Treating Ibuprofen Overdose Patients

August 27th, 2007 by | Category: Medicine

Note: If you are overdose on ibuprofen or any other medicine/drug call the emergency now!

Ibuprofen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), which helps to relieve pain and/or swelling or inflammation. Ibuprofen is used on patients to relieve them of pains like, headaches, backaches, toothache, menstrual cramps, muscle aches, athletic injuries, or even arthritis. Ibuprofen is sometimes also used for reducing fever and to relieve minor aches and pains due to the common cold or flu.

How does Ibuprofen Work? Ibuprofen works by blocking the enzyme in our body, which are responsible for making prostaglandins. Decreasing this prostaglandins helps to reduce pain, swelling, and fever.

Ibuprofen is not recommended for Ibuprofen Overdose Patients with the following: active peptic ulcers or gastrointestinal bleeding, patients with the angioedema syndrome, nasal polyps or other no steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, for women are pregnant and lactating. Patients with systemic lupus erythematosus should not use ibuprofen except under a physician’s supervision.

If you notice any of the following rare side effects which seem to be serious and you think it’s a result of Ibuprofen Overdose, stop taking ibuprofen and seek immediate medical help. Symptoms such as black stools, continuous stomach/abdominal pain, vomit that is like coffee grounds, pain in the chest, experiencing weakness on one side of the body, sudden changes in vision, experiencing slurred speech.

If you suspect Ibuprofen overdose in a patient, contact your local poison control center or emergency immediately. Symptoms of Ibuprofen overdose could be any of the following: severe cramp like stomach ache, vomiting, unusually fast or slow heartbeat, troubled breathing, feeling extremely drowsy, loss of consciousness, or seizures.

If Ibuprofen overdose that is suspected to be greater than 200 mg/kg, it is suggested that the patient seeks medical help by way of getting treated for gastrointestinal decontamination using activated charcoal (1 g/kg). The drug is less likely to be brought under control if the time elapsed after ingestion is greater than 1 hour. It is an important point to note that since seizures can occur in children with ibuprofen overdose, emesis should not be induced at this level of overdose. The symptoms start to show within 4 hours of ingestion so the patient should be observed for at least such a period of time.

If Ibuprofen overdose that is greater than 400 mg/kg, it is suggested that the patient is taken to hospital and kept under observation. Immediate and basic lab tests include arterial blood gases, electrolyte levels, blood urea nitrogen (BUN), and liver function studies. Never get into self-help or trying out home remedies when you are suspecting Ibuprofen overdose. Since it can be fatal, its best to seek medical help. The more time you allow to pass, the more complicated it keeps getting for an Ibuprofen Overdose Patient.

Since Ibuprofen Overdose is a medical emergency, its best left to medical practitioners.

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Comment by maria
2007-12-07 17:01:04

hey i took 25 advil liquid gels, nothin has happnd to me i just have minor headache and slight stomache pain, i havent even thrown up or anything. do i have to go the doctor anyway? id rather not

Comment by Child of God
2009-12-21 20:44:49

This note is for anyone who reads this site: Suicide is not the answer for any problem you are having. I can say this because I have endured the temptation and have thought back to the time that I thought seriously about doing it and have said, “look what I would have missed if I had done it…” At the moment you think it is the right answer you must just say no !!!!!! Call for help and get help. Go to a pastor of a church if you don’t want to go to a Doctor, but go and get help.

Please hear the good news: No matter what your circumstance or situation the truth is that you were created to love and to be loved. The Lord loves every single person on the planet and that means you. There really is a devil and he hates you because you are in the image of God and he hates God. The devil is the one who wants you to take your life, he wants to cut short all that God would have for you.

God provided away for all of us to be free from pride, guilt, sin, rejection, rebellion, selfishness, self -centeredness, hopelessness, and everything else that separates us from God. Guys and Gals, faith breaks all the curses- God knew that we would never be able to save ourselves from the enemy, and from the nature that is in every individual-a nature that is totally the opposite of the Lord who loves you and wants you to be in his presence forever. He wants to be everyone’s dad and he has no favorites, everyone is his favorite and only God can be a dad like that. He absolutely understands all pain and suffering. He came down here dressed like us and his name was Jesus. He walked on the earth and for the first time ever there was a man who was the perfect man-Jesus was the only person who ever did everything he was suppose to do, never did anything he was not suppose to do and fully satisfied God’s commands for perfection. So he willingly laid down his life for every person on the planet and every person who would be born in the future and those who were born before him. He died the death that you and I deserve to die because everyone has blown it-there is none that are good no not one. The answer you seek is in the Bible. Read The book of John and Romans and learn how much God loves you and all that he has done to save you and to restore you. If you believe that Jesus died for you and allow him to be the Lord of Your life he gives you his perfect life in exchange for your life and he makes you a new creature. You become a child of God and he is your dad and HE takes care of his kids. You need to just pray and ask him to help you for he says all that call out to him who are afflicted and needy he will help. I am afflicted with wrong thinking and poor and needy in love, and kindness and goodness. So Everyperson qualifies for needing him.

Please, come to Jesus and let him love you and save you and allow Him to live his life thru you. That is what you were born for-to come to know him as your real heavenly father. Before you do anything, Read His word, it is his love letter to you and He wants you to repond to his invitation to be loved by Him.

Lord, I pray for everyperson on this site and for everyperson who is being tempted to take their life. Lord protect them and lead them to your truth and show them that you are the way, the truth and the life. Show them that eternal life is not something in the future but it is you, eternal life is you Jesus and you are more than willing to give your perfect life to them. There is so much of the good news that I am not able to share on this site but I pray that you would put it on their hearts to get a bible and to read what you have to say to them. Show them that you love them and please keep them from hurting themselves. Thank you for helping me and for the journey that you have me on. Thank you for not letting the enemy win and for showing me that I am righteous not because of any good in me but because you Jesus are the righteous one and you laid down your life for me and by recieivng you into my heart , God now looks at me Thru you Jesus and he says, FORGIVEN, MINE, MADE NEW, MY CHILD. Show them that you are the Life that they are looking for…. In Jesus name, amen

He told me as I was walking on a bike path in OHIO, “If you know I am good and if you know I love you , you can get thru any hell on earth. ” It only takes a mustard seed of faith to move a mountain. God loves you so much that he stretched out His hands on a cross, died for you and then rose from the dead so that you to could be raised into newness of life. It is not God’s will that any should parish but that all should be saved.

Comment by Helper
2010-09-23 03:48:59

Giving the guy a massive essay when he is O’Ding is a bad fucking idea. Just tell him to go to the hospital.

Comment by brookie
2010-10-27 20:37:22

uhm. actually i googled “how fast can advil kill you?” because I am suicidal. annd “child of god kinda helped but i would also like to say that even going to a hospital might not help.. nor after do you see god and life in a different way full of sunshine and rainbows. i at the age of 15 am moving out of my house! and in with my friend and she is helping alot… so i geuss i mean : you should find something to help you! and not listin to what some guy says will help you! and always talk to someone you trust!

Comment by niru
2011-02-10 00:19:13

lol, true. btw no one will bother to read long comments that tell you how u should regret taking the pills and not to suicide. if you took you will regret but can not go back in the past, so please tell the people like me who have taken an overdose what should we do????

Comment by Not an MD
2012-04-02 08:59:57

Drink a tall glass of milk while you call your doctor and or Pharmacist. For those who are afraid to contact a doctor, a pharmacist is always a great resource as they know what a msax does is better than the doctor sometimes and can recommend if you’ll be alright with no medical attention or if you need to go to the hospital. Another option would be poison control. Also, if you did take a medication with the intent of suicide, there is probably a deep underlying issue that you may need counseling or help with even if you realized you didn’t want to really die. Talking to someone, can help a lot and people usually won’t just throw you into a mental institution. They will help you. A lot of universitie and education institions have free counseling, so even non students could try calling. Good Luck and feel better soon!

Comment by James Bond
2013-03-22 22:38:59

I have seen positive and negative comments… I have only been looking for the long term side effects of ibuprofen … Not trying to do anything else, and I came across this. Some people are hopeful, others are hope-less. Hence , I gave the 007 name from the movies, and a made up e mail address. Whomever has suicidal tendencies needs to get the help needed, but that is a choice, The choice to live or have eternal death. You make your own destiny. God bless.

Comment by kevin
2010-10-10 00:30:56

praise god for this post, last yr i had to search for hrs for my mother after finding a suicide note after work june 2009, i found the note at 7 pm found her at 1 am. in the cematary where my grandma is buried, she drank 3 bottles of wisky and took 100 pills of trazidone and lived threw it, i found her just in time, she wanted to go to treatment but the county changed there income policy 2days before and 800 amonth ssa disability was too much, we were so hurt dakota county mn social svs showed us the door, sadly to say my mom is still using and drinking, but has promised me she wouldnt attempt it again and apears to be stable, I am the oldest of 5 boys to step and2 half brothers, I praise god that he was able to guide me to save my mom,her second oldest was married may 2010,who is a merical kid with a rare lung deases

Comment by Wanda Jacobsen
2011-04-20 08:26:17

Child of God you make perfect sense, yet everyone has a cross to bear, some heavier than others. Suicide never encourage as the appropriate thing to do. Now there are many people with different burdens, not one person on this earth has carried each and every burden. I lost my 14 year old son to suicide. I have lost all meaning for my life. There is nothing that I want more than to be reunited with him. It is a desire I have everyday and wish my life would end as I write this. Suicide is an option yet I know what it would do to the remaining family memebers and that is the only, and I repeat only reason I do not do it to them. It would cause increasingly more harm and my life insurance will not pay. So I pray every day that God in his merciful self takes me home, because this life sentence of grief is beyond what one could even imagine.

Comment by john cena
2011-09-21 13:31:04

jesus is suicidal too… in fact all the gods r crazy… jesus hung himself on a chunk of drift wood… cause his dad told him too… isnt that a bit ironic… maybe jesus was schizo… who knows. i like suicidal gods im gonna go ask jesus where to get euthanazia shots

Comment by Vishus
2013-02-21 16:51:29

You’re an idiot. Karma will find a way to change your mind about talking so negatively about what millions of people consider a positive avenue. They’re willing to turn the other cheek because it’s apparent your suffering is 10 fold.

Comment by vale
2010-04-12 10:50:52

I took about 15-20 tylenol extra strenght pills and i just feel tired and like i have to throw up but i wont. other then that i feel okay. Should i see a doctor? like maria, i rather not..

Comment by justme225
2013-01-03 15:22:50

New Year’s Eve 2012 – was a bit drunk & pretty upset – in a moment of weakness I took 20 – 30 200mg Ibuprofen & 6 nyquil gel tablets, I passed out – woke up about 10 hours later & felt strange, nausea & like I was going to pass out. Went back to bed & slept until Wednesday morning, about 8:30 am.

It’s been a little over two days, I feel fine mostly, normal reaction to all that medication I assume, stomach ache – mild and slight dizziness – not constant but from time to time.

How long should it take to clear my system?

I’m fully prepared to accept the repercussions of my actions, whatever they might be. I do not have a death wish nor do I truly want to die, but it is what it is. I do not want to talk to anyone about it nor will I go to the doctors / hospital.

Just simply want to know about how long will this crap stay in my system & is there anything I can do to ‘flush’ it out?


Comment by angel
2008-01-08 18:24:26

ive took lik 20 or more of diazepam. i passed out not long after an slept for hours. an jus been feelin sick and reali dizzy i avent been sick. ive had headache and feelin hungry even wen i eat. can i get any advice apart from the doctors i dont wana talk face to face with a doctor or go 2 mental hopital was jus a moment of weakness.

Comment by secret.
2010-08-20 05:51:37

i done the exact same, and had the exact same side affects. but with me, i physically couldn’t eat :/

Comment by jeremy
2008-02-15 15:20:16

if you take more than the reccomended amount it is necessary to seek professional help. even if you have not experianced serious symptoms it is wise to go to a doctor. ibuprofen OD symptoms do not always occur right away and in certain cases not treating it properly can result in seizures or even death.

Comment by carol
2009-11-27 10:02:09

would 5 pills be an overdose? cause that’s what i took last night, and i feel fine.

Comment by - chylldout.
2010-05-25 15:17:32

nah, it wouldn’t .. i take way more den that everyday .. i just took 10 mortin & 10 tylenol, i feel alright, just a headache & sleepyness.. fuk da doctor, eveyone will think u need 2 go the mental hospital :L

Comment by Sad
2011-10-04 15:28:01

I took about 40 ibuprufen pills about a week ago, I do get abdominal pain, not too bad, I have back aches too

Comment by Jules Fools
2012-02-28 14:04:46

The back aches is probably from your kidneys which are hard hit by overuse of ibuprofen and of course is way worse with an overdose amount. The longer it was in your system before being flushed the more likely a permanent affect on your kidneys there has been. A simple blood test can tell your doc if your kidneys are working properly…Go get it checked out because kidneys will continue to fail until they are in renal failure, but early diagnosis could mean not worsening but information is needed by your doctor.

