Use Cognitive Behavior Therapy to Build Self- Esteem

Cognitive behavior therapy techniques are helpful and teach you to re-arrange your thought patterns that result into low self-esteem.

We all know and worry about the fact that low self-esteem affects every part of your life negatively. May it be relationships, job or health? And we all know it is possible to steer clear of the situation and that it can be nipped at the bud. It is possible to raise our self-esteem to a healthy level, in spite of the fact that we are harboring a negative self-image since childhood.

Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) techniques are especially helpful in re aligning, re- arranging and changing unhealthy behavior and thought patterns. These techniques are based on the assumption that your feelings and behavior result from how you think about yourself and the life you lead. These techniques helps you because it teaches you to recognize, challenge and in the end replace negative thoughts with more positive, realistic thoughts.

Mentioned below are the steps based on cognitive behavior therapy principles.

Observe and Identify Situations that Trouble, Provoke or Stress You

Observe the situations in your day-to-day life that you find troubling and deflate your self-esteem. Are you not able to handle criticism at home or work? Is it difficult for you to understand the perspective of anther person? Are you nervous before making a business presentation, are you always angry or always expecting the worst?

Are you struggling to cope with domestic problems, abuse or depression? Has there been a death of a loved one in the recent past? What is it that brings misery and headache to an otherwise normal day? First and foremost you need to be honest with yourself and identify what is the problem. Unless you or your psychologist knows what’s the problem how will the treatment begin?

Start becoming aware of your beliefs and thoughts

Once the trouble is identified, pay attention to what goes in your mind when such a situation presents itself. How does your mind start to work when such a circumstance is about to arise? Do you start a conversation in mind, which is all negative and irrational? Based on assumptions and false, imaginary ideas, do you start reading other people wrong? Does it happen with you? Are you saying.. may be it does! Read further…

Time to pinpoint negative or irrational thinking

What you have to understand and be clear about from here on is that your beliefs and thoughts about a condition or situation affect your reaction to it Irrational thoughts based on assumptions and beliefs about person or situation can provoke unhealthy emotional and behavioral responses. Personally, stress invariably gives me a throbbing headache. And each time I say, I have given myself a headache. It’s a better way to remind myself that it is up to me to not suffer it.

You’d be surprised to know that stress and irrational emotional out bursts lead people to stiff neck, sore back, racing heart, stomach problems, sweating or irregular sleeping patterns. Also things like difficulty concentrating or feeling depressed, angry, sad, nervous, guilty or worried. Behavioral responses include eating without feeling hungry, working more than usual, staying aloof or blaming others for your problems.

Try to question your negative or irrational thought patterns

It may not be easy in the beginning. In the sense that if it was so easy to unwind and look at things objectively, the situation would not have arouse in the first place. But slowly with observation it can be done. Start the process of Mental Filtering. May be you will observe that you see only negatives and worry about them. May be this thought pattern does not let you visualize that person or situation or your life in the right perspective.

So its time probably to convert positives into negatives. Concentrate on the positive aspects instead. Don’t mistake feelings for facts. Avoid self put-downs. No more over reacting.

Try to bring a change to your thoughts and beliefs

The final stage is when you decide to replace the negative or irrational thinking with accurate thoughts and beliefs. This will give your self-esteem a boost.

This step can be difficult.

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