Why Does My Back Ache?

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Your back aches usually from a spasm of the muscles, which supports spine. Backache is a very common problem amongst both men & women. There are many factors responsible for causing a backache.

Some common reasons are:

Muscle strain; poor posture; fractures; viral infection; women suffering gynecological problems; infection of kidney or bladder; too much pressure on a nerve root; tumors; osteoporosis; bacterial infection; arthritis and stress or trauma.

The doctor will diagnose the reasons for your backache after performing several tests on you. A blood test is required. Plus X-ray of spine, CT scan or MRI can also be required depending upon the seriousness of the issue.

It’s one of the most threatening problems a person can have and can become chronic if left unattended. Since it affects your mobility, which is a basic requirement of anybody’s survival, it can jeopardize your life in a big way.

To prevent backache you should take some precautions like; Do not use your back to lift babies, heavy boxes or cartons etc. Avoid putting any pressure on your back. Use muscles of your arms and legs instead.

Nutritional supplements that may help reduce backache include Trypsine and Chymostrypsin, DPA (D Phenylaline) Is believed to relieve pain by decreasing the enzymes that break down endorphins. Proteolytic enzymes may help in reducing inflammation and swelling.


Vitamin B1, B6, B12 may prevent recurrences of common back ache. Herbs that have medicinal properties and can help reduce or prevent back ache are Willow Bark, Devil’s Claw, Ginger, turmeric, Eucalyptus etc.

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Comment by tess
2007-01-24 19:30:43

Hi. My back ache’s during the night and in the morning, its around my lower
back do you have any ideas why?

Comment by Purity
2010-05-19 00:00:08

Hey? I have the same problem and mine is due to the chair used in my office look for comfortable chaires while working to avoid back aching problems

Comment by Molly Lunn
2012-09-24 23:50:44

This is happening to me, some chairs arn’t comfy epically the ones at school. When I have science I’m glad because I get to sit on a stool but I still don’t know wkhat the pain is??

Comment by katijha
2012-10-06 03:34:34

maybe u r not adapted by the back of the chair.perhaps its not comfortable for u

Comment by katijha
2012-10-06 03:24:23

perhaps ur sleeping posture is not good.do u sleep on ur belly?

Comment by Purva Mewar
2007-01-25 07:36:41

Are you over-weight? My sister-in-law had this problem and when she consulted the physician he advised her to lose weight. If you are not overweight, check out if it’s because of the wrong chairi you are using in the office, especially while working on the computer. There could be so many reasons behind back ache like, Unaccustomed strain on the back, pregnancy, strained ligament etc. It would be very difficult for me pin point the exact reason for your backache. At the same time I’d also like to suggest, that do not take backache lightly. It affects in the long run.
Please do not take painkillers for temporary relief. Please see a doctor.

Comment by deeba
2008-02-12 14:29:50

back ache may also be due to some gynaecological problems…..may be some kind of infections like chlamidia infection etc..it may also be because of pregnancy and also muscle spasm….may be also due to disc problems..
better to see the doctor immediately..

Comment by shamsul haq
2010-05-04 02:36:38

I am 42 , have been suffering form back ach sine a week . I really dont know the reason what i Know is i had taken mosigar syrup .I also sitt infront of my pc . I feel it right side near my hipps up my right hipps . dont know what to do ple tell me any body

Comment by katijha
2012-10-06 03:25:49

dear i think that the cause for back ache is the WRONG chair.
try to use the right type of chair n tell me if u r better

Comment by Lucinda Peters
2011-03-30 19:54:24

My name is Lucy, I find the back ache comes when the quality of my sleep is not good.
It is very debilitating and really affects all areas of my life.
If I have back ache I am just not happy, in pain and discomfort, so I crave
a descent night’s sleep! Absolutley sure it is muscular because the ache
goes away when the sleep is good but then returns the following day.

Comment by Lizzie
2011-05-18 21:48:54

My back aches for three-four days once every 2-5 weeks. It’s very odd. Just randomly; it will begin to ache. Any suggestions? My posture is rather horrible; but I’m not overweight, I eat healthily and I do lots of sports. It becomes quite serious and it only stops aching when I lay flat on the floor (hard to do in the middle of school). Any suggestions?

