Avoid Free Radicals to Prevent Getting Cancer

How to avoid getting cancer?

Cancer is one of the ugliest words for most people because almost everybody has someone in the family, friends, relatives and … who is involved with cancer or passed away because of it. I personally have lost some of my loved ones because of cancer. My grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt and …

I think I am personally at risk because the genetic background is one of the most important risk factors.

If you have a genetic background which makes you more vulnerable or even if you don’t have such a genetic background, you should avoid many things to Avoid getting cancer. If you do that, you not only will avoid getting cancer but will enjoy your life more because most of these things that you have to avoid, seem good but are not really good and helpful.

Some of the cancers have become more common recently. The reason is clear. It is because of the several different toxic and chemical materials around us. Things that were supposed to help us to have warmer homes, have killed many of us by causing lung cancer.

You may know what I am talking about: Zonolite.

So one of the most important things to prevent getting cancer is avoiding anything which is not natural. Unfortunately there are a lot of them around us everywhere. Some of the toxic molecules called free radicals can easily damage our cells at the molecular level and change our nice and friendly cells to tumor cells.

You can find these toxic molecules in house hold chemicals, preservatives on our food, air pollution, stress, sun light, partially hydrogenated oils and all the things that are not natural.

So to prevent getting cancer the rule number one is avoiding chemicals and everything that is not natural:

  • Narrow the using of the detergents and aromatics in your house. Most of them are toxic and carcinogen. Unfortunately they affect people’s body in long term. I say “unfortunately” because they cause cancer in people after a long time and so it is hard to prove that they are the cause of the cancers. So nobody prevents the companies to produce such products BUT people should avoid them themselves.
  • Avoid conserved foods. They all have pesticides substances and preservatives. These substances are used for keeping the foods for a long time but are harmful for your body.
  • If you live in a highly polluted city, you should move to another city if you can. Most of you will say you can not because of your career, your children schools and … . Ok! So stay in that city and wait for the cancer to knock the the door one day!
  • If you have a stressful job or living condition, you should be careful and try to change the conditions as soon as possible. Stress and depression not only create free radicals in your body but can suppress your immune system and these two factors can easily increase the risk of cancer. Free radicals affect normal cells and covert them to cancerous cells and a suppressed immune system can not prevent cancerous cells to grow. What will be the result? Yes, tumors.
  • Sun light has a harmful ray: Ultra Violet or UV
    UV can cause genetic mutation in the cells and is one of the most important factors causing the skin cancer. Specially in the last few years that the ozone layer is damaged, UV has made more problems. Sun light is natural but when? When the ozone layer was intact and could prevent the UV to burn your skin but it seems it can not do it any more.
  • Eating partially hydrogenated oils or trans fats can not only kill you in long term but can make you fat at the meantime. So avoid them.

It seems we have to avoid anything which is not natural to have a cancer free life. All the above factors are like strangers to your body and can make irreversible changes on your body cells or your body shows harmful reactions against them.

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