Diabetes is a Balancing Disease

Diabetes is a balancing disease, between monitoring blood sugars, and figuring out what

We can eat, what to avoid, and which unsuspecting foods make our blood sugars spike.

Think (Old School) when planning and shopping for meals.

If you do decide to get prepared foods, read the labels! It is a well-known fact

Choosing a variety of fresh veggies and fruits, lean meats and fish; whole grains and legumes are better for all of us!

Most good meals only take 20 minutes to prepare, and they are a lot better for us and less expensive.

Another known fact, which plays a dominant role in our abilities to control blood sugars, is our emotions.

When feeling upset, many of us overindulge or have a tendency to steer ourselves toward comfort foods. The most common are chocolate, but it could be anything from sweets to a cup of soup.

This is why Diabetes is considered a balancing disease, it is a 24-hour job 7 days a week to keep all of these factors in balance preventing spikes and dips in our blood sugars.

It is being able to take one component at a time, as dietary needs, getting really good at it, make it a healthy habit shopping and reading labels, make good choices, then moving on to exercise, start with baby steps, developing a healthy routine, and trying not to allow our emotions dictate our well being, and to monitor all of these choices and new regimes with our MD’s.

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