Comment by katijha
2012-10-06 03:26:36

u ask a question n give its answer all by urself.dear,if ur posture is horrible,then thats the cause

Comment by Rebecca
2011-06-28 12:19:02

im 14 and i sometimes get back ache ihave no idea why but it really hurts, if anyone nos what the cause could be please let me know thanks

Comment by Daniel
2011-07-01 12:34:13

I have the same thing as Rebecca… Im 14 and randomly get these throbbing back aches as if gas just released in my back, it soon goes away a couple hours later but its a pain in the…back :P I would love if anyone had some thoughts. I have terrible posture and the same am lizze, but not overwieght and do swim team, fencing etc…

Comment by katijha
2012-10-06 03:27:54

am 15 n hav the same prob since 2 days.
it pains like hell n when i sleep it relieves.
i went to the doctor n he told me that i have to get a gud posture or else things will worsen

Comment by katijha
2012-10-06 03:30:56


Comment by katijha
2012-10-06 03:37:46

hey daniel,u say that its like gas is realised in ur back,dear,i got the same prob years ago n when i visited the doctor,he said that i had gastric prob.does ur stomach pain at times.
if is does then visit a doctor because its not ur back that is paining but ur stomach is and it is releasing gas in ur back.this can be an awful experience because it hurts like hell.If u have heart burn(stomach pain)then rest assured,u shud only eat healthy food on TIME

Comment by DP
2012-10-28 19:51:25

I have a sister who had the same problem because she wore these really skinny tight jeans
So try to wear a little loose pants n see how it goes :)

Comment by Rachelle
2011-08-19 19:54:04

my back is aching too, like Rebecca’s. and I’m only 13. I have a bad posture and whenever I stand, I need something to lean on because of my back. I went to the Hospital last Tuesday and then the Doctor said I need to have a proper posture or else, this might lead to some serious thing. :(

Comment by Arthur
2011-09-01 21:03:01

Hi I’m 13 and have been hurting for 3 years now. Non stop. I’m not joking. Do you have any suggestions?

Comment by Nayannah
2011-09-12 05:47:07


I am 24 years old, and i have back aches usually my lower back. I have seen a doctor and he said there was nothing to worry about, probably my posture since i type a lot on very uncomfortable chairs. I do a lot of dance and also have done Pilates and yoga as my doctor said it relieves back aches. However, the pain is still there… what do i do… sometimes it’s unbearable especially when i have my periods. Please provide suggestions. Thank you.

Comment by katijha
2012-10-06 03:20:48

dear nayannah,back ache is terrble at times,especially when u have ur menses.i never got it but i can understnd ur prob as my best friend was also suffering from this problem since long.
try to change ur chair and believe me it will stop.
most of the time,the cause for back pain is using the wrong chair,especially when u r on the pc.does ur bone in ur back ache?
i mean the vertebral column?

Comment by katijha
2012-10-06 03:32:11

ya,ur right,u have to change ur posture and CHAIR.till then take care☺☺☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻

Comment by Kitty
2011-12-10 00:03:56

I also have the same problem as Rebecca, except I’m 15. This has happened only twice but it still hurts. My lower back hurts whenever I move and then it goes away after a day. The only time it doesnt hurt is when I sit up straight. So I think it has to do a lot with having good posture, but I really have no idea.

Comment by katijha
2012-10-06 03:22:16

u r rite
am also fifteen and i have the same prob as u
i consulted a doctor n we found the cause

Comment by Hannah
2012-02-16 18:06:55

My back hurts alot all day in the middle area. It feels like the spine. I broke my hip 2 months ago and just started to run. It hurts all day, mostly when I bend my back in. Would anyone know why?

Comment by body aches all over no fever
2012-03-30 01:31:07

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Comment by abbey
2012-04-02 19:47:45

My back hurts a lot latey and i don’t know ifs its from stress or from my posture. its mostly in my shoulders and my neck. Its like a pinch or really bad pain do u know what it can be if so let me know thanx

Comment by Eilie
2012-08-04 23:19:52

I have back pain like the rest of you, but have seen a chiroprator. He couldn’t do anything.
Here’s what it’s like:
I am 13, and have pain in the small of my back. It’s been like this since the day before Veteran’s day, 2011. It started off as a large ache in my right hip, but in 20 minutes, my left hip hurt as well. It hurts more when I sit, and lessens when I lie down. This is not to say that the pain goes away. There are times when I have to call home for pain meds, times when I have to stand in class, and I get ice packs almost daily. I’m scared because the chiropractor said it was a stuck vertebrae. Since it’s the small of my back, it’s the Lumbar vetebrae. The problem? It could be internal fixation. I’m scared, it hurts, and I don’t know what to do. As I’m writing this it hurts, and I’m lying down! It prevents me from sleeping, running, I can’t function like a normal person. HELP!

Comment by katijha
2012-10-06 03:23:28

HELO every1
am fifteen and have been suffering from back pain for 2 days.
i noticed that its using the wrong type of chair

Comment by katijha
2012-10-06 03:33:33

usually when u have back pain,ur vetebral column aches like hell and if its the case for u guys then the cause is THE WRONG TYPE OF CHAIR.
believe me n change ur chair n go for a gud posture,u will c the change☻

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