telling me not to do a root canal because the X Ray does not show it???
PS… if your tooth hurts swash your mouth with salt water every other hour… … From: Confused AMY

Comment by Amanda N
2011-07-05 13:54:02

Omg, after THREE hours of weeding out the advice from the bickering i finally made it to the bottom of the page.
The advice is greatly appreciated. I went to a dentist last year and was treated like crap. After the hygienist took my x rays she came back and accused me of not brushing my teeth. I do brush my teeth and yes there are times I forget because I’m in a hurry or just too darn tired from busting my tail at work. I make minimum wage, get no child support for my 3 children, and have a boyfriend who is on disability for a medical condition he’s had since childhood. We are barely able to make ends meet but we do. The dentist I saw told me everyone can afford to get their exams and cleanings every 6 months (ha) this was at the health dept. If I could afford a dentist i wouldn’t have gone there. needless to say I left having no cleaning performed instructions to see a periodontist (with no insurance or extra money) and a broken wisdom tooth that he didn’t even mention. Needless to say I’ve been having problems with this tooth ever since and I’m now to the point that I would take a gun shot to the mouth over this pain. A dentist was recommended to me yesterday by a customer of mine that takes payments (a rarity around here) so I’m going to look him up and cross my fingers.
I hope some of these remedies work for me if not I will be taking a trip to the er if I can’t get in with this dentist.

Comment by Meghan
2011-07-08 05:36:15

I would like to share my experience. I am 50 and have been diagnosed with ? infective or septic arthritis whcih I am told could have been triggered by dental work that I had 25 years ago. I had aNY state dental paln at the time and covered a max benefit yearly so for 6 years I had everything my dentist recommended. I never had an abcess until the dentist started deep cleaning my teeth. Now, I have lost the abutement teeth anchoring my bridge, the rest of my teeth have shattered. No one will extract the rest of my teeth due to the fact that I am high risk for endocarditis. I have bone fragments in my jaw bone and these need to be scraped away before I can use a full plate denture. I have used an onion on my jaw to help with abcess pain and it does help. I am reduced to shopping for cosmetic teeth online and going to the ER for antibiotics everytime my jaw flairs up. I am fortunate to have pain medicatin for the arthritis so I am than ful for that. If I had to do it over again, I would have had all my teeth out and have denture made when I was 25. There is no guarantee for the life of a tooth no matter who does the work. When the abcess in my eyetooth flairs up I have to have IV antibiotics as the doctor told me it can cause a brain abcess. I will pray for all of you. Please go to the ER if youhave an abcess and get AB though. It is better to have a bill and a poor credit score than be dead prematurely. God Bless.

Comment by tiffany
2011-08-03 13:00:02

i think people need to have a little bit of respect where has it gone these days? im not on either side, i live pay check to pay check and i have abbsessed teeth either you use your remedies or save up the money to go to a low income dentists there are resources out there you just got to look like google low income dentists in your surrounding area we all all buy things here and there so why not suffer on some wants and save that money to get rid of pain? just some common sense. anyways after reading all the way down this page i have a suggestion or two. i use proxol you can get it at walmart, and if you have a broken off crown, feeling, or a pit in your tooth there is this stuff called temperin its a like a tooth cement and acts like a feeling untill you get to the dentist it helps the root from being exposed and that helps the pain, toothaches arent no fun i hate getting them. hope that might help someone out there. you can also get that at walmart. as far as infection tea bags help draw out the infection but if you have any old antibotics laying around it always helps. for pain i take 4-5 ibprofens. and ambisol just tastes like crap and always numbs the wrong part of my mouth :O

Comment by sinster
2011-08-06 18:36:08

WHOA shut the hell up everyone i have abcess on my damn tooth have a horrid set of teeth from being sick on and off most of my adult life and i have another dentist appt on Monday to pull the fecker out had one pulled last monday i dont give a flying rats ass about politics of stupid arse dentist over charging all i want to know is HOW THE FLIP DO I DEAL WITH THIS PAIN IF BEEN SUFFERING FOR OVER A WEEK AND A BIT. antibiotics make me sick. im eating painkillers like pez i haven eaten not but soup and yorgurt through a damn straw/ i have kids and a house to run so no laying down and dying itsnt gonna do it NO i wont fecking pop it . what the hell ? and get more germs on it??(O_O.. all i want to know is there any suggestions for pain relief until i can get to the dentist on monday?? oh and why is that every single dentist ive had since the 80s always has bad breath?? for god sakes dental fools your up close to a person face dont have garlic pasta for lunch for crying out loud LOL. p,s. yes ive put a cold compress on the swelling ive gargled with salt water and my mouth hurts JUMPING JESUS on a pogo stick i have stitches on the other side of my mouth from last appt.