Comment by ...
2010-01-17 12:15:33

i took 4 800mg pills of ibuprofen at least 12 hours ago…bad stomache ache and chest pain…wat should i do….is it serious….my parents know but they think illl be okay…i was mad when i did it but now i feel kinda dumb and sick….wat now?

Comment by Caitlin
2008-04-14 09:12:06

I take 10 Advil most nights before I go to bed, and then I pass out and sleep for hours. Lately I’ve been really depressed and I don’t know if that is why I have some symptoms or because I take so many Advil all the time. I tried to overdose like three nights straight and took almost the whole bottle but it didn’t work. I am always tired, diarrhea, nausea, i can’t keep food down, I forget things, I can’t make decisions and I won’t stop crying. I think some , or all, are from depression but I really don’t know.

Comment by - chylldout.
2010-05-25 15:19:20

i know how u feel .. im like that, but random pills .. except for diarrhea, everyone pisses me off .. &icry at certain times & feel like fighting.

Comment by Val
2011-05-16 15:16:19

i’m not a doctor, but you definitely seem to have generally severe signs of major depression. go to a medical doctor first and explain your situation to them, then they can recommend you to a psychiatrist who will be able to help you more in depth. depression is a very serious thing and many people take it for granted, but it does require medical attention. you’ll feel so much better by taking the first step to look for help, it really is worth it in the end. hope i helped, and i truly hope you feel better someday.

Comment by Jimbo
2008-04-29 11:13:32

I take anywhere from 15-20 ibuprofen a day. Daily. I think this is alot of nonsense. Just another way to lure you into going to a doctor that dont care about you, just your money and insurance. Best thing to do is take care of yourself. Doctors wont. They are in it for money. I went the naproxen route but 20 in a day and still having pain was ridiculous. I enjoy the ibuprofen. It works in large doses. Enjoy.

Comment by jimbo
2009-12-11 03:16:15

your so so silly,,u will be sorry so pls stop

Comment by raven
2010-07-25 11:58:09

listen jimbo im a doctor and i have been for 5 years.No doctor i know is in it for the money including ar ea foolish man who most likely has extensive liver damage…see a doctor they could save your life.

Comment by lizzi
2011-06-19 14:14:33

i took 35 nurpfen and 25 iburofen and a threw co codamol what will it do to me i took them in the last 24 to 48 hrs ago

Comment by jazz.
2010-01-17 20:02:05

the lining of your stomach is fucked. end of story. you will feel the ulcers later.

Comment by sofey
2008-05-30 20:55:46

i took like 14 ibuprofen extra strengths. nothing happened. …?

Comment by Angel
2012-01-06 14:13:49

All you wanna-be Over-doses are pathetic. Im two hours into my 400+ pill OD. Does it really take a woman to show you how its done?

Comment by kara
2012-01-20 13:31:42

damn gurl, chill. shit im glad i didnt keep taking pills or else i woulda been dead but i didnt b/c of ma 2 beautiful babygurls! im so relieved..

Comment by Mary
2008-06-11 14:10:45

I took like 7 ibuprofen 600mg one night along with 2 Advil, in the morning i woke up with a really bad headache and that was like two days ago. I’ve been feeling drowsy since then and like i want to throw up. i have severe abdominal pain, probz wit my vision, headache, etc…..woooh!! hooo!! its really bad!!! ppl!! plz dont try that!!

Comment by Bre
2010-05-06 12:20:59

ok but still my friend i tooken 15 ibuprofens which were 800m/?kg

she has always had stomach pains and really bad headache but she thinks it very normal. Do you think sheshould go to the doc???

Comment by Helper
2010-09-23 03:50:11


Comment by Spence
2008-07-14 10:59:53

i have just overdoses on paracetamol & Ibuprofen

taken 82 pills one by one, becuase ive had enough of life, work and women mainly. regret it a little now but soon i will be sleeping for a very long time.

Comment by eazy
2010-03-04 19:54:31

soooooo. did you die? if so, no need to reply.

Comment by - chylldout.
2010-05-25 15:22:47

lmfao, r.i.p .. :c

Comment by kara smith
2012-01-20 13:14:45

lmfao…so did u die??? :O

Comment by Marrie
2008-07-18 13:44:49

how many pills do i need to pass out..i want to overdose ,i need attention!!

Comment by eazy
2010-03-04 20:00:07

like 2. oh yeah, dont do drugs

Comment by dont be fooled
2008-07-24 20:25:22

i work in the er and have seen many young kids and teenagers come in OD on ibuprofen. A kid was taken to ICU and he took 6000 mg of ibp so be careful and if your meds are not working then call your doctor to get something that will work.

Comment by Double K
2010-02-20 03:07:10

I took 9000mg last nite. It was stupid n I went to ER, but 24hr later I can’t eat or drink bc it hurts!!! I am not a young teenager either. So much fixing is needed for 1 night of idiocy!

Comment by Cindy
2008-08-04 12:27:15

I am going through hell right now due to an overdose of ibuprofen. I am retaining fluid throughout my body making it very difficult to breathe. My vision is blurring, I am so swollen it is hard to be mobile and miserable not to move. Anyone that thinks that this is a joke is very sadly mistaken and I have no one to thank for this but my self because I decided to self treat for back spasms for two weeks.
This has ended up costing me financially much more than if I had gone to either the doctor or the chiropractor to start with. Not to mention that I have no idea yet what I have done to my own permanent physical self. This is very serious. Please use caution when taking Ibuprofen or NSAIDS, they can be dangerous for you.

Comment by Gretchen
2008-08-16 02:31:10

I have what was diagnosed as “autoimmune hepatitis” (chronic liver dysfunction). Although this was diagnosed and essentially means that he thinks my liver cells just decided to start attacking my liver, I believe that there is a distinct and very real possibility my liver problems have everything to do with me taking way too much ibuprofen for various pain managements. I had been taking 20 to 30 pills a day because if I took less, it didn’t work, I just kept having to take more and more. It was by far the dumbest and most damaging thing I’ve ever done. Dealing with the pain and finding out what the base cause is and the appropriate treatment would’ve been much better than dealing with the treatment regimen for chronic liver disease…..THAT is it’s own unique living hell!
To Doctors,
If I am correct, will I still have to be on medication for the rest of my life, or are there any other options available?

Comment by amber
2008-08-22 11:59:47

I took about thirty ibuprofen two nights ago I’ve thrown up a few times but that could be because i chased them with a shot of vodka….idk. I did it to prove a point. haha point proven?

Comment by emily
2008-09-22 21:46:29

I took 10 ibuprofens but im only 12, 110 pounds and five feet tall. Should I go to a doctor?
I dont wanna tell my mom.

Comment by sophia
2011-03-07 18:49:53

EMily please dont do this, my best friend went through the same thing has a life that kicks her in the ass daily. She is ridiculed by others because of who she is which is a punk rocker. We are 13 going on fourteen and she took a lot of pills one night thank you to who evers up there watching us cause she lived. Lately ive been trying to keep her as happy as possible and telling her that theres more out there than stupid junior high and high school. Youll meet better people one day and as you get older you can get away from the people causing your problems. I dont know you but knowing you could go through what my best friend went through i just wanna say i love you and theres more out there thats worth finding through living out your life <3

Comment by kara
2012-01-20 13:22:40

girl u was only 12? damn u prob 15 now, im 19 with 2 beautiful baby girls, aliannah and aubree. i was 14 when i took 37 ibuprofen pillls and some other medications with vodka with it. i literally almost died and thats when i discovered i was pregnant with aliannah. it scared dha living shit outta me, thank god she wasnt harmed. now shes 4 and aubree is 6 months. i cldnt be better(:

Comment by Liv
2012-01-21 05:58:30

You had a kid at 14 what the hell !! My parents would shoot me literally and then to have another kid at the age of 19 omg… did your parents react ?

Comment by Lisa
2008-10-09 06:23:53

You all need to learn some coping skills. .If you are trying to end your life using medicine to OD or trying to suicide because you “can’t handle it”
Boo hooo woe is me I need attention so I’m going to kill myself does NOTHING for you. But make you look completely pathetic and STUPID. GET OVER YOURSELF AND GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE>
Killing yourself is the WEAKEST thing you can do.
Getting over it and getting on with your life shows, courage and strength.

Comment by Nicole
2009-12-03 21:35:02

Suicide is wrong, yes, but sometimes it is the best for the person suffering. Alotta times most people who kill them have alot to deal with and its overwhelming. These people are usually rape and abuse victim. Who the Hell wants to wake up every morning and face that? I went through that and tried and it pisses me off when ignorant people like you act like this. It isn’t a fucking cry for attention, cutting is, no one tries to kill themselve for attention. Everyone knows they play with their life, thats not a cry for attention thats wanting the pain to go away. I think, its people like you, ignorant fools who dont even know the beginning of the word pain or suffering, make people like us only more eager to try. Courage and Strenght always fails

Comment by Double K
2010-02-20 03:10:41

I used to cut. But never showed or told anyone… How is that attention seeking?

Comment by sarah
2010-02-26 14:30:03

I came across this site having accidentally overdosed over a period of days on painkillers because of a tooth absess, a week later i went to the doctors, for stomach ache, temperature, not being able to eat, sickness swollen abdomen, severe backache etc, I had severely damaged my stomach, had liver damage, and had probably suffered internal bleeding from my organs. The point im making is just because you dont die doesnt mean you havnt done any damage, not to mention the long term damage, whether its an intentional overdose or not.

I also have BPD, and at 36 have been down the suicide route, in comas etc, desperate people do desperate things, its my experience people just want to escape the pain they are living, as life can be pure hell,and think its the only option. but it IS possible to get through the moment to live another day.
Even a smallest overdose is usually someone desperately trying to ask for help.

BPDs also self harm, some people might do this for attention, a cry for help, but most are embarrassed by their scars, and dont show them, its a learned coping stratergy to stop them getting to a suicidal stage, its been proven it actually changes the chemicals in the brain. if it served no purpose people wouldnt do it. alot of people are missunderstood, at the very point when they are desperate for help. True people do not cut to kill themselves, but to relieve the pain they are feeling emotionally.
I studied psychology in a desperate bid to understand myself and others. I wish you all luck and love xxx

Comment by jennifer
2010-02-27 23:05:07

I know exactly what you meen i wake up to hell everyday with my mom and dad fighting when she is die-ing.And i am the cause for my brother and sister tairing this family apart with drugs and i handle being a teenager and a housewife all in one.

Comment by eazy
2010-03-04 20:12:29

hang in, and always keep your head up. soon you can move away and start your own life new the way you know things are supposed to be. take care of you first

Comment by Barbara
2010-03-03 17:57:01

Are you guys serious? You think those people that are opposed to suicide don’t have any problems? We all have problems, medical and non but that doesn’t mean that we will commit suicide. We have family and friends to think of….and yes, there IS ALWAYS someone who cares! If you die, there will be a lot of people effected, whether you believe it or not. Parents, especially, don’t wish to experience something as horrible as losing a child! That’s why the previous person said it’s selfish! You aren’t fixing anything by giving up. Trust me, there are a lot of us that suffer for one reason or another and yet we DEAL and COPE in acceptable ways. There are doctors, psychologists, friends, family, pastors, or neighbors that you can talk to. Please don’t end your life because whatever you will survive anything you are going through (as long as you don’t kill yourself). What doesn’t kill you (obstacle wise), will only make you stronger. I can’t even believe what I’m reading. And to the 12 year old girl that took 10 advils…..why aren’t you talking with your parents about this? Don’t you think it’s better if they are upset then to lose you????????????? What a world! Walking this earth is a blessing and we are all in control of our own lives and destiny!!! Use your strength, focus, and energy on bettering yourself and your surroundings. HUGS…

Comment by Nikki
2010-08-27 21:49:15

Some people, such as yourself,just don’t really understand depression like others. I remember when my bestfrtiend’s sister started attempting suicide. I thought she was insane. Then I grew up at too of an early ago: exspierienceing molestation, drugs, divorce, and just overall saddness at eight years old. Can you imagine being eight years old and thinking “The world would be better off without me.” Of course I know it’s not true, everyone does. Someone out there would be effected definately. But you’re just so sad and in so much pain you could care less. It’s like a whole new person takes over your body. Kind of with how so many people cut. Some just do it to be cool and for a look-what-i-can-do type of thing, but overs find it as addicting as smoking a cigarette– like somehow it just takes you away from stress for a split moment. Now, Im as catholic as the next person and I used to stand by the whole “Suicide is wrong and only makes you burn in hell.” but if god didn’t want people to kill themselves, why would he let the mind in your head? All Im trying to say is you don’t know what it’s like nowadays growing up. We have a lot more shit to deal with. Those smalltown happy families just don’t exist any more. And I realize everyone has problems, but it’s just too overwhelming for some people. Everyone’s different. Am I for suicide? No. Do you think, me being thirteen years old, should really be even talking about suicide? I shouldn’t. But that’s just life.

