Health Benefits of Pomegranate and Pomegranate Juice

The health benefits of pomegranate been always recommended for generations and here we’re going to describe it in more details.

Touted as the latest wonder fruit, pomegranate according to clinical studies has been shown to be of significant benefit, particularly in the prevention of heart disease.

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Some Diet Myths Unfolded

Until a few years ago we were all prescribed the same protein, low fat, high carbohydrate diet and it was considered as the perfect diet for all of us and now I’m going to explain about some diet myths in detail.

This diet will do the same for all of us. That we’d lose weight, lower our cholesterol and improve our health and fitness.

But as time passed and more research went into it, it was found that this type of one for all diet resulted in rise in obesity along with side effect of ever-growing cases in diabetes.

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Your Diet and Cancer

It should be the most obvious answer but most people are not aware that diet may be directly linked with cancer. If you have the correct food habits it could help you to stave off cancer.

Researchers have established that eating the right food does in fact help to revert the spread of cancer, while also thwarting its occurrence.

Experts agree that a diet of fruits, salads, vegetables, fish, nuts, and sprouts is a good one.

Of course diet alone cannot regress the advance of cancerous tumors, but the latter can be deprived of support.

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Caffeine Overdose – How to Deal With Caffeine Overdose

Our busy life style and the high usage of caffeine in our daily basis can cause caffeine overdose without noticing it.

Caffeine occurs naturally in several plants. Caffeine can also be chemically synthesized. It is found in high doses in coffee, soft drinks like cola, some medicines, in tea and chocolate. In some things it is found in higher proportion that the others. Like tea and chocolates are not as high on caffeine as the other things mentioned above.

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Carbohydrates And Diabetes

Carbohydrate is the transformation of carbs into sugar in the body.

There are many foods that contains carbohydrate and we all should be careful with using the right amount of those carbs in our daily nutrition.

20 years back who knew most of us would be addicted to meals comprising hamburger, French fries and a coke.

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Guide To Healthy Food For Kids

We all know wrong eating habits lead to obesity in children and here I’m going to guide you to some healthy food for kids.

The time to control is when they are still young. Well-balanced and healthy food is as much a must for children as adults and old. I am listing down good and bad food habits for children.

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Why Drink Aloe Vera Juice?

Growing an Aloe Vera plant is highly recommended and Aloe Vera Juice is very healthy anti-inflammatory as well. It can be grown in all dry regions across the world from Africa, Asia, and Europe to America. It contains vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and mono-and-poly-saccharides. The combined action of all these gives Aloe Vera it’s various healing properties.

A distinct property of Aloe Vera lies in its modulation effect. The component glycoproteins help to inhibit systems as well as have an anti-inflammatory effect. It’s mucopolysaccharides help to stimulate systems, promoting wound healing. Using it after being cut or burnt is most common and gives fantastic results. An interesting fact is that you should consider drinking Aloe Vera juice for its health benefits. Continue reading “Why Drink Aloe Vera Juice?”

Foods that Boost Your Health

If we had a choice to add healthy foods that boost your health like peanut butter, apples, watermelons, tea, oats and green veggies to our daily diet to lead a much longer healthier life how many of us would go for it?

The smart secret way to do it as some researchers advice is to outsmart your body!

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Wheat Bread For Better Health

I’m sure there are many of you who remember making sandwiches with IronKids white bread when you were young. So delicious, with all the benefits of wheat! But now white bread is under the microscope, criticized for being highly processed and not containing many nutrients. Apparently, it is not so healthy after all. Wheat bread is a viable substitute.

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