Crohn’s Disease Symptoms and Diagnosis in Simple Words

crohn's disease symptoms

Crohn’s disease is a type of chronic inflammatory internal disease (IBD) that affects your digestive system.

Crohn’s disease is an intent disease which can leads to unhumorous complications.

Complications such as:

  • Blockage
  • Severe diarrhea
  • Infections
  • Abscess in your intestinal
  • Bleeding
  • Intestinal Perforation
  • Anal bleeding

Also, It can leads you to  abdominal cramps, weight loss, anemia and fatigue.

So far there is no cure yet for Crohn’s disease but you can manage the symptoms with some helpful treatments and a proper diets.

There is no cure because we don’t know for sure what is causing it.

However, there are many various factors that can cause the Crohn’s disease and people with a family history of that disease may be more careful with their life style.

Signs and Cause of Crohn’s Disease

crohn's disease symptoms


Causes of Crohn’s Disease

The cause of Crohn’s disease is unknown so far but there are many reasons that might be the cause of this disease.

It is very rare that people die because of crohn’s disease but this disease can cause cancer and severe infection which might be the cause of death.

With just a few rules of following the right diets and continually taking the medication you can minimize the risks of dying from crohn’s disease.

Followings are so far been the reasons of many cases…

1. Genetic:  the genetic reason can play a big role in causing the crohn’s disease.

People with a history of any digestive disorder can have a higher chance of catching crohn’s disease.

Usually, people with such a history should be more careful and watch their diets.

Doing the regular checkups for the possibilities of developing any digestive inflammations is the most if you have a family history of crohns disease.

2. Environment: Environmental factors are other reasons to develop crohn’s disease and they have to be concern as well.

The purity of water is very important in our life and here is why the quality of drinking water plays a huge role in our life and health.

Many dangerous microbes are living in the environment where we live in especially in the water.

Our drinking water should be pure and contain no bad bacteria because if they get into our digestive system they can cause many problems.

For example if you swim in a lake and accidentally drinking a sip of water, all the microbes in the water can get into your digestive system and if you have a poor immune system that can make you sick.

3. Foods: Unwashed meat are causing many bowel diseases since they will become full of bacteria if you don’t eat them within 3 hours right after the decapitation.

Many people saying that, heating will kill all the bacteria in the meat, but how about those people who like their meat to be juicy, or raw?

Washing your fruits and vegetables with unclean water or not washing them at all will let the bad bacteria to get into your digestive system.

Wild animals might urinate or waste in the vegetable farms and that’s why you should wash your vegetables very carefully.

4. Immune System: Week immune system also can cause many diseases and crohn’s disease can be one of them.

There is no proof that poor immune system can cause this disease.

However, what is clear is that because of malfunction immune system the microbes can get into the body through digestive system easily without being stopped by immune system.

Those microbes are causing infection and inflammations in the bowel system.

Increasing the immune system can be a suggestion for treating the Crohns disease and prevent it from the illness attacks.

5. Stress: The mother of all human being health issues is stress!

Stress is a foundation of many issues in our health including your digestive systems and it can motive to Crohn’s disease as well.

Additionally, stress can increase the stomach acids and over activates the intestines and bowel movements and as a result it can cause stomach upset too.

Signs of crohn’s disease starts with the pain in the lower side of your stomach and follow with diarrhea and cramps that doesn’t get well for long period of time.

Nonstop diarrhea, anal bleeding, weakness, fatigue  and anemia occurs if you have Crohn’s disorder.

If your symptoms doesn’t go away for more than a month you should ask your doctor for more diagnostic tests.

The further tests for any digestive diseases possibility including crohn’s disease should be done to make sure with the diagnose.

Crohn’s Disease Diagnosis

The diagnosis of Crohn’s disease should be done by the specialist doctor.

The following tests are usually necessary in order to diagnose the crohn’s disease:

  • Blood test
  • Physical examinations
  • Colonoscopy
  • Endoscopy
  • CT Scan
  • In some cases diagnostic laparoscopy

Treatments of Crohn’s Disease

Since the crohn’s disease attacking the digestive system, better not be treated with oral contraception.