Comment by candi
2010-03-29 12:04:49

hey i agreee with u for real. ive tried to kill myself several times and they none worked bc someone always fuckin found me and took me to the fuckin er. i got charcoaled one time cause i took 52 pills which were perscription pillls and they fucked me up so bad i dont remember anything for three days the whole time i was in the hospital. but i had no long term effects from it which is good i gess. i dont no i dont care anymore though. life is life and it all sucks.

Comment by kevin
2010-10-10 00:45:54

couarage and strength fails if its just your own but, your stength and courage teamed up with that of a personal relationship with jesus christ,not religion which fails, religion is empty outward actions of self rightiousness

Comment by angel
2010-03-03 05:48:55

I pray no one has hurt or killed themselves over your heartless cruel words. You are a terrorist of the soul. It’s people like you that make calling myself a human being an embarrasement. I pray for your soul.

Comment by angel
2010-03-03 05:52:35

the comment a few messages below from Angel is meant for you Lisa. I will never name my child your name cuz I don’t want he or she to have the name of such an evil person.

Comment by angel
2010-03-03 05:55:10

I pray for your soul. You make me want to vomit Lisa.

Comment by Bells
2010-07-09 20:22:38

Your a bitch who most likely killed ppl by calling
them stupid

Comment by brookie
2010-10-27 20:48:36

i was raped! and i have to live with that! how the fuck is that selfish?!

Comment by Susan
2012-05-20 13:48:36

To the know it all who thinks suicide is selfish, I hope you end up with a mental illness that you can’t get under control after 18 years of extensive treatment, including shock treatment. Then tel us how you feel. You probably couldn’t make it a week like this. Don’t be so uneducated.

Comment by Cindy
2008-10-30 15:35:44

i took about 13 ibuprofen today because i had a very BAD headache, a fever and stomach ache. I started with 2 first, didn’t work, then added 3, then added 2, then 3 more until about 13 in total. I didn’t take it all at once. The only symptoms i’ve had from it was severe drowsiness (fell asleep during a math test), very bad stomach/ abdominal pains and unbalanceness. I am 16 years old, 99 lbs, should i go see a doctor? they say i’ll suffer from gastritis which i’ve already been suffering from for about 3 years now. i don’t wanna tell my uncle (parents are dead)

Comment by Renee
2008-11-20 14:54:50

I take about 6-7 ibuprophens at a time for migraines because Imitrex is $40 per PILL and can only get about 10 per month and I cant stand the pain so I have to do whatever I can to relieve it so I can function. I have lost many jobs and I worry that taking all this medication is part of it. I am on 3 migraine preventative drugs but still get at least 3 migraines per week. I tried to kill myself in 2001 by taking 100 xanax. I had just had plastic surgery to help the migraines which made the pain WORSE for about 9 months until it healed. My husband left me and when I od’d in 2001 I survived after being in Cleveland Clinic in a coma for a month and given a 1% chance of living. I know this sounds terrible but I wish I had not survived. And for the asshole above who wrote about suicide being selfish I would like to see this person live with terrible pain nearly ALL the time! Makes it a little hard to find a will to live you ignorant jackass!

Comment by rachel
2008-11-23 21:24:03

I took 7 ibiprofans one night 1400mg…nuthing happened to me right now but im really scared that something will happen in the future,,,i totallly regret doing it…im an idiot…dont do it beleive me its not worth it..if u cant handle life…rememebr thier are many people out thier to help you and ur not alone!!! when u feel that life couldnt get worse look at the bright side…sleep it off and dont make stupid life threatening decisions…..its gunna hurt nobody but urself

Comment by casper
2008-12-03 03:45:44

i take between 8 and 12 askit powders every day and have done since i was 13 i am now 39 and very worried of the damage i may have done. does anyone have any knowledge of what these drugs actually do to u and is the damage done repairable?

Comment by nuprust
2009-01-05 08:00:19

Seven years ago, i took an overdose of Ibuprufen and piroxicam. My muscle shortly contracted and were of no use. It was even impossible for me to open my hands or walk. In other hands i got paralysed for 3 months. A gradual recovery was made after. However, just after i started feeling well, i realised that my hands were slightly shaking, a condition i did not have before. A number of visits have been made to my Doctor who refered me to the Neurologist as everything seemed fine with me. The latter didnt find any problem with me either. I was kind of wandering if anyone out there had been thru the same situation before! What treatment provided a solution to the shaky hands. there’s no history of Benign Essential Tremor in my family.

Comment by Vicdeeone
2010-02-05 05:57:06

I know for a fact that hand tremors are a side effect of certain medications that I take or have taken. Primarily “Abilify” for depression.

I’m suggesting that you take a look “on line” and with your dr’s to see if your tremors could be a side effect. I’ve been through sooo many neuological tests for symptoms that I have had over the years and 90% of the time they say “every thing came back negative. We can’t see any reason for your symptoms. Then they perscribe another medication to treat the symptom, or nothing at all.

I am a Long time Ibuprofen and acetamenaphin user and have exceeded the dosage x2 over the years along with Vicodin for cronic pain. I’m finally educating myself on these drugs and realizing that they may be the culprit for many of my side problems to the core pain. Does this make sense?

I sure don’t have any answers at this point, but at least I’m looking into it. I’ve just discovered a website in addition to this one for people who live with severe depression and cronic pain. Very interesting. I too have come close to commiting suicide as recently as Dec. when I was taking huge amounts of ibuprofin because of dental surgery gone bad. I’ve been hearing from people like us that there just might be a connection.

I feel like I’m beginning to solve a very old puzzle but by the time I do, it could be too late.
I wish all of us luck.

Comment by Victoria
2009-01-08 13:11:31

I am 27 years old, I am married. But hey that didn’t work out well. I am also in love witha guy that is also married, but because of me and my stupid self his wife found out about us, now i have lost him, but his wife has made everyone know because she is hurt. i don’t think that I am that worried about `what people think I think its because i found a friend someone that meant alot 2 me and now that has gone. Thoughts about killing myself came when I thought that I need to get away I would love for me and him to move some where and start a fresh

Comment by Vicdeeone
2010-02-05 06:11:10

Victoria, I’m so sorry for your pain. I’m sure it is real and it is intense. Very intense.

I speak for myself only, a 60 yr old with quite a bit of experience with pain in my life. When I saw what you wrote, I thought you sounded young and a thought that came to mind was one that I heard years ago that didn’t make sense at the time, but I’ve come to understand.

Suicide is a permanent solution
For a temporary problem.
(and believe me, the odds are good that you will get beyond this problem. Just give it that ugly word….”time”.)

I especially think that little quote holds true for those obsessive/conpulsives among us.

Best of Luck to you. You’re not alone.

Comment by eazy
2010-03-04 20:19:00

he was never yours! there are millions of single men out there and you wanted one who was taken. grow up, be a big girl and have some self respect. when you do it will show and that will attract the right kind of man you want and need.

Comment by ashley
2011-04-24 18:32:19

you cannot help who you fall in love with.

Comment by Kranky
2012-01-24 13:41:40

There’s no such thing as love, you dumb ho.

Comment by Elyssa
2009-01-18 16:35:15

I took like 30 600mg of ibuprofen like last friday and got very sick threw up did not eat or anything. I was taken into the hospital but they can not test for ibuprofen and how much u took. I am hearing that it can cause liver and kidney damage and that does not sound like fun but i have screwed up my life now by taking a total of 30 ibes. So now if it is true that it can mess up your liver and kidney then im screwed.

Comment by teresa q
2011-02-20 22:30:47

I hope you got thru that and made it. Please, stop hurting yourself. you are worthy, a unique, gorgeous human being that this world needs to be great!!! I would be happy to help you thru whatever you are suffering, fight for your life, that is a precious gift you received and there are thousands of sick people facing death and wish to have more time. Appreciate and respect yours. whenever I feel down I think what my family would suffer without me(whom am I to make them suffer on purpose?) if it is in my hands, i will do what it takes to be alive and well for them too!! Lots of love

Comment by josh
2009-02-08 22:41:13

my friend is 14 she took like 5000mg worth of ibuprofen 2 hours ago and we dont no wut to do we are both flipping out and she cant go to the hospital can she just like stay home and try to sleep it off… will she be ok?

Comment by 7415694
2010-05-26 13:02:50

I am fourteen, And I took over 30. I puked for three days, My body feels like it’s dying. I feel fine right now but I still hate eating . You just puke it up five hours later if its not water. It makes you miserable. And I destroyed my liver. Best luck to your friend…/:

Comment by Hayden
2009-02-11 14:47:49

what can happend if you took 50 ibuporfen…200 MG?

Comment by J.F.
2009-03-08 18:58:40

Wow you guys are f***ed. I took three 200mg pills and thought that was an overdose. Are you all suicidal or just stupid?

Comment by angel
2010-03-03 05:37:38

no. just desperate. I feel bad for them. Unlike the heartless jerk u are.

Comment by eazy
2010-03-04 20:20:37

get em girl….

Comment by J.F.
2009-03-08 18:59:49

p.s. Marijuana is the best (and safest) painkiller out there, hands down.

Comment by Jo
2010-01-06 04:23:05


Comment by eazy
2010-03-04 20:22:50

it doesnt do that damn great of a job. it just disracts you mainly cause your so damn high. ive smoked mj with a bad toothache and it aint do nada. i was hoyt’n bruh. a green monster aka L10 did the trick tho

Comment by teresa q
2011-02-20 22:33:14

a lot of times, brushing the area very carefully will help a lot, and then you can put a clove(spice), right there by your tooth to ease the pain. try those first, they work!!

Comment by 7415694
2010-05-26 13:05:30

Hellll yeahhh mann(;

Comment by Hillary, Pharmacist
2009-03-15 12:13:52

It is not wise to exceed the dose on the label. Those guidelines are there because they correlate to the levels in the bloodstream below which toxic effects begin to occur. That may mean that in a study group just one person experienced adverse effects above those levels, but as you pass those levels you increase your chances of causing gastric problems such as ulcers, kidney damage and cardiovascular problems. Chronically taking excessive doses will cause damage, whether you currently notice symptoms or not. Therefore, those of you who suggest to others that it is ok to do so because you do so are giving very irresponsible advice. Please seek medical advice if you have constant pain or inflammation that requires you to take large doses on a daily basis. If you have taken a large single dose and can’t or don’t want to go to the emergency room, you can always call poison control: 1-800-222-1222.

Comment by Brian
2009-03-15 20:14:24

I suffered a severe stress fracture in my leg during army basic training last summer. Although it was not diagnosed until after I graduated, I was given a small prescription of 800mg ibuprofen. I became dependent on it to be able to function, and was frequently taking doses of 2400mg at a time. I should not have been running at all, but I did not want to get recycled from the cycle and not graduate on time. The most I ever took at a single time was 4000mg, and I experienced no side effects. The result of becoming dependent on ibuprofen was that my leg got worse and worse. Eventually, I had to stay on restricted duty for 4 months to let my leg heal after I went to the infirmary. I still take ibuprofen when my muscles are sore, but I never take more than 2000mg. Although it is a cheap and easily found drug, it is important for everyone to remember that it is a drug, and a person should not become dependent on a substance. It is not a proper answer to your problems and will only result in more pain. If you have a serious physical or mental health problem, seek help immediately. I guarantee you that the answer can be found with the help of professionals and family and friends, not at the bottom of a bottle of pills.

Comment by katie
2009-03-20 01:01:13

I recently took a combination of prob. somewhere around 100+ iburprofens and drank alot of alcohol with them, I survived…but now I am trying to figure out what to do, its been about 2 days since i did this I feel sick but that could only be nerves, what signs should I look for to know if i should seek medical help?

Comment by teresa q
2011-02-20 22:37:24

I HOPE THIS PERSON IS OK. ANYBODY WITH A QUESTION LIKE THIS, PLEASE JUST GO TO YOUR NEAREST HOSPITAL, YOU WILL DESTROY YOUR LIVER AND YOUR LIFE!! Please talk to somebody about this, you are precious and unique, we need you here(I could be your mother, your daughter, your sister, your girfriend talking to you right now!! Listen to me and stop this nonsense.