Comment by Lily
2011-08-08 18:37:47

You begin the article with

“let me tell you that this was a perfectly avoidable situation had you taken better oral care.”

When a person is in the midst of horrible pain, they don’t want to be lectured. Did you know that tooth abscess are not only caused from bad hygiene bad can be from trauma to the tooth amongst other reasons.

Additionally, not everyone can afford dental care. In Australia, where I write this from, public dentists can have waiting that lasts from months-years. Private health can cost $80 a month, and with that you still need to pay the excess of going to a private dentist. Without private health, you can expect to pay hundreds for a simple visit.

Comment by Taffy
2011-08-18 03:56:13

I don’t know why the us government don’t do a health plan as we have like here in the UK. I had an abscess, got a root canal done, also three other fillings that were needed, x-rays, my teeth polished , even free toothpaste(prob a promo) all for the princely sum of £97..equivalent to $159 dollars. So even though a lot of you in the us are saying it may not be a political argument, it is only you the voters , who ultimately you employ should start lobbying o’barmy to sort this mess out out. Surely every person should have the right to a pain free life. BTW i do work and i pay £273 a month ($449) in national health, that also covers any GP visits, any stays in hospital i may have to have, and prescription medicines, so all in all i don’t think its too bad a DEAL , ANYHOW ITS THE LAW!!

Good luck to you all and don’t forget, politicians only keep their jobs if you want them to, make them listen.

Comment by User
2011-08-25 13:06:30

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% works really well in dissolving hard sticky calculus, including in between teeth, once its softened you can shove youre tooth brush bristles in between youre teeth and brush out all the softened plaque, tartar and hard calculus. be careful though as this will release lots of bacteria into youre mouth, so brush 1 tooth at a time and keep youre toothpaste handy as you can get lots of bacteria and get the infamous “white tongue” in this case just brush youre tongue with toothpaste and swish some half and half watered down 3% hydrogen peroxide to get rid of bacteria.

Comment by Dental Health is important!
2011-08-25 13:15:32

Ive found that you can remineralize youre teeth if you apply toothpaste with fluoride in it. Apply the toothpaste DIRECTLY (do not use youre toothbrush) onto the teeth that are decayed and or have cavities and leave the toothpaste gel on youre teeth for about 2 minutes a day for a month YOU WILL NOTICE A DIFFRENCE in the enamel’s hardness! I have! Just make sure you watch youre sugar intake!

I use Colgate’s Luminous Enamel Strengthening toothpaste and apply it directly onto my teeth and i have gotten rid of tooth decay and cavities and notice big diffrence in hardness of teeth!

Comment by No painnow
2011-08-27 17:28:19

1st my dental hygiene is excellent. I go to the dentist for cleanings every 6 months. I now have an abscess (be cause i need a root canal), and I’ve been so amused by all these comments. I forgot my gums even hurt. I have some antibiotics I got from my dentist in Brazil. I’m hoping these will work. My dentist in Brasil did 6 fillings about 8 months ago. I paid 250$ and no novacain. I was in a daze to think all these years, I let a dentist shoot a ton of Novocain into my gums, when it wasn’t neccesary. I then became ” pissed”. To think what a rip off. No wonder insurance is so high. Oh and now I read, root canals fail. Monday, I’ll just go get it pulled. Why waist money, I can use on missions to Brasil. I live in the USA and I own a business, not much profit and still give lower prices to those with lower incomes. It’s rewarding. We choose to live, above out means. I do feel for those of us that can’t afford their high prices. Yet I know there is initial start up costs for dentist. Not to mention, costs of staff, liability insurance, overhead, student loans…blah blah blah and equipment always breaking. My American dentist won’t dopayments. Too bad. Oh well, praying I won’t get a brain abscess……. Really??? This can happen. Well let me go google that now!! Lol

Comment by xixihaha567
2011-09-10 01:01:20

Im certain you will discover a trouble together with your internet website utilizing Web explorer internet browser.

Comment by AP 26
2011-09-22 17:42:53

I have heard when you have a abscess to use a teabag and it will help but what kind do i use??? Please help!!

Comment by shannon
2011-09-27 08:06:27


Comment by shannon
2011-09-27 08:05:16

i have an abscess and i know that the best way to get rid of the pian is

Comment by Claude
2011-10-02 08:59:15

i have to agree with taffy i come from canada so dental isnt covered for us for the most part but almost all other health care is but furthur more i work for the canadian armed forces so i do fortunatly get dental done though like some of the earlier posts said about getting alot of the students thats usualy who we get to do our teeth and i cant complain cuz it is free what im on here for is they are clossed on weekends and holidays and my work schedual is to busy to go see them for a few months so im looking to see if theres anything on here thats a good rememdy to a abcessed tooth ive tried the hydrogen peroxide and it deffinitly helps but only works for about 3 or 4 hours and only if i dont take in anything with sugar in it and to all those who are saying it sux paying cuz there poor i have to agree with some of the posts 85% of the time its a life choice if you have the motivation you can make money or you can be poor i came from a poor family that even now i support my mother and 2 little sisters but i sucked it up and got a real job that didnt require any education and yeah im not sure how the military health plan is in the states but if its anything like ours its easy to do since u guys have a giant military in comparison to us

