Curing a Weighty Problem with Surgery or Water!

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There is always a question from all the over-weighted people about Curing a Weighty Problem with Surgery or Water.

Everyone with a weight problem is obsessed with dieting; it is a multi billion dollars business and fortunes have been made from pills and potions that rarely work.

Dieting is not only for the dress conscious that dread the thought of going up one dress size it also has a health issue as well.

Being overweight can cause problems with your heart and many back problems are the cause of overweight. Exercise is not on everyone’s list of priorities and even the local shop means a trip in the car.

Weight loss plan

Is Weight Loss Related to Laziness or Just Force of Habit?

Modern day is blamed for many things but most of them are brought on by us.

  • We use cars instead of walking¬†
  • Also, we eat fast food for the sake of convenience
  • Snack on crisps and chocolate bars instead of eating a proper lunch
  • Skipping breakfast
  • Prefer Surgery or Water diet instead of eating healthy meals which contains all daily nutritional values in smaller portions

-Yes you are piling on those pounds yourself and then spending a few weeks trying to remove them.

We all prefer the surgery if we can afford it, because we believe it’s easier than any type of diet even if it’s a water diet.

Your resolve to lose weight doesn’t last for long and in no time at all you are back on the fast foods and snacking.

It seems that surgery is a way out for many if you can afford it! People are spending thousands of dollars to get the slim look back.

Although, the procedure is very dangerous but people take the risk and still go for it.

Yes it does seem to work but there can be danger attached to these operations, never enter into it lightly without studying everything about it and reading all the information.

Make a list of all the questions you want to ask the physician when you are interviewed before agreeing or signing any documents.

Listen carefully to all he has to say as he must give you the full facts and warn you of any dangers involved.

The truth of the matter is it is simply down to will power, you need willpower to stop smoking, will power to stick to a diet, will power to stop drinking, in fact anything you enjoy requires will power to stop.

If someone could simply invent something to give us will power we could be a nation of health freaks.

Here is one diet that does work and it is free.

It is called the Swiss health diet and I have witnessed people that have lost pounds with this.

You need to drink at least eight to ten glass of water every single day and the pounds will start to disappear. If you don’t like water some unsweetened juice can be added for flavor.

We all know that you are recommended to drink water for your health but not many people follow the advice.

However, that might not suit everyone, water diet can become not healthy for people who are suffering from some urinating problem and the water might stay in their body.

You should always consult with your doctor before starting any type of diet.

Could Weight Gain Be Caused by a Virus?

The general population of America assumes that obesity is caused by eating too much and exercising too little.

We assume that if any obese person wanted to change enough, then they could But new studies have uncovered a possible cold-like virus, called “Adenovirus-36 Adipose-36_virus

Human adenovirus 36 or Ad-36 or Adv36 is one of 52 types of adenoviruses known to infect humans. AD-36, first isolated in 1978 from the feces of a girl suffering from diabetes and enteritis, has long been recognized as a cause of respiratory and eye infections in humans[note][/note]

That virus causes weight and fat gain in animals and is also present in some overweight humans.

When scientists injected mice and chickens with adenovirus-36, after several months they had gained only 7 percent more body weight, but had almost doubled their body fat percentage  even though they ate the same amount.

Researchers suggest that this is caused by a decrease in metabolism, which then causes the fat cells to grow, even without eating extra calories.

About 20 to 30 percent of overweight Americans carry this virus, as opposed to only 5 percent of the normal-weight population.

In the future, there may be screening for this virus, although it would only act as a way to motivate people to be more serious about their health.

Unfortunately, there is no known antidote at this time.

Although many of us like to point the finger at the overweight, the truth is that you can never be sure.

People infected with this virus wouldn’t have to overeat to put on large amounts of fat in a short period of time.

Hopefully, science will come up with some way to combat this, so every person’s weight can be managed with diet and exercise Until then, don’t judge.

“Remember that everyone has a different body and a different way of holding onto fat.”

Genetic Affects the Curing a Weighty Problem

Weight gain in many cases is related to genetic.

If you have obesity problem in your family, it is very difficult to loss weight and keep your weight in standard level.

People with the history background of obesity should inform their doctor in order to get the right and proper way of controlling their weight and a good plan to curing a weighty problem.

The Answer to this Question About: Curing a Weighty Problem with Surgery or Water.

In my opinion the surgery is very risky and has a lot of side effects as well, but in some certain cases the patient has no other choices and his/her life is in danger and surgery is the better option.

However, in general if you plan to lose half a pound each week, you will be twenty six pound lighter by next year, so just try and keep going.

If you drink enough water, eat less carbs and walk 30 minutes per day, you will loss half a pound per week and that’s it.

Motivation is very important and keep in mind the first step to get anywhere is the decision that you make and without that you will always stay at the same spot forever.

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