Why Does My Back Ache?


Your back aches usually from a spasm of the muscles, which supports spine. Backache is a very common problem amongst both men & women. There are many factors responsible for causing a backache.

Some common reasons are:

Muscle strain; poor posture; fractures; viral infection; women suffering gynecological problems; infection of kidney or bladder; too much pressure on a nerve root; tumors; osteoporosis; bacterial infection; arthritis and stress or trauma.

The doctor will diagnose the reasons for your backache after performing several tests on you. A blood test is required. Plus X-ray of spine, CT scan or MRI can also be required depending upon the seriousness of the issue.

It’s one of the most threatening problems a person can have and can become chronic if left unattended. Since it affects your mobility, which is a basic requirement of anybody’s survival, it can jeopardize your life in a big way.

To prevent backache you should take some precautions like; Do not use your back to lift babies, heavy boxes or cartons etc. Avoid putting any pressure on your back. Use muscles of your arms and legs instead.

Nutritional supplements that may help reduce backache include Trypsine and Chymostrypsin, DPA (D Phenylaline) Is believed to relieve pain by decreasing the enzymes that break down endorphins. Proteolytic enzymes may help in reducing inflammation and swelling.


Vitamin B1, B6, B12 may prevent recurrences of common back ache. Herbs that have medicinal properties and can help reduce or prevent back ache are Willow Bark, Devil’s Claw, Ginger, turmeric, Eucalyptus etc.

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