Comment by mike
2011-10-07 00:16:06


dentistry is TOTAL FRAUD!
mean spirited and heartless .

no excuse for the outrageous cost ! im sorry but dont say its malpractice insurance. ill sign a waiver! impossible almost to sue a dentist almost anyway.
i understand everything costs money but DENTAL POLITICS, is all about the money.
to me and millions of others on the planet its a matter of life or death.the ama and the dentist response?
tuff shit no money no care . die and suffer
you cant even get a tooth pulled if your on medicare. not asking for more tooth damage,got a cavitie? let the dentist drill a bigger one for you ! later on you can fork out more for a root canal and crown etc etc .it goes on on and on .

in my life i spent more than 100k on total bs dental shit and coulda just got plates at 18 and been fine.
now im dead from toxic medicine. every dime i spent on the dentist was a waste of money! 50 k later
they tell u oh u have periodontal disease and tmj /i see …. WHY the hell didnt u tell me this b4 aall this extensive needless work first FUCK HEAD!

if i walk into an emergency room pregnant and ready to pop out a baby the hospital eats 20 k or whatever. they dont tell you tough shit then.

i guess death is more valuable than life.

anyone know where i can get cremated when i die from gum disease and rotten teeth?.

theres no money to live and nowadays you cant afford to even die .

im working on some inventions for teeth that will hopefully pit theese greedy fucks out of biz 4 ever! and insurance? another fraud yes believe it …

i had one dental so called pro who was so bad i had to leave the chair half thru a procedure and the fucker assaulted me! i assauted him back by tossing the sob thru the drywall! go ahead throw another punch punk.
and i walked away

Comment by balsam
2011-10-28 09:22:43

how’s the victim/martyr role working for you?

Comment by Josef
2011-10-28 15:04:55

Hmmmm I came to this site looking for a cheap remedy for an abscess, but then I get James’ social comment.

Hey James. I am part of the 99%……. that banged your mom.

That was my ambition and me and the other guys there just wanted to say thank you for having such and understanding and loving mom. She taught us not to moan, as that was her job. She also warned me about her son being an ass who spouts off his social opinion when asked about dental care. At least I think she was talking to me. It was hard to tell with all the other guys in the room, and her mouth was full.

Comment by Sass
2011-10-29 17:52:32

I suffer from a broken tooth and just recently got a small abscess. My tooth was hurting so much that Tylenol wasn’t even working. I started to look in my medicine cabinet and came across a bottle of anti-inflammatory (ketorolac) which was given to me for my sprained ankle. Within 20 mins the pain stopped! I also had some antibiotics which after googling it does help with abscess. So I’m recurring quickly a painless by these two medicines. Works fast!!

Comment by med insurace or dental
2011-10-30 07:29:11

I have many dental issues. Normal just bear the pain cuz I cannot afford a dentist. I have insurance but they do a procedure and want 600 freaking bucks before they even start. Well ok let me go rob some one first so that can happen. Hell no!!! I cannot afford to pay them up front this is an emergency!!! Dental Insurance covers NOTHING.. And medical insurance will not help.. But if you do not take care of your teeth it becomes a medical issue with stroke or heart problems. Insurance companies are freaking stupid. Why not have medical insurance take care of dental to prevent costly Medical issues. Am I the only one that sees this as an issue.

Comment by Pat
2012-07-26 05:02:12

EVERYONE sees it as an issue! We ALL know it. Your mouth, teeth, gums,head, neck……are all part of your body, last time I checked.

Comment by universal healthcare please
2011-10-30 17:20:47

It’s so sad that medicine has been commodified. People’s health and safety should not be a luxury that only the rich can afford. Socialized health care is not as bad as it sounds. Money paid upfront to prevent serious illness is money saved by the government in the longrun on more serious medical care. Taxes are going to socialized medicine anyway (Medicare, Medicaid), so why not make the government spend that money in a smarter way and ensure that everyone has access to healthcare?

I believe that healthcare should be a human right.

Comment by Pat
2012-07-26 05:00:20

They got enough $$$ to support their Ultra Mega Empirical Industrial Military Complex all over the World!

Comment by please learn to read and write
2011-10-30 17:43:15

“your” shows possession; example: “It is obvious that your education was minimal.”

“you’re” = you are; example: “You’re a fag.”

Comment by Fran
2011-10-31 18:38:10

I understand totally. I think denistry is so horribly expensive it is unaffordable and as you said we are just looking for some relief for the discomfort.

