Are Blood Sugar And Cancer Linked?

An early study by Swedish research group found that women who had blood sugar were at an increased risk of getting cancer than those who did not have blood sugar.

It found that whether or not women had diabetes, with blood sugar the risk of getting cancer was more as compared to people who did not suffer blood sugar.

But later with more researches it was found that men and women both were at an increased risk of getting some typical types of cancer if they had sugar. Cancers like, pancreatic cancer, urinary tract cancer, and the most dangerous form of skin cancer, malignant melanoma. People with high blood sugar are more likely to be affected by it than those with no or low blood sugar levels.

So if people can make an effort to keep their blood sugar level under control then automatically their risk of getting cancer reduces.

Par Stated, MD, PhD of Sweden’s Umea University Hospital who was part of this research group invited people in various age groups (40, 50 and 60 year old) to study whether sugar, diabetes, smoking and cancer were linked.

Approximately 64000 people is northern Sweden accepted to be a part of this research. All these participants were nonsmokers without diabetes or a history of cancer, baring 1400 people who had a history of non-melanoma skin cancer.

After begin enrolled into the research these participants were given two blood tests. One after fasting and second after intake of sweet (sugary) drink. The result was found to be normal in both tests.

This group of men and women were observed and followed for 8 years. And some significant results that the research group arrived at were; that women with high level of sugar were more likely to have cancer than women with low sugar in their blood;

Endometrial cancer was more common in women with the highest blood sugar levels, compared with those with the lowest blood sugar levels; Breast cancer was more common for women below 49 with high blood sugar levels, when compared with women who had low blood sugar levels.

It was found that the study had certain limitations also. There was nothing that proved that high blood sugar levels cause cancer or that normal blood sugar levels prevent it.

It has always been very difficult, almost impossible sometimes to pin point the exact reason for being diagnosed with cancer. A complex mix of genetic and lifestyle reasons are also likely to affect cancer risk.

When the research was conducted on people, the group did not take a note of diet, exercise routine and other habits of the participants.

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