Tylenol Overdose – What Can Tylenol Overdose Do To You?

Drug overdose is an accidental or intentional use of medicine or drug in an amount higher than what should normally be used or is prescribed by the doctor.

Accidental drug overdose may happen due to misuse of prescription or commonly used medications like pain relievers, cold remedies etc.

Symptoms for each drug overdose differ depending on the drug taken. In this article we will discuss dealing with Tylenol overdose Acetaminophen is the generic name for Tylenol.

This drug is very common, used to pain reliever. Overdose of Tylenol or Acetaminophen can cause liver damage. The symptoms of Tylenol overdose include nausea and vomiting, appetite loss, tiredness, paleness, and sweating.

The second stage of symptoms of Tylenol overdose points towards liver failure and may include abdominal pain and tenderness, swelling in the liver, and some blood tests for liver enzymes.

If the overdose symptoms go unattended beyond second stage, which is not common at all, but if it does then during the last stage, liver failure advances and the patient is likely to become jaundiced. The common symptoms are yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes.

The patient may also experience kidney failure, bleeding disorders, and in extreme circumstances even swelling of the brain. Cases have come to light where teenage children have not felt the need to inform parents and have gone ahead and bought their own medicine from a nearby store and have taken the overdose of Tylenol. These children are hardly aware of what they are doing to themselves and what after all are they getting into.

One child took three times the dose generally prescribed and went to sleep and never regained consciousness. Meaning, Tylenol Overdose in extreme situation can even be fatal. We also need to be aware that Tylenol particularly proves to be toxic when combined with alcohol.

If teens or even adults are mixing the two to reduce pain or are trying to help themselves relax, they may be doing serious, potentially lethal, damage to their bodies. In majority of the cases victims of Tylenol overdose recover without long-term effects, there can be serious consequences.

Tylenol overdose can cause the failure of major organ like the liver, which may sometimes result into failure of whole systems like the respiratory or circulatory systems. In some cases patients who survive drug overdose may require to go through liver transplant, or continued care as a result of heart failure, stroke, or coma.

As discussed earlier overdose can also result in death, especially if treatment does not begin immediately. The best way to deal with Tylenol overdose is by taking the patient to the doctor right away. What you have to realize is that you cannot afford to go for self-medication or home remedy and complicate the situation further.

The doctor knows best what kind of treatment should the patient be given to get out of the situation unscratched. If the patient is feeling breathless or some such situation exists which needs immediate attention and care, the same should be informed to the doctor over the phone and arrangements should be made to either call the doc at home or reach the patient to the hospital. Tylenol overdose need not be taken lightly.

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