Comment by Tammy
2011-11-01 13:38:44

My husband is diabetic and advanced gum disease and absesses are a common condition that diabetics get. There is nothing more he could have done other than what the dentist had instructed years ago. Your belief that preventive procedures will have avoided this is not the case with some people who suffer greatly and then are told that it is their fault.
This is why you go to a dentist rather than take advise from people who , althought their good intentions are there, don’t always know what they are talking about.

Comment by MisterMe
2011-11-02 14:38:21

I read half-way through this page and decided that most people who actually care will read it, those who don’t will skim it, and those who can do ANYTHING to help you wouldn’t be here to begin with, so this is almost all-for-not.

I am on the fence with this issue. I too am suffering (very very much so at the moment) from a dental issue that I simply cannot afford to face head-on. I lack the proper finances, and insurance to get it done (tooth extraction). The cheapest I could find (by call-around, not visit) was $300.00 before meds, etc, obviously.

I make $9.00/hr, and to do some very basic (and crude/rounded) math, here are the expenses of myself (and the average person).

Average Check (After Taxes): $490-500.00
Monthly Income Range : $980 – $1000
Car Payment : $200.00
Car Insurance : $100.00
Rent: $475.00
Utilities : $100.00


This obviously doesn’t take in to account gas to get to and from work, food (I bring my own to work), or other odds and ends that everyone always seems to run in to or need such as toilet paper, tooth paste, shampoo. Or the cost of washing your clothes (laundry mat or otherwise).

With that all added up, making sure I have transportation, and the ability to shelter and feed myself comes up to almost exactly 100% to my actual take-home.

Thus, I am unable to save any money for future needs. I am no saint either, and cannot lie that I do enjoy ordering fast-food every now and then, or perhaps a redbox movie. But I do not splurge on un-needed expenses, such as internet, cable service, alcohol/drugs, cigarettes, or otherwise.

What annoys me, and this will sound racist and bias no matter how I say it. Is that in my search for a sliding scale dentist to help yank this sucker out, I noticed two things.

One: All of them accept medicade. There is nothing wrong with this, but I feel as if being an able-bodied, un-married, person has disqualified me from assistance I truly need, and my tax-payers money helps fund. I will save my ramble on pregnancies, but I don’t believe just because you were irresponsibly having children means your entitled to health-care. I don’t believe any kid should go without, but.

Two: All of the messages are now in spanish as well as english. Without sounding too racist. I am 3rd generation Jewish, my people came and learned the language, learned the culture and adapted to this countries ways. I don’t believe that someone who came here illegally is any more entitled to health-care because they can’t afford it. More-over because they aren’t filing taxes, and claiming actual moneys earned by their house-hold.

Anyhow. I could ramble on and on, but I’ve gone to the point or ridiculousness already.

I don’t blame anyone for my financial set-backs, or my lack of a better position at my work-place. My decisions were my own. But I work hard, I pay my taxes, and I’ve never asked for assistance before. I believe that for individuals who can prove such hardships, assistance should be there for them when they truly need it.

I’m actually afraid now after reading all the reports of people getting serious infections leading to serious effects, and even death. This is ridiculous.

Comment by Pissed off
2011-11-03 02:02:05

Well mr dental I think your missing the point. If your a dentist then you either would understand or your greedy. Most dental procedures that “save” the tooth are considered to be cosmetic, which unfortunately I don’t see how it is. And how can dentists charge that much for one tooth and sleep at night.

I’m sorry if you need teeth to eat and I know your gonna say you should have brushed. And your not able to eat, and your tooth gets infected, and could possibly kill you if it goes untreated. How is that cosmetic? How is that not considered to a medical need? If I could get antibiotics and novicane. I would put you all out of biz. Most dentists know it’s a medical issue and could kill you but why would they want to give up a couple hundred to thousand dollars an hour?

Comment by Pat
2012-07-26 04:57:35


Comment by lol
2011-11-03 08:20:56

That’s incredibly funny. I would of guessed southwest. =/

Comment by whatever
2011-11-03 10:09:57

I thought this was a forum about tooth pain and what help. Instead we have a forum about name calling and politics. We are all here for a reason to tell others what pain relief worked for you.

Comment by sarah
2011-11-03 15:57:17

For pain use over the counter pain killers that come in GEL CAPSULES. Burst the capsule and rub it over the problem tooth/gum area. Be careful not to get it on your lips coz it will go numb.

In the UK we have Anadin in the green capsule or Iburofen in the red capsule.
Try it! It works and its cheap!

