Can AIDS/HIV Finally Have a Vaccine?

Nobody can answer this question but there are some better, easier and less expensive HIV virusmethods to prevent people to be infected by AIDS. AIDS is not like flu (influenza) that can be transmitted person to person just through breathing the contaminated air. AIDS has limited number of ways to infect people. People in the high infected countries like South Africa and India are not aware of the ways that AIDS can infect them. So the only thing that governments need to do is educating people and creating a public awareness against AIDS in the society. This is called Social Vaccine.

As long as the biological vaccine is not accessible, people can easily avoid AIDS. There are many things that people need to know to avoid AIDS but I believe in three golden rules:

  • 1- Maintain a responsible sexual behavior.
  • 2- Be faithful to your sexual partner.
  • 3- Use condom during sexual encounter.

Maybe AIDS is here to teach people some lessons. As you can see, all the human efforts against AIDS were useless so far and the HIV virus is still the winner of the game. So why shouldn’t we think about other aspects of this problem? Why do we always look at this issues as a “thorny problem” and don’t think that AIDS has come to improve our social life. AIDS is here to teach us fidelity. The word that some people are not familiar with.

It is correct that AIDS can be transmitted through some other ways like blood transfusion but these ways have a very small rule in incidence of this illness and sexual contact is still the main way. So instead of spending billions of dollars for making a vaccine against AIDS, why don’t governments spend money to educate people and improve the knowledge and culture of their people?

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