Free Baby Stuff for American Expecting Mothers

Are you an American expecting mother who is looking for free baby stuff?

Here in this article, I am going to show you the best ways to get what you want.

You can even receive many free stuff for over a year.

So, make sure to read this article very carefully.

Parents can save a lot of money in free stuff.

The cost of diaper for each child can go up to 2200$ per year.

It is extremely difficult for the low income families to buy diapers and it’s a huge nightmare for them.

Many of low income families are using reusable diaper cloth and second hand baby stuffs.

However, all the babies deserve a proper hygiene and dry and comfortable diaper and cloths.

There are many ways to get free stuff with just a few phone calls or using the internet.

How to Get Free Stuffs for Low Income Families

Free is always good.smiling babies

Diaper companies are giving away free diapers and wipes in order to do publicity about their products.

Beside free diapers and wipes, there are free baby stuff from all baby products samples for trial in factories that are waiting to be shipped to the people who asks for it.

Just go online and simply fill out the free sample baby stuff in order to get your free samples.

There are national diaper bank for low income families that can go there and get a free diaper.

The charity collects some money and budget it to the diapers in different sizes for the low income families with babies.

Many internet sites are for donating free baby stuff and the items are mostly from people who’s babies are not babies anymore and they don’t need the extra stuffs.

Where To Get Free Baby Stuff From?

Baby's safety

Big companies like Huggies or pampers are willing to send you products sample to try.

Moms can go online and register with them to get free samples for trial.

They also send coupons for the discount on your future purchases.

Smart mothers can make a huge saving in baby stuffs by just registering in all the companies for free samples and coupons.

Many people are still not aware of free baby stuff promotions with companies.

Free sample has been always the best advertising for the companies products.

Are Free Stuff OK for Your Kids?

Free stuff doesn’t mean they are low quality or bad quality.


It’s because the companies want the parents to try their products for free and then to purchase their products after.

Healthcare minister is always monitoring babies products and they are perfectly safe for children if they’ve been made in Canada or US.

Try to get a brand name products for your babies to avoid any problem or risk in your baby’s health.

Make sure to check the expiry date at all the time and if the seal of eating products and medication are not open.

Babies are all angels and it’s the parents and guardians job  to make sure on  the safety of their little ones.

Never use a used baby bottles, bottle nipples or pacifier.

However, the usage of baby bottles, bottle nipples or pacifier are limited and you can’t use the same one for long period of time.

The other main concern is the baby soaps, baby shampoo, the baby detergents and fabric softeners.

Baby skin is very sensitive and should be treated very gently and carefully.

Usage of chemical products should be carefully and one at a time in order to check any allergy reactions and knowing which one not to use.

Saving money With Free Baby Stuff

baby blanket

Free baby stuffs can help families with young babies or expecting one up to $5500 per year in average.

Registering for baby products companies and request to receive coupons and samples is the first step.

By doing the membership application your information will be collected in the manufacturer’s database and they will send you samples and coupons.

There will be no limitation for any types of baby stuff and you can get almost everything for free.

Companies love to send away their sample products to try it and recommend their products to the others.

20 Free Baby Stuffs that Everyone Can Get

There are many free baby stuffs that been offer everyday online or by mail from the factories to do publicists.

Baby stuff mix


Here is the list of few free baby stuffs that you can call or fill out an online form for free samples.

  1. Free baby Diapers and Wipes
  2. Baby creams
  3. Feeding baby bottle and bottle nipples
  4. Pacifier
  5. Washing cloth
  6. Cute baby Towel
  7. Shampoos’ for Babies
  8. Sample Baby oil and lotion
  9. Trial and free Baby formula
  10. Babies cold medication
  11. Baby’s diaper rash cream
  12. Baby powder
  13. Baby food
  14. Toys
  15. Baby blanket
  16. Baby soap
  17. Musics
  18. Thermometer
  19. Q-tips and cottons
  20. Baby cloths

Companies are trying to do advertising, why shouldn’t you take the advantage and collect free samples.

Some companies might put few of their products and create a basket for you to win it by putting your name in the draw and try your chance.

Others, are just charging the shipping cost to have that valuable big basket.

It is all up to you and how you want to get your free baby’s stuffs.

Give Away Baby Stuff for Free

There are many websites that people post their items for free and donate them to people who are in needs.

It is a huge list of free baby stuff at those sites from the former parents who doesn’t have a baby anymore and they have nice brands and clean baby stuffs to donate.

If you see any food products such as formula, baby food and so on…

Make sure it’s not expired and also has not been used or opened.