Comment by Tito Puente
2011-11-11 10:33:03

So I have read over 100 fucking posts and not one home remedy, just people arguing about costs. THATS WHY WE’RE HERE, I CANT AFFORD THE DENTIST, SO LETS PITCH SOME HOME REMDIES AND STOP ARGUING AND FIGHTING, THAT DOESNT HELP OUR TEETH:p

Comment by amber
2011-11-13 07:39:59

Where is comfort dental located?

Comment by Karleen Nassimi
2011-11-15 14:40:43

Hi there! Good stuff, please do inform us when you publish again something similar!

Comment by Tony
2011-11-18 16:34:19

Hey guys, i don’t know if this will help as i live in Australia and i havent read all of the letters to know where you guys are.Anyway,I found a short term fix ;until you get something done about it is panadene extra.Two of these got me to where i needed to go,good luck.

Comment by elizabeth purdy
2011-11-20 11:52:28

i just got out of surgery due to the abscess in the lower jaw right side of my face. i have no tooth. i have dentures yet i feel pain in the gum like as if i still have real tooth. i stayed in the hospital because i cannot swallow my mouth is dry throat is dry and lumpy and the swelling pushes tissues to the airways and no longer breathe-in air. Doctors did all they can to get me breathe, swallow and go home. the cause is a mystery. but i do know up to now that the part of my gum still hurts like as if the tooth is still there.

Comment by Albertine Dahme
2011-11-23 21:34:17

Wonderful site. Plenty of useful information here. I’m sending it to a few friends ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thanks for your sweat!

Comment by claire
2011-11-27 15:30:26

Just for the record abscesses are not always caused by poor dental care as suggested. In fact one of the most common causes is the equivilant to a splinter! Which can be caused by eating food containing small sharp things like fish bones!

Comment by Pat
2012-07-26 04:36:38

believe it or not, Heredity can have everything to do with teeth/gum problems. I have been vigilant all my life because both my grandma and mother had dental issues. Like the inherited osteo arthritis, I have succeeded in holding both at bay longer than they did, but it catches up with you. I have 2 teeth pulled out and two more that are so bothersome for years, I will lose them, too.

Comment by akathaze
2011-12-09 08:04:41

im rich and in more pain and more swollen
rich or poor toothaches hurt

Comment by Wendy Woods
2011-12-10 13:01:00

Yes. i agree with you on that, cause i’m going through that same situation. I’ve enrolled in my Employer’s Benefits Insurance, but it won’t be effective until the first of this year. I have an abcess and in excruciating pain, but i have gone to the emergency room to get some relief. The doctor prescribed me some antibiotics and tylenol with coedine so that i can sleep at night. It’s an sad situation that you are in dior’s need of insurance, and you have to wait until your insurance is activated.

Comment by sarah lynn
2011-12-13 00:14:52

I have given my fair share to dentists. Of my family combined we probably gave them enough money to pay for their schooling. Now i believe in every american making their own wealth but within the right aspects of that. Dentists are entilted to a wealthy leaving but they have become so twisted that a friend of the families that was a dentist has become quiet the enemy. As a kid i ignored dental hygene and suffered from an array of cavities, all being handled witb the help of my parentsinsurence. Now the i am older i take care of my tattered teeth, which should have been repaired. One by one they are going bad even with twice sometimes three brushings. I have a root canaled and capped tooth that was about one thousand. Paid. Another that was canaled and still sits uncapped cause they now wanted two thousand. Same dentist. One year time span.

I looked at him anf said huh? At that time i still had insurance but i got up and left. No way was that going to happen. Just the other night another tooth is hurting. They checked it out and decided that it was another faulty filling. ANOTHER!? i had not been informed the other ones were the cause of bad and over priced dentistry.
Its now been quiet some time and i think it is too late to do anything. I am twenty one and living on my own. Im just making enough to stay off food stamps but live pay to pay and do not have insurance and now all i want is the tooth gone and the pain silenced.

Comment by Pat
2012-07-26 04:39:29

it’s amazing to me that teeth aren’t considered part of our body and Not covered in regular health insurance. If you even have that! considering you can actually Die from an infection inside your mouth just like you can somewhere else on your body!

Comment by Wilson
2011-12-13 04:14:11

Hi Sarah

I am in the same situation right now. No insurance (Germany) and a fear of dentists.

Your post has given me faith.


Comment by Maureen Tanguay
2011-12-21 22:03:33

Whoever wrote the intro to this page should think again. Sorry but it ALL does not happen that way. In my situation cancer and radiation caused this not improper oral care. BUT improper funding for dental. I am a bit tired of people being ripped off. And they are. People are suffering with one of the worst pain there is and Dentists do not know how to work with these people???? They are the ones who thought the mercury was so good for us and are now getting more money to remove it. No saliva glands for 17 years does the trick on bad gums and teeth. But regardless of what the situation is…i can’t imagine no one taking care of their teeth. Mine were shattered, split so that the enamel is in layers with a rough edge on the top of the teeth. Not to mention the oral surgeon will not remove the tooth until I go into the hyperbaric chamber for thirty treatments. Can’t do that because i was denied because of a seizure disorder. So now putting me aside…people have financial problems today and dentists are asking outrageous amounts of money. dentists today will not even sit down with you and make a plan of payment….They are as bad as Drs. now and soon people are going to have to group together and find better ways to deal with them. This is not working. It is for the dentist but not the patient. They do things like this and sooner or later it will come back to haunt them.

