Tylenol Overdose – What Can Tylenol Overdose Do To You?

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Drug overdose is an accidental or intentional use of medicine or drug in an amount higher than what should normally be used or is prescribed by the doctor.

Accidental drug overdose may happen due to misuse of prescription or commonly used medications like pain relievers, cold remedies etc.

Symptoms for each drug overdose differ depending on the drug taken. In this article we will discuss dealing with Tylenol overdose Acetaminophen is the generic name for Tylenol.

This drug is very common, used to pain reliever. Overdose of Tylenol or Acetaminophen can cause liver damage. The symptoms of Tylenol overdose include nausea and vomiting, appetite loss, tiredness, paleness, and sweating.

The second stage of symptoms of Tylenol overdose points towards liver failure and may include abdominal pain and tenderness, swelling in the liver, and some blood tests for liver enzymes.

If the overdose symptoms go unattended beyond second stage, which is not common at all, but if it does then during the last stage, liver failure advances and the patient is likely to become jaundiced. The common symptoms are yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes.

The patient may also experience kidney failure, bleeding disorders, and in extreme circumstances even swelling of the brain. Cases have come to light where teenage children have not felt the need to inform parents and have gone ahead and bought their own medicine from a nearby store and have taken the overdose of Tylenol. These children are hardly aware of what they are doing to themselves and what after all are they getting into.

One child took three times the dose generally prescribed and went to sleep and never regained consciousness. Meaning, Tylenol Overdose in extreme situation can even be fatal. We also need to be aware that Tylenol particularly proves to be toxic when combined with alcohol.

If teens or even adults are mixing the two to reduce pain or are trying to help themselves relax, they may be doing serious, potentially lethal, damage to their bodies. In majority of the cases victims of Tylenol overdose recover without long-term effects, there can be serious consequences.

Tylenol overdose can cause the failure of major organ like the liver, which may sometimes result into failure of whole systems like the respiratory or circulatory systems. In some cases patients who survive drug overdose may require to go through liver transplant, or continued care as a result of heart failure, stroke, or coma.

As discussed earlier overdose can also result in death, especially if treatment does not begin immediately. The best way to deal with Tylenol overdose is by taking the patient to the doctor right away. What you have to realize is that you cannot afford to go for self-medication or home remedy and complicate the situation further.

The doctor knows best what kind of treatment should the patient be given to get out of the situation unscratched. If the patient is feeling breathless or some such situation exists which needs immediate attention and care, the same should be informed to the doctor over the phone and arrangements should be made to either call the doc at home or reach the patient to the hospital. Tylenol overdose need not be taken lightly.

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Comment by mika
2008-12-08 09:16:53

good thing I rushed to the hospital not that long after i took the overdose. i coulda did some serious pain.

Comment by jeremy
2009-01-10 10:04:27

I took 250 500mg tylenol extra strength capsules and I’m still here today…I waited 14 hrs before I went into icu where I almost died…my blood pressure dropped to like 60/90 for 3 days…drs said its amazing I’m still here today and to basically come out the way I did virtually unharmed…still some compications cld arise in the future but that’s something I dealt myself and will have to deal w/….the question ur prob wondering was it worth it? My answer is no! It was horrible never try it…I had to drink detox stuff that might of wrkd cause I waited to long to get my stomach pumped…and I knew that. Eventually my body started rejecting the detox and it had to be put in ivs directly….again never do what I did…I still regret it.

Comment by tylong
2011-03-02 15:28:06

i agree with you 100% 5 days ago i ingested about 20 tylenol pms and drank about a 16 pack of beers, i didnt know i did serious harm until 2 days later when i became extremely ill, it was a serious wake up call on my life, i still dont feel 100% better and its only been 5 days so im havig terrible anxiety about my health every stomach pain or any ach in my body damn near sends me into a panic attack, its the worst feeling ive ever had in my life, to all of you who read this do not screw around with tylenol or alcohal let alone mix them together it could be a painful terrible death, remember health,family,friends above all else no matter how sad you are trust me when your on the edge of life you will regret you ever thought of harming yourself and its not just yourself you harm, after this im living on my knees blessing everyday i wake up feeling alrght, expecially a healthy yaung man that i am who has people that cares, even if i was homeless, or going through a terrible taugh time i would still bless everday i am alivei couldnt regret anything more what ive done and i hope im still here tomorrow next week and years from know love you all tl.

Comment by LonelyGirl
2011-07-19 22:42:05

I was thinking about suicide today, and I wanted to try Tylenol. I only have 6 pills (I’m pretty sure I have more somewhere in my house) so do you think 6 could kill me? Or how much would it take. Or is it one of those things where it “depends on your gender, age and weight” or whatever. Also, what are the chances of me actually dying?

Comment by one who knows
2011-07-21 05:47:17

Please reconsider. Talk to someone. Call a hotline. I know that the pain can be overwhelming but you can get past it. It is guaranteed that there is at least one, probably more that will miss you deeply. You are loved. You are stronger than you realize and despite how it may feel, how it may seem, you are in more control than you realize. Life a life of worth. You can’t and don’t need to be perfect. The world needs you, find out why. It may not be easy but the really worthwhile things never are. Thank you for sharing, Thank you reading. And thank you for considering.

Comment by raeosunshine
2011-07-26 11:57:57

LonelyGirl, I’m sorry you are feeling this way. it’s best to talk to someone, anyone about your situation! suicide may feel like the best way out but it’s not!! You deserve to live. I know it’s a week later and I pray that you found the strength to get out of that situation.

Comment by Dalton
2011-08-04 22:53:11

LONELYGIRL if you need help add me on facebook talk to me Dalton Mccarty i will give you my numberr just talk to me. i can help i am only 15 and i have had to deal with 3 suicides in the past year.

Comment by Shelley
2013-02-14 08:35:57

Seriously, pray is an outdated word. Your talking to yourself and thinking it helps someone.
If I can’t physically help someone I voulunteer at hospitals, shelters, etc.

Comment by Passive Aggressive
2012-01-23 16:36:11

6 pills wont kill you. Buy a tub of 500 tylenol from ebay for £20, down the lot with a bottle of vodka or a few beers. You’ll be pain free in no time :)

Comment by mary presley
2012-02-09 06:17:49

yeah you idiot go ahead tell her to do it then when she does its on you hope you can sleep at night knowing you encourged someone to committ suicide and they succeeded well ha ha not so funny anymore mabye to you your the piece of crap.

Comment by LonelyBoy
2012-04-15 02:20:55

Passive Aggressive u should be ashamed of yourself what if that was your daughter, what about if it will be your daughter you will regret this one day but hopefully u will not

Comment by arachnodite
2012-04-23 17:34:24

HA! My thoughts exactly!

…and I love the eBay bit.

Comment by Hcoo
2012-08-27 20:48:20

This guy is gonna get it in the worst way imaginable. I would gladly give up my freedom to do so. Keep looking over your shoulder man.Im gonna find you, if somebody hasnt already…

Comment by Dan
2013-08-04 20:38:32

Passive Argressive is an example of the lowest order of human, maybe this was just a careless unconscious moment and we should overlook this comment as just that. Many people are here to help and persuade the suffering from hurting them selves. My sister in the icu after consuming three bottles of Tylenol, found unconscious in here apparent today.

Comment by nita
2012-03-07 20:08:27

Hi. Though my note is very late, I hope you decided to live. I’ve been in that dark place. You have a purpose in life. GOd bless you.

Comment by Camila Soto
2012-08-09 16:43:32

Everyone deserves to live but sometimes you do that to full an empty void in your life and sometimes you just can’t help it I just had 7 pills will it hurt me?

Comment by cameo
2012-08-09 16:45:57

Just kidding

Comment by Camila Soto
2012-08-09 16:50:33

Just kidding everyone deserves a chance to live it’s not worth it

Comment by LonelyBoy
2012-04-15 02:17:37

To lonelyGirl i hope this is not to late trust me when i say this its not worth it you will wake up one day and realize that you are happy and if you did do it abd lived through it you will realize that it was the biggest mistake of your life and if u do have kids or will have kids one day you will regret it so much dont do this to your family its more then about you, its eas more then just about me. Love you..

Comment by its life, not paradise
2012-05-24 19:11:38

lonely boy, you may have just saved my life with yours words. i searched this site to see howi could kill myself with tylenol 3′s and alcohol.

Comment by aaron
2012-11-11 00:15:03

thats ridiculous. youll die a horrible painful death and no not even if u take 6 at a time u wouldnt come close do death. See a Psychiatrist.

Comment by LonelyBoy
2012-04-15 02:08:41

I did the same thing, a bottle if tylonol pm and a half gallon of gin about 7 years ago ago my life has been change ever scence it was the biggest mistake of my life extreme anxiety and panic attacks it looks like you feel the same way, i could not have said it better good luck and enjoy life…

Comment by Detra
2013-01-17 10:40:37

Are you still alive, tylong?

Comment by sandy
2011-08-21 15:21:26

Im sixteen, i just ovedosed, :( for the second time and i think this will be fatal, im scared… I need help.

Comment by Karen
2011-08-23 05:34:44

Sandy. I’m a therapist and crisis worker. I pray you got help in time. Call 911! You can get through this.

Comment by Avrey
2012-02-11 00:52:04

Don’t therapists irritate you so much? I’ve seen one. They never have anything to say that actually makes a difference. I’m considering ending everything soon too. I certainly have the resources to do it (no 6 pills is not enough, you need to research the LD 100 of tylenol). Antiemetics are important so you don’t throw up the posion. Don’t let other peoiple tell you how you should feel. IF THEY DON’T HAVE TO LIVE WITH YOUR PAIN THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO TELL YOU THAT YOU HAVE TO. Sometimes life isn’t worth it. I’ve been sick almost my entire life. It’s no fun sitting on the sidelines of life watching your friends do what you can’t. There’s no joy in a life of constant illness and medication and pain. It’s NOT unnatural to want a life without pain. Healthy people can’t understand. If there is no freedom of pain for you on earth, don’t for a second think that you have to stick around just because others make meaningless “it will get better” or “you’re strong enough to get through this” comments. It is 100% sane and reasonable to make a decision to end your pain if someone is cconstantly in pain. Life is not always worth living. That’s a decision for each person to make individually for themselves. All I will say is – make the decision after a lot of time and consideration. Never make the decision in the heat of the moment. It took me about ten years to finally decide what I wanted, and I’m 25 now. Make SURE what you’re doing is what you want. At the end of the day, only you know what you live with, and whether its what you want.

Comment by brokenheart
2012-02-11 19:07:59

Not sure if you still look at these posts, but i’m a therapist who has been sick my entire life as well. perhaps i could talk to you and show you a different perspective. I would never try to tell you to live with your pain, but I know what its like to have a lot of physical pain and mental anguish so maybe we can relate to each other. Let me know.

Comment by Princess Fear
2013-07-14 17:23:59

Dear Avery,

I don’t know how old these post are, but I am a person who is in physical pain every day as well as have mental anguish, as you put it, I suffer from extreme anxiety and depression, I do take meds for it… but it does not always help. I also am prescribed Narco for pain and Ibruprohen. Now, I am becoming addicted to the narcotics, yet I still have to deal with the pain. I am at a loss for what to do. People who have never suffered anxiety and depression say “just get over it”…. i wish so much it were that easy, and I also have arthritis, and don’t know what all that leaves me in pain all the time. even with the meds… i dunno i just felt like i needed to vent thanks..

Comment by Steve
2012-02-22 20:13:21

Life is a gift. I tried committing suicide when I was 15 (I’m now 31) and my father happened to randomly find me in the middle of the night and took me to the hospital which saved my life. A lot of people came out of the woodwork and were really worried about me. I’m not going to tell you life turned around for me immediately, but I spent some time in an institution and I spent some time with people who were way worse off than I was. I realized life was all what I make of it – how I view every situation and opportunity and I started to take responsibility for my own happiness. I wasn’t going to be the old me (in my head and actions) so I changed my way off thinking and started doing what I could to make myself AND others happy – because after all, since I didn’t die, everyday is kind of a bonus. Trust me, I’m no therapist or a religious person, but I’m a realist and happiness is in your head, you just have to make a conscious effort to make it happen. I’m sure there is little chance my little post will change your mind, but I randomly looked up the long-term side affects of taking Tylenol (I took over 100 pills) and I saw your post.

Comment by josh
2012-10-20 16:11:46

nice to know things turned around, but you havent had any complications after taking so many pills?

Comment by Mo
2011-08-25 08:05:30

Wow seems like u were having one of my days. Lol

Comment by X
2009-04-15 13:50:08

It can also affect you if you are taking a slight bit of an overdose and taking it more than 10 days, but if you stop you might get lucky and the liver will heal itself.

It also depends on your size. A person who is under 100 pounds would be harmed more than a person at 150, 200, or 250 pounds taking 7-10gs. Much like alcohol, the more you weigh can also help you take a higher dose than a thin person.

From personal experience, I have taken 30-650mg (arthritis formula) of Tylenol for a period of 2 weeks. I weigh 260 pounds. Nothing has happened.

I would not recommend anyone try this dose. I have been in a lot of pain and it still doesn’t help.

Comment by Gera
2011-02-17 02:13:22

I read your comment and would like to please ask you a couple of questions, so please e-mail me at gr(at)eol(dot)ca thank you

Comment by faith
2009-06-23 00:09:29

I am a bit currious, because 5 years ago, I took about 28 500mg extra strength tylenol pm’s, a few paxil, and then some benidryll. after taking them, my ex told me if I wanted an ambulance, I could call one myself, but I couldnt move by that time, I was way to tired… I remember laying on the couch and waking up to him slapping me on my face telling me to wake up.. then I remember waking up in my bed and my entire body was jerking hard and I couldnt stop. He was right next to me, and he just looked at me, while leaning up on his elbow watching me with a blank look on his face. then i remember trying to force myself to throw up, after I somehow mannaged to get to the bathroom by myself by crawling. (his yelling at me to throw up was how he was helping me he said) but it was to late, and I was to tired. I dont remember anything else until I woke up the next day. when I woke up, I started throwing up very hard, and couldnt catch my breath verry often, or easily but I did. he came in, saw what was happening and informed me he had some errands to do, so he left. After I stopped gagging and throwing up, i went to the hospital, where he called them to tell them that I was being dishonest. so they did nothing. and the next day, they let me go. about 48 hours later, emediatly following a basket ball game I played, I could feel that something was bad wrong. It felt like electricity was spiking from the back of my neck, up to the top of my brain in waves, lasting for about 5 minuets until my entire body collapsed. I couldnt move at all, except my eyes, and mouth. I arrived back at the same exact hospital, where I was wheeled in as someone held my neck up. I talked to the admitting nurse for a few, and was taken back in a room where they placed me on a bed. A dr came in, and all he asked me is if my hands and feet were like they were before I came in. I didnt know what he was talking about, but the way I was propped on the bed, I was able to look, and I seen what he ment. He told me that the admittance nurse noticed it, and thats how he knew. Both my hands and feet were curled like a parapalegic. a nother person came in and drew some blood, and I asked her if this was happening because of the overdose, and she said, “probably”
She monitored my pulse for a few, and then after a few more hours I began to be able to move. a few hours more, and I could walk around, but my right side was still curled, and that lasted for a week or two. they told me I could go, and they said that the blood work was fine. the next few nights while trying to sleep, I would be awakened by that same feeling before I collapsed, and the feeling of intense fear, and I would just try verry hard to go back to sleep, untill I was able. The days consisted of rememberring what I drempt the night I overdosed and flashbacks, of the night I overdosed. The recollection of the dreams were verry intense when I recalled them, and I had a hard time finding out if it had actually taken place too that night, or if it was just a dream. I had informed my neighbor that I was going to do it before I did, and I had a flash back, or memmory of a dream of her showing up when I was on the couch unconcious, asking my ex if I was ok. and he said yeah, shes fine.” and the neighbor left. What made it hard to figure out was that when I remembered this, I was not watching it happen laying on the couch, I was standing behind it, as my body layed asleep on the couch. I remembered this the day after I was released from the hospital the second time. When I remembered, I pannicked, right in the middle of the store, because it was that real as if it were happening right then and there. Thoughts spun in my head, and I did tell my neighbor, why wouldnt they come over and check? why did he tell her I was o.k? and even more, why was I standing behind my body?
My friend showed up to get me from the place I left my house from the hospital trip to the first time, and where I was the second trip, She showed up and wanted me to go with her to talk. This friend had advised me to pray about the issues with my ex, and trust God that things would work out. so I tried. When she showed up, and were talking about going for a walk to talk, she looked down at her hands, and there was what looked like blood on them. I seen it too. It scared her as she tried to wipe it off, but she couldnt. We went for a walk and talked for a few. and she couldnt get passed what was on her hands. She wasnt sure what it was, or if it was blood, or where it came from, and why it wouldnt come off. I witnessed this with my own eyes.. and it looked like dried blood.and she said it was. and she said she couldnt figure out where it came from. We went to her house where I stayed the night waking up over and over from the feelings of massive fear, and the electricity feeling.
The next evening I wanted her to take me home, and she didnt want to take me back to be around him, but she did. I got close to the house, and all of a sudden my head tilted to the side, and I was unable to move again. It didnt last verry long, and I didnt associate it with the prior experiences until later. This happened to me about 3 or 4 times in the next few months, and I didnt know why, but every time it happened I was feeling scared and worried when it did. I went upstairs, to find that he was next door with the same neighbor girl, and they were drinking together. He showed up and asked me how I was, and I asked him to leave, for the numerous time. I asked him why he was over there drinking with her, and asked if she had come over the night it happened, and he said no, she didnt. she said later that she didnt. Her husband also said that there were to be no men at the house while he was at work, and thats exactly where he was, at work. She later told me that she had talked to him while I was gone a few times, and he kept leaving saying that he was going to the hospital to visit me. He never did. I learned later that I took 2x the leathal dose that night…
It wasnt over yet. I began to experience over and over, being somewhere or doing something, and I would forget where I was, I didnt know why I was there, my name, and what was going on. and then within a few seconds, I remembered.
Then it got worse I would feel verry dizzy, like I was high or gonna pass out, and recall on one occasion feeling this and realizing I wasnt breathing. I had to tell myself to breath, because my brain wasnt doing it on its own and it lasted about 5 minuets. still to this day, I dont know why that happened. as the high feeling came and went, along with it came my right side being messed up for hours or days. I dont remember anymore what would happenbetween the high and the my arm and foot being messed up again, but I recall friends saying all the time, “Shes got that high look again.” and then waiting for my foot and hand to straighten out, it usually lasted a day or two. The it went from that to them telling me that I got that high look and went to sleep, and my body would twitch on the right side, and then again I would wait for it to not be messed up again. I went to the dr. about my right side, and they said I probably had a low potasium level, what ever that means. And then I began to notice a burnig feeling in my armpit off and on. Then started the tingeling feeling in both hands, on my pinky and ring fingers. It still happens alot, just not the burning in my armpits anymore. Then later came the tingeling feeling in my feet, that has progressed up my leg. the majority of the time it is mainly on the right side. I am used to it now. A couple of freinds drug me into the hospital a few times, and every time, they said I needed a neuoroligist. because everytime I had this high feeling, then going to sleep, then twitching, it was followed by this weakness on my right side, and then the tingeling now too, like its trying to go to sleep. I finally got one. and tests were ran after explaining my symptoms to a seizure person, wondering if thats what was happening. They ran an EEG, and they said the first time that the results came back that epilepsy was more than likely, but they wernt sure. These episodes got worse, and I began to have a hard time breathing when they would happen, I was told. and the shaking grew more intense. I recall a feeling that someone was putting an Ice cube on the top of my head, It was freezing cold feeling off and on for a few days. Then another eppisode happended and all I remember is people walking me to my front door in the winter, where I grabbed the hand rail, and realized, that I knew it should have been cold, It was winter, and it was freezing out, and there was about 6 inches of snow, But I felt nothing. Apparently we were in an outdoor jacuzzi when it happened. and I wasnt cold either when I grabbed the rail. everyone elses lips were blue, and they were shiverring. I felt nothing.
This doesnt happen all the time. and has only happened a few times since. Where I will get that freezing feeling on the top of my head, or cant feel cold. I dont think it registers in my brain sometimes, is what I think. Just like when I had to tell myself to breath. It all comes when it wants to, and the only sort of consistance I have noticed is a very shakey feeling when I wake up. usually without fail, I will fall unconcious, shake, wake up and listen to others tell me what happened later. With it all has been for quite a while in the beginning, every night my lower back on the right side ached deep inside and this went on for a few years, but seems ok now. Now there are the episodes, which have grown worse, and often there is alot of chest pain, with also times of feeling as if I am hardly breathing much. but this all comes and goes. I ended up doing more testing because it seemed as if things were getting worse, the Dr. wouldnt give me the results over the phone, and instead, had me go in. He told me that I had gone threw alot in my life, and that without further testing, they couldnt be sure, and without insurance, I couldnt get further testing. He didnt want to put me on medication for the seizures, without knowing. But that all of it was probably because of trauma, and that my brain just shuts off to deal with it all. He said that It should go away over time, as long as I am not going threw any more huge stresses. Since then, I have only been in the hospital once, after waking up there, because apparently I was found on the floor unconsious in a public building, and they called an ambulance. The contacted my Dr. and let him know, and I was supposed to go see him again, but there was no point in my eyes, because I didnt have medical insurance and I couldnt afford it.
I was a christian at the time that I overdosed, and the reason I did was because of the hurt I was going threw and had gone threw in my life. and I met my friend at church. I tried everything to get my relationship to work, and the hurt to stop, leaving him, staying, having him leave but he would come back, over and over and things just got worse.
I believed in love, and I believed that love wouldnt fail. the day before I overdosed, I was praying, and I was reading my bible about love, because I felt like everything in my life that had ever went wrong, including my relationship was always my fault, because thats what I was told. I came across a scripture that said, “There is no greater love than a man who would lay down his life for his friend.” I thought about it, and thought about it. I wanted this person to know that I did truelly love them, and I wasnt some horrible messed up person, like I was told and treated, and I thought that if I showed him the best way I knew how, that he would finally see I did, and then I would finally desurve to be loved in return, and the pain would stop. I also had my own requests in the relationship, and they were the many prayers that he would be clean and sober, and serve God again. Because I knew that if he lived his life serving God, and I was too, that everything would be ok. Because God would take care of the rest. He didnt want to do that. But I did. I layed on the floor the night I read that and cried myself to sleep. The next night, we fought, and I took the pills, remembering what the scripture said. After I took them, I started to pray, and I asked God to please forgive me for what I was doing, if it was wrong, and to please allow me to give up my life, as long as God saved my ex’s and helped him to be clean and sober, and serve him again. I wasnt worried about the love in return any more, because I figured I was going to hell. I just wanted Him to know I loved him and God to be with him always, and for my children and family to be happy, and that was all.
After that I gave up everything and I went threw hell batteling to get out of it. I told his mother that If me and him didnt go hand in hand together to heaven, then I didnt want to go. She thought what I ment was that I was gonna try to end my life again. But thats not what I ment.
There was a reason Jesus didnt let me die from everything that happened,
but then again, I did. Because the battle out of hell strengthened my belief and trust in God as I was deturmind to make it out. Most of making it out, depended on me holding onto Matthew,
Matthew 4;4 man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word of God.
Matthew 4;19 and then he said to them follow me and I will make you fishers of men.
Matthew 5, 3-12 which is very significant to me revealed in dream, and confirmed.
Matthew 5;19
Matthew 5;43-48
Matthew 6;19-21
Matthew 6;33
Matthew 7;7-12
Matthew 10;22 And you will be hated by all for my names sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved.
Matthew 10;26-38
Matthew 10;39 He who finds his life will loose it, and he who looses his life for my sake will find it.
Matthew 10;41 Who ever recieves a prophet in the name of a prophet, shall recieve a prophets reward.
Matthew 11;19 “The son of man came eating and drinking, and they say, “look a glutton and a wine Bibber, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.” But wisdom is justified by her children.
Matthew 13;57 “A prophet is not without honor except in his own country and in his own house.”
Matthew 18;19-20
Matthew 19;26 But Jesus looked at them and said “with man this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.”
Matthew 19;29 And everyone who has left houses, or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands for my names sake, shall recieve a hundred fold, and inherit eternal life.
Matthew 18;22
Matthew 22;37-40
Matthew 44 “The Lord said to my Lord, “sit at my right hand, till I make your enemies your footstool”"
Matthew 23;11-12
Matthew 25;20
Matthew 28;19-20

