A Glass of Hot Water After Meals May Reduce Cancer Risk

Drinking a glass of hot water after each meal may reduce cancer risk.

It’s a normal practice to drink water during or after meals. Different schools of thought go by different philosophies. Some suggest not drinking water during or after meal is not advisable as it dissolves enzymes and acids that are secreted to help digestion.

Drinking water 15-20 minutes after meals is considered ideal.

Some people who are dieting believe in drinking several glasses of water a little before meals. It reduces hunger and as a result the amount of food we would otherwise have eaten. Many such theories are doing the rounds all the time basically encouraging healthy life free of diseases and complications.

This is one such suggestion that promotes drinking hot water during and after meals. French and Japanese women follow this. The Chinese and Japanese drink hot tea with their meals…

Drinking Hot Water After Meals Reduces Cancer Risk

Let me explain how. Drinking cold water will solidify the oil part of the food we have eaten.

This will slow down the digestion process and when this sludge reacts with the digestive enzymes and acids will break down and will start getting absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food.

This lines the intestine.

The consequence is that this will turn into fats and leads to cancer. Therefore it is best to drink hot soup or warm water after a meal.

Cold water can also in extreme circumstances lead to heart attacks.

As we have our meals enzymes and acid secretions start and this process sort of warms up the body.

Drinking cold water is like attacking the body with an exactly opposite temperature.

Not only does the whole procedure of digestion gets interrupted or slows down, the body can also react in the form of a heart attack.

It does not always come after a pain in the right arm or pain in the chest.

So Warm Water Is the Way to Go to Keep off Cancer

Warm water keeps off the cancer makes sense and it doesn’t cost anything.

It Just calls for a change in habit.

In the beginning hot water doesn’t taste good but that’s simply because we have never had hot water as a routine.

Once we get used to it feels fine.


Drinking hot water first thing in the morning been the best solution for any stomach problems, and it would be better to start any meals with hot water as well.

Try to start your day with a glass of hot water after breakfast and if you want to loss some weight it would be better if you add some lemon juice as well.

You will get the best shape and skin tones as well especially if you are suffering from acne.

Lemon will clean up your liver and as a result you will have a very clean and bright skin tone without any acne or dark spots.

Moreover, drinking a cup of hot water after each meals doesn’t cost anything and it is very beneficial for your body as well.

The most important benefit of drinking a glass of hot water after each meals will reduce cancer risk as well.

So, just try it and you’ll see the result within very short period of time.

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