Comment by Isthisaboutabses
2012-02-25 15:01:22

I’ve had several abcess and root canals but we cant hate the dentists because of our finances. there is a pay scale they use just like a mechanic does. They have to purchase material and pay their staff along with rent on buildings, and etc.

Comment by Louisa
2012-01-01 15:02:31

I have taken offence to this post. It is saying that the only reason why people have problems with the gums is because they have bad hygiene! I have perfect teeth and visit the dentist regularly and he doesn’t like me as a patient because he can’t money off me for even a clean that my teeth are that good. But I’ve found myself with a 4th abscess in the last 6months and this is due to both stress and my wisdom teeth coming through and I wanted some remedies to compensate the pain until the dentists reopen after the seasonal holiday!

Comment by sabrina
2012-01-12 23:09:25

i found that the orajel from the shelf in the pharmacies worked really well. the pain goes away after some antibiotics , the antibiotics are only 40.00 or so and within 1 day of taking them the infection starts to go away or less painfull anyways :)

Comment by Pat
2012-07-26 04:44:40

The regular numbing gels make me feel like my throat is closing up and i can’t breathe. i found something called PERIORUB as an alternative at our co-op health food store. I always carry it now. Also, watch out for the gum chewing. Chew on the other side or not so hard, if you use it like i do during exercersion, like out dancing. I get dry mouthed, so i chew gum then, but I noticed that it makes matters worse.

Comment by Rachel
2012-01-06 04:12:20

A week ago I had a cuppa and not long after I was in so much pain, went to doctors next day and doctor gave me anti biodics and panadol osteo as he said I had a abses, after a few days it kinder stopped hurting, tried so hard to get into a dentist, ran out or anti biodics now but all doctors busy and won’t see me and had to travel an hour to see a dentist, iv hated dentit ever since I was a kid and today I remembered why, my dentist told me I needed 3 teeth taken out, said I had a abses on my top side tooth (2nd from back) but hasn’t even been hurting there it’s been my bottom teeth and jaw so I’m kind of confused if it is an abses, he had no idea what lick jaw was ( as I have it and couldn’t open my mouth far) I want to get a dentist that will knock me out and take out my teeth as I have bad anxiety but the dentist just basically laugh in my face. N I don’t want to pay heals to be knocked out. Please help me on what to do this hurts I have 2 babies and can’t cope. I’m not rich n don’t want to be awake while having it done :/ iv got no painkillers left or anti biodics n can’t see a doctor till Monday

Comment by Pat
2012-07-26 04:53:16

I actually found the one and only dentist office in my area that would knock me out to extract two teeth. I feel for you. i am the same way. They just don’t want to tell you that they don’t have an anesthesiologist on their payroll. only an oral surgeon with someone on board at their office to administer full blown anesthesia can do it. Most of them just try to get away with local anesthesia, which any Normal person would be afraid of! We are Normal! Needles in your face hurts. and you’re Looking at them doing it! Laughing at you is unprofessional. I used to say I’d rather give birth again than have a needle stuck in my mouth! Then they act like something is wrong with you for jumping/squirming. Really?

Comment by beech
2012-01-11 19:26:29

OMG!!!!!!!!!!You ain’t nothing but a bunch of bucktoothed crackers!

Comment by sassy
2012-01-22 13:26:14

yes thank you

Comment by Donald
2012-01-24 20:12:52

Will you shut up about not taking care of your moth being the ONLY cause of abcsesses! SO NOT TRUE, sometimes it is genetic. I have had a few and I brush my teeth twice a day, floss and use mouthwash. Pisses me off, Js! <3

Comment by j
2012-02-23 02:48:17

twas helpfull though i dodnt like going to the dentist arrrrrrrgggggghhhhh!!! so i will giv it a fe days befor e i go to see if i can cure it myself

Comment by JP
2012-02-26 01:53:11

First let me say I am so sorry for everyone who is suffering. I’ll post what helped me right away and then explain.

1. The warm salt water does help. Swish it as often as you need to. I wouldn’t suggest the heating pad. While it’s comforting, it will increase blood flow to the surrounding tissues, which in turn causes the blood vessels to dilate and spread the infection. The salt water on the other hand is good, it is local, near the tooth. The salt near the tooth will help to draw fluid from the infection, and the water will cause the boil or infection to “point” or come to a head, and soften it, making it easier to pop on its own.