His mother got ahold of me a while back ago, and told me he was doing great, but he wasnt. I talked to him about getting a divorce, and that I wanted one,, and all he could seem to say about it was that he didnt really think he wanted one, and also despised the paperwork, and that he wanted me to know that he was going to be getting a gun, and that he would shoot anyone who tried to take something of his, something that belonged to him, and something he worked hard for. He said this over and over. as he threw in, “I just want you to know, and Im not dirrecting it specifically at you.” I don’t know what he ment, or why it was such a big deal to him to let me know.. because if he recalled correctly, I gave up everything, and he got most of it. She claimed that she called me because she promised me that she would never keep me from my children that I gave her to follow Christ, because she loved me, and told me long ago that she would always be apart of my life. He claimed the only reason that his mom called me was because my youngest son cried every night for me. and my littlest boy, when I seen him, gave me some of the greatest memmories of a sons love, and a song to me called, “Angel” by shaggy that makes me cry and smile everytime someone plays it. My oldest son, cries for me still too, I hear it even though he tries so hard to hide it.

Today it is as it says in the bible,, I am hidden with Christ in God ~ Colossians 3:1-4 I am a citizen of Heaven ~ Philippians 3:20
I am seated with Jesus Christ in the heavenly realm ~ Ephesians 2:6
I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me ~ Philippians 4:13
and as of today,
I have been justified ~ Romans 5:1
As I said in the beginning, I am a bit currious, If God isnt real, then can you explaine this all,
and why that it is that finnally today this man is clean and sober and serving God according to his mother? If it is true, then It has nothing to do with anything I have done, but what God did, has done, still does for those HE loves, and those who believe in love. For he is love, and like I read that same day and a million times since, love never fails!
God says delight in me and I will give you the desires of your heart, well he did. and his name is Jesus, and the other’s named Matthew.

Comment by Von Eldon
2010-05-04 23:07:09

Keep religion out of this….

Comment by Avalyne
2010-05-09 17:13:36

I agree.

And just by reading the post by faith… something seems a little unrealistic about it

Comment by kim
2011-02-19 16:35:23

You may find one day that religion is the most important thing in this life.

Comment by Kimerz
2011-12-31 21:59:17

Not true. There’s no god

Comment by Eric
2011-01-16 05:58:58

F off with your stupid religion.

Comment by jujube
2011-03-14 15:59:23

no no, religion can be important. but here is not the place to talk about it. how about you actually post something that will help the people here who are in dire need. this post simply lets the clock tick for people who have actually OD’d and are reading this stupid religious stuff. if you have overdosed on tylenol on purpose or by a mistake, please it happens to allot of people don’t be embarrassed, tell your parents and/or contact poison control or a hospital. don’t think about what people will think of you after because its your life and you shouldn’t risk it. I guarantee if you go to the E.R. in time you will be let out in a matter of hours, and even if having your stomach pumped sounds scary you have nothing to worry about because its not gonna be for long….its going to be a little bit of suffering you need to get through but think about how great life can be after, dont think its too late, dont think about people being mad at you, just go to a hospital and it all can end. And yes i am pretty sure the liver can recover from tylenol damage to an extent but once the damage goes to far you cant turn back so please please get some help.

Comment by cwelchchosen
2012-03-05 14:58:28

It is all about the 1 who has created us and his name is Jesus….It is about this persons soul.

Comment by Ibelieveinu
2011-08-24 00:47:34

I would like to talk to you some day faith! strwberry 15 at yah oo dot com if you ever see this.

Comment by David
2012-04-06 03:08:13

You need to get you’re book published.

Comment by anonymous
2012-06-08 21:01:12

The saddest part of this story is the children, how could you abandon your children especially knowing they still cried for you? You should care more about your children than yourself and give them the life they deserve. You should have done all you could to be a good mom and get your kids back with you, maybe they were better off with someone else because of who you chose to become and that was not a mother.

Comment by Kelly
2009-07-21 15:40:38

I just took 3 tylenol and im 13 i weigh 105 lbs i feel sick. what now?

Comment by Aleshia
2010-03-07 17:28:21

Heyy if i were I’d just chill… whatever happens, happens… I just took hmmm 4 of the 500g tylenol, one at 11:00, one at 3:00 and one at 7:27… but yet I still fell kinda okayy with slight headache wich is fading…

Comment by Heather
2009-12-04 13:34:49

uhhh, i took 25,, i mean i got all the first symtoms,, but i just took those like yesterday,,, hmmm,,

Comment by ashley
2010-01-03 21:03:57

so is 10 pills of extra strenght and overdose? Im Just wondering…

Comment by meg
2010-01-03 22:11:01

extra strength is 500mg, so 10 is 5000mg. it is especially dangerous to take over 4000mg in 24 hours, and i believe the lethal dose is considered to be 7000mg.
in spite of all these numbers, everybody’s body is different. read the comments above – some people managed to take above and beyond what’s considered lethal and live, but acetaminophen overdose is still the leading cause of death from acute liver failure.

if you or whoever has overdosed has any symptoms of a serious reaction, get to an emergency room asap. even if you only feel queasy, it’s better to be safe than sorry. don’t wait, either – the longer you wait to get treatment, the harder it is to recover.

Comment by pam
2010-01-04 14:30:09

No according to a website I saw it says you have to take 26 pills at 500mg-13,000mg total to overdose and that is for a man weighing 200lbs so it would be less for a woman.

Comment by Debbie
2011-10-05 08:42:43

What website?

Comment by pancrasio
2010-01-08 23:01:34


Comment by Anthony
2010-04-29 16:27:53

Speak english

Comment by Lisa
2010-08-29 02:22:40

use google translator you troll!

Comment by Damo
2010-01-10 10:48:08

OMFG! i took 4 every one hour.. Liver hurts..

Comment by Damo
2010-01-10 10:49:00


Comment by Lv
2010-02-14 00:18:26

I was really upset one day with my mom and I took 14pills of strength 500mg I was about to take the rest when the love of my life came and took it away that there is love and hope n not to gove up cause without me he can’t be him and it actually gave me hope I felt extremly sick and ended up throwing up the next day and stomach hurting after a few days no symptoms but now my head been hurting i don’t know if I’m stressing it and over thinking it that my brain might be swelling up I don’t know can someone plz tell me the headaches started almost a week ago ………regret with my whole heart I Hurt the people Ilove I wish I never did I was stupid I don’t know what I was thinking ifni never did that I wouldn’t even be worrying bot this if your even thinking bout it don’t your awesome your beautiful don’t make the same mistake I did …

Comment by mike
2010-02-20 01:08:27

If two or three max 500mg tylenol pill does not get rid of your pain in an hour, and it lingers for more than a day or two, then you need to see a doctor, or take a different medicine.

If you take more than the amount shown in the instructions, you open yourself up for liver failure or other problems. Even if you’ve taken more the recommended amount in the past, and everything seemed fine, you still may have done liver damage, and continued overuse may eventually cause liver failure.

You also have to be careful about taking tylenol (or acetaminophen) with other cold medications. Often cold medications have Tylenol, also listed as acetaminophen, in there active ingredients, so if your cold medicine has 500 mg of acetaminophen, and you take two 500 mg tablets of tylenol, then you’ve gone over the recommened amount.

Just read the lables and follow the directions.

Comment by hussain
2010-02-25 23:17:38

im just wondering because i took 35 tylenol extra strong (500mg) im just wondering how much do i need to actually kill myself cuz the last guy took 250 and he said that he didn’t die….so how much more do u need to die…..pls reply fast cuz i really wanna die.
u can reply here or send me a msg to my e-mail (solarpoint_30@hotmail.com)

Comment by Jennifer
2010-03-08 05:34:45

you’re an idiot for “wanting to die” especially writing this on the internet. God doesn’t want you to create your own death, life is beautiful, and we all go through extreme hardships.. trust me.. i know.. Hopefully you’re still around in time to give yourself a good smack on the noggin!

Comment by Jennifer
2010-06-18 11:05:34

actually i take that back i need a good smack in my noggin!

Comment by jazzy
2011-05-08 01:32:35

im not a big religious person and i do have a faith in god……..but i still have a big reason that no one can ever answer me correctly. if they say that even before we ever been born our personal book of life is already been written a head of time and right from the start of our heart beat to the very last breath we take everything is all finish written……….then the question now: if suicidal is a crime to do to the eyes of jesus christ and god the father then how come they let a person hurt them selfs and come to a point to killing them self………

so in my own opinion no matter what we do or whether if is bad or good our life is like a movie that we the people are mere actors who is just being instructed by god “director” according to his plan and will……….good or bad…………….so its up to the person still………..

Comment by Steve-O
2011-08-05 01:33:59

I am not a religious person. In fact I would consider myself a scientific minded person, as my studies of physics and universal creation would attest. Your view of the ethereal life doesn’t matter, from this point. Belief is a choice. Something you feel. Like right and wrong, it exists largely without influence.

Here’s what I know.
The universe, in all it’s dark matter and odd fabric, neatly woven into spiral galaxies, as many as 30 trillion stars to a galaxy.
All forming, planetary clusters, of matter and space. This “place”, is nearly 14 Billion years old. It’s still speeding along, unfettered.
In the beginning there was nothing.
A bang… (not really as there is no sound in Space) and from that, nothing, but not nothing you are able to contemplate, because when you picture nothing, you picture something, and call it nothing. In this space there was no matter. No rock, dust, iron, minerals. Just gases.
A soup of poisonous gas. Somehow over billions of years all these unimaginable number universes, planets, stars and galaxies formed.
In our own galaxy, is 300 -500 billion stars. Stars…with planets. Imagine?
Our own bodies, the human one, contains, 30 – 50 trillion cells. Universes in our own rights. All of us.
nearly 7 billion of us on this one rock.
Instead of science getting us farther from any religious notion. It actually brings us to the steps of possibilities.
Where did it all come from?.. the matter?..
Why is everything cyclic in nature… a Spiral Explosion at the birth of the universe is assumed, but how do you explain the elongated non spiral galaxies?
The world is a mystery. We are a mystery. Both worth investigating.
To answer you question, about life being written. I will give you the answer I give everyone, who I don’t know personally.
The destination is the only constant variable. The path is never written. It is yours to choose.
Take comfort in knowing, nothing happens that was not supposed to, happen; exactly the way it did.

Steve. ;)

Comment by Lynn
2011-09-25 17:25:42

I love you, Steve.

Comment by Karen. K
2012-02-12 17:04:40

I like your response, Steve. We MOST DEFINITELy can choose our own paths, given our available resources (whether great or small), at any point in time.

Comment by Jesusistruth
2012-06-30 11:55:46

The answer is that God is love and with love is choice. If we were forced to love God then God would not be love, and therefor would not be glorified the way he says he is. He is just, love, merciful, all those are characteristics of a remorseful God who in the end will judge all people in the end on their choices.
Now the life He layed out for you before you were a speckle in your fathers eye, is the life that He has called you to be, but by the rich grace of his mercy and love, that you might freely accept that calling and glorify God the father threw it or choose against that is your choice, but wheither you choose it or not, the fact that you choose it or not is an act of love as a gift from God.
Threw the law of sewing and reaping and curse of sin and blessings of righteousness, he knows every path that you may take and the life you end up with, its up to you to make that choice of how much you trust in Him…. May revelation and knowledge infiltrate your heart with understanding, true understanding in christ name Jesus, love you. Hope that answered it

Comment by alexis 2526
2010-03-11 21:25:50

i overdosed a couple months ago and still havent gone to the doctor but now im worried bout dieing ….

Comment by Lulu
2010-04-07 21:03:59

A few years ago, I overdosed on easily 60 Tylenol extra strength pills, prolly more. Back int eh day, I was a good pill popper.
Someone told me that when you overdosed by pills, you would just fall asleep— Doesn’t exactly work like that.
It was hell to go through; I didn’t actaully go to the hospital until three days later.

Death by liver failure is a LONG process. I was given Mucomyst to fight back the tylenol but the doctors thought I was going to need a liver transplant. It was hell. They said I was “lucky.”

Comment by Lulu
2010-04-07 21:06:57

Lucky to be alive, that is.

Comment by Livi
2010-04-10 19:51:20

omg!!! they said that to me to, but i ended up being allergic to Mucomyst, it sucked, imm happy your still here ^_^ :D

Comment by doggyboy
2011-07-05 10:36:01

i overdosed on 60+ extra strength aspirins 5 times. 2 months apart from each other. i never went to the hospital for either of them, but i was sick in bed for days. it wasn’t pleasant at all. i havn’t took a pill in months!!!. i still cring i think about it

Comment by concerned friend
2010-04-20 16:44:09

Just came from visiting a friend whose child tried to overdose on tylenol. Things look better today than yesterday. Thankful so many of you are glad you made it – gives us hope.

Comment by a guy
2010-04-27 14:20:40

unfortunaley for me,
i dont know how muchit would be to make me overdose
im 15 and i weigh 130lbs and since i was really young i used to get headaches n’ stuff and i would take advil and tylenol. since then my body has gotten used to it so i have to take 3 or 4 just to get rid of a small to mild headache.
same with Gravol except i only took it once and now, no sleeping medication works on me except the gas they give you before surgery

Comment by Anthony
2010-04-29 16:26:48

I take 12 perks a day, 6 riv’s , 6 gravol and 6 benadryl a day…..

Comment by Maxine
2010-06-13 00:04:17

Can you actually die from tylenol if you OD?

Comment by Nicki
2010-06-14 09:35:25

Yes! If you take more than 8 in a 24 hour period, you’re technically ODing. Each person is different so it’s difficult to say how it will affect you. However, if you do OD or know someone who has, it’s important to get them to the ER ASAP. The sooner they get treatment, the more likely they will be able to pull through without any long term damage (i.e. acute liver damage) etc.

Comment by concerned girl
2010-06-27 22:43:29

i really have thoughts of suicide all the time. right now is one of them i hae 14 tylonol 3 sitting beside me im tryin to figure out if i should do it. part of me says yes and the other says no. im tired of living like this.

Comment by carolyn
2010-07-02 10:17:11

please please please dont, talk to someone, my daughter nearly died of od 3 days ago and i wouldnt want to be in this world without her x

Comment by jody
2010-07-31 20:02:05

please dont do that top yourself hun trust me youll regret it youll hurt the people who care for you i think i accidently overdosed on tylenol and went to the docs plenty of times and they kept saying i was paranoid they did a blood test on me 5 day prior to that accident and said i was fine but i really feel i am not i dont wanna die because of a toothache life is wonderfuul i love my boyfriend and my mom i fear for them the most im just leaving it in gods ghands btw i am 21 years old and 148 pounds if that helps

Comment by gunner
2011-04-03 12:33:21

When you start throwing up. You’re gunna regret it. Believe me, I took between 30 and 40 extra strengths last night and im going through it right now. Its hell, never do it.

