Angina Pectoris

If you or anybody you know is experiencing pain or pressure in the center of chest, left neck, left shoulder, don’t dismiss the condition and instead take an appointment with doctor to get the symptoms checked as soon as possible. You could be suffering from Angina Pectoris which is a heart related symptom.

Prolonged condition going unchecked may result in irreparable complications later on.

The pain occurs in this case because of arteries blocked due to fat deposits and blood supply to hear muscles gets affected.

It should not be confused with heart attack because it is not as severe as the arteries are only partly blocked and not completely as it happens in heart attack.

IF this problem can be recognized at an early stage, heart attack can be avoided.

A person suffering from Angina Pectoris experiences sudden and sharp chest pain due to reduced supply of oxygen in the heart muscles.

This pain lasts for about ten to fifteen minutes; may be experienced every week; every month; every few months and so on depending on how severe is that condition.

Once a person rests the pain goes away and mostly in the beginning especially it does not given an impression of a situation which needs immediate medical attention. But the sooner one understands the underlying seriousness of problem the faster things can be brought under control.

Angina Pectoris mostly hits men and women above the age of fifty, men more than women.

Sometimes due to abnormal lifestyles that people are bound to lead in modern times, people are diagnosed with it much earlier.

Women, especially those trying to conceive, if they experience chest pain they should immediately get themselves checked with the doctor for any heart related complication that can complicate the pregnancy in a later stage and harm both the mother and the child.

The attack is mostly seen to affect post meals, over excitement, smoking, over exercising etc. People who are more likely to suffer Angina Pectoris are those who smoke or drink excessively, lead a sedentary life and have unhealthy eating habits.

This condition crops up mostly when the arteries shrink.

The pain sometimes is also seen to extend to left arm, breast bone; spreads to the left shoulder and down the upper arm; patient also complaints of increased pain when he exerts himself and finds it relaxing when he rests.

This condition is indicative of problem of arteries blocked by cholesterol plaque or any similar artery related problem.

Whenever arteries are not able to supply sufficient blood to the heart muscle, the person experiences pain in the chest, especially at the time when body demands increased supply of oxygen.

There are three types in this condition; stable angina; unstable angina; and variant angina.

Stable Angina attacks are mostly post exertion; unstable angina pectoris can crop up anytime, even when the individual is resting or not necessarily doing a physical exercise.

It is a situation that is indicative of a heart attack; if the situation is dismissed casually at early stages. And the last type variant angina attack is caused when the person is resting or in sleep.

Cases of pregnant women suffering cardiovascular disease are not very high, however necessary precautions should be to ensure that any condition that may disturbing the balance of demand and supply of myocardial oxygen is immediately brought to notice and corrected.

Symptoms to look out for include sudden chest pain; sweating; feeling weak; fainting; feeling numbness or tingling sensation; feeling nausea; if pain does not disappear in a few minutes etc.

Some of the features of Angina Pectoris in short are; arteries get narrowed down which reduce supply of blood to the heart; it’s a condition where blood flow to the heart is temporarily blocked; where no fear of permanent damage to the arteries or heart muscles is there; it can be cured with medication; pain does not last more than fifteen minutes; it occurs when person over exerts; when person rests the symptoms like sweating etc subside; changes in lifestyle can help one control the situation.

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