2. Theraflu helped me a lot. I don’t know if it’s the heat from the hot water, the Sudafed, or the Tylenol in it that helped, but it did. There’s also an antihistamine in it that causes some sedation, which will hopefully keep you from panicking from the pain. Well, unless the pain is really intense (mine is at a dull ache right now from a cavity and there’s swelling .)

Motrin really helps, since it is an anti-inflammatory medication and boy oh boy are these thing inflammed! I’d try the over the counter Motrin or generic and the 4 tablets, which is the maximum dose of the prescription Motrin.

Don’t take if you’re allergic to any similar drugs like Aleve or aspirin.


3. I was ashamed to go to the dentist or tell the doctor the truth about why I needed an anti-biotic (I didn’t need a lecture and they can be so rude when it comes to these infection), so I told my regular family doctor that I had a sinus infection. He prescribed an anti-biotic over the phone. It helped tremendously!

Calling a dentist was useless. They made me wait for days, and unless you’re an established patient they won’t call in a prescription if your life depended on it. They’re all about money.

If you see a regular MD, I’d call him or her, say you have a sinus infection and some yellow drainage. He won’t typically need to see you for such an infection, you’ll get your antibiotic and start to feel better.

I wouldn’t normally suggest lying to a doctor but if you don’t have or can’t afford a dentist, you might need to. Beside, you DO have an infection that needs to be treated. Even if you can’t see a dentist for days, an MD calling in a script can be a lifesaver. Of course you can tell them the truth. MDs and their staff tend to be more sympathetic than DDS.

I plan on calling my MD on Monday to get a prescription. For those worried about getting the right antibiotic for the correct type of infection…most sinus/dental infections are treated with the same basic types of antibiotics for a staph infection.

Just make sure to tell the doctor if you’re allergic to any antibiotic. Stay safe.

In the meantime, I’m taking the Motrin, using the Theraflu, taking a little Benadryl to help me sleep and of course the hot water and salt. You could also use the Motrin, Sudafed, and Benadryl bought separately and see if they help, but I’ve found that the Theraflu helps quicker, since it’s liquid, and the warmth from boiling it is very comforting.

I haven’t tried any of the other home remedies before, so I can’t say if they are effective or not, only what has helped me. My attitude is any ship in the port when you’re suffering like this and for watever reason can’t see a dentist. Try different things that could help until you get an antibiotic.

If you don’t have a dentist or doctor, go to the emergency room. They’ll give you antibiotics and possibly pain medication. If Motrin, Tylenol, aspirin hasn’t helped plz tell them so they can give you something stronger.

Don’t worry about paying for the ER. They can’t get blood out of a stone and they MUST see you. Just tell them you don’t have insurance. They can set you up with the billing department and again, they can’t get blood out of a stone, and I’m sure they’d accept $5 a month towards bill rather than nothing.

But eventually you’ll have to see a dentist, even if it’s at a crappy free clinic.


To those of you who are suffering and reading these insentive comments about ignoring oral health et. just ignore them. They can just shut up. They’re insensitive clods, nothing more. Again, they don’t know you’re situation. We’re all here for help and support, not lecturing from people who are not currently in a whole lot of pain!

I hope everyone here is feeling better soon (me as well), and I hope some of the suggestions are helpful. They’ve helped me in the past, and are helping me now.

Take care:)

Comment by sarah
2012-03-03 21:47:41

I beg to differ but not ALL abscesses are caused by poor dental hygiene!!!!! I have an abscess caused by my wisdom tooth roots having curved round my jaw nerve!! Are you telling me that all the brushing, flossing and mouthwashing I do wasn’t enough to prevent this?????

Comment by Cecilia Seagroves
2012-03-10 16:46:20

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Comment by Google
2012-03-13 13:06:25

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Comment by Ampallangman
2012-03-19 16:57:41

1. Ibuprofen for the swelling
2. Water and salt
3. Garlic tea, strong
4. peroxide

Take the pills as soon as you can, they will help a ton, and rinse your mouth with water and salt for 3 minutes, then rinse it with peroxide (don’t swallow it). Make some garlic tea and sip on it when warm, it will boost your system to fight the infection. This might take the intensity of the pain away.

Dont go to a doctor and tell them is your tooth, I went to a walk in clinic, and the doctor wouldnt prescribe me antibiotics for the infection, he dared to tell me that if I would take my computer to repair to an auto shop, so why would i see him for that. I told him because it is an infection and he was general MD and he could tell that I needed an antibiotic and i needed the prescription that is why. He didn’t give it to me.

I think I am not that evolved yet cause I still hope that Karma took care of him.

