Drinking Alcohol in Excess Is the Road to Ruin

The demon drink is a curse that so many people succumb to. It can be classed as a severe illness that is caused by the regular consumption of alcohol.

Once started on the rocky road of alcoholism there is no turning back and the only way to beat it is to stop drinking entirely. Alcohol causes drunkenness when consumed in quantities and people have different limits as to the amount they can drink before the effects of the alcohol hits them.

Many teenagers can’t wait to reach the age of eighteen for legal drinking although many don’t bother to wait especially if they look older than their years.

Binge drinking is a problem in the younger set and this can often lead to them becoming alcoholics.

Most alcoholics deny their addiction; they like to believe it’s not a problem and drinking is the least of their worries.

They will find ways to hide their addiction by drinking in secret and often their family do not realize what is happening until it gets a real grip and it is not distinguishable.

Although spirits is the main problem beer drinkers can also become addicted possibly on a different scale.

A visit to the pub every night for a few pints as they put it is a regular occurrence. Alcoholism brings serious liver problems; it is called cirrhosis and can lead to the point of requiring a liver transplant.

If an alcoholic stops drinking before the liver is completely destroyed it won’t heal but it will continue to function.

There is no anecdote for alcoholics just the need for them to admit what they are and what they do. Alcoholics Anonymous will give support but that is all they can do. If you have refrained one single drink can start you back on the road to ruin.

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