Can Autism Be Overcome?

The Centers for Disease Control Prevention estimates that one in every 150 children suffers from autism and this number is on the rise as it is growing at a 10 to 17 percent rate.

Autism can affect any child and bears no relation to race, age, ethnicity, or lifestyle. However, boys are four times more likely to be affected than girls.Autism is not a mental illness. It occurs as a result of a neurological ailment that affects the working of the brain.

Abnormalities in the brain structure cause autism. It is a developmental disability that appears within the first three years of a child’s life. It affects communication and social interaction skills and is characterized by the lack of such skills and repetitive behaviors. Continue reading “Can Autism Be Overcome?”

How a Good Night’s Sleep Affects Our Memory?

Losing sleep for any reason cannot be justified and getting a good night’s sleep affects our memory and can result in stress, lack of concentration, mood swings, lower motivation and fatigue.

To steer clear of different sleep disorders it’s important that we get proper sleep. More than seventy five percent of people suffering from depression result from some kind of sleep problem.

In today’s times one of the most common problems is sleep deprivation. Better Sleep Council surveyed a thousand adults and discovered that more than 25 percent of them agreed to not getting proper sleep at night. Continue reading “How a Good Night’s Sleep Affects Our Memory?”

Health and Happiness Formula

One thing for everyone to understand is that foundation of happiness is robust health. It’s an open secret most people do not give too much consideration too.

Let us imagine a situation where we are professionally or academically successful, our spouse [or spice ;-)] are doing all right, children seem to be on track and are focusing their energy where they should, parents are taken are of – everything sounds in place and in control.

No tiff with the boss, no malice brewing behind our backs, nothing but we have this persistent headache for lack of sleep over past few days that wouldn’t go away even with a painkillers.

It’s nothing. Just a headache but is enough to take our minds off everything and the pain frustrates us. We lose temper, the feeling reflects in our work and nothing sounds good. We don’t want to eat, talk, nothing. Just want to be left alone. Continue reading “Health and Happiness Formula”

Nailing that Habit – How To Stop Eating My Nails

How to stop eating my nails? Is a question from many people who are suffering from nailing habit.

If you’re a worrier then you probably have little mannerisms that show up when you’re under stress. The most common one is biting one’s nails. If it is a compulsive habit then it is called onychophagia.

Continue reading “Nailing that Habit – How To Stop Eating My Nails”

Braces Improve Self Esteem and Self-Confidence – Not True!

Wearing braces to align crooked teeth is an automatic thing in today’s cosmetic era. People put their children through the procedure to wear braces as a routine without giving any thought whatsoever.

We assume that people will tease our kids for having crooked teeth, which may affect their self-confidence. But in reality it’s not so. Research has confirmed that not wearing braces does not make life any less happy.

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Sleeping Disorders, Misconceptions About Sleeping

Sleep has the power to restore, heal and repair the body and the mind; Sleep gives power to our immune systems, in fact, to all systems that perform various functions in our body.

There are some misconceptions about sleep, which we should all we aware of. We here them all the time from people of old and new generation, assume its true and spread the word around. Some of these misconceptions are…

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