An Outing to the Dentists!

Do you just love going to the dentist? I must admit I’m not to keen myself, the drill frightens me to death even though it’s quite painless now.

I think my fear started as a school child, in those days many moons ago, the dentist came to the school. I used to beg my mom not to sign the form allowing him to treat me, but every time my name was called out and I was the next victim to visit him.

I was about nine and the nasty dentist said I needed a filling which filled me with fear, but I opened my mouth and he dived in with the dreaded drill.

Suddenly he drilled straight into the nerve and I jumped a mile as it was agony, he cursed as he moved the drill and nearly pulled the hair out my head.

It was caught up tight and in the end they just chopped a lump off my lovely long blonde hair.

That might be one of the reasons why I dislike visiting the dentist. Of course as a teenager I had to put aside my fears as who would love me if I went around with blackened teeth!!!

These days I think it is just the sound of the drill that makes me squirm even if I am just having my teeth cleaned. I would prefer to have a tooth removed any day to having a filling.

You have it made these days, every thing is painless and that chair is so comfortable you could go to sleep in it.

My grand children love a visit to the dentist it’s like an outing to them. And they never need telling to clean their teeth; in fact Josh who is three years old has developed a strange habit.

Every time he visits the toilet to do a number 2 he automatically washes his hands and then cleans his teeth. I had to buy him a toothbrush to use when he is with us, although he was quite content to use one of ours until I realized what he was up to.

Of course every thing is different now if you want to make an appointment you can expect to wait a month or more unless treatment is in progress. You might be in agony with toothache but if you get it looked at within three days or so you are very lucky. You can suffer or try these simple remedies.

Dab the tooth with a piece of cotton wool that has been soaked with oil of cloves, you can buy this at any chemist. It does the trick and quite often the toothache disappears altogether.

Another trick that worked for me when I had no oil of cloves in the house was this. I chewed a piece of chewing gum then took a bit off it and rammed it into the cavity, it was just like having a filling, the air couldn’t get to the tooth and it was a great filler until the dentist appointment.

Some people might advise you to crumble an aspirin and place that in your tooth but it is not an option and could be harmful to the nerves, never do this.

Of course dental care is a serious business and also an expensive one so I suppose we shouldn’t joke about these things, but sorry I couldn’t resist telling you my little tale.

Any future articles I will try to make it a little more serious.

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