Grandma and the Twilight Years

The twilight years is a term used for people reaching the last years of their lives. Elderly people can often be vulnerable to all sorts of mishaps when they live alone. For this reason sons or daughters often feel a responsibility to care for them in some way. The easy way for many is to take their elderly parent into their own home; this can work if the parent is in a reasonable state of health and causes no strain on the family.

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Pregnancy and Medical Problems Resolved

Pregnancy can be a joyous time if you are healthy and there is no interfere between the pregnancy and medical problems .

When you first realize that you might be pregnant and it is something you have been longing for your joy is tenfold.

When it is actually confirmed although you had no reason to doubt it the joy is increased.

I want to tell you my story which went from sheer misery to a joyous ending.

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An Outing to the Dentists!

Do you just love going to the dentist? I must admit I’m not to keen myself, the drill frightens me to death even though it’s quite painless now.

I think my fear started as a school child, in those days many moons ago, the dentist came to the school. I used to beg my mom not to sign the form allowing him to treat me, but every time my name was called out and I was the next victim to visit him.

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