Comment by KC
2013-06-13 23:41:09

I just took 9 500mg Tylenol bc my heads been hurting really bad….will I die?

Comment by tesa
2010-07-05 02:29:51

well i think mybrother died of a overdose of tylenol liquid, 3-4 bottles, he was sweaty, very pale, with a blue tint, sats were less than 77, and he fell to ground and eyes rolled back and i tried cpr, but a dark red fluid was just pouring out of his mouth his nose, nothing worked, and when the ambulance got there, they had asked if he was drinking, and he was not, he was 37, my twin brother. and he’s gone and im wondering what side effects are and what could happen

Comment by - chylldout.
2010-07-05 08:01:29

awh, sorry for your loss .. :c

Comment by jody
2010-07-31 14:03:15

Ok Im worried I need perfessional help so i took 2 regular stregnth tylenol 325mg each at 130pm and two more at 830 pm and 2 more at 4am then later on repaeted that then went to the doctor cause i had terrible toothache where they gaved me 1 vicodin but priore to that i had taken 2 more tylenol 1 hour before they give me the vicodin at 500 mg then later on 6 hours later that is i took two more tylenol then 6 hours later again 1 vicodin then i just stopped taking it period cause i was reading this and got scared lol am i gonna die please be honest and help me guys oh and btw i went to the er and they took a blood sample and said i didnt have any overdose in me but im still worried cause they done really know all

Comment by bobq
2010-08-03 20:53:17

this is stupid people dont care u stupid fuck

Comment by kim
2011-02-19 16:33:53

Don’t comment if you can’t say anything constructive bobq.

Comment by :(help
2010-08-15 15:19:35

can u overdose if you take a tylon evryday? but only 1 and then the next day anotherone? and then agin and agin?

Comment by danniel
2012-03-27 23:08:55

no you cant. to overdose you need to take more than is prescribed. on a bottle of tylanol 1 a day is safe. if you start upping the number it can be fatal

Comment by Shel
2010-08-23 09:00:11

My friend just called me and told me she took nineteen tylenols. she doesn’t want to have to go to the hospital so her parents dont find out ( we are only sixteen) but I saw above that technically eight is an OD. What should I do? Should I tell her to call the doctor anyways?

Comment by tracy
2010-09-27 21:28:38

Tell her to try and vomit and sleep it off,
i took more, and i’m fine. More than once actually.
my friend tired to get me to go to this hospital but i said no for the same reason.
but you should still try and get her to see the doctor. Just you and her. Don’t involve her rents
if she doesnt want them to know.
anyways, i hope she’s okay now.

Comment by Shel
2010-10-05 16:00:29

In the morning she was still vomiting and she was really sick so her brother drove her to the hospital. It’s all good now physically. Thanks for the reply.

Comment by shaina pryor
2011-08-25 17:04:29

who ever u r ur an ass im a mother and if my child was going to od i wud want some1 to tell me i wudnt be mad i wud be hurt that she felt so bad to want to die so if they r good parents they will want to fix it not disipline u do not need to give a 16 yr old advice.

Comment by Alli
2012-03-13 15:22:05

I know this is a really super late responce, but my best friends brother died from overdose. If she could she would have done everything she could to keep him alive. All his wife had to do is call the hospital but she told him to throw upand sleep it off. Now he is gone and has a baby girl and a baby boy. His wife is in jail. I completely agree with shaina pryor. If someone is overdosing call the hospital or tell an adult. People will miss you. Trust me.

Comment by Ken
2010-09-09 17:39:08

I overdosed before on sleepeeze 10x 50 mg extra strenth.. It created a bleeding ulcer.. I suffered it for 2h while i was deliring… Never treated it by a doctor… It hurt me for about 1 and half year… However it was due to Bi-polar disorder.. And schizophrenia… Majority of Bipolar people only get diagnosed at age of 24 years old… Symptomes may be as… “think your god.. Or a god”. Voice speaking in your head back and forth…. Beleive to be commucating with ghost..” “think your are a messenger” sent by god.. Think your A FBI agent…. Beleive to be in the MOB… Beleive that angels are sending you message constently… Etc..

However… My job is really hard right now and was thinking to treat my osteoarthritis with 1000 mg a day of tylenol for 6-8 months…. Sounds crazy thinking about it now….

Well instead i took Artroteck 75 mg (diclofenac) twice a day… It happened that i took 3 in a day..
However… 6 month later… Result in a second bleading ulcer… Now did this save me from a tylenol overdose?

Im happy to still have my liver…


Comment by Michelle
2010-09-15 17:36:00

About 5 months ago, I was upset one night so I took about 2 Ala-seltzer Plus caps with maybe 30ml of Wal tussin. Another night I got upset again, so I took 6 Alka-seltzer Plus caps with at least 40-60ml of Wal Tussin and I think 2 or 3 Aleve caps.

2 months ago, I got depressed and finished off the Alka-seltzer plus (I probably took about 4), finished off the Wal Tussin, finished off a bottle of Theraflu (not sure how much was in either bottle, probably no more than about 30ml each), and took 2 Nicotinamide pills (pretty much took whatever I could find).

The next month I was going through something, so I took 12 NyQuil caps and slept for 22 hours straight.

About a week after that I took 20 500mg tylenol pm extra strength, and then took 18-20 more the next night. I threw up twice the following morning and had blurred vision for the entire day.

One night last week, I took 4 Nyquil

Lately, for like the past month almost, I’ve been coughing a lot and I don’t know why. I’m pretty sure I’m not sick cause I don’t feel sick at all, it’s just kind of a shortage of breath I guess….? Could that be because of everything I’ve been taking, or am I just being paranoid?

Comment by jose
2010-09-18 23:50:49


Comment by tracy
2010-09-27 21:33:46

I’m having the worst headache of life
and i remember going through something like this once,
i don’t know why i went to pills again.
Yes i’m in enough pain right now, I’m an idiot
this isn’t the first time i’ve OD over tylenol extra stong and some other pills.
I’m not worried about dying or anything
its just that my head feels like its being cut in half right now.
i don’t want to go the doctor right now, i tired sleeping but i can’t
i’m not sure what to do. i’m 16, 115 pounds

Comment by Hmmmm
2010-10-11 04:18:02

I just want to overdose a little so I can be in the hospital for a week. I am a 13 year old girl and weigh between 115 and 120 pounds. How many extra strength would I need to do that? Or should I try an overdose on something besides Tylenol?

Comment by Ineedhelp
2010-10-12 16:07:09

I just took twenty tylenol last night. I haven’t been throwing up or anything but I have had shape pains in my stomach. I’m a seventeen year old female. I weigh 150lbs and am 5’9. I truely don’t know wha I was thinking.
I can’t tell anyone. What will happen to me? Am I gonna die? :(

Comment by Johnny
2010-10-15 06:35:38

r u still alive ? did u go to the doctor ?

Comment by omiigood
2012-02-27 09:42:16

ommigood…………. i dont know!!1

Comment by Johnny
2010-10-15 06:34:47

on weds oct 13th 2010 4 : 16 Am its more like thurs morning
i was so depress , everyone think im a lyer , accuese me of doing things i didnt do
well u know how that gose , i end up taken god know how many
like 5 at a each musta took it like 5-7 times sometime more then 5 pills
today is Friday morning 6:33 am
i had be sick still didnt go to the doctor ,
family think im pulling thier leg and that i didnt do it
and said if i did i were had die
im in such pain now , throwing up , cant really eat , everything i try to eat or drink
i just throw it back out

Comment by concernedhusband
2010-10-18 13:37:06

Last week, I came home from work and my wife told me she had taken 20 tylenol simply sleep pills. She started drifting off into unconsciousness and I woke her up and I asked her what else she took. She then told me she took 25 extra strength tylenol and 10 lortabs along with a handful of naproxen sodium 600mg pills. We got her into the ER and she was unable to communicate with anyone. It was too late to pump her stomach or to give her activated charcoal. They immediately started an Iv on her, after trying for a vein 6 times they got one into her thumb! They pumped her with the antidote for a tylenol overdose. The level of tylenol in her blood was beyond lethal limits. Everyone was asking her questions, she would go to respond and only a whisper would come out of her mouth and she would drift back off in mid sentence. She was put on a heart monitor and on oxygen. She was basically in a coma until this weekend. She finally woke up and was fully alert of everything. She doesnt remember anything that had happened. We are lucky she is still alive and by the grace of God has had no permanent damage to her liver as they were expecting. She is expected to come home mid-week. If you suspect an overdose of tylenol PLEASE seek medical attention immediately. It is nothing to mess around with. It can lead to you needing a liver transplant or even worse, DEATH.

Comment by Susan
2010-10-18 21:18:34

God bless you and your wife. Please tell her to be grateful she is alive and thank god for the blessings that she does have. I went through an extremely difficult time a few years ago when my beautiful mother passed away. She was my best friend. A few months after that my husband filed for a divorce. He had someone else on the wings. We have a beautiful son that we have joint custody of, our house had to be put on the market because he was the bread winner, stopped paying our mortgage and bought himself a new home and car and left me after 13 yeqrs of being a great wife and mother. It was too much for me to cope with and I did something really stupid that I will regret for the rest of my life. I have never been one to even take an aspirin when i had a headache, never into drugs, ended up taking an entire bottle of tylenol sleep ez after my husband had left to take my son to the fair. He wouldnt let me go with them because he was taking him to also see his new bedroom set at his new home and then moving out in the next couple of days. Thank god it started to rain on the way to the fair 12 miles away. He found me going into seizures and b;ood all over the floor. He said he called the ambulance. I woke up 3 days later in the hospital in critical care right down the hall from where my mother had died and the room next to where my beautiful aunt had passed away. It was horrible. I was then baker acted since I had tried to take my own life. Its been 3 years now and my wonderful son is turning 13 this week. ai thank god every day that im here for him. Please tell your wife not to ever do that again. Life is too short. I do not want to die. Im lucky to be here. May god bless you and your family. Susan

Comment by concerned
2013-08-04 03:30:48

My husband takes 40-30 Tylenol pm in a 24 hr period. He does this about 3 times a week. He has been doing it over a 3-4 year period. He is 62 years old. He will also take this may Flexaril once a month when he gets his prescription filled or take “borrowed” sleeping pills, pain pills, or muscle relaxers when he can get them. He refuses to seek help because he doesn’t want his family to know, but they are suspicious. Any suggestions on how to help him stop?

Comment by Susan
2010-10-18 21:22:46

God bless you and your wife. Please tell her to be grateful she is alive and thank god for the blessings that she does have. I went through an extremely difficult time a few years ago when my beautiful mother passed away. She was my best friend. A few months after that my husband filed for a divorce. He had someone else in the wings. We have a beautiful son that we have joint custody of, our house had to be put on the market because he was the bread winner, stopped paying our mortgage and bought himself a new home and car and left me after 13 yeqrs of being a great wife and mother. It was too much for me to cope with and I did something really stupid that I will regret for the rest of my life. I have never been one to even take an aspirin when i had a headache, never into drugs, ended up taking an entire bottle of tylenol sleep ez after my husband had left to take my son to the fair. He wouldnt let me go with them because he was taking him to also see his new bedroom set at his new home and then moving out in the next couple of days. Thank god it started to rain on the way to the fair 12 miles away. He found me going into seizures and b;ood all over the floor. He said he called the ambulance. I woke up 3 days later in the hospital in critical care right down the hall from where my mother had died and the room next to where my beautiful aunt had passed away. It was horrible. I was then baker acted since I had tried to take my own life. Its been 3 years now and my wonderful son is turning 13 this week. ai thank god every day that im here for him. Please tell your wife not to ever do that again. Life is too short. I do not want to die. Im lucky to be here. May god bless you and your family. Susan

Comment by dildo-baggins
2010-11-12 18:55:50

ive taken 36 tylenol pm every night for a month at least and i weigh 130 pounds im still alive so watever

Comment by Paola
2011-01-19 22:20:27

I have overdosed many times. The worst being when I took 76 pills of topiramate. I woke up throwing up violently, and then blacked out for the whole day after. Nobody was with me that day. Nobody knew. I never went to the hospital or doctor and now I’m scared. My stomach still aches to this very day and there are things I fail to remember at times. I’m 16 and I need help on what to do.

Comment by Jericho
2011-01-30 17:46:06

See a doctor, the stomach pains could be an indicator of internal damage. Everybody reacts differently to different doses. I took 5 extra strength one time for a migraine. The next day I threw up everything in my stomach and my stomach was still trying to empty itself even though it was empty. I was drinking water just so I’d have something to throw up. It was pretty miserable for a few days. When I finally went to the doctor, my liver was slightly swollen but was receding. That was from just 5 pills! I learned my lesson, now following the directions strictly.

Comment by kat
2011-02-01 19:33:05

I have bpd….and things have gotten rough in my life…About to be homeless if I do not find a place in a month and so on….I’m 22 I’m overweight…I drank a whole bottle of Tylenol rapid release adult liquid…which is 500 mg in 15ml…I’m not sure how much I took…I think I will be ok…it’s been two days I only had stomach pains for an hour….this is my 4th Tylenol OD…First time 20 500mg….second time 30 500mg….third time 45 was hospitalized and everything…But i really dont want to go….Because I ODed so many times does that mean my liver is weak and this could really damage me???

Comment by kat
2011-02-01 19:35:38

also what if Yesterday I took 5 more 500 mg and today i took 15 norvasic (sp) pills for high blood pressure?

Comment by Alyxoxxx
2011-02-11 23:02:48

Well i have had the worse time of my life the last 2 weeks.
I tried to overdoes today and i took about 12-14 muscle aches and pain pills (650mg) i was throwing up for about 20 mins, and have had pains in my stomach for about 5 hours now im 14 5/6 and weight 137lbs. Is there a possibility i might die? PLEASE ANSWER.

Comment by unknown
2011-03-26 10:27:56

….i took 32 pills in november…..yeah i was sick from 1am? until about 10am im fine now but idk what i should do now…i know i need help…but idk what kind of help and or what to do

Comment by beatnikchick
2011-03-27 09:11:52

You all are overreacting. I’ve been taking anywhere from 7-16 500mg tablets of acetaminophen everyday, all at once, on an empty stomach, for the past 3 months at least. I’m 18 years old and weigh around 108 lbs. I’m perfectly fine. The only side effect I have from “overdosing” is a heady feeling which is common with pain relievers and happens with normal dosages of stuff like Hydrocodone. Don’t let all these people freak you out. I’ve even taken those dosages at the same time with 630 mg of Soma, and I was fine.

Comment by deathbysuicide
2011-03-27 16:49:25

I have been deciding whether I should overdose on the extra strength tylenol pills I have. I have long pondered it…I don’t care how painful it is…I just want a way out……I am about 6 ft and weigh 155 pounds male. How much do you think would be lethal?

Comment by beatnikchick
2011-03-27 17:31:39

Like I said. I’m 5’4″ and I only weigh 108 lbs and I’ve taken 16, 500mg pills all at once before. I’m absolutely fine, no long-term symptoms or anything. It depends on how desensitized you are to medications in general. I’ve been taking more that the prescribed dosages for ibuprofen and tylenol for several years. I’m thinking you’d have to take around 50 or something and give yourself plenty of time before someone would find you, so that they don’t pump your stomach before you’re gone. I’ve attempted suicide a few times and it really sucks when it doesn’t work. If you’re gonna do it, do the job right.

Comment by deathbysuicide
2011-03-29 13:55:39

well I took like 35 sleeping pills before when I was 16 and I almost died from it but my mom came home early and I went to the hospital and blah blah you know the rest. Yeah Ihave to find a time to do it when she isn’t home. Today when I was writing this she wasn’t. ….I have like 100 tylenol extra strength tho…I doubt id be able to take alll 100 before i start vomiting cause i couldn’t even take the full bottle of sleeping pills with alcohol before i started having seizures and shit. your female im guessing…..so yeah a lot could kill you easily considering ur weight and everything…..I think 50 should do it for me…what do you think?

Comment by beatnikchick
2011-04-03 14:44:20

50 would probably do it. I would suggest trying to get your hands on some antiemetics, they help prevent vomiting. Also, I would suggest drinking very little when you take them. I drink the smallest amount of liquid possible to get the pills down. I can take 20 500mg extra strength ibuprofen in one swallow, I would suggest you swallow as many as possible each time and take the next group as soon as possible. Oh, and try not to swallow any air when you take them. It’ll help keep you from coughing or anything which could trigger your gag reflex.

Comment by deathbysuicide
2011-04-04 18:14:20

thanks so much……yeah I know! the last time I attempted I ended up vomiting them out…..I know I could always stuff my mouth with like a sock or something but I would drown in my own vomit. probably well choke on it..but i really dont care at this point..I’ll try and get some of those antiemetics……could I buy those at my local pharmacy or something?…..but anyway I’m going to try in a couple of days….just rreally wnat to get as much advice as possible so this doesn’t fail=/ …my parents will be away all day tomorrow. hope to hear from you soon your really helpful!

Comment by Oksana
2011-04-04 18:08:48

What will happen now that I’ve taken 34 325MG Tylenol Acetaminophen?

Comment by deathbysuicide
2011-04-04 18:15:21

well ive read that yo may not see any symptoms for a few hours ..up to 24 hours or something like that.
But then soon you will start vomiting and liver failrure could occur…..

Comment by Tomenes
2011-04-12 06:40:10

I am on percocet for neck pain. I started to like the feeling it gave me so I kept taking more. I have overdosed on tylenol before, but it went fine. So anyway, I took 18 5/325… I know that is over the amount. I know I should go to the hospital I’m just really scared of what they will do to me if they find out I accidentally o’d.

Comment by BabyQ
2011-04-15 22:05:54

Soooo im 15, weigh 140, and i just took 14 tablets of 325mg acetaminophen. am i going to be ok?

Comment by LEA
2011-05-20 10:34:52


Comment by Julia
2011-04-16 21:52:01

So I’m 18 and weight about 140.. i just took 12 of the extra strength (500mg) last night.. though can’t go to ER (no insurance) .. am i gonna be alright?