Comment by Skylar
2012-04-03 17:28:04

I did the exact same thing about a month ago. Im 17 female and around 95 pounds. Took a whole bottle of advil, after consuming a bunch of alcohol. Took the pills with alcohol too. I was completely depressed at the time, I had a mental breakdown and I just did it. and I survived… and i don’t know HOW but I am so thankful oh my god!!!!!
So… for any of you curious people out there, this is what happened: I woke up the next day, SOAKED in vomit. I couldn’t get myself to get up until hours later… so finally I did, and I realized my whole bed was covered in vomit, I obviously threw it up all throughout the night. I only told a few of my friends… but i never got medical help or told my parents. Now I have no desire to kill myself, I realize how fortunate I am to have LIVED. and my aunt commit suicide several years ago… I can’t believe that I almost put my family through that kind of pain again… not to mention all of my friends! But it’s a lot easier said than done… depression is a DISEASE. it is something that you cannot always battle by yourself… it messes with your mind- makes you do things that you would normally never do! takes you away from your life and happiness. Anyone who says that people who commit suicide (or attempt to) are selfish individuals, that is NOT always the case. It is a very sad soul trapped in terrible thoughts, and sometimes those thoughts can get the best of you without some sort of help! As for the side effects that I have now… I am constantly worried about myself having liver failure, but im too scared to find out. But I sometimes hear ringing in my ears, always have gas now, diarrea, cold hands and feet, orange/yellow tint to my skin, a ton of confusion, stomach pains. Let me tell you. Even though I am functioning and look okay on the outside, I have no idea what kind of damage I caused to my organs. Going to see a doctor is mortifying for me and I COULDNT let my family know that I tried to commit suicide. They were out of town at the time so later I just told them i threw up on my sheets after eating something gross. So I just don’t know what to do except tell yall to never, ever, try this. It isnt worth it and each individual is worth something. OD’ing isn’t the answer… especially not on advil… it’ll just destroy your insides. TRUST ME ive learned!!! Although my depression still lingers, I know I will never attempt suicide again! There are too many people that I love and so much more lovely oppertunities for me in the future. If i had died a month ago, it would’ve been a devastating story… I can’t even imagine it. Hope somebody found my story helpful. God Bless all of you!!!

Comment by Jamie
2009-03-23 20:01:10

You are all a bunch of idiots! Get a life! I agree with the comment by Lisa on Oct 9, 2008.

Comment by angel
2010-03-03 05:35:25

do u really want the suicide of another being on your conscense?

Comment by Mememe
2011-10-03 22:45:17

Angel, you are a moron. An annoying moron. The person decides to commit suicide and it is their decision and their responsibility. Don’t accuse anyone on this miserable forum of having someone’s suicide “on their conscience.” you are an idiot.

Comment by Nikki
2010-08-27 21:56:30

haha, you see, peopletry killing themselves because THEY DONT WANT A LIFE. jerk.

Comment by Lynn
2009-03-30 15:44:12

I’v just taken 2000mg of ibp tablets, feel so down and lonely i didn’t know what else to do. I’ve not eaten for the past two days either.
Kinda wish i hadn’t taken them now but it’s done and i’m not going to purge.
Just hope it don’t make me too sick – my birthday is tomorrow.. hmm.

Comment by qwerty
2009-04-02 14:53:00

my psych nurse told me yesterday that you should seek medical attention after any & every od.
i live in the UK, so i disagree with what someone said about docs etc just wanting your money. the NHS pays here.. im not saying i would go to A&E(ER) after every OD – im just telling you what a nurse said..

Comment by ERIKA
2009-04-19 01:25:29


Comment by Giri, Netherlands
2009-04-27 03:07:59

Accidentally, my wife took 5 tablets of Nurofen 400mg within a space of 10 minutes (additional to 800mg already consumed earlier in the day) nearly 3 days ago. So, the total dosage within 24 hours was 2800mg. Her weight is 44kg. She had no real symptoms of vomiting, nausea, body ache, or anything like that, immediately. Just after a couple of hours after the overdose, I took her to the hospital and the doctor calculated the dosage and said that she is out of danger because the dosage was only around 70mg per kg. Since this was the first time my wife had ran into an overdose, the doctor said she should be fine in a few days’ time.

Having said that, however, the very next day she started to feel the side effects with acute drowsiness, mild and frequent headaches, weakness, and back pain. In fact, she gained an appetite for more and more food, and water (because she felt thirsty way too often than normal). She gets occasional body aches, but her body seems to be functioning well, for the moment, but I, for one, cannot fathom the long term damage even though the doctor hinted against such a thing. Despite all this, I’m very scared.

Life is precious, people! Get real and stop thinking about suicide. I myself have battled out of depression just a year ago, not by committing or attempting suicide but by sheer will power and by having someone who is very close to you. When you feel lonely, sad, despondent, depressed and lost, find someone to talk to. Please, don’t kill yourself!

Comment by Len
2009-04-28 21:46:38

Wow. I took 2 200mg of ibp and got cramps. I see folks here taking 10x or 20x what I took!

Comment by Michael Maley
2009-04-30 13:46:03

Most of you people are crazy. im telling you now “STOP TAKING PAINKILLERS” I messed up my digestive system immensely by taking ibuprofen consistently for years everyday. My digestive system doesn’t work properly now and Im struggling everyday with all types of ailments. Im constantly suffering from malnutrition because I can’t properly digest foods. If you have pain its because your body is lacking nourishment. taking a pain killer just hides it temporarily until you hit a wall where your body can’t take it anymore. It doesn’t happen over night so don’t think its not hurting you. I guarantee your heading down a bad road. if your in pain drink pure water and get your minerals and that will help your body flush out the uric acid causing pain and help you heal quicker. please I am miserable now and don’t see a good future ahead for me if you know what I mean. Your not invincible.

Comment by Matt
2009-05-02 06:49:14

Ibuprofen overdose limit that is listed here should technically be invalidated, I threw my back out last Sunday, went to the hospital for it and got treated, one of the medications being Ibuprofen 600mg, Ibuprofen is most likely not that dangerous unless you take massive amounts, EG.. 2000-5000mg’s, if you have taken around 600mg you will be fine. Though its NOT recommended at all to take more then that. Just some friendly advice!

Comment by emily
2009-05-18 21:44:15

Yea some people are suicidal and I am one if them. None of you understand. If you have nothing better to do than bitch about us go do it zomewhere else. These are people looking for help not for critisism.

And for everybody worrying i recently talked to my doctor when I got mood stabilizers ( also known as anti depressants ) and he said ibuprofen is not that bad for you unless you take alot of it. Dont worry if you took under about 3000 -6000 mg

Comment by Noo
2009-06-02 00:25:23

To all of you thinking of doing any of these things that others have said, please read this first.

I had to resucitate my boyfriend this morning. I may have broken a rib of his too doing the chest compressions. He is still alive but seriously ill in hospital. He over dosed on ibuprofen and my epilepsy tablets.

How do you think I feel right now? I feel betrayed, rejected and to be honest, I think I’m still in a little bit of shock (this happened at 4 am, approx 4 hours ago now.)
Please, please guys, think of the people around you. I know what it is like to be suicidal, I have depression too – I have nerve damage, epilepsy and fibromyalgia. I live in pain, I deal with it. I have buried my mother, a brother, my own son, a cousin and all 4 grandparents. I may yet have to bury the love of my life all because he couldn’t hold on one more day to see a psychiatrist I had arranged for him tomorrow and yes, he is weak. In fact, he is a coward.

Taking an overdose is NOT the way to go. Will my boyfriend have permanant damage should he survive? It is unknown how many tablets he took or at what time. I found him in the woods 2 miles from home when he never came to bed. Luckily my dogs tracked him so I found him in time (just.) Obviously he has problems, we know that, but I am here for him but that isn’t enough. He is devastating me, and MY life too. That’s just not fair. Please think of those who will be broken hearted, for life not just a little while, and who will have to pick up the pieces. Phone the samaritans. Post a blog. Someone, somewhere, even a total stranger, cares for you. Your life is so precious. If my boyfriend doesn’t want his life, I wish he would pass it back to one of my loved ones who has already gone. But it doesn’t work that way.
Be strong guys, hang in there. Even if you feel no-one else does, know that I CARE.
God bless

Comment by angel
2010-03-03 06:00:54

God bless you. I hope your boyfriend and you are okay. I have fibromyalgia to. So i understand the struggle and periodic depression that comes along with it. Stay strong yourself.

Comment by teresa q
2011-02-20 22:40:10

you are a courageous woman!! god bless you and confort you when in pain, I admire you!

Comment by Me
2009-06-10 22:08:32

I had 25 ibs and was fine

Comment by Brisa
2009-06-24 19:48:22

I dont know if to get a check up. ive been depressed, and i wanted to prove something so i took 10 200mg ibprofen after drinkin 2 beers. after taking them i experienced the biggest headache ive ever had along with that i had sever dizziness..then later i started feeling weird n was extremley sleepy.i so i jst slept it off. i woke up with some pains. bt they soon went away. now i jst feel some chest pressure. ????

Comment by jamy
2009-06-30 08:58:31

people i would never recomend suicide it is genraly a perminate solution to a temperary problem but if you have good reason ito OD ie terminal disese do not try n overdose on over the counter drugs like paricetimal or ibiprofen as it will be a very unpleasant way to go. if u r serious about ending ur life opiates r the best way, if u can score a gram of smack grade 4 if u can get it, take the hole gram if u inject it or smoke it u will be dead before u can take the hole lot if u chose to swollow it it will probibly be the best way of going beter than being on mophine and dieing a slow and undignifide death if u cant get any smack go to ur local super markert and and get about 20 packs of poppy seeds soak them in hot water for half an hour strain off and drink all the water it will take affect after about half an hour u will start to feel heavy euforic and drowsy u will simply fall asleep felling warm and relaxed an not wake up. if u are feelin depresed and want to comit suicide take 1/4 of the dose u wont want to kill yourself then u will want to stay alive so u can take more.

Comment by sarah
2010-02-26 14:39:35

do you really think you should be posting that to vulnerable people??? dickhead!

Comment by sarah
2010-02-26 14:41:12

i cant believe u posted that to vulnerable desperate people…. IDIOT

Comment by angel
2010-03-03 06:03:42

You may be right but couldn’t you offer concern and help in the form of encouraging words of hope instead of helping someone end their life?

Comment by Jasmin
2009-07-12 00:32:11

People who really wanna kill themselves don’t share that info. You are all people looking for some hope or attention. Stop with the half-assed overdoses and solve your problems the proper way, get either psychiatric help if you haven’t got family or friends, or if you’re in real physical pain then get a doctor to treat it seriously or you will end up with liver cirhosis on top of the problems you already have. Once you fix even the smallest thing about yourselves, you’ll be glad to be alive, I promise.
I just HAD to say something, your comments incensed me cos I am looking for info on side effects of paracetamol/ibuprofen in NORMAL doses and instead I found all this! You people should continue to support each others pain but in a more private members-only blog or something. I don’t want young kids & teens to read this and believe life has lost all value, hope or joy whenever there’s a tough problem. I won’t be back so don’t bother cussing at my comment, but thanks to anyone who DOES listen, & I wish you all the best.

Comment by angel
2010-03-03 06:05:05

You go girl! I agree Jasmine.

Comment by jamie
2009-07-12 10:44:39

i have taken 90 ibuprofen today i feel like normal i just wana die

Comment by Greg
2009-07-16 13:03:03

I was an idiot – drunk and depressed (wife had affair which ended a 23 yr marriage) and in this dirty 1 bed aprt (down from a new 6 bed hse) was all I had in cupboard. Took about 40 X-Tra Ibu’s (approx 32,000mg) and was taken to hosp when a friend called police. They didn’t perform any blood tests or admin any charcoal stuff even though was within the hour of taking the stuff. From what reading not much they can do now (was 2 days ago) but still trying to lose the side effects: vision, queasy, shaky, nervous, sore, etc. Gotta ride it out, I guess – but not doing that again. I was really surprised to find out just how prevelant Ibuprophen Overdose is these days although it seems it’s far less fatal than most would think (like all of us). But mine is good example of falling through the cracks at the hospital – so if you take Ibus and in end in hosp, make sure they do blood work and then admin the charcoal stuff so that it will absord what is left in your stomach of the Ibu’s, which the liver can’t absord. But really, don’t take it, or anything else, then don’t have to worry about it. Good luck all.

Comment by Jessie
2009-07-23 01:56:23

I took 500 ibuprofen, 600mg.. am i going to be ok?

