Early Signs of Cancer Cautions and Precautions

Cancer is a disease that does not happen overnight, so it’s better to be aware of early signs of cancer. It grows gradually. Cells multiply as days pass.

Especially if the days just pass unattended. So for you and me to be able to attend to and address the issue we have to learn to read the early signs of cancer first.

In this article we will discuss the early signs of cancer and how to use caution to be able to fight it early in life.

If you notice any of the early warning signs of cancer discussed here, you should consult your physician as soon as possible.

Deal with it like a emergency so that the emergency never strikes.

Early detection is important because it improves the survival chances for patients diagnosed with cancer. Although some of the early signs may seem vague, but remember they may be pointing towards the fact that cancer is present.

Change in Bowel or Bladder Habits

If you observe or undergo changes in your bowel habits, it may be an early sign of colorectal cancer.

If you experience constipation or diarrhea too often and if it is accompanied by abdominal pain, it may be an indication that there may be a tumor blocking your colon.

Blood with bowel movements is another such indication and an early sign of cancer.

A Sore OR Cough and Hoarseness that won’t heal for a long period

If you have developed a sore and it does not heal for a reasonably long period of time, may be it is an early sign of cancer. People who smoke and chew tobacco often may develop oral leukoplakia.

It may show in the form of rough white patches that form in the mouth. These patches are an early sign of cancer. Learn to read the sign early and stop chewing tobacco and smoking right away.

Likewise, cough or hoarseness may be early signs of lung cancer, which is reported to be the number one killer in women and men who have cancer.

Excessive Bleeding and/or Discharge

If you notice excessive or unusual bleeding or discharge from bladder, vagina or rectum, I may be indicative of an early sign of cancer.

Lump in Breast or Armpits

Formation of a lump in the breast or armpit may be sign of breast cancer. Other signs of breast cancer may be retraction of the nipple, discharge from nipple, pain, swelling or tenderness in the breast area. If there is a lump in the testis area it may be an early sign of testicular cancer.

Experiencing Difficulty in Swallowing

Experiencing indigestion or difficulty in swallowing can be a indicative of esophageal or stomach cancer. The feeling of food getting when they eat is the common expression used for it.

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