How Can You Manage Food Intolerance?

The food habits of people have changed over generations and, nowadays, food intolerance to different kinds of food are more common.

It can be caused by unhealthy dietary habits, stress, an immune function that is super sensitive, and weak digestion.

A food intolerance is different from an allergy in that it won’t be dangerous to life and the immune system is also not involved.

But with a food intolerance people can feel ill and their health will be affected over the long term if it is not diagnosed soon.

A person can develop intolerance for any kind of food as the body does not produce a sufficient quantity of the necessary chemical or enzyme that is needed to digest that particular food lactose intolerance, for example, or alcohol, or food additives such as caffeine and monosodium glutamate. Continue reading “How Can You Manage Food Intolerance?”

Drink Water as Part of Your Health Routine

This cannot be said enough, but strangely though the concept of water as part of a healthy diet is often overlooked.

It should be considered a nutritious drink for all the benefits it offers us. Can you imagine going without water for a few days?

Why, then, is it not made a mandatory part of a nutritious healthy program?It;s a well-known fact that our body is about 70% water, our blood, lungs, brain, and muscles all contain water.

Our body temperature is regulated by water and nutrients travel in water to all parts of the body.

In addition, oxygen is transferred to cells in water; also, water removes wastes and protects our joints and organs. Continue reading “Drink Water as Part of Your Health Routine”

The Dairy Controversy – Who To Trust?

Many of you may remember the study by Michael Zemel, director of the Nutrition Institute at the University of Tennessee, which showed that consuming at least three servings of low-fat dairy such as milk or yogurt helped participants burn more fat and lose more weight than those who had a low intake of calcium. Following this, the dairy industry introduced the 24 ounces in 24 hours campaign.

Continue reading “The Dairy Controversy – Who To Trust?”

The Lean Label to be Used for More Food Products

How many of us really read and understand food labels? Food labeling has always been tricky. Often the terminology can be misleading.

For example, a zero calorie food might have up to five calories. That might not be enough calories to make any noticeable difference however it is a surprise to unsuspecting buyers. Shouldn’t zero mean none?

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Things You Should Not Do After Meals Must Read for All

Things you should not do after meals and we read enough about what to eat, calorie and sugar free diet etc.

Hygiene, organic, fat-less and what not there is another side to eating. What not to do after eating. It’s important to know things we should do and things that we shouldn’t. I will list them point wise with a little explanation.

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Keeping an Eye on Cholesterol

Cholesterol may be a common household word, but people don’t really know much about it. Cholesterol is actually a fat-like substance found in animal cells- including human cells.

Cholesterol is a must for life. Humans can live without eating anything that will raise their cholesterol level because our bodies are designed to produce all the cholesterol it requires for health and survival. At the same time high blood cholesterol is a risk factor for heart attack.Cholesterol is attached to lipoproteins.

These get collected in the liver and then circulate through our bloodstream. Two known lipoproteins types are, HDL, i.e. high-density lipoprotein and LDL – low-density lipoprotein.

They are “good” type that carries cholesterol out of the system; and the “bad” type, which does just the opposite respectively. Low-Density Lipoprotein deposits cholesterol in artery walls, which as it builds, narrows the arteries. Continue reading “Keeping an Eye on Cholesterol”

Petty Irritations Or Not So Petty Irritations

Although illness and diseases are the main topics I like to diversify to other subjects, today it is petty irritations, or not so petty irritations.

I am talking about things that come up in your life and cause pain or irritation for a short time.

Nothing serious of course but at the time they can cause you pain or discomfort and even make your life a misery for a while.

Itchy skin is one; it can drive you mad if you can’t get to scratch it. This can be caused by your skin being dry or insect bites. My remedy for that including the insect bites is Vaseline. It may seem slightly old fashioned with all the new and modern treatments and creams on the market today, but it works a treat and cost a fraction of those creams and tubes you buy.

Vaseline soothes the skin and it is great for dry lips as well, it is even mild enough for baby so put a jar in your medicine cupboard and forget those expensive creams and salves. Continue reading “Petty Irritations Or Not So Petty Irritations”

Protecting the Immune System With Supplements and Pills

Coughs, Colds, Flu and the Norovirus which are sweeping the country at the moment, are all common complaints of what we could call winter blues.Every year at around Christmas and the start of the cold weather, most people come down with one or other of these ailments.

Although they are not usually life threatening they still make you feel ill and listless and also thoroughly miserable.

Norovirus which has been sweeping the country is a stomach bug that causes sudden vomiting and diarrhea, most people recover from this within one or two days, however, the very old and very young risk becoming dehydrated and may require hospital treatment.

There is no known treatment for this illness except to let it run its course.

The way to try and combat these illnesses and many others is to try and keep our immune system as healthy as possible. Continue reading “Protecting the Immune System With Supplements and Pills”

Stay Healthy Use Heart Healthy Monounsaturated Cooking Oils

I may be straying off actual illnesses at the moment but I think what we eat is equally important to keep us healthy and keep the illnesses at bay.

Today I am going to talk about fats and oils which all of us use almost daily.

We know that high cholesterol is bad for the heart, and some fats and oils can clog the arteries these are saturated fats. diets high in saturated fat increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Some foods that are these categories are butter, ghee, suet, lard, coconut oil, cottonseed oil and palm kernel oil.

Dairy products are also included in this section, cream, cheese, meat, chocolate and various prepared ready meals.

Vegetable oil has long been promoted as being heart healthy, but don’t be misled into believing that you can use it liberally. Oil is still oil and it still contains fat and calories. Continue reading “Stay Healthy Use Heart Healthy Monounsaturated Cooking Oils”