Drop Pregnancy Related Myths and Get Real

I have listed some facts and myths related to pregnancy that may help some and entertain others.

Abortion which is drop pregnancy and ending of pregnancy due to removing the fetus before it can move to uterus.

However, if abortion occurs naturally or due to accident it calls miscarriage.

But above all I truly hope it serves as useful information.

The Fact is you should not stop exercising when you are trying to conceive or are carrying.

It’s true that abdominal and squatting exercises should be avoided.

But to avoid exercise altogether is the worst thing you can do to hurt your body during and after this crucial period.

Exercise during and before pregnancy fills you up with stamina, energy and a balanced weight.

Absence of these may result into joint problems and hemorrhoids later. Seek advise from your physical instructor.

If you are not the exercising types, start some kind of physical exercise that will help you weather the strain on the back and to keep your energy levels higher for the coming days.

Just a simple 30 minutes walking should be enough.

Another fact is women “can get pregnant” if they have unprotected sex even during menstruation.

According to science life span of a sperm is 5 days.

And if the sperm decides to hang around for some days and you ovulate a little early in that particular cycle as your luck might have it, the job is done!

Hundreds of similar stories are doing the rounds.

And each such mum carries an expression on her face that is trying to say.. But it was not supposed to be like this!

Only Ultra sound can identify the sex of your child.

The shape and your belly cannot.

Women carrying boys carry low and those carrying girls carry them high is just not true.

The shape and height of your belly has more to do with your muscle tone, uterine tone, and the position the baby is in than it being a boy or girl.

Likewise shape and fullness of your face has nothing to do with the sex of your unborn child.

It depends on individual woman and the way her body is taking to weight and skin changes.

Is Heartburn During Pregnancy Makes the Baby Hairy?

There is also no conclusive evidence as yet that confirms that you have experienced or suffered lot of heartburn during your pregnancy your baby will be born hairy.

The funniest of all pregnancy myth is that standing on your head after sex increases your chances of becoming pregnant.

First of all can you imagine yourself doing it!

Even in an extreme situation it sounds slightly funny.

Some experts claim that lying down for half an hour will help keep the sperm inside but standing on the head theory is simply a myth.

So while you enjoy the stories have faith in your doctor.

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