Comment by LEA
2011-05-20 10:34:15


Comment by gen v
2011-04-21 03:03:45

wanted to relac and sleep.. stressed. took 26 and waited.

nothing so went to try to sleep.

woke up, crawled down the hall/around the corner to washroom where little sister was brushing teeth, pulled up the toilet puked red, mother saw me crawl and asked if i was okay, brushed her offf.

once started puking, she came in thought it was blood and is i slowly felland passed out on toilet she rushed me for jacket and told siter to go to sleep and rushed me to hospital.

i recall at hospital walking in then nurse or mom asking if i needed to throw up i said no, went towards or to plant and throw up.

woke up nurse repeating ‘you cannot lay down or you will choke on your puke…. stop trying, relac…’ then blacked out..

flashes of question asking multiple catio question.. i answered.. ‘you always were strict about me learning math, its my weakest, i dont know the answer, ask er something simple.’

not sure which order this three are in:
woke up to auntiecryin and saying something affectionate

woke up to xboyfriend reason i lived in shelter.. someone came in saying my heart elivated and he was doing it so he had to leave. something about sean coming over from niagara to visit and how everyone was.

woke up to psychyatrist asking if i wanted to go home or stay afew day .

i chose to stay.. was so drowsy didn t want to go home

they kept me in for over a week as unstable suicide attempt. wouldnt discharge me.

met other ‘real mentally ill patients’ no visitors but a fake actress xgirlfriend and mother.

i cant recall anything inbetween. wore a jacket and saw all this red died and blood. my watch too. mo0ther said i puked all over it and in van. i feel bad she had to clean it but worst that she witness it and that i cant recall it. once of three blank moments of my life. the worst blank

im sorry

i just wanted to relax and pain go away.

what are affects…

i didnt ask… mother not type to answer.. actutually like past 2 long term relationships… nurture

Comment by ???
2011-04-25 00:34:03

i jus figured i took about 17 tylenol today….. i was thinking n now im really scared to go to sleep. but i dont know how to tell my parents that i shoud maybe be going ot the hospital…

Comment by ???
2011-04-25 00:35:37

wasnt thinking*

Comment by Rachel
2011-05-10 03:05:44

May the Lord have mercy on the both of you! @Beatnikchick, his/her blood will certainly be on your head if he dies by the advice and encouragement that you’ve given him! (if he is serious.) God will not be merciful to you unless you repent of this and your other wrongdoings/evil/sin, and turn away from all this and follow Jesus the Christ- the only Savior, who is able to save you from the wrath of God that you’ve earned for yourself by even this one this detestable act of evil here…please seek an audience with God, please ask Him to show you the weight of even just this one sin here so that you can repent, and grow to understand His mind and will, and love Him…

And the same for @deathbysuicide…Lord have mercy on you, too, on the both of you…how sad. I’m grieving over the both of you right now, as I do understand in part the desire to off yourself, as I’m still suicidal at times myself. But this is not right…God created you in order to enjoy you, even though He doesn’t NEED His creation…He loves you both, and has no desire to see either of you die in such a manner. He wants to enjoy you, and for you to worship and enjoy Him. God’s name is Jehovah, Yahweh, and His son’s name is Jesus, the Christ/Messiah/Savior, and this man/God Jesus has already DIED in place of you, to pay the price that God requires for YOUR sins against God. THIS is the entire reason for all the hurt, pain, suffering, sorrow in this world, and that which you two are experiencing that makes you want to kill yourselves…sin, that is, a sin nature in every one of us that can only be killed by the purity of Christ Himself! He is Savior, run to Him! He is your Lord, whether you believe it or not…and if you reject Him, you will bear the entire wrath of God for your sins entirely on yourselves, because God is love, but He is also JUST, meaning, He MUST dole our perfect justice, He MUST reward evil with punishment…and every single one of us has earned this, and you have earned this for yourselves…

But if you will only accept Him…you will be saved from this pouring out of Jehovah’s anger over your evil…and you will begin to love Him, this God who created you for His pleasure! This God who promises you things that we can’t even BEGIN to imagine while still on this earth, this God who is so pure and beautiful and holy that He says if a man were to see his face while still on this earth, he would immediately die! He’s gonna stop time soon…things will come to an end soon…repent, brothers, sisters, please, I’m begging you. Repent, and then just hang on. Just ENDURE, okay? Just endure, and seek Him in prayer and worship and reading the Bible for strength and endurance. He says that those who seek Him, WILL have Him! He will not keep Himself, such a good thing from ANYONE who desires Him, He promises this. He knows how hard this life is, and I’m telling you, He promises you that if you hold fast onto this goodness until the very end- which He will supernaturally help you with- He promises that instead of paying you back with wrath for your evils, He will instead pay you back with REWARDS, with Himself in all fullness, when you finally appear before Him. I’m so sorry about all that may have happened in your lives to lead you to such a black despair…

He can give you hope, even amidst your depression and despair. He cleanses you through the faith that you place in Him, by believing that Jesus died for you and because of that new belief, by turning from your old way of life and following Him, no matter the cost. He doesn’t promise that life will become easier- but He does promise that those who seek him will receive a perfected body after death and gain everlasting life in His presence. You just have to believe, believe and repent, and seek to figure out his ways. Read the Bible (Starting in the new testament is good, ask Him to help you to understand); find a solid church where there is true and proper fear/reverence of His holiness and purity, goodness; learn how to worship Him learn how to pray and apply all these things to your life day by day. Call to Him in your times of trouble, sing to Him in your times of joy. Don’t worry about not knowing anything at first- He’ll teach you. We all begin as babies in Christ, He says. Milk before meat. Ask him to help you, and to change you, to purge the evil out. Understand that you can’t EARN your salvation. There is absolutely nothing you can do, you can never be good enough to earn it somehow. No, God says that it is ONLY through trusting in Jesus that you can be saved. He gives this gift of salvation freely to all who desires, it’s a gift, He’s gracious like that. He will give you this if you repent and believe…and follow…. Just endure…I hope you’re both still alive to read this. I hope that you believe. I’m telling you the truth.

You can start here for more answers: http://illbehonest.com/biblical-gospel

http://www.reachrecords.com/resources/show/What-is-the-Gospel (What is the Gospel) <<< Hip Hop site, the Christian artist Lecrae who is currently at the top of the Billboards, is a part of this record label. He and his label explains the gospel simply here.

http://www.bbnradio.org/wcm4/bbnmedia/ForNewBelievers/tabid/637/Default.aspx (For New Believers)

http://www.redeemer2.com/resources/papers/KnowGod.pdf (How Can I know God?)

http://www.gracesermons.com/robbeeee/way-of-faith.html (The Way of Faith)

With Love,

Comment by taz
2011-05-11 13:12:08

I’ve been a heavy alchohol drinker for the last 7 years until I had the worst kind of hangover/withdrawl I’ve ever had in terms of the actual damage I might have caused I felt pressure on my right side where the liver is and my stool was loose and pale for about 4 days.

I recovered and felt everything go back to normal and vowed never to drink again because in reality I knew my liver was very weak at this point.

Less than one week later a friend of mine gave me 30, 5/325 percocets thats 325 tylenol per pill, I figured I could take some and get high because I remember feeling really good on pure oxycodone years back. First night I took 6 whole pills along with a few benzodiazpines I felt alright drifted away to sleep and woke up the next day feeling normal. The next night I took 9 pills and worried about tylenol overdose I performed what is called a cold water extraction to try and filter most of the tylenol out, I’m not sure how effective I was but I woke up the next day feeling alright. The next night I took the 15 remaining pills and again performed a cold water extraction but being unsatisifed with the results of my last 2 nights I tried to filter them 3 times to get as much of the oxycodone out as I could but this time I had used about 3 times as much water and the left over waste product seemed to be very little and the solution wasnt clear but very whitish. I drank it anyway.

The next morning I woke up still feeling ok, (all this time I’ve also been taking moderate doses of a benzodiazpine) but within a few hours something hit me a general feeling of being unwell, light headed and dizzy. I got worried I had overdosed on the tylenol and my weak liver from alchohol abuse would fail, I also have an anxiety condition and I’m scared to go outside or talk to people so I didnt see any doctor or go to the ER. Pretty soon that pressure feeling on my liver came back almost exactly like after the huge alchohol binge that got me stop drinking but this time it was stronger and now im on the 4th day after all this and the dull ache and pressure in my liver still hasnt gone away. I am having loss of apetite and diarhia with pale stool again but it doesnt seem to be getting better I also suspect something odd about my urination.

I don’t know how much damage I’ve actually done to my liver, weather my liver will fail or recover and how much of my symptoms are caused by the benzodiazpines which I started taking more during these days to make myself try to sleep it off and calm my mind down.

I feel like it is too late alredy to go to a hostpitol as the antidote doesn’t work past a certain time peroid and its alredy 4 days in. Please tell me what you think right now my main symptoms are feeling weak, diarhia with pale stool looks like undigested food but not really extremely wattery, stomoch upset but not really intense pain, and that dull pressure on my liver and overall weakness.

Will I survive? Im only 24 and I don’t wanna die I can’t imagine or comprehend it.

Comment by LEA
2011-05-20 10:27:28


Comment by LEA
2011-05-20 10:29:14


Comment by LEA
2011-05-20 10:30:08


Comment by LEA
2011-05-20 10:30:43


Comment by LEA
2011-05-20 10:31:44


Comment by LEA
2011-05-20 10:33:04


Comment by LEA
2011-05-20 10:33:26


Comment by John
2011-05-23 15:18:54

Ive taken roughly 10,000 mgs over the last four days…Should i be concerned? I dont have a spleen or a galbladder and Im just not sure how this all works.

Comment by ambergartin
2011-05-24 12:58:28

So overdosed on tylonal 3s and amitriptiline about 1-2 months ago, and ended up in ICU. The last few bowel movements have been whiteish. Could this have anything to do with it? Thanks. You can also email me at lil.momma1987@yahoo.com

Comment by Hattie
2011-06-01 12:00:57

The National Poison Control Center told me 65 extra stregth Tylenol would kill me. 80 only put me to sleep for 2 days. No one even noticed, no effect. I have OD’d 7 times with real medicatio.n Except for once, I slept for 4 hours. I had major depression and got put away for a month each time. All of these things were suppoised to kill me. If you aren’t smart enough to read directions, go ask your Mom. If you’re an adult I can’t believe you are in this conversation. Taken as directed is not going to make you high or cause side effects. 12 in 1 day won’t make you feel anythig but better, or it won’t work. You won’t die accidently from Tylenol, or aspirin or Aleve, etc.
If you want to die go tell someone. You probably have 1 family member that loves you and losing you would kill them. Imagine that person finding you and never being able to forget. Who would find you? Who would grieve the loss of you? Who would stop livin, too. Who might try to die as well? Who deserves that? Do you deserve to loose what you would have had in 5-10 yrs?
There are people to help you find people that will help. THIS DOESN”T LAST FOREVER, sometimes no longer than 2 mos. If you believe the people you love don’t care, dieing, or even more importantly failing to die could make them secretly angry at you for the rest of your life. You will live with guilt forever. It isn’t as easy to suicide as the news makes it sound.
As for the alcoholic you have been trying to escape life for a long time. One bad day and you think life is going to be all roses? Good Luck, Depending how long you drank you have done a lot of damage, as opposed to 12 Tylenol a day for 15 yrs…
Go read a book and learn something. Life lasts a long time and it isn’t always easy, start preparing yourself. The more you learn the easier it can be.

Comment by aaron
2011-09-06 09:21:59

I have been Ill for about 12 years. And instead of me leting it finish takeing its course i have thought about killing myself. But your comment you made right here kinda makes me think diffirent , Because i never really thought of it how u just said this——–You probably have 1 family member that loves you and losing you would kill them. Imagine that person finding you and never being able to forget. Who would find you? Who would grieve the loss of you? Who would stop livin, too. Who might try to die as well? Who deserves that? Do you deserve to loose what you would have had in 5-10 yrs?
I never really thought of it like that. But you wrote that out very well. And i think that comment you made will help alot of people not do something dumb bye thinking of those words right there that you used

Comment by Girl
2011-06-01 12:50:50

i got alcohol poisioning 3 nights ago and attempted suicide by taking about a full bottle of T.PM,… never try this i was throwing up nonstop from 3am-noon. i couldnt walk, and i still to this day have no energy. all i do is sleep, ive never felt worse in my entire life. such a wake up call, do not put yourself through this type of pain. i can barely keep anything in my system. i constantly feel like im about to faint…

Comment by 22132132
2011-06-03 12:17:57


Comment by Kvinson92
2011-06-07 19:00:29

Ok those of you who are actually giving advice on how to OD and how to kill yourself with it are completely sick… Why would you EVER encourage it?! I went through thoughts of suicide, HORRIBLE depression, cutting, I even had a plan on how I was gonna do it, but you can overcome whatever is going on in your life. Please just think about who would be affected. Every single person has at LEAST one person who would be affected by losing you. Please just think about what you’re doing to them.

Comment by girlwhoneedsanswers
2011-10-23 19:21:35

I’m 13 and have been thinking about killing myself since I was 12. And I started cutting myself 8 months ago. I have hurt people and have lied to them and I don’t know what to do. My family knows I want to kill myself and they think I just want attention. I just want to end my life already. I weigh between 118 and 125 I was just wondering if I took 10 500mg pills and take 10 sleeping pills will I go to sleep and wake up or will I just die in my sleep???

Comment by danniel
2012-03-27 23:05:38

please dont do it!!! ending it may feel like the best way out, but trust me i have been down that road. three years ago i took 100, 500g tylanlo’s and ended up in a 5 day coma with 4 IV’s stuck in my arm, and almost lost my kidneys, liver, and bladder. i have delt with depression and suicide since i was 6. i am now 21 and healthy again!! if you are still there please contact me! I am someone who understands what you are going through. please email me if you ever feel down, or suicidal


Comment by chartier
2011-06-11 20:36:31

I live with a chronic pain condition for over twenty years now and have never found a good analgesic for my pain. I take muscle relaxants with codiene and these have 8 mg of codiene and 325 mg of tylenol. I probably take between 12 to 18 pills a day and am constantly worried about overdose. All of my blood work comes out normal and so I feel relieved, but the pain is still there. I also take 6 capsles of milkthistle to help my liver cope with the large amounts of tylenol. Has any one out there in cyber space taken milkthistle like I am doing? Does it help you also?

Comment by EpicFailur
2011-06-12 17:49:24

On jan 31 2010 at 11pm I took 28 500mg of tylenol and i was taken to the hospital 3 hours later. Worst experience of my life but I just now have realised I took 14000mg of tylenol and I could have died…. At least I know not to call an ambulance and take 100 for next time…. 50000mg should do it.

Comment by nohigh today
2011-06-21 19:16:02

Being in back pain for about 5 yrs now, it seams I need to take more and more perc. or vikes 5/500 to ease the pain. Today waking up very groggy and a painful headache I took 28 Vicodin 5/500 (not on purpose). Occasional acid re-flux ( small vomiting), but not even high from it. Very scratchy though. Hmmm should I be worried? It was about 5 hrs ago. My headaches gone!

Comment by Kirt
2011-06-23 23:47:11

K I’m 15 and weigh 107 pounds an I took 8 Tylenol extra strengths every four hours 48 hours ago and I don’t have any symptoms so could some one please answer this fast I’m really really scared

Comment by jordanmurrayjcm@hotmail.com
2011-07-02 12:28:22

I have been taking 12 generic tylenol #1s ( 300mg acetominophen and 8mg of codiene and 15mg of caffiene). I take 12 in the morning when I get up and 10 when I get home from work. I have been doing this since 2005. I will probably die one day. I do it to get the codiene. If I do not take them I get all cramped and I get severe diareha.

I drink tons and tons of water all day. These generic tylenols with codien (8mg) are over the counter here in canada. I got hooked on Tylenol 3s and then started on the 1′s. To get the codien you have to take much more of the tylenol #1s.

I have tried to slowly decrease the amount but I always end up back to taking them all again.

Comment by Ashley
2011-07-23 13:28:27

I was drinking one night *&* took 90 tylenol *&* 65 advil. I waited 21 hours before i went to the hospital. I was upstairs in my room exremely sick… threw up for a good 15 hours straight..friends came up and family came up but didnt think i really OD *&* was just hungover … i had my dad take me to the hospital. When I arrived to the hospital I couldnt stop throwing up so they ran out and put me in a wheelchair and i was rushed right into a room. I was in 3 different hospitals. My liver enzymes were 4,000+ *&* 3,000+…i had heart monitors on me and 4 IV’s in me… my family and friends came to see me and the doctor pulled all of them outside the room and told them theres nothing they could do anymore and they needed to say their goodbyes because i wasent going to make it… However, that very nxt day I woke up and just started getting better…even though i was in the hospital for two months, it was the most horriable thing i have ever done in my life *&* I thank God everyday for giving me a second shot @ life!!!*

Comment by Micheal
2012-01-13 20:38:24

God doesnt exist.

Comment by Nick
2011-07-26 17:26:14

I’m 17 and weigh around 18-25 Tylenol lost track anyone know how long it migh take me to od don’t give a sob ass stoy don’t do it its already beeen done fuck off I’m here for answers not vitamin control

Comment by Trish
2011-07-29 09:11:31

Ummm I’d like to start by asking why so many people talk of agony and PAIN when speaking of acetaminophen overdose. Yes, the nausea is unpleasant, organ failure, blah blah blah. But is it or is it not a PAINKILLER? Aslo, Tylenol is more than just acetaminophen (which would be the dangerous and potentially deadly component), it also contains diphenhydramine (well, the PM variety does). Diphenhydramine is not lethal, but when ingested in large quantities it does act as a hallucinogenic agent. Like LSD. So yes, the death (if lucky enough to result in such) would be “agonizing”, “unpleasant”, or in some other way undesireable, but wouldn’t the high/trip help to alleviate some of that? Anyway, thats not even my reason for posting. On to new business: i’ve read many a story, about some poor sap ingesting “large” amounts of tylenol in a feeble halfassed attempt to affect suicide. The overwhelming majority thereof result in failure. For many reasons, but a crucial one would be the vomiting that occurs as a side effect. For this reason, dramamine should be taken as well perhaps? To allow the body to absorb as much acetamenophen without vomiting it back up prematurely. Perhaps if say…. 27000mg of tylenol pm, 31,500mg of standard tylenol, and perhaps 900mg of DRAMAMINE (not to be forgotten, needed to offset the nausea. but the dose could be adjusted in favor of a larger quantity if a suitable suggestion presents itself here) were crushed to a fine powder and stirred into a glass of orange juice (i would think that the acidity would help in procuring a speedier result, but could i be wrong? i am open to comments), to be embibed as quickly as possible while simultaneously taking additional whole tablets of tylenol in a quantity much larger than the maximum recommended 24 hour allowance (hypothetically, we’ll say 30. if possible. or maybe more. if possible). All of this to be preceeded by ingestion of whole dramamine tablets (for the sake of conjecture, i’ll say 4,5,6 maybe?) with another liquid, possibly alchoholic in nature, to allow the antiemitc (vomit-preventing) effect time to kick in before downing such large and nauseating amounts of tylenol. The alchohol would also theoretically aid in increasing the toxicity of the tylenol/dramamine/orange juice cocktail to be ingested minutes (certainly less than an hour, for sure, i would think) afterward. To be noted, I would think that in order to achieve optimal results, this would prefferably be executed with an empty stomache? My question, the ultimate point of this response, is simply: What do you belive would be the lethality of such a concoction? Or rather, the chances of this procedure resulting in a (hopefully hastier) death? Further: as i have stated before, i’ve read many accounts, most of whom did not A: ingest such large quantities, B: did not ingest as much, nor in such a short period of time, and C:most of whom did not consider dramamine (or other such antiemetics) as a possible aid. Because more acetaminophen is ingested, and all within such close proximity (all at once, pretty much), and with the added benefit of antiemitc drugs, and alchohol, would this hypothetical death occur more rapidly? Or at the very least, more peacefully (less painful, agonizing, blah, whatever)? An finally, would conciousness be lost? And if so, then for how long and to what extent (permanently?)?
One final, added note: please do not bother wasting time, space, and energy with some silly “suicide is not the answer, get help” post in response to my questions. If that were an answer I’m looking for, i’d have no reason to write anything in the first place. That repsonse is already written here, repeatedly.

Comment by st.myth
2011-09-21 05:24:57

The reason why so peolpe are saying they need to get help before committing suicide is because
alot of people who do comit sucide and live do regret it. So the message is “Think Before You React”.

