Exchanging Convenience for Your Health

Exchanging convenience for your health is a bad bargain, no matter how you look at it. People are settling for all kinds of conveniences because of their lifestyles which is increasingly becoming career centric. There are other reasons too which are responsible for it but the big daddy of all is having to go out to work.

In majority of cases these days both parents are working full time. And if they have children who need looking after the best option for them is cr-che. The cr-che do their jobs. And treating raising children as a job hardly sounds like good attitude.

I am not against working at all. I understand the value of economic independence and extra income very well. But I still strongly feel you need to be more sensible to organize and balance life in such a manner that life doesn’t suffer.

These days we are tossing a meal or fixing grubs for the family. Imagine this is how we are looking at food! It’s time to remind ourselves that right food is about good health and doesn’t necessarily lead to obesity at all times, howmuchever we would want to look at I that way.

We always keep some snacks handy to munch on while we are watching television.

Sometimes they are dry snacks, sometimes spicy and sometimes fried. Same routine is followed for the kids. Watching television when its time to be outdoors is bad enough and on the top of it we provide them with snacks. It leads to obesity. Kid should ideally be going out and meeting friends at a certain time of the day, learning social skills and mannerisms indirectly, learning to share, discuss, exchange ideas but what they end up doing is watching television with some snacks to much on. May be with two or three friends. Is this not a lopsided bargain to get into?

Forget kids, parents return from office, tired, fix meals, and put children to bed. Watch some TV and they hit the bed too. Fit kid’s homework into the schedule or talk to a friend if energy levels permit. Is this how we wanted life to be?

Children are missing out on lessons that no amount of money can buy. We are weakening our social ties. Packaged and processed food affects our life adversely. These days we get salads and other types of health meals also off the shelf.

Low cal diet, organic diet, health food can’t we cut down on office a bit or find someone who will spend some organic time in the kitchen preparing unprocessed whole foods for you and your family. Can’t we leave children in the care of grandparents like environment even if it means having to shell out more? It’s all going to be worth every penny spent at a later date.

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