Dos and Don’ts When You Have Fever

This essay deals with steps you need to take when you, someone you know, or your family member, including your child, has a fever.

Before we discuss it in detail, lets discuss fever facts in short.

Fever is our body’s defense mechanism, which starts working as soon as any kind of infection attacks our body.

Fever is a positive sign. It tells us that our body is working against the enemy’s (infections, bacteria, etc.) attack, and nothing as such is wrong with the body. Continue reading “Dos and Don’ts When You Have Fever”

Why Do We Get Fever? Fever Facts

Why Do We Get Fever? First and foremost, it is worth noting and knowing some fever facts.

The first and important thought is that fever is not an illness.

Fever is a defense mechanism of the body to fight infection. Fever works for the individual, not against him/her.

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How Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Affects Males

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is one of the rare muscle disorder that affects males at most which is usually recognized at the age of between two and six years old.

One in 3800 men is affected by Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) worldwide, because of an X-linked recessive gene that they inherit from the female side of the family.

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Diabetic Foot Care Is Vital for Diabetic Patients

Foot care diabetic is always a concern for people with diabetes ailment that affects millions.

We have two types of diabetic type 1 and type 2.

Diabetic type 1 is when the pancreas doesn’t produce any insulin at all.

It is the most dangerous type of diabetic which the cause remains unknown.

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Lupus The Autoimmune Disease

When your own body immune system attacks your body tissues called Lupus.

The work of the body’s immune system is to protect it from diseases and viruses. But in one extreme case, for some unknown reason, the immune system starts attacking healthy tissues with the kidneys, blood, heart, lungs, joints, nervous system, and skin being targeted.

Lupus chronic autoimmune disease that causes the healthy tissues to become inflamed and painful. Continue reading “Lupus The Autoimmune Disease”