Barring Bad Breath

Bad breath occurs because of the state of your oral hygiene and also your gastrointestinal health. Bacteria in your mouth and in your digestive tract cause those foul odors.

It’s called halitosis and it could be the bane of your life. It cramps your style socially and in business-like situations. So it’s not enough that you brush and floss regularly you also have to eat right.

When you can smell your own breath then it means you have halitosis. You can check this by blowing on your palm or using a handkerchief.

Common Reasons for Bad Breath

1- Gum disease

Gums that are infected or diseased with abscesses are the most common cause of bad breath. Chronic gastritis and sinusitis can affect the breath as well so the nose, throat, and stomach need to be checked if they have some chronic infection. Plaque build-up inside your mouth can cause bad odors.

2- Poor Diet and Bad Breath

Check your diet.

  • Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables?
  • Is your diet balanced with proteins and carbs?
  • Are you taking in sufficient quantities of fluids?
  • Do you floss and brush after every meal?
  • Did you know that you could chew on parsley and coriander or cardamom to fight bad breath?
  • Tea or tonic made from some herbs help to settle the digestive tract.
  • Also stock up nutritionally on vitamins D- and C-rich foods as they both create a hostile environment for bacteria.
  • So go for the yogurt and cheese as well as citrus fruits and berries. Vitamin C will also prevent gum disease, which in turn leads to halitosis.
  • Munch on carrots, and apples, and other fiber-rich foods.

Foods such as onion and garlic add to bad breath. Brushing and using a mouthwash will only be temporary measures to mask bad breath until the body eliminates the food.

Poor Dental Hygiene and Bad Breath

Particles of food remain in the teeth and on the tongue collecting bacteria so brushing and flossing after every meal is a must.

Clean your dentures also properly as it may also have bacteria and food particles. If the flow of saliva decreases in your mouth then your mouth becomes dry and causes halitosis.

Saliva cleans the mouth and eliminates particles that cause odor. If you are a smoker you are more likely to have bad breath as tobacco irritates the gum tissues.

Visit the dentist regularly and get your teeth cleaned and checked. If your dentist pronounces your mouth as being healthy but you still suffer from bad breath then ask your physician for a check up to determine any other causes such as medications you are on or any other illness.

Brush and floss regularly and clean your tongue as well. You can use mouthwashes but they only have a temporary effect. Your dentist may recommend specific antibacterial mouthwashes for you to rid your teeth of plaque. Consult your dentist about the use of advertised Halitosis Kits. Don’t use anything without checking first.

Eat right and brush and floss. And take treatment right away if you’re suffering from halitosis and bar bad breath from your life.

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