Babies are growing fast and there is no needs to keep the small cloths in the closet.

Where as, not enough storage in our small houses, parents usually give away all extra toys and cloths.

Having a Baby Shower and Get Free Baby Stuff

Baby Girl

By throwing a baby shower party, new moms are collecting free baby stuffs from their family and friends which is fun for all of them.




baby boy

The stores where the baby shower registry is registered, will usually give free baby stuffs as well and provides lots of discounts and coupons as well.

When friends and family throw a baby shower, they have to make sure everything been covered and at the registry, all the guests should be able to find something within everyone’s budget.

In general, that party is in the last few weeks of pregnancy but the registry at the store is available few months prior to the party and lasts 2 months after the baby born.

In some cultures the baby’s parents are not allow to purchase anything for their first child and the parents are responsible to purchase the full nursery room.

baby showers

The design and decoration in the baby shower are lots of fun.






Make sure to get the samples from the real brands companies and not from unknown random companies.

Useful Advises For New and Expecting Moms

Baby hand

New parents don’t have enough experience about the baby’s safety.

Also, financially not ready cover all the costs with baby’s cloths and foods.

Having a new born baby requires lots of energy and money.

By cutting some expenses you are able to put some  extra money aside for the future.

That extra saving can be use for emergency needs.

Having only few important baby stuff is better than having 20 pairs of sucks in the same size.

You might be able to reuse some cloths from the older sibling of the new born baby but you can not reuse many of the other important baby stuffs.

Every expecting moms should be concern about their baby’s safety first.

Moreover, instead of just focusing on getting free baby stuff from any brands, just try to get samples from brands name products.

Ensuring the baby’s safety is very a important part of parenting.

Parents should make sure that the free baby stuff comes from well known companies that’s been approve by the public health and safety organization.

The followings, should be concern before you order any free baby stuff;
  1. The raw material sources
  2. Ingredient of the formula or any baby food
  3. Products test results for any allergy reactions reports
  4. Research about the products review from the other parents
  5. Products revolution process and the result of improvements
1. The raw Materials Sources

Baby stuffs are very important since the life of babies involve.

Some raw materials are harmful for babies and even for adults.

The materials should be only from the suppliers that provides products with standard quality.

2. The Ingredient

Ingredient of baby formula, diapers, baby food and so on should be checked to make sure it is not harmful for the baby.

It is true that each baby is different with digesting and the right formula should be selected for the babies who are bottle fed.

Parents might try many different kinds of formula or baby food until they find the right one.

Companies are sending free baby stuffs to the new moms to try them out so they can become their regular client for the next couple of years.

They will continuously send coupons and free stuffs if you register with them and become their regular client.

3. Make Sure the Products been Tested Before You Try The Samples

The baby products must be base on the research results of the scientists and should follow the certain standards.

Products test results should be in public and follow the standard procedure.

The test results must focus on any possible problem and allergy reactions.

Side affects should be on the label, visibly readable.

4. Products Reviews

Try to have time to read the products review before using any baby stuff.

That helps you understand if the sample products are the right products for your baby or not.

Make sure to write a review for the future baby stuff users.

Moreover, your review and comments are very important to tell the companies about their products and review your opinions.

Companies improve their products based on public opinions about their products and products reviews are very important.

5. Products Revolution Reports and History

You can read and do research about any products online and compare different brands of baby stuffs.

Comparing will help you choose better and send your request for babies products samples for free to try them out and decide which one is the right product for your baby.

However, just the comparison review is not enough until you use the stuff for yourself and see the results and comparison.

Free Baby Stuff From Well Known Brands

You can contact baby products companies and inform them about your due date.

They will send you the start up kit and welcome you as a new customer.

Trying their products and writing reviews are part of their production process.

To conclude, try to save some money by searching for free baby stuff from different brands and use their coupons until your baby grows up.

Concentrate on your baby’s safety and health first and put it as a priority above anything else.

Parenting is not an easy job but it is a very joyful duration of most of our live.

baby girl

Moreover, babies are all little angels and they all deserve a happy and healthy live.

Thanks to all the new technology and research to make our babies life safe, easy and secure.

There are plenty of free baby stuff that any expecting mom can get to try them up and choose the right one for their love one.

Seeing your baby laughing and smiling at all times is any parents goal.

Parents should enjoy every seconds of their life while their babies are growing with memories, because those moments can’t be rewind.

My deep congrats to all new parents and especially new moms.

Enjoy your parenting with happy and healthy babies.

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