Beating Cancer the Killer Disease

Did you know that your doctor is not allowed to tell you about any herbal or natural products that could help you to beat the killer cancer.These are regulations set down by the drug companies and a doctor could lose his licence to practice if he was to tell you about any of these products.

Cancer has taken lives for generations with no known cure, it can be controlled to a certain extent in the early days with chemotherapy and other known drugs but it is not always a cure.

Cancer cells grow in the body and to have any hope of recovery these cells must be destroyed. Chemotherapy does destroy the cells but it also weakens your immune system which means the cancer cells can reoccur after a certain length of time.

Cancer sufferers will grab at any lifeline that gives them hope of recovery, especially if a doctor has set a time limit on the possible length of his life, so read about some of these minerals and natural health cures which could be your savior.

I do not have any medical expertise and these natural products have not been evaluated by the food and drug regulation but they have been proven to be highly effective in destroying cancer cells, the results of this mineral have been so impressive that if you wish to fight your cancer or to prevent it then it is your choice. This mineral may turn out to be one of the most powerful cancer cell killers, it is a remarkable volcanic mineral that has proven to be highly effective.

This volcanic mineral is called Zeolite, it comes in two forms, as a liquid or a powdered micronized Zeolite.

This mineral is a powerful detoxifier which improves the alkalinity of your body. It is listed as a cancer killer because of its ability to activate the P21 gene which tells the cancer cell to die and because it can literally destroy the nucleus of cancer cells.

The research shows that Cellular Zeolite works on the receptor sites, cell wall membrane proteins, and surface chemistry of the cancer cell only. It does not effect ordinary, healthy cells.

Zeolite is a remarkable product for cancer. It is non toxic, a great detoxifier, helps to improve pH levels, and the liquid Cellular Zeolite has that amazing 78% cure rate for advanced cancers. If the drug companies had drugs that would come anywhere close to this in effectiveness, they would have every doctor prescribing them for cancer. There’s no reason not take this powerful cancer fighter. It has been successfully used with chemotherapy and radiation.

You may wish to speak with your doctor or consultant about this mineral, if he has any knowledge on the subject he may discuss it with you, although he cannot prescribe it for you or actually tell you about it unless you approach him with your knowledge.

I have no connection with this website site I was just looking for information myself and it found it to be very informative.

Understanding A Recent Cancer Treatment – Biologic Therapy

Biologic therapy is known by many other names like, biologic agents, biological response modifiers (BRMs), or immunotherapy. Biologic therapy is a type of cancer treatment, which helps the immune system to function at its optimum with the help of substances or chemical formation produced or that occur naturally in one’s body. The therapy may either stimulate the patient’s body to produce more of the specific substance, or the therapy can also be the man-made version of that substance or chemical formation itself.

Body’s immune system helps to prevent disease including preventing cancer from developing or spreading further. Ad the ultimate objective of biologic therapy is to optimize this ability of natural defense to fight cancer.

It is considered that Biologic therapy stops or slows the growth of cancer cells in other parts of the body. Some biologics are used to help deal with the side effects of other treatments.

Biologic therapy can be given in several ways. Therapies may be given by mouth, into a vein intravenously or by injection, either under the skin or into a muscle. Biologic. If cancer has affected a particular spot or part of the body, it is also possible to give biologic therapies directly into a body cavity to treat a specific area that has been destroyed or is in the process of spreading.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approve some of these therapies, but several are still under trail or being tested in clinical trials. Whether or not to give biologic therapy to a cancer patient depends up on many factors like, the type of cancer and how far it has spread etc. Some patients in whom cancer has been diagnosed at an early stage may only need biologic therapy, where as others for whom cancer has spread or gone beyond stage two or two may have to take biologic therapy in combination with other therapies like chemo and radiation etc.

Though not many side effects of biologic therapy are known as it’s a relatively a recently developed cancer treatment, but still the most common side effects with biologic therapies include chills, fever, body aches, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and fatigue to name a few.

Side effects depend up on many things including doses and how the therapy is administered. Cancer patients may also experience a low blood pressure and may develop a rash or swelling at the injection area. Majority of the side effects of biologic therapy go away within 24-48 hours after treatment. The type of biologic treatment, it’s outcome and side effects depend up on the patient’s age, health and stage or his cancer.

People taking this treatment get themselves diagnosed and read every few weeks as per instructions from their doctors to find out if the treatment is working in patient’s favor or not – by way of measuring tumors and swellings before and after the treatment etc.

How Gene Therapy Can Work with Cancer?

Gene therapy is the delivery of genes to cells to replace missing or bad genes, which left unchecked lead to diseases like cancer. Cancer is caused by gene mutations so the theory is that gene therapy could help to replace some nonexistent function or make the damaged gene work. Tumor suppressor genes in cells stop cancers from forming but cancer cells carry defective copies of these genes. So by replacing these defective genes the cancer can be prevented.

Certain mutations of normal genes cause cancer cells to start dividing uncontrollably or help in spreading cancer cells to other parts of the body. Gene therapy would help to stop the functioning of these cells. Some genes help cancer cells become resistant to chemotherapy and these genes can be obstructed with gene therapy. The immune system can also easily detect and destroy cancer cells.

However, it is first necessary to discover which genes are missing or defective in order to treat a patient using gene therapy. This is where genetic testing comes in. Some gene tests have been developed to identify cancer-connected genes in the human body and the patient can know whether they have a genetic mutation or not.

This is the theory behind using gene therapy to fight cancer. In order to deliver the genes to the cells scientists are coming up with various techniques. Viruses that are suitable for gene therapy can be used to introduce the genes into the body. Another way to do this is to collect some of the tumor cells out of the body, add the working gene to them, and then replace them in the body. The same can be done with the immune system cells so that they are easily able to identify the cancer cells once back in the body.

Gene therapy has so far been used to treat genetic diseases but it is not available to the public as yet. Clinical trials are going on and volunteers can join a research study to further the work being done.

Cancer Cure Egg-ceptional Designer Chickens

 Roast chicken, boiled eggs, now a cancer cure. Every avenue is being explored in the search for cancer cures. Scientists have now revealed that our breakfast boiled egg is a step forward in the search.

Don’t worry your roast chicken dinner and breakfast boiled egg is not about to disappear due to this important find, it is slightly more complicated than that. We are talking about genetically modified chickens. Designer chickens genetically modified by researchers at the Roslin institute.

These researchers are the creators of Dolly the cloned sheep and they have now bred a flock of 500 designer chickens, the eggs from these chickens have been modified and are able to produce drugs that will fight cancer and other diseases that are life threatening. This could save the NHS thousands of pounds a year for each patient as the drugs can be mass produced at a fraction of the present cost.

ISA Browns is a common breed of hen that has had human genes added to their DNA, this means they are capable of producing complex medicinal compounds.

The human proteins which are in the whites of the egg are easily extracted to produce the cancer fighting drugs and other aids to serious illness. It is a unique discovery as the human genes are passed from one generation to another creating mass industrial use and an unlimited source of cheap medicinal proteins.

The chickens have been in created lines, one line produces human interferon, this resembles a drug used to treat multiple sclerosis, these drugs could be worth hundreds of millions pounds on the worldwide market. Another line could treat skin cancer and arthritis by producing the antibody miR24. Over seven million people are afflicted with arthritis in the UK.

It is said that the institute has created at least two other lines where the genetic eggs have the potential to produce drugs to fight cancer. They have at present bred five generations of chickens and they are all producing high concentrations of pharmaceuticals. Roslins research which is to be published tomorrow in the National Academy of Sciences where the scientists will describe how they extracted embryonic cockerels from hens, before the eggs had formed.

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