How to Decide on Hospice Care for the Terminally Ill

So you’ve finally made the decision as caregiver to a terminally ill patient that you would like to go in for hospice care.

It must have been a difficult decision to make but you and all concerned have realized that the treatment has gone as far as it could. And now the patient would like to be in a place where there is warmth and caring, while they spend time with their loved ones.

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Techniques to Sleep Better

So many of us complain about not being able to sleep better. People are starving for a sound sleep. Some of us lose it over our sales targets and the impending presentations at the office, and some over a fight with a friend. It’s surprising that all of it lead to the same sleeplessness.

We shall discuss some techniques today, which will help us sleep better. First and foremost and slightly out of sync but not quite, is that through the day try not to hurt anyone verbally or otherwise, don’t be unreasonable, don’t lose temper, and avoid over reacting.

When we hit the bed our thoughts wander and go back to the happenings of the day. To sleep with a calm mind – calm thoughts are the secret. And calm thoughts can only result from a calm and peaceful day. So let’s learn to minimize complications through the day.

Nothing helps  From good music or PG Wood-house if our mind is not into it. So the first technique is to understand to control the mind and actions. If we are able to even understand this to begin with, we are on our way to good sound sleep. Continue reading “Techniques to Sleep Better”

Your GP (General Practitioner) is the First Rung on the Ladder

I am not an expert on these matters I am about to write about; in fact anything I say here is just my own observations and thoughts; so don’t scream and shout if I am contradicting your own thoughts on the subject, in fact I would be interested to know what you think!

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Foot Care – Oh Those Poor Tired Dawgs

So many of us forget about the care of our feet.  Once we cover them up with socks, shoes, or slippers we forget about them.

Too, many people think feet are not important, or that they are not pretty, so why bother doing anything about them, until there is a hang nail, nails need cutting, or they ache.

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Drinking Alcohol in Excess Is the Road to Ruin

The demon drink is a curse that so many people succumb to. It can be classed as a severe illness that is caused by the regular consumption of alcohol.

Once started on the rocky road of alcoholism there is no turning back and the only way to beat it is to stop drinking entirely. Alcohol causes drunkenness when consumed in quantities and people have different limits as to the amount they can drink before the effects of the alcohol hits them.

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How Fluoride Destroys your Health

How many of us must have heard our doctors say, You need to load up on fluoride in your drink, in your food, in your toothpaste, a high-fluoride mouthwash… or these ‘beginning cavities’ will develop, But it’s all in the past now.

Researchers have proved that fluoride is bad for health.

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Exchanging Convenience For Health

Exchanging convenience for health is a bad bargain – no matter how we look at it or try to justify it. We are settling for all kinds of conveniences because of our lifestyle, which is increasingly becoming career centric. There are other reasons too which are responsible for it but the big daddy of all is having to go out to work.

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Kriotherapy For Health and Fitness

Kriotherapy is the latest addition to health and fitness. It may not be be entirely new but it is the first I have heard of it except or course for freezing bodies so they can supposedly wake up in a couple of hundred years time and resume their life.

It seems that freezing your but off in a room like an ice box for a matter of minutes  is good for you and the list of supposed cures from Kriotherapy is impressive “ it supposedly helps with sleep problems, relieves symptoms of tiredness and depression, regenerates and revitalises the body and aids recovery of physical injuries.

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Petty Irritations Or Not So Petty Irritations

Although illness and diseases are the main topics I like to diversify to other subjects, today it is petty irritations, or not so petty irritations.

I am talking about things that come up in your life and cause pain or irritation for a short time.

Nothing serious of course but at the time they can cause you pain or discomfort and even make your life a misery for a while.

Itchy skin is one; it can drive you mad if you can’t get to scratch it. This can be caused by your skin being dry or insect bites. My remedy for that including the insect bites is Vaseline. It may seem slightly old fashioned with all the new and modern treatments and creams on the market today, but it works a treat and cost a fraction of those creams and tubes you buy.

Vaseline soothes the skin and it is great for dry lips as well, it is even mild enough for baby so put a jar in your medicine cupboard and forget those expensive creams and salves. Continue reading “Petty Irritations Or Not So Petty Irritations”

Living a Long and Healthy Life with Apricots

Have you ever wondered why some people live to great age and others die much younger?

Is it what they eat, where they live, or does their job have any thing to do with it?

What does rule our life span and are we in a position to change the rules and live a long and happy life?

In many different areas of the world it is a known fact that people do live longer. For instance in the Himalayas, in a place called the Hunza Valley centenarians are nothing unusual. Is it the air or the food they eat that aids their long life?

Apricots are one of the staple diets of these people, along with other fruits like cherries and mulberries.

Apricots are not as common in some countries but even dried apricots or apricot jam and other preserves are very beneficial to your diet, they bring health and longevity which is what every one is aiming for. Continue reading “Living a Long and Healthy Life with Apricots”