Can Gum Disease Be Related to Pancreatic Cancer?

Inflamed gums, cavities, tooth loss and other dental problems in adults may be indicative of serious health problems. Problems as severe as cancer, vitamin deficiencies, diabetes, heart disease to the extent that the risk of having a premature or low-birth-weight baby can also be encountered. In most case dental problems result from poor oral hygiene like not brushing or flossing regularly or properly.

Every time we brush our teeth, especially if there is inflammation already in the mouth, it puts bacteria into our bloodstream. This may sound every normal everyday thing but it hardly means it’s okay or normal. It’s not good at all.

There are many such health related situations we take for granted. We just assume they are common, therefore minor ailments.

Never thinking of the serious consequences they may have on our health. Gum bleeding is one such example. If gums bleed while we brush teeth and as a result we develop the problem of bad breath can be a serious condition.

American Association of Cancer Research has done a study on this and according to the study even for non-smokers gum disease and pancreatic cancer are linked closely.

Harvard School of Public Health, Boston have also studied and observed men with gum disease are 63% more likely to be affected by pancreatic cancer than people who do not suffer gum bleeding leading to complicated gum diseases.

Bacteria in the people affected with gum disease produce a dangerous substance called Nitrosamines that can increase the chances of developing cancer.

People with an earlier record of gum infection leading to a serious condition of some kind of gum disease are more likely to be affected with cancer.

Tooth loss also sometimes increases the chances of one developing cancer. Gum infection that lasts longer that normal can also trigger a body-wide immune response like inflammation.

These inflamed tissues release chemical signals that can result in developing tumor growth.

The more wide spread or deep rooted the gum infection or gum disease is, the higher are the chances of the individual of developing cancer. How this connection of gum disease and pancreatic cancer works, its mechanic is not clearly known yet.

Inflammation plays an important role in a certain thing.

Pancreatic cancer is a horrible disease and can be fatal but it’s very rare. So people whose gums bleed while they brush their teeth shouldn’t jump to conclusion that since their gums bleed they may necessarily be in for bad news.

It could be as it is found in most cases is a result of bad oral hygiene. Or some minor infection.

Your teeth and gums can say more about your health than you know.

A good and experienced doctor will know about your overall health just by looking at your teeth or checking your gums. And you’d agree that after all oral health is about brushing and flossing regularly and nothing beyond.

A yearly visit to your dentist at the most is all it needs to keep your dental health in check and under control. If this much can help you keep out of the cancer danger zone, it’s a certainly a good deal.

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