Bring Down Your Cancer Risk – Agenda For This Summer

Summers are already at the doorstep. Which means more time outdoors, more social activities such as family outings and picnics with friends. Let us also put this time to good use by taking an effort to reduce cancer.

The suggestion may sound slightly out of place to some of you but it’s not! In this article we will share some cancer prevention tips which you can include in your day-to-day routine and reduce your risk. We shall also make sure that while you stick to a regime you also enjoy the warm and sunny season.

All of us enjoy the sunshine and want to make the most of what summer brings. But at the same time when we talk of summer one of the first topics that crops up and is discussed at length majority of times, is about saving skin from getting burnt due to sun exposure.

This skin care angle invariably occupies top position when it comes to summer related discussions. We read, write, ask for suggestions and tips, give some, try some and so on. In a nutshell all of us prepare ourselves or at least seriously intend to against the scorching heat of summer.

We also know that skin cancer is the most common and popular cancer that ahs affected us. At the same time it’s also true that it is possible to safeguard us against skin cancer. Avoiding being directly exposed to sun.

Always using the right sunscreen, correct application, using glares, using an umbrella, covering face with linen are some important and easy to inculcate habits to avoid or minimize sun burn or over exposure.

There is a way to apply sunscreen.

Things to consider before buying and using sunscreen are also important. Selecting the type that will suit your skin, SPF, Amount to be applied, frequency and method of application, all have an important role to play.

The best sunscreen applied improperly or wrong type of sunscreen applied too often can have an adverse effect on skin. So its best t consult an expert and know about the product you are planning to use is the best way to go about it. More than best it’s worth the effort.

Try to inculcate outdoor activities and exercise instead of remaining within the four walls of your home or office. Take time to run, swim, walk to a nearby book-shop of fresh fruit shop.

Which brings us to the next tip. Eat as much fresh fruits and vegetable as you can. So your effort to be outdoors gives you dual advantage. You are out of the house breathing fresh air and also buying fresh fruits to maintain healthy diet.

There are some things you should discourage yourselves from indulging in. For example give up the last drink. Curb the urge. Use Control. Ditto with smoke. Avoid going out in the sun during peak hours. That’s the time most harmful rays are in the air which can harm our health in more ways that one. It’s hot summer. You can easily do without gripped and friend meat too. SO do it.

Are they not everyday things? So it’s about re-arranging everyday habits to some extent and it shouldn’t really be difficult. Just try them this summer and stretch them further. Good habits are for keeps.

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