Comment by shay
2011-08-06 17:22:10

I just took about 12 tylenol extra strength (500 mg) for an extremely bad headache, and I don’t have the headache anymore, but I feel fine. Its been about 15 mins or so since I took them. I told my boyfriend about it and he’s really worried, he came over right away and he’s making sure I don’t fall asleep. I know it was really stupid, but the pain was unbearable. I’m fifteen, female, 5 10 and weigh about 145 pounds. I’m kind of afraid, should I go to the hospital? Or should I just wait a bit and see what happens? Please help….

Comment by Cynthia
2011-08-06 17:38:57

Yesterday around 1:30pm I took a bunch of tylenol pills I don’t remember how many but nt more than 25 I was so upset that I didnt pay attention I just felt like I needed to die right away I don’t know what was through my head but I regret it, I didn’t feel good after I took them but 2 or 3 hrs later I started to throw up and I threw up again half an hour later, I didn’t eat or drink anything. And today sat,6 2011 I woke up feeling super weak so I took a shower and went to work while I was there I drank milk and I started to throw up like crazy my boss sent me home and right now I can’t eat anything seems like my stomach its refusing to any kind of food I don’t know what to do I feel really bad about what I did and I regret it so much because I have a 3 yr old daughter which needs her mommy I don’t want to go to the doctor so can someone give me an advise, should I go see a doctor?… or u guys think the pills are out of my system by now…I’m just afraid of them asking me whydid I do that and of them calling social workers or something I’m 21 yrs old and I weight 120 …

Thank u

Comment by Halmelton
2011-08-11 21:51:22

last night i took 7 tylenol 500 and today im shitting like crazy :/ im 110 ponds 15 mail… can anyone tell me if u need to go in…

Comment by Cutie pie
2011-08-11 22:29:35

I’ve been going threw Alot of stress I just don’t know what to do anymore it’s like everything I do ain’t good enough at the age of 13 my sisters boyfriend liked me he tried doing something with me when my sister went to the store he pinned me to the floor and I bit him she married him of course after I told her what happened she didn’t believe me. Atthe age of 17 he actually raped me I didn’t tell my sister because she has 3 kids with him and I know she won’t believe me . I was cutting my arms for a while to releive some pain I was going threw when I was 14 that didn’t work I did it again at the age of 18 that was stupid I almost lost my man because of that I over dosed on advil mix with tylenol when I was 14 also then found out I was pregnant when I went to the hospital . I’m now 20 and nothing going right I feel like my man don’t care node loves me I got my GED to gt a job haven’t gotten eny luck and he reminds me that every day I don’t hang out I stay hone allday being faith full to him I cook clean & get him anything he wants but it’s like he got the upper hand always telling me I don’t do nothing for me to get a job when he the one that goes drinking hangs out and leaves me hone when his drunk . I feel tired I feel wrothless like I don’t belong he’s good when he’s sober telling me he loves me he needs me he wants to marry me have kids with me and all . My daugters father on the other hand don’t help me with nothing my daughters 3 going on 4 and he just meet her and doesn’t do nothing for her I went to court for child support because he has the odesity to say that she’s his by doesn’t do nothing for her my boyfriend does more for her then her own father how cute does that look not so cute rigt enywAy I think I made a mistake today I swallowed 12 Tylenol colden today and don’t no what effect it’s gunna have on me and I dont wanna tell my man he’s sleeping and drunk and mad at me he so mad that he tryed kicking me out the house and I told him to shhh and go to sleep lol it ain’t funny but I just didn’t want to hear it I have a head ache and feel worthless as it is I am good with all that for now help me tell me what should I do was that to meny pills what might happen to me I feel dizzy tired but I don’t wanna to go to sleep for I might not wake up .

Comment by Kat
2011-08-15 20:24:59

i took like 30 some tylonal and i ended up in the hospital for 3 days and in a mental hospital for 8 to 9 days, i was trying to kill myself but it was hell if i ever try to kill myself again i will not be overdoseing (i will never try to kill myself again anyways) it’s pointless to try to end your life even when it seems like nothing could be worse never go as far as to trying to end your life because in the long run someone out there will try to help. hope this helped(: and again NEVER overdose, or i will find out where you live and hurt you(:

Comment by Luna
2011-08-24 21:31:02

How many Tylenol could get you to pass out? Just asking cause my friend took some and isnt feeling good….

Comment by ben
2011-08-27 03:07:22

just took over 20 tylenol 1′s..is that an overdose?

Comment by Sally
2011-08-28 22:55:25

I’m a 17 year old female and for the past week whenever I lay down my right hip needs to pop but it won’t… This is giving me insomnia. I was wondering if taking 3 tylenol would help alleviate my discomfort and let me sleep?

Comment by me
2011-09-05 00:57:28

Last weak I was given a 30 pills of tylenol from my doctor nd its been like less than a weak nd I am done with it! I take like 6 every day but took otherpills like 700 nd today I took the last 9 pills + one of my moms the pills were 325mg each nd my moms was 7000 but I feel good nothing has happen! Nd this ain’t my first time taking a lot of pills at the same time!!

Comment by Kamrn
2011-09-06 19:59:06

Just took a whole bottle of Tylenol and a little Advil I’m really thirsty and I have a slight head ache I feel like throwing up and when I was falling asleep I woke up because my heart started beating very fast it stopped beating very fast and I went to the bathroom to piss but my stomach really hurts and I feel like shitting and throwing up. Please help. I’m 15 years old 5″0 and 99 pounds.

Comment by Z
2011-09-07 23:42:28

For the past couple of nights I have taken almost 20 tylenol pms per night to no ill effects other than good sleep. Well last night not realizing it I took over 40. At first I felt fine. But thank GOD my parents stopped by because my mom got worried because my wife left me. I had got married when I was 18 and had a daughter. So I didn’t know how to react when she left. With a empty house I just wanted to sleep. I had metioned to my mom on the phone that I had some sleeping pills and I was going to take them and go to sleep it was 7 p.m. Well anyway I went to walmart to buy some more cause I was out. Well my wife was there as well. So I went and brought her some roses with the last bit of money I had in an atempt to get her and my daughter to come eat with me. She declined. I just couldnt under stand as I looked into her eyes, the eyes that I fell in love with. I could tell she loved me but I just dont know. I reached out for my daughter but she turned away and cried. so I left. I pulled over on the side of the road and took the whole bottle which I thought had twenty in it. Then my parents pulled up behind me. I drove off and returned to my house. I ran inside and locked the doors. Then somthing felt wrong. It was a different feeling than before. So I wrote my daughter and wife a letter just incase I died. i let my mom inside and she asked what was wrong I said nothing I just took some pills and was going to bed so I set my alarm. Iwas hopping they would leave so I could dial 911. but they didn’t leave instead she went to my car and got the empty bottle. She asked if I took them all and I said no that was an old bottle. I started getting dizzy so I went to bed and layed down. She then called poison control. I didn’t want to be taken off in a cop car so I jumped in my car and it wouldnt start. Some how the oil cap blew off and the battery was dissconected. So I agreed to go home with them. at that point I could barley walk so I grabbed my bible my dog and pinned the note to my wife on the door, perhaps the last note i wld ever leave. i got into my parents car and we left. I remeber petting my dog driffting in and out of sleep. Then I remeber getting violently ill. I threw up nothing but a yellow foam that tasted like tylenol. and then I could breathe. I kept saying hospital but it wouldn’t come out. Finnaly we made it to the hospital at that point I couldnt move and I was having convulsions. It seemed like an eternity to get me into the E.R. When I got there they took some blood. My tylenol blood count was 247.5, anything over 30 is an over dose. Then they pumped my stomach which really hurt becuse I kept pulling it back out. Then came the charcol which was bad except it make you throw up but the whole point is is to let it set for a couple minutes. But I threw it up all over the doctor not realizing it. At that point I knew I was dieing. None of the tylenols were in my stomach which ment my body already absorbed them. And then I was gone. Right in front of GOD and Jesus at the judgement seat and I saw all the bad I’ve done. And then I saw my daughter an wife and then I heard my (savior) Walter the radiologist telling me to hold still and then I started to come around. i threw up the charcoal again so I had to get a tube shoved up my nose again to put more charcoal inside me. I was able to hold it down long enough to get some Zofran. And then the bennadrill over dose hit. I started sweating and having trouble breathing and my pulse shot up to over 200. Then the doctor came in to say that when they take my blood again that if my tylenol numbers were still up that I would have to be shipped off and put on a liver transplant list among others because the tylenol was eating my organs and I was going to die. But when the results came back the numbers dropped by over 100 in only 30 minutes. The ER doctors said that I was the luckiest person they have ever seen. Most people would not have made it. But I said I m not lucky only blessed in my own langauge through the vomiting of the charcoal which went on till 4 in the morning at which point my mom left and they put me on suicide watch. I didn’t try to kill myself. I remeber waking up and wanting my wife. The Dr. called her but she said she couldn’t come. So when my mom got back at 9:30 she called my wife and offered to pick her up and she agreed. but then she tried to call back and she wouldnt pick up. Then i tried to talk to her but she never came. I pleaded for her to stop by when she went by our house for clothes( less than 1 mile away). Later that day the Dr. aggreed that it was an accidental over dose. and I was released. But not before my best friend came by which made me happy. I was in the hospital for 24 hours. I went by my house had seen where my wife stopped by. And here I sit still not sure of what might happen to me latter. I am still in a lot of pain, but I am still alive. So to all who read this DO NOT OD ON TYLENOL PMS IT SUCKS YOU WILL NOT GAIN ANYTHING FROM IT OTHER THAN HOLES IN YOUR LIVER IT IS NOT PEACEFUL. any more than 2 is considered an overdose.

Comment by distressed2blessed
2011-10-15 23:16:16

I can totally relate to how you were feeling at that time and ow you may feel even at that this moment. There has been plenty of times that I ave commenced suicide, out of feelings of hopelessness, dispair, not feeling loved. But after being married for ten years, I realized this very true principle which is whoever Gods sends us to marry will never leave no matter what te circumstances may be. However let your next move be your best move, and look at the matter at hand as a minor set back for a major come back. And know that God as given you authority on your life, so reclaim the authority that you have given others over your life. Thus start calling those tings that are not as though they were.

Comment by Grace
2011-09-09 14:48:57

Took about 16 pills, half of them Aleve, half of them Ibuprophen, and one I dont know what it was. Will anything bad happen? I dont want to die. I honestly dont know why I took them. Nothing is happening and its been a few hours. So what does that mean?

Comment by Shelby
2011-09-12 20:30:53

Just wait I didn’t hold out that long. I was in the hospital about one hour too one hour and 30 mins after. You need to go get checked out

Comment by Sarb
2011-09-10 22:24:59

all day today I have been thinking of ending my life. I want to take tylenol and just end my life, only thing holding me back is I don’t want to end up at the hospital and have them pump my stomach. I wish there was a 100% guarantee. I am 46 and tired of living. I know there are alot of people who love me and would miss me, but I just don’t want to live anymore. Someone tell me what to take or do, I need 100% solid idea.

Comment by Shelby
2011-09-12 20:29:03

I did this to i know i shouldn’t of….i took about 10 to 15 of this. I was in the hospital from sunday to wed. Then i had to go to a place for what i have done. I am only 14 why do i have to do this i’ve had been hit my mom. My mom is always on me for my room and its always messy, cause im lazy. Haha. But i really must of pissed her off good, cause i went down to put up something. Then she pushed me, i got knocked out and I have a scar. Why me i care for my friends and family so much why me?

Comment by jon
2011-09-14 15:46:57

meh iv been on so many meds if my liver isnt dead then yeah its fine been to the docs eta and im fine so it really matters cuzz to me im a really big guy so i take a lil more then i should cuzz it doent work so meh

Comment by st.myth
2011-09-21 05:30:52

That’s because you’re not taking the type of pills that can kill you. Over the counter pills isn’t
mankind biggest threat in medicine illness. Perscription drugs are.

Comment by ciara
2011-09-18 09:33:49

if a 2 year old child took 10 extra strength tylenol pm; what are there chances of serving

Comment by ciara
2011-09-18 09:35:19

if a 2 year old child took 10 extra strength tylenol pm; what are there chances of surviving

Comment by st.myth
2011-09-21 05:36:41

The reason why any prescribtion drug or over the counter drug have side effects is because
sometimes mankind has to go to extreme measures to achive perfection in the human body.

Comment by st.myth
2011-09-21 06:20:51

Those of you who highly comment that people who commit suicide are stupid are stupid their own damn
selves. If you’re the type of shitty person who can’t see that somebody can be in the type of pain
to be brave and bold enough to die, then you’re the ones who should commit suicide.
But unfortunely BULLIES DON’T DIE. Too tough and too scared,RIGHT ??? Or are bullies immortal ??? And besides you’re going to die anyway. Like natural deaf,sickness,car crashes,plane crashes,murder,bolt of lighten,electrocuted,drowned,eatten by animals,poison by spiders,crushed by tree,or even suicide. Suicide is not an easy decision or is a laughing matter. Ya need to be aware of people committing
because laughing or bullying these people are not going to help them. I mean if it’s not meant for
mankind to die then why would suicide even be possible? Wanting to die is no better than having to die.
Because the bigger question is why is deaf apart of life. Plus if deaf isn’t the answer then what is ??????

Comment by j
2011-10-02 19:13:54

sometimes people r just fated

Comment by kim
2011-10-03 01:02:34

feeling clammy, warm and just kinda weird and have diarrhea. had a hamburger before i went to bed and earlier at work had crackers. took 2 mucinex at 6pm. 11:30 took 3 gulps of nyquil. had 2 energy shots one around 2pm and another around 7 pm. worried i might have overdosed. i really dont want to go to the er if i dont have too but scared i might have over dosed. what are your thoughts on this

Comment by LoveIsOutThere
2011-10-05 20:29:08

I’m 14 took about 35 to 40 Tylenol extra strength pills I can’t remember. Trust me this has been the worst experience of my life. I had to drink charcoal & was put under medication for 16 hours or so… The doctor said I lucked out I couldn’t imagine how bad it could have been. I beg everyone not to try this you will highly regret it I know I did. I’m just glad to still be here. Please no one try this it’s not worth it nothings worth your life either. Just know someone cares before anyone tries overdosing on anything or thinks about suicide. I know I will never do this again

Comment by LoveIsOutThere
2011-10-05 20:31:20

I’m sorry I thought I was writing my own little story. My mistake I’m on my phone writing this so yeah very sorry

Comment by giving up
2011-10-03 10:09:11

I am planning on commiting suicide this evening. i am writing my letters to my mom, dad, brother, and nephew, have a talk with my mom, and then do it.

i am just tired of what my life have become. i am 36yrs old

Comment by Frank
2011-10-03 16:12:52

I am sorry for what I am about to write but i think i should be sorry for myself i havent work for more than 6 months not because i dont want to is because i cant find job in my last job my ex-employer decide to closed the restaurant i already spent all my savings and right now i dont have to pay my rent lately i have been thinking to take my life but i havent may be because i scare of i am chicken i am very nervous stress and i feel like having panic attacts i cant sleep well either right now i dont know what do to anymore or i dont want do anything anymore just playing with a bottle of pill i am thinking to take the whole bottle with is new will be enough like 50 pills to take me away because i dont want to wake up and be sick for the rest of my life wich i dont think i have right now i just want to end this reading all this comment that someone took 20 pill and 16 beers and still wake up and feel seek i am honestly sorry but i wanna take more and dont wake up thats all

Comment by Lydia
2011-10-05 22:30:10

I never passed stage 1 when this happen to me about a year ago

Comment by J
2011-10-07 00:25:15

I came to this site because my husband accidentally took too many tylenol p.m.’s n I am worried about him. I guess he thought more is better – oops. Poison Control says he will be ok. I am grateful.
I have to say though, after reading these posts I’m near tears. I have lost a loved one to suicide & it messed me up for close to ten years. I have attempted suicide my own self when I thought the pain was more then I could handle. Time has passed, I have been blessed with caring people who have helped me deal with my pain & I AM SO GLAD I DIDN’T DIE! My children would be without a mother, my husband would be so lonely, my extended family would be hurt & confused. Now that time has passed I can see how my loved one was selfish in commiting suicide. I am not saying I don’t understand – we’re probably ALL self centered when we’re in pain (physical, emotional, spiritual, etc.). I live with pain every day since a truck hit me over 20 years ago – I am still grateful to be alive. A lot of days it is hard to be alive, but worth it. Relationships are what make life worth living. If your family is messed up, it doesn’t mean you have to be – you have the power of choice to have life be different. Again, not easy (speaking from experience here), but possible & do-able. All of you hurting people out there, I wish I could hug you. I hate that you’re hurting, but I want you to know that there is help & there is hope. Please reach out & get some help & get some more help & some more help, until you like the person you see in the mirror. Every life has value & a purpose – we just don’t always believe that or know what the purpose is – but I am telling you the truth. You matter, you are wonderful, special & unique. There is only one you & only you can fulfill your purpose in this life. I wish there was some fast, magic answer for all of the pain to go away – there is not. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem & not worth it. I have teenagers & if I lost one of them I would be devastated! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get help from a safe adult. I am living proof that there is hope & that life can be different than the pain that’s been inflicted. Don’t inflict pain on others by ending your life. You’re better then that & worth far more then that! People can do a lot of messed up things that hurt others – intentionally & unintentionally – as you likely well know. They cannot take away our power of choice though unless we let them. You can choose to believe that you matter, that you have value, that life can be different – the possibilities are endless. Don’t give away your power & please don’t give up.

Comment by Josh
2011-10-12 13:40:30

Wow, this is too funny. I take 20 to 30 tylenol 3 a day? Nothing ever happens, so far. I suppose i could be damaging my liver? Usually i wake up and take 10-15 then at noon 10 and 10 around 5pm? I guess its better than when i used to take 20-30 percocet a day?

Comment by Christopher
2011-10-13 10:37:43

I am about to take 100 tylenol 500mg tabs, hopefully that will do the trick-

Comment by Christopher
2011-10-13 10:38:37

I’m drinking beer too, that should help out?

Comment by Ala
2011-10-14 07:19:02

About a year ago I took 10 of the Tylenol extra strengths and I felt severe cramping, fatigue, and headaches. I never told anyone nor went to the hospital or doctors. I still wonder if I should’ve taken more.

Comment by Oops
2011-10-17 13:24:35

I drank a bottle of wine last night. Had a headache this morning and accidentally took 3 tylenols not looking to see that they were extra strength. Had an empty stomach. Also I’m only 100 lbs. I started vomiting half hour later and im still vomiting 3 hours later. Should I be concerned?

Comment by Daddy
2011-10-19 21:15:51

I hate my kids and wife an kids, i hate people trying to talk me out of it im gonna take like 20 extra strengths and see where it gets me.

Comment by Delilah
2011-10-23 22:35:11

Wtf!! Who the hell says they h8 their kids!?!?!? And 20 wont work. 17 didnt work for me & im 13

Comment by no one cares
2011-10-22 22:00:05

I took 8 tylonal (500 mg) in a total of 2 hours. I weigh about 110. 14 years old, but so far nothing feels weird. do you start getting sick right away or like a while later?

Comment by Delilah
2011-10-23 22:31:54

Idk for me its been 2 days. I guess some ppl just react differently

Comment by Delilah
2011-10-23 22:26:02

Im 13 and weigh 125 lb -_- 2 days ago i took 17 tylenol extra strength and im still perfectly fine. I never threw up or anything…… Crap!!! Do u think 30 will kill me??

