Dental Care: Gum Disease Can Lead To Artery Blockage and Strokes

Most of us may never connect gum disease and heart. But it has been confirmed by The American Dental Association, that gum disease goes beyond oral health. According to them There is evidence that bacteria in the mouth which are associated with gum disease may be linked to heart disease, artery blockages and stroke.

I have collected a several more such eye opening facts about dental health that I want to share with as many people as I can through this article.

If you have toothache you should never try to fix it by stuffing aspirin into it. This burns the gum and it’s very harmful.

When you go for your regular dental check up, which you should regularly, your dentist also screens the possibility of oral cancer pertaining to gums, jaw, mouth, throat and other areas in the mouth. Detecting symptoms early helps us deal with complication a lot better.

Brushing twice a day helps to keep the cavities at bay. This exercise does not allow plaque to settle between our teeth. Plaque is formed because of leftover food particles between the teeth and in the mouth.

It develops bacteria in the mouth, which affects oral health. Flossing daily is very important because by flossing your teeth you are able to reach the areas between your teeth that your brush cannot. Flossing restricts forming of plaque altogether.

Bad breath is not merely about not brushing properly or food particles stuck between the teeth. This is a very basic reason. If bad breath is something you constantly suffer from it means food gets stuck in your teeth all the time. This may have already affected your gums adversely.

Your bad breath could be because of your infected gums also. This is a problem I have suffered myself.

A second opinion from another dentist made us both realize that there was too much gap in the gums area between two teeth and as a result of food particles being stuck all the time and careless brushing or brushing in a hurry often the gums were affected.

After treating my gums she suggested use of inter-dental brush. It’s an expensive set of little brushes that have to be used after brushing to remove food particles from between the teeth twice a day.

It’s too much of work but its helping. If I had not visited the doctor for second opinion on time I’d also have suffered bone loss between the teeth.

Improper nutrition like too much sugar intake in the form of aerated drinks etc also affects our oral hygiene. If you have dental discomfort you should not only try and visit the dentist at the earliest, you should also follow his instructions.

For example if toothache has got better by taking a pain reliever but the actual reason for toothache are cavities that your dentist has detected, treat your cavities. If you’d allow them to remain they will get bigger.

Then you may have to go for root canal. For those of you who have been suggested root canal recently, I must also add that root canal procedure is not painful. So if things come this far don’t let it go any further. Get the procedure done.

Prevention is better than cure. Lets brush twice a day. Floss everyday. Avoid improper diet and visit our dentist for a yearly check up as a routine. It will keep us smiling or a long time!

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