The best treatment for crohns disease is recommended to be with intravenous inflammatory drugs or antibiotic.

Anti-inflammatory and antibiotic medications are the main treatments beside the diets that they have to follow.

Base on the severity or the disease, the responsible doctor will decide what treatments to apply for the patient.

You should not take any other drugs without consulting with your doctor, even if it’s over the counter pain killer.

Since Crohn’s disease is coming and go, the medications and diet should not be stop even when you don’t feel the symptoms.

Crohn’s Disease Diets

If you are diagnose with Crohn’s disease you better to avoid eating the following foods.

  • Alcohol
  • Fatty food
  • High in fiber food
  • Dairy products
  • Gluten
  • Raw fruits and vegetables
  • Tea bags (any kinds)
  • Green tea or any herbal teas that cause diarrhea or constipation
  • Citric family products
  • Smoking
  • Sugar

All of the above products might make Crohn’s disease worse and it’s better to avoid taking them if you are diagnosed with crohn’s disease.

Many people are having problem with digesting gluten and dairy products.

That can cause stomach acid to rise and causes infection by leaking to the small intestines.

Eating raw fruits and vegetables can cause stomach problem and bloating which can affects digesting system with pain and cramps.

Drinking leaf tea in a traditional way of making them is good for your health as long as it’s light, dark tea is not beneficial for your health.

However, the teabags are causing cancer in most of the brands and you can’t tell what exactly is inside the bags it is better to avoid drinking herbal tea in the teabags.

Green tea or dietary teas are causing diarrhea and you can’t take that types of tea when you are diagnose with Crohn’s disease.

Smoking is very dangerous for your health and you can’t smoke when your are diagnosed with crohn’s disease.

Additionally, smoking can cause cancer and by doing smoking you will increase the chance of turning your crohn’s disease into a cancer.

Sugar and sweets are increasing stomach acids, you better minimize the usage of sugar in your diet.

Stomach acids can get into your small intestines and cause infections in your intestines which is very dangerous and you can die because of it.

We Suggest the Following Diets for Crohn’s Disease:

The followings are good diet if you have any digestive problems.

  • Probiotics such as yogurt
  • Plain rice
  • Barbecue (Well washed meat, vegetable and not spicy)
  • Gluten free toasts
  • Boiled vegetable and fruits
  • Egg’s white oak

It is better to boil your drinking water always then keep it in the fridge as your regular drinking water.

The drinking water should be filter and boil before drinking it, also try to do your final rinse with boiled water as well.

Well-done meat, grilled food, and crunchy foods without any fibers are the best diets that can help with any digestive system’s problem.

Try to avoid eating too much sweet and pastry as well.

Sweets can cause stomach acid level to go higher and that might leak into your small intestines and that can cause the intestine’s infection.

The Crohn’s Disease is a Sickness that Comes and then Goes away for a While..

Reasons behind that is still a unknown, but it is better to avoid doing these…

Never break your diet plans because you think you are okay and feeling better.

Disease is there and can’t be cured but you can manage and control it to live with it for the entire of your life.

In many cases stress is the main reason that mute crohns disease becomes alive and shows the symptoms again.

Sometimes, cheating in your diet and eating fatty or oily foods, smoking, eating spicy meals or trying some herbal teas can cause the crohn’s disease and the re-attack the disease.

Controlling Crohn’s Disease Symptoms with Home Remedies

Home remedies might be suggested by people around you to treat crohn’s disease symptoms.

Since people around you are not aware of what your disease is, they just give you some general suggestions.

Each individual person reacts differently with each treatments.

Because of that differences the side effects of each medications are different in each individuals.

It is better to think twice before using the home remedy treatments because they might make the symptoms worse.

Moreover, we don’t suggest taking any home remedy without consulting your doctor to make sure that your are safe and doesn’t conflict with your medications.

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