Afflictions, A Strange or Medical Condition

Afflictions are not often discussed they can be weird and strange and often dangerous to the person concerned that has the affliction. It is a rare condition more often seen in the mentally ill, it can also occur in a person who has brain damage, but even the most normal person can have an affliction.

A common affliction can be found among pregnant women who have strange cravings or children mostly from poorer areas. It is thought to relate to poor nutrition and it can be treated with mineral supplements.

Some of these afflictions can be eating or swallowing non edible items, stones, cigarette ash, coal, glue and even dangerous objects like pins or nails or other sharp objects. This affliction is called Pica in the medical world.

A very dangerous syndrome is called Riley – Day it is where the person has no feeling of pain and does not feel any injuries that may be afflicted on his person, burns, sprains, wounds of any description have no effect and are painless.

Many people are born with afflictions such as deformed limbs, in olden days these people were scorned and suffered many indignities from passers by. Today many of these deformities can be cured with surgery and people who possess deformed limbs are no longer looked on as strange beings.

There are many different types of afflictions to numerous for me to mention but many books have been written about the subject.

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