Do You Know Hunger Is Just ONE of The Reasons We Eat?

It may take you by surprise but it’s true that hunger is not the only reason why we eat.

We use the phrase indulgence in food all the time, don’t we? If you start observing closely you will agree with me that Indulgence starts where hunger ends.

This indulgence does not stem out of hunger. There are many factors that trigger this indulgence. And this trigger differs from person to person. Find out Your Triggers & Your Reasons beyond hunger that take you closer to the calories and cholesterol you neither need nor deserve!

Some of us eat when we are emotionally charged. If that is the case we are in the category of Emotional Eaters. Emotional eaters find their comfort in food when they are experiencing fear, depression, anger, stress, frustration, loneliness and conflict.

Emotional eaters are always at the risk of doing away with their diet routine if they are following one, on doctor’s advice or are trying to lose weight. Emotional eating may bring comfort but its temporary.

What it brings on a permanent basis are obesity, emotional instability, guilt and other health problems related with junk food.

Let me also tell you that at such times, we opt for junk instead of turning to the healthier and organic – olives and some piping hot clear soup!

Our state of mind at such a time is in a mess and therefore obviously leads to junk. Also at such times our sweet or salty taste buds are craving junk.

Another trigger is the sight and smell of food. When we smell good food in the vicinity or see a well laid out dinner table full of appetizing cuisines, we feel like eating.

We don’t feel hungry immediately on seeing or smelling food, we feel like eating. And the result is we over-eat.

Sometimes social occasions demand that we eat. Keep give to our friends or colleagues or worst still bosses! And this makes us push some food down our throats.

These triggers can lead to a problem where they become so severe that it feels you just cannot control what and when you eat. And when get into a habit of eating when we are not truly hungry it is one of the biggest problems and challenge we have ahead of us.

If not dealt properly at the right time, it can affect us for the rest of our lives.

To get over the problem of eating all the time, follow this simple routine for a few weeks. Write down what and when you eat. Analyze why you eat? Were you hungry?

What were you feeling when you ate? Hunger, Anger or frustration?

Did you turn to sweet food or salty?

Find out the differences in eating pattern when you ate because you were hungry and other reasons for eating. Your bottom line should be to eat when you are hungry.

After analyzing and studying the patter of your eating you will know your body better and will be in a much better position to replace and re-arrange your eating habits. Indulge in the habit of eating right and timing it right!

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