Comment by emma
2009-07-27 14:34:02

I have 3 beautiful children and a lovely husband who is addicted to this! It is no joke he is half asleep all the time and dangerous when opperating equipment. No life for a young man. Take notice!

Comment by Jessica
2009-07-28 06:21:31

Ok so today is Tuesday. On Sunday, I was having unbearably bad cramps. I ended up taking 6 ibuprofen around lunch time and then another 6 around dinner time. Later that evening I started having really bad stomach pains which have not stopped since.
I know all the websites are advising me to go to the hospital, but I honestly can’t afford that right now. This is a one time mistake and will never happen again.

About how much longer is my stomach going to hurt?
I figure it will wear off eventually right?
Any input would be really appreciated.

2009-07-30 21:43:05


Comment by jon
2009-08-01 08:20:19

i took 500 200 miligram tablets and i havent puked .. well it might noth ave been 500 but it was close to that ….. but nothin has happened yet , now i dont want it to but i need to know if i need to see a doctor

Comment by Beth
2009-08-05 00:04:14

I’ve taken three extra strength acedomidephin and one regular ibeprofun lots of times…I usually feel okay. Does this mean I’m overdosing?

Comment by Victoria
2009-08-17 18:04:19

It’s not always about being selfish … some people can’t handle it .. i can’t.. but its not selfish.

I’m 17 and i have always been the most happiest person in the world people would always have ago at me for being so happy but what made me the most happiest thing ever was my boyfriend really we were perfect together but in March 2009 he died of Leukemia at the age of 16, we found out on the tuesday and he was gone on the thursday. 11 days before his family holiday to Florida for 3 weeks that his dad planned 18 months in advance, and 2 days before seeing his favourite singer at the O2 arena with me.

Tell me how can you just ‘cope’ with that? lose the one you love and then tell me. People have always said to me that i’m such a strong person (personality wise) but even the most strongest person can’t cope, in fact i htink its worse being strong. Now this world seems pointless to me. I know your thinking core she is only 17, but it doesn’t matter what age you are when you know your in love you know it and i wont find that again, partially because i don’t want to he is all i want and like i said i wont find it again. The only peace i will ever find is going to sleep and not waking up and when i do it will be with my boyfriend.

Comment by Bitch slapper
2009-08-18 14:34:50


Comment by Bitch slapper
2009-08-18 14:36:39


Comment by Rachel
2009-09-18 02:32:29

I’m really sorry for any pain that all of you have suffered through but don’t try to end your lives over it. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to work your way throught the darkness and you will make it. Have faith. God bless

Comment by Model01
2009-10-08 06:48:16

It’s hard when you’re in the depths of severe anxiety and depression for ‘normal’ people to understand. Everyone’s mind is different and everyones situation is different. It’s easy enough for people to say ‘don’t do it’ ‘life is precious’ but mine doesn’t feel so at this moment in time… all.

Comment by Alisha
2009-10-15 11:21:20

I took 9,000mg of pamperin last thursday and slept from 8am thursday to Friday8am and felt sick to my stomach and am still having stomach pain I wanted to die@ the time.19 years old.

Comment by Rondell
2009-10-15 18:07:01

What the “F” is wrong with everyone on this site…Suicide and OD are major concerns and need medical help or at least someone to evaluate your mental state.

Comment by KG
2010-03-28 12:38:10

its embaressing! I just want to get away from everything..

Comment by linda
2009-10-20 19:34:35

I used to take three or four a day for months, and I haven’t shown symptoms yet. I probably just don’t have symptoms… Or misinterpret any symptoms I have. huh.

Comment by SeiSei
2009-10-24 17:24:08


Please don’t try to OD on ibuprofen. It is very difficult to do!!!!! you will have to swallow more then 200 tablets!!!! you will most likely get sick way before you are done swallowing. Even if you finish eating 2 Bottles of Advil with out throwing up you will not die (immediately or in your sleep), as you have hopped!!!! What will happen is you WILL mess up your liver or stomach, or digestive track, and it WILL put you in the hospital and then mental hospital under watch.

and what ever pain you are filling now — it will be a lot worse — imagine passing kidney stone, or giving birth for five to seven days in the row… and not pain killers for you eather

Comment by Courtney
2009-10-26 07:27:50

i took one 800 mg ibuprofen pill and then 4 more 200 mg pills and didnt eat anything, i just had some orange juice. i have most,not all, of the symptoms, nausea, headaches, stomach pains, confusion, agitation, unsteadiness, etc. we called poison control and they told me to eat and drink and i could sleep if i want. i can barely drink and i feel to sick to eat. should i think about going to the doctor anyways?

Comment by Katherine
2009-10-28 06:32:41

I don’t know why peo[ple are saying “get off, nobody understands” etc…this site is for people who WANT to be treated for an overdose, not people who want to die.

This is not a suicide support site so perhaps YOU should go elsewhere and stop interfering with the advice people need when they think they might have taken a overdose and need help.

Comment by Mahrahri
2009-12-02 21:44:04

ok everyone who is saying how much ib they took is honestly just stupid. I dont care if your boyfriend died or your just really depressed…. GET OVER IT!!!! ok i do know what its like to be like that and its not fun but dont off yourself for no god damn reason. I mean seriously half the people who left comments are most likely trying to get attention. So for those people who lied about dosages and suicide go fuck yourselves cuz its not something to joke about. For those people who were serious which i doubt there were more then 10 im sorry and i hope you get better.

Comment by odmaybe
2009-12-02 22:09:53

so taking 33600 mg of ibuprofen, would kill me right?

Comment by fuckmylife
2009-12-23 21:53:06

i took a whole bottle of ibuprofen(80 pills) , drank a whole bottle of robitussen, and i whole bottle of liquid benedryl 2 days ago…i want to die…i didnt…i threw up 4 times yesterday…today i cant breathe…and have severe abdominal pain…and i feel like someone is stabbing me right below my fucking ribs.

Comment by K45
2010-01-09 21:51:52

To whoever said that 3000Mg of ibuprofen got someone in the ICU – I’m sorry, but unless it was an infant, I’m calling shenanigans on that statement. I was involved in EMS and Fire/Rescue for years, and never seen any calls for an overdose of Ibuprofen, Not to mention that in one instance, I took 11 (800Mg) Ibuprofens (FOr a grand total of 8,800 Milligrams, Or 8.8 Grams) and didn’t feel anything but light headed, Woke up fine the next day, and I’m a very light 160 pounds, So don’t tell me that 3,000mg is enough for the ICU, Cause I’m not believing that for 1 second.

Comment by K45
2010-01-09 21:54:40

Sorry for that typo, 6,000Mg is hardly enough for the icu.

Comment by Niesha
2010-01-24 11:57:35

I just took 30 200 mg ibuprofen i feel ok. but i have a unsteady heartbeat…one minute its fast as ever and the next its very slow but other than that im good.

Comment by A
2010-02-14 22:39:15

Commenting here is ANOTHER person who found this site when trying to make sure he hadn’t overdosed on ACCIDENT!

For those of you saying you’ve taken 100 – 500- 1,000,000 ibuprofen? If you had, you wouldn’t be able to sit up and type, so shut up.

For those of you who are genuinely suicidal? Seek help. You’ve already sought help? Seek more, or seek it again. This is coming from someone who survived a very serious suicide attempt many years ago. It is one of the worst (and dumbest) things you can do, and NOTHING in life is that bad. Not rape, not the deaths of close family members, not anything. I’m generally open-minded, but as someone who was once stupid himself, I feel no guilt in saying this whatsoever. It is the most supreme selfish act in the world to kill yourself.

That is all.

Comment by B
2010-02-23 03:19:11

just letting you guys know i’m on prozac, metoprolol (blood pressure med), and buspar. i quit tobacco a month ago but i’ve taken up drinking more heavily. well i was stupid to think “hey, i got a headache after drinkin 1.5L of merlot. let’s take 800mg of ibuprofen.” ONE OF THE STUPIDEST THINGS I’VE DONE. i had maybe one hour of sleep all night due to severe stomach aches. can’t stand correctly, and i have to go to work in one hour. lesson learned: if you’re taking ANY meds, DON’T DRINK ALCOHOL.

Comment by eazy
2010-03-04 20:28:52

my friggin tooth HURTS. i cant even think straight. the pain is all the way in my temple and all along my jaw muscle and my ear and my neck muscle. the pain is severe to say the least, and it isnt even infected. no absess. ive had an absess before and the pain didnt even compare to what i feel now. i went to the emergency room twice and all they would prescribe me is ultram and ibuprofen. ultram is whack and doesnt do anything but make me dizzy. and ib’s were working but i have to take 1000 milligrams just to get any relief. i am going back to the e.r. tonight. they gotta give me some vic’s, lortabs, nerve block, admit my ass or something. this is excrutiating! waaaah. i know too much crying

Comment by c
2010-03-05 08:30:17

i take lots of ibuprophen i usually start with 2000mg and then work my way up the worst it will do is loop you the fuck out but that doesnt happen until you get to about 3-4 thousand mgs 5000 will mess with you more it is an effiecent painkiller and i think you can build an immunity to it the only thing i have experienced are some heart palpatations but i think thats unrelated. If you havent taken that much ibuprophen before though i wouldnt advise jsut taking 3000 mgs i started out taking 1000 to start with and now after almost a year i take alot more. for my back and joint pain.

Comment by c
2010-03-05 08:35:07

and this is all bulshit about the icu the worst oyu get from ibuprophen is heart palpatations and a looped out it wont kill you cause if it would id be DEAD and im NOT suicidal. If oyu want to off yourself ibiprophen isnt the best and most of you on here talking about suicide are idiots looking for atention if you were really gonna kill yourself you would have already done it and i have a hell of a lot more problems than i should at 17 and im FAR from suicidal. I have a torn rotator cuff grade 2 spondylothesis in my back which means i have a slipped vertabrea and i have the joints of an 80 year old man and will need kne replacement and hip replacement before im forty. If you have a problem push through it and deal wiht it life is beautiful.

Comment by steve
2010-03-09 09:32:24

ive taken 24 2oomg of ibuprohen in the past 24 hours..what should i do??

Comment by Seven
2010-03-09 15:18:00

Around 5 days ago i took a good amount of ibuprofens…i really cannot remember how many but from around 5-7…i think they we’re 200mg…..anyway at the time i felt nothing and forgot all about it….i suffer from Border Line Personality Disorder….So i don’t really remember the reason i did what i did….i really do regret it though because since the next day i had started to get really really bad burning pains in my stomach and just under my chest bit…like under the rib cages in the middle….the pain is so bad i can’t eat or even sleep….it was only until the day before yesterday did i remember i had overdosed….so i went doctors and she helped me out and gave me these gooey syrup thing that apparently helps somehow…she said i have acid eating away from the inside…which would explain the burning pains….I’m currently in pain whilst typing this and I’ve had to stop and take a break three times now…i really really regret taking them even if i remembered the reason….the doctor said i was lucky it wasn’t worse…if i had taken any more it could have been fatal…i just want to say to all those that are either thinking of or about to take an overdose….please just stop…the pain you will go through is slow…painfull…and can last for days….I used to self harm by cutting all across my arms….and I’ve broken enough bones in horrible fights and been through much worse pain….but this is something i really cannot hack…not only is the pain excruciatingly harsh and slow….but you may also get really really weak….you won’t be able to sleep from the pain you will be in…and when you’re hungry and you try to eat….you start feeling sick…and i couldn’t even manage a piece of toast…
So please before you do overdose….or think it’s a good idea…..ask you’re self are you you’re self prepared to go through such pain?….not to mention the amount of mental stress you will be under when you will be forced to tell you’re parents and friends.. because of the amount of pain you will have no choice but too tell someone…otherwise you could die quite slowly and painfully whilst you’re organs shut down one by one….

Comment by Jordan the non suicidalist
2010-03-18 16:27:23


Comment by jordan is a prick
2010-03-18 16:29:37

why would you mock the suicidal?

Comment by Jordan the non suicidalist
2010-03-18 16:32:31

Because , i like life , and im sexy , hench , and i have a bitch called courtney sides who sucks me off everyday ;)

Comment by KG
2010-03-28 12:39:19

your such a dick! how old are you? 12?

Comment by teresa q
2011-02-20 22:43:06

you are a pathetic loser. If you are so happy why in the world would you be reading this?

Comment by jordan is a prick
2010-03-18 16:33:53

not everyone likes life.
i dont care who your bitch is.
ill suck you off instead.