Comment by JustmeAgain
2012-03-19 17:19:50

my 2 cents,
1. Ibuprofen for the swelling
2. Water and salt
3. Garlic tea, strong
4. peroxide

Take the pills as soon as you can, they will help a ton, and rinse your mouth with water and salt for 3 minutes, then rinse it with peroxide (don’t swallow it). Make some garlic tea and sip on it when warm, it will boost your system to fight the infection. This might take the intensity of the pain away.

Dont go to a doctor and tell them is your tooth, I went to a walk in clinic, and the doctor wouldnt prescribe me antibiotics for the infection, he dared to tell me that if I would take my computer to repair to an auto shop, so why would i see him for that. I told him because it is an infection and he was general MD and he could tell that I needed an antibiotic and i needed the prescription that is why. He didn’t give it to me.

I think I am not that evolved yet cause I still hope that Karma took care of him.

Comment by andy
2012-03-21 01:20:22

Toothaches are painful but can be prevented by take suitable precautions. Avoid eating food which will result in the formation of acid
in the mouth, brush teeth regularly with a fluoride toothpaste. best cure methods to stop toothache.

Comment by syrfergirl
2012-09-29 04:31:11

Did you know that a recent long term Harvard study showed that Fluoride lowered IQ?!
Fluoride is actually a waste product of the nuclear industry!! A dirty little secret . It also increases the risk of bone cancer and does nothing for your teeth. It actually causes fluorosis which weakens the teeth and mottles and discolors them…..Look it up….. No excuse not to with the internet at your fingertips.

Comment by oneblizz larecio
2012-03-29 20:25:05

What do you dream when you cracked tooth or deleted ways for you What I feel its texture are the signs

Comment by healthy foods to lose weight
2012-04-03 23:54:32

My brother recommended I would possibly like this web site. He was once entirely right. This submit actually made my day. You cann’t believe simply how so much time I had spent for this information! Thank you!

Comment by Tooth Pain Relief
2012-04-11 12:51:25

certainly like your website but you need to test the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very troublesome to inform the reality however I’ll surely come back again.

Comment by JP
2012-04-11 19:39:24

Follow up comment:

Hurricaine gel (it’s way stronger than oragel) and is available without a prescription, but it is behind the counter. Just ask the pharmacist for it. Follow the instructions because it is long lasting and taking too much can be dangerous. But again, it is long lasting so you shouldn’t need it too often. You can also buy it online, but that could take a while. BTW, the Hurricaine gel is what dentists use to relieve the pain before they inject novocaine. Great stuff, really.

This is a little out there, but it worked wonders for me: If you have a shower, go into the shower, open your mouth and aim warm water from the spray from the shower head towards your gums on the side where it hurts. The warm water feels wonderful and helps to soften a hard abscess so it will drain. The force of the spray also helps it to drain, sort of like pressing on the abscess but without all of the pain.

Of course you shouldn’t be swallowing the water, just let pull your lip on the sore side of the tooth and the spray the water there. You can also put a tooth brush in hot water and gently rub the sore area. This also helps to soften the abscess and puts gentle pressure on it to help it drain. Sort of like a water pick, but stronger.

Other than that, do whatever helps. Some people recommend fish antibiotics, which are available online. That could take a while to get. Pet stores have powder antibiotics but who knows how to use them???? Aquarium sea salt is supposed to help, too. But I haven’t tried that…yet.

Comment by Where can you Find a Dentist
2012-04-12 20:35:02

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2012-04-13 09:11:41

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I water pik, I brush, I floss and then I rinse and I’m being told it’s MY fault I have an abscessed tooth? I’m not falling for this line of bull!!! With all the supposed medical breakthroughs and there’s not an antibiotic that can cure an abscess?!!!! Really? that make abolutely no sense to me….
Or are we just being held hostage by the ADA?…..It’s medical tyranny …plain and simple….Just think how much money the Dentisits and specialists would lose if you could cure an abcess…..

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2012-10-11 10:09:28

If you have fairly good teeth that need some fillings, cleaning just minor work Dental Schools are ok. I got totally runied at a Dental School. I had thousand of dollars in bridgework that had been in for several years and had no problems at all. There was one tooth I wanted re-crowned. The student did not want to do that one. Stupid Me, He wanted to re-crown a tooth I saw no problem with, looked good etc. So I allowed it to be done, took 3 months. All of my bridgework was pulled off with impressions. Then it was stuck back on with temperoray glue, lasted a week. Then I was told they could not be fixed, too much decay etc. The tooth that was crowned lasted a total of one year and now is off. I lost a total of 7 teeth on the bottom and only have 5 left right in the front. Try to eat with that, especially meat. Yes it about 50% of the cost, stay away.

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have any of you tried chewing on a raw white onion for at least five minutes?? no… or you wouldn’t be here. It works everytime and better than anything else I have tried just about everything. I wish I would have grabbed some from the grocery store yesterday.

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