What Harm Can Excess Carbohydrate Cause?

September 30th, 2007 by | Category: Nutrition and Diet

It is not the fat in the foods we eat but, far more, the excess carbohydrates from our starch- and sugar-loaded diet that is making people fat and unhealthy. If you or people in the family or friend circle are experiencing any of the below mentioned symptoms, the possibility is that may be the excess carbohydrates in your body is responsible for symptoms like gaining weight, fatigue and feeling sleepy all the time, depression, fog like feeling in the brain, low blood sugar, and high blood pressure etc.

It’s a fact that we all need a certain amount of carbohydrates. The carbohydrates that we get through grains, potatoes, sweets and other starchy and sugary foods, is far too much than our we need and body’s capacity to store it. This excess carbohydrate simply gets converted, via insulin, into fat and gets stored in the adipose or fatty tissue.

The foods that are marketed to us are focused too much on bread, cereal, pasta, corn (corn is grain for your information and not a vegetable), rice, potatoes etc. All these have grave consequences on our health. And as if all this was not enough already, that most of these carbohydrates we consume or are marketed to us are available in the form of processed food.

All this affects insulin in our body. Insulin is a hormone, which stores the excess calories from carbohydrates in the form of fat. Finally Insulin is responsible for all those bulging stomachs and fat rolls in thighs and chins.

High insulin levels affects functioning of two other important hormones adversely – Glucagons and Growth hormones. These burn fat and sugar and help muscle development. Insulin from excess carbohydrates promotes fat, that deteriorates body’s ability to lose that fat.

The disadvantages of consumption of excess carbohydrate do not end there. Besides the above it also affects our immune system adversely. This leads to allergies and a host of digestive disorders. It can cause depression also. Excess consumption of carbohydrate can also result in life threatening diseases like cancer and diabetes.

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Comment by monica
2009-03-04 02:28:15

kulang yung explanation can you broaden the discussion of the topic to make it more reliable and and comprehensive…

Comment by pearsall
2010-02-23 20:04:17

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Comment by dudette
2010-08-12 00:33:12


Comment by Shannon
2010-08-22 17:09:38

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Comment by Emmileen
2010-08-22 17:12:00

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Comment by Vishvesh
2009-09-07 06:35:39

I too got bulging stomach gotto go 4 low carbs 4m tomorrow thnx 4 info

Comment by Vishvesh
2009-09-07 06:37:48

Carbs n sugar suck every1 gotto throw them n high protein gonna rock keep ya luk n see vh1 ha!

Comment by Pia
2010-05-21 20:31:09

School, sucks esspically when you have to do silly nuietrian projects, in home ec, what a silly subject.

Comment by Queeny
2011-07-03 11:20:27

Complete BS information

Comment by Kehinde Owolabi
2011-07-31 11:12:49

what is the remedy for someone had eat excess of cabonhydrate.

Comment by keishaface
2012-07-31 12:01:22

kehinde take more of foods dat r rich in fibre and inside of d normal rice u can alwys go for ofada rice(local rice) n inside of d normal yam flour u can go for wheat….wheat n ofada rice r low in carbohydrate…..i hope dis helps

Comment by Verene
2011-08-01 06:39:31

lol!! carbohydrates are good

Comment by Jackson
2011-10-10 18:26:04

Carbohydrates don’t make you fat, fat makes you fat. Duh…

Comment by Vicki
2012-01-10 11:43:03

Jackon, carbs are converted to glucose.. Excessive glucose is then converted to Glycogen, stored in the body as a deposit, which leads to the weight gain.. fats arent necessarily making people “fat” as the nutrient fat is used to protect organs such as the liver and heart by giving it a wall of “padding”. Obviously having too much adds on to weight gain.. but majority of weight gain is due to too much simple carbohydrates which are sugars and junk food.

Comment by Jigaboo
2011-10-25 09:45:17


Comment by sue
2011-11-17 05:31:00

this is a fab article!! thank you ever so much chick! i love this site and i will fulfill the commitment of visiting it EVERY day!! oh believe me, i will!! dont forget – excess on carbohydrates is bad baby!!!! now im off to count my calories!! over and out. mwah!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love you guys!!!

Comment by Jeremiah
2011-11-17 05:32:20

OH MOY BUH!!!! what way you performin buh!??! sure away get a life ffs countin your calories like!! what way you gettin on lmao!! im pure mortified for you!!!

Comment by Sue
2011-11-17 05:34:00

excuse me deary, no need for that language now.. ok darling? i do have a life and i enjoy every minute of it and counting calories is a great hobby of mine! thank you very much! god bless you Jeremiah. toddles! mwah babes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Comment by Sugar Free Diet Kit
2012-09-16 07:38:54

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