Comment by doug
2011-10-24 00:41:27

I took 20 7.5/325 at once and felt fine that whole day. They next day was me constantly sleeping and when ever I woke up, it was to throw up. I also had a pounding headache all day and all night. I could hear my heart beat in my head so I don’t know if my brain has swelled or what. In the past I would take 10 7.5/325 or 5/500 around 4 to 5 times a week for about a year. Going back to the 20 I took yesterday, will I die?

Comment by doug
2011-10-24 00:42:17

PS. I way around 180 lbs and am on pain medicine for a stomach issue

Comment by doug
2011-10-24 00:44:36

PS. I don’t drink alcohol

Comment by john gacy
2011-10-24 21:29:37

All you FAGGOTS need to stopp bitching and just kill yourselfs already… do you people really think anyone is going to care when all of you cocksuckers die.ummm, i think not, so please stop posting your problems on this forum and just do it already. oh, and if u guys really want to kill urselfs why dont u just use a knife or gun like all the other dumb asses who mean nothing to this earth?…

Comment by danniel
2012-03-27 23:00:38

hey asswipe… im sure not gonna miss you if you died today… if you had gone through it you’d understand. sure alot of people are suffering through depression… but have some sympathy for people. it is not a choice to be depressed, or feel overwhelmed. karma has a place for you, and i hope it deals you a damn hard blow.

Comment by Shhh.
2011-10-26 20:43:18

Okay. I just drank 3 bottles of Tylenol. I’m really sleepy & dizzy and ts only been a few seconds

Comment by Delilah
2011-10-26 21:42:29

If u had a l

Comment by Delilah
2011-10-26 21:51:01

If u had a life u wouldnt be wasting r time reading the stories!!! If ur gonna be a dick and h8 on us because we have issues in our lives then u must be 1 self absorbed jackass!! Get a life!!! Some of us physicaly cant handle wat we r goin through Ok?!?! Is it to hard for u to understand that this site is for people who need help. Not ass wholes that think the world revolves around them!!!! If u dont like this site then… GET THE FUCK OFF!!!!!!!

Comment by Delilah
2011-10-26 21:52:26

To john gacy

Comment by Andrea
2011-10-27 17:06:24

I wish my dose of 200 mg tylenol had killed me because life ever since has been a total nightmare. I encourage everyone to make sure you are somewhre where no one can get to you in time and you die for sure. Death is the only relief from pain on this earth.

Comment by Delilah
2011-10-30 21:14:46

Someone who gets it^^

Comment by Michael
2011-11-03 17:33:29

guys… i just took 7 tylonel and snorted about 15 i dont see how im dieing…. im fine like completely i can do muay thai i can do everything normaly my advice is sit there concentrate on living and focus

Comment by peaches
2011-11-03 23:51:42

i wish i had a person to talk to im scared of life i was thinking a bout taking 20 tylenols is it worth it anybody help me please

Comment by peaches
2011-11-03 23:53:03

thanks ill do just that

Comment by peaches
2011-11-03 23:55:12

lol you made me laugh john gacy hanks now i wanna live not see u in hell

Comment by Common Sense
2011-11-04 09:34:19

I would just like to say that all of you overdose idiots need to get a life. Stop wasting your family’s time with this crap. If you want to kill yourselves, get a gun and do it. You will probably make the world a better place. People like me, dont have time for your quitting attitudes. Your losers!!!

Comment by court1212
2012-02-23 10:28:09

PLEASE READ! i’m on my phone so i dont have enter, but anyway. first please dont say i only have 17 tylenol’s so that’ll have to do. it wont work and you’ll end up throwing it back up or someone will find you, please please trust me İ attempted suicide last year (15 years old) with 40 painkillers and i ended up spending 3 days of hell at the hospital. if you are going to attempt suicide please wait for the right moment (when you’re alone or at the weekend so your parents think you’re sleeping in etc) and with the right amount of TYLENOL PM’s! the extra strengths (based on this website and yahoo answers) seem painful and unnecesarry (unless you want to mix them together) also, even if you don’t write a suicide note i suggest you still write down your facebook/twitter/email/or any other passwords you may have. sorry about any mistakes i made, writing on the phone is hard. thanks for reading this and please don’t answer with any religious comments, thanks.

Comment by Common Sense
2011-11-04 09:40:50

Delilah, i would like you to know that your a cock sucking prositute. Can you do us all a favor and commit suicide today. But do it in a call manner. Like jump in front of a oncoming car or jump off a 30 story building so u could suffer a horrible death u fucking retarted peace of monkey shit!!!

Comment by Jamie
2011-11-06 15:23:45

I am about to take 11 tylenol pm’s; that’s all I have. I have some paxil too I could take. I’ve overdosed on tylenol before, several times, but only ended up in the hospital twice. I’ve also overdosed on other meds too. I don’t want to die, I just can’t take my life anymore! I believe in God, but I don’t believe He loves me.

Comment by BrokenHearted
2011-11-06 18:36:11

i have been considering suicide for a long time, and im only 14. i just took 20 Tylenol pills and after reading this im worried about what will happen. i wanna tell my parents but im scared to cuz i dont wanna get yelled at. what do i do?! :’(

Comment by KMN
2011-11-07 00:35:55

I just to 15 acetametaphine pm will my body go into overdose stage over night it’s 11:37 whereby am . Please comment back .

Comment by mark
2011-11-07 19:04:16

I took 13 tylenol 3s this afternoon , my gf wants me to go to the Dr. , but honestly id rather die. Disappointed though I`m still kicking. I should take advil instead, even as a kid tylenol did nothing. I took 18 of them before bed in gr.4 and nothing happened… how cheap.

Comment by Lori
2011-11-10 02:32:44

Never helpful to tell someone in pain and wants to die they are idiot. Save name calling for your friends if you have any. Why comment if you have nothing constructive to say. Jennifer, get some education on the subject before you mess around with someone else’s life.

Comment by Andres Rojas
2011-11-14 19:59:42

Its crazy, you did it the same day i did, only i took 40 500mg pills

Comment by Andyloveyy
2011-11-17 20:01:51

so i’m thinking of over dosing on Tylenol bcuz i want to die u_u
i’m ugly & fat and i just cand deal with that anymore.
i heard you vomit with the overdose which is good bcuz i hate staving myself so when i do eat i purge in the restroom so i guess this will be easy and naturally:DD
do you loose weight after the dose?!
+ I REALLY REALLY want to stay at a hospital just to see who would go visit me(:
to be HONEST, i feel unloved & for that moment i want people to feel sorry for me and actually take the time to be nice and make me feel special.
so plan is: overdose a few days after thanks giving so i don’t have to go to school.

Comment by Timetogo
2011-11-18 00:35:17

So I’m an 18 year old guy, 5’11 about 155 pounds, how many 500 mg pills will it take to be fatal? O btw people, don’t tell me to get help, cus it’s not gonna happen,

Comment by Timetogo
2011-11-18 00:39:30

I’m an 18 year old male, 5’11 about 155 lbs, how many 500 mg pills will it take to be fatal? don’t tell me to get help.

Comment by Foxy
2011-11-20 01:17:53

Wondering how many Tylenol 3′s is considered an overdose or deadly

Comment by Joy
2011-11-21 21:18:55

I’ve OD on tylenol twice within 45 days of each other. The first time I only took 60 500mg. I woke up one morning and decided I was ready to go. Did a little research, got things ready at the house so the animals would be taken care of since it may be a few days before someone found me (live alone), and took the pills. I feel asleep for a few hours and then the misery began. For several hours I vomited non-stop. I began to rethink my plan. After about 14 hours I took myself to the ER. 3 days in the hospital with an IV and drinking that horrible stuff wasn’t enough to deter me a month later.

The second time I was determined I would take more and I wouldn’t wake up. I wasn’t going to chicken out this time. I was 5 1, 200 lbs. This time I took 100 pills of 500mg and 10 ambien. I slept for about 12 hours, then woke up to the same misery with the added pain of barely being able to move. I suffered thru for 6 hours until I gave up and went to the hospital again. This time I spent a week in the ICU. I was told I was lucky to be alive, but it didn’t feel that way. The first time I had talked my way out of the mental hospital stay for the suicide attempt, but failed to do so this time. So 1 week in the ICU and 3 months in the mental hospital (lets just say I was still determined to end it and came close even in there).

That was 3 years ago. Live went on. No thoughts of a repeat. But now it’s coming back. I’ve lost significant amount of weight which is causing health issues with my heart, and figure it won’t take nearly as many this time. The appeally thing about death by tylenol is that it wouldn’t look like suicide if you could stay away from the hospital; you’d die of liver failure – a disease. I had kept the previous attempts from my family so I still have a shot at this one. I find myself reading blogs about others who have tried like this one – how much did they take, what happened to them, what will it take for me. It’s in my mind to try again – this time a better plan. Remove the phones so I can’t call for help, don’t have any gas in the car. Then I won’t have a chance to go for help. Even though I’ve been through the misery of surviving twice before I’m confinced I can make it work this time.

I don’t know when I’ll go through with it – but I will. Once it’s in my mind it will happen. Maybe not today, this week, maybe in a month. But once the thought enters the mind, the plan begins. I plan things so family won’t be around, I can be off work so they won’t be looking for me, so I can disappear for a week without anyone becoming suspious. I need to ensure everything is in order – the funeral arrangements have a fund to pay for them and the details outlined (you raise suspion when you go to preplan your funeral at 29 with no illiness). The farewells need to be updated, there’ve been some new additions. Get my affairs in order to make it as easy on my family as possible and then it will be time. That’s the plan. I know that sounds screwed up but once the plan starts, it has to go thru – sucessful or not. This is the research phase. So how many pills will I need at 100 lbs? I have 100 500mg hydrocodine – will that speed it up?

Everyone is different on the number, but what’s my number?

Comment by Sash
2011-11-26 00:27:40

Extremely touched by ur words J… i’m consistently considering, but simultaneously stopping myself from committing any act of suicide solely due to the aftermath of such a drastic act from my side and its influence on my family: how it will impact my parents, who’ve already been shattered with their younger daughter running away from home in the middle of the night at the age of 17, never to return again, what effect it will have on my younger brothers, still studying, and how it will portray them in society: perhaps as irresponsible parents, unloving siblings, and an overall callous and troubled family.
whatever and wherever death may take me, i’ll eventually be the one solely responsible for any resulting trauma/ suicides/ misoccurances embracing my family post such an action from my side.
its just one life. we dont know wat comes before or after.

Comment by Sash
2011-11-26 03:20:29

sorry, it was for JOY, not “J” :)

Comment by Joy
2011-11-26 07:30:54

I worry about what affect it will have on my family. I know how much they love me and how much it would hurt. I’ve also seen them grow closer thru losing someone and the pain dulls with time. I just returned from from a wonderful Thanksgiving with them – the words goodbye felt like I really meant them this time. I think to myself I’ve caused themself that I’ve caused them so much pain growing up and even now as an adult, I’ll hurt them one last time and let them heal for good.

Comment by sam05
2011-11-28 07:53:17

So about 2 days ago I got super drunk and I took at least 15 tylenol about 15 extra strengths.. attempting to kill myself.. I woke up the next day throwing up. My vomit tasted really bad, like some kind of chemical.. as the day went my y stomach was hitting and my head was and still is hurting really bad.. im worried. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if I threw it all up. im scared to tell my parents. Helpp

Comment by Unknwn
2011-11-28 13:09:00

I overdosed yesterday night, I won’t tell you why, but I did. I’m only 16 year old, and I had an idea what would happen if I did wake up, but I thought I wasn’t going to. So now, I feel like passing out, throwing up, I can hardly see straight enough to type this comment. I stayed home, and told my mom that I was sick, hoping that I could just sleep it off, but I woke up and felt worse. Note to self: waking up after overdosing, feels worse than actually dying. Note to all of you: whoever or whatever made you hate yourself enough to want to die, let me tell ya, they sure as hell aren’t worthy enough to change the way you feel about yourself. I’m still contemplating telling my parents. I think I will…that way it doesn’t get worse.

Comment by Rachel
2011-11-29 22:53:12

well shit im a littel confused you dont sound suicidal at all in this paragraph actually you sound like you were scared to die. why? if your ready to move on enough to take your life then more power to us, be positive about dying, then it will probably work, dont get me wrong im not telling you to kill yourself at all!!!!! i heard tylenol pm was the easiest way n no pain to kill yourself, so i need to know how much to take so i go fast, by the looks of these articles i think ill have to ingest like 5 bottels of tylenol pm, i definately dont want to live on this world n id be horrified if i was brought back so definately gotta make sure ill be gone, but im wondering if your still alive cause you only took 20? i definately dont want to wait days to die ppl would notice n lock me up, well if your soul is gone from this world then maybe ill see ya soon,

Comment by Rachel
2011-11-29 23:15:28

okay fyi tylenol is different acting then the tylenol pm, 250 pills of pm has got to kill a person now 250 pills of regular tylenol pain reliever is gonna get ya nothing but a shot of charcoile, common sense, so the guy who took 20 got the same affect you did except a diff brand acting and alot less, extremely alot less, i think ill do 3 bottels of tylenol pm just in case,

Comment by Rachel
2011-11-29 23:27:50

i agree, i am not sure where the most respectful place is 2 be when i off myself 4rm this miserable world we walk amongst, i dont wanna die in someones house that is kinda rude n i thought of a park but then its possible kids will find me, not a play park a nature kinda park, but thats ruled out to, so i guess itll be the church bathroom, ill find one where its mostly empty n a locked bathroom so they cant save my stupid breath, omg i would be so mad if i was almost dead n then found, ill get it right some how , the most proper way i can, nobody else cares 4 me n never has but i do respect my body the lord gave me so i dont wanna die grose, i want to sleep n not wake up just pass over, trying to figure out the most lethal amount of ty,pm to take, i hear its the fastest and easiest way to die, but by the looks of these articles im loosing my hope.

Comment by charliey
2011-12-03 16:44:12

so im 15, wiegh 83 pounds, ima girl and i took like 3-4 pills, what do i do?

Comment by Amanda
2011-12-09 08:00:29

i actually right now i took around 16 or 17 tylenol pills (the ones with extra strength)
so im not gonna tell my parents. i took them all in one time. so yeah…

Comment by Cassandra
2011-12-09 22:14:50

It pains me to see so many sad people. Don’t give up.. you are loved.

Comment by Nont Do It
2011-12-10 19:08:39

Dont Do It. its a terrible idea. it might seem right but its completely not worth it in the long run LonelyGirl. Suicide is much worse than whatever you are going through. Suicide is very painful very scary very painful and tragic for you and your family and friends. so just take my advice and dont to it please.

Comment by caitlyn
2011-12-11 19:45:09

i have thoughts of killing myslef all the time , im here with a bottle of tylenol next to me i took like 10 allready im thinking about taking the rest of them , im 15 i weigh like 165 pound will 10 make me overdose ? i really dont wanna be here anymore ! ive gone threw so much in my life i just want ti to end i cant deal with it any longer !

Comment by fml..
2011-12-13 14:54:47

I can ‘t deal with this pain inside anymore .. my best friend Jamie Hubley killed himself , and I just can ‘t live in this world without him .. I have tried to stop having these thoughts .. but I just can ‘t help myself anymore .. I hate my parents , I hate my school , I hate my life … I just want to disappear . Forever .

Comment by brandon
2011-12-16 08:36:47

I was taking 4 and 5 500mg Vicodin with a beer or two. Recently I believe I overdosed.. I woke up a few hours after the incident and felt nauseated with huge loss of appetite and cold sweats. Since then I have cut down my drinking and don’t take pills for anything. Got a liver function test and everything was ok except my total protein levels. Stay away from tylenol like the plague. I may have caused damage, maybe even permanent but I don’t know.

Comment by didi
2011-12-16 18:26:15

I’m 16 and did the same for probably the same reason as you, I had guts to tell my dad, I took 57 extra fort tylenol, its been 5 days and i still can’t stop vomitting. can you tell me what should i do..i ask my dad to bring me to the doctor he didn’t even seem to care. so shit man.

Comment by doc
2011-12-18 17:09:06

Try ANYTHING ELSE before offing yourself. Run away to a beach town and just bum around making drift wood do-dads to sell to tourists. Many other options to de-stress.

Comment by letFLYaway
2011-12-19 18:52:35

This year I have no Christmas spirit whatsoever, and the worse part is that I’m having a mental breakdown because I feel like I’m suffocating in this family of mine (I AM). The constant bickering, fighting, violence… it is too much that I can’t seem handle and control myself anymore. Through out my entire life, I NEVER ONCE feel happy in this family but I never have any suicide thoughts, that is until last year. I have attempted to commit suicide before but never pull through..things got better since last year until this Christmas. I’m having the suicide thoughts again, my mom never leave me alone and always get on my case. Every little talk we have becomes an argument and I always end up getting slapped in the face. She complains about wasting electricity yet she turn the light on 24/7…she complains about spending too much money yet she buy diamond, brand bags, rings, and got surgery done…..She told me to live my life and do what is best for me yet she is telling me to do this and that….she said that she is happy when i told her that i got accepted to some univeristy (FSU, FAU) yet there was no joy or excitement in her eyes what so ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i asked for a job when turn 16 and now i dont have time to work at all, she scolded at me for not getting job like everyone else…what i hate the most is when she compared me with other people, especially to my friends. PUH PLZ..they may seem nice but i know them but its all an act….. they sneak out, partying, smoking, drinking….!!!! i cut myself before, i know it is a abd thing to do but by doing that it give a relive feeling…and now im overdosing…..i reallie want to die this instant or atleast forget eevything..(that would be nice…to have an amnesia). I have to hope or no desire to live anymore.

Comment by Brother Cow
2012-01-08 20:03:59

Living a civilian is a bliss. I miss living as one. Military life is so demanding and strict like having parents but on the 10th level. Boss yelling or punishing you if u make mistake etc. But if u want.. just close ur eyes to what they say.. it doesnt matter. what matters is you have freedom….. u do what u want to do except killing urself of course. I wish im 16 .. im 31.. but if u want to escape ur parents or the nagging.. at 17 go join the navy or airforce. airforce is the the 5 star hotel in the military. easy job. u get paid.. u get rank.. u get 100% coverage health insurance for free unlike civilians. easy money. Have fun in ur life. Dnt let them get under ur skin :)

Comment by Crona.Skyheart
2011-12-20 04:37:01

I took two Tylenol l 3′s w/COD at 6:00p.m.
At 9:00 P.M I took one more.
At 12:00 A.M I took two more.
Its 3:30 A.M now and I just took a Percocet..
The Tylenol 3 is 30 MG.
the perk is 10 MG.
I’m pretty tired but that could be because it 3 but I’m scared to go to sleep..
I looked up overdoses and this really freaked me out.
Will I be okay?
Someone please write back to me really soon!
The doc said take ONE Tylenol 3 every 4-6 hours but i took more..
Someone get back to me!!
I’m 14, 5′ 4” and I weigh 140..
Please get back to me!

Comment by jackie
2011-12-22 15:50:16

Call poison control center. If they deem it necessary they will ask you to call 9-1-1 or they will hook you up with it.
Don’t worry, because the pills you took seem to have small doses only. The toxic level seems to come around 4000mg. But call 9-1-1 if you haven’t done so yet.
I am telling you out of my experience b/c the same night at 11pm I overdosed on extra-strength tylenol (500mg each) and aspirin too – amounting to 2700mg. I was hoping to commit suicide but I didn’t know how much to take, and that was half of what I had on hand. My friends found out through facebook and they called my mom, who called 9-1-1. I ended up being put in the hospital on 51-50, which means they will hold me for 3 days b/c I was having suicidal thoughts. But don’t worry about it since you took it b/c of your prescription.
Now go tell your mom or call 9-1-1 for your sake. email me at furryellie at hotmail dot com. don’t freak out.

