Should I Take Viagra or Permanent Shockwave Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most nightmares for any man, but there is a new technique call Neovascularization, which is an erection treatment with permanent shockwave treatment.

Shockwave therapy is an acoustic wave system that is improving the blood flow increases and helps the damaged tissues to regenerate and repair again.

As a result, you can get back to your average status within only a few sessions of using shockwave treatment, which is harmless and painless instead of using Viagra with many side effects.

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Yes, Male Menopause Exists

The female menopause gets a lot of press and attention and generates discussion but male menopause is also garnering its fair share of interest nowadays.

When the levels of the male hormone, testosterone, decrease because of conditions such as high blood pressure or obesity or diabetes, male menopause results.

Normally as men age the testosterone levels reduce and since these diseases are common in men over the age of 40 male menopause can be said to begin then.

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