Comment by Jordan the non suicidalist
2010-03-18 16:35:46

Hmmm sounds like fun
meet me in my shed yeah ?
we get sexy time and laugh at the suicidalists ;)

Comment by jordan is a prick
2010-03-18 16:45:10

wheres shed?
but i dont want to laugh at the suicidalists.
i want to suck you off.

Comment by drake
2010-03-30 17:48:30

so im 17 almost 18 and last night I took 4 600mg ibprofens(not a sucide attempt) I feel kinda weird is there a chance I can die or somthing?……I don’t take them all the time or anything.

Please sombody reply ASAP.

Comment by madhu
2010-04-12 02:07:55

Hi there,
I took 10 500mgs paracetamol tablates which is 5000mgs atone time straight in my stomuch i felt sleepy what gonna happening me please tell me i’ve got a small baby.

Comment by salome
2010-04-14 16:04:46

i took 12 200mg capsules at the same time last night. i’m 15 and yes i know it was stupid but do u think there could be long term damage? i feel fine but i’m really scared and i dont want to tell my parents, should i see a doctor?

Comment by Ryan
2010-05-04 04:43:38

last night i took 16 200 mg ibuprofen tablets and 13 500 mg parocetamol tablets… i feel fine only woke up feeling like i had been hit by mike tyson numerous times in my stumoch.. but then fell asleep again an woke up normal and ive done this like 6 times now… do i have permanent liver damage?

Comment by Jolynn
2010-05-12 18:03:40

I was and ibuprofen addict. Any little pain I would take 4 IB every 2-6 hours. This was over a course of 12 years. Never thought it was hurting me because I “felt”fine. Then one night I took 1/2 of a economy size bottle of pills that was full of IB. My boyfriend took me to the hospital. They didn’t to charcoal or anything like that. They just kept filling me full of fluids. I had 10 pounds of fluild in me when I left and no water pills. My liver and kidneys were damaged, but I don’t know the extent. I didn’t care. I was to keep up on blood tests to make sure everything was getting better after the hospital. I never went back. I can’t bring myself to get it checked. I have stopped taking IB for every little thing.
When I do need it I am careful to take what is needed.
This is a sickness most of us have put ourselves either intentionally or not. We are victims of a disease.
I don’t want to preach to anyone. I first have to take the board out of my eye before getting a splinter out of someone else’s eye. I struggle everyday with this madness of depression, anxiety, and worthlessness. I was not trying to get attention when I overdosed I truly wanted to die. I fight these thoughts on a daily basis. I have to have distance to stay in control and not let temptation rule me. I still want to die on IB, but I know I can’t.

Comment by lost3
2010-05-15 00:09:53

okay…so all yall lil ass holes that say “you wouldnt be alive if you took around 100 ibprofens”? yeah, im still alive and well, & about 1 day ago i took around 100 things of 200mg ibprofen. oh yes, the symptems are horrible…dizzyness, vommiting, STOMICK PAIN being the worstt. like ARGHH. & now all my friends are tellin me to tell my mom…but im afraid that there gonna like tell me i have a liver somethin or another & blah blah blah. my mom just thinks im sick with a stomick virus or somethin…idk what to do.

Comment by caz
2010-05-29 18:56:54

Get Help……………….

Comment by person
2010-06-22 22:37:33

I took 12 ibuprofen two hours ago and nothing has happened. I dont wannt to tell anyone because then i’ll have to go to therapy or something which i don’t want to do,
What should or am i supposed to ?

Comment by person
2010-06-22 22:43:26

Please someone tell me what to do.
I’m only 13.
They were 200mg so it was 2400mg all together, !

Comment by noya
2010-06-29 19:02:38

i am 14. i did exactly the same thing too.
and i found this site because i wanted to know what would be the effects if i wouldnt die.
go to see a doctor.
im going to see a doctor too.
and if your really thinking about suicide so would you want to tell me what is the reson for it?
because i would understand.
trust me.

i hope you would see this in time.

Comment by Matt
2010-07-13 17:02:37

Would 100(25mg) benadryls+750(200mg)iboprofuns+20 advils+40 sleeping pills DEFINATELY KILL ME?I really can`t end up at a hospital after this.I have no money,no insurance ,besides not even being American.I really need to vanish.All my friends,sibling and cousins are going to college by now and i chose to come live the american dream.I failed and admit it.I do not want to go back as a loser,i`d rather die here,as a “hero”.I`ve been thinking of this for such a long time now that it has become part of my life and it`s time for me to take some action.
I have autism and it is a huge obstacle in my life,specially when finding a job due to my lack of communication skills.I wanna be a pilot since i can remember but somehow i know it won`t happen.It`s been 2 years in the USA and yet no money for school.I can’t apply for loans let alone grants so i have no opportunity to go school neither here nor back home.Im screwed.

One very important question:In my case,would the government send my body back home or would it bury me here?
Any ideas on how much would it cost to have me sent back to Brazil?I have more than enough pills to put me to sleep for good, right?

Please no stupid comments,im serious about all this.i’m 20 by the way.

Comment by teresa q
2011-02-20 22:48:55

I pray to God that you made it. You are only 20!!! I usually dream and remember when I was a kid because it was safe to be with my parents. and then I remember when I flew with my wings and would not even have money to eat!!!! But experiences make you stronger, use them to go up, to learn, to achieve. You make your own destiny, God is with you all the way in this journey, trust him!!

Comment by al
2010-07-14 23:05:17

im 15 took 20 anxiety pills one day 7 allergy pills the next day and 11 the next on the last day i took them u felt my heart like dyin on me. its been a month but im still having some chest pains am i gunna be ok or is there serious damage to my heart? (i wasnt trying to kill myself either)

Comment by saved by God :)
2010-07-25 21:31:32

Hi Matt, Al, and to all of you who will post on this forum,

God has, is, and always will be with you. He will guide you through this. There is great evil and suffering in the world, but there is also love and joy, which is something to hold on to and just accept for now on earth. Think about the life you have right now–every breath you breathe, every blink, every motion of your hands, everything you can see, just all the colors and objects, and think about the wonder of every second going by–not the events of your life or people who wronged you, or even your emotions, but just the things you are experiencing because you are ALIVE and loved by God who has given you this time on earth! We are miracles!! Isn’t it incredible that we’re alive? And that we are just small insignificant things on the earth, around the orbit of the sun, in the Milky Way, in some dimension and universe and cosmos created by God for us? It’s incredible!! All the cosmological constants are fixed, many of them small numbers going to the 10 to the negative 64, and that if it were even 10 to the negative 64.0001, there would be no life. WOW. Even the most prominent atheists of the world say that the “fine tuning of the universe” is probably one of the many strong argument for God. So let’s appreciate it.

And I know that you are feeling helpless, unloved, with no hope. But since we are given the gift of life, we must accept our struggles and yet continue on. Personally I have struggled with depression for most of my adolescence, and had no friends to turn to, and no God in life; I felt as if my worth was nothing. But this year, I have just realized the wondrousness of existence, and the love that God has. Do you know He sent himself as Jesus to die for us? WOW. That’s incredible. Even though there is suffering in the world, He’s the only hope. So it doesn’t really matter if we can’t see our worth–yes, we are small–yet still the CREATOR of the universe has done all this for us. Just focus on that. Let’s live for Him and others now. We need to start loving God, appreciating Him, and start loving others too. Forgive and forget. There are also other angels in the world who are there, they will come for help. Just wait. Even if it is 9 years (as it was for me), it has been worth it. Every day is a blessing. I have a Church, friends and staff who love me, and a God who has always been there. HE’S THERE FOR ALL OF US :D

Today, we don’t have to be tied to the past anymore. Let’s all just talk to God again, and then jump start a new life in service to others and God. Maybe it’ll be good to just go up to someone, anyone, and just say hello, ask them about their day, and just try to fulfill their needs. People are definitely ungrateful :D it’s hard to love :D but it’s better than not loving :D Preservere! I will too, and many others. God did the same for us; we shouldn’t complain :D

Also, if you ever need a friend, maybe go to the psychiatrist, or to a Church. Just show up! It will be easy. Don’t let hopelessness get you down! Every single person I know who has suffered through depression and has gotten through it has been filled with joy and gratitude. They were going through the same things as you. And you will too, with time :D

If any of you need prayer, for yourself and others, just post on the forum and I will definitely pray for you. I will also tell my friends and they will also. Don’t worry about it :D it’ll all be fine in the end. if it’s not, it’s not the end :)

Also a personal note to Matt: I sympathise with your circumstance. Yes, many have done many things in the name of honor. It is a great sacrifice; I am very unworthy of speaking of it. Yet just focus on your life now–it has been difficult, but you have amassed this much life experience so far–now just live a life in service to others and not just yourself. Perhaps you have no money, no job, no education–yet your worth is not measured in dollars, but rather in how much you love others too. Then when it is time to die, whenever God decides, then you will have truly lived a life of great honor. :)

Are you an illegal immigrant? It must be extremely difficult living in America, and hiding all the time, and not being able to get help. I bet the jobs are also pretty difficult to get, or hard to move up on the ladder. I guess I am not an expert on law, but anytime you need help, just go to a Church. They can take care of housing, food, clothing, anything you need. They cannot break the law, but they will love and take care of your needs nevertheless. If you are sick, go to the hospital. They will definitely treat you. In general if you cannot pay or are an illegal immigrant, it doesn’t matter, just go to a hospital and they will still treat you, because you are protected by law in that way.

ALSO don’t give up! Do you know there is actually a company that ONLY accepts autistic people for work? That’s because autistic people have enormous genius and talent that is underappreciated. And that company recognized it!

I think if you choose to end your life, your family or friends will perhaps not think that you died for honor, but rather think of you in sadness and go on with their lives. I think the most honorable thing is to perhaps go back and start a new life just doing things for others and for God. Think about this road…you could lead a life where you would heal a sick child, work for your son or daughter, love your spouse, donate a penny to someone who has been starving for days. Isn’t that honorable? Whereas if you die now, you will not have been able to do those things for others, and die just for yourself dishonorably. Because now you are just dying to save face, and to not accept disgrace. But people are pretty wrapped in their own lives, so the temporary thoughts of you will soon fade. And all the disgrace will just be gone once people see that you lead a life of service to others. Then eventually, you won’t even care about disgrace, but just rather loving others who have been loved by God. Disgrace is not that hard to bear once time goes by. Others will forget; even if they don’t, IT’S THEIR PROBLEM :D Just forgive them, don’t listen to them, and press onward.

Also to Al: Consult a doctor immediately. They’ll be able to help you the most. Don’t listen to the medical advice of anyone on this forum UNLESS it’s directing you to the doctor or 911. Don’t wait until it’s too late! God bless you! :)

OK TO ALL: We’re in this mess together! We’ll keep on praying for all of you. Do good works for others. If you leave this earth, who is going to do the good works that you could have done? I think one jarring thing is this true story:

Once there was a boy who just saw another small kid on the bus. He was looking depressed. The guy just flashed a SMILE to him. Just one smile. Four years later, the small kid is a valedictorian and gives a speech. The smile guy is in the audience, listening. The small kid says, “Thank you to the guy who smiled at me on the bus four years ago. That time, I was going through so many struggles and was going to take my life that day. But because of that one smile, I decided to live in hope, and not do it. I owe so much to that person”. The val went on to become a doctor and saved lives of many others. Think about it–what if you were the person who gave that smile? Who else is going to be the person who is going to smile?? If you survive and end up doing this for someone, then good. But what if you die–then that you that would have smiled is gone, and that person too.

So just live in hope and joy. God gave us all these abilities and LIFE itself, and loves us so much, so we just need to start loving God and others again, no matter how difficult. I mean, think about how difficult we are to love sometimes ;) We are broken. And yet God still LOVES US SO MUCH. He will be there at every step. Like I said, I had 9 years of suffering until I came back to God again. It will be long sometimes, it will not be all roses, but you will realize LOVE of God and others is all that matters.

We’ll pray for you continually. You are a blessing from Him, and just appreciate this and live! :) You are important to the Creator, nothing else matters.

One last verse from Matthew 11:28-30—THIS IS WHAT GOD SAYS TO YOU: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

God bless you, my fellow soul, poor in spirit and hope. It’s simple–trust and turn to God, who has, is, and always will be there for you. :)

Comment by yesir
2010-08-11 16:18:44

listen, we have all had that point in our lives, but here the deal……..GET HELP, or fight for a cause

Comment by billyboom
2010-08-12 11:53:50

peeps. get help.
i overdosed loadsa times be4 i got help and now im fne

Comment by JB
2010-08-29 15:36:28

Hi there,

Don’t worry, I’m not harbouring any such suicidal thoughts as some of these comments (don’t get me wrong – that is NOT a criticism of such thoughts.) – for those of you who DO feel that way, please seek help. If you’re a child (i.e. under the age of majority in your area) and scared of telling a parent or guardian, don’t be; this is not about getting in trouble or whatever, it’s about your health, safety, and LIFE. Now, I’m not going to preach about God or religion to help you (although talking to a pastor may help, being someone who isn’t going to judge you or force you into anything – I recommend a minister of the Anglican Communion if you want to try this.) Suicide is a PERMANENT solution to a TEMPORARY problem. Please, seek help.

