Grandma and the Twilight Years

The twilight years is a term used for people reaching the last years of their lives. Elderly people can often be vulnerable to all sorts of mishaps when they live alone. For this reason sons or daughters often feel a responsibility to care for them in some way. The easy way for many is to take their elderly parent into their own home; this can work if the parent is in a reasonable state of health and causes no strain on the family.

Younger children usually have no problems with this arrangement they are happy to have gran living with them, so if the son or daughter in law are happy with the arrangement all is well and life goes on happily. Gran may not be ready to leave her own home, all her memories are tied up in the house and she likes her independence, if daily visits are impossible then you can arrange for home help.

Home help is usually arranged through your local council, for a small payment a visit is made each day and the every day chores are done. Meals on wheels is also an option, a nutritional meal is delivered every day so you know your loved one is eating well. The only other option is a care or nursing home depending on your parent’s health, this should be a last resort unless gran is happy with the arrangement.

Weekly visits should be made not only to show that she isn’t forgotten but also to check that she or he is happy and well looked after.

Many care homes look great but you don’t know the staff or their feelings towards the elderly. To many it is just a job and they are there to earn money so they may not be as caring as you believe.

When you visit always spend some time alone with your parent and find out if all is as it should be, is she happy and well looked after. You can then rest confident that she is receiving the best care.

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