Comment by Hope
2011-12-27 00:02:04

I had to have mucomyst too. I don’t remember how many were in the botTLE. I took an entire bottle at once with a half a box of sleeping pills. I thought i would peacefully go. Not so much. I was hugging the toilet or having bad diarreah every10 min. I did not go to the hospital until 24 hrs later. WHen i couldnt get up to go to the toilet, spit up on my sheets. It was bad.

Comment by kc3736
2012-01-04 05:03:28

What did they do to you?

Comment by Hope
2011-12-27 00:18:43

I looked at the date 12/20. Hope everyone is ok. I am not a dr. I would not know. Def seek professional help. just know it is not the way. It is not peaceful to overdose. My mind also raced nonstop during the process. It was awful. Maybe if you talk to someone you will feel better. Best Wishes.

Comment by Santa's Helper
2011-12-27 16:48:51

SWIM….. took 100 500mg Tylenol last week with an entire bottle of Jack Daniels. That person is now on life support after being found in a coma. That person was an alcoholic to begin with, so their liver was already in bad shape and has shut down along with their kidneys and lungs. They were on a respirator and today a trachea tube was inserted.

Bottom line is…. they didn’t die immediately, but death will eventually catch up with them. In the meantime, their family is wondering… why, what could they have done, how did they miss the signs?

If a person wants to commit suicide, they will do it. Do it and get it over with already. Don’t make their family suffer…

Comment by Brittany
2012-01-01 23:16:40

What happens if I took too much tagament on accident… It says take 2 max a day. I took one this morning, one this afternoon and one right now on accident… Is that an overdose?? What should I do? Should I eat something ??

Comment by janelle
2012-01-03 03:23:42

Hello. Is it possible if you were given too much acetaminophen for a headache that did not need as much, could it possibly cause some weird reaction or damage to part of the brain? To be more specific I thought i was given 650 mg of regular strength, then i found out later it was 1,000 miligrams. Within a hour of taking it a had a weird amnesia reaction where i lost my desires and natural abilities. What can I do. I have tried to get help and no one will help me.

Comment by dan
2012-01-08 01:58:50

i want to kill myself but i’m too much of a pussy to actually do so.
from what i read in the comments there are quite a few harmful side effects if i dont die and i just want a quick and painless death
with no chance of recovery
i was planning on grounding up these 20 some pills and drinking it all but i dont think the result will be instanteous

Comment by Mark
2012-01-09 02:43:51

I took 20 capsules of tylenol with beer at 2:00am 01082012. I’m feeling some symptoms like nausea, upset stomach, loss of appetite and confusion. I am just waiting for my death. Just want to say don’t do anything stupid like what i did. I’m regretting but can’t do anything about it cause it is my fault.

Comment by Micheal
2012-01-13 13:57:45

I took well over 20 tylenol extrastrength pills hoping for fatal reactions 3 days ago. Im 12 and im wondering why nothing has seemed to happen????????

Comment by Ryan Kane
2012-02-08 16:16:42

my friend is 13 and took 20 aleve. 10 last night, 10 this morning.. she is throwing up blood right now.. I’m so scared for her. I don’t know why you didnt have the same reaction. Haw are you doing now?

Comment by Micheal
2012-02-21 11:15:06

Absolutely nothing happened to me except for a fever… Im still wondering why

Comment by kendrea
2012-01-29 07:12:04

im 16, i must have took about 12 tylenol 500′s & my head is aching & i feel high.. what should i do?

Comment by shooter
2012-01-31 10:21:03

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Comment by Virginia McKean
2012-02-03 20:27:30

My beautiful, 48 year-old daughter over-dosed on Tylenol by accident and died the day after Christmas, 12-26-11 in the ICU unit of Mobile Infirmary Hospital, Mobile, AL. She was in chronic pain from a broken neck, dysfuntioning gall bladder and an ulcer plus severe scoliosis. She had no idea of the dangers of taking Tylenol and fought hard for her life once she entered into liver failure. She also had no idea that Acetaminophen would kill her. Please be careful and know that acetaminophen is in many over-the-counter drugs you buy and it is EASY to overdose and go into liver failure as my daughter did….please read labels and educate yourself on acetaminophen…it is too late for my daughter, but not for you…..

Comment by Ryan
2012-02-08 16:18:56

I took 70 aleve, and 7 tylenol pm, went to bed, and woke up puking, i waited a while, and the eventually went to the emergency room.. they gave me some stuff.. made me better, and sent me to the phsyc warrd. Now everyone in my school knows.. I told one person.. Who told another person, and so on. Fml. I can’t go back to school.. I’m too scared.. Help me.. :( (

Comment by mara
2012-02-10 18:56:21

I OD’d on Tylenol about 2 days ago and I had to be taken out of school by ambulance to the hospital. i wasn’t trying to kill myself but my friends found out what happened and just sorta assumed i was. So my advice is to just stick through it and don’t let people get you down. You have your reasons why you did what you did and those people just don’t get it.

Comment by Caroline
2012-02-10 19:14:48

Suicide isn’t selfish.. letting someone live a life in pain and misery is torture. There’s no underworld. Earth is hell smothered in a mixture of emotions, but it’s still hell. When you die you’re happier than when living. I’ve died twice and been brought back each time. I live for my mom and when she goes so do I, and I pray I won’t ever be brought back again. Let those who wish to live do so, and those who don’t go in peace.

Comment by alostsoulwaitngtodie
2012-02-24 18:50:23

Yes! I so totaly agree with that. Life is a Hell on earth because, for me at least, life can either be your heaven or your hell. For me it is a dark, dank, smelly place where they place you on psych wards for metioning even half of what i have mentioned. I am never going to another freaking psych ward! Ever! So, in case you didn’t know i am planning on taking my own life tonight and you know the thought doesn’t even scare me anymore. I have had enough of this life. I have tried to kill myself several times but the bastards keep bringing me back. Well not this time honey. I read a few comments back that if you don’t get treatment within a day or half a day, you are pretty much a dead duck. Well i am planing to take 100 500mg Tylenol tablets. That is 50000mg, should do the trick. To be truthful, i am scared, angry, and alone which is not a good combo for a person with schizophrenia among other diagnoses. so to all of you i say adieu, may your life be heaven or if it has to be then let it be a hell. Your life is your life. You decide how you want to end it.

Comment by anxiousforananswer
2012-02-11 11:20:39

so i overdosed on Monday 2/6/12 around 9:45, got to the hospital around 10:45, and they started immediate treatment. I got the charcoal treatment and then they hooked me up to an iv and pumped me with something and i got out of the hospital two days later. i was wondering if any of you guys have had extreme headaches or twitching, stiffness in the neck..idk im kinda scared that they didnt treat me well enough or if im gonna be this way forever or if my brain is swollen and im going to die. please dont give me mean responses. i realize what i did was wrong and im seeking help and going to therapy ect. im just really worried about the long term affects. i thought since i got treatment within an hour they should be able to make sure i’ll be fine..i think thats what they told me at least. i would be soooo greatfull if someone could tell me what could be going on. thanks

Comment by melissa
2012-02-16 18:21:18

A lot of these comments made me so sad. I tried to kill myself 2 weeks ago. I took 500 tylenol and drove around dodging the cops with friends. I didn’t tell anyone what I did but I said I didn’t want to live anymore. It took about an hour and I starting vomiting non stop and severe !! Severe!! Stomach cramps . I got caught and they took me to the hospital after about 5 hours I was begging for them to knock me out !! They asked me if I took anything and I said no. They did blood test of course and said your tylenol level is thru the roof!! They started me on muc of mist iv…and gave me meds for nausea..I had the shakes and was soo tired all I wanted to do was go to sleep but no matter what meds they gave me my stomach was in excruciating pain!!!!! It took three days for my tylenol level to go back down …i was extremely lucky I had no permanent damage!! I have five children and alot of people who love me…I hope hearing this helps someone to rethink taking their life.

Comment by Sara
2012-02-17 18:28:05

HOw long does it take for something to h

Comment by Trevor
2012-02-26 11:49:03

Is there anyone out there who has a solution other than taking a bunch of pills and then waiting to die? I have juts sliced up my arms again(14 times total) but the nurse here patched me up so no death. Now i am considering taking the 100 pills that i have but i know from past experiance that it is a slow death and i am not sure if i can deal with that. What i need is a shot gun. Yeah right. I guess that i am reaching out to you oh stranger to give me the answers that i need. Much love to you all.

Comment by Marissa
2012-02-27 09:23:24

I had overdosed on high blood pressure pills like 5 and went to the hospital because my blood pressure was so high i could have done damage it was 180/100 pulse 120. But i will never overdose.

Comment by Girl
2012-03-03 14:04:59

I just took 18 500 mg tylenol…I really want to end my life…I’m so depressed.

Comment by Its worth the pain
2012-03-04 18:03:21

Hope ur doin good….talkin with somebody about ur pain can help….shit will get better just keep pushin through…prayin or u

Comment by No more
2012-03-04 16:29:10

I want to end mine too, im tired it seem like i hurt everyone around me and I’m tired of it the tears and the pains, I just can’t take no more i just don’t want to be here and taking some pills and a few drinks hell why not its easy and the pain will me gone

Comment by Its worth the pain
2012-03-04 17:55:56

Keep fightin….the result n the end will b worth it….go talk to somebody…that can help to get what ur feelin out

Comment by Its worth the pain
2012-03-04 17:53:23

Damn..readin all these comments is crazy. If u wanna kill urself plz call somebody. Life can b a bitch but its nothing u cant handle
My question though is takin the recomended dose of tylenol 4 grams a day or mabey one day 5 grams for a few months straight cause liver damage?

Comment by Its worth the pain
2012-03-04 18:04:42

Will takin the recommened dose of tylenol 4 grams everyday do damage to ur liver??

Comment by Kevin
2012-03-10 16:54:51

About 6 years ago I was in a secret relationship with a coworker. At the time things were good. Once an argument between us got very heated and he threatened to tell everyone I knew that I was gay I panicked. I was nowhere near ready to admit to myself or anyone else that i was gay. Deep down I always knew but I still wasn’t ready.

I couldn’t bear the thought of all the people who I’d disappoint by admitting I was gay. I ran to the kitchen grabbed a bottle of vodka and proceded to take an entire bottle (60 pills) of tylenol pm. After a few minutes I grabbed a knife and ran a bath. Once in the tub I blacked out. I woke up quite a few hours later and made it to my bed. I immediately went to sleep. When morning came I vomited uncontrollably. I was shaking and dizzy
and could barely walk. I drove myself to the hospital and told them what I did.

I lied to every person who asked me why I did it. I claimed it was stress from school and work. After being told trace amounts of cocaine were pumped from my stomach I was put on an embarrassing 24- watch. When my family showed up I was embarrassed and would hardly say a word. They were all very concerned and baffled at what had happened.

After about three years I finally came out to my family and close friends. I regretted not telling them sooner. My family treats me differently than b4 and I can’t change that. After I finally told them the truth my life became better.

I’m now in a 3 year relationship with a wonderful partner who has helped me tremendously, especially after the passing of my father this past year which sent me into a depressive spiral. I constantly worry I lost years of my life to my mistake. I regret it immensely and would never attempt suicide again. I live for my father who was taken very early from this world. Without the love a support of my family I wouldn’t be here. I turned over a new leaf and realize what truly is important in this world.

For any gay or lesbian people struggling with similar issues I’m here to tell u its ok and if u need someone to talk to I’m here. I may not totally relate to all situations, however I know from personal experience it does get better. Please live ur life and know there is nothing wrong with anything about yourself.


Comment by Broken Heart
2012-03-14 20:07:26

I have been dealing with a lot of stress lately and I just took 9 tylenol on an empty stomach. What will this do to me?

Comment by ManyFormsOfPain
2012-03-19 08:18:34

Whereas I am sure some people have died from Tylenol overdoses. I am proof that it sure has heck is no easy task.

Back in 2010 I had a lot of personal issues and after much reflected decided the least painful way to end my life and “protect” my family from my problems was to die. So, I tried a bunch of things (OD on potassium, mix bleach and amonia, ate rat poison, OD on muscle relaxers and MULTIPLE attempts with acetaminophen ODs). I did 1,5000mg, I also did 30,000mg on mulitple occassions.

YES, you will get sick as a dog. The next day, expect to have horrible diarrahea and nausea (I refused to throw up the 1st day – so I know all the pills were in my system). EVERYTHING you eat will taste like metal for a month or more.

I never sought treatment – because that would have forced me to explain myself and that was not an option. Two years later – obviously it did not work. I am not sure what my future holds. Yes, I do have pain in my lower back (liver issues???). But after two years with no signs of jaudice – I am guessing that NOTHING will happen to me.

I do not encourage anyone to try this. In fact, I implore you to NOT try. It does not work and the sickness you will feel is worse than any sickness you will ever experience. My ability to concentrate or simply remember some things has been harmed. You DONT want live like a vegetable or some 90yo nursing home patient for the rest of your life.

FIGHT through your personal issues and pain. FIGHT to make it through one day at a time. PRAY for help. Live. There ARE people out in the world who do care. You just may not have met them yet. Give the rest of a chance to be your friend. Someone is willing to listen and care.

Comment by LA Hotel
2012-04-05 11:10:00

I agree with “everything tasting like metal” but the other symptom that hit me was the constant ringing in my ears. It lasted for about 5 days and I could barely make out any other sounds above it. Everyone sounded like the adults in the Peanuts comics and a lot of times I would have people repeat everything they said prior.
I took about 50 crushed up Tylenol PM mixed with some sleep medication that I poured into a couple glasses of whiskey. Suffice it to say I was extremely disoriented and dry heaved for more than an hour. Blacked out and woke up to the sound of the maid service of the hotel I was staying at coming in to my room.
It felt like I was swimming straight up to get air from the bottom of a pool… And when I woke I had no control of my limbs and kind of flopped around for a while. I never went to the hospital and felt terrible for days. It took some time for the worst symptoms to hit but the ringing in my ears was constant from the time I awoke to when it slowly dissipated later that week.
Every body is different so how it reacts will always go against general knowledge. In the end I think the only reason my OD was not fatal was the meal I had that night and whatever I threw up during my black out.
I went to counseling and have been talking about my problems a lot more than ever before so my advice is that you must ask yourself if your situation is truly unable to be repaired. I felt like I was broken and nothing could be done to fix me. I couldn’t control anything but I thought I could control my death and how I would exit the world and in the end I couldn’t even control that. Your body, with all it’s faults, is actually very capable of surviving and repairing itself in most cases. I know addicts that used to use extremely high levels of heroin and cocaine that would kill anyone else because their body had grown to tolerate that abuse and they are in near perfect health today.
So long story short… I feel like I was meant to survive for some reason that I still do not have knowledge of. I tried to kill myself that night… I took another pill bottle the next day (Bayer this time… disgusting stuff to crunch up) and then back to Tylenol PM again and I survived it all. I should have gone to the hospital but I was completely out of my mind and lacked the ability to make rational decisions. It has been about 65 days since this happened and I’m in therapy and talking about my problems… So I would just implore anyone else in this frame of mind to start by sharing what is weighing on you and try to relieve that stress through talking with friends and family. It may sound like a daunting task but in the end just the simple act of sharing can be enough to help you.

Comment by heather
2012-04-03 12:57:09

i just recently overdosed on tylenol this past saturday march 31… i took 40 pills and so far have not gone to the hospital..not sure if i even should now that its been 2 days.. im figuring that it should be out of my system by now most at least.tho that nite on saturday i was in terrible shape. i wasnt able to even stand up right barely able to talk and keep my head up enough to even vomit. tho i had only vomit 1 time… and since then i have been tired small stomach cramps and a bad burning sensation in my nose when i breathe.besides the normal nausues feeling day and night. i have a friend who says i should go to the hospital ut since its been 2 days im not sure if i should now..i am being told to be active and drink plenty of fluids but i dont feel like being active or when i try its kinda lonley for me so i stop. …….. im at a lost. what do i do????

Comment by heather
2012-04-03 13:11:14

i took 40 tylenol this past saturday and havent gone to the hospital.. so far i am doing ok but not sure what is to happen….. i was just told that i should go to the hospital and all but im like i dont want to go to the hospital….. i seem to be recovering just fine minus the painful burning in my nose when i breathe :( ………. i just dont know what to do.

Comment by Jessy
2012-04-12 21:00:44

I’m 16 and 5’1 and weight between 90 and 95 pounds…i just took 30 extra strength advil because i want to kill myself…but now i’m scared…what’s going to happen? Will i die? How do i stop this?? PLEASE HELp!!

Comment by paul
2012-04-20 04:30:45

im thinkin about killing myself just wanna go asleep a never wake up how many sleeping pills do i need to take?

Comment by Sandi
2012-04-22 21:40:42


I am kind of freaking out right now. I have been taking way too many oxycocet 5/325 for the past month, just been enjoying the high alot to try and avoid some stress.

As of a few days ago I have been taking anywhere from 10 pills – 14 pills a day as it gets harder and harder to get high. I wake up in the night for pills too, can’t sleep.

Ok so yesterday I began feeling nauseated, dizzy and really sick all over and crazy hot on and off, sweating badly. I have barely any appetite although making myself eat a little. I only had 12 pills yesterdayy and maybe i shouldn’t have because now i am reading about what happens with acetominaphan od and I am freaking out.

It says within 24 hrs I will feel sick and that seems to be what happened. It then says 48-72 hrs symptoms will reduce a bit and I can tell I am feeling a bit less sick than I did yesterday. I still have felt mild nausea all day but never actually threw up. And I am sweating on and off too.

But then it says there will be a third stage which sounds scary…is this what will happen for sure? Or will I get over this? Is this third stage coming?

has anyone heard of anyone have this happen this way? I think my total on friday was almost 5 g of acetominphan when calculated. wouldnt i be much sicker if i was going to die? i called poison control today and they said i will be fine and not to worry. but i am scared that all of a sudden this 3rdstage will hit me, i just want to know of anyone who knows of any cases where it happened that way.

I don’t drink I am pretty healthy I just made a mistake.once the sickness starts and these stages are activated, that it will progress?

I want to believe poison control but another forum seems to think i could die. i am scared.

Or will this all stop and subside? I did two CWEs today instead of taking pills, no more pills at all, I will do CWE while I wean off. This was so stupid.

Please someone tell me if I should be worried and if these stages are now going to happen FOR SURE since the first stage seems to be happening or is it possible to just have the first stage and that is it? should i believe poison control?

Comment by Lewis
2012-05-16 19:53:39

Well I Don’t Know Why Your Worrying Now When You’d Already Taken Them, And You Didn’t Seem To Be Worried At That Moment In Time, Yes Of Course You Didn’t Know How Many To Take BUT What Type Of Person Wouldn’t Read The Warning Label? I Seriously Hope You Get Better Soon! And If Your Still Here In 1 Week From Now Knowing Your Luck You Probably Will Be.

See I Might Seem Like The Type Of Person Who Doesn’t Care But I Really Don’t Give A ****, Your Life Do What You Want! Next Time Don’t Post Every Where Expecting People Who Believe In God And Other Beliefs To Attend In Your Every Care.

