Can We Catch HPV From Toilet Seats?

Answer to the question about, if we can catch HPV from toilet seats is in this article in more details.

HPV is a group of more than 100 viruses of different types, which may have at least 30 strains that are known to cause different types of cancer in humans.

We catch HPV from Toilet Seats still remains a common misconception among many people and continues to do the rounds all the time.

But it is not true! The HPV human pappillomavirus cannot be transmit by using a toilet seat used by someone with HPV.

Simply because life of the virus is very short therefore it cannot survive long once it is outside the body.

HPV can be transmit in the following ways:

Skin-to-skin sexual contact with a partner who has an HPV infection.

Penetration is not necessary to contract HPV.

1- If a healthy person touches genitals of a partner or person infected with HPV and then his/her own it is a potential danger.

2- HPV can be transmit through various other ways like vaginal and anal intercourse, oral sex but can’t catch HPV from toilet seats.

3- Sharing sex toys with an infected person without first disinfecting it can also be a risky proposition.

4- If a person indulges with it or opposite sex infected with HPV in genital-to-genital contact, he or she is at a risk.

Preventive Measures Against HPV

Coming to taking preventive measures against HPV:

Since no penetration is necessary to transmit the virus, prevention of HPV can be ensure to some extent by wearing a condom correctly and every time one has sex.

Condoms provide limited protection because infected parts of the genitals may still be exposed while indulging in sex.

For those who are sexually more active than others, wearing a condom and limiting the number of partners may reduce the risk of sexual transmission.

The HPV vaccine called Gardasil, is also considered an effective means to prevent HPV.

That vaccine is also approved for young women age 9 and 26.

It is suppose to protect against HPV known to cause cervical cancer in women, and the HP virus known to cause genital warts.

Before deciding to take vaccine it is advisable that you consult your doctor.

When And Why Say NO to HPV Vaccine

HPV, symptoms may sometimes take weeks, months, and even years to start showing.

There is a also a possibility that symptoms may never appears.

In this case the HPV finally shows in the form of cauliflower like warts appearing around or in the genitals (genital warts).

These warts can be flat.

They may be grow on both, the inside and the outside of woman’s vagina.

This cauliflower like growth may take weeks or even years to show up after having sex intercourse with someone who was already has the virus.

Prevent from HPV

To find out if the person you are likely to get sexually involve with has an HPV beforehand is not easy.

To prevent oneself from this infection, the only sure shot solution seems to be keep away from sexual contact.

Since using condom is not a 100% solution either and for sure we can’t Catch HPV From Toilet Seats as well.

Then, we have to do some tests to make sure to do the pap test.

HPV is sexual disease, which can result into cervical cancer or genital warts.

Not only that in certain cases it can also cause other types of cancer.

In June 2006, a vaccine that prevents the spread of the human papillomavirus or HPV called Gardasil was given FDA approval.

The main target age group for the vaccine is ages 11 to 12 till the age 26.

Who can’t get HPV Vaccine?

Coming to the target group that should not be taking the vaccination include;

1- “People are suffering from a moderate to severe acute illness, like diarrhea or the flu can not get the HPV Vaccine.”

The doctor may in all probability suggest that you to wait until you completely recover before taking the HPV vaccine.

Even for other vaccines doctors first suggest you to get rid of any illness or infection.

2-You should not go for vaccination if you are temporarily on an immunosuppressive drug like steroids or are undergoing things like asthma treatment etc.

It is better to wait until the course or the therapy you are undergoing is complete.

3- If you have an allergy or hypersensitivity to yeast or other ingredient present in the vaccine, you should not take HPV vaccination.

4- “You should also avoid HPV Vaccination if you are pregnant.”

There may not be any evidence to show that HPV vaccination during pregnancy has any effects of the vaccine on the fetus.

But still whatever the partially true reports and researches are available in the medical journals.

However, it’s best to play safe and not take chances until the baby is born.