I’m just curious – thing is, I’ve had a really stressful day, and accidentally took 1400mg of ibuprofen. These were NOT (I repeat NOT) all at once – I monitored the dosage timings strictly, and wach dose was separated from the other by 4 hours (3, 4 hour wait, 2, 4 hour wait, 2). This of course exceeded the 1200 mg daily limit. Do I have a cause to alarm? Or will I be ok?

Kind wishes,


Comment by jordynn
2010-09-07 02:27:34

ive just takenn 14 ibuprofen and im feelin really weirdd nothingss happenedd but i dont fill right in myselfff, will it take longerr to kick inn, and wat shall i do call a doctor,,??

Comment by ramsess
2010-09-08 13:42:33

I am 35 but do not have strenth to live anymore , fell in love at 22 she left me , got married 27 after 6 years found out she is cheating on me , loved her to death but had to leave her , took me 3 years to get over it found sara , after 3 years I just found out she was cheating on me with 2 other men , I love her more than my life but cannot live with her and not without her , this is the end of me , please give me the right info not to suffer I am gonna do it anyway now your info will help me suffer less… please donot give me advise

Comment by destiny
2010-09-19 13:09:28

i dont wanna kill myself maybe i did at one time but now i jus want my mom to love me the way she loves my brother and sister, the way she used to love me. :( i think if i overdose and pass out or something she’ll love me again,but all i have is 200mg ibuprofens how many should i take?

Comment by TigerRose
2010-10-03 01:42:02

im 13 im 5ft and somewhere around 80-100 pounds…i have alot of stress and drama and just everything…its not a cry for help but i used to cut then i stopped…recently i have started again and i have always popped…i really want to escape and OD so i lined up my pills and all i have is 13 advil…im writing a note to my mom and im going to take them…goodbye and i read alot of the posts and comments on here and most of you are really nice people just trying to help others… a few of you are total dicks and i hope you regret your posts and just a few need to shut the fuck up about god im not cristian and do not believe in him so good bye keep helping others…

Comment by Hater
2010-10-13 21:36:24

there is no god.

Comment by stuart
2010-10-21 05:21:49

i want a slow painful death so everyone that has hurt me no what they have done to me i am in a mess and no my times up i have lost the lot and will never get my family back no mater what whats the best way to do it

Comment by h
2010-10-30 20:38:01

Do yourself a favor, and don’t take more than the recommended dose. I was told by a doctor that I could take 4 advil at a time for pain, and did. However, it was a complete lack of judgment on my part. While I thought it would help with the pain, I think it counteracted that factor. Other than feeling extremely sleepy and muscle aches I feel fine, but would not recommend taking more than two at a time and 6 in 24 hours to anyone.

Comment by felicia
2010-11-06 22:14:05

i just took 7 ibuprofens at 200 mgs, and a few birth control pills, is that bad mix?

Comment by joe
2010-11-08 19:10:16

over the past month ive taken over 400 200mg ibuprofens and i just ogt blood work done today to test for liver damage. How bad would my liver be damaged?

Comment by Not an MD
2012-04-02 09:06:16

As it is not metabolized by your liver, you should be fine. Any liver damage would be caused by something else. You might get a stomach ulcer though. Tylenol is metabolized by your liver and too much can cause liver damage. This is why you souldn’t treat a hangover with tylenol or acetaminophen.

Comment by gabby
2011-02-05 05:23:05

can 36x400g kill you ?

Comment by Ashy
2011-02-08 16:20:21

Can a full bottle of Children’s Ibuprofen and a full bottle of Cough Syrup kill you ? Cause I’m still kicking :-{

Comment by niru
2011-02-10 00:16:15

i am 13 and under weight. i took 3 ibuprofen tablets each containing 400mg of ibuprofen without knowing about it. i am suicidal but didn’t know it causes a slow and painful death!! what should i do should i tell the doctor??i am already admitted in a hospital for depression etc!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!

Comment by niru
2011-02-10 00:20:50

that night i took the pills i couldnt get sleep, i dont feel hungry and my throat hurt alot, also my stomach hurt!!

Comment by laurr
2011-02-16 23:15:38

i took 3 advil befor i went to bed.. 3 advil when i woke up, went to eat luch but wasnt hungry and took two more advil, then just took 3 more. now im having severe stomach pains what should i do

Comment by Scarlett
2011-02-28 09:59:57

i’m 15 a took 20 ibuprofen within 24hours i don’t know what to do :/

Comment by anonymous
2011-03-04 07:44:41

I took 18 ibuprofen‘s and 10 panadol’s, am i going too die?

Comment by Alexis
2011-04-01 19:04:02

i was taking like 8 ibu like 8 times a day n now i feel like complete crap….throwing up blood and everything…. :/

Comment by Jess
2011-04-04 09:52:44

I am from the UK so luckily over here we dont need to worry about insurance etc because we have the NHS. I have been there before from self harm and overdose.

I cant believe some of the posts i have read on here which are so heartless, i dont understand why someone would come onto a site and say such hurtfull and life threatening comments especially to a 13 year old girl.

I have bipolar disorder and work on a crisis helpline for women who overdose and self harm. Most of these women have suffered the most appauling abuse so no wonder it is so hard to live in an abused body which does not feel like it is owned by you. None of us know what the people on this site have had to live through. You may have been through similar things yourself and survived and may look down on others who are struggling through there lives, however we are all different and have different strength levels. It is not a weakness maybe it is just that some people are more fragile than others.

Comment by Zoes
2011-04-11 21:01:11

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with Jess! Everyone is different and has different things they’re good at; different strengths…some ppl have weak muscles but are strong-willed and level headed, while others are very strong and tough physically but fragile and sensitive as a baby on the inside! I am bipolar as well, and I was diagnosed in 2005, i go through periods of mania and also dips of depression; sometimes with thoughts or ideas/plans/impulses to commit suicide. I have a history or para-suicidal behaviors including cutting up my skin, pica, swallowing burning cigarettes, using illegal substances, trying to poison myself and od’ing on medications. Its been years since any of this and sometimes i think to myself “why not?”. like why couldnt i have dies then, and not live through the bullshit other ppl have put me through over these last few years, but, i still always know somewhere inside me, even if i am not conscious to the thought at the moment, that there are things that i want to do later. get married, have 3 kids, 3 dogs (and cats and birds and ferrets and rabbits and chinchillas…!lol), live in ireland, and study counseling and victimolgy more in depth…maybe work with survivors of all types of abuse..i cant do any of this is i am 6 FEET UNDER CAN I?????? suicide: a permanent solution to a temporary problem. stop posting complaints and reports of suicide attempts here on this thread. if you have tried to kill yourself and you overdosed and you know it, ( an od is any dose above the recommended or prescribed dose, even if just by 1 pill!) then really, get serious and call your doctor or get emergency medical attention…over and over on this thread i see people saying “i just took ‘x’ number of ‘this’ medication and i have ‘these’ symptoms, so what should i do?” you know what you should do, this such attention seeking behavior…if you really wanted to die, you would not tell everyone about doing it, you would just do it and be done. obviously you guys just want to see everyone’s reactions to your complaints, real or not, but yes, to all of your questions, if you have overdosed or hurt yourself in any other way you should not wait around. get to the ER. and btw, if you have read this post all the way to this point, obviously it has interested you and struck a nerve or else you wouldve moved on long ago seeing as i am sort of preaching, so it must ring true. help youself by letting others help you…!

Comment by arron
2011-04-17 10:21:51

I took 28 ibuprofens this morning at bout 230am after I woke up I’ve felt like shitt all day can move uncoordinated jus wanna give up mine was a suicidal attempt but clearly it failed cuz now I jus feel like shit

Comment by Wanda Jacobsen
2011-04-20 08:28:05

Zoe stop saying suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. It is not a solution and never will be. It is you are dead and of no use any longer and life goes on and never stops/

Comment by Alex
2011-04-24 23:05:26

It’s how the suicidal people look at it… suicide being the “solution” to them. Gotta look at suicide from both sides if you ever want to help them.

Comment by Just wondering
2011-04-25 11:01:39

I’m 13 and I just had 4 paracetamol and 6 ibuprofen (on after the other) about half an hour ago… and yes, it was a suicide attempt. i dont want to go into all the details of the reason but basically, i cant handle my life anymore. i just want to know if what i took will be fatal for me or not?

Comment by jane
2011-04-26 10:13:18

im 22, iv been suicidal since i was 14, taken overdoses but nothing works, no one seems to listen i have a psychiatrist but he just puts me on meds which dont help at all , im so sick of life i hate it, completly fed up and alone, i have no friends, my dad kicked me out and made me homeless, i have no one to talk to, i am fed up of putting a smile on and wondering when it will all be over. i dont know what to do.

Comment by Anon
2011-04-26 21:36:30

I just took nine 200mg.

Comment by Anon
2011-04-26 21:37:32


Comment by Anon
2011-04-26 21:50:27

2400mg now

Comment by Anon
2011-04-26 22:14:52

3000 mg and I only weigh 115 lbs. Is this the end?

Comment by ian
2011-05-09 17:47:41

Two nights ago I was drunk and took about 90 ibuprofens.dumbest idea ever. If your trying to kill your self don’t use ibuprofen.

Comment by westsidekidx
2011-07-17 06:49:35

Drank 6 ibenprofen 800 mg in about 5 hrs thought they would help me sleep not suicidad but kinda scared after reading the stuff….I called the doctors and they said to just drink milk and cranberry juice and a lot of fluids?? What do u think

Comment by Crystal
2011-07-22 19:36:47

I’m not trying to commit suicide I have a really bad fever and took 10 200 mg in 14 hours its that ok?

Comment by melissa
2011-07-27 11:01:14

2 days ago I o.d. on ibprofen.i took about 40 and at first nothing happened.i smoked weed later that day and i almost died and i collapsed/i had to try to throw up but i would just throw up little amounts of large sticky saliva,figuring it was pills.i was okay but the next day i started getting hives on my ankle and feet plus a few other still wont go away.any suggestions to make it stop?

Comment by Guest
2011-07-31 17:36:11

Go to a hospital. It sucks, but it’s the only way to know for sure nothing too serious is going to happen.

Comment by Jackie
2011-08-04 21:56:07

um, im only 14& i took 4 ibproufen at once. theyre 200mg per tablet. i dont feel weird or anything right now. i am 5’4 & weigh 130. should i tell my mom to take me to see a doctor?

Comment by lisa
2011-08-14 12:12:57

i have just took just 8 ibuprofen tablets they are from abroad and are 600mg each what will that do to me

Comment by Steve
2011-08-18 12:29:04

I have been living with extreme back pain, pain in my scrotum and 3 busted 3rd molers.
I have always taken ibuprofen like crazy, up to 500 200mg pills in a day for multiple days.
Took myself to ER to get help with the pain…. They gave me more ib.
for the last year or 2 I have had stomach pains and weird lower back pain. The ibuprofen still works but only in LARGE doses. How screwed am I? Im poor and male and white and divorced and xcon and just unable to get health care. I tried. My credit is screwed from old medical bills and I have seizures that I cant get meds for… Gotta love the health care system.
Went er today and got to drink charcol and they gave me vicodin… I hate pills by the way, I know its hard to tell.

Comment by brad
2011-08-22 20:09:58

I’ve been taking a good amount of ibuprofen for a toothache, I’ve been getting worried about it so I haven’t taken any for about 2 days & now I have a slight upset stomach. It’s not that bad but enough for me to notice. Does anyone know if it’s an easy fix?? I would take 4– 200 mg about 2 times a day, for just a few days. Do you think I’ve caused any damage ??

Comment by enzo
2011-08-28 06:21:53

I am 39 yrs. of age. I am now in the point of my life of taking my life with Ibuprofen. Just celebrated my birthday five days ago and me and my girlfriend had a fight last night because of my stupidity. I am to blame for that. I am also a failed person. Nothing gained. Even though I tried harder, my life still sucks. I don’t know how much will I take tonight I just wished I could die right away. Or at least make me sleep for a very long time. If I don’t die tonight, I will have to live for the long-term damaged that has been discussed in this thread. I don’t care about that anymore. I’ll just try it tonight. If I live it out, that’s miserable. If I passed-out, I don’t know when I will be awaken. If i die, then better. Thanks for reading my thoughts.