Fool Take A Chill **** Or 2 >D But! Be Careful Even Those Can Harm You If Your A Civilian With No Qualifications And Have Problem With Reading The Warning Sign’s, Well You Should Of Went To Spec Savor’s :)

Comment by Concerned Mom
2012-05-01 22:27:19

Most of the posts here are disgusting! People that are living through the hell from a loved one who Tylenol overdosed are looking for answers and help. Shame on the sick in the head and lost individuals that encourage anyone to take their own lives!

Comment by Lewis
2012-05-16 19:57:07

And Don’t Take Pill’s Smoke Weed :) Have A Bong Or 3 :) Harmless

Comment by Ashely
2012-05-18 18:00:22

6 days ago I attempted suicide. I took 10 Hydromorophone, 8 Advil, 9 500 mg Tylenol and 10 Ibprofen. I became confused and couldn’t remember how I got place. I was at school, and my friends showed up in the bathroom and I told them I felt sick and started to cry. I had no control over what I was doing. That night I went home with my friend and threw up on the bus. When I was at her house I fell asleep and spend the whole night screaming in my sleep. The next morning I took her Advil Bottle and her Tylenol Bottle and went to school. I thought everything would okay, but after 1 hour at school I took 10 Tylenol Extra Strength and 15 Advi, and 7 500mg Tylenol. One of the girls saw meand took me to the school counseller who took me to the hospital. They put IV’s in my arm and I had to drink pure charcoal. I was in the hospital for 5 days and just got out now. I’m on pills for my stomach I can’t eat anything yet and I have anemia. None of it was worth it. My family was in shock and I did it on my dads birthday. I was lucky I didn’t have organ damage. The total amount of pills could have done some serious damage to me. There’s always a way out. I thought it was impossible once but even the word impossible says I’m Possible. Your special and unique no matter who you are. You are amazing and loved. And you have so much to achieve.

Comment by Chris
2012-05-22 11:45:40

I’ll tell you a suicid story and it to me i still want to die im just trying to figure out how..maybe caster beans or what not.. i went to the ER from drinking anti freeze and talking 80 tylnaol and i went on the kidney thing where they cleaned my blood now i have to do this 3 times a week and 4 hours a day. so i have to say to me if im going to die im choiceing my way. so please no remarks its my choice. im just saying what could happen to you if you try this..thanx.

Comment by john
2012-06-30 07:33:51

I suffer from CTE my head is pulling in a thousand directions I’ve loved had a headache for 4so months now the pain is unreal i sleep about an hour a night 2 weeks ago i had a gun in my mouth because i want the pain to go away my fiance stopped me and told the hospital she was my support system so the released me she put me in a hotel and basically left me here and now the thought of ending the pain are here again i dont know what to do.

Comment by AloneAllMyLife
2012-08-01 06:37:31

I never had anyone by my side.. my dad left us when i was 3.. i quit school when i was 17 so i can work and help my mom with the bills and all the rest, even though she never helped me with anything, no advices, no kind words when needed, no mother-love shown, none of that.. I met a girl last year in January, i thought she was the angel that was gonna save me from all this pain cause she always listened to me and always been by my side.. i loved her so much, i spent everything i had to get her a nice engagement ring and after she said yes, i worked until every muscle and bone in my body were numb to give her the wedding any girl would want. i was sleeping 6 hrs a night and working even 14-16 hours a day.. but its been more than a month now since she started breaking my heart and making me suffer really bad and she doesnt even care, not 0,5% .. no one to talk to, my mom doesnt care, she doesnt even wanna hear.. i have no one left.. im 22yrs old, 6’1 and about 155-160 pounds.. will 84 extra strong tylenols do the job? that is all i have right now..

Comment by josh
2012-08-14 11:59:07

new kid on the block ready to die from this cruel world everyday i work or see anyone i put a fake smile on making other people happy i had loved and had it totally crushed now im sitting in my room crying thinking and doing research of killing myself i feel sooo alone when you help people they leave your sit or dont care about you anymore im done im 22 yrs old weight 160 ready to die noone gives a crap if i pass away if i die either if i go to heaven or hell either way im welcome so someone im begging you tell me how to overdose a fit handsome guy cause he needs help to kill himself

Comment by popcorn
2012-08-28 09:08:46

im so sorry to here you feel this way. i know exactly how you feel, because im going through
something similar. i know you feel like no one cares, but they do. i care as well! im 16, and
i am working on my way to overcome my depression. i understand what it feels like to want
to die, ive spent a lot of time thinking about that. but guess what? theres hope!

Comment by caitlynn
2012-08-19 07:29:39

I took 5 pills last night since my headache wont go away. Is that too much? (It was all in the same hour)

Comment by Tyler
2012-08-20 13:49:07

What could happen if say someone took 10 pills of the equate tylonal? Could it be fatal or not harmful at all?

Comment by Mary
2012-08-23 17:46:05

Ive been taking any where from 5g to 15g of Tylenol for the last six weeks and so far nothing has happened. The lowest I took in a day was 5 g and the largest dose was 26g. I really want to just end it all and I know it’s a bad way to go but I think I deserve it. I read if you took higher than normal doses you can also have liver failure and I’m waiting for that to happen. I think the only reason I haven’t taken like 100 pills at once and ended it all is I don’t really want m family to know I killed myself. I know they will blame themselves and it’s not their fault. I just not take it anymore. I’m such a mess up and I’m tired of disappointing them and havin everything go wrong in my life. I hoping my liver fails soon and that they won’t know that I caused it to happen. I don’t know how much longer it will take. So far today I’ve taken 2g every hour for the last 6 hours and am about to take another 2g. I’ve been changing how I take it. Before I would take 4g every 4 hours.
It’s hard to believe that you can’t trust what they say about 7g could cause liver failure cause for at least the last two weeks I’ve been taking 7g in the morning and 7g at night and nothing has happened so far.
I don’t know if anyone else has tried what I’m doing right now. I’m sorry for writing this but I wanted to tell someone. I know what I’m doing is wrong but the fact everything will soon be over gives me more peace than I’ve had for a long time. I spend everyday now waiting and hoping for signs and symptoms of liver or kidney failure and proof that I might soon die.

Comment by Hcoo
2012-08-27 21:05:38

I was manic depressive until i turned 20, I hated everything there is about this world.I was beating as a child, yelled at everyday by parents for small things, poor as hell and picked on by rich kids So I ate both times a bottle of tylenal pm,technically died 2x on the table. Spent time in a ward, that didnt help, meds no help either. What helped me was the fact of realizing that after those attempts I wasnt supposed to die, atleast not yet. Now Im so regretful that I did that because my life had turned completely around. I live in Hawaii niw with a family and a wife that loves me more than life itself. A awesome career and now a semi pro body boarder. Only thing is that my kidneys are damaged and hurt everyday from it. I am living proof that no matter how bad it is for you it will get better. You wont know how or when but it will get better, as long as you have patients and be smart enough to realize that good things come in weirdest way. Listen to the experienced, you will be mad that you missed out on all the good things.

Comment by tiffani
2012-09-14 10:46:45

Ok, here is my dilemna… In the last 3 years I have been diagnosed with COPD, Sleep Apnea, Depression, Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, Advanced degenerative disc disease, spinal arthritis, spinal stenosis, anterior and posterior rupture of S1 L5, 2 Hernia repairs, Chronic migraines, Restless Leg Syndrome and now unexplained stomach pains… I am 42 years old and could care less if I wake up every morning! I just got back from the dr because of coughing and pain and was put on antibiotics and prednisone… AGAIN! I am ready to down a bottle of tylenol just to get my dr to help me, she will not give me anything narcotic for pain because there are to many people out there that abuse it! Thanks to all you idiots that get it and don’t need it and just sell it for the extra cash because of you there are people suffering! DUMBASSES! Hope you can sleep at night knowing you will be the reason for my suicide!

Comment by cryforhelp
2012-09-14 19:15:16

I’m 16 a cheerleader, in jrotc, as well as a police explorer and honor student I have so much ahead of me butive been having suicide thoughts since the 7th grade I’ve cut my self before and even took 6 pills when I was a freshmen but nothing happend I believe ihave bipolar disorder and I’ve been suffereing from insomnia for a course of a year I’m considering take as many pills tonight and just get things over with, I realy don’t know what to do. And I have no one to talk to

Comment by Icanrelate
2012-09-19 21:34:39

Talk to a teacher or school counselor really anyone that you trust. It might seem like you have no one to talk to, but I’ve learned that if you reach out to one of your friends or even a teacher they are normally willing to listen and help you through what’s bothering you.

Comment by jari
2012-10-18 16:29:13

Hi I m 30 years old,i have had such a horrible last two years and just got colon cancer i have taken 14 Tylenol extra pills in one sitting will that seriously harm me

Comment by Tristan
2013-01-02 02:17:52

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.
-Robert Frost

Comment by Layla
2012-09-18 12:10:06

To those seeking the answer for how many to take to ensure your suicide attempt is successful .. Take my word for it.. This is no guaranteed way to go and recovery from what you’ve done to yourself is a horrible experience.. I was 16, had always had suicidal tendencies, one night a very fast decision to ‘be done with it’ came about. I just looked in the kitchen cabinet and found a wholesale bottle (unopened) containing 500 tylenol.. I got a drink and took mouthfuls until I couldn’t physically swallow anymore.. They were backing up in my throat. I got very close to the bottom of the bottle.. Estimated about 400 had been ingested. I went to bed and a few hours later I was vomiting.. Ambulance came, emergency professionals had no mercy during the insertion of the tube they RAM up your nose and down to your stomach.. (I’d say they didn’t want to see me back there again for the same reason..) once said tube was in place and charcoal had been pumped in.. The next few hours were spent projectile vomiting the black substance all over the room.. Hell of a mess! Then the next 17 days spent in ICU with that tube still there while they gave me some kind of medicine through it every few hours for weeks to try to salvage my liver. Months in a mental ward and ineffective in trying to convince them it was an accidental overdose.. The man yelled at me and said I’d taken enough pills to kill an elephant.. If this sounds like a good time to you go for it! I’m living proof that this is nowhere near a guarantee of a method of suicide. I’m 32 now.. Figured since that didn’t work when I was 16 that I would just stay out of the business of suicide. In the 16 years since then I have discovered passion in playing music and singing, I’ve given birth to the most awesome person on the planet.. I have had the time of my LIFE and have LOVED more than humanly possible. I’ve done some things I didn’t think were possible and, well.. Let’s just say the last 16 years have been far better than my first 16 years. I can understand exactly how you feel when you’re barking up the suicide tree.. Give your life a chance. Give yourself a chance… And take my word for it.. A bowl of Tylenol for breakfast is no way to spend the next few months of your life.. Worse case scenario (since death is unlikely) you get long term liver damage.. And right when you’re enjoying life finally and have much to live for BAM! Here comes what you wished for all those years ago.. Liver failure.. And death. Living through the attempt made me mad at the time.. But nowhere near as mad as I’m going to be with my younger self as my older self is dying from liver failure.

Comment by Zeek
2012-09-20 14:10:05

Im about to take 5 extra strength tylenol pills. Will that be enough to die? Im 15 and i weigh 143 lbs

Comment by dj
2012-09-22 18:56:09

I was thinking about overdosing with Tylenol and Advil together

Comment by bon
2012-10-10 20:49:46

i took over 100 tylenol and over 70 benadry. what will happen

Comment by Sandy
2012-10-24 09:15:42

I took about 20-25 Migrane strength pills and Tylenol PM. Not enough to kill me apparently. But my stomach hurt so bad. I couldn’t sleep all nite. Finally in the am I called my doc and he told me to go to the er. I went, I was there for about 5 hours before they finally gave me something for my stomach. They told me that the tylenol was not at a toxic level but my liver enzymes were a little high but nothing to worry about. I have tried to commit suicide many times by cutting my wrists. I am not proud of doing any of this. I just wish I could find my way in life to be happy. I struggle a lot. I do have faith and I really try turning to my religion when I feel down but when you are in that bad place in your mind and feel like it’s time to die, it’s hard to process what you should do to avoid hurting your self. I’ve not been successful so I guess it’s not my time to die. I’ve read most of what is on this board and I am saddened by just how many people feel the way I do. We’ve all got to find that “something” that makes us happy. I think we are entitled to live a good life like everyone else – we just need to find our way. Take the time to figure this out for yourself – whether it be cutting or popping pills, there is no easy way out of this world – it is painful.

Comment by ddp
2012-11-12 12:01:03

I took 250 Tylenol PM 500 mg’s when I was 19. I did it in a hotel bathroom. I had it pre planned and blocked out all my thoughts and swallowed them with a gallon of water. It was the hardest most , depressing thing I have ever done in my life. After swallowing them my heart was beating really hard and fast because I knew my life was about to be over. I proceeded to go lay in the bed. I was sharing a hotel room with someone at the time, and they were already asleep. I went to lay down thinking I would never wake again. My heart was pounding and I made myself fall asleep. I honestly had no idea I would live past this.

I woke up in the hospital 4 days later when I regained consiousness. I couldnt speak and was confused when I opened my eyes. I swore I was dead and realising what happens after death. I was completly convinced I was dead. I felt really sick my stomach hurt worse than anything I ever felt before and all I wanted to do was empty my body of its contents . They had stripped me naked and I was in a blue gown. I was wondering where my underwear and bra were and felt embaressed. I had a cathadar in me so I wouldnt pee the hospital bed. I was told they had to wash me with a cloth, and that I deficated in the bed and the nurses had to clean all that up as well. Just then I felt humilated and angry that I was still alive, my plan failed and I ended up in a worse situation than I was to begin with.

My friend told me she woke up in the hotel to me falling off the bed and puking violently and shaking, so she called the ambulance. They put me on a stretcher and took me out of the hotel, with me puking everywhere and on everyone while unconsious. She said I was fighting , kicking and punching the air so they had to tie down my arms and legs . I puked on all the paramedics and nurses in the hospital. I continued fighting the air as if I was in a nightmare where I was trying to save my life . The doctor at the hospital administered an antidote , and pumped my stomach. I was in a coma for four days, and they were trying to order a new liver from Africa and had my name on a list. Luckily I never needed the liver, but to this day I have had liver problems, among many other problems. Anxiety, stress, alot of health problems, and the worst of them all is the memory that all this happened and wondering why i would be so stupid to do something like that, and how fortunate I am to be alive. I still have times where I can taste the pills in my mouth, it makes me feel sick. I cant swallow pills anymore without wanting to throw up. I have horrible flash backs, and cry from it all the time. I hate that I did what i did, and wish I would have found a better way to deal with what was going on at the time, rather than trying to end my life.
Things can get better with time , you never know what the future will bring. I thought I would be stuck in the same place and situation forever, but all it took was getting up and changing my life. Moving to a new place without caring what might go wrong because once your to the point in life that you wish you were dead, nothing can be any worse. So why not move to a new state and start over . try a fresh start and see what the future brings. You could meet someone the next day that makes your life worth living. You never know what tomorrow brings , you just need to change what it is that makes your life miserable and give a new life a chance. Your lucky enough to have made it onto this earth, out of all the millions of sperm, you were the one that succeded. Make the best out of it , you wont have the opportunity again.
I believe everything happens for a reason, and that I didnt die for a reason. Im so thankful every day to the doctor that saved my life, and for my friend calling the ambulance. my life is nothing like what it use to be, ive moved on from the past, and moved to a new state and started a new begining. It wasnt the ideal life at first but it got better, all it took was meeting one new person to make my life worth living.

Comment by MisunderstoodGirl
2012-11-15 04:07:38

I have been thinking about over dosing for quite some tim now, People just don’t understand me…I first started getting depressed around the time my parents split. I moved with my Mother and then I started a new school, Yeah I made some friends and Aqaintences but it got hard when people judged me about my appearance it really put me down so I started Starving myself and Forcing my self to Vomit and I barely drank. I still do barely eat My Friends and Family have noticed aswell. I’ve tried Cutting to see if helped with the pain but it didn’t. Then I saw this Boy, Brodie I’ve liked him for a Nearly 2 years now and it has excalated into love even though I haven’t spoken to him 6 months ago he got a girlfriend And they’re always so happy it shatters my heart to see them. I read articles about Over dose, So I want to do it, I just don’t want to overdose and Have it not kill me. I couldn’t bare see the disappointment on my Fathers face. I’m Broken and Need to find a way out of this mess. Is Overdosing the right answer for me because I just don’t think I can handle all this. :’( Sincerly MisunderstoodGirl

Comment by shayy
2012-11-26 17:11:15

I took 12may 13 pills of tylenoll two day later o staryed vommiting n bteathing acting up went to the doctor nov 21 they took xrays of my stomach in heart everything came back fine so what should I do now but I did not tell them I have overdosed though

Comment by wth
2012-12-10 06:44:50

You guys are all idiots. Dying by tylenol is a horribly painful way to go. I overdosed slightly from tylenol 3 by accident because of a painful condition I had. That pain from the od was liked being shanked under the ribs repeatedly. And I didnt take a whole shitload either. Dying by liver failure=dying from muliple organ failure include heart failure which last I checked….hurts like a bitch. You teenagers have some stupid idea in your head that your going to go to sleep peacefully and die and maybe some of you will. But not all of you. This is one of the more painful ways to go. Not very good odds but okay,MAYBE some of you will ‘go to sleep’. All of you will shit your pants when you die. Id bet money on it. Very romantic. *rolls eues* Very selfish more like…

Comment by messi
2012-12-12 21:02:42

ok.i took.about 5 500g pills and its been 2 days now i have this really bad headache does anyone have any advice please im only 14

Comment by Lizz
2012-12-13 17:03:34

This is probably too late. Since this was posted a few years back.. But I’ve taken 33 acetaminophens so far.. I’m still taking them.. But getting sleepy. It’s only 7:00 and both of my parents are home. I’ve prayed and prayed an I just want to go to heaven. So bad. I can take it here any more. I’m so depressed. I’ve attempted suicide twice. The first time I took only 12 tylenols and just woke up the next morning throwing up. The second I swerved off the road in my expedition goin into a ditch, and nothing happened… I feel ashamed that I’m doing this again and leaving my family behind.. I hate myself honestly.. But I love the Lord with all of my heart and I know I should try to hold on, but I’m just ready to leave.. But my question is, I’m feeling sleepy… If I go to sleep is it possible I won’t wake up? I’m scared, lost, have no one I know to talk to…. I don’t know anymore

Comment by stephen
2012-12-15 18:10:19

i have 130 tylenol extra strength will that kill me.

Comment by Karley
2013-02-25 19:54:43

I took 30 tylenol one night and i threw up and went through all the symptoms i lived a week later i took 60 tylenol and i went to the hospital but i never told them about overdosing i was too ashamed i just dont get how i lived and im wondering if anyones ever had any long term serious effects from this luckily im never overdosing again.

Comment by allen bishop
2013-06-23 03:06:17

Could taking 500mg do any harm to someone who weighs 83 to 87lbs. My fiance is 20 yrs old that’s why I ask

Comment by Pyrill86
2013-10-08 23:23:55

What kind of long term damage would be caused if I took a whole bottle of extfa strength Tylenol along with a small bottle of allergy pills that make you drowsy? I did that last year just to insure I actually died but I ended up unconscious for 3 days. Since then I really haven’t felt like myself. I have a feeling thereis possible brain damage somewhere along with surviving cause sense then everything just seems so fuzzy and I have absolutely no drive about myself with anything anymore not even with my old hobbies it seems like. I’m not planning on trying again or nothing. I know someone will just end up calling the hospital again so it’s a waste of time but I really would like to know what kinda damage has been done.

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