After delivering the baby also one should seek doctor’s advice and suggestion before getting vaccination.

May be doctor will advice you to wait until you are breastfeeding the baby. There may be a reason that your doctor knows best.

Oral Sex and Throat Cancer and HPV Link  A Report

The news about study conducted and report published by certain well known and well respected research bodies linking Oral Sex and Throat Cancer,also link to HPV is spreading and splashing across the net and doing crazy rounds.

The findings at Johns Hopkins University confirm that oral sex is a risk factor for throat cancer, although the risk may be relatively small.

However, there is a direct HPV spread via oral, anal and vaginal sex.

They found a link between HPV and Throat Cancer. The study is being published in the latest edition of The New England Journal of Medicine.

They studied and tested by taking 200 healthy people and 100 persons who were diagnosed with throat cancer and this study found that by having multiple vaginal sex partners over a course of a lifetime (more than 26 vaginal sex partners) is linked to higher risk of development of throat cancer.

People who have multiple oral sex partners (count higher than 5) were three times more at risk of developing oral or throat cancer than people who do not have multiple oral sex partners.

Throat cancer is strongly linked with HPV-16 – the same virus strain that is also linked cervical cancer among the women folks.

The study also reported that heavy, chain smoking and consuming alcohol in excess might not increase the risk of throat cancer for people with HPV, even though both are risk factors for the throat cancer.

It is worth keeping in mind that people not indulging in smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol are also at a risk of developing throat cancer if they indulge in oral sex with multiple partners.

In the study however does not suggest that one should abstain from oral sex but practicing safe oral sex and having limited partners can prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases to a great extent.

That study also suggested that oral sex was the main mode of HPV infection being transferred from one person to the other but the researchers also said mouth-to-mouth transmission through kissing could not altogether be ruled out.

Experts and fellow researchers do feel that more studies are required to be done in this area before confirming these findings 100 percent.

To confirm this link of throat and rare type of cancer – oral cancer more study and detailed research is required to be done.

How Can You Prevent Yourself Getting Cancer as a Woman

In spite of all the research being done there is no accurate way of determining why cancer affects some people.

But there are certain things a woman can do to prevent herself from becoming a victim of cancer in any type.

If you have a family history of cancer then be aware of having a higher chance of turning your HPV into a cancer.

If your female relatives have suffered from breast or cervical or other cancer then your chances of getting affected are much higher than normal as cancer can be hereditary.

Speak to your physician about it so that you can get the proper screening done or go in for genetic counseling to find out how much or whether you are at risk.

Watch what you eat. Have a proper diet, cutting out fats that cause obesity as this also can lead to cancer.

Eat a high-protein fiber-rich diet. You should also exercise simultaneously, for overall health.

If you exercise at least five times a week for half an hour each time you are reducing the risk factor for cancer.

Skin cancer affect many people who are ignorant about the risk involved.

Stay out of the sun when it is at its hottest and use a sunscreen on all areas of the body that will have exposure to the sun.

Give the lotion time to be absorbed by the body and then keep reapplying during the day.

An excess of alcohol can lead to a higher risk of cancer. Limit your alcohol intake or cut it out altogether if you already are susceptible to cancer because of other factors.

Stop smoking and avoid secondhand smoke. Smoking does significantly affect you and increases your chance of contracting cancer of any type, especially lung cancer.

Don’t have unprotected sex with multiple partners. This raises the risk factor for cancer as you can contract the human papilloma virus, which has been linked by researchers to many different types of cancers.

Do have a pap smear regularly as this helps you prevent cervical cancer.

As a woman you are susceptible to breast, ovarian, cervical, vaginal, vulvar, and other gynecological cancers.

In addition, if there are other factors such as smoking involved, you could be at risk for lung and colon cancer.

So take preventative measures against any kind of cancer by exercising and eating right, and keeping an eye on your lifestyle. Go in for regular screenings and health check ups. Prevent the possibility of cancer affecting you.

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