Comment by shattered
2011-09-02 05:40:22

lastnight i took 25 to 30 ibuprophens from an over te counter bottle, not sure of the milagrams. my fiance found me and made me drink vinegar to vomit it up, but i still today feel super drowsie and sick to my stomache. how do i get this feeling to go away

Comment by Dante
2011-09-15 14:11:15

Today my girlfriend of 6 months told me that when she was 11 (she’s now 12) she toke 103 pills of ibuprofen & nothing happened. It’s about 9 months later & nothing to her changed.. Is there something wrong we can’t see? Nobody knows I’m the only one.
It was a suicide attempt

Comment by hey yeah
2012-03-25 01:14:33

she’s lying. Drop her now before she messes your head up too. Also tell an authoritative figure what she said to you.At 11 this is extremely serious, and you need to do the right thing. good luck and be brave!

Comment by shima
2011-10-01 06:35:59

One of my friend took 3 brufen-600 mg tablets at a stretch what will happen to her/ does she need any medication.what will be the reaction ?

Comment by alexis
2011-10-16 16:20:23

Im 14. I just took advil ibuprofen and benidril and i dont know if anything is wrong or not. My life sucks and i hate it i just want an escape. i didnt want to overdose but i dont know how much it takes too. i took about 4 ibuprofen 3 advil and 2 benidril but im not 100 percent sure about the amounts i think thats what i remember seeing. I just wanted to not feel for a little bit and i feel fine im just very ichy but i dont know what to do.

Comment by KIM
2011-10-21 10:54:29

Your 14. Life gets harder as you age. Its how its handled that makes a strong person. The damage you are doing will hurt more 10 yrs from now. Its hard to believe (trust me) but it does get better.

Comment by KIM
2011-10-21 08:32:33

Its sad to see soo many people trying to OD themselves. Im not against sucide b/c its ur right but think about it….wouldnt u rather prove everyone wrong and live a good happy life? As far as the comments that are going to come back like “if they were happy that person wouldnt be commiting sucide” Again use your brain. Happiness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Cant please everyone and everything at the same time. Do what makes u happy, screw what everyone else has to say. Those people got your brain all screwed up with their opinions anyway.

If you had a moment of weakness and are now regretting it, take advice from someone who hates doctors too and is not sucidel- Drink lots of water and bread. Bread/crackers soak the stuff up so your body can process it the right way and water cleans out everything. If you mixed a bunch of over the counters- suck it up and go to a doctor. Use the bad memory excuse and tell them your not sure what time you took what and thats why ur having an interaction.

If your not regretting it and are now on websites telling people about what u did, u probabally just want attention. In that case, good thing you’ll be out of the gene pool soon.

Comment by coachdav
2011-10-28 02:45:56

I am a very active 56 yr old man. I developed chronic bursitis in my left knee which at times was very painful and kept me from hiking, running and other activities. So I put myself on an 800mg every 4 hrs for ten day regiment of Ibuprophen and I stuck with it. BAD IDEA…Big OD. My bursitis calmed down considerably and Im no longer in pain. However, I went to my doctor for routine yearly check up which included blood work that revealed “markedly high” liver count. The liver does have the capacity to repair itself when minor inflamation occurs, my hope is that a follow up Dec will reflect that…and my liver count is down, if not I may be facing a long expensive illness which in the end may cause my early death. BE CAREFUL.

Comment by Tired
2011-11-06 16:37:22

I had taken 9 Ibuprofen tblts before, I dont think i took enough. Stupid me!!!!

Comment by stupidmistake
2011-11-08 21:17:47

i took about 75 advil and 6 sudifed over 24 hours ago. my friend had me eat some things to help ease my stomach and get my digestive system back on track. any reccomendations?

Comment by stupidmistake
2011-11-08 21:19:18

yea possible stomach ulsers and things wrong internally.

Comment by :(
2011-11-16 18:12:40

I just took 9 ibprofen & 3 tylenol,I regret it! I was trying to kill myself. I have a headache,stomach ache,blurry vision,etc. my parents aren’t home & I don’t want them 2 no I tried if I don’t die,but I don’t want to die as much anymore,it hurts!!!

Comment by Realist
2011-11-21 19:18:10

Child of God — What on earth are you on about? Don’t sell your god crap. Keep that kind of idiocy to yourself. There is no god, never has been. Take responsibility for yourself.

Comment by joolz
2011-11-22 17:54:36

THAT would make me want to try it…… You God Squad should lighten up and stop preaching to the “SINNERS”…. try HELPING the PEOPLE!

Comment by lianjoa
2011-11-27 16:38:11

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Comment by Tony
2011-11-27 23:28:10

I’ve just read all the posts. I took six aspirins at once and I felt like normal. It was a total of 1500 mg. anything over that u shudnt take. I took 1000 mg of tylenol another time and I woke up half a day later so it all depends. But no pains or anythin just makes u sleep.

Comment by Jenny
2011-11-29 15:12:27

I don’t think that people do it fir attention people do it because they are depress and heart and see no way out but death by live and why struggle through mad shut when your going to die anyways I don’t think that I person should live for what why do we live……

Comment by Linda
2011-12-04 15:13:12

I took 10 ibuprofen the nite before last (200mg/pill). Should I still go to the hospital? It’s not like they can do anything for me now, anyways. Besides all i felt was stomach cramping and being tired. I just slept it off. All the hospital will do is probably commit me.

Comment by Amanda
2011-12-06 00:08:48

I have taken 14 Advil extra strength Liqui-Gels. My boyfriend keeps telling me that I should go to the doctors but I refuse to because I hate going. I am probably 110 pounds maybe less. Should I be worried and should I get checked out?? :|

Comment by believer
2011-12-19 15:41:40

This is an excellent response to anyone thinking of overdosing. God bless you for taking the time to write it out. It is true. The part I liked the most is when you said that the devil desires to cut short what God has for us. Thank you for saying that. I needed to hear it.

Comment by Bielizna
2011-12-20 01:21:17

Greetings! I’ve been reading your website for a while now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Porter Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the excellent job!

Comment by James Bond
2013-03-22 23:04:37

I was looking for long term side effects of ibuprofen. I think that taking about 1600 mg every 3 days or so is taking it a bit too far for “”ME”", and reading the comments; some people have the sincere desire to die, while others are regretful of their actions, and oddly enough, I am writing a comment right below “Bielizna” from 2011 Dec 20th, whom lives in the same area I do. It is 2013 now, and just to close this comment on what seems to be a long term chat room: It only takes one bad judgment call to change the rest of your healthy life, or to end it. You make your own destiny; to choose life… or to choose eternal death. Get the help that is available!! Only if you choose to do so. Good luck everyone! God have mercy on the souls that need it !

Comment by lucie
2011-12-24 14:55:14

what an awful thing to say!!!

Comment by megan bike
2012-01-02 16:32:54


about a mounth ago i took a bottle that contain 200 pills of ibupofen about 30 min after i got weirdly hungry i eat 2 poptarts n popcorn the next morning i couldnt lay down for 10 min with out throughing up i through up 12 times with count the next day well for a good 3 4 days after i felt really shaky i could not focus on really only 14 i weigh 100 pounds and im exactly 5 foot could anything else be wrong.

Comment by paris86
2012-01-27 17:49:25

Last night around 9 pm I took 7 ibuprofen 200mg, on top of that I smoked a joint, and had vodka w/cranberry juice. I was not trying to kill myself, just wanted to go to sleep. At first I was fine but then within 1 hr the left side of my body began to burn, felt faint, and my heart was
beating faster than ever. I was to afraid to go to the ER b/c they wld def think I’m crazy.. had muscle spasms,and was afraid to go to sleep. My older sister came to my apt to take care of me. She made me drink gallons of water. I pissed all morning and felt dizzy and sleepy.. today I feel better. Very ashamed and embarrassed, can’t believe I stooped so low. Thank you father for saving me, I thought I was going to die.. life will get better for you.. PLEASE DONT TRY THIS..

Comment by bummed out
2012-02-08 17:42:44

i took 24 400 mg ibuprofen tabs yesterday diluted in a glass of wine
after having a bottle of wine after i passed out i woke up and vomited some up!
but they say on a medical site that it depends on your weight
so 9600 mgs / 80kg is less than the scary toxic dose i also do not want to go to hospital
Ive been there before and the drugs they put you on are far far worse long-term
i feel like crap when i eat but im just gona pray i havnt irrevicably damaged my liver
today was the first day i started to feel slightly positive sometimes y have to go to hell
to realise what a good life is

Comment by hey yeah
2012-03-25 01:07:05

I can’t seem to understand the point to taking 9600mgs of ibuprofen diluted in a glass of wine. You got this. I have bad feelings too but i tell my self that bad things happen to everyone not just me, EVERYONE. I think to my self that my life is way better than a lot of ppl. just try to keep that in mind. I picked you because we seemed kind of similar. I also weigh 170 and have to bring my self down to feel good enough to bring myself up.

Comment by bummed out
2012-02-08 17:44:05

i took 24 400 mg ibuprofen tabs yesterday diluted in a glass of wine
after having a bottle of wine after i passed out i woke up and vomited some up!
but they say on a medical site that it depends on your weight
so 9600 mgs / 80kg is less than the scary toxic dose i also do not want to go to hospital
Ive been there before and the drugs they put you on are far far worse long-term
i feel like crap when i eat but im just gona pray I hav’nt irrevocably damaged my liver
today was the first day i started to feel slightly positive sometimes y have to go to hell
to realise what a good life is

Comment by samantha
2012-02-16 09:31:18

For christ sake! I just want to know whether or not taking another two ibuprofen pills (200 mg) is going make me sick! I just want to stop this throbbing pain in my ear long enough so thath I can sleep! I took 2 at 5pm, 2 at 8.30pm and 2 at 11pm. It’s now 3am. So, what so people think? Is having 1600mg of ibuprofen in 10 hours likely to make me sick? I’m 19, 170cm tall and I’m the opposite of a twig!

All of you who are almost bragging about deliberately trying to OD are stupid. Suicide is horrid. Talk to someone.

Comment by hey yeah
2012-03-25 01:16:14

your fine, chubby. take them.

Comment by Shiina
2012-02-26 23:35:16

i’ve taken 6 advil pills n 2 800mg pills before… I’m not suicidal I just have the worst toothache ever -.-

Comment by Lawrence
2012-05-04 09:22:22

Take better care of your teeth!

Comment by Lawrence
2012-05-04 09:25:48

If you take a large dose of Ibuprofen you may be saved from immediate consequences, but it’s the long term effects you have to worry about such as liver damage!

Comment by Teresa
2012-03-09 01:13:28

Half of my boyfriend’s face is swollen and has been hurting the last 2 days so he has been taking Ibuprofen to cope but it hasn’t been helping to releive the pain. Today he took 6 Ibuprofen (200mg) and then I brought home some Acetaminophen and he took 1 of those (500mg). He says that his face hurts even more now and he just wants to go to bed. Is this a sign that he may have overdosed? Should he see a doctor? He doesn’t have medical insurance so we really can’t afford to go to the doctor unless it’s a real emergency.

Comment by saraaa
2012-03-13 18:40:26

i took 5 600mg of ibuprofen and 5 500mg of vicodin…..whats gonna happen?

Comment by Natural Cure for Depression
2012-04-14 22:28:28

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Comment by Alex
2012-06-07 19:56:01

I’m 16, and I weigh around 116
I took 38 Ibuprofens on Monday night, and now it’s Thursday night. And the only thing that’s happend was my stomache hurting for the past few days.
Should I go to the doctor? Or just keep it to myself.,

Comment by news about mental illness
2012-06-20 17:26:19

Top-notch story indeed. My father has been awaiting this update.

Comment by samantha c
2012-08-12 22:50:24

I took 8 200 g am I gonna be fine plz tell me I just feel tired but nothing else. Thank

Comment by click here
2012-09-14 18:10:47

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Comment by chrissy
2013-02-08 22:08:30

Someone I know toke 46 Ibuprofen 200mg tablets and refuses to go get help what will it do to her she is 34 0r 35 wighs about 190 pounds

Comment by chrissy
2013-02-08 22:23:48

I have a friend that toke 64 200mg tablets and refuses to go get help what could happen

Comment by Jessica
2013-05-25 18:41:53

I took 10 200mg tablets of ibprofen 5 an hour ago and i forgot and took 5 more. I have never done that before but i take ibprofen requarly for pain do i need to worry?

Comment by Kathy
2013-07-11 08:58:59

I drank about 15 or less ibuprofen and i wann know if it bad they were about 600 mg each and it’s been a night nothing happen but should I be worry ? I only feel like throwing up

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